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YATES, AMOS                            DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-95-491
YATES, CAROLINE E.                     SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-531-378
YATES, JOHN JR.                        CLINTON                                 MA-14-495-142
YATES, NANCY                           DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-457-300
YATES, NORRIS                          DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-395-44
YEATS, ABNER                           DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-66-388
YEATS, JAMES                           UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-12-65
YOUNG, ABBA LAWRENCE                   WORCESTER                               MA-14-457-385
YOUNG, ANSON                           TEMPLETON                               MA-14-572-90
YOUNG, CAROLINE M.                     LEICESTER                               MA-14-554-55
YOUNG, DAVID                           ATHOL                                   MA-14-84-410
YOUNG, EMMA M.                         HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-823-410
YOUNG, HELEN T.                        SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-823-251
YOUNG, HIRAM                           ATHOL                                   MA-14-91-86
YOUNG, JAMES                           MILLBURY                                MA-14-93-663
YOUNG, JAMES                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-91-765
YOUNG, JOSEPH P.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-492-488
YOUNG, LUCINDA                         SUTTON                                  MA-14-89-37
YOUNG, LYMAN                           DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-396-586
YOUNG, MARIA                           OXFORD                                  MA-14-396-379
YOUNG, MARY J.                         GARDNER                                 MA-14-514-381
YOUNG, NANCY                           BERLIN                                  MA-14-394-71
YOUNG, PETER                           MILLBURY                                MA-14-572-36
YOUNG, ROBERT                          LEICESTER                               MA-14-396-347
YOUNG, SUSAN P.                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-506-330
YOUNG, THOMAS                          LUNENBURG                               MA-14-500-103
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         WARD                                    MA-14-66-540
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-26-327
YOUNGLOVE, BRIDGET H.                  FITCHBURG                               MA-14-457-170
ZARZECKA, MARY                         DUDLEY                                  MA-14-823-226
ZWIER, DANIEL                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-15-291

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