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MABEY, GEORGE                           NC-80-A-101
MACAG, ALFE                             NC-80-H-399
MACAY, JAMES                            NC-80-K-49
MACAY, JAMES                            NC-80-E-88
MACAY, JANE                             NC-80-K-253
MACAY, WILLIAM S.                       NC-80-K-218
MACOY, SPRUCE                           NC-80-G-165
MACRAE, DUNCAN A.                       NC-80-2-376
MAEDER, J. D.                           NC-80-10-96
MAHALEY, D. HENRY                       NC-80-8-495
MAHALEY, JAMES M.                       NC-80-9-45
MAHALEY, LEWIS F.                       NC-80-9-420
MAHALY, DAVID                           NC-80-4-128
MAHALY, SUSAN                           NC-80-3-108
MAHALY, THOMAS                          NC-80-3-446
MAHAN, DENNIS                           NC-80-E-90
MAITZ, OWEN                             NC-80-E-80
MAJOR, CLYDE HENDERSON                  NC-80-13-15
MAKLAND, JONATHAN                       NC-80-E-50
MALONE, CHARLES E.                      NC-80-12-531
MANES, FREDERICK                        NC-80-H-661
MANGUM, H. L.                           NC-80-12-281
MANLEY, LOIS S.                         NC-80-13-425
MANNEY, JOHN W.                         NC-80-2-521
MARCH, BENJAMIN                         NC-80-H-571
MARLOW, JOHN                            NC-80-K-51
MARLOWE, JESSE                          NC-80-11-53
MARMORA, ANNA M.                        NC-80-10-562
MARSH, BENJAMIN H.                      NC-80-3-366
MARSHALL, JOHN                          NC-80-G-234
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        NC-80-G-201
MARTIN, ASA                             NC-80-E-49
MARTIN, DAVID L.                        NC-80-14-521
MARTIN, EDWIN MARSHALL                  NC-80-12-218
MARTIN, J. F.                           NC-80-12-46
MARTIN, JAMES                           NC-80-K-24
MARTIN, MARY                            NC-80-#1-21
MARTIN, MARY C.                         NC-80-8-361
MARTIN, NANCY                           NC-80-E-52
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          NC-80-K-78
MASE, POLLY                             NC-80-K-42
MASIMORE, JOHN                          NC-80-E-98
MASON, JOHN CRAIG                       NC-80-11-472
MASTSON, ELIJAH L.                      NC-80-12-198
MATHESON, J. A.                         NC-80-9-212
MATHEWS, CORNELIUS                      NC-80-H-71
MATTOX, DAISY BELK                      NC-80-13-324
MAULDIN, IDA L.                         NC-80-5-561
MAULL, WILLIAM                          NC-80-K-65
MAULT, SARAH R.                         NC-80-5-295
MAUNCEY, JOSEPHINE                      NC-80-9-311
MAUPIN, TILMAN J.                       NC-80-11-104
MAURY, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-G-462
MAXWELL, DAISY DEAN                     NC-80-12-54
MAXWELL, DAVID                          NC-80-H-562
MAXWELL, JOHN A.                        NC-80-11-16
MAXWELL, THOMAS JR.                     NC-80-D-202
MAY, ABNER                              NC-80-E-83
MAY, JOHN                               NC-80-I-242
MAY, JOHN H.                            NC-80-7-247, 266
MAY, MARY                               NC-80-K-296
MAY, MATTIE JONES                       NC-80-14-360
MAYBERRY, J. A. (COLORED)               NC-80-6-33
MAYFIELD, JAMES CLIFFORD                NC-80-9-131
MAYNARD, J. R.                          NC-80-15-114
MCALISTER, E. L.                        NC-80-11-236
MCALISTER, ELIZABETH FOARG              NC-80-9-353
MCAUSLAND, ELEANOR C.                   NC-80-13-452
MCBROOM, JOHN                           NC-80-I-160
MCBRYDE, HECTOR MCLEAN                  NC-80-14-486
MCCAFFERTY, JOHN                        NC-80-B-58
MCCALLUM, JESSIE                        NC-80-5-249
MCCANLESS, ELIZABETH JANE               NC-80-9-52
MCCANLESS, GEORGIA F. C.                NC-80-11-23
MCCANLESS, MARY                         NC-80-11-82
MCCANLESS, N. B.                        NC-80-11-22
MCCANLESS, W. F.                        NC-80-14-591
MCCARN, LINDSAY LOVE                    NC-80-13-188
MCCARN, MYRTLE KIRK                     NC-80-13-515
MCCARTNEY, THOMAS                       NC-80-C-86
MCCLELAND, NICKLAS                      NC-80-A-242
MCCLELLEN, WILLIAM (TAPED)              NC-80-A-267
MCCLURE, ANN                            NC-80-H-188
MCCOLLOCH, ELIZABETH                    NC-80-H-705
MCCOLLOM, JOHN                          NC-80-A-175
MCCOLLOM, JOHN                          NC-80-D-221
MCCOLLUM, ANDREW                        NC-80-G-33
MCCOLLUM, ELIZABETH                     NC-80-B-68
MCCOLLUM, ELIZABETH                     NC-80-K-41
MCCOMBS, J. D.                          NC-80-5-304
MCCOMBS, MARY M.                        NC-80-2-285
MCCONAUGHEY, HUGH                       NC-80-D-210
MCCONAUGHEY, JOSEPH                     NC-80-E-76
MCCONNAUGHER, ANN                       NC-80-H-468
MCCONNAUGHEY, JAMES                     NC-80-H-306
MCCONNEAUGHEY, LYDIA                    NC-80-10-74
MCCONNEL, ANDREW                        NC-80-A-108
MCCONNELL, JOHN H.                      NC-80-3-460
MCCORKLE, A. A.                         NC-80-8-37
MCCORKLE, JAMES A.                      NC-80-8-222
MCCORKLE, JAMES M.                      NC-80-2-120
MCCORKLE, JOHN                          NC-80-D-217
MCCORKLE, MARGARET                      NC-80-H-245
MCCORKLE, ROSA L.                       NC-80-3-78
MCCORKLE, SAMUEL E.                     NC-80-G-187
MCCORMICK, CLARENCE DABNEY              NC-80-14-265
MCCORMICK, SARAH                        NC-80-3-92
MCCOY, ANN                              NC-80-G-156
MCCOY, DELY                             NC-80-2-214
MCCRACKEN, POLLY                        NC-80-I-92
MCCRACKIN, JAMES                        NC-80-G-341
MCCREARY, HUGH                          NC-80-C-18
MCCUBBINS, HOWARD T.                    NC-80-13-571
MCCUBBINS, MARY ELIZABETH               NC-80-4-581
MCCUBBINS, NANNIE E.                    NC-80-5-116
MCCUISTION, JAMES                       NC-80-A-122
MCCUISTION, ROBERT                      NC-80-A-112
MCCULLOCH, JAMES                        NC-80-A-113
MCCULLOCH, JAMES (TAPED)                NC-80-G-227
MCCULLOH, JAMES                         NC-80-G-410
MCCURDY, J. L.                          NC-80-12-286
MCDANIEL, ALLEN                         NC-80-H-605
MCDANIEL, H. W.                         NC-80-8-210
MCDANIEL, JOHN A.                       NC-80-15-121
MCDANIEL, STARLING                      NC-80-K-158
MCDANIEL, W. J.                         NC-80-12-271
MCDONALD, F. A.                         NC-80-13-201
MCDONALD, GEORGE                        NC-80-A-121
MCDOWELL, JOSEPH                        NC-80-A-99
MCFEETERS, DANIEL                       NC-80-D-218
MCGLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      NC-80-B-114
MCGOOSE, HUGH                           NC-80-G-481
MCGUIRE, EDWARD                         NC-80-C-64
MCGUIRE, ISABELL                        NC-80-G-250
MCGUIRE, JAMES                          NC-80-H-338
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NC-80-A-123
MCHARGUE, JOHN                          NC-80-B-44
MCHENRY, ELINOR                         NC-80-B-203
MCHENRY, HENREY                         NC-80-A-103
MCHENRY, HENRY SR.                      NC-80-I-35
MCHORNEY, WILLOUGHBY                    NC-80-H-200
MCINTYRE, EMMA                          NC-80-6-239
MCINTYRE, MATILDA                       NC-80-9-493
MCKACKE, JOHN                           NC-80-B-205
MCKAY, JAMES WORTH                      NC-80-14-330
MCKAY, VICTOR                           NC-80-C-147
MCKEE, HATTIE CARTER                    NC-80-11-389
MCKEE, MILLE                            NC-80-G-476
MCKENZIE, B. W.                         NC-80-14-426
MCKENZIE, ELLEN S.                      NC-80-5-376
MCKENZIE, HANNAH                        NC-80-2-459
MCKENZIE, M. S.                         NC-80-#1-87
MCKEOWN, JOSEPH H.                      NC-80-5- 14
MCKINNEY, CORA H.                       NC-80-13-66
MCKINZIE, CHARLES C.                    NC-80-G-280
MCKNIGHT, GEORGE G.                     NC-80-7-89
MCKNIGHT, HUGH                          NC-80-K-59
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          NC-80-H-326
MCKNIGHT, SARAH                         NC-80-H-362
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM                       NC-80-A-114
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM                       NC-80-G-202
MCKOWN, JOHN                            NC-80-A-106
MCLAIN, ELIZABETH SOPHIA                NC-80-2-500
MCLANE, WILLIAM                         NC-80-K-311
MCLAUGHLIN, D. C.                       NC-80-11-539
MCLAUGHLIN, D. L.                       NC-80-13-101
MCLAUGHLIN, E. C.                       NC-80-2-484
MCLAUGHLIN, HARRIET AMANDA              NC-80-8-184
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN H.                     NC-80-5-76
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY                        NC-80-K-284
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY J.                     NC-80-10-576
MCLAUGHLIN, R. A.                       NC-80-7-398
MCLAUGHLIN, R. H.                       NC-80-10-66
MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT                      NC-80-K-346
MCLAUGHLIN, SAMUEL                      NC-80-I-178
MCLAUGHLIN, SAMUEL W.                   NC-80-3-202
MCLEAN, WILLIAM B.                      NC-80-5-184
MCLEAN, WILLIAM B.                      NC-80-11-140
MCLEAN, WILLIAM B.                      NC-80-9-48
MCLEMORE, HENRY H.                      NC-80-14-456
MCLEON, J. W.                           NC-80-8-518
MCLILLY, HATTIE BLAKE                   NC-80-12-25
MCMACHAN, JOHN                          NC-80-H-284
MCMAHAN, MARY                           NC-80-H-454
MCNEALY, ARCHIBALD                      NC-80-H-314
MCNEELEY, ISAAC                         NC-80-A-205
MCNEELY, ANN                            NC-80-2-220
MCNEELY, ARCHIBALD                      NC-80-E-57
MCNEELY, DAVID                          NC-80-E-77
MCNEELY, H. W.                          NC-80-7-160
MCNEELY, HENRIETTA HALL                 NC-80-7-97
MCNEELY, J. K                           NC-80-10-296
MCNEELY, J. W.                          NC-80-9-324
MCNEELY, J. W.                          NC-80-10-373
MCNEELY, JAMES                          NC-80-H-626
MCNEELY, JOHN                           NC-80-E-60
MCNEELY, JOHN                           NC-80-G-146
MCNEELY, JOHN                           NC-80-I-180
MCNEELY, JOHN                           NC-80-K-43
MCNEELY, MARY B.                        NC-80-K-182
MCNEELY, SAMUEL                         NC-80-I-176
MCNEELY, WILLIAM LEE                    NC-80-11-551
MCNIGHT, MARGARET                       NC-80-K-336
MCNULLY, ADAM                           NC-80-A-131
MCONNEGHEY, JOSEPH                      NC-80-E-64
MCPHERSON, CORA E.                      NC-80-14-239
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-80-A-249
MCPUTTERS, JOHN                         NC-80-A-102
MEADEN, ANDREW                          NC-80-A-90
MEETZE, BESSIE M.                       NC-80-11-214
MELCHOR, MAMIE L.                       NC-80-12-553
MELCHOR, PHARISEE                       NC-80-11-455
MELTON, E. B.                           NC-80-12-49
MENIUS, A. C.                           NC-80-14-241
MENIUS, C. R.                           NC-80-13-151
MENIUS, CARRIE                          NC-80-10-479
MENIUS, J. C.                           NC-80-5-586
MENIUS, J. W.                           NC-80-11-15
MENIUS, N. WHITE                        NC-80-10-168
MENIUS, ROBERT LEE                      NC-80-3-440
MENIUS S. E.                            NC-80-5-341
MENUN, JACOB                            NC-80-9-287
MERONEY, EDNA V.                        NC-80-13-254
MERRILL, SAMUEL                         NC-80-G-5
MERRITTE, HATTIE HAYNES                 NC-80-10-38
MESIMER, D. F.                          NC-80-10-109
MESIMORE, JANE S.                       NC-80-5-450
MESIMORE, MARSHALL H.                   NC-80-5-506
MESMER, DIANA                           NC-80-2-440
METZ, J. W.                             NC-80-8-312
MEYER, DAVID                            NC-80-H-115
MEYER, JOHN GEORGE                      NC-80-E-39
MICHAEL, ROBERT LEE                     NC-80-11-360
MICHAELY, WILLIAM                       NC-80-H-384
MICKLE, WILLIAM G.                      NC-80-14-508
MIERS, DAVID                            NC-80-H-115
MILAKIN, JOSEPH                         NC-80-A-119
MILES, E. C.                            NC-80-11-231
MILHOLEN, W. L.                         NC-80-12-156
MILHOLEN, W. L.                         NC-80-11-257
MILHOLLAND, JOHN C.                     NC-80-13-95
MILIIGAN, ROBERT                        NC-80-A-249
MILLER, A. ERNEST                       NC-80-13-75
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NC-80-I-197
MILLER, ADOLPHUS                        NC-80-9-257
MILLER, AGNESS                          NC-80-I-33
MILLER, ALBERT H.                       NC-80-4-91
MILLER, ALBERT W.                       NC-80-9-184
MILLER, ALFRED                          NC-80-4-356
MILLER, ALICE                           NC-80-10-87
MILLER, ANDERSON                        NC-80-9-250
MILLER, ANDREW                          NC-80-B-32
MILLER, ANN                             NC-80-2-26
MILLER, C. B.                           NC-80-10-282
MILLER, CHARLES A. G.                   NC-80-L-31
MILLER, CHARLES A. G.                   NC-80-L-31
MILLER, CHARLES H.                      NC-80-9-47
MILLER, CHRISTEANA                      NC-80-G-317
MILLER, COLIN F.                        NC-80-10-499
MILLER, CONRAD                          NC-80-2-208
MILLER, D. A.                           NC-80-6-462
MILLER, DANIEL                          NC-80-2-265
MILLER, DORA DELL DINGMAN               NC-80-11-372
MILLER, E. H.                           NC-80-9-388
MILLER, EMILY                           NC-80-4-507
MILLER, G. C. SR.                       NC-80-14-75
MILLER, GEORGE                          NC-80-H-644
MILLER, GEORGE                          NC-80-K-10
MILLER, GEORGE                          NC-80-C-34
MILLER, GEORGE (COLORED)                NC-80-6-369
MILLER, GEORGE A.                       NC-80-4-544
MILLER, GILES ASHBAY                    NC-80-9-243
MILLER, H. A.                           NC-80-3-99
MILLER, HARRIET W.                      NC-80-11-162
MILLER, HENRY SR.                       NC-80-K-250
MILLER, J. A.                           NC-80-10-568
MILLER, J. ALLAN                        NC-80-10-78
MILLER, J. CICERO                       NC-80-9-499
MILLER, J. F.                           NC-80-11-66
MILLER, J. M.                           NC-80-14-571
MILLER, J. W.                           NC-80-7-400
MILLER, JACOB                           NC-80-2-248
MILLER, JACOB                           NC-80-#1-49
MILLER, JACOB                           NC-80-I-142
MILLER, JACOB W.                        NC-80-12-92
MILLER, JAME SLEE                       NC-80-10-294
MILLER, JAMES                           NC-80-K-341
MILLER, JAMES F.                        NC-80-13-590
MILLER, JANE                            NC-80-G-509
MILLER, JANE                            NC-80-I-54
MILLER, JANE                            NC-80-C-62
MILLER, JEANETTE PENNINGER              NC-80-13-272
MILLER, JESSIE W.                       NC-80-3-183
MILLER, JOHN                            NC-80-B-124
MILLER, JOHN C.                         NC-80-3-7
MILLER, JOHN CALVIN                     NC-80-14-148
MILLER, JOHN D.                         NC-80-K-345
MILLER, JOHN E.                         NC-80-12-396
MILLER, JOHN J.                         NC-80-K-231
MILLER, JOHN R. L.                      NC-80-12-195
MILLER, JOHN SR.                        NC-80-I-137
MILLER, JOHN W.                         NC-80-14-102
MILLER, JOHN W.                         NC-80-7-531
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NC-80-H-702
MILLER, JOSEPH                          NC-80-2-8
MILLER, L. A.                           NC-80-14-326
MILLER, L. M.                           NC-80-6-215
MILLER, LAVINA                          NC-80-5-256
MILLER, LEWIS M.                        NC-80-11-131
MILLER, MARION MCCRAW                   NC-80-14-175
MILLER, MARY                            NC-80-K-366
MILLER, MARY R.                         NC-80-7-470
MILLER, MATTHIAS                        NC-80-5-94
MILLER, MATTHIAS                        NC-80-9-28
MILLER, MOSES                           NC-80-E-86
MILLER, NICOLAUS                        NC-80-E-23
MILLER, P. W. A.                        NC-80-3-369
MILLER, PETER                           NC-80-3-157
MILLER, PETER                           NC-80-#1-109
MILLER, ROBERT L.                       NC-80-10-411
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NC-80-K-236
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NC-80-A-91
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NC-80-H-663
MILLER, THOMAS                          NC-80-14-81
MILLER, TOBIAS                          NC-80-4-456
MILLER, W. H.                           NC-80-3-517
MILLER, W. LOVE                         NC-80-12-21
MILLER, WENDLE                          NC-80-D-203
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-H-298
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-526
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-I-202
MILLER, WILLIAM ALVIN                   NC-80-8-261
MILLS, HUR                              NC-80-A-125
MILLS, JOHN S.                          NC-80-14-197
MILLS, JOHN SR.                         NC-80-A-124
MILNE, ALMA TUTTLE                      NC-80-8-167
MILNE, MARK H.                          NC-80-10-501
MINGUS, JOSEPH H.                       NC-80-#1-552
MINSTER, FRANK                          NC-80-4-200
MISENHEIMER, A. R.                      NC-80-8-323
MISENHEIMER, C. T.                      NC-80-14- 41
MISENHEIMER, G. M.                      NC-80-10-464
MISENHEIMER, J. D.                      NC-80-10-355
MISENHEIMER, JOE C.                     NC-80-10-211
MISENHEIMER, JOHN A.                    NC-80-14-126
MISENHEIMER, LEROY                      NC-80-10-473
MISENHEIMER, LOVE R.                    NC-80-14-250
MISENHEIMER, MARTHA A.                  NC-80-6-443
MISENHEIMER, MINNIE A.                  NC-80-10-469
MISENHEIMER, PHOEBE                     NC-80-11-46
MISENHEIMER, SARAH L.                   NC-80-12-132
MITCHELL, CORNELIUS                     NC-80-4-380
MITCHELL, M. E.                         NC-80-15-65
MITCHELL, RUTA                          NC-80-9-431
MITCHENOR, LUKE                         NC-80-D-214
MOCK, CHARLES LEONIDAS                  NC-80-11-24
MOCK, DEWALT                            NC-80-E-54
MOCK, LULA                              NC-80-14-458
MOGAN, M. C.                            NC-80-5-453
MONROE, GEORGE                          NC-80-I-22
MONROE, J. M.                           NC-80-10-176
MONROE, JOHN                            NC-80-#1-344
MONROE, MARY E.                         NC-80-11-7
MONROE, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-316
MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH JANE              NC-80-9-273
MONTGOMERY, GERTRUDE                    NC-80-7-573
MONTGOMEY, HUGH                         NC-80-E-41
MOOR, GEORGE                            NC-80-G-9
MOOR, SUSANNA                           NC-80-E-97
MOORE, ARLENDO                          NC-80-10-246
MOORE, BEULAH STEWART                   NC-80-12-301
MOORE, CICERO A.                        NC-80-11-145
MOORE, EDWARD                           NC-80-9-79
MOORE, ELIZE                            NC-80-8-122
MOORE, ELLA                             NC-80-5-552
MOORE, EMMA                             NC-80-12-60
MOORE, J. K.                            NC-80-11-142
MOORE, JANE ISABELL                     NC-80-11-560
MOORE, JOHN                             NC-80-E-84
MOORE, JOHN J.                          NC-80-3-24
MOORE, JOSEPH E.                        NC-80-9-302
MOORE, MARCUS                           NC-80-8-126
MOORE, MICHAEL                          NC-80-B-162
MOORE, NATHANIEL                        NC-80-E-68
MOORE, ROBERT                           NC-80-B-117
MOORE, ROBERT                           NC-80-H-424
MOORE, SANDY STEWART                    NC-80-11-486
MOORE, THOMAS B.                        NC-80-14-271
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NC-80-E-58
MOOSE, CURTIS V.                        NC-80-14-488
MOOSE, JOHN DAVID                       NC-80-14-362
MORDAH, JAMES                           NC-80-A-191
MORGAN, A. A.                           NC-80-7-549
MORGAN, A. D.                           NC-80-13-24
MORGAN, ALLY                            NC-80-#1-564
MORGAN, AMANDA C.                       NC-80-10-231
MORGAN, ANGIE                           NC-80-11-40
MORGAN, BARBARA A.                      NC-80-10-267
MORGAN, C. G.                           NC-80-9-561
MORGAN, CHARLES                         NC-80-5-473
MORGAN, ELIZABETH C.                    NC-80-9-453
MORGAN, J. LOVE                         NC-80-10-253
MORGAN, J. THOMAS                       NC-80-10-495
MORGAN, JAMES M.                        NC-80-6-351
MORGAN, JENNIE C.                       NC-80-13-581
MORGAN, JESSE A.                        NC-80-5-445
MORGAN, JOHN A.                         NC-80-14-23
MORGAN, JOHN H.                         NC-80-12-504
MORGAN, JULIUS A.                       NC-80-13-153
MORGAN, LINNIE                          NC-80-7-9
MORGAN, M. G.                           NC-80-#1-502
MORGAN, MARTHA E.                       NC-80-11-109
MORGAN, MARTHA LOUISE                   NC-80-14-500
MORGAN, MINNIE VIRGINIA                 NC-80-13-54
MORGAN, OREN                            NC-80-14-373
MORGAN, PALMER                          NC-80-9-487
MORGAN, ROBERT L.                       NC-80-9-571
MORGAN, SOLOMON                         NC-80-5-182
MORGAN, WILLIAM SR.                     NC-80-A-93
MORISON, ANDREW                         NC-80-A-94
MORISON, MARY                           NC-80-B-85
MORISON, WILLIAM SR.                    NC-80-A-105
MORRIS, BENJAMIN                        NC-80-G-30
MORRIS, C. S.                           NC-80-14-477
MORRIS, GEORGE W.                       NC-80-K-276
MORRIS, JAMES L.                        NC-80-11-309
MORRIS, JAMES L.                        NC-80-11-309
MORRIS, JAMES L.                        NC-80-10-200
MORRISON, ARCHABALD                     NC-80-A-97
MORRISON, DAVID                         NC-80-D-213
MORRISON, JEAMES                        NC-80-B-95
MORRISON, JOHN                          NC-80-D-207
MORRISON, JOHN ANDERSON                 NC-80-14-353
MORRISON, JOHN L.                       NC-80-2-44
MORROW, JULIA POSTON                    NC-80-14-73
MORTON, BENJAMIN DOUGLAS                NC-80-10-383
MORTON, URSULA V.                       NC-80-12-131
MOTZ, JOHAN JACOB                       NC-80-E-62
MOTZINGER, FELIX                        NC-80-C-21
MOWERY, ALEXANDER                       NC-80-3-84
MOWERY, FLORIDA E.                      NC-80-13-530
MOWERY, FREDERICK                       NC-80-K-206
MOWERY, G. W.                           NC-80-11-5
MOWERY, GEORGE                          NC-80-5-393
MOWERY, JOHN                            NC-80-4-276
MOWERY JOHN SR.                         NC-80-3-523
MOWERY, KERR LEE                        NC-80-11-470
MOWERY, PETER                           NC-80-K-144
MOWERY, ROBERT CUTHRELL                 NC-80-12-542
MOWERY, W. B.                           NC-80-9-501
MOWRA, JOHN                             NC-80-H-5
MOWRE, RUDOLPH                          NC-80-G-174
MOWRES, FREDERICK                       NC-80-G-334
MOYE, JOSEPH                            NC-80-D-209
MOYER, HENRY                            NC-80-H-419
MOYERS, PHILIP                          NC-80-D-216
MOYLE, CAROLINE M.                      NC-80-13-554
MOYLE, THOMAS                           NC-80-11-160
MUGGE, MAMIE S.                         NC-80-11-378
MULL, CONROD                            NC-80-A-119
MULL, THOMAS                            NC-80-H-660
MULLENS, H. F.                          NC-80-12-12
MULLICAN, LEWIS SR.                     NC-80-D-204
MULLIS, JAMES L.                        NC-80-15-108
MUMFORD, ROBESON                        NC-80-H-682
MURDOCH, ELIZA MARSH                    NC-80-12-493
MURDOCK, FRANCIS J.                     NC-80-5-42
MURDOCK, JOHN CRESS                     NC-80-15-76
MURDOCK, SARAH S.                       NC-80-3-66
MURPH, ISA C.                           NC-80-5-190
MURPH, W. F.                            NC-80-4-466
MURPHY, ANDREW                          NC-80-4-242
MURPHY, ANNIE M.                        NC-80-3-137
MURPHY, C. W.                           NC-80-9-7
MURPHY, CHARLES L.                      NC-80-11-515
MURPHY, CLORINDA D.                     NC-80-8-48
MURPHY, DANIEL                          NC-80-G-292
MURPHY, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-L-32
MURPHY, ELIZABETH                       NC-80-L-32
MURPHY, EWELL                           NC-80-11-49
MURPHY, ISABELL                         NC-80-L-30
MURPHY, ISABELL                         NC-80-L-30
MURPHY, JANE E.                         NC-80-#1-94
MURPHY, JOHN                            NC-80-K-69
MURPHY, MARY                            NC-80-11-312
MURPHY, MARY                            NC-80-11-312
MURPHY, N. P.                           NC-80-8-349
MURPHY, ROBERT                          NC-80-2-530
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NC-80-9-69
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         NC-80-L-24
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         NC-80-L-24
MURRAY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN               NC-80-11-473
MURRAY, LILLY ANDERS                    NC-80-14-298
MURRAY, MARY                            NC-80-A-118
MUSE, W. R.                             NC-80-12-476
MUSSEMER, PETER                         NC-80-E-79
MYERS, CATY                             NC-80-G-255
MYERS, CHRISTIAN                        NC-80-G-237
MYERS, D. W.                            NC-80-13-166
MYERS, D. W. (MRS.)                     NC-80-14-587
MYERS, FANNIE M.                        NC-80-12-570
MYERS, GILBERT G.                       NC-80-13-392
MYERS, HENRY VIRGIL                     NC-80-15-42
MYERS, M. D.                            NC-80-7-55
MYERS, MARY                             NC-80-B-157
MYERS, MARY                             NC-80-#1-114
MYERS, MICHAEL                          NC-80-E-59
MYERS, MICHAL                           NC-80-A-110
NAIL, CURLIS A.                         NC-80-14-465
NAIL, MARGARET                          NC-80-C-255
NAILE, CARL                             NC-80-12-397
NAILE, E. A.                            NC-80-12-449
NAILE, LOREA                            NC-80-12-405
NANCE, MAMIE L.                         NC-80-14-398
NASH, C. A.                             NC-80-12-575
NASH, WILLIAM R.                        NC-80-12-208
NEAL, JAMES N.                          NC-80-#1-549
NEAVE, W. H.                            NC-80-3-502
NEBLOCK, JOHN                           NC-80-K-2
NEEL, ANDREW M.                         NC-80-K-297
NEEL, JAMES                             NC-80-K-288
NEEL, JAMES W.                          NC-80-4-211
NEEL, S. M.                             NC-80-3-117
NEELY, CATHERINE                        NC-80-K-101
NEELY, FRANCIS                          NC-80-H-472
NEELY, FRANKLIN S.                      NC-80-K-262
NEELY, HOLEMAN                          NC-80-H-200
NEELY, JOHN                             NC-80-13-41
NEELY, MARGARET                         NC-80-K-51
NEELY, MEEK A.                          NC-80-10-387
NEEMS, FERNANDUS                        NC-80-5-368
NEICE, WILLIAM S.                       NC-80-15-411
NELSON, P. M.                           NC-80-11-507
NELSON, SAMUEL                          NC-80-A-133
NELSON, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-501
NESBIT, ESTHER MORRIS                   NC-80-11-495
NESBIT, JOHN                            NC-80-C-244
NESBIT, JOHN G.                         NC-80-13-180
NESBIT, W. B.                           NC-80-13-412
NESBIT, W. O.                           NC-80-11-193
NESBIT, WILLIAM                         NC-80-C-256
NEVENS, ROBERT                          NC-80-G-419
NEVENS, WILLIAM                         NC-80-C-252
NEVINS, MARY                            NC-80-I-160
NEWBERRY, ALEXANDER                     NC-80-A-127
NEWFANG, MARTIN                         NC-80-A-210
NEWFANG, MARTIN                         NC-80-C-248
NEWMAN, HAROLD H. SR.                   NC-80-13-4
NEWMAN, JOSEPH J.                       NC-80-3-363
NEWNAN, ANTHONY                         NC-80-F-57
NIBLACK, GEORGE                         NC-80-G-348
NIBLOCK, ELIZABETH P.                   NC-80-14-11
NIBLOCK, F. A.                          NC-80-11-135
NIBLOCK, FANNIE                         NC-80-11-129
NIBLOCK, LAURA R.                       NC-80-7-474
NIBLOCK, LEVI                           NC-80-#1-533
NICHOLAS, EVA M.                        NC-80-13-310
NICHOLAS, MACON W.                      NC-80-11-364
NICHOLS, JOSHUA                         NC-80-A-87
NIEFONG, GEORGE                         NC-80-C-254
NISBET, MOSES                           NC-80-C-154
NISBETT, JOHN                           NC-80-A-130
NIX, H. W.                              NC-80-12-506
NOBLE, ELIZABETH LONG                   NC-80-6-430
NOBLE, ELIZABETH LONG                   NC-80-9-124
NOBLE, FRANK H.                         NC-80-3-389
NOBLE, MARGARET J.                      NC-80-6-188
NORMAN, R. W.                           NC-80-14-92
NORTHERN, ETHEL                         NC-80-7-80
NORTHERN, LOISA J.                      NC-80-6-265
NORVELL, FRANK L.                       NC-80-9-414
NORVELL, MILDRED OVERMAN                NC-80-12-579
NUNGESSER, ADAM                         NC-80-G-99
NUSSMAN, A. M.                          NC-80-10-357
NUSSMAN, HAROLD C.                      NC-80-11-460
NUSSMAN, MARY ELLEN                     NC-80-10-357
OAKES, EMMA LACY                        NC-80-9-545
ODDIE, JAMES W.                         NC-80-13-212
OEN, RALPH                              NC-80-C-67
OESTREICHER, DAVE                       NC-80-7-413
OESTREICHER, RACHEL W.                  NC-80-13-351
OGDEN, THOMAS MOORMAN                   NC-80-11-44
OMWAKE, HOWARD RUFUS                    NC-80-11-220
ONEAL, JAMES                            NC-80-H-232
ORDER, CHARLES PRICE                    NC-80-4-233
ORRELL, DANIEL                          NC-80-H-502
ORRELL, NANCY                           NC-80-H-649
ORTEN, JOSEPH                           NC-80-C-289
ORTON, JAMES                            NC-80-A-230
OSBORN, ALEXANDER                       NC-80-A-224
OSBORNE, ALICE L.                       NC-80-12-207
OSBORNE, JOHN J.                        NC-80-9-177
OVERCASH, ALEXANDER                     NC-80-3-449
OVERCASH, ALICE V.                      NC-80-11-3
OVERCASH, ALLISON                       NC-80-6-556
OVERCASH, ANNA H.                       NC-80-13-483
OVERCASH, C. D.                         NC-80-9-346
OVERCASH, CHRISTOPHER                   NC-80-2-417
OVERCASH, D. L.                         NC-80-9-42
OVERCASH, DANIEL                        NC-80-K-216
OVERCASH, E. J.                         NC-80-13-199
OVERCASH, ELENDOE LOUISA                NC-80-5-33
OVERCASH, ELI G. F.                     NC-80-8-88
OVERCASH, EMILINE                       NC-80-2-487
OVERCASH, FRANCIS                       NC-80-L-38
OVERCASH, FRANCIS                       NC-80-L-38
OVERCASH, GEORGE A.                     NC-80-7-478
OVERCASH, HOLMAN                        NC-80-K-366
OVERCASH, J. DEWITT                     NC-80-12-17
OVERCASH, JACOB                         NC-80-H-591
OVERCASH, JACOB                         NC-80-K-126
OVERCASH, JAMES N.                      NC-80-14-596
OVERCASH, JOHN                          NC-80-#1-136
OVERCASH, L. J.                         NC-80-9-266
OVERCASH, LEE A.                        NC-80-11-478
OVERCASH, LEONARD                       NC-80-K-138
OVERCASH, LEONARD                       NC-80-3-86
OVERCASH, MARY A.                       NC-80-14-315
OVERCASH, MARY C.                       NC-80-7-192
OVERCASH, MARY M.                       NC-80-13-535
OVERCASH, MARY SUSANNA                  NC-80-4-262
OVERCASH, N. C. (MRS)                   NC-80-5-345
OVERCASH, SILAS J.                      NC-80-11-55
OVERCASH, SOPHIA                        NC-80-2-558, 570
OVERCASH, SUSANNAH                      NC-80-I-111
OVERCASH, T. L.                         NC-80-10-3
OVERCASH, W. A.                         NC-80-4-525
OVERCASH, W. EDGAR                      NC-80-12-401
OVERCASH, W. M.                         NC-80-11-298
OVERCASH, WILLIE THOMPSON               NC-80-14-293
OVERMAN, E. R.                          NC-80-10-160
OVERMAN, LAURA M.                       NC-80-#1-289
OVERMAN, LEE S.                         NC-80-9-277
OVERMAN, MARY M.                        NC-80-10-423
OVERMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NC-80-3-457
OVERTON, WILLIAM S. SR.                 NC-80-13-148
OWEN, A. L.                             NC-80-14-77
OWEN, BESSIE                            NC-80-11-512
OWEN, CHARLES MADISON                   NC-80-10-165
OWEN, HENRY                             NC-80-C-287
OWEN, J. A.                             NC-80-8-341
OWEN, NANCY                             NC-80-C-288
OWENS, B. H.                            NC-80-6-212
OWENS, CHRISTINA ANN                    NC-80-3-35
OWENS, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-H-301
OWENS, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-3-568
OWENS, ELIZABETH C.                     NC-80-9-382
OWENS, JOSEPH                           NC-80-H-310
OWENS, MARGARET MARIE                   NC-80-3-301
OWENS, PHILIP                           NC-80-2-196
OWINGS, ELIJAH                          NC-80-C-285
OWINGS, HENRY                           NC-80-G-394
OWINGS, NORMAN                          NC-80-H-515
OWNINGS, BAZALEEL                       NC-80-H-364
OZBUN, WILLIAM                          NC-80-A-135
PACK, RICHARD (OVERLAPPED)              NC-80-C-299
PACK, WILLIAM                           NC-80-F-30
PAGE, CARRIE L.                         NC-80-14-475
PAGE, DEMPSY                            NC-80-#1-480
PAGE, HUMPHREY                          NC-80-A-138
PAIN, JOHN                              NC-80-B-83
PAINE, JAMES                            NC-80-G-147
PAINTER, ANGIE SMITH                    NC-80-13-459
PALMER, EDMUND                          NC-80-H-33
PALMER, MINNIE R.                       NC-80-13-542
PALMER, S. E.                           NC-80-3-571
PARHAM, CORA ADDIE                      NC-80-14-530
PARIS, G. C.                            NC-80-7-376
PARK, NATHEN                            NC-80-B-62
PARKE, NOAH                             NC-80-G-381
PARKER, BARHAM                          NC-80-I-81
PARKER, BESSIE L.                       NC-80-14-496
PARKER, EDWARD                          NC-80-H-112
PARKER, ISAAC                           NC-80-G-370
PARKER, J. COLUMBUS                     NC-80-8-337
PARKER, JAMES                           NC-80-#1-184
PARKER, JOHN A. (COLORED)               NC-80-8-478
PARKER, JULIUS A.                       NC-80-6-335
PARKER, MARY M.                         NC-80-12-481
PARKER, SAMUEL GIBSON                   NC-80-13-408
PARKER, THOMAS                          NC-80-G-217
PARKER, W. C.                           NC-80-4-460
PARKER, W. L.                           NC-80-3-510
PARKER, WILLIAM L.                      NC-80-2-1
PARKES, FAITHY                          NC-80-H-608
PARKES, JANE                            NC-80-H-642
PARKS, DAVID M.                         NC-80-4-310
PARKS, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-#1-359
PARKS, EMMA                             NC-80-10-94
PARKS, GEORGE                           NC-80-B-165
PARKS, HUGH                             NC-80-2-447
PARKS, HUGH                             NC-80-B-123
PARKS, MARGRET                          NC-80-C-123
PARKS, MATILDA JANE                     NC-80-10-393
PARKS, NOAH                             NC-80-H-459
PARNELL, ROSANNA                        NC-80-3-216
PARRICK, THOMAS                         NC-80-G-433
PARTEE, GEORGE S.                       NC-80-H-704
PARTEE, JAMES                           NC-80-4-556
PARTEE, NOAH                            NC-80-I-106
PARTEE, ROBERT                          NC-80-3-506
PARTEE, SANDIE                          NC-80-7-190
PASSINGER, JOHN (TORN)                  NC-80-A-170
PATEN, ELLONER                          NC-80-B-199
PATON, JOHN                             NC-80-F-68
PATTERSON, ANICE MARIE                  NC-80-8-521
PATTERSON, DAVID H.                     NC-80-#1-171
PATTERSON, E. M. SR.                    NC-80-12-472
PATTERSON, F. D.                        NC-80-11-557
PATTERSON, FRANK                        NC-80-3-120
PATTERSON, HANNAH                       NC-80-#1-175
PATTERSON, JAMES SR.                    NC-80-I-45
PATTERSON, JOHN I.                      NC-80-3-493
PATTERSON, M. LON                       NC-80-6-163
PATTERSON, ROBERT E.                    NC-80-9-588
PATTERSON, THOMAS B.                    NC-80-11-349
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-80-C-297
PAWLESS, HENRY                          NC-80-H-581
PAWLUS, ADAM                            NC-80-H-630
PAYNE, CHARLES                          NC-80-F-29
PAYNE, FANNY A.                         NC-80-6-374
PAYNE, JAMES W.                         NC-80-14-257
PAYNE, MARIA E.                         NC-80-12-486
PEACOCK, MARGARET B.                    NC-80-13-114
PEACOCK, P. N. SR.                      NC-80-14-51
PEACOCK, S. C.                          NC-80-10-299
PEARSON, ELIZABETH                      NC-80-2-177
PEARSON, JAMES                          NC-80-7-64
PEARSON, JAMES                          NC-80-8-238
PEARSON, MAMIE G. W.                    NC-80-11-43
PEARSON, NELLIE MAY HOLMES              NC-80-13-31
PEARSON, RICHARD                        NC-80-C-5
PEARSON, RICHMOND SR.                   NC-80-H-13
PECHEL, FRANKLIN M.                     NC-80-K-321
PEDEN, FANNIE W.                        NC-80-6-141
PEEK, SAMUEL                            NC-80-G-41
PEELER, ANTHONY                         NC-80-H-434
PEELER, ANY                             NC-80-K-273
PEELER, BELLE R.                        NC-80-9-330
PEELER, CHARLES A.                      NC-80-10-289
PEELER, CHARLES D.                      NC-80-9-524
PEELER, CORDELIA                        NC-80-8-147
PEELER, COY G.                          NC-80-14-5
PEELER, DAVID                           NC-80-3-57
PEELER, HENRY                           NC-80-5-484
PEELER, J. A. M.                        NC-80-10-399
PEELER, J. M.                           NC-80-13-583
PEELER, JOHN HENRY (DR.)                NC-80-13-93
PEELER, JOHN W.                         NC-80-14-531
PEELER, L. M.                           NC-80-10-575
PEELER, LAWSON A.                       NC-80-10-365
PEELER, LENORA H.                       NC-80-11-75
PEELER, LEWIS D.                        NC-80-9-298
PEELER, MARY LEE                        NC-80-9-32
PEELER, PAUL                            NC-80-H-648
PEELER, ROSA I.                         NC-80-13-266
PEELER, SADIE GREEN                     NC-80-14-519
PEELER, SARAH                           NC-80-#1-37
PEELER, T. C.                           NC-80-15-123
PENCE, JOHN F.                          NC-80-9-201
PENDRY, JAMES                           NC-80-F-36
PENERY, THOMAS                          NC-80-H-432
PENINGER, JOHN B.                       NC-80-13-434
PENNING, JACOB                          NC-80-H-467
PENNINGER, DANIEL                       NC-80-3-403
PENNINGER, ELIZABETH                    NC-80-H-411
PENNINGER, J. M. C.                     NC-80-8-458
PENNINGTON, JAMES R.                    NC-80-8-69
PENNY, MARGARET                         NC-80-K-261
PERKINS, MARIA                          NC-80-12-5
PETERS, EMMA                            NC-80-9-221
PETHAL, ANNIE                           NC-80-3-54
PETHEL, AMELIA                          NC-80-10-49
PETHEL, DON C.                          NC-80-9-368
PETHEL, E. D.                           NC-80-6-297
PETHEL, S. G.                           NC-80-9-467
PETREA, H. S.                           NC-80-7-1
PETREA, L. C.                           NC-80-14-453
PETREA, MATHEW W.                       NC-80-13-479
PETTY, JAMES                            NC-80-H-88
PEYLER, E. WORTH                        NC-80-12-179
PHARR, A. D.                            NC-80-15-127
PHELPS, EZEKIEL                         NC-80-H-136
PHIFER, ANDERSON                        NC-80-11-318
PHIFER, B. C.                           NC-80-4-397
PHIFER, BASCOM R.                       NC-80-13-252
PHIFER, FLOYD                           NC-80-5-403
PHIFER, J. COWAN                        NC-80-K-318
PHIFER, J. F.                           NC-80-9-477
PHIFER, J. W.                           NC-80-3-407
PHIFER, JOHN                            NC-80-K-152
PHIFER, LENA K.                         NC-80-14-156
PHIFER, MATILDA PARTEE                  NC-80-10-229
PHIFER, MATTHIAS                        NC-80-K-146
PHIFER, SILAS                           NC-80-2-277
PHILIP, ELIJAH                          NC-80-F-19
PHILIPS, JOHN                           NC-80-F-43
PHILLIPS, BEDDER                        NC-80-G-248
PHILLIPS, JOSHUA                        NC-80-2-332
PHILLIPS, JULIA ANN                     NC-80-11-260
PHILLIPS, MILLER GOODMAN (MRS)          NC-80-12-556
PHILLIPS, SUSANNAH                      NC-80-I-229
PHILLIPS, TENNIE                        NC-80-12-493
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM M.                    NC-80-10-175
PHISTER, HENRY                          NC-80-F-31
PICKET, RALPH                           NC-80-C-296
PICKETT, J. H.                          NC-80-14-378
PICKLER, ANDERSON F.                    NC-80-14-386
PICKLER, L. J. C.                       NC-80-14-163
PICKLER, MARY JANE                      NC-80-10-489
PICKLER, W. T.                          NC-80-8-150
PIDGEON, WILLIAM                        NC-80-A-137
PIERCE, AMANDA                          NC-80-11-121
PIERCE, J. F.                           NC-80-14-152
PIERCE, S. S.                           NC-80-11-417
PINKSTON, HUGH SHERRILL                 NC-80-11-170
PINKSTON, JOHN L.                       NC-80-7-152
PINKSTON, LILIE A.                      NC-80-11-445
PINKSTON, MESHACK SR.                   NC-80-H-286
PINKSTON, NANCY                         NC-80-K-384
PINKSTON, RICHARD                       NC-80-B-74
PINKSTON, THOMAS                        NC-80-H-241
PINKSTON, WILLIAM                       NC-80-G-395
PINKSTON, WILLIAM                       NC-80-H-489
PIRIE, JANIE H.                         NC-80-14-202
PIRIE, L. C.                            NC-80-11-520
PLASTER, H. REESE                       NC-80-9-121
PLASTER, J. N.                          NC-80-6-318
PLASTER, JOHN                           NC-80-G-246
PLASTER, MARY                           NC-80-#1-416
PLASTER, VIRGINIA HARRIET               NC-80-12-428
PLASTER, WILLIAM T. H.                  NC-80-3-154
PLESS, EMMA E.                          NC-80-6-75
PLESS, H. JEREMIAH                      NC-80-5-433
PLESS, LILLIAN GERTRUDE                 NC-80-10-409
PLILER, NELLIE C.                       NC-80-3-520
PLUMMER, FRED OLIN JR.                  NC-80-14-417
PLUMMER, MATTHEW                        NC-80-2-70
PLYLER, LOUVINA                         NC-80-11-83
PLYLER, M. A. SR.                       NC-80-5-177
POE, ANDERSON                           NC-80-4-409
PONREY, JAMES                           NC-80-G-452
POOL, ALEXANDER                         NC-80-3-52
POOL, E. N.                             NC-80-K-204
POOLE, CHALMERS M. VAN                  NC-80-9-556
POOLE, JOHN CALVIN                      NC-80-8-291
POOLE, JOSEPH A.                        NC-80-9-136
POOLE, KATIE C.                         NC-80-14-268
POOLE, LAURA                            NC-80-9-296
POOLE, OTHO V.                          NC-80-4-360
POOLE, SUSAN                            NC-80-4-577
POPE, JAMES                             NC-80-H-229
POPLIN, DAISY LYERLY                    NC-80-14-140
PORTER, JAMES                           NC-80-C-55
PORTER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-A-136
PORTER, WILLIAM THADDEUS                NC-80-12-427
POSTON, BENJAMIN                        NC-80-F-28
POSTON, J. A.                           NC-80-6-342
POSTON, JOHN                            NC-80-B-64
POSTON, SUSANNA                         NC-80-K-160
POTEAT, CHARLIE VERNON                  NC-80-14-534
POTEAT, R. W.                           NC-80-15-70
POTEET, MERRIMAN STARKEY                NC-80-12-252
POTTS, GEORGE                           NC-80-H-328
POTTS, JEREMIAH                         NC-80-H-220
POULASS, WILLIAM                        NC-80-B-137
POWE, MARTHA A.                         NC-80-#1-321
POWELL, I. M.                           NC-80-14-79
POWLAS, GEORGE FRANKLIN                 NC-80-11-113
POWLAS, J. Q. A.                        NC-80-13-299
POWLAS, LEVI                            NC-80-5-564
POWLAS, MARGARET                        NC-80-11-209
POWLAS, MINNIE L.                       NC-80-12-407
POWLAS, THORNTON R.                     NC-80-7-132
POWLASS, JESSE                          NC-80-3-538
POWLES, MARTHA PEELER                   NC-80-11-363
PRESSLY, JAMES LOWRY                    NC-80-14-536
PRICE, AUGUSTUS H.                      NC-80-9-95
PRICE, J. C.                            NC-80-3-17
PRICE, MARY R.                          NC-80-7-4
PRICE, R. W.                            NC-80-5-583
PROPST, CLARISSA E.                     NC-80-3-433
PROPST, HARRIET LAVINA                  NC-80-5-171
PROPST, VALENTINE SR.                   NC-80-#1-251
PUCKETT, J. GRAHAM JR.                  NC-80-14-274
PURCELL, S. M.                          NC-80-12-586
PURDAM, BENJAMIN                        NC-80-G-212
PUTNAM, CORA B.                         NC-80-9-375
PUTNAM, LEE                             NC-80-11-110
PWEN, JOHN                              NC-80-B-108
QUILLIN, MARY ALICE MILLER              NC-80-14-243
QUILLIN, MARY L.                        NC-80-12-288

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