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JACKS, RICHARD                          NC-80-C-69
JACKSON, CHARLES THOMAS                 NC-80-12-232
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NC-80-F-42
JACKSON, MINNIE J.                      NC-80-15-54
JACOBS, C. A.                           NC-80-5-497
JACOBS, J. W.                           NC-80-10-55
JACOBS, JOHN EVERETT                    NC-80-11-125
JACOBS, KINDEL                          NC-80-K-115
JACOBS, LEWIS                           NC-80-K-259
JACOBS, LEWIS                           NC-80-4-501
JACOBY, NATHAN P.                       NC-80-5-69
JAMES, E. K.                            NC-80-10-354
JAMES, M. D.                            NC-80-14-394
JAMESON, JAMES (TAPED, TORN)            NC-80-A-269
JAMESON, JAMES                          NC-80-K-52
JAMISON, J. C.                          NC-80-10-174
JAMISON, JOHN E.                        NC-80-3-371
JAMISON, JOHN M.                        NC-80-K-283
JAMISON, SALLIE K.                      NC-80-13-378
JAMISON, W. M.                          NC-80-7-111
JAMISON, W. S.                          NC-80-4-555
JAMISON, WILLIAM                        NC-80-I-133
JARRATT, JOHN                           NC-80-G-449
JARVIS, SAMUEL                          NC-80-H-207
JEFFCOAT, ROSA E.                       NC-80-10-178
JEFFERSON, SIMON                        NC-80-2-365
JEFFREY, ETHEL B.                       NC-80-12-584
JENKINS, AARON                          NC-80-H-614
JENKINS, EDWARD                         NC-80-H-253
JENKINS, EXIE ELLEN                     NC-80-4-284
JENKINS, JOEL H.                        NC-80-K-279
JENKINS, JOHN                           NC-80-2-395
JENKINS, T. V.                          NC-80-12-237
JETER, EDMUND                           NC-80-H-2
JETTON, ABRAHAM                         NC-80-C-89
JINKENS, JESSEE                         NC-80-D-15
JOB, SAMUEL                             NC-80-C-312
JOB, THOMAS                             NC-80-F-39
JOHNSON, ALFRED L.                      NC-80-3-230B
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN A.                    NC-80-3-436
JOHNSON, C. J.                          NC-80-7-426
JOHNSON, LULA                           NC-80-7-558
JOHNSON, NANCY C.                       NC-80-2-363, 374
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         NC-80-I-121
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         NC-80-A-70
JOHNSON, TAYLOR CLEGG                   NC-80-13-1
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NC-80-C-50
JOHNSTON, CALEB WEBB                    NC-80-3-338
JOHNSTON, JENNIE KEESLER                NC-80-11-126
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NC-80-G-445
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NC-80-C-315
JOHNSTON, MARY                          NC-80-G-236
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NC-80-G-391
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NC-80-B-22
JOHNSTON, RUFUS D.                      NC-80-K-313
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL D.                     NC-80-K-90
JOHNSTON, SARAH R.                      NC-80-4-316
JOHNSTON, T. EDGAR                      NC-80-14-342
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        NC-80-A-71
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        NC-80-C-218
JOHNSTON, THOMAS P.                     NC-80-10-569
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NC-80-C-302
JOHNSTON, WINONA                        NC-80-12-410
JOHNSTONE, JOHN B.                      NC-80-10-348
JONES, A. E.                            NC-80-3-426
JONES, A. S.                            NC-80-14-33
JONES, BENJAMIN RASHA                   NC-80-13-82
JONES, CHARLES IRVING SR.               NC-80-14-220
JONES, DAVID                            NC-80-D-7
JONES, HAMILTON C.                      NC-80-#1-19
JONES, J. J.                            NC-80-15-47
JONES, JOHN W.                          NC-80-7-185
JONES, JULIUS J.                        NC-80-14-474
JONES, MARSHALL                         NC-80-8-65
JONES, ROLAND                           NC-80-#1-343, 351
JONES, SALOMON                          NC-80-C-306
JONES, SAMUEL                           NC-80-A-202
JONES, W. B.                            NC-80-11-32
JORDAN, GEORGIE IRENE                   NC-80-11-114
JORDAN, HOYT I.                         NC-80-14-381
JOSEY, ALICE E.                         NC-80-6-366
JOSEY, CLEMENTINE                       NC-80-4-401
JOSEY, JOHN                             NC-80-10-261
JOSEY, RICHARD                          NC-80-6-290
JOSEY, WILLIAM                          NC-80-I-234
JULIAN, C. R.                           NC-80-15-38
JULIAN, CHARLES S.                      NC-80-14-43
JULIAN, G. W.                           NC-80-5-90
JULIAN, JAMES T.                        NC-80-9-569
JULIAN, JOHN                            NC-80-2-182
JULIAN, L. S. (MRS.)                    NC-80-12-293
KANE, PETER                             NC-80-C-235
KANIPE, VIRDA BEAVER                    NC-80-12-533
KANIPE, W. C.                           NC-80-11-491
KARN, JOHN                              NC-80-C-228
KARRIHER, PHILIP                        NC-80-#1-195
KARRIKER, A. LEROY                      NC-80-13-371
KARRIKER, ALICE EMMA                    NC-80-12-392
KARRIKER, CHARLES J.                    NC-80-6-482
KARRIKER, JAMES B.                      NC-80-9-149
KARRIKER, JOHN A.                       NC-80-7-234
KARRIKER, L. A.                         NC-80-12-282
KARRIKER, MARY A.                       NC-80-6-455
KARRIKER, MINNIE E.                     NC-80-14-578
KARRIKER, NEAL REGISTER                 NC-80-12-342
KARRIKER, WALTER L.                     NC-80-9-39
KARRKER, H. A.                          NC-80-11-422
KATTEISEN, GEORGE                       NC-80-E-229
KAYLOR, LEWIS                           NC-80-G-354
KEE, JESSIE                             NC-80-11-352
KEEVER, MARY C.                         NC-80-10-204
KEISLER, JOHN                           NC-80-I-113
KELCHEY, JOHN                           NC-80-#1-132
KELEHEY, DAVID A.                       NC-80-5-206
KELLER, J. H. (REV.)                    NC-80-15-27
KELLY, ELIZABETH M.                     NC-80-I-256
KELLY, HATTIE HARRIS                    NC-80-9-573
KELLY, LEILA BRYAN                      NC-80-10-170
KELNER, CHARLES                         NC-80-4-415
KELSEY, HARVEY A.                       NC-80-11-334
KELSEY, LULA S.                         NC-80-12-83
KELSEY, W. F.                           NC-80-6-209
KELSEY, W. F.                           NC-80-11-347
KENDRICK, W. A.                         NC-80-9-144
KENERLY, ROBERT L.                      NC-80-12-122
KENERLY, T. HERMAN                      NC-80-14-264
KENNEDY, JOHN EDWARD                    NC-80-11-480
KENNEDY, MARGARET J.                    NC-80-2-403
KENNERLY, L. S.                         NC-80-12-1
KENNERLY, M. M.                         NC-80-6-401
KENNERLY, ROBERT CORNELIUS              NC-80-#1-560
KENT, JOHN                              NC-80-H-150
KENT, JOHN H.                           NC-80-14-541
KENYOUN, JOEL                           NC-80-H-170
KENZ, PLEAS (COLORED)                   NC-80-6-328
KEPLEY, ALFRED LINSAY                   NC-80-12-398
KEPLEY, J. M.                           NC-80-14-560
KEPLEY, JANE ALICE FRALEY               NC-80-12-59
KEPLEY, MARTHA JANE                     NC-80-11-1
KERBY, SAMUEL                           NC-80-H-272
KERN, CONRAD                            NC-80-G-40
KERN, CONROD                            NC-80-G-238
KERN, JOHN                              NC-80-H-248
KERN, PETER                             NC-80-K-186
KERNS, JOHN BURGESS                     NC-80-9-443
KERNS, NANCY L.                         NC-80-10-243
KERNS,LETTIE                            NC-80-12-477
KERR, ALFRED (FREE BLACK)               NC-80-H-452
KERR, ANDREW                            NC-80-B-42
KERR, DAVID                             NC-80-C-229
KERR, GREENE (COLORED)                  NC-80-5-199
KERR, JAMES                             NC-80-I-245
KERR, JOHN                              NC-80-F-66
KERR, JOHN A.                           NC-80-4-271
KERR, JOSEPH                            NC-80-H-461
KERR, LETTY LUTETIA                     NC-80-5-400
KERR, MAMIE L.                          NC-80-13-187
KERR, MARGARET                          NC-80-K-64
KERR, MARY                              NC-80-I-72
KERR, MARY                              NC-80-C-234
KERR, SAMUEL                            NC-80-K-360
KERR, WALTER A.                         NC-80-13-322
KERR, WILLIAM H.                        NC-80-I-232
KERSCHNER, HARLAND M.                   NC-80-10-237
KESLER, ADA B.                          NC-80-11-2
KESLER, C. C. R.                        NC-80-2-493
KESLER, G. C.                           NC-80-12-36
KESLER, JOHN W.                         NC-80-12-292
KESLER, LULA J.                         NC-80-10-491
KESLER, M. L. (MRS)                     NC-80-11-102
KESLER, NANCY                           NC-80-K-260
KESLER, T. M.                           NC-80-11-146
KESLER, TOBIAS                          NC-80-3-169
KESLER, WILLIAM A.                      NC-80-#1-8
KESTER, J. A.                           NC-80-9-115
KESTER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-11-367
KESTLER, LUCY J.                        NC-80-4-539
KESTLER, MARGARET ELLEN                 NC-80-6-293
KESTLER, MARY                           NC-80-2-424
KETCHEY, PETER                          NC-80-#1-357
KETCHEY, SOLOMON                        NC-80-3-61
KETCHIE, ADAM L.                        NC-80-12-371
KETCHIE, B. R.                          NC-80-9-347
KETCHIE, ELIZABETH                      NC-80-8-40
KETCHIE, G. A.                          NC-80-14-410
KETCHIE, JOHN D.                        NC-80-8-561
KETCHIE, M. M.                          NC-80-9-575
KETCHIE, MARY A.                        NC-80-12-512
KETCHIE, RINEHOLDT                      NC-80-K-257
KETCHIE, T. L.                          NC-80-10-492
KETNER, GEORGE                          NC-80-H-270
KETNER, GEORGE M.                       NC-80-3-274
KETNER, GUY                             NC-80-14-407
KICK, C. C.                             NC-80-8-312
KILLPATRICK, ELIZABETH                  NC-80-H-455
KILPATRICK, DAVID                       NC-80-#1-46
KILPATRICK, J. D.                       NC-80-H-470
KILPATRICK, RACHEL                      NC-80-#1-82
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM                     NC-80-I-149
KIMBALL, C. M.                          NC-80-10-511
KIMBALL, KARL E.                        NC-80-11-490
KIMBALL, PATIENCE E.                    NC-80-8-387
KIMBROUGH, MARMADUKE                    NC-80-B-159
KINCAID, ELEANOR                        NC-80-K-97
KINCAID, HANNAH                         NC-80-#1-151
KINCAID, JAMES SR.                      NC-80-H-378
KINCAID, JESSE                          NC-80-K-204
KINCAID, JOHN                           NC-80-G-420
KINCAID, LEVENIA                        NC-80-H-460
KINCAID, MARY                           NC-80-I-140
KINCAID, MARY                           NC-80-4-180
KINDAR, CASPER                          NC-80-C-194
KINDER, GEORGE                          NC-80-C-242
KINDLEY, CHARLEY W.                     NC-80-4-333
KING, J. M.                             NC-80-11-74
KING, JOHN                              NC-80-C-236
KING, PETER                             NC-80-A-74
KING, PETER                             NC-80-B-24
KING, RICHARD                           NC-80-B-19
KINNEY, LENARD                          NC-80-K-326
KINNEY, W. A.                           NC-80-6-108
KIPATRICK, JOHN                         NC-80-C-233
KIR, EZRA                               NC-80-4-87
KIRK, ALICE E.                          NC-80-10-80
KIRK, JAMES                             NC-80-K-348
KIRK, JAMES MONROE                      NC-80-12-115
KIRK, JOHN F.                           NC-80-10-430
KIRK, MARY A. L.                        NC-80-3-89
KIRK, PEARLE REX                        NC-80-6-313
KIRK, STEPHEN                           NC-80-4-549
KIRK, W. A. SR.                         NC-80-11-50
KIRKLAND, GORDON A.                     NC-80-13-270
KISER, M. L.                            NC-80-12-519
KISTLER, B. G.                          NC-80-14-371
KISTLER, CATHERINE                      NC-80-7-562
KISTLER, CATHERINE                      NC-80-3-81
KIZER, R. G.                            NC-80-9-515
KLOTZ, CONRAD                           NC-80-F-65
KLULTZ, JACOB A.                        NC-80-6-389
KLULTZ, THEO F.                         NC-80-6-372
KLUTTS, HENRY                           NC-80-2-66
KLUTTS, LEONARD                         NC-80-L-14
KLUTTS, LEONARD                         NC-80-K-159
KLUTTS, LEONARD                         NC-80-L-14
KLUTTS, MARTHY (GARNER)                 NC-80-K-147
KLUTTS, TOBIAS                          NC-80-K-312
KLUTTS, WILLIAM B.                      NC-80-#1-574
KLUTTZ, A. L.                           NC-80-14-583
KLUTTZ, A. LEE                          NC-80-13-211
KLUTTZ, ALICE                           NC-80-11-148
KLUTTZ, CALVIN                          NC-80-10-1
KLUTTZ, CLARISSA M.                     NC-80-8-134
KLUTTZ, G. A. (MRS)                     NC-80-8-453
KLUTTZ, G. T.                           NC-80-12-126
KLUTTZ, GEORGE A.                       NC-80-8-178
KLUTTZ, JOSIE CRAIGE                    NC-80-11-173
KLUTTZ, JULIA A.                        NC-80-8-557
KLUTTZ, MARGARET LENN                   NC-80-5-472
KLUTTZ, MARTHA M.                       NC-80-13-260
KLUTTZ, P. S.                           NC-80-7-440
KLUTTZ, W. C.                           NC-80-10-580
KLUTTZ, W. L.                           NC-80-8-138
KLUTTZ, WALTER G.                       NC-80-11-484
KLUTZ, CHARLES A.                       NC-80-9-291
KLUTZ, LU ELLA                          NC-80-10-330
KNIGHT, ISAAC                           NC-80-H-659
KNIGHT, JOHN                            NC-80-H-541
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                         NC-80-H-512
KNOWLES, ELLEN F.                       NC-80-8-536
KNOX, GEORGE                            NC-80-#1-35
KNOX, JAMES G.                          NC-80-K-98
KNOX, JAMES W.                          NC-80-8-283
KNOX, JEANE                             NC-80-A-72
KNOX, JOHN                              NC-80-G-192
KNOX, KATE M.                           NC-80-10-46
KNOX, MARY GRAHAM                       NC-80-5-542
KNOX, R. C.                             NC-80-9-294
KNOX, ROBERT                            NC-80-2-141
KNOX, ROBERT G.                         NC-80-6-534
KNOX, SAMUEL                            NC-80-#1-4
KNUP, JOHN                              NC-80-G-489
KNUPP, DAVID S.                         NC-80-4-173
KNUPP, LOUISA C.                        NC-80-3-343
KOON, JANE ELIZABETH                    NC-80-9-44
KOON, LEWIS ARTHUR HENDERSON            NC-80-14-533
KOONTZ, E. W.                           NC-80-12-127
KORF, FREDERIC W.                       NC-80-3-443
KORF, HENRY                             NC-80-K-68
KORNE, WILEY G.                         NC-80-9-537
KRIDER, B. S.                           NC-80-13-518
KRIDER, BARNABAS                        NC-80-H-192
KRIDER, HENRY                           NC-80-H-25
KRIDER, JACOB                           NC-80-#1-264
KRITZER, T. H.                          NC-80-13-444
KROLL, LEOPOLD                          NC-80-11-567
KULTTZ, WILLIAM T.                      NC-80-9-140
KUSTLER, MARY BARBARY                   NC-80-K-213
KYLE, ALICE V.                          NC-80-9-369
KYLE, NORMAN                            NC-80-8-144, 166
KYMER, JACOB                            NC-80-I-196
KYMER, NICHOLAS                         NC-80-H-615
LACKEY, I. S. (MRS)                     NC-80-6-440
LAMB, MARY                              NC-80-H-524
LAMBE, HENREY                           NC-80-A-81
LAMBERT, R. D.                          NC-80-13-288
LAMBETH, WILLIAM                        NC-80-3-75
LAMBLY, GEORGE                          NC-80-A-79
LAMM, JAMES                             NC-80-H-217
LAND, J. R.                             NC-80-12-10
LANG, VIRGINIA                          NC-80-10-184
LANIER, CLEMENT                         NC-80-H-72
LANIER, CLEMENT                         NC-80-H-7
LANIER, EMMA                            NC-80-5-545
LANIER, MATTIE                          NC-80-7-44
LANIER, ROBERT V.                       NC-80-3-489
LANIER, SETH                            NC-80-H-111
LASH, WILEY H.                          NC-80-12-444
LATTA, ROBERT                           NC-80-B-171
LAUCHMAN, WILLIAM A.                    NC-80-14-575
LAUGHLIN, W. O.                         NC-80-7-345
LAWRENCE, EVA J.                        NC-80-12-468
LAWRENCE, JESSIE                        NC-80-14-569
LAWRENCE, OLIVER JACKSON                NC-80-13-332
LAWSON, HUGH                            NC-80-A-87
LAWSON, J. S.                           NC-80-9-259
LAWSON, J. W.                           NC-80-12-302
LEACH, JOHN LUTHER                      NC-80-10-496
LEACH, LLOYD (COLORED)                  NC-80-6-407
LEAK, PATTIE                            NC-80-11-196
LEAN, WILLIAM                           NC-80-H-63
LEATHERMAN, CHRISTIAN                   NC-80-H-18
LEATHERMAN, NICHOLAS                    NC-80-C-150
LEAZAR, JOHN                            NC-80-7-261
LEAZAR, JOHN SR.                        NC-80-L-13
LEAZAR, JOHN SR.                        NC-80-L-13
LEAZER, A.                              NC-80-4-429
LEAZER, HENRY                           NC-80-#1-100
LEAZER, MARTIN                          NC-80-K-238
LEAZER, MINNIE M.                       NC-80-5-307
LEDFORD, J. N.                          NC-80-6-315
LEDFORD, WILLIAM                        NC-80-E-150
LEE, ELIZABETH                          NC-80-12-466
LEE, JOE O.                             NC-80-12-42
LEE, ROBERT B.                          NC-80-3-526
LEEWILL, WILLIAM                        NC-80-H-108
LEFLER, C. D.                           NC-80-14-208
LEFLER, EVA MAY                         NC-80-14-210
LEFLER, FRANCES D.                      NC-80-13-513
LEFLER, G. R.                           NC-80-8-244
LEFLER, MARTHA LESUNER                  NC-80-4-528
LEFLER, P. C.                           NC-80-10-251
LEITH, WILLIAM HENRY                    NC-80-3-516
LEMLY, G. L.                            NC-80-10-315
LEMLY, HENRY                            NC-80-E-149
LEMLY, JOHN                             NC-80-E-192
LEMLY, JOSEPH                           NC-80-E-147
LEMLY, M. A.                            NC-80-10-407
LEMLY, NANCY M.                         NC-80-#1-581
LEMLY, PHILIP                           NC-80-G-141
LENCE, CRISTENA                         NC-80-K-79
LENGLE, FRANCES                         NC-80-K-63
LENTZ, ALICE E.                         NC-80-8-450
LENTZ, BOSTIAN                          NC-80-F-62
LENTZ, BOSTIAN                          NC-80-K-170
LENTZ, CARRIE V.                        NC-80-13-10
LENTZ, CHARLES                          NC-80-12-242
LENTZ, DEWALT                           NC-80-G-251
LENTZ, ELLEN C.                         NC-80-4-561
LENTZ, F. G.                            NC-80-12-74
LENTZ, G. J.                            NC-80-6-593
LENTZ, GERLOEN                          NC-80-12-180
LENTZ, H. C.                            NC-80-13-585
LENTZ, HENRY                            NC-80-#1-430
LENTZ, IRA LEE                          NC-80-12-549
LENTZ, JOHN W.                          NC-80-12-249
LENTZ, LUTHER A.                        NC-80-10-89
LENTZ, MARGARET A.                      NC-80-5-65
LENTZ, MARTH AE.                        NC-80-10-443
LENTZ, PETER                            NC-80-G-350
LENTZ, R. W.                            NC-80-#1-217
LEONARD, ELIZABETH                      NC-80-G-124
LEONARD, HENRY                          NC-80-E-145
LEONARD, JOSEPH B.                      NC-80-4-182
LEONARD, LENA EUGENIA                   NC-80-14-149
LEONARD, PRESTON J.                     NC-80-9-595
LEONARD, RICHARD W.                     NC-80-13-517
LEONARD, ROBERT LEE                     NC-80-12-162
LEONARD, S. PRESTON                     NC-80-11-293
LEONARD, V. T.                          NC-80-12-488
LEONARD, VOLENTINE                      NC-80-B-6
LEONARD, WALTER J.                      NC-80-14-246
LEONARD, WILLIAM C.                     NC-80-12-111
LEVISON, ROSE FRANCES                   NC-80-14-451
LEVY, DAVID                             NC-80-13-353
LEWIE, JOHN                             NC-80-G-11
LEWIS, DANIEL                           NC-80-E-141
LEWIS, EUGENIA E.                       NC-80-12-13
LEWIS, JOHN H.                          NC-80-2-126
LEWIS, PATIENCE                         NC-80-I-141
LIAKINS, JACOB                          NC-80-A-85
LICINS, JACOB                           NC-80-A-85
LIDDARE, SIMON                          NC-80-6-398
LIDERKEE, JOHN                          NC-80-H-148
LIGHTELL, BENJAMIN                      NC-80-I-209
LIGHTELL, THOMAS                        NC-80-7-370
LILLY, MARY MCNEELY                     NC-80-10-403
LIMLY, GEORGE                           NC-80-A-79
LIN, C. A.                              NC-80-8-513
LINCK, MCDANIEL                         NC-80-G-330
LINDSAY, DAVID                          NC-80-3-464
LINDSAY, JOHN                           NC-80-4-344
LINDSAY, MARY KING                      NC-80-4-139
LINGEL, LAWRENCE                        NC-80-2-104
LINGLE, CASPAR                          NC-80-H-412
LINGLE, CATHARINE C.                    NC-80-#1-14
LINGLE, FANNIE J.                       NC-80-12-383
LINGLE, J. B.                           NC-80-12-334
LINGLE, JOHN                            NC-80-#1-277
LINGLE, JOHN C.                         NC-80-9-523
LINGLE, MOSES                           NC-80-2-222
LINGLE, NANCY C.                        NC-80-3-4
LINK, ALICE                             NC-80-10-342
LINK, JACOB                             NC-80-E-137
LINK, JACOB                             NC-80-G-12
LINKER, MALINDA                         NC-80-7-144
LINKER, WILLIAM                         NC-80-G-209
LINN, ANNIE D.                          NC-80-8-180
LINN, BENNETT D.                        NC-80-13-247
LINN, DAVID                             NC-80-K-164
LINN, DAVID L.                          NC-80-14-47
LINN, EUGENE M.                         NC-80-12-48
LINN, EVELYN W.                         NC-80-13-477
LINN, GRACE S.                          NC-80-12-443
LINN, HUGH                              NC-80-C-183
LINN, J. A.                             NC-80-7-394
LINN, JENNIE H. SNIDER                  NC-80-15-102
LINN, JORCY C.                          NC-80-5-468
LINN, O. L.                             NC-80-11-202
LINN, P. D.                             NC-80-12-238
LINN, ROBERT                            NC-80-#1-76
LINN, STAHLE                            NC-80-15-77
LINN, T. C.                             NC-80-10-418
LINSTER, GOODWIN                        NC-80-#1-119
LINSTER, MOSES                          NC-80-G-482
LINTON, MARY O.                         NC-80-12-336
LIPE, ALLIE EUGENIA                     NC-80-12- 107
LIPE, CALEB J.                          NC-80-5-438
LIPE, CATHERINE                         NC-80-4-517
LIPE, CLEMENTINE D.                     NC-80-11-98
LIPE, E. J.                             NC-80-2-391
LIPE, ELIZABETH L.                      NC-80-4-574
LIPE, GEORGE                            NC-80-I-151
LIPE, GEORGE O.                         NC-80-12-471
LIPE, J. S.                             NC-80-5-202
LIPE, J. W.                             NC-80-12-388
LIPE, NELL WRIGHT                       NC-80-11-378
LIPE, WILLIAM L. SR.                    NC-80-3-49
LIPPARD, CORA MABEL                     NC-80-14-540
LIPPARD, J. H. A.                       NC-80-5-430
LIPPARD, JOHN A.                        NC-80-9-231
LIPPARD, MARGARET                       NC-80-#1-181
LIPPERT, EMANUEL ARTHUR                 NC-80-11-458
LITAKER, ELLEN                          NC-80-11-573
LITAKER, MOLLY                          NC-80-#1-85
LITOKER, JOE (COLORED)                  NC-80-6-329
LITSKER, ELIZABETH T.                   NC-80-4-363
LITTEL, JOHN                            NC-80-A-84
LITTLE, DANIEL                          NC-80-A-221
LITTLE, JOHN                            NC-80-A-84
LITTLE, JOHN                            NC-80-H-49
LITTLE, JONES                           NC-80-E-180
LITTLE, NOAH C.                         NC-80-10-537
LITTLE, SAMUEL                          NC-80-H-477
LITTLER, MINCHER                        NC-80-G-536
LITTMAN, ISIDOR                         NC-80-5-442
LITTMANN, LAURA                         NC-80-8-73
LITZER, ANNA                            NC-80-B-160
LIVENGOOD, J. F.                        NC-80-5-227
LIVENGOOD, L. C. (MRS)                  NC-80-5-435
LOCK, MARY                              NC-80-H-651
LOCKE, ALEXANDER                        NC-80-H-490
LOCKE, FRANCIS                          NC-80-E-186
LOCKE, FRANCIS                          NC-80-H-194
LOCKE, GEORGE                           NC-80-G-443
LOCKE, GEORGE A.                        NC-80-K-324
LOCKE, JAMES                            NC-80-G-296
LOCKE, JAMES (COLORED)                  NC-80-6-530
LOCKE, JOHN                             NC-80-H-552
LOCKE, JOHN F.                          NC-80-K-102
LOCKE, LAURA ALICE                      NC-80-10-293
LOCKE, MARY                             NC-80-K-181
LOCKE, MATTHEW                          NC-80-E-188
LOCKE, ROBERT                           NC-80-G-501
LOCKE, SARAH F.                         NC-80-2-34
LOFLIN, J. M.                           NC-80-8-163
LOFLIN, JAMES M.                        NC-80-13-294
LOFLIN, JOHN                            NC-80-G-225
LOFLIN, W. G.                           NC-80-13-573
LOFTIN, HENRY C.                        NC-80-6-36
LOFTIN, T. J.                           NC-80-6-283
LOMAX, M. A.                            NC-80-7-206
LONG, A. L.                             NC-80-14-510
LONG, ALEXANDER                         NC-80-#1-412
LONG, BESSIE BOSTIAN                    NC-80-15-74
LONG, ELIZA                             NC-80-9-396
LONG, HENRY                             NC-80-9-349
LONG, JOHN M.                           NC-80-I-177
LONG, JOHN S.                           NC-80-K-287
LONG, NETTIE ANN                        NC-80-3-291
LONG, PETER                             NC-80-3-359
LONG, REECE IRA                         NC-80-11-518
LONG, ROBERT L.                         NC-80-11-120
LONG, THOMAS                            NC-80-E-178
LOOKER, JOSEPH                          NC-80-G-130
LOOP, JOHN                              NC-80-E-194
LOPP, JACOB                             NC-80-C-32
LORAINE, JACK P.                        NC-80-14-88
LORD, JOHN B.                           NC-80-K-134
LORD, STEPHEN F.                        NC-80-6-542
LORD, VINEY (COLORED)                   NC-80-5-138
LOVEWATER, JOSEPH                       NC-80-A-89
LOW, CONRAD                             NC-80-E-185
LOWASSER, JOHN                          NC-80-E-135
LOWDER, G. W.                           NC-80-11-414
LOWDER, ISAIAH VANCE                    NC-80-10-202
LOWDER, JOEL A.                         NC-80-11-553
LOWDER, MARY FRANCES                    NC-80-9-394
LOWERY, RICHARD                         NC-80-K-178
LOWRANCE, A. J.                         NC-80-3-12
LOWRANCE, ALEXANDER                     NC-80-#1-12
LOWRANCE, JANE ELIZA                    NC-80-K-381
LOWRANCE, JOHN A.                       NC-80-#1-316
LOWRANCE, JOSEPH                        NC-80-C-169
LOWRANCE, LAURA E.                      NC-80-2-298
LOWRANCE, LEWIS W.                      NC-80-13-380
LOWRANCE, LYDIA A.                      NC-80-3-22
LOWRANCE, R. A.                         NC-80-12-448
LOWRANCE, R. F.                         NC-80-12-14
LOWRANCE, S. A.                         NC-80-13-274
LOWRY, ELIZABETH                        NC-80-#1-570
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          NC-80-G-241
LUCAS, DELILA                           NC-80-9-218
LUCAS, URIAH G.                         NC-80-15-100
LUCKBEE, JOHN                           NC-80-E-142
LUCKER, ROBERT                          NC-80-A-77
LUCKEY, ENOCH                           NC-80-8-540
LUCKEY, FRANCIS M.                      NC-80-#1-451
LUCKEY, JOHN                            NC-80-C-41
LUCKEY, JOHN                            NC-80-2-11
LUCKEY, SAMUEL                          NC-80-E-136
LUCKEY, SAMUEL                          NC-80-K-374
LUCKIE, JAMES                           NC-80-I-83
LUCKY, WILLIAM                          NC-80-H-671
LUDWICK, CICERO A.                      NC-80-8-395
LUDWICK, CROWF S.                       NC-80-13-565
LUDWICK, GEORGE THOMAS                  NC-80-14-409
LUDWICK, W. L.                          NC-80-10-462
LUDWIG, CHARLES E.                      NC-80-11-521
LUDWIG, DELLA R.                        NC-80-10-381
LUDWIG, ELIJA L.                        NC-80-8-154
LUDWIG, FANNIE PEARL                    NC-80-15-124
LUDWIG, JOICY                           NC-80-9-408
LUDWIG, W. H.                           NC-80-12-262
LUDWIG, W. L.                           NC-80-11-282
LUNN, L. L.                             NC-80-11-513
LUSK, SAMUEL                            NC-80-A-193
LUTZ, MARTHA V.                         NC-80-10-275
LYALL, THOMAS                           NC-80-B-46
LYARLE, JACOB                           NC-80-I-181
LYATT, THOMAS                           NC-80-E-133
LYERBY, J. A.                           NC-80-6-286
LYERLY, A. L.                           NC-80-10-244
LYERLY, C. C.                           NC-80-13-2
LYERLY, CARSON R. S.                    NC-80-8-460
LYERLY, CHARLES A.                      NC-80-14-594
LYERLY, CHARLOTTE C.                    NC-80-10-142
LYERLY, EUBERT                          NC-80-13-358
LYERLY, FLORENCE                        NC-80-7-565
LYERLY, G. L.                           NC-80-13-363
LYERLY, GEORGE                          NC-80-2-571
LYERLY, H. L.                           NC-80-10-93
LYERLY, J. C.                           NC-80-12-341
LYERLY, J. F.                           NC-80-6-43
LYERLY, J. H.                           NC-80-14-7
LYERLY, J. M. L.                        NC-80-7-384
LYERLY, JACOB                           NC-80-K-21
LYERLY, JACOB SR.                       NC-80-K-339
LYERLY, JETTIE A.                       NC-80-14-65
LYERLY, JONATHAN                        NC-80-7-510
LYERLY, JOSEPH M.                       NC-80-13-297
LYERLY, L. F.                           NC-80-10-468
LYERLY, LAURA I.                        NC-80-12-2
LYERLY, LILLAN                          NC-80-10-422
LYERLY, LOISE BAKER                     NC-80-14-574
LYERLY, MARGARET                        NC-80-K-138
LYERLY, MARGARET                        NC-80-#1-500
LYERLY, MARY M.                         NC-80-15-9
LYERLY, NANCY                           NC-80-#1-134
LYERLY, R. A.                           NC-80-10-391
LYERLY, SUSAN ELMETER                   NC-80-14-377
LYERLY, T. J.                           NC-80-8-462
LYERLY, THOMAS SPENCER                  NC-80-7-361
LYERLY, W. R.                           NC-80-11-137
LYERLY, WALKER                          NC-80-13-365
LYNCH, JAMES P.                         NC-80-12-320
LYNCH, MAMIE HATLEY                     NC-80-12-118
LYNN, WILLIAM                           NC-80-C-12
LYNND, JOHN                             NC-80-B-67
LYON, ELIJAH                            NC-80-E-138
LYON, HATTIE C.                         NC-80-3-481
LYONS, JAMES                            NC-80-9-507
LYONS, JOHN                             NC-80-12-278
LYONS, JOHN                             NC-80-B-73
LYONS, MARY HUNTER                      NC-80-8-485
LYRELY, MOSES                           NC-80-2-199
LYRELY, ZACHARIAH                       NC-80-2-30
LYVERLY, L. S.                          NC-80-13-504

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