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IDE, CHLOE ANN                         MILFORD                                 MA-14-478-241
IDE, GEORGE                            WEBSTER                                 MA-14-396-593
IDE, NATHANIEL                         OXFORD                                  MA-14-566-99
IGOE, JAMES                            MILFORD                                 MA-14-497-474
ILSLEY, ROBERT                         PORTLAND, ME                            MA-14-72-278
INGERSOLL, RICHARD                     PETERSHAM                               MA-14-395-205
INGRAHAM, WILLIAM H.                   PALMER, HAMPDEN,MA                      MA-14-538-498
INMAN, EDWARD                          DUDLEY                                  MA-14-15-278
INMAN, FRANCIS H.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-535-197
INMAN, NATHANIEL                       MENDON                                  MA-14-75-567
INMAN, NATHANIEL A.                    UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-566-86
IRVING, DAVID                          BERNARDSTON                             MA-14-538-536
ITCH, ALMIRA                           FITCHBURG                               MA-14-394-428
JACKSON, ARATHUCY C.                   GARDNER                                 MA-14-470-443
JACKSON, CATHARINE M.                  WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-541-75
JACKSON, CHARLES                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-533-460
JACKSON, ELISHA                        GARDNER                                 MA-14-43-588
JACKSON, ELISHA                        GARDNER                                 MA-14-95-165
JACKSON, ELISHA S.                     GARDNER                                 MA-14-396-48
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                     LEICESTER                               MA-14-91-373
JACKSON, FIDELIA                       BARRE                                   MA-14-521-275
JACKSON, HITTY E. M.                   WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-91-711
JACKSON, JONATHAN                      RUTLAND                                 MA-14-10-178
JACKSON, JOSEPH M.                     PETERSHAM                               MA-14-396-174
JACKSON, LUCY                          LUNENBURG                               MA-14-473-188
JACKSON, MARY M.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-569-300
JACKSON, MATTHEW                       LEICESTER                               MA-14-66-590
JACKSON, NATHAN                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-41-3
JACKSON, NATHANIEL                     LUNENBURG                               MA-14-395-462
JACKSON, NEWELL T.                     FITCHBURG                               MA-14-514-350
JACKSON, PHOEBE                        GARDNER                                 MA-14-504-517
JACKSON, SEBES                         WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-32-174
JACKSON, THOMAS                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-495-147
JACOBS, COMFORT                        UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-52-170
JACOBS, HARRIET J.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-250
JACOBS, JOHN                           MILLBURY                                MA-14-84-363
JACOBS, JOHN                           WARD                                    MA-14-43-360
JACOBS, JOHN                           MILLBURY                                MA-14-89-457
JACOBS, JOSEPH                         ROYALSTON                               MA-14-91-213
JACOBS, SOPHRONIA S.                   HOLDEN                                  MA-14-566-62
JACOBS, WILLIAM                        UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-34-259
JACQUES, ALFRED                        MILLBURY                                MA-14-487-442
JACQUES, FRANCIS X.                    MILLBURY                                MA-14-504-521
JACQUES, REMI                          WORCSTER                                MA-14-492-547
JACQUES, THOMAS                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-533-107
JAGO, THOMAS                           MILFORD                                 MA-14-511-286
JAHA, MARY                             WEBSTER                                 MA-14-473-174
JAMES, JOSEPH                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-5-533
JAMES, LYDIA                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-14-144
JAMES, REMINGTON K.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-93-471
JAMES, REUBEN L.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-208
JAMESON, ELLEN                         LEICESTER                               MA-14-823-240
JANCZEWSKI, NEEPROWOCYN                WEBSTER                                 MA-14-500-149
JANKINS, MARTHA A.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-533-412
JAQUITH, ABBIE G.                      ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-531-56
JAQUITH, ABIGAIL                       TEMPLETON                               MA-14-394-327
JAQUITH, ABRAHAM                       FITCHBURG                               MA-14-91-635
JAQUITH, ANDREW H.                     GARDNER                                 MA-14-511-65
JAQUITH, EUNICE W.                     FITCHBURG                               MA-14-511-257
JAQUITH, MARIA C.                      GARDNER                                 MA-14-458-102
JAQUITH, SARAH                         UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-399-92
JASEPH, EMMA I.                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-566-84
JAYNES, HARRIET                        STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-516-247
JAYNES, LYMAN                          SPENCER                                 MA-14-580-289
JEFFERS, MARY                          DUDLEY                                  MA-14-31-156
JEFFERS, NAHAN                         DUDLEY                                  MA-14-28-52
JEFFERSON, OTIS                        DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-394-132
JEFFESON, OTIS                         DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-490-217
JEFTS, WHEELOCK                        PAXTON                                  MA-14-562-92
JEMISON, DANIEL                        AUBURN                                  MA-14-80-603
JENCKS, HANNAH                         MENDON                                  MA-14-89-150
JENCKS, MOLLY                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-50-82
JENISON, EDWIN                         NEWTON                                  MA-14-457-197
JENISON, JOHN                          PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-75-392
JENISON, SILVESTER                     SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-66-521
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                      BARRE                                   MA-14-21-280
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                      BARRE                                   MA-14-36-300
JENKINS, ELI                           NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-91-627
JENKINS, HANNAH                        BARRE                                   MA-14-84-418
JENKINS, PRISCILLA                     BARRE                                   MA-14-458-158
JENKINS, SOUTHWORTH                    BARRE                                   MA-14-56-43
JENKINS, TIMOTHY                       BARRE                                   MA-14-48-375
JENKS, HORACE L.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-565-101
JENKS, ISAAC                           SPENCER                                 MA-14-50-359
JENKS, JONATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-16-499
JENKS, MARY B.                         NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-514-339
JENKS, NANCY B.                        NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-394-133
JENKS, NICHOLAS                        NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-80-297
JENKS, RACHEL                          SPENCER                                 MA-14-21-328
JENKS, SARAH R.                        NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-823-459
JENNEY, JOHN                           HARDWICK                                MA-14-43-605
JENNEY, JONATHAN                       DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-399-577
JENNEY, LOUISA B.                      BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     MA-14-495-142
JENNINGS, CAROLINE E.                  WARREN                                  MA-14-487-472
JENNINGS, CHLOE                        BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-80-36
JENNINGS, JOEL                         BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-43-130
JENNINGS, JONATHAN                     BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-4-381
JENNISON, ABIGAIL L.                   UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-395-40
JENNISON, DOLLY                        HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-93-196
JENNISON, HENRIETTA S. T.              OXFORD                                  MA-14-487-161
JENNISON, JOHN                         MENDON                                  MA-14-504-205
JENNISON, JOSEPH                       SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-396-619
JENNISON, JOSEPH                       AUBURN                                  MA-14-398-69
JENNISON, MARY                         AUBURN                                  MA-14-93-678
JENNISON, MARY G.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-398-158
JENNISON, MARY J.                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-546-95
JENNISON, SALLY                        SUTTON                                  MA-14-91-100
JENNISON, SAMUEL                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-394-303
JENNISON, SAMUEL                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-46-507
JENNISON, WILLIAM                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-28-262
JENNY, JOHN                            HARDWICK                                MA-14-27-64
JENNY, THOMAS                          NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-18-485
JENO, PHILLIP                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-6-53
JEPHERSON, WILLIAM                     DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-31-98
JERAULD, STEPHEN                       NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-97-93
JERMAN, JEREMIAH                       DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-538-511
JERRAULD, ALBERT A.                    CLINTON                                 MA-14-457-4
JEWELL, ESTHER                         DUDLEY                                  MA-14-59-359
JEWELL, MOSES                          DUDLEY                                  MA-14-72-312
JEWELL, NATHANIEL                      DUDLEY                                  MA-14-17-68
JEWET, THOMAS                          LUNENBURG                               MA-14-5-478
JEWETT, ADALINE M.                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-400A-565
JEWETT, AMOS                           STERLING                                MA-14-24-412
JEWETT, AMOS                           STERLING                                MA-14-29-314
JEWETT, ARIANA S.                      FITCHBURG                               MA-14-500-140
JEWETT, CHARLES                        LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-485-433
JEWETT, DAVID                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-8-67
JEWETT, ESTHER                         STERLING                                MA-14-21-52
JEWETT, HANNAH                         BELRIN                                  MA-14-89-595
JEWETT, JESSE                          BERLIN                                  MA-14-66-374
JEWETT, JOHN                           DUDLEY                                  MA-14-398-376
JEWETT, JOSEPH                         ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-89-200
JEWETT, JOSEPH                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-497-498
JEWETT, MARY A. B.                     GRAFTON                                 MA-14-398-512
JEWETT, MARY H.                        STERLING                                MA-14-95-261
JEWETT, MIRA                           BERLIN                                  MA-14-396-254
JEWETT, SAMUEL                         STERLING                                MA-14-95-263
JEWETT, SARAH                          ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-93-63
JEWETT, SOLOMON                        STERLING                                MA-14-35-331
JILLSON, CLARK                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-504-437
JILLSON, RUTH E.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-504-432
JILLSON, URIAH                         DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-398-513
JODOIN, FELANISE                       PAXTON                                  MA-14-562-81
JOHNSON, ABIGAIL B.                    MILLBURY                                MA-14-478-287
JOHNSON, ADOLPH                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-563-444
JOHNSON, ALVIN                         MILFORD                                 MA-14-396-182
JOHNSON, AMELIA                        BERLIN                                  MA-14-398-284
JOHNSON, AMOS                          BERLIN                                  MA-14-59-242
JOHNSON, ANNA                          SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-89-530
JOHNSON, ANNA H.                       GRAFTON                                 MA-14-75-252
JOHNSON, APOLLOS                       DANA                                    MA-14-91-630
JOHNSON, BATHSHEBA                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-457-234
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      LUNENBURG                               MA-14-57-4
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      SPENCER                                 MA-14-11-299
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN S.                   LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-95-343
JOHNSON, CALEB                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-9-156
JOHNSON, CAROLINE A.                   STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-399-451
JOHNSON, CATHERIN                      SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-80-374
JOHNSON, CATHERINE                     SOUTHBORUGH                             MA-14-394-374
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       NORHBOROUGH                             MA-14-396-393
JOHNSON, CHARLES C.                    MILFORD                                 MA-14-571-150
JOHNSON, CHARLES D.                    NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-521-446
JOHNSON, CLARISSA                      WARREN                                  MA-14-396-462
JOHNSON, CYNTHIA                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-395-394
JOHNSON, DANIEL                        SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-41-181
JOHNSON, DANIEL                        SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-35-105
JOHNSON, DANIEL                        SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-8-200
JOHNSON, DAVID                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-52-341
JOHNSON, DEBBY                         ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-399-65
JOHNSON, EBENEZER                      BARRE                                   MA-14-80-85
JOHNSON, EDWARD                        BERLIN                                  MA-14-19-154
JOHNSON, EDWIN S.                      WEST BOYLSTON                           MA-14-566-28
JOHNSON, ELBRIDGE                      LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-473-178
JOHNSON, ELEAZER                       BERLIN                                  MA-14-24-37
JOHNSON, ELI                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-470-128
JOHNSON, ELISHA                        SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-72-501
JOHNSON, ELIZA W.                      NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-497-245
JOHNSON, ELLEN                         CLINTON                                 MA-14-560--413
JOHNSON, ESTHER A.                     CLINTON                                 MA-14-538-531
JOHNSON, GEORGE A.                     LANCASTER                               MA-14-521-450
JOHNSON, HANE                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-500-182
JOHNSON, HANNAH                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-521-494
JOHNSON, HENRIETTA H.                  DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-91-748
JOHNSON, HENRY A.                      LANCASTER                               MA-14-396-366
JOHNSON, ISAAC                         SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-30-168
JOHNSON, ISAAC JR.                     SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-10-340
JOHNSON, ISAAC T.                      UPTON                                   MA-14-568-226
JOHNSON, IVER                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-514-355
JOHNSON, JAMES                         TEMPLETON                               MA-14-394-328
JOHNSON, JAMES                         TEMPLETON                               MA-14-75-110
JOHNSON, JAMES                         STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-395-348
JOHNSON, JAMES                         STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-48-291
JOHNSON, JOEL                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-43-249
JOHNSON, JOEL                          DANA                                    MA-14-485-29
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-72-549
JOHNSON, JOHN C.                       OXFORD                                  MA-14-823-284
JOHNSON, JOHN W.                       HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT                  MA-14-470-417
JOHNSON, JONAS                         STERLING                                MA-14-36-424
JOHNSON, JONAS                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-72-165
JOHNSON, JONAS D.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-89-464
JOHNSON, JOSHUA                        BERLIN                                  MA-14-72-314
JOHNSON, JOSIAH                        SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-396-367
JOHNSON, JOSIAH                        LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-75-616
JOHNSON, LAWTON A.                     DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-89-393
JOHNSON, LUCY                          STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-93-253
JOHNSON, LYDIA                         PETERSHAM                               MA-14-531-120
JOHNSON, LYDIA                         SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-86-424
JOHNSON, LYMAN                         DANA                                    MA-14-84-208
JOHNSON, LYMAN                         STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-396-594
JOHNSON, MARSHALL                      HARDWICK                                MA-14-97-286
JOHNSON, MARTHA                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-93-254
JOHNSON, MARTIN                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-580-381
JOHNSON, MARY B.                       WEBSTER                                 MA-14-511-99
JOHNSON, MARY C.                       NORTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-458-279
JOHNSON, MARY E.                       NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT                MA-14-400A-343
JOHNSON, MARY E.                       DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-457-151
JOHNSON, MEVERICK                      BERLIN                                  MA-14-93-88
JOHNSON, MICAH                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-30-541
JOHNSON, MICAH                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-116
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL                     DANA                                    MA-14-398-180
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL L.                  DANA                                    MA-14-578-385
JOHNSON, OTTO                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-110
JOHNSON, PARKER                        WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-457-629
JOHNSON, PHEBE                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-75-520
JOHNSON, PHILLIP                       SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-56-637
JOHNSON, PLINY                         SUTTON                                  MA-14-93-368
JOHNSON, POLLY                         WEBSTER                                 MA-14-400A-68
JOHNSON, REBECCA                       SPENCER                                 MA-14-16-403
JOHNSON, RELIEF                        BARRE                                   MA-14-93-453
JOHNSON, REUBEN S.                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-457-59
JOHNSON, ROBERT                        RUTLAND                                 MA-14-4-518
JOHNSON, SALLY                         UPTON                                   MA-14-72-571
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        WINCHESTER                              MA-14-46-138
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        LUNENBURG                               MA-14-8-554
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        LUNENBURG                               MA-14-25-502
JOHNSON, SAMUEL H.                     SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-511-39
JOHNSON, SARAH                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-457-293
JOHNSON, SARAH C.                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-514-407
JOHNSON, SETH                          DANA                                    MA-14-511-276
JOHNSON, SETH                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-36-90
JOHNSON, SILAS                         HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-167
JOHNSON, SMITH                         DUDLEY                                  MA-14-39-389
JOHNSON, STEDMAN                       TEMPLETON                               MA-14-398-205
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                       LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-36-129
JOHNSON, THOMAS                        ATHOL                                   MA-14-516-525
JOHNSON, TRULOVE                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-80-280
JOHNSON, URIAH B.                      GRAFTON                                 MA-14-538-499
JOHNSON, URIAH W.                      BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-39-147
JOHNSON, WALDO                         WEBSTER                                 MA-14-546-458
JOHNSON, WILLARD                       LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-97-257
JOHNSON, WILLARD                       CHARLTON                                MA-14-533-437
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-457-378
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-4-385
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-66-582
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       HARDWICK                                MA-14-400A-251
JOHNSON, WILLIAM G.                    ATHOL                                   MA-14-546-14
JOHNSON, ZEDEKIAH                      BARRE                                   MA-14-50-614
JOHNSON, ZENAS D.                      UPTON                                   MA-14-492-496
JOHNSTON, CATHERINE                    FITCHBURG                               MA-14-823-77
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                       STERLING                                MA-14-475-237
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                       DOUGLAS, YORK, NEW BRUNSWICK            MA-14-531-394
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                       WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-89-173
JOICE, CATHRINE                        SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-559-205
JOICE, HANNAH                          WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-395-56
JONES, AARON                           LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-506-411
JONES, ABEL                            WINCHENDON                              MA-14-80-28
JONES, ABIJAH                          TEMPLETON                               MA-14-457-160
JONES, ADAM                            TEMPLETON                               MA-14-59-203
JONES, ALBERT A. A.                    MILFORD                                 MA-14-485-449
JONES, ALFRED H.                       SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-509-189
JONES, AMASA                           LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-66-287
JONES, AMOS JR.                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-86-239
JONES, ASA                             SPENCER                                 MA-14-72-247
JONES, BETHIAH                         WOODSTOCK, WINDHAM, CT                  MA-14-398-15
JONES, CHARLOTTE                       MILFORD                                 MA-14-458-160
JONES, CYNTHIA                         CHARLTON                                MA-14-66-74
JONES, DANIEL                          ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-86-288
JONES, DAVID                           LUNENBURG                               MA-14-84-64
JONES, DOROTHY                         BERLIN                                  MA-14-50-266
JONES, EBENEZER                        PRINCETON                               MA-14-15-365
JONES, ELI                             CHARLTON                                MA-14-41-197
JONES, ELIZABETH                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-307
JONES, ELNATHAN                        LUNENBURG                               MA-14-89-624
JONES, ELNATHAN                        OXFORD                                  MA-14-95-398
JONES, ENOS                            ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-57-624
JONES, EPHRAIM                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-458-54
JONES, EPHRAIM                         PRINCETON                               MA-14-19-6
JONES, EZRA                            BARRE                                   MA-14-36-250
JONES, GEORGE                          PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-72-274
JONES, HANNAH                          LUNENBURG                               MA-14-97-197
JONES, HARRIET                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-395-244
JONES, JOHN                            LUNENBURG                               MA-14-91-602
JONES, JOHN                            MENDON                                  MA-14-4-161
JONES, JOHN D. E.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-492-200
JONES, JOHN W.                         WEBSTER                                 MA-14-483-172
JONES, JOHN WILLARD                    MILFORD                                 MA-14-487-393
JONES, JOSEPH                          LUNENBURG                               MA-14-39-170
JONES, JOSEPH                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-554-102
JONES, JOSEPH                          MILFORD                                 MA-14-27-92
JONES, LUKE                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-91-14
JONES, LUKE                            LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-97-508
JONES, LUTHER                          LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-394-152
JONES, LYDIA M.                        MILFORD                                 MA-14-546-396
JONES, MARTHA                          BERLIN                                  MA-14-72-203
JONES, MARY                            PRINCETON                               MA-14-19-245
JONES, MARY                            LUNENBURG                               MA-14-399-490
JONES, MARY                            NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-84-457
JONES, MARY                            SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-29-267
JONES, MARY F. P. (SHERMAN)            NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-572-103
JONES, MARY R.                         ROYALSTON                               MA-14-483-430
JONES, MERCY                           MILFORD                                 MA-14-75-306
JONES, MILLY                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-457-198
JONES, MOSES                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-66-499
JONES, NATHAN                          BERLIN                                  MA-14-31-406
JONES, NATHANIEL                       CHARLTON                                MA-14-26-360
JONES, NATHANIEL                       BARRE                                   MA-14-72-461
JONES, NATHANIEL JR.                   MENDON                                  MA-14-5-455
JONES, NOAH                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-17-50
JONES, ROSE                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-543-369
JONES, SAMUEL                          MILFORD                                 MA-14-52-213
JONES, SARAH C.                        ROYALSTON                               MA-14-495-532
JONES, SOLOMON                         BERLIN                                  MA-14-396-620
JONES, SOPHIA                          MILFORD                                 MA-14-400A-30
JONES, SULLIVAN S.                     MILFORD                                 MA-14-514-368
JONES, SUSANNA                         BERLIN                                  MA-14-93-292
JONES, SUSANNA                         BERLIN                                  MA-14-26-359
JONES, THEODORE                        ATHOL                                   MA-14-396-49
JONES, TIMOTHY                         BERLIN                                  MA-14-56-448
JONES, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-251
JONES, WILLIAM                         LUNENBURG                               MA-14-7-142
JORDAN, AMASA                          RUTLAND                                 MA-14-580-130
JORDAN, JOHN W.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-575-481
JORDAN, LUCY H.                        TEMPLETON                               MA-14-497-489
JOSEPH, JOSEPH                         FITCHBURG                               MA-14-91-625
JOSLIN, ADALINE H.                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-475-30
JOSLIN, ASHER                          WEBSTER                                 MA-14-457-508
JOSLIN, BETSEY                         LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-86-628
JOSLIN, CHARLES L.                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-490-525
JOSLIN, DORCAS                         HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-490-239
JOSLIN, ELISHA C.                      WEBSTER                                 MA-14-91-391
JOSLIN, FRNAK S.                       GRDNER                                  MA-14-577-75
JOSLIN, HEZEKIAH C.                    AUBURN                                  MA-14-504-466
JOSLIN, JOHN                           THOMPSON, WINDHAM, CT                   MA-14-511-224
JOSLIN, JOHN                           LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-39-264
JOSLIN, JONAS                          GARDNER                                 MA-14-516-204
JOSLIN, JOSEPH                         LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-66-474
JOSLIN, LUCINA                         BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-89-504
JOSLIN, MARTHA                         LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-66-517
JOSLIN, REBECCA S.                     AUBURN                                  MA-14-556-433
JOSLIN, SALLY                          HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-41-19
JOSLIN, SAMUEL                         NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-56-454
JOSLIN, SILAS                          HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-66-293
JOSLIN, WILLIAM                        HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-36-112
JOSLYN, ABRAHAM                        NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-13-395
JOSLYN, BETSEY                         NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-89-482
JOSLYN, ISRAEL                         SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-2-47
JOSLYN, MARY E.                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-548-224
JOSLYN, MATHEWS                        HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-186
JOSLYN, PETER                          LANCASTER                               MA-14-31-142
JOSLYN, PETER                          LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-400A-510
JOURDAN, ANN M.                        UPTON                                   MA-14-504-275
JOURDAN, EVELINE E.                    GARDNER                                 MA-14-500-372
JOYCE, AUSTIN                          CLINTON                                 MA-14-572-40
JOYCE, MARGARET                        CLINTON                                 MA-14-823-492
JOYCE, MARGARET                        CLINTON                                 MA-14-473-244
JOYCE, MICHAEL                         PETERSHAM                               MA-14-500-161
JOYCE, PATRICK                         HARVARD                                 MA-14-473-259
JUDGE, LACKEY                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-546-442
JUDSON, SAMUEL                         UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-72-496
JUDSON, SARAH                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-75-135
JUSSOME, JOHN                          DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-523-197

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