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RADCLIFFE, ALOYSIA                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-478-509
RAFFERTY, FRANCIS                      GARDNER                                 MA-14-823-361
RAINGER, HANNAH                        BARRE                                   MA-14-35-256
RAINGER, JOB                           NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-396-240
RAINGER, JOHN                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-26-307
RAINGER, JOSHUA                        NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-91-762
RAINGER, THOMAS                        BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-66-165
RALSTON, SAMUEL                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-2-433
RALWING, EDWARD B.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-345
RAMER, PETER                           SPENCER                                 MA-14-483-90
RAMSAY, SUSAN                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-89-492
RAMSDELL, EZEKIEL                      WINCHENDON                              MA-14-397-144
RAMSDELL, HOMER                        WARREN                                  MA-14-91-389
RAMSDELL, JOHN                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-395-315
RAMSDELL, JOSEPH                       WARREN                                  MA-14-475-245
RAMSDELL, JOSEPH                       WARREN                                  MA-14-394-197
RAMSDELL, NANCY                        WINCHENDON                              MA-14-93-307
RAMSDELL, SETH                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-84-543
RAND, DANIEL                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-13-246
RAND, ELIZA A.                         LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-514-371
RAND, JAMES S.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-551-30
RAND, JOSIAH                           HARVARD                                 MA-14-473-235
RAND, RUTH M.                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-399-411
RAND, SILAS                            HARVARD                                 MA-14-66-377
RAND, SYLVIA L.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-531-453
RANDALL, BENJAMIN                      LUNENBURG                               MA-14-2-406
RANDALL, DAVID                         PETERSHAM                               MA-14-457-259
RANDALL, HENRY T.                      AMHERST                                 MA-14-823-194
RANDALL, HIRAM W.                      UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-531-426
RANDALL, JOSEPH                        BOLTON                                  MA-14-97-113
RANDALL, JOSEPH                        PRINCETON                               MA-14-396-372
RANDALL, LUCRETIA                      BARRE                                   MA-14-400A-417
RANDALL, REUBEN                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-97-262
RANDALL, SARAH E.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-397-186
RANDALL,C YRUS C.                      BOLTON                                  MA-14-397-185
RANDEL, SMITH K.                       SPRINGFIELD, WINDHAM, VT                MA-14-535-166
RANDOLPH, MARGARET F.                  PAINFIELD, *, NJ                        MA-14-399-301
RANEY, LYDIA (GETTY)                   OXFORD                                  MA-14-89-219
RANGER, HANNAH                         BARRE                                   MA-14-397-547
RANGER, LUCY                           BARRE                                   MA-14-475-332
RANK, CHRISTOPHER                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-46-363
RANKS, PERSIS                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-89-284
RANSON, CHLOE K. L.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-495-206
RATHBUN, ROWLAND                       BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-395-255
RATHBUN, SARAH                         WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-399-171
RAWSON, ABNER                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-26-163
RAWSON, ADELINE C.                     NORTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-457-662
RAWSON, CHARLES B.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-548-182
RAWSON, CORTEZ                         OAKHAM                                  MA-14-399-194
RAWSON, DANIEL                         WEBSTER (RESCRIPT)                      MA-14-86-534
RAWSON, DANIEL                         WEBSTER (APPEAL)                        MA-14-86-371
RAWSON, DANIEL                         WEBSTER                                 MA-14-86-350
RAWSON, DEXTER                         WEBSTER                                 MA-14-86-404
RAWSON, EDWARD                         MENDON                                  MA-14-20-214
RAWSON, ELIZABETH C.                   WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-535-428
RAWSON, ISRAEL A.                      UPTON                                   MA-14-93-377
RAWSON, JAMES                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-95-228
RAWSON, JAMES M.                       WEBSTER                                 MA-14-492-259
RAWSON, JOSEPH                         OXFORD                                  MA-14-39-293
RAWSON, JOSEPH K.                      RUTLAND                                 MA-14-397-207
RAWSON, JOSHUA                         UPTON                                   MA-14-33-241
RAWSON, JOSHUA                         UPTON                                   MA-14-75-448
RAWSON, LIBERTY                        MENDON                                  MA-14-52-28
RAWSON, MARY ANN                       UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-546-379
RAWSON, MOLLY                          NORTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-397-332
RAWSON, NANCY                          MENDON                                  MA-14-86-438
RAWSON, NATHANIEL                      MILFORD                                 MA-14-59-193
RAWSON, PHILA                          UPTON                                   MA-14-399-525
RAWSON, POLLY                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-399-48
RAWSON, SETH                           UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-66-420
RAWSON, SILAS                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-59-102
RAWSON, STEPHEN                        UPTON                                   MA-14-398-225
RAWSON, TURNER                         GRAFTON                                 MA-14-39-316
RAWSON, WARREN                         MENDON                                  MA-14-89-508
RAWSON, WILSON                         UPTON                                   MA-14-15-282
RAWSON, WILSON                         UPTON                                   MA-14-86-218
RAY, ANNE LIZA                         FITCHBURG                               MA-14-562-82
RAY, CYNTHIA                           WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-490-523
RAY, ELLA F.                           NASHUA, HILLSBOROUGH, NH                MA-14-823-309
RAY, GEORGE K.                         GARDNER                                 MA-14-557-365
RAY, HARRIET M.                        GARDNER                                 MA-14-500-359
RAY, IVERS                             WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-458-235
RAY, JOHN S.                           FITCHBURG                               MA-14-823-204
RAY, LYDIA                             SUTTON                                  MA-14-396-33
RAY, MARY                              WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-72-364
RAYMENTON, HANNAH K.                   CHESTER, WINDSOR, VT                    MA-14-580-454
RAYMENTON, MARY J.                     CHESTER                                 MA-14-580-9
RAYMOND, ANNE                          NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-75-271
RAYMOND, ARETA                         WESTMINSER                              MA-14-400A-381
RAYMOND, ASA                           HARDWICK                                MA-14-91-633
RAYMOND, BENJAMIN                      HARDWICK                                MA-14-15-359
RAYMOND, CHARLES                       HARVARD                                 MA-14-86-282
RAYMOND, EDWARD                        STELRING                                MA-14-39-87
RAYMOND, GEORGE B.                     WINCHENDON                              MA-14-521-467
RAYMOND, HANNAH                        ROYALSTON                               MA-14-95-423
RAYMOND, HARRIET F.                    WINCHENDON                              MA-14-500-138
RAYMOND, JAMES                         WINCHENDON                              MA-14-75-217
RAYMOND, JAMES A.                      WINCHENDON                              MA-14-396-72
RAYMOND, JOHN                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-56-415
RAYMOND, LEVI                          WINCHENDON                              MA-14-398-415
RAYMOND, NATHAN                        WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-91-394
RAYMOND, PAUL                          WINCHENDON                              MA-14-72-463
RAYMOND, PAUL                          WINCHENDON                              MA-14-398-136
RAYMOND, SARAH W.                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-478-291
RAYMOND, TYLER                         WINCHENDON                              MA-14-89-524
RAYMOND, WILLIAM                       ROYALSTON                               MA-14-75-397
RAYMORE, ELIZABETH H.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-562-78
RAYNES, CATHARINE                      WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-95-365
RAZE, ANTHONY                          CUMBERLAND, PROVIDENCE, RI              MA-14-91-217
READ, ALFRED D.                        MILFORD                                 MA-14-823-390
READ, ANNA                             WORCESTER                               MA-14-56-20
READ, AUGUSTA V.                       MILLBURY                                MA-14-89-532
READ, BENJAMIN                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-396-70
READ, BENJAMIN                         RUTLAND                                 MA-14-23-40
READ, DANIEL                           RUTLAND                                 MA-14-46-620
READ, EBENEZER                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-57-168
READ, GEORGE W.                        BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-84-252
READ, HANNAH                           WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-91-221
READ, HANNAH                           RUTLAND                                 MA-14-31-441
READ, HANNAH                           RUTLAND                                 MA-14-18-343
READ, JANE E.                          CLINTON                                 MA-14-399-466
READ, JASON                            RUTLAND                                 MA-14-56-343
READ, JASON                            RUTLAND                                 MA-14-41-622
READ, JOHN                             WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-80-378
READ, JOHN                             SPENCER                                 MA-14-21-191
READ, JONAS                            RUTLAND                                 MA-14-34-460
READ, JONATHAN                         RUTLAND                                 MA-14-12-403
READ, LUCINDA                          RUTLAND                                 MA-14-86-646
READ, MARTHA                           SPENCER                                 MA-14-24-48
READ, MICAH                            NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-32-419
READ, NATHANIEL                        WESTERN                                 MA-14-19-545
READ, PETER                            DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-57-122
READ, REBEKAH                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-35
READ, REUBEN                           WESTERN                                 MA-14-32-47
READ, REUBEN                           WSTERN                                  MA-14-50-1
READ, SAMUEL                           UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-28-411
READ, SAMUEL                           UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-80-638
READ, SAMUEL T.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-72-343
READ, SARAH                            UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-12-333
READ, SCHUYLER                         MILFORD                                 MA-14-59-168
READ, SOPHIA P.                        HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-521-240
READ, THOMAS                           OXFORD                                  MA-14-3-409
READ, THOMAS                           MENDON                                  MA-14-1-374
READ, THOMAS                           RUTLAND                                 MA-14-21-420
READ, THOMAS                           RUTLAND                                 MA-14-75-518
READ, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MA-14-562-107
REARDON, MAURICE                       GRAFTON                                 MA-14-93-29
REARDON, PATRICK J.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-541-362
REBBOLI, CHARLES                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-511-294
REDDING, SAMUEL F.                     GRAFTON                                 MA-14-398-326
REDDING, SAMUEL H.                     MILLBURY                                MA-14-483-140
REDDING, ZEBEDEE                       GRAFTON                                 MA-14-41-406
REDICAN, BRIDGET M.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-470-89
REDINGTON, HEPHSIBAH                   LUNENBURG                               MA-14-23-185
REDMAN, ELI                            FITCHBURG                               MA-14-497-167
REED, ABEL W.                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-400A-405
REED, ALICE N.                         WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-554-92
REED, ANDREW P.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-496
REED, CHARLES G.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-552-153
REED, CHENEY                           OAKHAM                                  MA-14-397-590
REED, CHENEY                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-56-432
REED, CLEORA E.                        WORCSTER                                MA-14-394-212
REED, DANIEL                           MILFORD                                 MA-14-546-78
REED, EBENEZER                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-80-273
REED, EDMUND                           OAKHAM                                  MA-14-75-502
REED, EDMUND                           RUTLAND                                 MA-14-52-640
REED, ELBRIDGE G.                      STERLING                                MA-14-399-467
REED, ELIZABETH                        NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-80-414
REED, ELIZABETH T.                     EAST HADDAM, *, CT                      MA-14-487-219
REED, EUNICE                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-48-172
REED, EUNICE A.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-457-20
REED, FANNY                            WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-397-232
REED, FRANCES ELLEN                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-535-191
REED, GEORG EM.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-543
REED, HAMMOND                          NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-478-14
REED, JAMES                            FITCHBURG                               MA-14-35-437
REED, JOEL                             STERLING                                MA-14-396-601
REED, JOHN                             NTL                                     MA-14-574-228
REED, JOHN L.                          WINCHENDON                              MA-14-492-502
REED, JONAS                            RUTLAND                                 MA-14-80-657
REED, JOSEPH                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-30-387
REED, JOSEPH                           DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-97-226
REED, JOSEPH P.                        PRINCETON                               MA-14-400A-38
REED, LEVI                             STERLING                                MA-14-478-496
REED, LOVISA                           LUNENBURG                               MA-14-75-427
REED, NANCY G.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-574-212
REED, REUBEN                           WARREN                                  MA-14-97-173
REED, RHODA                            FITCHBURG                               MA-14-400A-130
REED, RHODA ELIZABETH                  FITCHBURG                               MA-14-533-437
REED, RUTH G.                          HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-397-42
REED, SALLY N.                         STERLING                                MA-14-563-492
REED, SILAS                            OAKHAM                                  MA-14-95-196
REED, SUEL                             RUTLAND                                 MA-14-89-156
REED, SUMNER                           NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-535-450
REED, SUSAN B.                         NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-492-208
REED, THADDEUS                         GRAFTON                                 MA-14-57-628
REED, THOMAS                           LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-91-336
REED, WILLIAM                          CLINTON                                 MA-14-457-346
REEVES, BRIDGET                        UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-487-444
REEVES, JACOB H.                       ATHOL                                   MA-14-93-712
REGAN, HENRY T.                        PLAINFIELD, UNION, NJ                   MA-14-473-175
REID, JANE                             CLINTON                                 MA-14-457-554
REID, JONATHAN                         ROYALSTON                               MA-14-36-212
REID, THOMAS                           CLINTON                                 MA-14-398-358
REILLY, CATHARINE                      BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-504-448
REILLY, HANNAH                         BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-538-205
REMICK, CATHARINE                      MILFORD                                 MA-14-578-367
REMINGTON, BENEDICT                    MENDON                                  MA-14-52-409
REMINGTON, MONROE                      BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-485-33
RENAUD, PIERRE                         SPENCER                                 MA-14-552-174
REVANE, JAMES                          NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-580-120
REVERE, ALBERTINA                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-469
REYNOLDS, BRIDGET                      MILFORD                                 MA-14-500-185
REYNOLDS, BRIDGET                      DUDLEY                                  MA-14-397-568
REYNOLDS, JANE R.                      SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-541-122
REYNOLDS, PETER                        WARREN                                  MA-14-566-14
RHODES, ABRAHAM                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-473-212
RHODES, CHARLOTTE A.                   GRAFTON                                 MA-14-497-532
RHODES, ZEBULON                        UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-84-245
RICCIUS, AUGUSTA                       OXFORD                                  MA-14-497-512
RICE, ABIGAIL                          BARRE                                   MA-14-84-475
RICE, ABNER                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-521-277
RICE, ABSALOM                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-17-46
RICE, ADALYN E.                        BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-823-217
RICE, ALBERT E.                        BARRE                                   MA-14-580-337
RICE, ALBERT F.                        WARREN                                  MA-14-492-283
RICE, ALICE                            LEICESTER                               MA-14-546-2
RICE, ALICE M.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-555-396
RICE, AMOS                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-9-431
RICE, AMOS                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-86-246
RICE, ANTIPAS                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-31-2
RICE, ASA                              WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-95-327
RICE, ASA                              NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-14-330
RICE, AZARIAH                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-15-293
RICE, AZUBAH                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-86-149
RICE, BENJAMIN                         WINCHENDON                              MA-14-84-294
RICE, BENJAMIN                         BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-26-536
RICE, BENJAMIN                         NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-396-114
RICE, BENJAMIN F.                      LANCASTER                               MA-14-399-294
RICE, BENJAMIN S.                      LANCASTER                               MA-14-397-162
RICE, BETSEY                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-75-600
RICE, BETSEY                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-80-337
RICE, CAROLINE W.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-559-174
RICE, CEPRON                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-21-430
RICE, CHARLES F.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-514-94
RICE, CHARLES J.                       WINCHENDON                              MA-14-485-456
RICE, CHARLOTTE                        SPENCER                                 MA-14-500-159
RICE, COMFORT                          WARD                                    MA-14-48-295
RICE, DANIEL                           MILLBURY                                MA-14-66-595
RICE, DANIEL                           BARRE                                   MA-14-39-221
RICE, DANIEL                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-1-145
RICE, DAVID                            OAKHAM                                  MA-14-86-304
RICE, DAVID                            OAKHAM (RESCRIPT)                       MA-14-86-280
RICE, DAVID                            OAKHAM                                  MA-14-86-106
RICE, DAVID                            PRINCETON                               MA-14-59-191
RICE, DAVID                            NORTHBORO                               MA-14-543-124
RICE, DWIGHT A.                        RUTLAND                                 MA-14-396-99
RICE, EARL                             BARRE                                   MA-14-95-403
RICE, EDWARD                           AUBURN (RESCRIPT)                       MA-14-396-442
RICE, EDWARD                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-13-296
RICE, EDWARD                           AUBURN (RESCRIPT)                       MA-14-396-577
RICE, EDWARD                           AUBURN (APPEAL)                         MA-14-396-382
RICE, EDWARD                           AUBURN                                  MA-14-396-311
RICE, EDWARD B.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-91-396
RICE, ELIJAH                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-75-489
RICE, ELIJAH                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-66-36
RICE, ELIJAH                           HOLDEN                                  MA-14-50-144
RICE, ELISHA                           WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-39-526
RICE, ELISHA                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-22-17
RICE, ELIZABETH                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-24-194
RICE, ELIZABETH B.                     SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-557-400
RICE, ELIZABETH C.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-470-466
RICE, ELIZER                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-9-328
RICE, ELLEN G.                         MILLBURY                                MA-14-823-410
RICE, ELNATHAN                         BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-35-297
RICE, EMERSON K.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-506-404
RICE, EMREY                            BARRE                                   MA-14-516-491
RICE, EUNICE                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-50-528
RICE, EXPERIENCE                       BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-39-239
RICE, FORESTER                         STERLING                                MA-14-457-61
RICE, FRANCES M.                       BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-533-96
RICE, GARDNER                          SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-458-188
RICE, GEORGE                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-572-39
RICE, GEORGE F. H.                     CLINTON                                 MA-14-551-47
RICE, GEORGE H.                        WESTBORO                                MA-14-555-404
RICE, GEORGE M.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-509-146
RICE, GEORGE T.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-398-327
RICE, HANNAH                           SUTTON                                  MA-14-25-424
RICE, HANNAH                           BARRE                                   MA-14-458-167
RICE, HEPSABETH                        HOLDEN                                  MA-14-398-585
RICE, HEZEKIAH                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-6-266
RICE, HORATIO                          BARRE                                   MA-14-396-145
RICE, HORATIO                          BARRE (RESCRIPT)                        MA-14-396-494
RICE, ISRAEL                           WORCESWTER                              MA-14-457-418
RICE, JACOB                            NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-21-365
RICE, JAMES                            SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-398-567
RICE, JAMES                            BARRE                                   MA-14-72-466
RICE, JOEL                             WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-511-247
RICE, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-24-136
RICE, JOHN                             SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-397-333
RICE, JOHN                             SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-29-487
RICE, JOHN                             RUTLAND                                 MA-14-52-504
RICE, JOHN                             RUTLAND                                 MA-14-15-363
RICE, JOHN                             SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-89-116
RICE, JOHN M.                          NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-568-206
RICE, JOHN W.                          BARRE                                   MA-14-578-358
RICE, JONAS                            BARRE                                   MA-14-95-226
RICE, JONAS                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-4-260
RICE, JONAS                            ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-95-19
RICE, JONATHAN                         HOLDEN                                  MA-14-33-302
RICE, JONATHAN                         WARD                                    MA-14-75-160
RICE, JONATHAN                         HOLDEN                                  MA-14-397-233
RICE, JOSEPH                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-93-12
RICE, JOSEPH                           SUTTON                                  MA-14-22-33
RICE, JOSIAH                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-46-38
RICE, JOTHAM                           BARRE                                   MA-14-43-405
RICE, JOTHAM                           BARRE                                   MA-14-17-253
RICE, JUDITH                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-41-153
RICE, LUCY                             TEMPLETON                               MA-14-80-188
RICE, LUCY E.                          WESTBORO                                MA-14-475-56
RICE, LUKE                             SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-4-368
RICE, LUKE B.                          TEMPLETON                               MA-14-490-254
RICE, LYDIA                            RUTLAND                                 MA-14-59-117
RICE, M. MARCUS                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-572-77
RICE, MARGARET                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-509-175
RICE, MARIA A.                         WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-571-135
RICE, MARY                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-66-500
RICE, MARY                             AUBURN                                  MA-14-89-470
RICE, MARY J. WETHERBEE                WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-242
RICE, MARY M.                          BARRE                                   MA-14-823-272
RICE, MARY R.                          WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-473-220
RICE, MIRANDA G.                       MILFORD                                 MA-14-487-394
RICE, MIRIAM H.                        NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-543-90
RICE, MOSES                            BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-86-466
RICE, MYRA                             BARRE                                   MA-14-521-181
RICE, NATHAN                           OAKHAM                                  MA-14-394-157
RICE, NATHAN JR.                       NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-97-513
RICE, NOAH                             SUTTON                                  MA-14-6-98
RICE, OLIVER                           MILLBURY                                MA-14-398-162
RICE, OLIVER                           BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-41-252
RICE, ORAN S.                          FITCHBURG                               MA-14-571-134
RICE, OTIS G.                          JAFFREY, CHESHIRE, NH                   MA-14-480-495
RICE, PELATIAH                         NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-13-247
RICE, PETER                            BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-75-416
RICE, PETER                            HOLDEN                                  MA-14-89-588
RICE, PRESCOTT C.                      FITCHBURG                               MA-14-574-174
RICE, REBECCA                          SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-41-157
RICE, REUBEN                           ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-80-201
RICE, SALVINA                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-395-118
RICE, SAMUEL                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-89-493
RICE, SARAH                            BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-398-489
RICE, SARAH W.                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-398-416
RICE, SETH                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-399-303
RICE, SIMON                            STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-41-195
RICE, SOLOMON                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-29-489
RICE, SOPHRONIA                        SUTTON                                  MA-14-470-71
RICE, STEPHEN                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-72-286
RICE, THOMAS                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-20-189
RICE, THOMAS                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-80-362
RICE, THOMAS                           LEICESTER                               MA-14-577-50
RICE, TILLY                            BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-57-515
RICE, TILLY                            BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-32-354
RICE, TIRAS                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-19-40
RICE, TRUE L.                          SOUTH ROYALSTON                         MA-14-546-59
RICE, WILLARD B.                       SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-475-240
RICE, WILLIAM                          TEMPLETON                               MA-14-75-559
RICE, WILLIAM F.                       LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-395-462
RICE, ZEBEDIAH                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-15-355
RICH, ABIGAIL                          WESTERN                                 MA-14-59-26
RICH, AMOS                             SUTTON                                  MA-14-66-61
RICH, BARNABAS                         CHARLTON                                MA-14-95-385
RICH, BENJAMIN WARD                    ROYALSTON                               MA-14-559-234
RICH, CLEMENTINE C.                    WARREN                                  MA-14-512-219
RICH, DORCAS                           ATHOL                                   MA-14-97-354
RICH, EBENEZER                         OXFORD                                  MA-14-97-139
RICH, EBENEZER                         SUTTON                                  MA-14-39-324
RICH, ELIZA B.                         CHARLTON                                MA-14-514-377
RICH, ELIZABETH L.                     OXFORD                                  MA-14-823-284
RICH, EXPERIENCE                       WESTERN                                 MA-14-11-269
RICH, FREEMAN J.                       CHARLTON                                MA-14-557-370
RICH, HENRY M.                         GARDNER                                 MA-14-565-116
RICH, JACOB                            CHARLTON                                MA-14-75-213
RICH, JEREMIAH A.                      ROYALSTON                               MA-14-552-194
RICH, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-9-399
RICH, JOHN                             SUTTON                                  MA-14-91-466
RICH, JONATHAN                         CHARLTON                                MA-14-66-305
RICH, MARSHALL J.                      OXFORD                                  MA-14-556-407
RICH, MARY                             SUTTON                                  MA-14-485-67
RICH, MARY ETTA                        CHARLTON                                MA-14-521-263
RICH, NANCY F.                         SUTTON                                  MA-14-394-308
RICH, RUTH                             OXFORD                                  MA-14-487-446
RICH, SAMUEL                           SUTTON                                  MA-14-22-36
RICH, SAMUEL                           SUTTON                                  MA-14-72-503
RICH, SAMUEL                           SUTTON                                  MA-14-89-596
RICH, SARAH                            SUTTON                                  MA-14-75-184
RICH, SIBYL ARDELLA                    ROYALSTON                               MA-14-555-436
RICH, SIMEON                           CHARLTON                                MA-14-95-267
RICH, THATCHER                         PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-48-481
RICH, THOMAS                           WESTERN                                 MA-14-31-478
RICH, THOMAS                           WESTERN                                 MA-14-17-66
RICHARD, MATILDA                       WEST BOYLESTON                          MA-14-580-349
RICHARD, SHERMAN                       HOLDEN                                  MA-14-548-176
RICHARDS, DAVID                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-66-379
RICHARDS, DAVID L.                     DANA                                    MA-14-823-310
RICHARDS, EDWARD                       LUNENBURG                               MA-14-21-82
RICHARDS, EUNICE                       WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-399-315
RICHARDS, GEORGE                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-395-366
RICHARDS, GEORGE O.                    WARREN                                  MA-14-95-268
RICHARDS, JOHN                         WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-470-28
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                       SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-3-29
RICHARDS, MARIA                        STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-397-63
RICHARDS, MOSES A.                     TEMPLETON                               MA-14-500-354
RICHARDS, SARAH                        CLINTON                                 MA-14-399-102
RICHARDS, WALTER E.                    ATHOL                                   MA-14-531-75
RICHARDSON, A. ADELAIDE                TEMPLETON                               MA-14-575-471
RICHARDSON, ABEL                       GARDNER                                 MA-14-95-301
RICHARDSON, ABIGAIL                    LEICESTER                               MA-14-6-264
RICHARDSON, ABIGAIL S.                 TEMPLETON                               MA-14-95-212
RICHARDSON, ABIJAH                     ROYALSTON                               MA-14-84-278
RICHARDSON, ABIJAH                     ROYALSTON                               MA-14-72-119
RICHARDSON, ABNER                      SUTTON                                  MA-14-84-168
RICHARDSON, ALANSON                    LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-569-394
RICHARDSON, AMOS                       TEMPLETON                               MA-14-36-214
RICHARDSON, ANAN                       UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-504-501
RICHARDSON, ANDREW K.                  DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-500-110
RICHARDSON, ANNA                       GARDNER                                 MA-14-395-164
RICHARDSON, ARAH                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-573-327
RICHARDSON, ARTEMAS                    PRINCETON                               MA-14-66-307
RICHARDSON, ASA                        GARDNER                                 MA-14-399-316
RICHARDSON, BENJAMIN                   DANA                                    MA-14-97-515
RICHARDSON, BENJAMIN                   STERLING                                MA-14-56-87
RICHARDSON, CHARLES                    WARD                                    MA-14-18-480
RICHARDSON, CHARLES O.                 WORCESTER                               MA-14-538-185
RICHARDSON, CHARLOTTE                  DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-538-509
RICHARDSON, CLARA E.                   SCITUATE, PROVIDENCE, RI                MA-14-458-236
RICHARDSON, DAN                        GRAFTON                                 MA-14-84-225
RICHARDSON, DEXTER                     UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-399-172
RICHARDSON, DSAVID                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-13-556
RICHARDSON, ELIPHALET                  ROYALSTON                               MA-14-56-264
RICHARDSON, EMELINE                    ATHOL                                   MA-14-541-375
RICHARDSON, EMELINE                    UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-400A-224
RICHARDSON, EZEKIEL                    BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-66-619
RICHARDSON, FANNY                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-395-232
RICHARDSON, FRANCIS                    GARDNER                                 MA-14-458-168
RICHARDSON, FRANKLIN                   ROYALSTON                               MA-14-457-616
RICHARDSON, FREDERICK W.               NORTHBORO                               MA-14-565-120
RICHARDSON, HANNAH                     ROYALSTON                               MA-14-84-393
RICHARDSON, HEMAN                      HOLDEN                                  MA-14-86-564
RICHARDSON, HENRY                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-531-25
RICHARDSON, HENRY                      FITCHBURG                               MA-14-516-522
RICHARDSON, JAMES                      BOLTON                                  MA-14-29-263
RICHARDSON, JANE B.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-535-152
RICHARDSON, JANE L. S.                 FITCHBURG                               MA-14-580-213
RICHARDSON, JASON                      PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-400A-409
RICHARDSON, JEHU                       TEMPLETON                               MA-14-66-5
RICHARDSON, JOB                        HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-72-122
RICHARDSON, JOEL                       TEMPLETON                               MA-14-396-159
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-93-118
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-43-376
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       TEMPLETON                               MA-14-57-294
RICHARDSON, JONATHAN                   BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-27-130
RICHARDSON, JONATHAN                   MILLBURY                                MA-14-84-23
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-75-343
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-86-647
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-478-257
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     FITCHBURG                               MA-14-86-289
RICHARDSON, JOSHUA                     BOLTON                                  MA-14-25-176
RICHARDSON, JOSIAH                     SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-93-540
RICHARDSON, JOSIAH                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-396-274
RICHARDSON, LOVICA                     PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-400A-382
RICHARDSON, LUCY                       PRINCETON                               MA-14-89-578
RICHARDSON, LYDIA                      HOLDEN                                  MA-14-93-94
RICHARDSON, LYDIA                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-93-227
RICHARDSON, MARTHA J.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-563-403
RICHARDSON, NANCY B.                   LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-396-20
RICHARDSON, NANCY C.                   HARTFORD, *, VT                         MA-14-490-510
RICHARDSON, NATHAN                     WARREN                                  MA-14-485-357
RICHARDSON, NATHAN 2D                  WARREN                                  MA-14-394-287
RICHARDSON, NATHAN HENRY               ATHOL                                   MA-14-521-297
RICHARDSON, ORAMEL                     BELLINGHAM                              MA-14-497-196
RICHARDSON, PEIRSON                    PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-84-279
RICHARDSON, PERSIS                     LEICESTER                               MA-14-86-493
RICHARDSON, PHEBE M.                   LANCASTER                               MA-14-478-309
RICHARDSON, POLLY                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-396-13
RICHARDSON, PTER                       WARD                                    MA-14-57-49
RICHARDSON, S. AUGUSTUS                STAUNTON, *, VA                         MA-14-398-163
RICHARDSON, SARAH                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-12-342
RICHARDSON, SARAH                      BARRE                                   MA-14-89-413
RICHARDSON, SARAH SPRAGUE              SPENCER                                 MA-14-478-534
RICHARDSON, SENECA M.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-548-247
RICHARDSON, SOLOMON                    BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-11-554
RICHARDSON, STEPHEN A.                 WORCESTER                               MA-14-573-291
RICHARDSON, STEPHEN B.                 WARREN                                  MA-14-490-187
RICHARDSON, SUSAN H.                   BERLIN                                  MA-14-458-134
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                     HARVARD                                 MA-14-46-131
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-6-143
RICHARDSON, TIMOTHY                    ROYALSTON                               MA-14-75-191
RICHARDSON, WALTER K.                  LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-577-43
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM A.                 WORCESTER                               MA-14-533-116
RICH,M ARY L.                          GARDNER                                 MA-14-457-498
RICHMOND, BENJAMIN F.                  HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-111
RICHMOND, JOSEPH                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-116
RICHMOND, JOSEPH D.                    HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-118
RICHMOND, LUCINDA                      CHARLTON                                MA-14-506-348
RICHMOND, WALDRON                      HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-119
RICKEY, ASAHEL                         PETESHAM                                MA-14-97-356
RIDDLE, JAMES M.                       NTL                                     MA-14-521-220
RIDER, GIDEON                          SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-59-269
RIDER, ISAIAH                          CHARLTON                                MA-14-29-449
RIDER, ISAIAH                          CHARLTON                                MA-14-57-217
RIDER, PAMELA                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-86-556
RIDER, SARAH R.                        CHARLTON                                MA-14-66-105
RIDER, WILILAM                         BARRE                                   MA-14-400A-199
RIDER, WILLIAM P.                      CHARLTON                                MA-14-86-40
RIEDEL, HENRY                          DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-27-338
RIEDL, AGATHA                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-580-510
RILEY, BRIDGET                         BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-394-396
RILEY, CHRISTOPHER C.                  LEICESTER                               MA-14-492-208
RILEY, ELIZABETH                       BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-399-175
RILEY, JOHN T.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-304
RILEY, PATRICK                         SPENCER                                 MA-14-492-510
RILEY, PATRICK                         BLACKSOTNE                              MA-14-97-469
RINFRETTE, DELIA                       SUTTON                                  MA-14-521-239
RING, WINTHROP H.                      MILFORD                                 MA-14-487-180
RION, JOHN                             STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-4-544
RIPLEY, DWIGHT                         PETERSHAM                               MA-14-396-373
RIPLEY, JOHN C.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-222
RIPLEY, MARY                           TEMPLETON                               MA-14-399-138
RIPLEY, NERI F.                        WINCHENDON                              MA-14-396-51
RIPLEY, SAMUEL B.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-533-141
RIPLEY, SARAH P. T.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-288
RIPLEY, WILLIAM D.                     ROYALSTON                               MA-14-457-636
RIST, CALEB                            UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-86-160
RIST, LEVI                             NORTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-50-622
RITTER, DANIEL                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-2-273
RIVERS, DANIEL                         MILLBURY                                MA-14-400A-456
RIXFORD, CATHARINE                     SPENCER                                 MA-14-400A-606
ROACH, HENRY                           WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-458-238
ROACH, THOMAS                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-396-432
ROBBINS, BENJAMIN                      STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-25-257
ROBBINS, BENJAMIN JR.                  CHARLTON                                MA-14-59-308
ROBBINS, CLARA M.                      LANCASTER                               MA-14-487-432
ROBBINS, DAVID A.                      ORANGE, FRANKLIN, MA                    MA-14-575-418
ROBBINS, DAVID B.                      LEICESTER                               MA-14-495-524
ROBBINS, ELIZA A.                      TEMPLETON                               MA-14-400A-259
ROBBINS, ELLATHYNA P.                  DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-396-98
ROBBINS, ESTHER E.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-509-206
ROBBINS, HARRIET N. P.                 WORCESTER                               MA-14-580-276
ROBBINS, HENRY M.                      BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-495-539
ROBBINS, IRA T.                        MILLBURY                                MA-14-396-601
ROBBINS, JAMES W.                      UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-457-74
ROBBINS, JOHN                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-52-579
ROBBINS, JOHN                          STERLING                                MA-14-75-49
ROBBINS, JOHN                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-473-253
ROBBINS, JOHN                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-39-111
ROBBINS, LUCY                          STERLING                                MA-14-89-204
ROBBINS, LYDIA                         LANCASTER                               MA-14-59-575
ROBBINS, MARY                          STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-36-109
ROBBINS, SABRA                         OXFORD                                  MA-14-97-98
ROBBINS, SAMUEL                        WESTERN                                 MA-14-46-460
ROBBINS, SARAH                         BERLIN                                  MA-14-396-309
ROBBINS, WILLIAM                       WINCHENDON                              MA-14-57-434
ROBBINSON, GEORGE                      LANCASTER                               MA-14-89-414
ROBERT, CHARLES F.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-548-241
ROBERTS, JOHN                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-543-447
ROBERTS, ODILE PICHE                   SUTTON                                  MA-14-457-99
ROBERTS, TABITHA                       GRAFTON                                 MA-14-86-365
ROBERTSON, ANNIE C.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-315
ROBERTSON, DAVID S.                    LANCASTER                               MA-14-91-80
ROBINOSN, CAROLINE C.                  NTL                                     MA-14-457-347
ROBINS, DANIEL                         HARVARD                                 MA-14-86-513
ROBINS, EBENEZER                       DOUGLASS                                MA-14-15-275
ROBINS, JOHN                           HARVARD                                 MA-14-80-301
ROBINSON, ASA                          DUDLEY                                  MA-14-95-425
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                     GRAFTON                                 MA-14-487-431
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                     LUNENBURG                               MA-14-398-74
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                     BARRE                                   MA-14-29-165
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                     BARRE                                   MA-14-86-306
ROBINSON, CANDACE                      GRAFTON                                 MA-14-487-396
ROBINSON, CHLOE                        OXFORD                                  MA-14-84-514
ROBINSON, DENISON                      BARRE                                   MA-14-32-279
ROBINSON, DENISON                      BARRE                                   MA-14-97-357
ROBINSON, EBENEZER WILLIS              HARDWICK                                MA-14-533-450
ROBINSON, ELIAKIM                      WEBSTER                                 MA-14-75-51
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                    LUNENBURG                               MA-14-457-297
ROBINSON, ERASTUS                      NORTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-93-681
ROBINSON, FRANK W.                     CHESTER, DELAWARE, PA                   MA-14-485-366
ROBINSON, GEORGE                       DUDLEY                                  MA-14-4-22
ROBINSON, JAMES                        NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-23-160
ROBINSON, JAMES                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-394-386
ROBINSON, JAMES                        HARDWICK                                MA-14-7-435
ROBINSON, JAMES                        WESTBORO                                MA-14-514-95
ROBINSON, JANE B.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-504-225
ROBINSON, JEREMIAH                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-91-69
ROBINSON, JEREMIAH                     GRAFTON                                 MA-14-566-66
ROBINSON, JOHN                         OAKHAM                                  MA-14-50-365
ROBINSON, JOHN                         OAKHAM                                  MA-14-75-419
ROBINSON, JONATHAN                     SPENCER                                 MA-14-97-495
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                       BARRE                                   MA-14-46-172
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-95-20
ROBINSON, JOSEPH W.                    HARDWICK                                MA-14-478-256
ROBINSON, LAURA G.                     OAKHAM                                  MA-14-571-160
ROBINSON, LYDIA                        WOONSOCKET, RI                          MA-14-574-122
ROBINSON, LYDIA B.                     WESTBORO                                MA-14-511-250
ROBINSON, MARY E.                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-475-324
ROBINSON, PETER                        OAKHAM                                  MA-14-93-683
ROBINSON, PHEBE                        HARDWICK                                MA-14-72-49
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                       DUDLEY                                  MA-14-12-268
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-18-588
ROBINSON, TAMER W.                     OXFORD                                  MA-14-470-93
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      OAKHAM                                  MA-14-80-215
ROBY, ISAAC                            CHARLTON                                MA-14-400A-577
ROCHE, HANNAH G.                       MILFORD                                 MA-14-580-449
ROCHE, JOHNJ.                          MILFORD                                 MA-14-566-49
ROCHE, MARGARET                        MILFORD                                 MA-14-560--422
ROCHE, MARY A.                         BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-823-125
ROCHE, MICHAEL                         FITCHBURG                               MA-14-560--373
ROCHELEAU, HENRY LOUIS                 WORCESTER                               MA-14-555-422
ROCHELEAU, PIERRE                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-487-457
ROCKETTE, EUGENE                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-470-32
ROCKOD, TIMOTHY P.                     LEICESTER                               MA-14-91-629
ROCKWELL, ANNA                         TARRYTOWN, WESTCHESTER, NY              MA-14-823-337
ROCKWOOD, ADELIA M.                    MILFORD                                 MA-14-823-215
ROCKWOOD, AZUBAH C.                    UPTON                                   MA-14-546-19
ROCKWOOD, BENJAMIN                     GRAFTON                                 MA-14-30-83
ROCKWOOD, CHARLES H.                   WARREN                                  MA-14-548-255
ROCKWOOD, EZRA B.                      FITCHBURG                               MA-14-535-467
ROCKWOOD, FANNY P.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-398-259
ROCKWOOD, GEORGE                       ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-397-43
ROCKWOOD, HEZEKIAH                     UPTON                                   MA-14-80-472
ROCKWOOD, JOHN                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-72-112
ROCKWOOD, JOSIAH                       UPTON                                   MA-14-89-125
ROCKWOOD, MARGARET                     BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-23-45
ROCKWOOD, MARY                         LEICESTER                               MA-14-93-639
ROCKWOOD, MOSES                        GRAFTON                                 MA-14-75-37
ROCKWOOD, MOSES                        GRAFTON                                 MA-14-75-429
ROCKWOOD, NAHUM                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-93-499
ROCKWOOD, PARDINS N.                   UPTON                                   MA-14-531-117
ROCKWOOD, PEARLEY                      UPTON                                   MA-14-84-27
ROCKWOOD, RUTH                         GRAFTON                                 MA-14-48-237
ROCKWOOD, SAMUEL                       CHARLTON                                MA-14-91-193
ROCKWOOD, SARAH S.                     UPTON                                   MA-14-398-226
ROCKWOOD, SUBMIT                       HOLDEN                                  MA-14-91-112
RODGERS, NANCY                         SPRINGFIELD, *, VT                      MA-14-396-242
RODIER, JOSEPH L.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-543-399
ROEDELBROWN, FRANK                     WEBSTER                                 MA-14-543-457
ROGERS, AARON                          HOLDEN                                  MA-14-84-169
ROGERS, ABNER                          HOLDEN                                  MA-14-29-331
ROGERS, ALENA M.                       PAXTON                                  MA-14-563-426
ROGERS, AZUBAH                         GRAFTON                                 MA-14-398-289
ROGERS, CATHARINE                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-400A-428
ROGERS, CHARLES                        HARDWICK                                MA-14-533-447
ROGERS, CHENEY                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-95-166
ROGERS, GEORGE W.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-458-59
ROGERS, HANNAH                         HOLDEN                                  MA-14-91-557
ROGERS, HENRY D.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-560--421
ROGERS, JOHN                           HOLDEN                                  MA-14-398-227
ROGERS, JOHN                           BOXFORD, ESSEX, MA                      MA-14-4-505
ROGERS, JOHN                           WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-72-635
ROGERS, JOSHUA                         BARRE                                   MA-14-91-249
ROGERS, MARY                           MILFORD                                 MA-14-395-468
ROGERS, MARY                           BARRE                                   MA-14-541-366
ROGERS, MARY                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-490-199
ROGERS, SARAH M.                       BARRE                                   MA-14-571-141
ROGERS, STEPHEN                        SPENCER                                 MA-14-34-333
ROGERS, SUSANNA                        LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-5-388
ROGERS, THOMAS                         PETERSHAM                               MA-14-25-279
ROGERS, THOMAS M.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-569-320
ROGERS, WILLIAM                        PETERSHAM                               MA-14-97-154
ROGES, NATHAN                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-95-243
ROLLINS, JAMES H.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-473-228
ROLLINS, JULIA A.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-394-289
ROLLINS, MARY E.                       CLINTON                                 MA-14-568-191
ROLPH, FREDERICK L.                    FITCHBURG                               MA-14-823-45
ROLPH, STEPHEN                         PRINCETON                               MA-14-24-401
RONAYNE, PATRICK                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-504-244
ROONEY, JAMES                          SPENCER                                 MA-14-457-646
ROONEY, PETER                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-139
ROOT, JETHRO B.                        SUTTON                                  MA-14-573-316
ROOT, SOPHRONIARHODA                   NTL                                     MA-14-577-88
ROPER, ASA                             STERLING                                MA-14-75-180
ROPER, EPHRAIM                         STERLING                                MA-14-25-448
ROPER, GEORGE B.                       HOLDEN                                  MA-14-521-497
ROPER, GEORGE S.                       STERLING                                MA-14-546-24
ROPER, HENRY                           STERLING                                MA-14-59-268
ROPER, JOHN                            PRINCETON                               MA-14-72-594
ROPER, LUCY                            STERLING                                MA-14-394-398
ROPER, SIDNEY                          STERLING                                MA-14-84-57
ROPER, SYLVESTER                       STERLING                                MA-14-89-609
ROSE, ADOLPHU                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-487-449
ROSE, GEORGE M.                        WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-552-177
ROSE, LUTHER                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-523-172
ROSS, DAVID S.                         OAKHAM                                  MA-14-394-137
ROSS, ISAAC                            HOLDEN                                  MA-14-458-134
ROSS, JAMES                            BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-36-166
ROSS, JAMES JR.                        BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-72-193
ROSS, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-89-254
ROSS, LEVI                             WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-394-442
ROSS, LYDIA                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-396-487
ROSS, MABEL A.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-535-517
ROSS, THOMAS                           STERLING                                MA-14-50-272
ROSS, WILLIAM                          BOLTON                                  MA-14-398-458
ROTHWELL, MARY W.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-565-130
ROUNDS, ALONZO C.                      MILFORD                                 MA-14-500-123
ROURKE, MICHAEL                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-500-439
ROWE, EMILY H. C.                      BROOKS, WALDO, ME                       MA-14-541-371
ROWELL, TIMOTHY                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-617
ROWEN, MICHAEL                         NORTH SMITHFIELD, PROVIDENCE,R I        MA-14-531-36
ROWINGTON, THOMAS                      LUNENBURG                               MA-14-4-504
ROWLAND, PRUSIA                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-86-173
ROWLEY, EDWIN                          BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-554-81
RUDDY, ROBERT                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-523-200
RUGG, ABIJAH                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-48-54
RUGG, AMOS W.                          STERLING                                MA-14-397-475
RUGG, BENJAMIN H.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-483-145
RUGG, BETSEY                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-97-321
RUGG, DANIEL                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-66-554
RUGG, ELISHA                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-33-336
RUGG, GEORGE H.                        GRAFTON                                 MA-14-548-531
RUGG, KEZIA C.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-71
RUGG, LOVEL                            ROYALSTON                               MA-14-531-50
RUGG, LUTHER                           STERLING                                MA-14-396-275
RUGG, MARY                             GARDNER                                 MA-14-398-209
RUGG, OLIVE L.                         STERLING                                MA-14-546-431
RUGG, PRUDENCE                         LANCASTER                               MA-14-80-520
RUGG, REUBEN                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-16-226
RUGG, SEWELL T.                        LANCASTER                               MA-14-483-411
RUGG, STEPHEN                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-75-385
RUGG, SUSAN M.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-487-154
RUGGLES, BENJAMIN                      HARDWICK                                MA-14-23-159
RUGGLES, CONSTANT                      HARDWICK                                MA-14-89-178
RUGGLES, DANIEL                        HARDWICK                                MA-14-80-392
RUGGLES, EVANDER K.                    WARE                                    MA-14-485-50
RUGGLES, FRANKLIN                      HARDWICK                                MA-14-397-234
RUGGLES, GARDNER                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-93-396
RUGGLES, HANNAH                        BARRE                                   MA-14-398-359
RUGGLES, HENRY C.                      UPTON                                   MA-14-95-502
RUGGLES, JAMES F.                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-497-162
RUGGLES, JEREMIAH                      UPTON                                   MA-14-48-348
RUGGLES, JOHN                          BARRE                                   MA-14-29-527
RUGGLES, LUCY                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-23-61
RUGGLES, MARIA C.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-548-519
RUGGLES, MILTON                        SUTTON                                  MA-14-75-40
RUGGLES, MOSES                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-580-421
RUGGLES, OLIVE                         HARDWICK                                MA-14-97-516
RUGGLES, REBEKAH                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-89-108
RUGGLES, SANFORD                       WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-84-151
RUGGLES, THOMAS                        OAKHAM                                  MA-14-36-240
RUSHTON, JOSEPH                        CLINTON                                 MA-14-555-395
RUSHTON, THOMAS                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-823-149
RUSSELL, ABIGAIL                       SUTTON                                  MA-14-97-323
RUSSELL, ABSALOM                       PAXTON                                  MA-14-28-261
RUSSELL, ANNA U.                       LANCASTER                               MA-14-506-334
RUSSELL, DARIUS                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-46-472
RUSSELL, DARIUS                        SUTON                                   MA-14-86-407
RUSSELL, DWIGHT                        MILFORD                                 MA-14-500-412
RUSSELL, EDWARD                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-400A-500
RUSSELL, EDWARD J.                     LEICESTER                               MA-14-823-522
RUSSELL, GEORGE W.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-492-233
RUSSELL, ISAAC S.                      HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-521-261
RUSSELL, JEREMIAH S.                   WORCESTER                               MA-14-86-610
RUSSELL, JOHN                          CHARLTON                                MA-14-89-417
RUSSELL, JOHN S.                       DANA                                    MA-14-541-72
RUSSELL, LUCENIA                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-487-154
RUSSELL, MARY                          BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-457-488
RUSSELL, ROBERT                        LUNENBURG                               MA-14-3-54
RUSSELL, ROSALIE                       SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-568-243
RUSSELL, SHUBAEL                       HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-72-420
RUSSELL, WARD                          ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-457-163
RUSSELL, WILLIAM L.                    NTL                                     MA-14-546-449
RYAN, DAVID                            BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-475-34
RYAN, JAMES                            WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-506-329
RYAN, JAMES                            GRAFTON                                 MA-14-80-24
RYAN, JOHANNAH                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-457-517
RYAN, JOHN                             UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-551-100
RYAN, JOHN T.                          MILFORD                                 MA-14-580-208
RYAN, JONATHAN                         CHARLTON                                MA-14-394-317
RYAN, JULIA                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-569-357
RYAN, LOCKLAN                          BOYLSTON                                MA-14-29-526
RYAN, MATHIAS                          CHARLTON                                MA-14-394-98
RYAN, MICHAEL                          CHARLTON                                MA-14-483-380
RYAN, MICHAEL                          CLINTON                                 MA-14-457-22
RYAN, PATRICK                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-497-185
RYAN, PATRICK                          CLINTON                                 MA-14-394-172
RYAN, SARAH N.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-186
RYAN, THOMAS                           TEMPLETON                               MA-14-458-169
RYAN, THOMAS                           MILFORD                                 MA-14-95-347
RYAN, WILLIAM                          PETERSHAM                               MA-14-400A-383
RYCROFT, HANNAH                        WARREN                                  MA-14-511-278
RYDER, ENOS                            BOLTON                                  MA-14-95-349

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