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FAGGART, ESTELLE EMERSON                NC-80-10-367
FAIR, J. C.                             NC-80-13-48
FAISON, ERNEST GARLAND                  NC-80-14-427
FALLS, WILLIAM GRIER                    NC-80-10-308
FARMER, EDWARD BERKLEY                  NC-80-12-98
FARMER, G. W.                           NC-80-10-56
FARMER, H. C.                           NC-80-10-172
FASNACHT, GRACE CHRISTLEY               NC-80-10-138
FAUST, B. N.                            NC-80-12-580
FAUST, ELLEANOR                         NC-80-I-32
FAY, CATHERINE                          NC-80-G-388
FEAMSTER, R. K.                         NC-80-11-199
FEAMSTER, W. C. SR.                     NC-80-11-244
FEAZER, GEORGE                          NC-80-G-366
FEIMSTER, JAMES CLAY                    NC-80-12-438
FELDMAN, JACOB                          NC-80-9-359
FELKER, SAMUEL                          NC-80-#1-508
FELKER, SUSAN                           NC-80-2-453
FELPS, THOMAS                           NC-80-C-317
FELS, JOSEPH                            NC-80-6-61
FENEY, JENET                            NC-80-A-246
FENNEL, FRANCY                          NC-80-H-717
FERGUSON, ANDREW                        NC-80-E-163
FERGUSON, JAMES C.                      NC-80-11-524
FERRAND, STEPHEN LEE                    NC-80-H-510
FESPERMAN, BARBARA                      NC-80-#1-444
FESPERMAN, C. E.                        NC-80-12-20
FESPERMAN, ELIZA LAVINA                 NC-80-5-414
FESPERMAN, J. H.                        NC-80-13-74
FESPERMAN, JOHN ALISON                  NC-80-7-591
FESPERMAN, SIMEON G.                    NC-80-2-306
FESPERMAN, W. J.                        NC-80-11-362
FESPERMAN, WILLIAM M. L.                NC-80-10-517
FIELD, CLARENCE J.                      NC-80-10-406
FIGHT, HENRY                            NC-80-I-167
FILE, LUDARA                            NC-80-9-206
FILE, MARY M.                           NC-80-7-183
FILE, SARAH                             NC-80-3-141
FILE, TOBIAS                            NC-80-2-96
FILE, W. A.                             NC-80-11-224
FILHOUR, KATHERINE                      NC-80-K-58
FILHOWER, JOHN NICHOLAS                 NC-80-H-443
FINGER, JULIA A.                        NC-80-5-382
FINK, C. A.                             NC-80-14-27
FINK, D. A.                             NC-80-6-21
FINK, ELIZABETH S.                      NC-80-11-532
FINK, JOHN                              NC-80-2-63
FINK, LINA                              NC-80-12-41
FISHER, ANN                             NC-80-E-169
FISHER, CARL D.                         NC-80-12-119
FISHER, CARSON M.                       NC-80-12-28
FISHER, CHRISTINE                       NC-80-8-258
FISHER, ESTHER L.                       NC-80-9-436
FISHER, FREDRICK                        NC-80-E-170
FISHER, HARMON                          NC-80-I-19
FISHER, J. R.                           NC-80-8-29
FISHER, J. V.                           NC-80-8-440
FISHER, JACOB                           NC-80-E-174
FISHER, JACOB                           NC-80-K-356
FISHER, JACOB                           NC-80-H-270
FISHER, JAMES                           NC-80-E-164
FISHER, JAMES L.                        NC-80-8-397
FISHER, JAMES L.                        NC-80-12-526
FISHER, JOHN L. A.                      NC-80-12-307
FISHER, JOSEPH F.                       NC-80-9-35
FISHER, LAWSON A.                       NC-80-2-481
FISHER, M. G. M.                        NC-80-11-180
FISHER, MARTHA C.                       NC-80-5-592
FISHER, MARTIN                          NC-80-E-161
FISHER, MATTIE F. GOODMAN               NC-80-9-412
FISHER, MYRON C. M.                     NC-80-13-462
FISHER, SARAH                           NC-80-#1-497
FITZGARETT, ELIZABETH                   NC-80-E-155
FITZGERALD, LUCY                        NC-80-9-40
FLEMING, ALLISON                        NC-80-I-1
FLEMING, CHARLES J.                     NC-80-10-280
FLEMING, GEORGE                         NC-80-C-189
FLEMING, GLENN L.                       NC-80-14-186
FLEMING, JAMES SOLOMON                  NC-80-#1-478
FLEMING, MAGGIE I.                      NC-80-8-299
FLEMING, MARY ANN                       NC-80-13-405
FLEMING, NATHAN N.                      NC-80-K-341
FLEMING, R. F.                          NC-80-6-280
FLEMON, PETER                           NC-80-A-54
FLETCHER, J. A.                         NC-80-11-451
FLKER, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-I-101
FLOYD, C. O.                            NC-80-13-548
FLOYD, FRANCIS                          NC-80-G-447
FLOYD, J. D.                            NC-80-9-409
FOARD, ANNIE E.                         NC-80-10-535
FOARD, JOHN C.                          NC-80-2-518
FOARD, R. H.                            NC-80-13-334
FOARD, WYATT                            NC-80-G-429
FOIL, E. L.                             NC-80-12-113
FOIL, ILA BELLE                         NC-80-13-440
FOIL, JANOLIA I.                        NC-80-14-101
FOIL, NORA KLUTTZ                       NC-80-11-190
FOLGER, LOTTIE LEE                      NC-80-13-230
FOLTZ, ELIZABETH (DAVIDSON)             NC-80-3-322
FONDA, ERVIN R.                         NC-80-6-459
FORBIS, GEORGE                          NC-80-A-58
FORD, GERREL                            NC-80-H-678
FORD, SARAH                             NC-80-5-215
FORD, WILLIAM                           NC-80-I-109
FOREMAN, BRONNIE EFIRD                  NC-80-13-506
FOREMAN, JOHN                           NC-80-E-176
FORGEY, SAMUEL                          NC-80-A-56
FORNEY, FLORA                           NC-80-2-469
FORREST, WILLIAM A.                     NC-80-11-197
FOSER, C. P.                            NC-80-13-538
FOSTER, ANDERSON E.                     NC-80-H-677
FOSTER, D. C.                           NC-80-13-438
FOSTER, G. D.                           NC-80-12-380
FOSTER, JAMES                           NC-80-G-195
FOSTER, JESSE L.                        NC-80-I-231
FOSTER, JOSEPH                          NC-80-G-207
FOSTER, KERR                            NC-80-7-24
FOSTER, KERR B.                         NC-80-H-602
FOSTER, LONIZER E.                      NC-80-3-283
FOSTER, MARY                            NC-80-G-520
FOSTER, MOLLIE R.                       NC-80-9-283
FOSTER, RICHARD                         NC-80-G-303
FOSTER, ROBERT A.                       NC-80-13-145
FOSTER, ROBERT SR.                      NC-80-G-496
FOSTER, THOMAS                          NC-80-B-81
FOSTER, THOMAS R.                       NC-80-9-245
FOSTER, TILMAN                          NC-80-K-164
FOSTER, WILLIAM J.                      NC-80-6-100
FOUTZ, J. C.                            NC-80-11-411
FOUTZ, J. E.                            NC-80-13-143
FOUTZ, J. M.                            NC-80-13-519
FOUTZ, S. N.                            NC-80-14-601
FOWLER, ANNIE O.                        NC-80-10-413
FOWLER, T. P.                           NC-80-15-46
FOX, CANDAS                             NC-80-9-457
FOX, J. A.                              NC-80-K-371
FOX, PHILIP                             NC-80-E-167
FOX, THOMAS                             NC-80-C-138
FOY, MARK                               NC-80-A-184
FRALEY, BENJAMIN F.                     NC-80-2-162
FRALEY, DANIEL                          NC-80-2-516
FRALEY, EDWARD B.                       NC-80-9-581
FRALEY, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-K-235
FRALEY, GEORGE                          NC-80-G-472
FRALEY, H. H.                           NC-80-10-42
FRALEY, HENRY                           NC-80-H-522
FRALEY, LUCINDA                         NC-80-5-576
FRALEY, M. S.                           NC-80-3-188
FRALEY, MARTHA L.                       NC-80-8-97
FRALEY, ROBERT ELMER                    NC-80-14-195
FRALEY, W. C.                           NC-80-5-530
FRALEY, WILLIAM A.                      NC-80-3-312
FRALEY, WILLIAM R.                      NC-80-2-398
FRALY, DAVID                            NC-80-K-100
FRALY, GEORGE                           NC-80-I-150
FRANK, WILLIAM`                         NC-80-E-153
FRASER, JAMES                           NC-80-E-166
FRASER, NICHOLAS                        NC-80-A-55
FRAZER, SAMUEL                          NC-80-G-145
FRAZIER, ISREAL                         NC-80-K-212
FRAZIER, LILLIE                         NC-80-13-560
FRAZIER, NADINE B. OLDACH               NC-80-10-257
FRECKS, FRANCES K.                      NC-80-9-339
FREDRICK, SALLIE S.                     NC-80-14-528
FREELAND, NELLIE ALBRIGHT               NC-80-14-539
FREELOVE, ARHART                        NC-80-H-22
FREEMAN, AGGA                           NC-80-G-132
FREEMAN, ELIZA J.                       NC-80-5-103
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH B.                   NC-80-5-338
FREEMAN, JAME SW.                       NC-80-13-526
FREEMAN, JOSEPH WRAY                    NC-80-12-299
FREEMAN, MARY BELLE                     NC-80-15-62
FREEMAN, ROBERT                         NC-80-12-353
FREEZE, A. C.                           NC-80-15-71
FREEZE, ABSALOM                         NC-80-L-22
FREEZE, ABSALOM                         NC-80-L-22
FREEZE, BENJAMIN W.                     NC-80-9-577
FREEZE, CALEB                           NC-80-2-302
FREEZE, CLARISSA P.                     NC-80-9-320
FREEZE, FLORA A.                        NC-80-9-63
FREEZE, HIRAM J.                        NC-80-8-358
FREEZE, J. M.                           NC-80-10-263
FREEZE, JOHN                            NC-80-#1-388
FREEZE, JOHN F.                         NC-80-5-148
FREEZE, LAURA J.                        NC-80-8-213
FREEZE, MARY EMMA                       NC-80-14-13
FREEZE, MOLLY                           NC-80-#1-126
FREEZE, NOAH                            NC-80-K-378
FREEZE, PETER SR.                       NC-80-K-76
FREEZE, W. H.                           NC-80-10-571
FREMEAN, C. P.                          NC-80-9-147
FRERCKS, P. A.                          NC-80-5-45
FREY, PETER SR.                         NC-80-A-53
FRICK, ALEXANDER                        NC-80-5-515
FRICK, CARRIE PEARL                     NC-80-8-483
FRICK, DANIEL                           NC-80-2-328
FRICK, L. F.                            NC-80-11-514
FRICK, LEVI                             NC-80-3-79
FRICK, MARY C.                          NC-80-12-150
FRICK, MATHIAS                          NC-80-H-592
FRICK, THEODORE NATHANIEL               NC-80-15-113
FRICKE, ANNA E.                         NC-80-14-582
FRICKE, J. O.                           NC-80-10-542
FRICKE, SUSANNA ISABELLE                NC-80-12-332
FRIEZE, CATHERINE                       NC-80-#1-123
FRIEZE, J. M.                           NC-80-3-135
FRIS, JOHN W.                           NC-80-12-184
FRITSGARET, GARRET                      NC-80-E-157
FROHOCK, THOMAS                         NC-80-G-547
FRONTIS, STEPHEN                        NC-80-L-10
FRONTIS, STEPHEN                        NC-80-L-10
FROST, HANNAH                           NC-80-H-263
FRY, CATHARINE                          NC-80-H-145
FRY, CHRISTIAN                          NC-80-E-159
FRY, GEORGE                             NC-80-G-268
FRY, PETER                              NC-80-G-157
FRY, S. R.                              NC-80-11-487
FULENWIDER, ELENOR                      NC-80-G-402
FULTON, ELLEN M.                        NC-80-L-3
FULTON, ELLEN M.                        NC-80-L-3
FUNDERBURK, NANNIE L.                   NC-80-14-319
FURCHES, TOBIAS                         NC-80-H-256
FUREY, ELIZABETH PIRIE                  NC-80-14-551
FURR, JENNIE LEE                        NC-80-10-451
FURR, JUNIUS MONROE                     NC-80-10-421
FURR, SAMUEL                            NC-80-7-329
GAITHER, BASIL                          NC-80-G-61
GAITHER, BENJAMIN                       NC-80-G-55
GAITHER, BENJAMIN                       NC-80-C-101
GAITHER, ELI                            NC-80-G-126
GAITHER, MARY E.                        NC-80-5-58
GALLAGHER, EDWARD JOSEPH                NC-80-12-231
GALLIMORE, R. S.                        NC-80-8-354
GALVIN, CICERO C.                       NC-80-12-112
GANEY, G. W.                            NC-80-12-356
GANT, LEWIS W.                          NC-80-8-384
GARDINER, JOHN                          NC-80-#1-68
GARDINER, JOHN                          NC-80-H-506
GARDINER, SAMUEL F.                     NC-80-K-313
GARDNER, C. T.                          NC-80-13-493
GARDNER, JAMES                          NC-80-G-58
GARDNER, JOHN                           NC-80-K-61
GARDNER, JOHN                           NC-80-G-77
GARDNER, RICHARD W.                     NC-80-2-544
GARINGER, CATHARINA                     NC-80-G-39
GARLAND, SAMUEL                         NC-80-9-25
GARMON, CALVIN                          NC-80-11-469
GARNER, BARBARA                         NC-80-K-338
GARNER, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-#1-300
GARNER, JOHN                            NC-80-H-303
GARNER, JOHN                            NC-80-H-21
GARNER, MARGARET                        NC-80-K-130
GARNER, MATTHIAS                        NC-80-H-525
GARNER, PHILIP                          NC-80-G-314
GARRET, JOHN                            NC-80-G-79
GARRETT, JOHN                           NC-80-A-59
GARRISON, THOMAS                        NC-80-G-52
GARVER, PETER B.                        NC-80-14-440
GARY, C. P.                             NC-80-8-309
GASKIN, MARY                            NC-80-12-546
GASS, JOHN V.                           NC-80-15-43
GATES, EDWARD                           NC-80-G-69
GATEWOOD, WALTER CAROLINAS              NC-80-8-424
GAUTSCHY, HENRY                         NC-80-11-547
GAY, JOSHUA                             NC-80-H-17
GAY, JOSHUA                             NC-80-H-396
GAY, MARK                               NC-80-I-44
GAY, WILLIAM                            NC-80-I-136
GEMAYEL, A. J.                          NC-80-14-235
GEMAYLE, MIKE RUSTON                    NC-80-12-245
GENTLE, GEORGE                          NC-80-G-45
GENTLE, WILLIAM G.                      NC-80-14-258
GETCHER, CHRISTINA                      NC-80-G-48
GETCHEY, JOHN                           NC-80-A-172
GHEEN, GEORGE H.                        NC-80-2-216
GHEEN, JAMES                            NC-80-G-71
GHEEN, JOHN H.                          NC-80-3-106
GHEEN, JOHN T.                          NC-80-14-115
GHEEN, MARGARET A.                      NC-80-8-158
GHEEN, MILES A.                         NC-80-K-356
GHEEN, THOMAS                           NC-80-L-20
GHEEN, THOMAS                           NC-80-L-20
GHEEN, W. T.                            NC-80-5-397
GHEEN, ZADA WATTS                       NC-80-15-97
GHOSKEY, EMELINE                        NC-80-4-419
GIBBONS, A. C.                          NC-80-14-105
GIBSON, ALEXANDER                       NC-80-A-200
GIBSON, GEORGE                          NC-80-H-121
GIBSON, HUGH                            NC-80-A-58
GIBSON, J. P.                           NC-80-5-471
GIBSON, JAMES B.                        NC-80-2-149
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         NC-80-I-128
GIBSON,F RANK                           NC-80-11-213
GILBERT, WILLIAM                        NC-80-G-46
GILES, MARY                             NC-80-D-13
GILES, SUSAN T.                         NC-80-L-4
GILES, SUSAN T.                         NC-80-L-4
GILL, ELLA                              NC-80-13-9
GILL, JOHN                              NC-80-G-91
GILLASPIE, NANCY                        NC-80-I-3
GILLEAN, ANN                            NC-80-#1-400
GILLEAN, C. H.                          NC-80-12-359
GILLESPIE, AMY                          NC-80-#1-537
GILLESPIE, HARRIET                      NC-80-6-321
GILLESPIE, JEAN                         NC-80-H-243
GILLESPIE, JOSEPH G. SR.                NC-80-I-78
GILLESPIE, ROBERT                       NC-80-I-152
GILLESPIE, SILAS                        NC-80-3-160
GILLESPIE, THOMAS                       NC-80-G-2
GILLESPIE, THOMAS C.                    NC-80-K-86
GILLIAN, ABRAHAM                        NC-80-G-57
GILLMORE, MARY DE BERRY                 NC-80-9-386
GILLON, O. O.                           NC-80-11-168
GLADNEY, IKE                            NC-80-14-553
GLADSON, REBECCA J.                     NC-80-3-98
GLANDEN, STEPHEN                        NC-80-G-44
GLASCOCK, PETER                         NC-80-C-208
GLASS, PETER                            NC-80-5-79
GLASSCOCK, GREGORY                      NC-80-B-177
GLENN, LOUISE                           NC-80-11-444
GLENN, THOMAS                           NC-80-H-428
GLOVER, C. C.                           NC-80-12-143
GLOVER, CHARLES                         NC-80-I-68
GLOVER, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-K-371
GLOVER, ELLEN L.                        NC-80-12-247
GLOVER, J. M.                           NC-80-15-2
GLOVER, JOHN W.                         NC-80-10-490
GOARNER, JOHN                           NC-80-K-54
GOBBEL, JOHN H.                         NC-80-12-469
GOBBLE, ROBERT A.                       NC-80-12-158
GOBEL, SALLIE LIZZIE                    NC-80-9-229
GOBLE, JACOB SR.                        NC-80-H-403
GOBLE, JOHN                             NC-80-11-295
GODBEY, GEORGE                          NC-80-H-665
GODFREY, O. C. SR                       NC-80-11-300
GOLER, W. H.                            NC-80-10-503
GONGOR, HENRY                           NC-80-K-275
GOODING, SARAH                          NC-80-6-505
GOODMAN, A. F.                          NC-80-6-87
GOODMAN, ALFRED N.                      NC-80-#1-102
GOODMAN, C. A.                          NC-80-13-550
GOODMAN, CAROLINE                       NC-80-#1-333
GOODMAN, D. J.                          NC-80-7-103
GOODMAN, ELIZABETH                      NC-80-K-170
GOODMAN, ELLEN                          NC-80-2-360
GOODMAN, ENOCH B.                       NC-80-15-49
GOODMAN, FANNIE E.                      NC-80-12-439
GOODMAN, FANNIE G.                      NC-80-11-172
GOODMAN, G. E.                          NC-80-10-190
GOODMAN, HUBERT R.                      NC-80-14-395
GOODMAN, JACOB C.                       NC-80-#1-64
GOODMAN, JACOB F.                       NC-80-#1-44
GOODMAN, JACOB M.                       NC-80-3-346
GOODMAN, JAMES M.                       NC-80-15-31
GOODMAN, JOHN D. M.                     NC-80-11-278
GOODMAN, JOHN E.                        NC-80-11-11
GOODMAN, JOHN K.                        NC-80-9-533
GOODMAN, JOHN SR.                       NC-80-I-132
GOODMAN, JOHN T.                        NC-80-3-226
GOODMAN, M. J. (MRS)                    NC-80-12-148
GOODMAN, MARY ALICE                     NC-80-11-182
GOODMAN, MINNIE A.                      NC-80-14-459
GOODMAN, NELLIE                         NC-80-2-358
GOODMAN, TOBIAS                         NC-80-#1-546
GOODMAN, W. P.                          NC-80-11-189
GOODMAN, WALTER H.                      NC-80-15-97
GOODMAN, WILLIAM LEE                    NC-80-12-125
GOODNIGHT, GIBSON M.                    NC-80-14-89
GOODNIGHT, H. H.                        NC-80-11-344
GOODNIGHT, JAMES E.                     NC-80-6-300
GOODNIGHT, W. P.                        NC-80-10-429
GOODSON, LAURA JULIA                    NC-80-11-496
GOODYKOONTZ, GRACE                      NC-80-12-108
GOOSE, JOHN                             NC-80-G-446
GORDON, H. W.                           NC-80-9-223
GORDON, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-223
GORDON, WILLIAM E.                      NC-80-14-351
GOSNEY, SAMUEL H.                       NC-80-12-134
GOSS, EPHRAIM                           NC-80-G-73
GOSS, FREDERICK                         NC-80-G-20
GOSS, JOSEPH                            NC-80-A-245
GRADY, LIZZIE P.                        NC-80-11-291
GRAEBER, MARGARET S.                    NC-80-10-303
GRAESER, JOHN L.                        NC-80-12-389
GRAF, A. H.                             NC-80-14-490
GRAF, ELENORA                           NC-80-8-263
GRAHAM, ABEL                            NC-80-I-223
GRAHAM, ANN                             NC-80-K-234
GRAHAM, CELIA                           NC-80-10-152
GRAHAM ELIZABETH                        NC-80-6-558
GRAHAM, ELLENOR                         NC-80-G-75
GRAHAM, FLORA MARIA                     NC-80-2-503
GRAHAM, FURGUS                          NC-80-H-155
GRAHAM, GEORGE L.                       NC-80-6-576
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NC-80-H-701
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NC-80-G-67
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NC-80-I-76
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NC-80-B-89
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NC-80-K-228
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NC-80-9-365
GRAHAM, JAMES F.                        NC-80-#1-61
GRAHAM, JAMES G.                        NC-80-K-319
GRAHAM, JANE                            NC-80-K-309
GRAHAM, JANE                            NC-80-G-54
GRAHAM, JANE                            NC-80-L-3
GRAHAM, JANE                            NC-80-L-3
GRAHAM, JANE COWAN                      NC-80-I-170
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NC-80-I-236
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NC-80-B-206
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NC-80-G-66
GRAHAM, JOHN L.                         NC-80-K-373
GRAHAM, JOSEPH RICHARD                  NC-80-14-54
GRAHAM, JOSEPH SR.                      NC-80-K-81
GRAHAM, MARY ELIZABETH                  NC-80-14-112
GRAHAM, MARY K.                         NC-80-#1-169
GRAHAM, MOSES                           NC-80-K-73
GRAHAM, NETTIE MCLAUGHLIN               NC-80-12-587
GRAHAM, RICHARD                         NC-80-I-172
GRAHAM, RICHARD                         NC-80-H-484
GRAHAM, SARAH A.                        NC-80-9-559
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NC-80-K-357
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-64
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NC-80-K-94
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-86
GRAHAM, WILLIAM B.                      NC-80-G-511
GRAHAM, WILLIAM P.                      NC-80-#1-52
GRAHAMS, HUGH                           NC-80-B-151
GRAHAMS, INCY                           NC-80-K-310
GRAVES, A. WALTER                       NC-80-13-6
GRAVES, CONROD                          NC-80-H-161
GRAY, GEORGE                            NC-80-G-37
GRAY, GEORGIA A.                        NC-80-11-391
GRAY, ISABELLA                          NC-80-2-273
GRAY, JAMES                             NC-80-G-89
GRAY, JOHN W.                           NC-80-11-402
GRAY, ROBERT B.                         NC-80-#1-424
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NC-80-K-174
GREAVES, CONROD                         NC-80-H-161
GREEN, JAMES B.                         NC-80-12-422
GREEN, JOHN                             NC-80-B-26
GREENHILL, D. B.                        NC-80-10-84
GREGORY, EDWIN C.                       NC-80-13-58
GREGORY, JESSIE W.                      NC-80-13-226
GREIM, JOHANNES (IN GERMAN)             NC-80-G-81
GRIFFEN, ANDREW                         NC-80-G-75
GRIFFIN, A. K.                          NC-80-6-434
GRIFFIN, EZEKIEL                        NC-80-H-544
GRIFFIN, SALLIE LANIER                  NC-80-11-435
GRIFFITH, ZADOCK                        NC-80-I-224
GRIMES, J. PERCY                        NC-80-14-21
GRIMES, JOHN D.                         NC-80-9-139
GRIMES, MATTIE DOBSON                   NC-80-11-269
GRUB, GEORGE                            NC-80-G-1
GRUBB, ZEB VANCE                        NC-80-12-362
GUFFEY, MARGRET                         NC-80-G-200
GUION, HANNAH                           NC-80-3-278
GULLET, ANDREW J.                       NC-80-3-289
GULLETT, NETTIE                         NC-80-10-582
GUSSEY, HENRY                           NC-80-G-83
GWYNN, O. W.                            NC-80-14-470
HACKETT, W. P.                          NC-80-10-310
HADEN, ELIZA A.                         NC-80-3-470
HADEN, J. N.                            NC-80-13-527
HADEN, JOHN NELSON JR.                  NC-80-11-358
HADEN, JOSEPH                           NC-80-D-197
HADEN, JOSEPH                           NC-80-H-91
HADEN, WILLIAM                          NC-80-D-171
HAGGINS, MARY                           NC-80-I-20
HAGIN, JOHN                             NC-80-G-425
HAHN, C. P.                             NC-80-14-49
HAID, LEO                               NC-80-8-393
HAIRSTON, BAXTER                        NC-80-7-85
HAIRSTON, PETER W.                      NC-80-3-514
HAIRSTON, PETER W.                      NC-80-2-168
HALEN, LULA OWEN                        NC-80-12-163
HALL, ABNER L.                          NC-80-7-493
HALL, E. M.                             NC-80-10-372
HALL, EDNA FLORENCE                     NC-80-15-5
HALL, ELIZABETH                         NC-80-D-180
HALL, F. G.                             NC-80-12-521
HALL, ISAAC A.                          NC-80-I-84
HALL, J. A. (COLORED)                   NC-80-6-24
HALL, J. W.                             NC-80-13-341
HALL, JOHN                              NC-80-A-68
HALL, JOHN                              NC-80-I-213
HALL, JULIETTE B.                       NC-80-9-104
HALL, M. N.                             NC-80-8-585
HALL, MARY                              NC-80-2-37
HALL, MARY C.                           NC-80-3-545
HALL, MARY E.                           NC-80-6-585
HALL, MITTIE N.                         NC-80-11-565
HALL, O. C.                             NC-80-13-255
HALL, PINCKNEY C.                       NC-80-3-467
HALL, SAMUEL                            NC-80-I-58
HALL, SAMUEL                            NC-80-E-127
HALL, SOLOMON                           NC-80-K-285
HALL, W. A.                             NC-80-12-53
HALL, WILBUR S.                         NC-80-12-489
HALLMAN, HENRY L. SR.                   NC-80-14-188
HALLUM, JOHN SR.                        NC-80-A-60
HALSEY, GEORGE A.                       NC-80-6-26
HAM, JOHN                               NC-80-G-309
HAMILTON, BLENCH                        NC-80-H-125
HAMILTON, EUGENE F.                     NC-80-13-56
HAMILTON, J. A.                         NC-80-7-380
HAMLINE, DAVID                          NC-80-3-385
HAMMILL, LILLY R. SR.                   NC-80-10-151
HAMMONDS, PETER                         NC-80-C-97
HAMPTON, ANDERSON                       NC-80-3-28
HAMPTON, DAVID                          NC-80-A-62
HAMPTON, EPHRAIM                        NC-80-G-322
HAMPTON, JAMES B.                       NC-80-H-687
HAMPTON, JAMES B.                       NC-80-H-583
HAMPTON, JOHN                           NC-80-H-627
HAMPTON, JOHN                           NC-80-G-432
HAMPTON, MILLY                          NC-80-G-430
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                        NC-80-G-285
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                        NC-80-G-320
HAMSLEY, EGBERT B. C.                   NC-80-4-339
HANELINE, JACOB SR.                     NC-80-G-256
HANES, PHILLIP SR.                      NC-80-H-41
HANES, SALLY                            NC-80-H-220
HANFORD, JOHN W.                        NC-80-8-568
HANNA, A. M.                            NC-80-9-473
HANNAH, . E.                            NC-80-5-571
HANNAH, JOSEPH                          NC-80-D-178
HANNAH, M. C. SR.                       NC-80-12-500
HANNAH, NED                             NC-80-8-61
HANNAH, SARA HILL                       NC-80-14-167
HARBIN, EDWARD                          NC-80-D-193
HARDEN, HELEN MCLIN                     NC-80-14-247
HARDIMAN, W. E.                         NC-80-12-189
HARDIN, ROBERT                          NC-80-C-126
HARDIN, WILLIAM HILL                    NC-80-10-70
HARDLIN, PETER                          NC-80-D-117
HARDMAN, MARY                           NC-80-E-121
HARFORD, NICOLAS                        NC-80-A-67
HARGRAVE, ALICE                         NC-80-6-219
HARGRAVE, ALICE                         NC-80-5-589
HARGRAVE, CHARLIE HENRY                 NC-80-15-80
HARGRAVE, JESSE L.                      NC-80-15-90
HARGRAVE, L. H.                         NC-80-14-471
HARGRAVE, MOSES                         NC-80-6-185
HARGROVE, FESTUS                        NC-80-14-522
HARKEY, GEORGE H.                       NC-80-14-434
HARKEY, MARY                            NC-80-H-359
HARKEY, W. E.                           NC-80-12-372
HARPER, CORINNE H.                      NC-80-14-37
HARPHAM, FLORA ELLEN                    NC-80-8-116
HARRAWOOD, JOHN                         NC-80-G-260
HARRINGTON, MAUDE                       NC-80-12-349
HARRIS, C. R.                           NC-80-6-236
HARRIS, CALVIN                          NC-80-6-561
HARRIS, CHARLES J.                      NC-80-13-499
HARRIS, EVA B.                          NC-80-13-43
HARRIS, JAMES                           NC-80-G-177
HARRIS, JOE J.                          NC-80-12-382
HARRIS, JOHN                            NC-80-G-276
HARRIS, JOSEPH B.                       NC-80-K-308
HARRIS, MAIA E.                         NC-80-7-7
HARRIS, MARGARET ELIZABETH              NC-80-3-350
HARRIS, RICHARD                         NC-80-2-88
HARRIS, ROSCOE C.                       NC-80-13-39
HARRIS, SAM WILSON                      NC-80-10-163
HARRIS, SAMUEL F.                       NC-80-9-187
HARRIS, SARAH MYRTLE                    NC-80-11-165
HARRIS, WALKER F.                       NC-80-13-466
HARRIS, WILLIAM V.                      NC-80-14-374
HARRIS, ZEPHANIAH                       NC-80-D-183
HARRISON, B. E.                         NC-80-8-303
HARRISON, E. H.                         NC-80-14-311
HARRISON, HEZEKIAH T.                   NC-80-I-60
HARRISON, JESSE ROWE                    NC-80-11-207
HARRISON, KENELM                        NC-80-K-5
HARRISON, M. L.                         NC-80-5-282
HARRISON, MARY JANE                     NC-80-6-332
HARRISON, REUBEN                        NC-80-4-294
HARRISON, SARAH                         NC-80-I-39
HARRY, A. W.                            NC-80-12-33
HARRY, MARGARET E.                      NC-80-14-567
HARRY, S. R.                            NC-80-11-225
HARRY, S. W. (MRS)                      NC-80-13-155
HART, A. A.                             NC-80-4-248
HART, H. E.                             NC-80-6-137
HART, LEE M.                            NC-80-10-482
HART, MARY C.                           NC-80-11-456
HART, NANNIE LORENA                     NC-80-10-532
HART, S. A. D.                          NC-80-4-170
HART, STEPHEN                           NC-80-14-564
HARTLEY, H. H.                          NC-80-8-250
HARTLEY, H. H.                          NC-80-7-338
HARTLEY, W. B.                          NC-80-14-59
HARTLINE, GEORGE                        NC-80-E-125
HARTLINE,LEWIS ABNER                    NC-80-11-292
HARTMAN, C. C.                          NC-80-14-363
HARTMAN, CATHARINE                      NC-80-2-134
HARTMAN, GEORGE                         NC-80-C-107
HARTMAN, GEORGE                         NC-80-E-104
HARTMAN, JENNIE                         NC-80-9-51
HARTMAN, JOHN                           NC-80-K-140
HARTMAN, JOHN                           NC-80-K-10
HARTMAN, JOHN                           NC-80-I-168
HARTMAN, MICHAEL                        NC-80-G-243
HARTMAN, P. A.                          NC-80-6-247
HARTMAN, PETER                          NC-80-K-242
HARTMAN, POLLY                          NC-80-2-74
HARTMAN, W. D.                          NC-80-8-500
HARTSELL, ROSA SIDES                    NC-80-14-213
HARTSELL, WALTER J.                     NC-80-13-205
HARVEY, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-D-182
HARVEY, JOHN                            NC-80-H-361
HARVEY, JOHN LAMBERTH                   NC-80-14-422
HARVEY, ROBERT                          NC-80-B-86
HARWOOD, D. D.                          NC-80-11-412
HARWOOD, JOHN                           NC-80-D-189
HARWOOD, JOHN                           NC-80-G-249
HARWOOD, MINNIE LEE                     NC-80-14-411
HARWOOD, ZACHARIAH                      NC-80-E-117
HASTY, S. G.                            NC-80-12-56
HATCH, INEZ S.                          NC-80-6-404
HATCH, JOSEPH L.                        NC-80-9-563
HATLEY, D. A.                           NC-80-14-543
HATLEY, H. E.                           NC-80-14-412
HATLEY, JOHN                            NC-80-6-416
HATLEY, RICHARD                         NC-80-E-106
HATLEY, W. J.                           NC-80-9-122
HATTOX, WILLIAM SR.                     NC-80-G-184
HATWOOD, ALEXANDER H.                   NC-80-12-136
HAUGHEY, HERY                           NC-80-C-52
HAUSS, MARY ELIZBETH POWELL             NC-80-13-158
HAUSS, W. E.                            NC-80-8-532
HAWKINS, ETTA                           NC-80-11-327
HAWKINS, JANE G.                        NC-80-4-70
HAWKINS, JOSEPH A.                      NC-80-#1-427
HAWKINS, MALINDA                        NC-80-4-240
HAWKINS, SCOTT                          NC-80-10-304
HAWN, FRIEDRICH                         NC-80-D-173
HAWORTH, JOHN                           NC-80-G-319
HAYES, JOSEPH LEON                      NC-80-13-369
HAYES, POLLY                            NC-80-9-225
HAYS, ANDREW                            NC-80-E-109
HAYS, JOSEPH                            NC-80-E-99
HAZLETT, JOHN                           NC-80-C-105
HEADRICK, MARGARET                      NC-80-E-113
HEATHMAN, HEZEKIAH                      NC-80-K-147
HEATHMAN, MARY BELLE                    NC-80-10-522
HEATHMAN, WILLIAM                       NC-80-K-188
HEBREW, SUSA WILSON                     NC-80-14-297
HEBREW, WILLIAM H.                      NC-80-7-238
HEDGEPATH, EARL A.                      NC-80-14-233
HEDRICK, JOHN L. (MAP)                  NC-80-3-325
HEDRICK, LAURA MCNEELY                  NC-80-5-293
HEGE, HENRY                             NC-80-G-540
HEGE, LAZARUS                           NC-80-G-468
HEILEG, PAUL N.                         NC-80-2-528
HEILIG, ALLEN HARRIS                    NC-80-12-538
HEILIG, ANNIE                           NC-80-13-46
HEILIG, CALVIN                          NC-80-11-70
HEILIG, ED L.                           NC-80-10-281
HEILIG, G. H.                           NC-80-3-205
HEILIG, GEORGE L.                       NC-80-14-151
HEILIG, HENRY                           NC-80-4-384
HEILIG, HERMAN G.                       NC-80-9-332
HEILIG, JAMES D.                        NC-80-9-172
HEILIG, JAMES K. P.                     NC-80-8-431
HEILIG, JOHN                            NC-80-I-88
HEILIG, JOYCE                           NC-80-12-243
HEILIG, L. E.                           NC-80-5-194
HEILIG, LUTHER C.                       NC-80-11-493
HEILIG, MARGRET ANN                     NC-80-7-168
HEILIG, MARY E.                         NC-80-12-311
HEILIG, MICHAEL G.                      NC-80-K-295
HEILIG, ORLAND L.                       NC-80-6-471
HEILIG, RICHARD                         NC-80-4-186
HEILIG, SALLIE SOSSAMON                 NC-80-11-219
HEILIG, SARAH L.                        NC-80-12-177
HEILIG, W. F. S.                        NC-80-14-227
HELDSBRAN, SOPHIA                       NC-80-K-176
HELICK, GEORGE                          NC-80-K-3
HELIGE, HENRY                           NC-80-H-381
HELLARD, HENRY                          NC-80-H-713
HELLARD, JAMES                          NC-80-2-317
HELLARD, JESSE                          NC-80-I-259
HELLER, C. B. (REV.)                    NC-80-10-182
HELMS, C. E.                            NC-80-13-256
HELMSTETTER, JOHN ADAM                  NC-80-E-26
HELSLY, JACOB                           NC-80-E-124
HEMPHEIL, JAMES                         NC-80-C-117
HENDERLITE, GEORGIA C.                  NC-80-15-110
HENDERLITE, JOHN B.                     NC-80-14-91
HENDERSON, A. G.                        NC-80-4-423
HENDERSON, ANN J.                       NC-80-5-238
HENDERSON, C. A.                        NC-80-4-427
HENDERSON, C. A.                        NC-80-5-232
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH B.                 NC-80-9-166
HENDERSON, JOHN                         NC-80-C-167
HENDERSON, JULIUS                       NC-80-3-233
HENDERSON, LOU                          NC-80-12-352
HENDERSON, MARY ANN                     NC-80-4-5
HENDERSON, MINNIE LORI                  NC-80-12-176
HENDERSON, NORMAN                       NC-80-#1-393
HENDERSON, RICHARD                      NC-80-5-476
HENDERSON, SARAH                        NC-80-H-708
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       NC-80-3-452
HENDRICK, PHILIP                        NC-80-G-324
HENDRICKS, DAVID                        NC-80-H-76
HENDRICKS, ISAAC                        NC-80-H-132
HENDRIKS, MARGARET                      NC-80-E-108
HENDRIX, HENERY                         NC-80-C-100
HENDRON, ARANIA                         NC-80-D-193
HENDRON, JOHN                           NC-80-E-111
HENDRY, MARGARET                        NC-80-K-285
HENKEL, L. P.                           NC-80-11-423
HENLY, DARBY                            NC-80-G-108
HENLY, WASHINGTON                       NC-80-2-78
HENNESSEE, J. E.                        NC-80-10-82
HENNESSEE, SARAH MARLER                 NC-80-9-513
HENNESSEE, W. E.                        NC-80-14-519
HENNESSEE, WILLIAM A.                   NC-80-10-552
HENRY, ADA SUE                          NC-80-12-474
HENRY, G. W.                            NC-80-12-103
HENRY, MAGGIE A.                        NC-80-9-23
HENRY, THOMAS                           NC-80-A-235
HENSON, E. R.                           NC-80-6-99
HERLIG, SALOME                          NC-80-K-272
HESS, J. A.                             NC-80-11-139
HESS, L. J.                             NC-80-9-227
HESS, MARY MAGDALENE                    NC-80-2-420
HESS, NATHANIEL J.                      NC-80-12-539
HIDE, JAMES                             NC-80-I-220
HIDE, JOHN                              NC-80-D-177
HILL, ABRAM                             NC-80-K-283
HILL, CHANEY                            NC-80-K-264
HILL, DAVID                             NC-80-A-194
HILL, EMMA R.                           NC-80-10-461
HILL, G. W.                             NC-80-7-226
HILL, HENRY                             NC-80-E-122
HILL, HENRY                             NC-80-I-251
HILL, J. C.                             NC-80-10-222
HILL, JAMES                             NC-80-D-181
HILL, JAMES                             NC-80-H-9
HILL, JOHN C.                           NC-80-K-339
HILL, JOHN L.                           NC-80-K-304A
HILL, LYDIA                             NC-80-#1-467
HILL, MANDY JANE                        NC-80-12-9
HILL, NANNIE SKINNER                    NC-80-10-64
HILL, RUBY C.                           NC-80-9-505
HILL, SARAH                             NC-80-I-163
HILL, THOMAS                            NC-80-B-92
HILLHOUSE, SAMUEL                       NC-80-B-138
HINCLINE, JOHN                          NC-80-A-211
HINKLE, JACOB                           NC-80-G-327
HINKLE, PETER                           NC-80-A-217
HINKLE, PHILIP                          NC-80-G-204
HITCHCOCK, ISAAC                        NC-80-E-110
HOBSON, SOPHY KLUTTZ                    NC-80-12-419
HOBSON, WILLIAM HENRY SR.               NC-80-8-588
HODGE, JOSEPH                           NC-80-G-43
HODGE, RICHARD                          NC-80-2-541
HODGES, JESSE                           NC-80-K-327
HODGES, JOSEPH                          NC-80-K-122
HODGINS, JOHN. M.                       NC-80-#1-163
HODGSON, JOHN LARKIN                    NC-80-G-412
HOFFMAN, BURT A.                        NC-80-13-556
HOFFMAN, JOHN L.                        NC-80-14-416
HOFFMAN, JOICY E.                       NC-80-9-118
HOFFNER ELIZABETH C.                    NC-80-5-253
HOFFNER, IVEY LEE WILSON                NC-80-14-498
HOFFNER, JOHN WESLEY                    NC-80-11-554
HOFFNER, JOSEPH G.                      NC-80-9-441
HOFFNER, LEONARD                        NC-80-4-176
HOFFNER, N. C.                          NC-80-12-432
HOFFNER, RETTA MAY                      NC-80-14-111
HOFNER, MARTIN                          NC-80-I-118
HOGUE, ROBERT BENTON                    NC-80-15-11
HOHRA, HENRY                            NC-80-E-119
HOKE, AMELIA                            NC-80-12-560
HOLCOMBE, JOSEPH                        NC-80-8-590
HOLDER, PEARLE H.                       NC-80-15-55
HOLEMAN, WILLIAM                        NC-80-H-27
HOLEMANN, ISAAC                         NC-80-G-93
HOLFER, JACOB                           NC-80-G-325
HOLLABOCK, GEORGE                       NC-80-D-186
HOLLOWAY, THOMAS W.                     NC-80-13-281
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM                       NC-80-G-414
HOLMAN, CHARLIE (COLORED)               NC-80-5-350
HOLMAN, FRANK                           NC-80-11-552
HOLMAN, LINDA KNOX                      NC-80-12-4
HOLMES, DAISY S.                        NC-80-12-159
HOLMES, EDA                             NC-80-7-142
HOLMES, GEORGE W.                       NC-80-6-84
HOLMES, GUSSIE IRENE                    NC-80-13-192
HOLMES, HADEN C.                        NC-80-12-265
HOLMES, JANE                            NC-80-10-216
HOLMES, JOHN                            NC-80-A-189
HOLMES, JOHN P.                         NC-80-7- 34
HOLMES, MINNIE H.                       NC-80-12-204
HOLMES, MOSES                           NC-80-12-236
HOLMES, POLLY                           NC-80-4-99
HOLMES, RACHEL GLASGOW                  NC-80-14-228
HOLMES, REUBEN J.                       NC-80-8-16
HOLMES, REUBEN J.                       NC-80-3-294
HOLMES, S. A.                           NC-80-7-373
HOLMES, SUSANNAH B.                     NC-80-#1-470
HOLSHOUSE, JACOB                        NC-80-K-5
HOLSHOUSER, . A.                        NC-80-10-300
HOLSHOUSER, ADAM                        NC-80-8-595
HOLSHOUSER, ANDREW                      NC-80-G-179
HOLSHOUSER, C. W.                       NC-80-14-356
HOLSHOUSER, COLUMBUS                    NC-80-10-124
HOLSHOUSER, DAVID LEWIS                 NC-80-9-239
HOLSHOUSER, ELI                         NC-80-4-366
HOLSHOUSER, ELLEN                       NC-80-K-227
HOLSHOUSER, EVEANN                      NC-80-6-358
HOLSHOUSER, HANNAH                      NC-80-K-64
HOLSHOUSER, J. F.                       NC-80-13-242
HOLSHOUSER, JAMES M.                    NC-80-10-270
HOLSHOUSER, JOHN M.                     NC-80-14-372
HOLSHOUSER, L. C. MRS.                  NC-80-11-475
HOLSHOUSER, LAWSON G.                   NC-80-3-533
HOLSHOUSER, MARSHAL A.                  NC-80-12-260
HOLSHOUSER, MAXWELL                     NC-80-7-546
HOLSHOUSER, MICHAEL                     NC-80-G-160
HOLSHOUSER, NANCY                       NC-80-K-112
HOLSHOUSER, O. M.                       NC-80-8-570
HOLT, CLARENCE EDWIN                    NC-80-11-80
HOLT, ELIZABETH JANE                    NC-80-11-421
HOLT, JULIA F.                          NC-80-10-558
HOLT, R. M.                             NC-80-10-164
HOLT, SALLIE DENNEY                     NC-80-13-172
HONBAIER, LOVE                          NC-80-14-263
HONBARGER, MARY F.                      NC-80-13-234
HONBARGER, WILLIAM A.                   NC-80-3-9
HONBARRIER, CATHRINE                    NC-80-14-503
HONEYCUTT, ELIZABETH                    NC-80-15-53
HONEYCUTT, FRANCES MARIE                NC-80-12-268
HONEYCUTT, JOSEPH W.                    NC-80-9-495
HONEYCUTT, MINNIE MAE                   NC-80-14-572
HONEYCUTT, POLLY ELIZABETH              NC-80-10-455
HOOD, JAMES A.                          NC-80-15-75
HOOKER, ALLEN H.                        NC-80-#1-111
HOOVER, MARY I.                         NC-80-11-380
HOOVER, NELSON                          NC-80-H-417
HOOZER, JACOB                           NC-80-H-251
HOPMAN, RICHARD                         NC-80-K-88
HORAH, GEORGE                           NC-80-K-344
HORAH, HENRY                            NC-80-E-119
HORAH, HUGH                             NC-80-H-189
HORAH, JAMES H.                         NC-80-6-571
HORAH, JOSEPH                           NC-80-3-565
HORAH, LUCY ANN                         NC-80-5-490
HORAH, MARGARET                         NC-80-4-122
HORAH, MARGARET S.                      NC-80-3-552
HORAH, WILLIAM H.                       NC-80-3-262
HORHARRIER, CALVIN                      NC-80-9-535
HORHARRIER, J. M.                       NC-80-9-541
HORN, ROBERT                            NC-80-H-670
HORNBREY, JOHN                          NC-80-H-357
HORNE, JOHN F.                          NC-80-4-585
HORTON, J. C.                           NC-80-10-249
HOSHOUSER, H. T.                        NC-80-10-427
HOSKINS, VIRGINIA H.                    NC-80-14-19
HOUCK, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-K-122
HOUCK, MARGARET J.                      NC-80-12-516
HOUCK, MARY M.                          NC-80-K-86
HOUGHTON, DAVID                         NC-80-A-63
HOUSMAN, CHARLES E.                     NC-80-14-255
HOUSTON, ADDIE V.                       NC-80-12-333
HOUSTON, CAM                            NC-80-11-415
HOUSTON, ELIZABETH                      NC-80-I-117
HOUSTON, JAMES                          NC-80-I-49
HOUSTON, JAMES                          NC-80-C-220
HOUSTON, JAMES NEELY                    NC-80-13-222
HOUSTON, JOANNA                         NC-80-K-55
HOUSTON, JOHN                           NC-80-I-56
HOWARD, CHRISTOPHER                     NC-80-G-400
HOWARD, EDMOND                          NC-80-H-134
HOWARD, FANNIE C.                       NC-80-12-269
HOWARD, JENNIE                          NC-80-4-393
HOWARD, JOHN                            NC-80-C-114
HOWARD, JOHN                            NC-80-D-184
HOWARD, JOHN                            NC-80-H-316
HOWARD, MARGARET                        NC-80-E-114
HOWARD, MARY                            NC-80-H-474
HOWARD, MATHEW                          NC-80-K-108
HOWARD, W. H. (REV.)                    NC-80-13-414
HOWARD, W. T.                           NC-80-12-250
HOWARD, WILLIAM JR.                     NC-80-D-5
HOWARTH, MICAJAH                        NC-80-H-227
HOWE, MINNIE                            NC-80-14-58
HOWELL, FREEMAN RIX                     NC-80-5-5
HOWELL, JOSEPH                          NC-80-G-35
HOWELL, JULIA F.                        NC-80-7-506
HOYLE, M. N.                            NC-80-13-511
HUDGENS, WILLIAM                        NC-80-D-172
HUDSON, ALEXANDER SCHUPIN               NC-80-10-556
HUDSON, G. W.                           NC-80-7-404, 412
HUDSON, HENRY MACON                     NC-80-12-16
HUDSON, KATIE                           NC-80-13-168
HUFFINE, SAMUEL A.                      NC-80-10-159
HUGHES, J. L.                           NC-80-10-323
HUGHES, SARGENT                         NC-80-D-195
HUGHEY, HENRY                           NC-80-D-190
HUGHEY, JACOB                           NC-80-C-1
HUGHEY, ROBERT                          NC-80-E-102
HUGHEY, SAMUEL                          NC-80-H-623
HUGHEY, SAMUEL                          NC-80-D-168
HUGHS, TIMOTHY                          NC-80-C-3
HULL, MOSES                             NC-80-B-112
HULL, MOSES                             NC-80-E-101
HUMPHREYS, JOHANNA                      NC-80-A-212
HUNT, ANDREW                            NC-80-D-187
HUNT, DANIEL                            NC-80-E-115
HUNT, DAVID                             NC-80-G-342
HUNT, ENOCH                             NC-80-G-344
HUNT, GERSHOM                           NC-80-G-149
HUNT, JONATHAN                          NC-80-B-125
HUNT, RUFUS G.                          NC-80-12-216
HUNT, THOMAS                            NC-80-A-65
HUNTER, AGNES                           NC-80-A-69
HUNTER, CHARLES                         NC-80-G-8
HUNTER, HATTIE THOMPSON                 NC-80-15-95
HUNTER, JOHN                            NC-80-D-176
HUNTER, JOHN                            NC-80-E-118
HUPP, ROSA S.                           NC-80-12-295
HURLEY, ARTHUR ANTHONY                  NC-80-11-95
HURLEY, JAMES F.                        NC-80-10-233
HUSLEY, JOACHIM                         NC-80-A-254
HUTCHINS, CARRIE HORNE                  NC-80-15-83
HUTCHINS, R. W.                         NC-80-14-444
HYDE, BENJAMIN M.                       NC-80-K-379
HYDE, JAMES M.                          NC-80-K-379
HYDE, JANE C.                           NC-80-3-124
HYDE, LAVINA                            NC-80-2-193
HYDE, LYDIA                             NC-80-K-110
HYDE, LYDIA                             NC-80-H-486
HYDE, MARGARET                          NC-80-K-120
HYER, BRUDY                             NC-80-H-147
IDLE, BARNETT                           NC-80-C-145
IJAMES, ANNIE BOSCH                     NC-80-12-569
INGLISH, ALEXANDER                      NC-80-C-284
INNESS, WILLIAM                         NC-80-I-13
INNISS, PRISCILLA                       NC-80-K-269
IRVIN, ANDREW                           NC-80-F-40
IRVIN, JOHN                             NC-80-G-142
IRVIN, JOHN L.                          NC-80-12-473
IRVIN, JOSEPH                           NC-80-K-91
IRVIN, MARGARET                         NC-80-I-55
IRWIN, CHRISTOPHE                       NC-80-C-7
IRWIN, GEORGE                           NC-80-B-142
ISENHOUR, AMANDA                        NC-80-10-188
ISENHOUR, ELLA LOUISE                   NC-80-10-583
ISENHOUR, G. W.                         NC-80-11-177
ISENHOUR, JOHN ABLE                     NC-80-3-179
ISENHOUR, MARY C.                       NC-80-9-336
IVEY, HANNAH H.                         NC-80-15-61

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