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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1805-1851 | 2 = 1851-1873 | 3 = 1873-1883 | 4 = 1883-1891 | 5 = 1892-1898 | 6 = 1899-1904 | 7 = 1904-1908 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1916 | 10 = 1916-1918 |
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ACKER, ISAAC                           BUFFALO                                 PA-3-4-514
ADAMS, ANNA M.                         ELDERTON                                PA-3-2-477
ADAMS, HENRY                           MAHONING                                PA-3-4-536
ADAMS, JAMES                           SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-7-95
ADAMS, JAMES F.                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-330
ADAMS, JOHN                            SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-6-489
ADAMS, M. S.                           PARKER CITY                             PA-3-7-75
ADAMS, MARY                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-205
ADAMS, RACHEL                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-3-94
ADAMS, ROBERT                          WICKBORO                                PA-3-8-268
ADAMS,D EBORAH                         MAHONING                                PA-3-7-272
AIKENS, ESTHER                         MANOR                                   PA-3-6-283
AKEY, AGNES J.                         ELDERTON                                PA-3-4-544
AKEY, JOHN                             PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-219
ALCORN, JOHN                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-110
ALCORN, LUCINDA                        APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-10-539
ALCORN, THOMAS                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-9-440
ALEXANDER, DAVID                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-9-167
ALEXANDER, MARGARET                    WORTHINGTON BORO                        PA-3-10-257
ALKER, ANDREW                          KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-3-238
ALLEMONG, JACOB                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-43
ALLEN, ARCHIBALD                       NTL, INDIANA, PA                        PA-3-9-219
ALLEN, EDWARD HUGH                     MANOR                                   PA-3-8-576
ALLEN, JOHN N.                         PINE                                    PA-3-3-150
ALLEN, THOMAS                          PARKER CITY                             PA-3-3-472
ALLSHOUSE, ALBERT S.                   KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-4-475
ALLSHOUSE, CATHERINE                   GILPIN                                  PA-3-7-314
ALLSHOUSE, ISRAEL                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-109
ALLSHOUSE, JOHN                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-115
ALLSHOUSE, JOHN F.                     LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-10-598
ALLSHOUSE, MICHAEL                     GILPIN                                  PA-3-5-366
ALSHOUSE, HENRY SR.                    KISKIMMETAS                             PA-3-2-38
ALTER, AMANDA B.                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-206
ALTER, DAVID                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-250
ALTER, JOSEPH R.                       FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-115
ALTIMUS, MARGARET E.                   PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-6-470
ALTMAN, BARBARA                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-549
ALTMAN, CASPER J.                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-7-358
ALTMAN, DELLA                          ELDERTON BORO                           PA-3-9-583
ALTMAN, FREDERICK                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-93
ALTMAN, JACOB A.                       ELDERTON                                PA-3-5-420
ALTMAN, MARY ANN                       PARKS                                   PA-3-5-417
ALTMAN, PETER                          PARKS                                   PA-3-5-89
ALTMAN, S. B.                          PARKS                                   PA-3-4-21
ALTMAN, WILLIAM                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-379
AMBROSE, ADELLA J.                     RURAL VALLEY BORO                       PA-3-7-217
AMBROSE, BENJAMIN                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-344
AMBROSE, DAVID HALL                    EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-301
AMBROSE, J. H.                         EAT FRANKLIN                            PA-3-9-501
AMBROSE, JOHN                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-138
AMBROSE,ELIZABETH                      VANDERGRIFT, PA                         PA-3-9-597
AMENT, JOHN                            APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-8-447
ANCHORS, LIZZIE JANE                   HOVEY                                   PA-3-6-325
ANCHORS, NATHANIEL                     HOVEY                                   PA-3-6-128
ANDERSON, ALBERT E.                    LEECHBURG                               PA-3-4-588
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-360
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                    PINE                                    PA-3-7-36
ANDERSON, HENRY S.                     KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-6-91
ANDERSON, JAMES                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-85
ANDERSON, JOHN B.                      LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-325
ANDERSON, M. T.                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-311
ANDERSON, MARGART                      LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-8-541
ANDERSON, MARY                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-345
ANDERSON, MARY E.                      FREEPORT                                PA-3-5-55
ANDERSON, N. A.                        KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-9-403
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-318
ANDERSON, ROBERT T.                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-20
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     PA-3-1-195
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       PINE                                    PA-3-6-524
ANDREWS, JACOB                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-91
ANTHONY, JACOB                         SOUTH BETHLEHEM                         PA-3-6-434
ANTHONY, MARY JANE                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-292
ANTHONY, ROBERT                        MADISON                                 PA-3-9-360
ANTHONY, W. G.                         MADISON                                 PA-3-10-385
ARMSTRONG, J. A.                       LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-8-542
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-418
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-203
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-248
ARMSTRONG, JOHN D.                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-361
ARMSTRONG, QUINTIN                     KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-3-255
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-178
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-297
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-266
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-14
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-450
ARNER, LEONARD                         CLINTON                                 PA-3-2-259
ARNOLD, ANDREW                         NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-10-481
ARNOLD, JOHN                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-140
ARTMAN, ANDREW                         APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-8-361
ARTMAN, CATHERINE E.                   APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-10-354
ARTMAN, DANIEL                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-232
ARTMAN, L. B.                          PARKS                                   PA-3-7-6
ARTMAN, SARAH                          PARKS                                   PA-3-7-560
ASH, CRESCENTIA (NANCY)                FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-127
ASHBAUGH, A. W.                        NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-7-299
ASHBAUGH, ALEXANDER SR.                LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-7-551
ASHBAUGH, CATHERINE                    BURRILL                                 PA-3-3-228
ASHBAUGH, JOHN L.                      PARKS                                   PA-3-5-559
ASHBAUGH, SAMUEL                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-5-132
ASHBOUGH, ADAM                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-38
ASPEY, JACOB                           BURRELL                                 PA-3-2-170
ATKINS, JAMES C.                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-349
ATKINS, LOUISA                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-261
ATKINSON, FRANK                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-7-27
ATKINSON, GEORGE W.                    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO                    PA-3-7-204
ATKINSON, JAMES                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-196
ATKINSON, LYDIA                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-526
AUBURY, Q. VICTOR                      FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-8-456
AYERS, SAMUEL                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-152
AYLER, RUBEN                           PERRY                                   PA-3-7-540
B ROWN, SAMUEL                         PARKS                                   PA-3-8-57
BACHOF, JENNETTE                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-5-73
BACKER, JOHN                           KITTANING                               PA-3-5-492
BAILEY, E. S. H.                       PARKER                                  PA-3-4-42
BAILEY, ELI                            MADISON                                 PA-3-4-220
BAKER, CATHARINE                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-580
BAKER, GEORGE                          BUFFALO                                 PA-3-2-78
BAKER, HENRY                           FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-31
BAKER, JACOB                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-557
BAKER, JACOB                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-66
BAKER, JACOB                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-73
BAKER, JACOB                           BURRLL                                  PA-3-6-545
BAKER, NANCY                           NTL                                     PA-3-2-423
BAKER, ROSANNAH                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-259
BAKER, SARAH                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-511
BAKER, WILLIAM                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-96
BALLENTINE, JOSHUA M.                  PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-227
BALSINGER, SAMUEL                      MADISON                                 PA-3-5-32
BALUCH, MARIE                          FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-8-547
BANKS, ELIZA JANE                      PINE                                    PA-3-2-38
BANKS, MATTHEW                         RAYBURN                                 PA-3-8-140
BANKS,ROBERT                           VALLEY                                  PA-3-4-198
BARBOUR, JOSEPH O.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-252
BARBOUR, JOSEPH O.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-239
BARCLAY, ISAAC M.                      ELDERTON BORO                           PA-3-7-413
BARGER, JOHN                           PERRY                                   PA-3-8-459
BARGERSTOCK, ANNIE M.                  WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-161
BARGERSTOCK, C. F.                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-9-252
BARGERSTOCK, HENRY                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-18
BARGERSTOCK, JOHN                      VALLEY                                  PA-3-4-179
BARGESTOCK, JOHN                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-171
BARK, PETER                            PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-395
BARKER, ISAAC                          VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-480
BARKER, JOHN                           VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-494
BARKER, JOSEPH                         VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-455
BARNES, HAMILTON R.                    PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA               PA-3-8-71
BARNETT, J. C.                         WEST KITTANNING BORO                    PA-3-9-545
BARNETT, WILLIAM SR.                   BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-198
BARNHART, JOHN                         BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-271
BARNS, JAMES                           WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-13
BARNS, JOSEPH                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-335
BARR, JAMES                            KISKEMMETES                             PA-3-2-372
BARR, JAMES                            WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-6-456
BARR, JOHN                             KIRKIMINITAS                            PA-3-1-293
BARR, NANCY                            WASHINGTON                              PA-3-9-484
BARRETT, WILLIAM M.                    MANOR                                   PA-3-9-196
BARRY, HANNAH                          BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-6
BARTLEY, ANNE CATHARINE                RED BANK                                PA-3-2-102
BASH, JOHN                             APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-397
BASH, JULIA ANN                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-450
BASH, SARAH M.                         APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-7-102
BASSINGER, MARY C.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-75
BATMILLER, OTTO                        PARKER                                  PA-3-5-565
BAUER,HENRY                            RAYBURN                                 PA-3-5-445
BAUM, JACOB                            BOGGS                                   PA-3-4-219
BAUM, JACOB W.                         BOGGS                                   PA-3-9-138
BAUM, JOHN                             PINE                                    PA-3-4-506
BAUM, JOSEPH                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-309
BAUMGARDNER, L. E.                     RURAL VALLEY BORO                       PA-3-9-241
BAXTER, ARON R.                        FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-8-590
BAXTER, HARRIET M.                     APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-6-548
BAXTER, JOHN                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-356
BEALE, JOSEPH G.                       LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-9-500
BEAMER, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-288
BEARD, JAMES                           LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-6-449
BEATTY, ALICE                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-404
BEATTY, DAVID                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-336
BEATTY, ELLA M.                        APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-416
BEATTY, JAMES                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-331
BEATTY, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-3-1-204
BEATTY, NANCY                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-144
BEATTY, NANCY E.                       APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-9-533
BEATTY, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     PA-3-1-211
BEATTY, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     PA-3-1-1
BEATTY, WILLIAM                        BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-78
BEATY, JOHN                            BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-390
BEATY, MARTHA                          BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-430
BEATY, WILLIAM W.                      MANORVILLE                              PA-3-2-570
BECK, BARBARA                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-143
BECK, DANIEL                           RED BANK                                PA-3-3-32
BECK, FREDERICK                        WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-6-455
BECK, FREDERICK                        WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-3-144
BECK, JACOB                            DAYTON                                  PA-3-6-231
BECK, JACOB                            WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-96
BECK, JACOB P.                         BOGGS                                   PA-3-6-514
BECK, JOHN                             RED BANK                                PA-3-7-274
BECK, LOUISA                           PARKS                                   PA-3-5-97
BECK, MARY                             RED BANK                                PA-3-3-185
BECK, MYRA L.                          KISKIMINETIS                            PA-3-6-201
BECK, SIMON                            WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-92
BECKETT, MATTHEW                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-583
BEER, ABRAHAM                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-344
BEER, ANNA ELIZABETH                   KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-55
BEER, CHRISTINA                        NTL, INDIANA, PA                        PA-3-7-554
BEER, DANIEL                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-260
BEER, GEORGE S.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-123
BEER, SAMUEL                           VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-329
BEER, SAMUEL SR.                       NTL                                     PA-3-1-338
BEIGHLEY, JACOB                        SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-9-200
BEIGHLEY, SAMUEL                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-3-91
BEILSTEIN, ADAM                        WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-442
BELL, ELIZABETH                        PINE                                    PA-3-5-580
BELLAS, GEORGE W.                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-605
BELLEFLEUR, P. H.                      FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-8-428
BENDER, CONRAD                         FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-180
BENDER, KATHARINE                      FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-455
BENJAMIN, DAVID                        KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-10-303
BENJAMIN, JOHN                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-39
BENNER, N. J.                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-7-142
BENSON, WILLIAM                        BRADYS BEND                             PA-3-2-174
BERCHMAN, JOHN                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-33
BERGMAN, FRANCIS HENRY                 NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-9-543
BERLINE, JOHN JR.                      RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-68
BESMER, ELIZABETH                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-377
BEST, JACOB                            RED BANK                                PA-3-7-599
BEST, JOHN K.                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-348
BEST, NICHOLAS                         BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-292
BEST, NICHOLAS                         NTL                                     PA-3-2-20
BETTENBENDER, GEORGE                   CLARION                                 PA-3-1-57
BICKET, WILLIAM                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-490
BIEHL, FREDERICK                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-346
BIER, HERMAN                           KISKIMINETIS                            PA-3-6-351
BIERER, LUKE                           PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-396
BIGELOW,LORENZO D.                     SOUTH MAHONING, INDIANA, PA             PA-3-6-257
BINER, CHARLES                         NTL                                     PA-3-3-546
BINGMAN, D. H.                         PINE                                    PA-3-4-20
BINKARD, JOHN                          PERRY                                   PA-3-2-176
BINKERD, SARAH E.                      PERRY                                   PA-3-7-326
BISH, CATHERINE                        NTL                                     PA-3-5-29
BISH, JOHN                             BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-70
BISH, JOHN                             MADISON                                 PA-3-4-260
BISH, JOHN H.                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-3-221
BISH, JOSEPH E.                        MADISON                                 PA-3-9-192
BISH, SUSANNAH                         MADISON                                 PA-3-4-422
BITNER, MARGARET ELIZABETH             KISKIMINETIS                            PA-3-6-523
BITTINGER, CORNELIUS                   WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-178
BITTINGER, JAMES A.                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-10-321
BITTINGER, MARGARET E.                 WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-113
BITTS, MARY                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-423
BITZ, WILLIAM                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-371
BLACK, DANIEL                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-447
BLACK, DAVID                           PINE                                    PA-3-2-54
BLACK, DAVID                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-122
BLACK, ELIZABETH                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-254
BLACK, ELIZABETH                       SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-7-137
BLACK, MARY                            KISKIMINETIS                            PA-3-5-211
BLACK, PAUL OSCAR                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-10-162
BLACKBURN, BENJAMIN                    FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-7-104
BLACKBURN, JOHN                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-290
BLADEN, THOMAS                         GILPIN                                  PA-3-6-103
BLAINE, JAMES                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-17
BLAIR, FLORENCE MAY                    SOUTH BETHLEHEM BORO                    PA-3-8-494
BLAIR, JAMES                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-191
BLAIR, MARTHA L.                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-375
BLAKE, WILLIAM H.                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-571
BLAKENEY, EDWARD                       NTL                                     PA-3-1-48
BLANEY, HUGH                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-194
BLANEY, J. A.                          BLUMCREEK                               PA-3-6-217
BLANEY, MINERVA                        KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-160
BLANEY, WILLIAM                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-252
BLATT, JOHN                            BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-8-126
BLAZEY, BARBRY                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-143
BLEAKNEY, ABRAHAM W.                   PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-468
BLEAKNEY, KATHARINE                    RED BANK                                PA-3-1-183
BLEAKNEY, NELLIE                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-474
BLOSE, FLORA I.                        RED BANK                                PA-3-6-404
BLOSE, GEORGE L.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-544
BLYHOLDER, JHN G.                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-4-39
BLYMILLER, HERMAN                      PARKER CITY                             PA-3-5-144
BLYSTINE, JOHN                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-597
BLYSTONE, JOHN                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-597
BOARTS, FREDERICK                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-594
BOARTS, WILLIAM                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-579
BOARTS, WILLIAM                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-579
BOBERT, ANDREW H.                      NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-6-422
BODEN, MARGARET                        KISKIMINETES                            PA-3-7-584
BODEN,JAMES B.                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-9-65
BODIN, JOHN C.                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-3-131
BOGGS, D. C.                           FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-410
BOGGS, DAVID                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-2-113
BOHN, P. R.                            PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-6-485
BOLE, ISAAC                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-539
BOLE, JAMES SR.                        BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-176
BOLE, SAMUEL R.                        FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-98
BOLE, SAREPTA                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-97
BOLLINGER, SAMUEL                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-578
BOLLMAN, MARTHA A.                     FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-504
BOLTS, HENRY                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-123
BOND, WILLIAM CLARK                    SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-9-154
BONEY, JAMES R.                        NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-441
BONNER, CHARLES                        NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-546
BONNER, JOHN                           WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-160
BONNER, ROBERT                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-480
BONNET, ALEXIS J.                      NTL                                     PA-3-2-211
BORLAND, D. M.                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-363
BORLAND, J. H.                         PARKER CITY                             PA-3-10-460
BORLAND, JOHN                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-310
BORLAND, SAMUEL                        WASINGTON                               PA-3-4-432
BORLAND, WILLIAM                       NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-5-47
BORLAND, WILLIAM                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-46
BORTS, JOSEPH                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-379
BORTZ, LAURA                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-4-295
BOSSINGER, ABRAHAM                     VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-357
BOSSINGER, HENRY                       PINE                                    PA-3-2-513
BOUGH, G. R.                           MADISON                                 PA-3-9-502
BOUGH, JOSEPH B.                       MANOR                                   PA-3-8-22
BOVARD, CHARLES S.                     MANOR                                   PA-3-9-122
BOVARD, GEORGE                         NTL                                     PA-3-5-123
BOVARD, GEORGE C.                      WARREN                                  PA-3-2-17
BOVARD, MARY ANN                       MANORVILLE                              PA-3-5-185
BOVARD, MARY W.                        KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-10-349
BOVARD, W. C.                          NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-6-33
BOWERS, DANIEL                         LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-217
BOWERS, HENRY                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-265
BOWERS, SEBASTIAN                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-85
BOWERS, WILLIAM C.                     KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-556
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         GILPIN                                  PA-3-5-168
BOWMAN, NANCY R.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-55
BOWSER, ADAM                           FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-16
BOWSER, DANIEL                         PARKER CITY                             PA-3-10-62
BOWSER, DAVID                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-326
BOWSER, DAVID R.                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-199
BOWSER, DAVID S.                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-120
BOWSER, ELIZABETH                      WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-83
BOWSER, EMANUEL B.                     NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-594
BOWSER, FREDERICK                      NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-8-1282
BOWSER, FREDERICK R.                   WASHINGTON                              PA-3-3-35
BOWSER, GEORGE                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-300
BOWSER, H. D.                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-75
BOWSER, HARVEY                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-241
BOWSER, JACOB                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-122
BOWSER, JACOB                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-274
BOWSER, JOHN                           SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-123
BOWSER, JOHN M.                        NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-432
BOWSER, JONAS                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-4-571
BOWSER, JONAS SR.                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-360
BOWSER, JOSEPH                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-2
BOWSER, JOSEPH D.                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-296
BOWSER, L. B.                          BOGGS                                   PA-3-9-459
BOWSER, LAVINA                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-8-95
BOWSER, MARY                           NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-114
BOWSER, MOSES                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-287
BOWSER, PETER                          PINE                                    PA-3-3-356
BOWSER, PETER                          VALENTINE                               PA-3-3-301
BOWSER, POLLIE NOBLE                   WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-135
BOWSER, RACHEL                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-81
BOWSER, ROBERT D.                      RURAL VALLEY BORO                       PA-3-7-285
BOWSER, SAMUEL D.                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-185
BOWSER, SAMUEL H.                      WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-597
BOWSER, SARAH                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-248
BOWSER, VALENTINE                      WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-168
BOWSER, VALENTINE                      WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-26
BOWSER, VOLENTINE                      SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-174
BOWSER, VOLENTINE                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-20
BOWSER, WILLIAM                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-514
BOWSER, WILLIAM                        NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-165
BOWSER, WILSON                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-76
BOYD, A. C.                            IRWIN, WESTMORELAND, PA                 PA-3-6-104
BOYD, ABRAHAM                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-225
BOYD, ABRAHAM C.                       NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-202
BOYD, ELIZA                            LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-8-1
BOYD, JAMES                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-194
BOYD, JANE J.                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-200
BOYD, JOHN C.                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-262
BOYD, JOSEPH B.                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-496
BOYD, JOSHUA                           KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-4-321
BOYD, M. H.                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-513
BOYD, MARY                             BURRELL                                 PA-3-8-521
BOYD, MARY C.                          KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-554
BOYD, ROBERT                           SUGAR                                   PA-3-1-13
BOYD, ROBERT SR.                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-4-209
BOYD, SARAH S.                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-581
BOYD, SARAH S.                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-581
BOYD, THOMAS                           BURRELL                                 PA-3-7-340
BOYD, W. M.                            FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-577
BOYER, GEORGE                          PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-3-333
BOYER, JACOB                           PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-265
BOYER, NOAH                            PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-3-294
BOYER, SLOAN                           WEST KITTANNING BORO                    PA-3-9-572
BOYER, WILLIAM                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-9-535
BOYERS, DAVID                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-351
BOYLE, DANIEL                          SUGARCREK                               PA-3-5-380
BOYLE, EDWARD                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-486
BOYLE, JOHN                            DONEGAL, BUTLER, PA                     PA-3-3-381
BOYLE, JOHN F.                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-595
BRADFORD, ABNER                        BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-230
BRANIFF, MATILDA                       SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-6-355
BRANTHOOVER, PETER                     PARKS                                   PA-3-4-404
BRANTHOOVER,EMILY                      PARKS                                   PA-3-5-458
BRAUN, JOSEPH                          WORTHNGTON BORO                         PA-3-7-527
BREDIN, EZEKIEL                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-323
BREDIN, GEORGIANA                      LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-120
BREDIN, JAMES                          BUTLER BORO                             PA-3-8-109
BRENNEMAN, HENRY                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-594
BRICE, ALEXANDER                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-268
BRICE, JAMES                           PINE BORO                               PA-3-4-468
BRICE, PETER P.                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-4-284
BRICE, ROBERT                          PINE                                    PA-3-2-470
BRICKER, DAVID                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-542
BRICKER, DAVID J.                      FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-459
BRICKER, ELIZA                         WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-577
BRICKER, HIRAM A.                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-483
BRICKER, HIRAM C.                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-366
BRICKER, ISABELL                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-519
BRICKER, JACOB                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-30
BRICKER, SAMUEL H.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-279
BRICKER, SUSANNAH                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-86
BRINEY, DANIEL                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-24
BRINEY, DAVID                          NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-7-193
BRINEY, MILLIE J.                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-76
BRINKLEY, RICHARD                      PARKER CITY                             PA-3-9-50
BRINKLEY, ROSETTA                      PARKER CITY                             PA-3-9-48
BRODHEAD, EDGAR A.                     KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-41
BROOKS, WILLIAM                        MAHONING                                PA-3-3-51
BROTHERS, LAWRENCE                     GILPIN                                  PA-3-7-358
BROTHERS, MARY ANN                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-547
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       MAHONING                                PA-3-2-376
BROWN, ALICE A.                        KISKIMINETIS                            PA-3-5-603
BROWN, F. J.                           KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-366
BROWN, HUGH                            PLUMB CREEK                             PA-3-1-42
BROWN, J. C.                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-68
BROWN, JAMES E.                        KITTANING                               PA-3-3-428
BROWN, JAMES JR.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-92
BROWN, JESSE J.                        KISIMINETIS                             PA-3-9-22
BROWN, JOHN                            WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-249
BROWN, JOHN                            APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-5-306
BROWN, JOHN                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-463
BROWN, JOHN                            SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-169
BROWN, JOHN                            EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-548
BROWN, JOHN EATON                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-388
BROWN, JOSEPH                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-317
BROWN, MARY B.                         MANORVILLE                              PA-3-6-582
BROWN, PETER                           RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-7-245
BROWN, PETER SR.                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-591
BROWN, ROBERT                          PINE                                    PA-3-2-148
BROWN, ROBERT SR.                      VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-150
BROWN, SIMON D.                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-213
BROWN, THOMAS                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-477
BROWN, WILLIAM J.                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-311
BROWNFIELD, WILLIAM                    SHRIGER CREEK                           PA-3-1-13
BROWN,R EUBEN                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-27
BRUCE, JOHN                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-206
BRUCE, W. W.                           FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-10-145
BRUDI, JOHN G.                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-4-494
BRUDY, JOHAN JACOB                     KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-135
BRUGH, HENRY                           BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-12
BRUMBAUGH, FREDERICK                   RED BANK                                PA-3-9-106
BRUNER, ANDREW J.                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-122
BRUNER, JAMES                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-218
BRUNER, JAMES                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-16
BRUNT, JAMES                           RAYBURN                                 PA-3-5-308
BRYSON, SAMUEL                         MANOR                                   PA-3-4-10
BUCKLEY, REBECCA                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-177
BUFFINGTON, E.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-42
BUFFINGTON, ENOCH                      RED BANK                                PA-3-4-190
BULLMAN, ANDREW                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-149
BUNKER, WILLIAM                        CLARION                                 PA-3-1-51
BUNNER, SARAH                          PHILADELPHIA, PA                        PA-3-6-515
BURCHER, LYDIA                         FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-289
BURFORD, DAVID                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-48
BURFORD, GEORGE                        SUGARCREK                               PA-3-5-391
BURFORD, J. R.                         KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-10-441
BURFORD, REUBEN SR.                    SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-33
BURFORD, RUBEN                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-500
BURLEIGH, JOHN                         VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-232
BURNS, ADAM D.                         NTL, HARRISON, OH                       PA-3-10-361
BURNS, JOHN                            COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-491
BURNS, JOHN                            SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-297
BURNS, MARY ELIZABETH                  FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-170
BURNS, PATRICK                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-511
BURNS, ROBERT                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-108
BURNS, S. S.                           DAYTON BORO                             PA-3-10-180
BURRETT, WILLIAM                       MADISON                                 PA-3-3-243
BURTNER, JOHN                          FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-7-303
BUSH, ABRAHAM                          BURRELL                                 PA-3-2-192
BUSH, ANDREW                           BUFFALO                                 PA-3-3-177
BUSH, C. D.                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-567
BUSH, ELIZABETH                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-67
BUSH, HENRY                            KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-219
BUSH, JACOB M.                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-26
BUSH, JERRY                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-86
BUSH, JOHN R.                          FORD CITY                               PA-3-9-375
BUSH, LEVI                             FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-290
BUSH, MICHAEL                          PARKS                                   PA-3-8-451
BUTLER, C. E.                          RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-125
BUTLER, JAMES                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-240
BUTLER, JOSEPH C.                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-357
BUTLER, ROSE                           PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA               PA-3-7-442
BUTLER, THOMAS                         BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-231
BUZZARD, JANE                          MAHONING                                PA-3-4-535
BUZZARD, THOMAS                        MAHONING                                PA-3-5-136
BYERS, ADAM                            PARKS                                   PA-3-4-536
BYERS, ASMUS                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-175
BYERS, DAVID                           NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-4-566
BYERS, ELIZABETH                       GILPIN                                  PA-3-3-550
BYERS, MARY                            WASHINGTON                              PA-3-9-571
BYERS, MARY                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-453
BYERS, MARY ANN                        GILPIN                                  PA-3-7-528

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