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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1805-1851 | 2 = 1851-1873 | 3 = 1873-1883 | 4 = 1883-1891 | 5 = 1892-1898 | 6 = 1899-1904 | 7 = 1904-1908 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1916 | 10 = 1916-1918 |
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FAAS, MARY A.                          KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-9-215
FAIR, ANNA MARGARET                    MANORVILLE BORO                         PA-3-8-255
FAIR, CHAMBERS                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-2-344
FAIR, ISAAC                            WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-275
FAIR, L. M.                            FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-579
FAIR, LEONARD                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-151
FAIR, MICHAEL SR.                      SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-242
FAIR, PHILIP                           WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-544
FAIR, PRICILLA L.                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-541
FAIRLIE, ELIZABETH                     RAYBURN                                 PA-3-5-388
FARNSWORTH, RICHARD B.                 PARKER                                  PA-3-6-148
FARSTER, CATHERINE                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-224
FARSTER, HENRY                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-524
FARSTER, JOSHUA                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-7-79
FARSTER, MARY A.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-220
FAULK, PHILIP                          RED BANK                                PA-3-5-221
FECKEL, ANNA MARIA                     MANOR                                   PA-3-7-363
FEICHT, CHARLES                        PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-9-208
FENNEL, ABRAHAM                        MANORVILLE                              PA-3-6-220
FENNELL, DANIEL                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-11
FENNELL, ELIZA J.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-444
FENNELL, JACOB                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-480
FENNELL, MARY                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-504
FENNELL, PETER S.                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-157
FENNELL, SUSANNAH                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-405
FERGUESON, MARGARET                    SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-156
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-338
FERGUSON, THOMAS A.                    SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-8-273
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     PA-3-5-256
FERRY, HARRIET                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-252
FERRY, MOSES                           BRADYS BEND                             PA-3-2-464
FETTER, HENRY                          RED BANK                                PA-3-5-436
FICHTHORN, LEWIS                       MANORVILLE                              PA-3-5-434
FIGHTER, MICHAEL                       MANORVILLE                              PA-3-7-107
FINDLEY, A. A.                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-10-467
FINDLEY, A. C.                         KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-4
FINDLEY, ABEL                          NTL                                     PA-3-1-401
FINDLEY, ARCHIBALD                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-400
FINDLEY, DAVID                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-4-1
FINDLEY, M. J. (MRS)                   FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-5-395
FINDLEY, MARGARET T.                   WAYNE                                   PA-3-9-130
FINDLEY, N. A.                         APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-8-309
FINDLEY, WILLIAM K.                    APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-9-575
FINLAY, JANE B.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-511
FINNY, ROBERT                          KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-501
FISH, ROBERT                           SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-64
FISHER, JACOB                          RED BANK                                PA-3-3-57
FISHER, LAWRENCE                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-551
FISHER, MARY M.                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-369
FITSGARALDS, ELIZA J.                  PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-396
FITZGARLES, STEWART                    PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-353
FITZGEALDS, JOHN                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-289
FITZGERALD, DANIEL                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-158
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-1-299
FITZGERALDS, S. E.                     RAYBURN                                 PA-3-7-492
FITZGERALDS, THOMAS                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-56
FIX, GEORGE                            APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-485
FIX, MARGARET                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-452
FLANIGAN, BRIDGET                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-6-513
FLECK, FRANCIS M.                      RURAL VALLEY BORO                       PA-3-10-291
FLEMING, ALEXANDER M.                  PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-558
FLEMING, CLARK                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-119
FLEMING, I. MAGGIE                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-66
FLEMING, ROBERT R.                     KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-4-93
FLEMING, ROBERT R.                     EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-80
FLEMING, SAMUEL                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-258
FLEMING, W. A.                         PERRY                                   PA-3-7-552
FLEMING, WILLIAM KING                  FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-194
FLEMING,HAMILTON                       MADISON                                 PA-3-7-130
FLEMMING, MARTHA                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-165
FLICK, CASPER                          MADISON                                 PA-3-4-87
FLICK, HENRY H.                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-441
FLICK, JAMES H.                        WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-416
FLICK, NIMROD                          SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-116
FLOWER, EMILY S.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-407
FORD, HENRY                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-229
FORD, PETER                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-26
FOREMAN, JAMES                         BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-250
FOREMAN, WILLAM B.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-234
FORINGER, DANIEL                       BRADYS BEND                             PA-3-3-347
FORINGER, JACOB                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-7-135
FORINGER, LEWIS                        BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-120
FORINGER, SARAH E.                     BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-154
FORMAN, ANDREW                         MAHONING                                PA-3-4-155
FORQUER, CHARLES                       PERRY                                   PA-3-5-169
FORQUER, ELIZABETH                     PERRY                                   PA-3-9-437
FORRESTER, STEPHEN A.                  SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-20
FORRINGER, JOHN                        BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-10-175
FORRINGER, JOSEPH                      BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-5-37
FORSYTH, GEORGE                        PINE                                    PA-3-1-289
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-69
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                      SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-196
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-240
FOSTER, C. A.                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-75
FOSTER, ELIZABETH                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-515
FOSTER, J. C.                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-399
FOSTER, JOHN                           SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-12
FOSTER, MARGARET                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-353
FOSTER, SAMUEL                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-7-453
FOSTER, THOMAS                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-100
FOSTER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     PA-3-1-216
FOSTER, THOMAS H.                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-6
FOSTER, WILLIAM                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-403
FOSTER, WILLIAM A.                     SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-3-226
FOUCHE, EDWARD H.                      FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-7-215
FOULIS, JEANNETTE                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-274
FOWLER, JAMES                          HOVEY                                   PA-3-4-212
FOX, G. M.                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-546
FOX, JOHN B.                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-23
FOX, SAMUEL M.                         NTL, CLARION, PA                        PA-3-2-550
FOY, LAVINA                            COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-598
FRAILEY, DANIEL                        PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-3-84
FRAILEY, GEORGE S.                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-11
FRAILEY, HENRY                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-10-393
FRAILEY, JOHN                          PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-193
FRANCIS, JOHN                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-89
FRANK, LEBIUS B.                       GILPIN                                  PA-3-10-376
FRANTZ, ABRAHAM                        PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-1
FRANTZ, AGNES                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-406
FRANTZ, ISAAC SR.                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-132
FRANTZ, JACOB                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-485
FRANTZ, JACOB                          PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-1-130
FRAZIER, MARGARET WIGHTMAN             PARKER CITY                             PA-3-10-578
FREAS, WILLIAM                         RED BANK                                PA-3-1-63
FREASE, CATHERINE                      RED BANK                                PA-3-8-262
FREDERICK, JOHN                        KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-158
FREEMAN, MARY E.                       INDIANOLA, WARREN, IA                   PA-3-5-253
FREETLY, F. M.                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-227
FREETLY, JACOB                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-540
FRICK, HENRY                           SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-231
FRICK, JACOB                           SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-201
FRICK, NANCY                           MANOR                                   PA-3-4-233
FRICK, SIMON                           SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-9-124
FRIDAY, NANCY                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-579
FRIES, MATTHIAS                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-402
FRITZ, F. J.                           RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-464
FRY, B. F.                             MANOR                                   PA-3-3-417
FRY, JOHN                              BETHEL                                  PA-3-4-186
FRY, JOHN                              PERRY                                   PA-3-6-175
FRY, MARGARET JANE                     MANOR                                   PA-3-2-546
FRYER, SAMUEL J.                       HOVEY                                   PA-3-9-586
FULLER, ALBERT C.                      NTL                                     PA-3-4-474
FULLERTON, HENRY                       NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-1-375A
FULLERTON, JAMES B.                    FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-514
FULLERTON, JANE                        MANORVILLE                              PA-3-5-424
FULLERTON, MARGARET J.                 WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-353
FULLERTON, W. R.                       FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-420
FULTON, DAVID A.                       NTL                                     PA-3-5-160
FULTON, JAMES                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-332
FULTON, R. R.                          RIMER                                   PA-3-4-303
FURGASON, ROBERT                       MAHONING                                PA-3-6-419
FURGESON, SAMUEL                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-151
FURLONG,JOHN                           RED BANK                                PA-3-2-596
GAISER, J. L.                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-593
GAISER, JOHN L.                        WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-558
GALBRAITH, JAMES                       VALLEY                                  PA-3-3-338
GALLAGHER, ANDREW                      VANDERGRIFT BORO                        PA-3-10-317
GALLAGHER, ANN                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-465
GALLAGHER, ANTHONY                     FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-104
GALLAGHER, ANTONY                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-81
GALLAGHER, DANIEL                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-274
GALLAGHER, DANIEL                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-330
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-534
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-7-105
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-62
GALLAGHER, JAMES H.                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-523
GALLAGHER, JAMES SR.                   WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-585
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-35
GALLAGHER, MARY A.                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-6-487
GALLAGHER, SUSAN A.                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-7-432
GALLAHER, ADA                          APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-8-508
GALLAHER, ALEXANDER                    KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-8-216
GALLAHER, ALWILDA                      MANOR                                   PA-3-8-267
GALLAHER, ANN                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-458
GALLAHER, HUGH                         MANOR                                   PA-3-8-568
GALLAHER, THOMAS                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-53
GALLIGHER, HUGH                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-303
GARDNER, ABRAHAM                       BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-25
GARDNER, FREDERICK                     BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-331
GARLAND, JACOB B.                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-94
GARNER, WILLIAM                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-9-397
GARVER, WILLIAM R.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-2-375
GARVEY, PETER M.                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-507
GATES, WILLIAM                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-419
GATES, WILLIAM A.                      HOVEY                                   PA-3-9-303
GEAR, J. S.                            EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-502
GEARHART, JOHN F.                      MAHONING                                PA-3-5-36
GEARY, JONATHAN                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-387
GEIGER, BENJAMIN D.                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-509
GEIGER, CALVIN H.                      VALLEY                                  PA-3-10-268
GEIGER, PHILIP                         KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-541
GEMBERT, PHILIP K.                     APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-10-278
GEORGE, CHRISTIAN                      SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-531
GEORGE, CHRISTIAN A.                   NTL                                     PA-3-2-244
GEORGE, GWIRLYM E.                     BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-283
GEORGE, IRWIN P.                       APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-8-471
GEORGE, JACOB F.                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-491
GEORGE, JOHN                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-5-559
GEORGE, JOHN                           PERRY                                   PA-3-5-80
GEORGE, JOSIAH                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-10-33
GEORGE, MARGARET                       MADISON                                 PA-3-5-546
GEORGE, MARY JANE                      LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-383
GEORGE, NANCY E.                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-9-28
GEORGE, PETER                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-363
GEORGE, PHILLIP                        GILPIN                                  PA-3-6-590
GEORGE, SAMUEL                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-56
GEORGE, SAMUEL                         KISKIMMETAS                             PA-3-2-281
GEORGE, THOMAS MONTGOMERY              MANOR                                   PA-3-3-264
GEORGE W. M.                           MADISON                                 PA-3-8-231
GEORGE, WILLIAM                        MANOR                                   PA-3-2-517
GEORMAN, LEONARD                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-215
GERHOLD, ANNA MARGARETTA               COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-9-51
GERHOLD, MARY ELIZABETH                KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-303
GERNER, ANDREW                         BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-5-592
GIBSON, ALBERT                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-10-84
GIBSON, ESTHER S.                      PERRY                                   PA-3-4-601
GIBSON, GIDEON                         PERRY                                   PA-3-1-257
GIBSON, HUSTON                         PERRY                                   PA-3-3-78
GIBSON, JAMES SR.                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-40
GIBSON, JOHN                           BETHEL                                  PA-3-7-65
GIBSON, JOHN                           FREEPORTO BORO                          PA-3-9-39
GIBSON, JOHN L.                        PERRY                                   PA-3-3-317
GIBSON, R. M.                          ELDERTON                                PA-3-4-400
GIBSON, S. M.                          BURRELL                                 PA-3-9-538
GIBSON, SIMON D.                       NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-188
GIBSON, WILDA J.                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-8-67
GIBSON, WILLIAM W.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-214
GIGER, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     PA-3-3-523
GILG, LENA                             FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-577
GILL, DAVID                            NTL, CRAWFORD, PA                       PA-3-8-124
GILLESPIE, ANNE                        FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-295
GILLESPIE, CHARLES B.                  FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-7-427
GILLESPIE, CORNWALL                    (UNREADABLE)                            PA-3-2-53
GILLESPIE, JOHN                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-101
GILLIS, J. W.                          VALLEY                                  PA-3-10-167
GILPIN, JOHN                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-29
GILPIN, JOHN                           NTL, CECIL, MD                          PA-3-6-369
GIRT, CATHARINE A.                     KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-8-189
GLAYZER, ALEXANDER                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-127
GLAZIER, JOHN                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-500
GLENN, ELIZABETH                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-17
GLENN, JOSEPH                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-21
GLENN, MARY JANE                       RED BANK                                PA-3-8-162
GLYNN, CLARA                           PERRY                                   PA-3-6-443
GODFREY, ELIZA B.                      NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-6-168
GOERMAN, LEONARD                       NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-6-527
GOLDBERG, GUSTAVE                      LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-9-514
GOLDINGER, WILSON                      BURRELL                                 PA-3-10-562
GOLSTROHM, HENRY                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-307
GOOD, A. C.                            DAYTON                                  PA-3-5-294
GOODHART, GEORGE                       NTL                                     PA-3-2-30
GOODSELL, GEORGE H.                    LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-5-212
GORDON, ALEXANDER                      LEECHBURG                               PA-3-4-149
GORELY, GEORGE                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-395
GORMLEY, BENJAMIN F.                   US ARMY                                 PA-3-2-467
GOSS, HENRY                            WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-50
GOSSER, ALBERT M.                      LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-9-311
GOSSER, DANIEL                         LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-10-82
GOSSER, ELIZABETH                      LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-10-81
GOSSER, LUCY                           NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-5-435
GOULD, MARY M.                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-330
GOULD, SARAH                           MANORVILLE                              PA-3-10-121
GOURLEY, BELINDA MARY                  KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-9-290
GOURLEY, GEORGE PARKS                  PA-3-5-490
GOURLEY, MALINDA                       PARKS                                   PA-3-6-53
GOURLEY, SAMUEL H.                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-13
GRADEN, SAMUEL                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-69
GRAFF, CATHARINE                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-6-445
GRAFF, EDMUND S.                       WORTHINGTON BORO                        PA-3-8-525
GRAFF, JANE R.                         MANOR                                   PA-3-10-551
GRAFF, JOHN AUGUSTUS                   PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-432
GRAHAM, ANDREW                         PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-3-261
GRAHAM, ISABELLA                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-455
GRAHAM, J. D.                          WORTHINGTON BORO                        PA-3-9-417
GRAHAM, JAMES                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-236
GRAHAM, JANE                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-9-474
GRAHAM, JOHN                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           5110
GRAHAM, JOHN                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-9-522
GRAHAM, LUCY                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-513
GRAHAM, MARGARET B.                    SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-300
GRAHAM, MARY N.                        PUTNEYVILLE                             PA-3-3-344
GRAHAM, PATRICK                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-372
GRAHAM, PRUDENCE                       PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-3-308
GRAHAM, RICHARD                        NTL                                     PA-3-1-323
GRAHAM, THOMAS                         PUTNEYVILLE                             PA-3-4-32
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-3-580
GRANT, GEORGE                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-538
GRANTZ, GEORGE                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-7-370
GRANTZ, GEORGE                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-170
GRANTZ, HETTIE                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-7-551
GRANTZ, JOHN SR.                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-8-538
GRAVES, LEVI M.                        WOODCLIFFE                              PA-3-3-434
GRAVES, SARAH                          WOODCLIFF                               PA-3-3-323
GRAY, AARON                            MADISON                                 PA-3-7-429
GRAY, ANN                              MADISON                                 PA-3-3-199
GRAY, HENRY                            KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-7-399
GRAY, J. S.                            LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-10-2
GRAY, JOHN                             VALLEY                                  PA-3-4-272
GRAY, JOHN T.                          MADISON                                 PA-3-7-49
GRAY, OLIVER                           MADISON                                 PA-3-2-291
GRAY, PETERSON                         MADISON                                 PA-3-2-532
GRAY, SARAH M.                         MADISON                                 PA-3-8-10
GRAY, THOMAS                           MADISON                                 PA-3-3-106
GREEN, ABRAHAM                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-526
GREEN, ELIZABETH                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-466
GREEN, JAMES                           BUFFALO                                 PA-3-2-48
GREEN, JAMES                           NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-540
GREEN, JOHN                            NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-1-420
GREEN, LEVI                            BUFFALO                                 PA-3-3-43
GREEN, SAMUEL                          NORTH BUFFALO                           49394
GREEN, SARAH                           NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-305
GREENWALT, ALOYSIUS F.                 FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-394
GREGG, DAVID                           NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-9-330
GREGG, MARY MARGARET                   NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-9-334
GREGG, R. J.                           FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-4-52
GRESS, NICKOLAS                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-25
GRIEB, JOHN                            BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-12
GRIEB, LOUIS                           KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-7-585
GRIFFERO, ANTONIO                      GILPIN                                  PA-3-7-297
GRIFFIN, ANDREW                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-58
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                        PARKERSBURG, WV                         PA-3-10-589
GRIFFIN, DAVID                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-167
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-451
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          MADISON                                 PA-3-4-161
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-248
GRIFFIN, JOHN J.                       BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-296
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-573
GRIFFITHS, JABEZ                       BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-9-315
GRIM, ELIZABETH                        KISKIMMETAS                             PA-3-2-377
GRIM, JOSEPH                           KISKIMMETAS                             PA-3-2-235
GRIM, MARGARET                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-7-525
GRIMES, MARGARET                       SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-191
GRIMES, PATRICK                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-179
GRIMM, D. W.                           SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-7-503
GRINDER, ANDREW                        ALLEGHENY, WESTMORELAND, PA             PA-3-3-60
GRINDER, ANDREW                        PERRY                                   PA-3-5-358
GRINDER, JAMES H.                      FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-564
GUFFY, SARAH                           PARKS                                   PA-3-4-456
GULD, JOHN                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-18
GUMBERT, MARIA                         APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-7-156
GUMP, SARAH                            LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-62
GUTHRIE, JAMES                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-4-33
GUTHRIE, JAMES                         KISKIMENITAS                            PA-3-1-376
GUTHRIE, JAMS SR.                      PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-282
GUTHRIE, JOHN                          MANOR                                   PA-3-2-398
GUTHRIE, JOHN P.                       MANOR                                   PA-3-7-436
GUTHRIE, M. J.                         APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-9-242
GUTHRIE, MARGARET                      APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-4-107
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                       SALEM, WESTMORELAND, PA                 PA-3-10-4
HAAS, CHARLES                          MADISON                                 PA-3-7-72
HAGEMAN, A. M. E. (MRS)                APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-10-34
HAGINES, ROBERT                        MAHONING                                PA-3-3-582
HAHN, ANNA                             FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-194
HAHN, JOSEPH                           FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-3
HAHN, JOSEPH                           FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-10-177
HAHN, THEODORE                         FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-10-472
HAILEY, MICHAEL                        MAHONING                                PA-3-4-129
HAINE, GEORGE                          RED BANK                                PA-3-7-58
HAINES, EMMA                           DAYTON BORO                             PA-3-8-193
HAINES, JACOB S.                       DAYTON BORO                             PA-3-8-112
HAINES, S. W. S.                       FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-370
HAINES, WILLIAM C.                     FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-453
HALDERMAN, JOHN C.                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-28
HALL, ELISABETH                        BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-81
HALL, FINLEY                           ELDERTON BORO                           PA-3-9-91
HALL, JAMES                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-218
HALL, JOHN 2ND                         SPRINGFIELD, SUMMIT,OH                  PA-3-3-167
HALL, JOHN A.                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-69
HALL, MARGARET                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-4-188
HALL, REBECCA                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-109
HAMILTON, DANIEL                       KISKIMMETAS                             PA-3-2-296
HAMILTON, MARY                         WEST KITTANNING BORO                    PA-3-10-37
HAMILTON, SAMUEL                       MIFFLE, ALLEGHENY, PA                   PA-3-6-482
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       NTL                                     PA-3-1-96
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      NTL, SCHUYLER, MO                       PA-3-3-181
HAMILTON, WILLIAM B.                   COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-163
HAMMOND, MARY                          DAYTON BORO                             PA-3-9-143
HANCOCK, LAVINA                        BETHEL                                  PA-3-10-107
HANDCOCK, DAVID                        BETHEL                                  PA-3-4-326
HANES, JOHN                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-317
HANKEY, JACOB JR.                      NTL                                     PA-3-2-59
HANNA, SUSANNAH (SHEAFFER)             ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-340
HANNAH, JACOB                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-138
HANRATTY, ELLEN                        PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-10-104
HAOK, CATHARINE                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-289
HARDY, JOHN                            MADISON                                 PA-3-3-253
HARKELROAD, GEORGE                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-85
HARKINS, MARY                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-457
HARKINS, MICHAEL                       BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-298
HARKLEROAD, MARTN                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-131
HARKLROAD, PHLIP M.                    PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-94
HARMAN, JOHN                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-3-193
HARMAN, JOSEPH                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-7-339
HARMAN, PETER                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-31
HARMON, JOHN                           MADISON                                 PA-3-3-245
HARMON, JOHN                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-44
HARMON, WILLIAM                        RED BANK                                PA-3-3-281
HARPER, JOSEPH                         MADISON                                 PA-3-3-138
HARPER, MARTHA                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-402
HARREN, MARGARET T.                    PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-202
HARRIS, HANNAH N.                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-1
HARRIS, MARY                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-385
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        VALLEY                                  PA-3-7-44
HARRIS,MARY                            MADISON                                 PA-3-2-556
HARRISON, ANNIE E.                     LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-9-218
HARRISON, ELIZA J.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-599
HARRISON, WILLIAM                      PERRY                                   PA-3-5-569
HARRISON, WILLIAM H.                   PERRY                                   PA-3-7-323
HART, WILLIAM                          SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-183
HARTIG, JOHN G.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-521
HARTIG, REGINA                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-261
HARTMAN, CHRISTOPHER                   ELDERTON BORO                           PA-3-7-488
HARTMAN, F. H.                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-8-91
HARTMAN, JOHN                          MANORVILLE                              PA-3-2-203
HARTMAN, PETER                         WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-68
HARTMAN, PHILIP M.                     MANORVILLE BORO                         PA-3-7-322
HARTMAN, W. A.                         APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-10-264
HASINGER, GEORGE J.                    FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-9-198
HASTINGS, ELI                          NTL                                     PA-3-1-433
HASTINGS, ENOCH                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-99
HASTINGS, WILLIAM W.                   KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-39
HAUMAN, PHILIP                         BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-2
HAWK, CLARENCE W.                      FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-7-547
HAWK, D. W.                            ELDERTON BORO                           PA-3-8-196
HAWK, GEORGE                           NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-541
HAWK, GEORGE                           MADISON                                 PA-3-3-15
HAWK, LEONORA                          ELDERTON                                PA-3-10-587
HAWK, SAMUEL                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-337
HAWK, SARAH                            MANOR                                   PA-3-9-216
HAWKINS, JAMES                         VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-519
HAY, ELIZABETH                         BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-574
HAYMAKER, JULIA                        NTL                                     PA-3-4-253
HAYS, ALISABETH                        SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-238
HAYS, CATHARINE                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-157
HAYS, CHARLES E.                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-549
HAYS, FREDERICK                        MADISON                                 PA-3-4-176
HAYS, ROBERT                           MADISON                                 PA-3-5-23
HAYS, WILLIAM                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-486
HEAGY, JOHN                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-215
HEASLEY, CATHARINE                     PARKS                                   PA-3-4-457
HEASLEY, JOSEPH                        SOUTH BEND                              -161
HEASLEY, LEONARD                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-347
HEATH, GEORGE                          BRADYS BEND                             PA-3-2-118
HEATH, THOMAS                          MADISON                                 PA-3-4-321
HECKLER, GEORGE                        BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-10-462
HECKMAN, ABRAHAM                       PARKS                                   PA-3-7-16
HECKMAN, BARBARA                       PARKS                                   PA-3-5-486
HECKMAN, DOROTHY                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-10-246
HECKMAN, EMILY                         LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-9-214
HECKMAN, ISAAC                         GILPIN                                  PA-3-8-20
HECKMAN, JOHN                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-287
HECKMAN, JOHN                          ELDERTON BORO                           PA-3-8-554
HECKMAN, JOHN C.                       LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-8-421
HECKMAN, JOHN P.                       PARKS                                   PA-3-6-213
HECKMAN, LEWIS                         PARKS                                   PA-3-5-52
HECKMAN, PETER                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-9-401
HEFFELFINGER, HENRY                    PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-515
HEFFELFINGER, J. F.                    PINE TWP, WESTMORELAND, PA              PA-3-9-298
HEFFELFINGER, JAMES                    MANOR                                   PA-3-8-115
HEFFELFINGER, JOHN                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-426
HEFFELFINGER, ROSANNAH                 BOGGS                                   PA-3-5-254
HEFFFERICK, ELIZA                      BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-566
HEIDERSDORF, ROSIE C.                  KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-228
HEIDERSDORF, WILLIAM                   KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-7-216
HEIGHLEY, MARY E.                      MANOR                                   PA-3-10-446
HEIGLEY, MANUAL                        MANOR                                   PA-3-7-170
HEILMAN, ALEXANDER                     MANOR                                   PA-3-8-55
HEILMAN, DAVID                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-406
HEILMAN, ELIZA                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-116
HEILMAN, ISAAC                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-426
HEILMAN, JAMES                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-408
HEILMAN, JAMES M.                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-109
HEILMAN, JOSEPH                        MANOR                                   PA-3-6-384
HEILMAN, MARY                          MANOR                                   PA-3-8-223
HEILMAN, MAY                           KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-10-140
HEILMAN, REBECCA JANE                  KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-369
HEILMAN, REUBEN                        KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-10-232
HEILMAN, W. M.                         KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-293
HEILMAN, WILLIAM                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-6-129
HEILMAN, WILSON                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-313
HEINER, MARGARET J.                    KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-7-416
HEINER, MARY G.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-56
HEINER, ROBERT G.                      OHIO                                    PA-3-6-407
HEINER, W. G.                          KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-9-450
HEINSELMAN, JANE                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-4-463
HEISNER, CATHARINE                     CRAIGSVILLE                             PA-3-4-310
HELD, CHRISTINA                        BURRELL                                 PA-3-6-240
HELD, JOHN C.                          FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-7-122
HELDERLE, MINIA MARY                   KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-160
HELFFERICK, DANIEL                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-595
HELLAM, CONRAD                         FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-324
HELM, JACOB                            WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-259
HELM, JOHN                             MADISON                                 PA-3-5-379
HELSELL, HENRY                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-2-417
HEMPHILL, ARCHIBALD                    PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-38
HEMPHILL, WILLIAM                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-25
HENDERSON, ANDREW                      PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-3-556
HENDERSON, BENJAMIN                    PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-137
HENDERSON, BRICE                       ELDERTON                                PA-3-5-74
HENDERSON, JAMES F.                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-402
HENDERSON, JANE                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-271
HENDERSON, JESSIE                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-276
HENDERSON, JOHN                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-9
HENDERSON, JOSEPH                      ELDERTON                                PA-3-2-327
HENDERSON, LUCINDA                     ELDERTON                                PA-3-4-117
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-273
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      ELDERTON                                PA-3-6-84
HENDERSON, SARAH                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-577
HENDERSON, W. E.                       SOUTH BETHLEHEM BORO                    PA-3-9-356
HENRY, ALEXANDER                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-4-175
HENRY, BOYD S.                         APPLEWOLD BORO                          PA-3-9-371
HENRY, DANIEL                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-277
HENRY, JAMES G.                        KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-5-296
HENRY, JANE FULTON                     SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-5-368
HENRY, JOHN                            RED BANK                                PA-3-1-32
HENRY, SAMUEL MATTHEW                  APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-7-408
HEPLER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     PA-3-3-510
HEPLER, JACOB                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-2-336
HEPLER, JOHN                           TOBY                                    PA-3-1-86
HEPLER, REBECCA                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-10-234
HEPWORTH, SAMUEL                       BUFFALO, BUTLER, PA                     PA-3-6-146
HEPWORTH, SAMUEL                       BUFFALO, BUTLER, PA                     PA-3-9-275
HERCHE, BARBARA K.                     PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-8-501
HERCHE, WILLIAM M.                     PARKER CITY                             PA-3-8-573
HERRINGTON, JOHN                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-6-107
HERRON, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-95
HERRON, ROBERT R.                      WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-2-134
HERRON, THOMAS                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-582
HERRON, WILLIAM H.                     FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-65
HERTWICK, JOSEPH                       BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-403
HERVEY, ANNIE B.                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-425
HESSIN, ELLEN J.                       NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-6-591
HETRICK, ABSALOM                       MAHONING                                PA-3-6-95
HETRICK, JOHN                          MAHONING                                PA-3-5-100
HETRICK, JOHN A.                       LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-7-307
HETRICK, JOSEPH C.                     MAHONING                                PA-3-5-119
HETRICK, LUCINDA                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-10-582
HETRICK, MARGARET CRAWFORD             SOUTH BETHLEHEM BORO                    PA-3-10-259
HETRICK, NATHAN                        RED BANK                                PA-3-7-382
HEWITT, ELIZABETH                      MAHONING                                PA-3-2-240
HEWSER, JACOB                          NTL                                     PA-3-2-134
HEYDRICK, ADAM                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-9-567
HICKMAN, MICHEAL                       PARKS                                   PA-3-3-576
HILD, HENRY                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-196
HILDEBRAND, GEORGE W. SR.              APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-9-321
HILDEBRAND, MARY A.                    CLIMAX, ARMSTRONG, PA                   PA-3-8-190
HILDINGER, JOHN                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-357
HILDINGER, JOHN A.                     NTL                                     PA-3-4-299
HILDINGER, MARGARET                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-358
HILE, POLLY                            SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-6-374
HILEMAN, DANIEL                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-143
HILEMAN, ELIZABETH                     RAYBURN                                 PA-3-8-588
HILEMAN, FREDERICK                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-300
HILEMAN, GEORGE                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-396
HILEMAN, JOHN                          MANOR                                   PA-3-7-152
HILEMAN, JOSEPH                        MANOR                                   PA-3-10-534
HILEMAN, PETER                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-142
HILEMAN, R. A.                         KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-544
HILEMAN, SAMUEL                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-385
HILEMAN, SOLOMON                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-225
HILEMAN, SOLOMON                       (ADMIN)                                 PA-3-1-273
HILES, C. O.                           PERRY                                   PA-3-10-456
HILES, CATHARINE                       BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-324
HILL, ANN J.                           SOUTH BUFALO                            PA-3-7-115
HILL, ARTHUR                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-448
HILL, GEORGE                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-168
HILL, GEORGE M.                        FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-107
HILL, HANNAH                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-4-576
HILL, HELENA                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-63
HILL, J. CRAIG                         EDENSBURG, CLARION, PA                  PA-3-6-312
HILL, JACOB                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-157
HILL, JAMES                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-110
HILL, JAMES                            BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-308
HILL, JOHN                             COUNSHANNOCK                            PA-3-2-21
HILL, JONATHAN                         PERRY                                   PA-3-1-379
HILL, KATE H.                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-210
HILL, MARIAH                           VALLEY BORO                             PA-3-10-253
HILL, MARY A.                          LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-10-238
HILL, SARAH                            COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-194
HILL, SUSANNAH                         GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-47
HILL, THOMAS J.                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-84
HILL,LEAH                              ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-370
HILTY, JAMES                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-440
HIMES, S. T.                           NTL, BUTLER, PA                         PA-3-9-347
HIMES, SAMUEL                          RED BANK                                PA-3-2-378
HIMES, WILLIAM                         RED BANK                                PA-3-1-113
HINDMAN, ANDREW                        WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-100
HINDMAN, GEORGE                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-290
HINDMAN, JAMES                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-584
HINDMAN, JAMES                         FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-319
HINDMAN, JOHN                          DAYTON                                  PA-3-2-223
HINDMAN, JOHN                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-226
HINDMAN, ROBERT                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-286
HINES, G. W.                           MADISON                                 PA-3-8-291
HINES, MARGARET                        MADISON                                 PA-3-10-505
HINES, SAMUEL                          MADISON                                 PA-3-5-225
HINTON, JOHN                           CLARION                                 PA-3-1-166
HIRSCH, JACOB                          RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-174
HIRTENBURGER, ANTON                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-425
HOAK, H. E.                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-46
HOAK, JAMES                            FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-4-513
HODGE, SAMUEL                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-4-3
HOEH, CAROLINE                         KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-7-106
HOERR, ADAM                            OAKMONT, ALLEGHENY, PA                  PA-3-8-33
HOFFMAN, JOHN F.                       NTL, OHIO, WV                           PA-3-9-188
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM H.                    RED BANK TWP                            PA-3-10-495
HOGAN, THOMAS                          BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-540
HOLBEN, JACOB                          SOUTH BETHLEHEM                         PA-3-8-314
HOLLAND, CATHERINE                     SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-219
HOLLENBAUGH, GEORGE                    RED BANK                                PA-3-6-565
HOLLSBAUGH, JOHN                       PINE                                    PA-3-3-34
HOOD, JOHN                             VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-252
HOOD, WILLIAM                          RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-8
HOOK, SAMUEL                           RED BANK                                PA-3-2-155
HOOKS, CATHARINE                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-294
HOOKS, ELLEN                           BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-6-14
HOOKS, HUGH A.                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-486
HOOKS, ROBERT                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-8-298
HOOKS, SOLOMON                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-210
HOOKS, THOMAS                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-1-195
HOOKS, THOMAS J.                       BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-4-197
HOOKS,ANNIE E.                         MADISON                                 PA-3-10-67
HOOVER, A. K.                          MANOR                                   PA-3-9-288
HOOVERT, JOHN                          MANOR BORO                              PA-3-10-244
HOPPER, THOMAS                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-282
HORNSBERGER, LUCINDA A.                MADISON                                 PA-3-6-225
HORRELL, JOHN T.                       KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-239
HORTY, JOHN                            NEW YORK CITY                           PA-3-5-278
HOTHAM, CLARK KEYS                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-582
HOTHAM, JOHN                           PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-405
HOTHAM, WILLIAM L.                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-504
HOUPT, MATHIAS                         WEST MILLVILLE, CLARION, PA             PA-3-6-79
HOUPT, PHILIP                          RED BANK                                PA-3-2-237
HOUSER, CHRISTINA                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-7-236
HOUSER, GEORGE                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-321
HOUSER, JOHN                           KITTANNING (MAP)                        PA-3-1-280
HOUSTON, SAMUEL                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-483
HOVEY, SIMEON                          NTL                                     PA-3-1-181
HOWARD, FREDERICK                      PINE                                    PA-3-1-254
HOWARD, JOHN                           PINE                                    PA-3-2-515
HOWE, NANCY A.                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-7-171
HUBEK, STEVE                           FORD CITY BORO                          PA-3-10-100
HUBER, J. B.                           RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-8-31
HUDSON, DAVID BENJAMIN                 KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-10-303
HUDSON, THOMAS                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-217
HUFFMAN, JOHN MICHAEL                  PUTNEYVILLE                             PA-3-3-113
HUGHES, ELLA R.                        FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-9-268
HUGHES, MARY E.                        FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-8-5
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        VALLEY                                  PA-3-4-391
HULBERT, FREDERICK                     PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-1-247
HULL, EDWIN                            RED BANK                                PA-3-4-261
HUMARTUS, NICKOLOUS                    LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-10-170
HUMM, ELIZA                            GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-603
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-525
HUNNEL, WILSON                         FREEPORT BORO                           PA-3-10-324
HUNTER, ALBERT                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-99
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-383
HUNTER, GEORGE A.                      LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-8-460
HUNTER, J. BANKS                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-39
HUNTER, JAMES                          LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-182
HUNTER, JOHN                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-4-232
HUNTER, JOHN M.                        ELDERTON                                PA-3-8-343
HUNTER, MARGARET                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-194
HUNTER, ROBERT P.                      LEECHBURG BORO                          PA-3-9-152
HURST, TILLIE                          RAYBURN                                 PA-3-10-382
HURTMAN, JAMES                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-1-393
HUSTON, JOHN H.                        MANOR                                   PA-3-9-573
HUSTON, JOHN P.                        MANOR                                   PA-3-3-299
HUSTON, MARTHA ELLEN                   FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-522
HUSTON, SAMUEL                         FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-5
HUSTON, WILLIAM                        NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-300
HUTCHESON, JAMES                       PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-1-168
HUTCHESON, PHILIP SR.                  KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-390
HUTCHINSON, D. W.                      PERRY                                   PA-3-4-274
HUTCHINSON, DAVID R.                   PERRY                                   PA-3-7-400
HUTCHINSON, FLORINDA                   WORTHINGTON BORO                        PA-3-10-276
HUTCHINSON, JAMES                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-7-342
HUTCHINSON, REBECCA D.                 PERRY                                   PA-3-8-463
HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-94
HUTCHINSON, SARAH                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-4-24
HUTCHISON, GUY H.                      KITTANNING BORO                         PA-3-8-142
HUTCHISON, MARY                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-589
HUYCK, L. W.                           APOLLO BORO                             PA-3-9-305
HYSKELL, JOHN                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-19

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