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RABON, HATTIE C.                        NC-80-14-562
RAILEDGE, LULA E.                       NC-80-11-71
RAILSBACK, HENRY                        NC-80-G-405
RAMER, MARGARET                         NC-80-1-105
RAMER, MICHAEL                          NC-80-K-269
RAMSAY, BESSIE CRAIGE                   NC-80-14-177
RAMSAY, JAMES G.                        NC-80-3-559
RAMSAY, JAMES H.                        NC-80-9-279
RAMSAY, JOHN ERNEST                     NC-80-14-345
RAMSAY, KERR CRAIGE                     NC-80-12-588
RAMSAY, LYDIA C.                        NC-80-3-374
RAMSAY, SARAH JANE                      NC-80-3-127
RAMSEUR, CARL J.                        NC-80-14-256
RAMSEY, JIM FRANK                       NC-80-13-190
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          NC-80-C-162
RANDLE, MARY A.                         NC-80-3-30
RANDOLPH, EDWARD F.                     NC-80-H-386
RANEY, EDITH JONES                      NC-80-14-308
RANKIN, ALBERTINE                       NC-80-5-289
RANKIN, GEORGE                          NC-80-A-141
RANKIN, JOHN                            NC-80-K-265
RANKIN, O. T.                           NC-80-6-346
RANKIN, R. L.                           NC-80-11-25
RANKIN, SAMUEL D.                       NC-80-K-278
RARY, ARLINDA C.                        NC-80-14-216
RARY, L. M.                             NC-80-11-510
RATTES, GODFRIED                        NC-80-D-97
RAY, IDA J.                             NC-80-11-345
REAMER, DANIEL W.                       NC-80-K-347
REAVES, VILLA                           NC-80-6-49
REBELIN, JESSE                          NC-80-#1-273
RECTOR, PETER                           NC-80-H-140
REDMAN, M. C.                           NC-80-11-516
REDMOND, W. P.                          NC-80-11-45
REDWINE, J. D.                          NC-80-12-322
REDWINE, J. W.                          NC-80-13-421
REDWINE, JACOB                          NC-80-H-584
REED, ALEXANDER                         NC-80-A-243
REED, DAVID                             NC-80-I-161
REED, GEORGE                            NC-80-G-357
REED, GEORGE                            NC-80-B-154
REED, JOHN                              NC-80-G-32
REED, MAGGIE JOHNSON                    NC-80-14-181
REED, WILLIAM MONTELL                   NC-80-12-283
REEL, CATHARINE                         NC-80-H-179
REES, JACOB                             NC-80-A-142
REESE, DAVID                            NC-80-H-376
REESE, HARRIET ADELAIDE                 NC-80-12-261
REESE, MARCUS E.                        NC-80-#1-232
REEVES, A. M.                           NC-80-9-529
REEVES, D. W.                           NC-80-2-496
REEVES, DAVID WILLIAM                   NC-80-11-274
REEVES, HENRY                           NC-80-4-206
REEVES, MARY A.                         NC-80-3-574
REEVES, REBECCA                         NC-80-3-356
REEVES, SAMUEL                          NC-80-D-101
REEVES, SAMUEL SR.                      NC-80-#1-197
REID, ELI                               NC-80-10-398
REID, J. L.                             NC-80-8-530
REID, JAMES A.                          NC-80-6-518
REID, JAMES M.                          NC-80-#1-155
REID, OSCAR                             NC-80-13-209
REID, WILLIAM T.                        NC-80-11-304
REMPLE, J. W.                           NC-80-3-43
RENDLEMAN, JOHN L.                      NC-80-11-430
RENDLEMAN, L. T.                        NC-80-5-478
RENDLEMAN, LAURA C.                     NC-80-8-334
RENDLEMAN, MARGRET                      NC-80-G-408
RENEAR, SAMUEL                          NC-80-H-555
RENSHAW, ELIJAH                         NC-80-K-162
RENSHAW, MARGARET C.                    NC-80-3-130
RENSHAW, THOMAS                         NC-80-#1-116
RENSHAW, WILLIAM                        NC-80-H-173
REPULT, JOSHUA                          NC-80-I-200
RESHTER, HENRY                          NC-80-K-13
REX, COLUMBIA                           NC-80-14-146
REX, J. H.                              NC-80-10-250
REX, JANE                               NC-80-7-542
REYNOLDS, MARY E.                       NC-80-13-461
REYNOLDS, U. S.                         NC-80-11-542
RHODES, JACOB                           NC-80-B-8
RHYNE, C. A.                            NC-80-14-100
RIBELIN, NATHANIEL OSCAR SR             NC-80-12-568
RICE, CARLTON COSMO                     NC-80-11-503
RICE, CAROLINA V.                       NC-80-11-574
RICE, CATHEW                            NC-80-2-55
RICE, CATHEW ALBERT                     NC-80-4-389
RICE, EDMUND                            NC-80-2-476
RICE, ENOCH                             NC-80-G-521
RICE, FANNY                             NC-80-G-122
RICE, FRANCIS                           NC-80-G-332
RICE, JOHN                              NC-80-#1-474
RICE, JOHN Y.                           NC-80-2-202
RICE, LIZZIE                            NC-80-11-249
RICE, PHILLIP                           NC-80-I-252
RICE, W. G.                             NC-80-8-582
RICE, WILLIAM                           NC-80-G-116
RICE, WILLIAM                           NC-80-I-6
RICHARD, JACOB                          NC-80-D-94
RICHARDS, JOHN                          NC-80-K-83
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        NC-80-H-153
RICHARDSON, LAURA M.                    NC-80-13-97
RICHARDSON, SAAH                        NC-80-G-489
RICHARDSON, VICTORIA                    NC-80-8-476
RICHER, HENRY                           NC-80-D-112
RICHIE, JOHN                            NC-80-2-256
RICKARD, MINNIE                         NC-80-10-219
RICKERT, MICHAEL                        NC-80-H-186
RICKMAN, MORGAN M.                      NC-80-12-490
RIDCOUTTE, JAMES W.                     NC-80-14-289
RIDDLE, JOHN                            NC-80-H-365
RIDDLE, STEPHEN                         NC-80-F-69
RIDENOHOUR, L. C.                       NC-80-10-441
RIDENOUR, HATTIE                        NC-80-12-55
RIDER, ADAM                             NC-80-D-96
RIDINGS, JULIA M.                       NC-80-10-417
RIEL, WILLIAM B.                        NC-80-5-392
RIFF, FRED A.                           NC-80-7-488
RILEY, FRANCIS EDGAR                    NC-80-14-191
RILEY, J. ADDISON                       NC-80-8-78
RIMER, CATHERINE H.                     NC-80-7-365
RIMER, SAMUEL M.                        NC-80-K-316
RIMERS, FREDERICK M.                    NC-80-6-573
RINK, PHOEBE CAROLINE                   NC-80-9-567
RINTELMAN, JOHN                         NC-80-G-119
RISDON, SYDNEY                          NC-80-4-292
RITCHEY, JOHN R.                        NC-80-2-190
RITCHIE, C. E.                          NC-80-14-514
RITCHIE, CLARENCE JACKSON               NC-80-14-436
RITCHIE, GEORGE G.                      NC-80-7-107
RITCHIE, JACOB M.                       NC-80-2-386
RITCHIE, JAMES A.                       NC-80-9-351
RITCHIE, L. A.                          NC-80-13-579
RITCHIE, LAWSON ALEXANDER               NC-80-11-317
RITCHIE, MAMIE WALL                     NC-80-13-394
RITCHIE, MARGARET L.                    NC-80-8-465
RITCHIE, MC L. (MRS)                    NC-80-14-162
RITCHIE, MCL.                           NC-80-11-558
RITCHIE, ROBERT M.                      NC-80-10-485
RITZ, ANNA                              NC-80-6-146
RIX, M. L.                              NC-80-11-383
ROBERTS, C. A.                          NC-80-14-576
ROBERTS, J. M.                          NC-80-11-58
ROBERTS, MYRTLE                         NC-80-10-277
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                         NC-80-D-90
ROBERTS, STEPH                          NC-80-D-113
ROBERTSON, CHARLES A.                   NC-80-11-411
ROBERTSON, GEORGE                       NC-80-12-149
ROBERTSON, JAMES                        NC-80-H-139
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         NC-80-G-169
ROBERTSON, JULIA COX                    NC-80-15-7
ROBEY, ELEONER                          NC-80-A-233
ROBEY, NATHAN                           NC-80-C-93
ROBINSON, ALPHONSINE                    NC-80-11-346
ROBINSON, ANNIE                         NC-80-13-27
ROBINSON, J. T.                         NC-80-8-401
ROBINSON, JAMES F.                      NC-80-8-33
ROBINSON, JOHN FRANKLIN                 NC-80-10-100
ROBINSON, LIZZIE C.                     NC-80-10-449
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        NC-80-11-78
ROBISON, BENJAMIN                       NC-80-B-185
ROBISON, GEORGE                         NC-80-C-198
ROBISON, HENRY                          NC-80-K-140
ROBISON, HUGH                           NC-80-D-104
ROBISON, HUGH (MISSING 1 PAGE)          NC-80-I-215
ROBISON, JAMES K.                       NC-80-K-330
ROBISON, MARGERY                        NC-80-K-61
ROBISON, RICHARD                        NC-80-D-91
ROBISON, WILLIAM                        NC-80-A-143
ROBLEY, MARTIN                          NC-80-C-57
ROBLY, SUSANNAH                         NC-80-K-71
ROBY, NATHAN                            NC-80-C-93
ROBY, THOMAS                            NC-80-A-179
RODESMITH, PAUL                         NC-80-G-380
RODGERS, G. A.                          NC-80-14-117
RODGERS, J. P. (REV.)                   NC-80-7-156
RODGERS, LOTTIE BURRAGE                 NC-80-14-107
RODGERS, MARTIN L.                      NC-80-10-533
RODGERS, ZACARIAH                       NC-80-I-5
ROGERS, JOHN L.                         NC-80-14-15
ROLLEY, JOHN                            NC-80-H-247
ROSE, ALLEN                             NC-80-2-130
ROSE, GEORGE                            NC-80-12-524
ROSE, GEORGE                            NC-80-10-149
ROSE, LOU WELLMAN                       NC-80-14-333
ROSE, MARY LOUISA                       NC-80-9-161
ROSE, SARAH E.                          NC-80-7-66
ROSE, WILLIAM                           NC-80-K-266
ROSEBRA, R. M.                          NC-80-9-445
ROSEBROUGH, D. B.                       NC-80-9-31
ROSEBROUGH, ELIZABETH M.                NC-80-10-192
ROSEBROUGH, JAMES                       NC-80-D-103
ROSEBROUGH, JOHN                        NC-80-A-253
ROSEBROUGH, JOHN                        NC-80-H-10
ROSEBROUGH, MARGRET                     NC-80-C-112
ROSEBROUGH, SAMUEL                      NC-80-H-128
ROSEBROUGH, SAMUEL                      NC-80-A-206
ROSEMAN, DAVID                          NC-80-2-533
ROSEMAN, GEORGE SR.                     NC-80-H-528
ROSEMAN, JANE EDDLEMAN                  NC-80-12-144
ROSEMAN, JOHN                           NC-80-I-164
ROSEMAN, M. T.                          NC-80-9-334
ROSEMAN, MILO A. J.                     NC-80-14-171
ROSEMAN, MILO A. J.                     NC-80-13-290
ROSEMAN, PETER                          NC-80-G-478
ROSEMAN, SARAH C.                       NC-80-14-273
ROSEMAN, T. A.                          NC-80-6-112
ROSEMAN, T. D.                          NC-80-3-308
ROSENBLATT, HELENE                      NC-80-7-73
ROSS, BEN C. SR.                        NC-80-12-266
ROSS, D. S.                             NC-80-7-587
ROSS, JOHN                              NC-80-G-530
ROSS, JOHN                              NC-80-H-35
ROSS, T. E.                             NC-80-10-548
ROTHERA, DAVID                          NC-80-A-139
ROTHROCK, JOAN L.                       NC-80-10-209
ROTHROCK, SAMUEL                        NC-80-3-70
ROUECHE, CORA M.                        NC-80-9-461
ROUECHE, FANNY R.                       NC-80-12-84
ROUECHE, JOSEPH X.                      NC-80-6-12
ROUECHE, PETER D.                       NC-80-8-417
ROUSE, TEMPIE ELIZABETH                 NC-80-7-242
ROUZER, EDNA MCCUBBINS                  NC-80-13-68
ROUZER, H. A.                           NC-80-11-232
ROWE, DOROTHY H.                        NC-80-11-303
ROZZELLE, LETTIE LOUISE                 NC-80-9-203
RUFFIN, MARY MARIA                      NC-80-8-563
RUFTY, EDWARD                           NC-80-#1-438
RUFTY, HENRY E.                         NC-80-11-485
RUFTY, JAMES R.                         NC-80-5-168
RUFTY, M. B. (MRS)                      NC-80-11-103
RUFTY, M. L.                            NC-80-14-321
RUMBLY, EDGAR                           NC-80-D-110
RUMPLE, A. C.                           NC-80-12-337
RUMPLE, JANE E.                         NC-80-3-539
RUMPLE, JETHRO (REV.)                   NC-80-4-280
RUMPLE, PETER A.                        NC-80-K-326
RUSAT, MARY                             NC-80-D-100
RUSBER, JOHN CALVIN                     NC-80-9-37
RUSHER, EMILY E.                        NC-80-8-543
RUSHER, GEORGE E. SR.                   NC-80-14-83
RUSSELL, JENNIE L.                      NC-80-12-310
RUSSELL, MARTHA                         NC-80-9-430
RUSSELL, WILLIAM TAYLOR                 NC-80-11-122
RUSTY, MARY JANE                        NC-80-6-474
RUTH, JENNIE P.                         NC-80-13-544
RUTH, WILLIAM MONROE                    NC-80-12-418
RUTLEDGE, ABEL                          NC-80-G-415
RUTLEDGE, JOHN                          NC-80-D-99
RUTLEDGE, VICTORIA MCNEELY              NC-80-10-185
RUTLIDGE, JOHN                          NC-80-A-196
RYBURN, SUE OWEN                        NC-80-14-586
RYBURN, WILLIAM D. SR.                  NC-80-12-308
RYLEY, JOHN                             NC-80-C-162
RYMER, JOHN P.                          NC-80-3-162
RYMER, KATHARINE                        NC-80-H-582
RYMER, SOPHIE M.                        NC-80-8-327
SAFLEY, J. O.                           NC-80-12-412
SAFRET, CHARLES                         NC-80-K-7
SAFRIET, EMMA L.                        NC-80-14-214
SAFRIET, JENNIE ROSEMAN                 NC-80-14-272
SAFRIT, FRANKLIN K.                     NC-80-14-589
SAFRIT, JAMES L.                        NC-80-12-582
SAFRIT, LILLIE W.                       NC-80-13-60
SAFRIT, LUTHER M.                       NC-80-12-345
SAFRIT, MANULIUS                        NC-80-9-129
SAFRIT, NEDA B.                         NC-80-14-506
SAFRIT, RHODA K.                        NC-80-12-117
SAFRIT, RUFUS A.                        NC-80-5-1
SAIN, GEORGE                            NC-80-H-619
SAIN, JOSEPH                            NC-80-H-260
SAIN, NANNIE S.                         NC-80-14-217
SALEEBY, ASSAD J.                       NC-80-15-28
SALEEBY, CORINNE H.                     NC-80-14-393
SALEEBY, RAJI N.                        NC-80-14-56
SALL, JACOB                             NC-80-G-91
SALT, ANTHONY                           NC-80-B-109
SANDERS, RACHEL                         NC-80-H-215
SANDERS, ROBERT                         NC-80-G-14
SAUNDERS, LOLA CARTER                   NC-80-12-272
SCALES, MINNIE L.                       NC-80-6-466
SCHAEFER, JOHN                          NC-80-G-18
SCHENCK, A. G. (MRS)                    NC-80-11-337
SCHENCK, AUGUST G.                      NC-80-10-426
SCHENCK, MARY A.                        NC-80-6-423
SCHOAF, HENRY                           NC-80-G-25
SCHOOLS, ALEXANDER                      NC-80-H-264
SCHORR, JOHANNES                        NC-80-A-153
SCHORR, JOHANNES                        NC-80-D-80
SCHRIERMANN, ELIZABETH                  NC-80-D-84
SCOTT, CALLIE FOARD                     NC-80-13-71
SCOTT, GEORGEANNA KNIGHT                NC-80-13-33
SCOTT, HENRY RUFUS                      NC-80-11-201
SCOTT, JAMES P.                         NC-80-8-599
SCOTT, JOHN                             NC-80-A-147
SCOTT, MAGGIE W.                        NC-80-13-546
SCUDDER, MATTHIAS                       NC-80-D-20
SCULLY, NELLIE                          NC-80-15-57
SCULLY, RICHARD V.                      NC-80-12-391
SEAFORD, JOHN                           NC-80-K-346
SEAFORD, SAMUEL                         NC-80-#1-384
SEAFORD, W. F.                          NC-80-13-578
SEAMON, G. W.                           NC-80-6-567
SEAMON, HARRIET N.                      NC-80-2-479
SEAMON, T. R.                           NC-80-11-290
SEAY, THOMAS WALLER SR.                 NC-80-14-357
SECHLER, A. D.                          NC-80-10-309
SECHLER, ABRAHAM                        NC-80-2-22
SECHLER, BENJAMIN                       NC-80-K-190
SECHLER, BETTIE L.                      NC-80-10-301
SECHLER, C. C.                          NC-80-11-158
SECHLER, CATHERINE                      NC-80-3-341
SECHLER, DELILAH M.                     NC-80-10-18
SECHLER, G. A. J.                       NC-80-3-270
SECHLER, H. S.                          NC-80-10-452
SECHLER, JESSE                          NC-80-2-115
SECHLER, JOHN F.                        NC-80-K-303
SECHLER, RUDOLPH                        NC-80-I-108
SECHLER, RUDOLPH S. W.                  NC-80-3-102
SECHLER, SARAH E.                       NC-80-6-509
SECHLER, W. L.                          NC-80-11-100
SECHLER, WILLIAM A.                     NC-80-3-399
SECHLR, FLORA C.                        NC-80-7-458
SECKLER, SOLOMON                        NC-80-K-264
SEIFFERT, GEORG LUDWIG                  NC-80-D-85
SELZER, JACOB                           NC-80-3-64
SELZER, MARY ANN                        NC-80-3-475
SETZER, CALEB                           NC-80-#1-269
SETZER, F. A.                           NC-80-6-182
SEYMOUR, MARY F.                        NC-80-10-26
SHAFER, CORA LUCILLE                    NC-80-10-196
SHANK, JOSEPH A.                        NC-80-4-114
SHARPE, LACY M.                         NC-80-15-45
SHARPE, T. E.                           NC-80-10-436
SHARPE, WALTER                          NC-80-B-168
SHAVER, ABRAHAM                         NC-80-#1-235
SHAVER, ANN                             NC-80-L-22
SHAVER, ANN                             NC-80-L-22
SHAVER, CALEB                           NC-80-L-27
SHAVER, CALEB                           NC-80-L-27
SHAVER, CATHERINE L.                    NC-80-6-158
SHAVER, DANIEL                          NC-80-#1-16
SHAVER, EDWIN                           NC-80-5-19
SHAVER, G. H.                           NC-80-10-328
SHAVER, JOHN                            NC-80-I-238
SHAVER, JOHN B.                         NC-80-10-419
SHAVER, JOHN J.                         NC-80-#1-188
SHAVER, MARGARET ELIZABETH              NC-80-#1-505
SHAVER, MARGARET V.                     NC-80-6-274
SHAVER, ROBERT L.                       NC-80-6-102
SHAVER, THOMAS R.                       NC-80-14-71
SHAW, B. S.                             NC-80-11-29
SHAW, J. C.                             NC-80-8-365
SHAW, J. V.                             NC-80-14-535
SHAW, LILLE S.                          NC-80-14-554
SHAW, R. L.                             NC-80-13-558
SHAW, SALLIE D.                         NC-80-12-15
SHEETS, JACOB                           NC-80-G-528
SHEETS, JOHN                            NC-80-G-159
SHELLY, JOSEPH SR.                      NC-80-C-110
SHELTON, MARGARET L.                    NC-80-6-252
SHELTON, RACHEL CHARITY                 NC-80-12-253
SHEMWELL, ANN                           NC-80-4-132
SHENEMAN, JOSEPH FORREST                NC-80-14-570
SHERER, AMELIA J.                       NC-80-3-147
SHERMAN, ANNIE E.                       NC-80-10-11
SHERMAN, MARY E.                        NC-80-4-452
SHERRILL, A. E.                         NC-80-3-353
SHERRILL, ALVA R.                       NC-80-11-87
SHERRILL, BOYDEN                        NC-80-7-539
SHERRILL, JOHN C.                       NC-80-12-190
SHIELDS, ANDREW                         NC-80-D-47
SHIELDS, ANNIE TILLINGHAST              NC-80-12-145
SHINN, MARY A.                          NC-80-8-226
SHINN, SAMUEL                           NC-80-A-144
SHIPP, GEORGE                           NC-80-12-87
SHIPTON, C. S.                          NC-80-13-228
SHIREMAN, GEORGE                        NC-80-D-52
SHIREY, LUTHER S.                       NC-80-6-499
SHIVE, JACOB A.                         NC-80-7-501
SHIVES, CALVIN L.                       NC-80-14-205
SHIVES, IDA R.                          NC-80-13-569
SHIVES, WILLIAM HARRISON                NC-80-11-124
SHOAF, ALSTON                           NC-80-13-118
SHOAF, BESSIE M.                        NC-80-11-461
SHOAF, C. L.                            NC-80-6-95
SHOAF, HENRY L.                         NC-80-K-217
SHOAF, J. W.                            NC-80-10-539
SHOAF, N. L.                            NC-80-14-463
SHOAF, ROMULAS A.                       NC-80-5-459
SHOAF, VARNER ODELL                     NC-80-12-105
SHOD, JACOB                             NC-80-3-228
SHOE, F. P.                             NC-80-10-265
SHOE, G. L.                             NC-80-13-338
SHOE, LEVI                              NC-80-12-171
SHOFE, HENERY                           NC-80-B-175
SHUFORD, DANIEL                         NC-80-I-53
SHUFORD, SOPHIA                         NC-80-L-15
SHUFORD, SOPHIA                         NC-80-L-15
SHULABARGER, DAVID                      NC-80-I-41
SHULENBERGER, J. LEE                    NC-80-6-303
SHULIBERINGER, JACOB                    NC-80-#1-463
SHUMAN, CHRISTIAN                       NC-80-G-26
SHUMAN, JOHN                            NC-80-#1-213
SHUPING, HENRY W.                       NC-80-5-154
SHUPING, JACOB                          NC-80-K-244
SHUPING, MICHAEL                        NC-80-K-142
SHUPING, MICHAEL                        NC-80-#1-223
SHUPING, MICHEL                         NC-80-2-505
SHUPING, W. A.                          NC-80-10-224
SHUPING, WILEY M.                       NC-80-K-357
SHUPING, WILLIAM A.                     NC-80-3-382
SIBLEY, DORA L.                         NC-80-9-439
SIBRE, CHRISTOPHER                      NC-80-C-92
SICELOFF, J. A. SR.                     NC-80-9-210
SICKLER, HENRY                          NC-80-#1-308
SIDDEN, GEORGE                          NC-80-H-174
SIDES, CHARLES ALEXANDER                NC-80-9-261
SIDES, FRED A.                          NC-80-14-507
SIDES, HAROLD QUENTON                   NC-80-11-448
SIDES, J. C.                            NC-80-10-526
SIDES, JOHN                             NC-80-3-211
SIDES, JULIAN H.                        NC-80-14-502
SIFFARD, CHRISTINA                      NC-80-K-277
SIFFERD, W. C.                          NC-80-11-463
SIFFORD, D. A.                          NC-80-6-450
SIFFORD, GEORGE                         NC-80-G-294
SIFFORD, JOHN CRAIG                     NC-80-14-441
SIFFORD, LUNDA                          NC-80-8-163
SIFFORD, PAUL A.                        NC-80-3-14
SIGLER, JACOB                           NC-80-G-475
SIGMAN, FREDERICK G. (DR)               NC-80-12-24
SIGMON, ELLENORA F.                     NC-80-6-96
SIGMON, PAUL CROMER                     NC-80-9-491
SIKES, R. T.                            NC-80-9-539
SILL, EDWARD                            NC-80-K-215
SILVER, LEVI                            NC-80-D-34
SIMERSON, C. B.                         NC-80-13-176
SIMERSON, SARAH E.                      NC-80-13-176
SIMINTON, MAREY                         NC-80-A-146
SIMMONS, GEORGE                         NC-80-14-3
SIMONS, JOHN                            NC-80-D-59
SIMONS, JOHN T.                         NC-80-13-159
SIMONTON, THEOPHILUS                    NC-80-A-157
SIMPSON, HENRY T.                       NC-80-12-343
SIMPSON, JAMES FLOYD                    NC-80-15-104
SIMPSON, PAUL A.                        NC-80-10-314
SINGLE, JACOB                           NC-80-2-4
SINK, HATTIE M.                         NC-80-14-454
SINK, MARY J.                           NC-80-14-524
SITZER, JULIUS A.                       NC-80-4-224
SKENDRICK, MARGARET                     NC-80-C-6
SKILES, JOHN                            NC-80-G-231
SKILES, MARY                            NC-80-G-393
SLADE, FELIX                            NC-80-15-92
SLATE, WESLEY C.                        NC-80-12-29
SLAVENS, SAMUEL                         NC-80-B-140
SLOAN, ANNIE H.                         NC-80-12-164
SLOAN, ARCHIBALD SR.                    NC-80-C-70
SLOAN, J. W.                            NC-80-10-143
SLOAN, JAMES                            NC-80-K-16
SLOAN, JOHN                             NC-80-D-78
SLOAN, JOHN                             NC-80-C-212
SLOAN, LAURA MAYE                       NC-80-13-343
SLOAN, NANNIE L.                        NC-80-3-498
SLOAN, SARAH E.                         NC-80-K-386
SLOAN, WILLIAM L.                       NC-80-3-266
SLOOP, ABRAHAM                          NC-80-3-166
SLOOP, C. A.                            NC-80-9-182
SLOOP, C. L.                            NC-80-10-508
SLOOP, CATHARINE                        NC-80-L-19
SLOOP, CATHARINE                        NC-80-L-19
SLOOP, CONRAD                           NC-80-H-429
SLOOP, ERNEST L.                        NC-80-11-166
SLOOP, JACOB ALLEN                      NC-80-8-508
SLOOP, JOHN                             NC-80-2-547
SLOOP, JOHN ALISON                      NC-80-14-137
SLOOP, LEON E.                          NC-80-9-318
SLOOP, M. LUTHER                        NC-80-4-145
SLOOP, MARGARET L.                      NC-80-13-110
SLOOP, S. M.                            NC-80-10-16
SLOOP, SAMUEL E.                        NC-80-12-411
SLOOP, W. A. K.                         NC-80-9-519
SLOOPE, ANNA LIPE                       NC-80-10-44
SLOOPE, LEON E.                         NC-80-11-112
SLOUGH, G. A.                           NC-80-9-435
SLUDER, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-G-527
SMART, MARY                             NC-80-G-416
SMART, THOMAS                           NC-80-D-71
SMATHER, WILLIAM                        NC-80-H-218
SMITH, ALEXANDER F.                     NC-80-H-509
SMITH, AMBROSE                          NC-80-9-503
SMITH, ANDREW                           NC-80-A-204
SMITH, ANNIE MAE                        NC-80-12-558
SMITH, ARTHUR                           NC-80-11-416
SMITH, B. A. L. (MRS)                   NC-80-12-508
SMITH, C. T.                            NC-80-11-33
SMITH, CASPER                           NC-80-D-60
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NC-80-K-273
SMITH, CELESTE HENKEL                   NC-80-11-288
SMITH, CLARE                            NC-80-D-42
SMITH, CLEO PEELER                      NC-80-14-349
SMITH, DANIEL                           NC-80-D-54
SMITH, DANIEL JESSE                     NC-80-10-457
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-K-151
SMITH, ELIZABETH DAVIS                  NC-80-12-514
SMITH, ELLA PRICE                       NC-80-8-523
SMITH, F. F.                            NC-80-6-58
SMITH, GASPER                           NC-80-B-59
SMITH, GASPER                           NC-80-H-637
SMITH, GEORGE                           NC-80-G-338
SMITH, GEORGE                           NC-80-G-518
SMITH, GEORGE                           NC-80-K-377
SMITH, GEORGE F.                        NC-80-#1-285
SMITH, GEORGE L.                        NC-80-I-207
SMITH, H. C.                            NC-80-5-121
SMITH, HENRY                            NC-80-10-459
SMITH, HERCULES                         NC-80-11-476
SMITH, IRENE C.                         NC-80-13-123
SMITH, J. ED SR.                        NC-80-11-517
SMITH, J. LEWIS                         NC-80-11-315
SMITH, JACOB G.                         NC-80-K-204
SMITH, JAMES                            NC-80-H-352
SMITH, JAMES                            NC-80-I-216
SMITH, JAMES                            NC-80-A-215
SMITH, JAMES ELBERT                     NC-80-13-286
SMITH, JAMES S.                         NC-80-12-467
SMITH, JOANNAH                          NC-80-H-407
SMITH, JOHN                             NC-80-D-62
SMITH, JOHN                             NC-80-K-177
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NC-80-D-22
SMITH, JULIA ESTES LONG                 NC-80-2-122
SMITH, L. L.                            NC-80-15- 25
SMITH, LEONARD                          NC-80-G-531
SMITH, LOUETTER                         NC-80-11-305
SMITH, LUCY A.                          NC-80-12-284
SMITH, MARY JANE                        NC-80-12-348
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NC-80-A-241
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NC-80-C-24
SMITH, NANCY                            NC-80-2-348
SMITH, NATHAN                           NC-80-D-37
SMITH, OBADIAH M.                       NC-80-I-202
SMITH, OBEDIAH                          NC-80-10-58
SMITH, OSCAR B.                         NC-80-8-101
SMITH, R. E.                            NC-80-6-224
SMITH, RICHARD                          NC-80-I-110
SMITH, RICHARD                          NC-80-D-55
SMITH, ROBBIE KYLE                      NC-80-14-338
SMITH, ROBERT                           NC-80-C-173
SMITH, ROBERT H.                        NC-80-#1-78
SMITH, ROLFE F.                         NC-80-12-285
SMITH, RUFUS                            NC-80-10-370
SMITH, S. M. (MRS)                      NC-80-12-499
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NC-80-H-481
SMITH, SAMUEL MOSES                     NC-80-11-133
SMITH, SARAH E.                         NC-80-8-455
SMITH, SARAH JANE                       NC-80-10-76
SMITH, SARY                             NC-80-I-242
SMITH, SUE COLE                         NC-80-5-580
SMITH, TENA ANN                         NC-80-4-96
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NC-80-D-69
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NC-80-K-129
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NC-80-2-81
SMITH, WILLIAM SR.                      NC-80-H-673
SMITHSEAL, JOSEPH                       NC-80-K-288
SMOOK, WILLIAM                          NC-80-G-368
SMOOT, A. L.                            NC-80-10-288
SMOOT, ALEXANDER                        NC-80-H-335
SMOOT, JOHN EMILY                       NC-80-14-238
SMOOT, MINNIE WATSON                    NC-80-11-466
SMOOT, NEELY THOMAS                     NC-80-14-189
SMOOT, THOMAS                           NC-80-H-488
SMOOT, W. B.                            NC-80-5-258
SMYTHE, JAMES C.                        NC-80-L-16
SMYTHE, JAMES C.                        NC-80-L-16
SNAP, LAWRENCE                          NC-80-A-154
SNIDER, ARNOLD H. SR.                   NC-80-10-167
SNIDER, JENNIE A.                       NC-80-7-521
SNIDER, JOHN MARTIN                     NC-80-D-49
SNIDER, W. F.                           NC-80-7-256
SNODDY, JOHN                            NC-80-A-199
SNOW, MARY JACKSON                      NC-80-13-468
SNUGGS, J. E.                           NC-80-5-230
SNYDER, TEMPLE A.                       NC-80-14-244
SOCKLER, BARBARY                        NC-80-I-233
SOLOMON, CORA M.                        NC-80-3-478
SOMERS, CHARLES WOOD                    NC-80-9-316
SOMERVILLE, MARY E. HOWELL              NC-80-10-361
SOUTHARD, S. C.                         NC-80-11-359
SOUTHERLAND, E. F.                      NC-80-10-573
SOWER, PETER                            NC-80-D-41
SOWER, PHILIP                           NC-80-B-164
SOWERS, B. C.                           NC-80-13-202
SOWERS, LEO SR.                         NC-80-13-300
SOWERS, PHILLIP                         NC-80-6-168
SOWERS, SARAH F.                        NC-80-6-6
SOWERS, TRIPHENIA                       NC-80-11-262
SOWES, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-I-205
SPACK, ADAM SR.                         NC-80-D-29
SPAKE, W. A.                            NC-80-13-481
SPARGER, ANNIE MAE                      NC-80-11-107
SPARGER, J. G.                          NC-80-10-366
SPARGER, W. M.                          NC-80-11-77
SPARKER, GEORGE                         NC-80-G-519
SPARKS, JONAS                           NC-80-D-51
SPAUGH, ADAM                            NC-80-G-441
SPECES, LAURA E.                        NC-80-9-68
SPENCER, JESSE                          NC-80-H-339
SPRINGS, F. P. (COLORED)                NC-80-5-362
STAFFORD, WILLIAM M.                    NC-80-12-346
STAGNOR, JOHN BARNET                    NC-80-A-248
STALEY, RICHARD LEE                     NC-80-11-234
STALLINGS, JOHN N. (MRS)                NC-80-13-165
STALLINGS, MARY ELIZABETH               NC-80-4-486
STALLINGS, WILLIAM D.                   NC-80-14-332
STANDARD, HANNAH                        NC-80-6-78
STANLEY, JOSEPH                         NC-80-D-39
STARKS, CLARENCE                        NC-80-11-351
STARNES, W. L.                          NC-80-11-308
STEART, R. C.                           NC-80-9-71
STEEL, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-B-188
STEEL, JOHN                             NC-80-I-7
STEEL, MATTHEW LOCKE                    NC-80-K-22
STEEL, ROBERT                           NC-80-B-14
STEEL, WILLIAM                          NC-80-A-169
STEELE, EDWARD                          NC-80-11-222
STEELE, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-#1-578
STEELE, JAMES F.                        NC-80-11-432
STEELE, JOHN                            NC-80-G-376
STEELE, NATHAN SMOOT                    NC-80-12-435
STEELE, SARAH ISRAEL                    NC-80-12-167
STEELE, V. E.                           NC-80-12-420
STEELE, W. L.                           NC-80-11-38
STEELE, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-422
STEELMAN, WILLIAM                       NC-80-H-675
STEEN, KATHLEEN HELMS                   NC-80-15-30
STEPHEN, WILLIAM                        NC-80-D-43
STEVENSON, C. E.                        NC-80-10-340
STEVENSON, SIMS G.                      NC-80-13-52
STEWARD, JAMES                          NC-80-H-208
STEWART, BEN D. (COLORED)               NC-80-5-527
STEWART, CLARA L.                       NC-80-9-65
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      NC-80-D-65
STEWART, FANNIE F.                      NC-80-11-226
STEWART, HATTIE                         NC-80-14-406
STEWART, JAMES                          NC-80-C-204
STEWART, JOHN                           NC-80-H-558
STEWART, JOHN T.                        NC-80-#1-193
STEWART, MAURICE DEWITT                 NC-80-13-441
STEWART, SAMUEL                         NC-80-A-152
STICKLEY, V. R.                         NC-80-7-42
STIGERWALT, JOHANNES                    NC-80-D-56
STIGERWALT, PETER                       NC-80-D-25
STIKELEATHER, GEORGE                    NC-80-H-290
STILL, CURTIS WILLIAM                   NC-80-14-159
STILLWELL, THOMAS                       NC-80-A-184
STIREWALT, ALLISON                      NC-80-K-376
STIREWALT, CALEB                        NC-80-2-211
STIREWALT, CHARLES                      NC-80-H-681
STIREWALT, DANIEL                       NC-80-#1-18
STIREWALT, FREDERICK                    NC-80-2-380
STIREWALT, G. C.                        NC-80-10-500
STIREWALT, H. A. (DR.)                  NC-80-14-219
STIREWALT, HENRY                        NC-80-K-292
STIREWALT, JOHN A.                      NC-80-8-566
STIREWALT, JOHN N.                      NC-80-H-705
STIREWALT, JOSEPHINE                    NC-80-8-175
STIREWALT, M. W. J.                     NC-80-11-328
STIREWALT, MICHAEL SR.                  NC-80-H-597
STIREWALT, O. K.                        NC-80-15-128
STIREWALT, PAUL M.                      NC-80-5-456
STIREWALT, ROBERT PIERCE                NC-80-8-574
STIREWALT, ROSA E.                      NC-80-14-122
STIRRETT, CHESTER S.                    NC-80-12-280
STITLER, PETER                          NC-80-H-604
STOEHR, CASPER                          NC-80-G-311
STOKES, CHRISTOPHER                     NC-80-H-182
STOKES, ELISABETH                       NC-80-B-173
STOKES, JAMES ERNEST                    NC-80-10-317
STOKES, WILLIAM                         NC-80-K-331
STOKINGER, LEWIS                        NC-80-G-6
STONER, BARBARA                         NC-80-K-114
STONER, JOHN M.                         NC-80-#1-304
STONER, JOHNATHAN                       NC-80-#1-485
STONER, LOCKE                           NC-80-13-116
STONER, M. L.                           NC-80-13-446
STONER, PETER                           NC-80-K-16
STONER, PETER                           NC-80-K-18
STONER, REGINA                          NC-80-12-44
STONER, WILL                            NC-80-12-152
STONY, JAMES                            NC-80-A-148
STOREWALT, JOHN                         NC-80-H-438
STORK, CHARLES AUGUSTUS                 NC-80-H-507
STOUDEMIRE, PALMER                      NC-80-8-527
STOUT, HENRY CLYDE                      NC-80-14-170
STRAK, ADAM                             NC-80-H-110
STRANGE, JOHN                           NC-80-B-2
STRICKLAND, ADELAIDE C.                 NC-80-13-318
STROGSTILL, THOMAS                      NC-80-D-68
STUART, S. E. (MRS)                     NC-80-9-373
STUART, WILLIAM                         NC-80-C-186
STUTTS, W. L.                           NC-80-10-478
STUTTZ, MATTIE J.                       NC-80-15-104
SULLIVAN, J. C.                         NC-80-9-89
SUMMERS, J. A.                          NC-80-10-207
SUMMERS, JOHN                           NC-80-H-254
SUMMERS, MINNIE C.                      NC-80-10-412
SUMMERS, REBECCA C.                     NC-80-7-450
SUMMEY, JOHN A. (REV.)                  NC-80-11-366
SUMNER, B. E.                           NC-80-10-337
SUMNER, BENJAMIN                        NC-80-L-34
SUMNER, BENJAMIN                        NC-80-L-34
SUMNER, LAURA                           NC-80-7-210
SUMNER, SOPHIE                          NC-80-5-174
SUMNER, THOMAS J.                       NC-80-2-436
SUMY, ELIZABETH                         NC-80-D-36
SUMY, PETER                             NC-80-D-36
SUREE, SIMEON                           NC-80-D-77
SURRATT, A. L.                          NC-80-11-243
SURRATT, A. N.                          NC-80-7-222
SUTHER, FOIL E.                         NC-80-12-160
SUTHER, WILLIAM JOSEPH                  NC-80-11-374
SUTHER,JAMES L                          NC-80-14-405
SUTTON, MAUDE MINNISH                   NC-80-10-269
SWAIN, J. H.                            NC-80-10-7
SWAM, THOMAS                            NC-80-D-27
SWANN, THOMAS                           NC-80-G-176
SWARINGEN, DEWITT C.                    NC-80-12-30
SWARINGEN, K. ETHEL                     NC-80-12-71
SWEAT, HOWARD ROBERT SR.                NC-80-14-253
SWEENEY, E. C.                          NC-80-10-480
SWEENEY, W. H.                          NC-80-10-474
SWEET, W. S.                            NC-80-10-543
SWICEGOOD, FANNIE E.                    NC-80-6-262
SWICEGOOD, GEORGE W.                    NC-80-13-7
SWICEGOOD, JOHN ADAM                    NC-80-8-227
SWICEGOOD, L. A.                        NC-80-11-254
SWICEGOOD, PEACHYE A.                   NC-80-14-31
SWICEGOOD, THOMAS L.                    NC-80-13-489
SWINK, EDWARD                           NC-80-7-454
SWINK, EMMA JANE ROBISON                NC-80-10-51
SWINK, EVERETT B.                       NC-80-14-433
SWINK, GEORGE                           NC-80-G-437
SWINK, GEORGE                           NC-80-L-12
SWINK, GEORGE                           NC-80-L-12
SWINK, HENRY J.                         NC-80-#1-324
SWINK, LEMUEL                           NC-80-L-23
SWINK, LEMUEL                           NC-80-L-23
SWINK, T. L.                            NC-80-9-5
SWINK, W. J.                            NC-80-10-564
SWITS, KATHERINE                        NC-80-H-545
SWITZ, GEORE                            NC-80-H-495
SYBERY, CHRIST                          NC-80-C-92
TAGERT, S. M.                           NC-80-15-73
TALBERT, DELLA                          NC-80-5-272
TALBERT, W. D. (MRS)                    NC-80-13-404
TALBERT, WESLEY                         NC-80-#1-540
TANNER, MARGARET                        NC-80-K-76
TAPLEY, RACHAEL                         NC-80-K-271
TARLTON, FANNIE J.                      NC-80-13-144
TARRH, F. M.                            NC-80-10-400
TARRH, JOHN MURDOCK                     NC-80-14-449
TARRH, MARTH AJANE                      NC-80-10-400
TATE, ROBERT                            NC-80-B-93
TATUM, JOHN CLAUD                       NC-80-13-563
TATUM, WALTER L.                        NC-80-11-525
TAYLOR, BIRDIE                          NC-80-14-69
TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE                       NC-80-5-558
TAYLOR, JONAH Z.                        NC-80-5-412
TAYLOR, MARCY                           NC-80-H-30
TAYLOR, NANCY                           NC-80-H-553
TAYLOR, S. A. (REV.)                    NC-80-13-174
TAYLOR, SALLIE M.                       NC-80-10-352
TAYLOR, T. C.                           NC-80-7-569
TEAGUE, DAISYBEL PHILLIPS               NC-80-13-194
TEAGUE, MOSES                           NC-80-E-72
TEASTER, DAVID                          NC-80-K-269
TESH, HENRY                             NC-80-E-8
TESPERMAN, JOHN                         NC-80-#1-70
THOM, . BETTIE                          NC-80-10-347
THOM, JOHN A.                           NC-80-10-346
THOMAS, ANN                             NC-80-A-158
THOMAS, D. R.                           NC-80-11-228
THOMAS, G. C.                           NC-80-10-416
THOMAS, IDA                             NC-80-13-450
THOMAS, JACOB                           NC-80-B-148
THOMAS, JESSE                           NC-80-G-392
THOMAS, NOEL MARTIN                     NC-80-14-262
THOMASON, JACOB A.                      NC-80-10-60
THOMASON, JAMES                         NC-80-K-246
THOMASON, KATE                          NC-80-4-328
THOMASON, MARY E.                       NC-80-4-217
THOMASON, PEARL B.                      NC-80-12-497
THOMASON, RICHARD                       NC-80-H-288
THOMASON, RICHARD L.                    NC-80-13-437
THOMASON, TURNER P.                     NC-80-3-305
THOMASON, W. T.                         NC-80-3-484
THOMASON, WILLIAM                       NC-80-K-72
THOMPSON, CORA OVERCASH                 NC-80-15-126
THOMPSON, D. H.                         NC-80-10-285
THOMPSON, F. M.                         NC-80-7-230
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        NC-80-C-49
THOMPSON, GEORGE L.                     NC-80-12-402
THOMPSON, J. W.                         NC-80-12-147
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NC-80-G-331
THOMPSON, JAMES CICERO                  NC-80-11-248
THOMPSON, JOHN W.                       NC-80-11-535
THOMPSON, NATHAN J.                     NC-80-8-93
THOMPSON, P. J.                         NC-80-7-430
THOMPSON, PRUDENCE                      NC-80-K-105
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        NC-80-E-34
THOMPSON, W. F.                         NC-80-14-364
THOMPSON, W. H.                         NC-80-14-481
THOMPSON, WALTER B.                     NC-80-10-248
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NC-80-I-148
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NC-80-G-151
THOMSON, JOHN                           NC-80-A-159
THOMSON, MOSES                          NC-80-E-31
THORNBURG, THOMAS BENJAMIN              NC-80-14-278
THUFORD, ALPHONZO F.                    NC-80-K-313
THUMAN, JOHN                            NC-80-H-48
TIERNAN, FRANCES CHRISTINE              NC-80-6-495
TIERNAN, JAMES ROBERT WOOD              NC-80-12-536
TIERNAN, JAMES W.                       NC-80-3-221
TILLINGHAST, T. A.                      NC-80-8-206
TINKENS, HUGH                           NC-80-C-308
TIPET, JOHN                             NC-80-E-73
TODD, CALEB                             NC-80-E-30
TODD, JAMES                             NC-80-G-336
TODD, JOHN                              NC-80-E-47
TODD, MARY                              NC-80-K-18
TODD, THOMAS                            NC-80-#1-28
TODD, THOMAS                            NC-80-A-257
TOMLIN, HUGH                            NC-80-C-143
TOMLIN, LOUISE                          NC-80-7-390
TOMLIN, WILL                            NC-80-10-279
TOMLINSON, JOHN                         NC-80-G-128
TOMLINSON, SAMUEL                       NC-80-E-70
TOMPKINS, HANNAH                        NC-80-G-199
TOMPSON, JAMES                          NC-80-G-331
TORRENCE, ALBERT                        NC-80-H-341
TORRENCE, ELIZABETH                     NC-80-I-24
TORRENCE, ELIZABETH A.                  NC-80-#1-59
TORRENCE, JAMES                         NC-80-11-338
TORRENCE, JAMES RUFUS                   NC-80-14-325
TORRENCE, ROBERT                        NC-80-G-454
TOWELL, JOHN C.                         NC-80-#1-257
TOWNES, LEANNA                          NC-80-11-229
TRANTHAM, H. T.                         NC-80-8-578
TREESE, JACOB                           NC-80-G-181
TRENTHAM, MARTIN                        NC-80-B-120
TREXLER, ALICE OLIVIA                   NC-80-10-437
TREXLER, CALEB                          NC-80-K-352
TREXLER, D. C.                          NC-80-13-243
TREXLER, H. A.                          NC-80-12-408
TREXLER, H. A.                          NC-80-11-471
TREXLER, HARRIET M.                     NC-80-#1-121
TREXLER, HARVEY L. SR.                  NC-80-14-7
TREXLER, JACOB                          NC-80-6-15
TREXLER, JACOB                          NC-80-4-257
TREXLER, JAMES CALVIN                   NC-80-12-400
TREXLER, JAMES M.                       NC-80-5-158
TREXLER, JOHN                           NC-80-5-30
TREXLER, JOHN D.                        NC-80-8-444
TREXLER, LAURA FRANCES                  NC-80-10-437
TREXLER, LEVI                           NC-80-11-65
TREXLER, M. A.                          NC-80-11-266
TREXLER, M. L                           NC-80-13-304
TREXLER, MARTHA JANE                    NC-80-8-505
TREXLER, MARY C.                        NC-80-11-538
TREXLER, MARY ELLEN                     NC-80-10-437
TREXLER, MARY FRANCES                   NC-80-14-467
TREXLER, MOSES PETER                    NC-80-13-410
TREXLER, ROBET W.                       NC-80-14-327
TREXLER, S. M. (MRS.)                   NC-80-3-554
TREXLER, WILLIAM RODELL                 NC-80-15-82
TRIECE, FRED MONROE                     NC-80-14-223
TRIPLETT, T. L. SR.                     NC-80-7-269
TROTT, HENRY                            NC-80-E-74
TROTT, JAMES                            NC-80-E-66
TROTT, S. S.                            NC-80-#1-340
TROTTER, JANE                           NC-80-H-711
TROUTMAN, ADAM                          NC-80-I-18
TROUTMAN, ADAM                          NC-80-H-66
TROUTMAN, DANIEL A.                     NC-80-7-408
TROUTMAN, ELIZABETH                     NC-80-K-274
TROUTMAN, GREEN                         NC-80-3-412
TROUTMAN, H. M.                         NC-80-8-295
TROUTMAN, JACOB                         NC-80-K-304B
TROUTMAN, JACOB                         NC-80-K-294
TROUTMAN, JOHN                          NC-80-K-97
TROUTMAN, JOHN C.                       NC-80-13-373
TROUTMAN, MINNIE WENSIL                 NC-80-14-413
TROUTMAN, PEARL R.                      NC-80-14-512
TROUTMAN, PETER                         NC-80-E-36
TROUTMAN, RUFUS T.                      NC-80-11-457
TUBBS, HARRIET M.                       NC-80-8-5
TUCKER, ELIZABETH P.                    NC-80-14-473
TUCKER, H. A.                           NC-80-7-22
TUCKER, TILMON CECIL (MRS.)             NC-80-13-89
TURNER, DAVID C.                        NC-80-#1-379
TURNER, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-K-169
TURNER, ELVIRA                          NC-80-5-196
TURNER, J. F.                           NC-80-10-566
TURNER, J. W.                           NC-80-13-15
TURNER, JOHN WILBORN                    NC-80-4-496
TURNER, MARTHA JANE                     NC-80-12-239
TURNER, WILLIAM H.                      NC-80-11-275
TURNER, WILLIS E.                       NC-80-14-418
TUTTEROW, MARY CATHERINE                NC-80-14-430
TWINN, WILLIAM                          NC-80-12-562
TWOMEY, PATRICK                         NC-80-H-319
TYREE, WILLIAM A.                       NC-80-11-239
TYSINGER, ADAM                          NC-80-H-144
TYSINGER, D. S.                         NC-80-14-64
UNKNOWN (PAGE 19-20 MISSING)            NC-80-A-19
UPON, ADDIE HEREFORD                    NC-80-13-296
UPRIGHT, DAVID                          NC-80-K-225
UPRIGHT, PETER                          NC-80-K-352
URBANSKY, WILLIAM                       NC-80-10-111
UTZMAN, JOHN                            NC-80-K-137
VAIL, S. P.                             NC-80-12-501
VANDERFORD, THOMAS H.                   NC-80-9-355
VANETTEN, JOHN                          NC-80-C-181
VANN, J. C. M.                          NC-80-12-219
VANPELT, A.                             NC-80-6-393
VANPOOLE, CHALMERS M.                   NC-80-9-556
VANPOOLE, CHALMERS M.                   NC-80-9-556
VANPOOLE, O. L.                         NC-80-14-550
VARNES, JACOB                           NC-80-G-328
VERBLE, EVE ANN                         NC-80-#1-313
VERBLE, JOHN H.                         NC-80-3-243
VERBLE, NANCY                           NC-80-3-253
VINCENT, PETER                          NC-80-D-247
VIRBLE, DANIEL                          NC-80-H-610
VOGLER, L. N.                           NC-80-13-418
VORLS, MONROE                           NC-80-6-105, 140
WADAL, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-H-418
WADDELL, BEN F.                         NC-80-15-120
WADDELL, E.                             NC-80-12-453
WADE, ELLEN                             NC-80-13-214
WADSWORTH, RIGDON                       NC-80-#1-296
WAGGONER, C. A.                         NC-80-4-436
WAGGONER, JACOB                         NC-80-K-38
WAGGONER, JOSEPH                        NC-80-C-40
WAGGONER, MARY                          NC-80-G-537
WAGONER, C. COLUMBUS                    NC-80-12-537
WAGONER, C. E. (MRS)                    NC-80-6-174
WAGONER, JACOB                          NC-80-H-222
WAGONER, W. S.                          NC-80-11-68
WALCHER, MICHAEL                        NC-80-I-37
WALCK, MARTIN                           NC-80-C-44
WALKER, FREDERICK                       NC-80-#1-128
WALKER, JOHN                            NC-80-E-22
WALKER, LOUVENIA                        NC-80-11-462
WALKER, LOUVINA                         NC-80-6-74
WALKER, ROBERT H.                       NC-80-11-302
WALKER, ZETA                            NC-80-12-484
WALL, GEORGE R.                         NC-80-11-492
WALLACE, ELLA C.                        NC-80-15-32
WALLACE, J. V.                          NC-80-9-526
WALLACE, LEO C.                         NC-80-10-147
WALLACE, THOMAS W.                      NC-80-11-324
WALLACE, VICTOR                         NC-80-6-338
WALLER, CHRISSIE MARIAH                 NC-80-6-580
WALLER, COMMILLA                        NC-80-#1-10
WALLER, EVE                             NC-80-#1-57
WALLER, LUCINDA                         NC-80-9-549
WALLER, MARY                            NC-80-3-150
WALLER, ROBERT L. W.                    NC-80-13-390
WALLER, T. J.                           NC-80-11-332
WALSER, A. F.                           NC-80-14-348
WALTER, CHARLES L.                      NC-80-9-180
WALTER, CHRISTIANNA E.                  NC-80-5-146
WALTER, GEORGE W.                       NC-80-12-135
WALTER, R. C.                           NC-80-13-402
WALTON, CONROD                          NC-80-G-205
WALTON, H. S.                           NC-80-8-105
WALTON, L. L.                           NC-80-12-214
WALTON, MARY J.                         NC-80-9-285
WALTON, MILAS J.                        NC-80-6-478
WALTON, PETER                           NC-80-K-80
WALTON, THOMAS R.                       NC-80-#1-354
WALTON, W. J.                           NC-80-11-186
WANDS, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-11-238
WARD, DAVID LINNY                       NC-80-G-113
WARD, P. W.                             NC-80-11-482
WARE, DELLA TODD                        NC-80-13-320
WARFORTH, JOSEPH                        NC-80-D-229
WARLOW, PETER                           NC-80-B-139
WARNER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-E-6
WARREN, CHARLES J.                      NC-80-4-190
WARWILL, JACOB                          NC-80-E-2
WASENER, JOHN                           NC-80-G-365
WASHINGTON, MARY                        NC-80-13-423
WASSON, ARCHIBALD                       NC-80-C-84
WASSON, ARCHIBALD                       NC-80-D-221
WATKINS, MARGARET A.                    NC-80-6-394
WATKINS, T. M.                          NC-80-2-513
WATKINS, THOMAS SR.                     NC-80-G-360
WATLINGTON, J. B.                       NC-80-9-459
WATSON, E. M.                           NC-80-13-196
WATSON, FLORENCE M.                     NC-80-5-364
WATSON, HATTIE D.                       NC-80-12-225
WATSON, MARK                            NC-80-G-509
WATSON, R. N.                           NC-80-7-214
WATSON, W. F.                           NC-80-10-103
WATSON, W. G.                           NC-80-5-286
WATSON, WILLIAM                         NC-80-12-351
WATSON,E MMA L.                         NC-80-11-287
WATTS, CHARLES E.                       NC-80-12-426
WATTS, ROBERT                           NC-80-4-535
WAUGH, RACHEL                           NC-80-7-134
WEANT, CATHERINE                        NC-80-I-134
WEANT, GEORGE E.                        NC-80-13-345
WEANT, JACOB                            NC-80-I-47
WEANT, JOHN                             NC-80-H-178
WEANT, M. J.                            NC-80-3-428
WEANT, V. R. SR.                        NC-80-15-59
WEATHERS, MARY E. L.                    NC-80-14-515
WEAUT, ALLEN A.                         NC-80-8-380
WEAVEL, STEPHEN                         NC-80-H-181
WEAVER, ALICE                           NC-80-11-388
WEAVER, JOHN M.                         NC-80-2-560
WEBB, CALEB                             NC-80-H-158
WEBB, DANIEL                            NC-80-I-51
WEBB, DAVID                             NC-80-H-423
WEBB, JOHN                              NC-80-H-345
WEBB, MATTHEW L.                        NC-80-12-379
WEBB, SARAH                             NC-80-H-141
WEDDINGTON, J. W. A.                    NC-80-11-313
WEDDINGTON, MAGIE A.                    NC-80-5-218
WEEHON, FREDRICK                        NC-80-E-1
WEGNER, MICHAEL                         NC-80-A-160
WEINEL, WILLIAM HARVEY                  NC-80-12-224
WEISNER, MICHAEL                        NC-80-B-166
WELCH, C. L.                            NC-80-10-432
WELCH, MARY CRAWFORD                    NC-80-11-184
WELDY, ABRAHAM                          NC-80-D-258
WELLMAN, FRANCIS ISABELL                NC-80-14-557
WELLS, FRANCES WALTERS                  NC-80-14-154
WELMAN, JOHN                            NC-80-H-548
WENZEL, HENRY                           NC-80-E-14
WEST, A. S.                             NC-80-10-477
WEST, ALICE J.                          NC-80-5-50
WEST, CHRISTINA                         NC-80-K-382
WEST, CYRUS W.                          NC-80-K-165
WEST, JAMES H.                          NC-80-2-561
WEST, JINKINS                           NC-80-E-2
WEST, MARGARET                          NC-80-2-206
WEST, REMUS J.                          NC-80-2-186
WEST, ROBERT M.                         NC-80-11-161
WEST, ROXIE ALICE                       NC-80-10-127
WEST, WILLIAM                           NC-80-14-45
WESTMORELAND, J. E.                     NC-80-11-342
WETHEROUGH, EWALT                       NC-80-G-299
WETHEROW, EWALT                         NC-80-G-299
WETMORE, GEORGE B.                      NC-80-2-310
WETMORE, GEORGE B.                      NC-80-2-338
WEYALT, WILLIAM SR.                     NC-80-D-268
WHALEN, AMANDA C.                       NC-80-6-376
WHARTON, E. P.                          NC-80-14-485
WHARTON, LIZZIE                         NC-80-9-404
WHEAT, J. P.                            NC-80-2-289
WHETTS, JACOB                           NC-80-H-414
WHITAKER, J. A.                         NC-80-9-237
WHITAKER, JOHN                          NC-80-D-241
WHITAKER, THOMAS                        NC-80-H-680
WHITAKER, WILLIAM                       NC-80-D-265
WHITAKER, WILLIAM                       NC-80-E-5
WHITE, ALMA MAXWELL                     NC-80-12-235
WHITE, CORA KNOX                        NC-80-12-355
WHITE, D. C.                            NC-80-6-492
WHITE, DAVID                            NC-80-9-485
WHITE, DORA                             NC-80-12-535
WHITE, GEORGE                           NC-80-7-497
WHITE, GRACE                            NC-80-5-433
WHITE, H. Z.                            NC-80-11-92
WHITE, HENRY                            NC-80-G-534
WHITE, J. L.                            NC-80-13-129
WHITE, JAMES                            NC-80-B-17
WHITE, JAMES A.                         NC-80-#1-178
WHITE, JAMES H.                         NC-80-3-415
WHITE, MOSES                            NC-80-C-115
WHITE, MOSES                            NC-80-D-259
WHITE, REBECCA LORINNA                  NC-80-10-327
WHITE, S. H. (COLORED)                  NC-80-6-268
WHITE, SARAH                            NC-80-12-329
WHITE, THOMAS                           NC-80-D-271
WHITEHEAD, JOHN (DR)                    NC-80-8-316
WHITEHEAD, VIRGINIA                     NC-80-13-314
WHITFIELD,R ACHEL PATTERSON             NC-80-14-403
WHITLEY, A. T.                          NC-80-5-126
WHITLOCK, ANNIE H.                      NC-80-10-487
WHITLOCK, GEORGE W.                     NC-80-7-174
WHITMAN, JOHN A.                        NC-80-K-370
WHITMAN, SARAH E.                       NC-80-9-252
WIANT, WILLIAM B.                       NC-80-9-271
WIATT, JOHN                             NC-80-G-453
WIGGINS, TAPLEY                         NC-80-5-220
WIGHTMAN, GEORGE                        NC-80-D-244
WILCOX, WILLARD GLENN                   NC-80-14-384
WILDY, ABRAHAM                          NC-80-D-233
WILES, C. L.                            NC-80-13-277
WILEY, BEULAH B.                        NC-80-11-489
WILEY, JOHN M.                          NC-80-3-242
WILEY, MIRIAM C.                        NC-80-5-353
WILEY, SAMUEL H.                        NC-80-3-38
WILEY, SAMUEL H.                        NC-80-10-472
WILHELM, ANNY                           NC-80-#1-1
WILHELM, EMMA F.                        NC-80-14-300
WILHELM, GEORG EHENRY STOKES            NC-80-12-213
WILHELM, JACOB A.                       NC-80-13-78
WILHELM, LAURA JANE                     NC-80-9-517
WILHELM, LEWIS A.                       NC-80-6-269
WILHELM, LOUISA                         NC-80-K-33
WILHELM, MARTHA JOSEPHINE               NC-80-8-434
WILHELM, MARY J.                        NC-80-7-465
WILHELM, R. W.                          NC-80-13-349
WILHELM, S. A.                          NC-80-4-103
WILKERSON, FRANK CHORN JR               NC-80-12-566
WILKERSON, JAMES R.                     NC-80-9-307
WILKERSON, THOMAS                       NC-80-C-43
WILKESSON, THOMAS                       NC-80-D-238
WILKINSON, BRUCE C.                     NC-80-14-401
WILKISON, SAMUEL                        NC-80-D-234
WILLCOCKSON, GEORGE                     NC-80-C-104
WILLCOCKSON, GEORGE                     NC-80-D-227
WILLIAMS, CARRIE P.                     NC-80-6-18
WILLIAMS, CLARENCE R.                   NC-80-12-431
WILLIAMS, ELIAS                         NC-80-D-246
WILLIAMS, FLORA M.                      NC-80-15-94
WILLIAMS, GRACE                         NC-80-9-322
WILLIAMS, HENRY C.                      NC-80-9-289
WILLIAMS, J. R.                         NC-80-13-587
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NC-80-#1-523
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NC-80-G-206
WILLIAMS, LUNA R.                       NC-80-11-150
WILLIAMS, MINNIE P.                     NC-80-15-109
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       NC-80-H-205
WILLIAMS, THEOPHELUS                    NC-80-H-1
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NC-80-B-136
WILLIS, THOMAS                          NC-80-E-19
WILLMAN, JEREMIAH                       NC-80-H-616
WILLSON, BENJAMIN                       NC-80-H-233
WILSON, ELIZA                           NC-80-K-33
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-E-10
WILSON, J. H.                           NC-80-4-136
WILSON, JESSIE MCAULAY                  NC-80-14-366
WILSON, ROBERT                          NC-80-D-239
WILSON, ROBERT                          NC-80-K-107
WILSON, S. N.                           NC-80-3-249
WILSON, U. G.                           NC-80-13-533
WINDERS, FANNY                          NC-80-I-199
WINDERS, HENRY C.                       NC-80-K-44
WINDSOR, C. W.                          NC-80-12-91
WINDSOR, NANNIE L.                      NC-80-14-429
WINECOFF, A. W.                         NC-80-7-527
WINECOFF, DANIEL                        NC-80-2-293
WINECOFF, MARGARET J.                   NC-80-10-119
WINECOFF, RICHARD LUTHER                NC-80-12-314
WINGATE, CHARLOTTE A.                   NC-80-5-536
WINGLESS, O. C.                         NC-80-9-192
WINKLER, ADAM                           NC-80-D-261
WINKLER, LEWIS                          NC-80-E-13
WINSLY, BENJAMIN                        NC-80-A-164
WISE, JOHN                              NC-80-#1-543
WISE, L. B.                             NC-80-4-166
WISE, LONNIE B.                         NC-80-13-232
WISE, NOLA                              NC-80-14-385
WISE, SARAH ANN                         NC-80-11-273
WISE, W. A.                             NC-80-3-530
WISE, WILEY M.                          NC-80-12-544
WISEMAN, A. N.                          NC-80-K-354
WISEMAN, ANNIE E.                       NC-80-12-155
WISEMAN, DIXIE                          NC-80-11-117
WISEMAN, ISAAC                          NC-80-C-185
WISEMAN, JACOB                          NC-80-G-16
WISEMAN, JESSE P.                       NC-80-2-252
WISEMAN, MARY                           NC-80-B-179
WISEMAN, WILLIAM                        NC-80-E-27
WITHERS, AMBROSE                        NC-80-11-571
WITHERSPOON, . A.                       NC-80-9-422
WITHERSPOON, EZRA B.                    NC-80-#1-140
WOMACK, JAMES                           NC-80-H-32
WOMACK, RICHARD                         NC-80-H-118
WOMACK, THOMAS                          NC-80-E-21
WOOD, B. H.                             NC-80-6-40
WOOD, CORA HOUSTON CARSON               NC-80-12-374
WOOD, DANIEL                            NC-80-H-464
WOOD, GARRET                            NC-80-E-10
WOOD, GARRET                            NC-80-D-236
WOOD, JAMES                             NC-80-D-269
WOOD, JOHN                              NC-80-B-39
WOOD, JOSHUAH                           NC-80-D-6
WOOD, R. A.                             NC-80-11-36
WOOD, ROBERTA FLEMING                   NC-80-11-10
WOOD, WALTER S.                         NC-80-10-208
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NC-80-G-479
WOODRUM, J. L.                          NC-80-7-36
WOODRUM, MARY L.                        NC-80-10-187
WOODS, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-H-377
WOODS, JAMES                            NC-80-D-228
WOODS, JAMES                            NC-80-C-26
WOODS, MARY                             NC-80-K-237
WOODS, MATTHEW                          NC-80-E-17
WOODS, MATTHEW                          NC-80-A-190
WOODS, OLIVER                           NC-80-A-162
WOODS, ROBERT                           NC-80-A-163
WOODS, ROBERT                           NC-80-D-222
WOODS, SAMUEL                           NC-80-A-265
WOODS, TRISEY                           NC-80-#1-249
WOODS, WILLIAM F.                       NC-80-H-476
WOODSIDE, CORNELIA                      NC-80-K-114
WOODSIDE, MARTHA                        NC-80-K-53
WOODSIDE, POLLY                         NC-80-K-270
WOODSON, CHARLES WHIEHEAD               NC-80-12-394
WOODSON, ERNEST H.                      NC-80-13-385
WOODSON, H. N.                          NC-80-8-216
WOODSON, MARTHA                         NC-80-H-395
WOODSON, OBADIAH                        NC-80-#1-201
WOODSON, PATSY S.                       NC-80-14-399
WOODSON, WILLIAM R.                     NC-80-10-415
WOOLWORTH, ELLEN                        NC-80-5-179
WORK, ALEXANDER                         NC-80-A-252
WORK, ALEXANDER                         NC-80-D-231
WORKMAN, MARY IDA                       NC-80-14-468
WRENN, T. F.                            NC-80-11-51
WRICE, LELA                             NC-80-14-476
WRIGHT, FRANK E.                        NC-80-11-217
WRIGHT, G. WILL                         NC-80-13-50
WRIGHT, GUSSIE E.                       NC-80-4-202
WRIGHT, J. M.                           NC-80-11-174
WRIGHT, JAMES A.                        NC-80-5-539
WRIGHT, JOE L.                          NC-80-11-85
WRIGHT, JOHNSYE SLOOP                   NC-80-12-309
WRIGHT, KIRBY H.                        NC-80-10-40
WRIGHT, MARY C.                         NC-80-4-325
WRIGHT, P. E.                           NC-80-9-3
WRIGHT, R. LEE                          NC-80-13-594
WRIGHT, RICHARD                         NC-80-C-207
WRIGHT, S. P.                           NC-80-8-108
WYATT, BRANTLEY                         NC-80-K-315
WYATT, MARY F.                          NC-80-7-581
WYATT, W. M.                            NC-80-10-572
YANCEY, R. B.                           NC-80-10-530
YARBROUGH, AMANDA E. A.                 NC-80-12-442
YARBROUGH, ARTHUR MARION                NC-80-15-116
YARBROUGH, EDWARD                       NC-80-D-267
YELTON, OLIVER F.                       NC-80-13-258
YOART, PHILIP                           NC-80-I-126
YODER, H. L.                            NC-80-12-522
YONCE, RUDOLPH                          NC-80-G-370
YORK, IRMA SUE                          NC-80-14-464
YOST, AARON                             NC-80-4-288
YOST, ADELINE                           NC-80-6-153
YOST, F. L.                             NC-80-9-275
YOST, FRANKLIN M.                       NC-80-K-302
YOST, GEORGE                            NC-80-K-330
YOST, H. A.                             NC-80-12-187
YOST, JACOB                             NC-80-K-319
YOST, JACOB A.                          NC-80-6-276
YOST, JOHN                              NC-80-2-244
YOST, MAMIE V.                          NC-80-13-356
YOST, MARY A. C.                        NC-80-6-306
YOST, MARY S.                           NC-80-8-230
YOST, PAUL                              NC-80-#1-489
YOST, PAUL                              NC-80-#1-447
YOST, PHILIP                            NC-80-K-103
YOST, R. A.                             NC-80-9-398
YOST, SALLIE R.                         NC-80-9-398
YOST, SOLOMON M.                        NC-80-5-595
YOUNG, A. M.                            NC-80-11-339
YOUNG, ALEXANDER                        NC-80-A-166
YOUNG, BRAXTON L.                       NC-80-14-483
YOUNG, LULA MAY                         NC-80-7-244
YOUNG, MARGARET                         NC-80-H-513
YOUNG, MARY K.                          NC-80-10-386
YOUNG, NANCY                            NC-80-I-48
YOUNG, SAMUEL                           NC-80-D-250
YOUNG, T. F.                            NC-80-6-344
YOUNG, W. A.                            NC-80-11-376
YOUNG, W. P.                            NC-80-9-255
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NC-80-G-264
YOUNGBLOOD, J. S.                       NC-80-14-370
YUNDT, THOMAS M.                        NC-80-5-264
YUNG, JOSEPH                            NC-80-G-23
ZERKER, JOHN                            NC-80-E-175
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTIAN                    NC-80-D-263
ZINDT, JOHANNES                         NC-80-D-82

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