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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1805-1851 | 2 = 1851-1873 | 3 = 1873-1883 | 4 = 1883-1891 | 5 = 1892-1898 | 6 = 1899-1904 | 7 = 1904-1908 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1916 | 10 = 1916-1918 |
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IMHOOF, CHARLES                        MADISON                                 PA-3-3-309
IRWIN, BENJAMINE                       DAYTON                                  PA-3-4-409
IRWIN, BENJAMINE                       NTL                                     PA-3-1-412
IRWIN, JOHN                            US ARMY                                 PA-3-2-364
IRWIN, JOHN                            PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-283
IRWIN, JOHN SR.                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-305
IRWIN, THOMAS                          VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-120
IRWIN, WILLIAM M.                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-335
ISBISTER, JOHN                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-219
ISEESEE, J. J. HENRY                   GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-497
ISEMAN, ANDREW                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-321
ISEMAN, ELIZABETH                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-154
ISEMAN, ESTELLA M.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-10-272
ISEMAN, JOHN                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-368
ISEMAN, MARY A.                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-424
ISEMAN, MTHOMAS H.                     GILPIN                                  PA-3-9-339
ISEMAN, SIMON                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-386
IVORY, ANDREW                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-520
IVORY, HARRIET E.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-338
JACK, CATHERINE                        BETHEL                                  PA-3-10-236
JACK, GEORGE B.                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-592
JACK, JACOB                            REDBANK                                 PA-3-1-75
JACK, NANCY                            APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-135
JACK, S. S.                            APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-132
JACK, SAMUEL                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-211
JACK, SAMUEL M.                        GILPIN                                  PA-3-8-579
JACK, SARAH M.                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-10-29
JACK, THOMAS                           NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-100
JACK, THOMAS                           WASHINGTON                              PA-3-9-498
JACK, W. B.                            LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-579
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                     MADISON                                 PA-3-5-474
JACKSON, HUGH C.                       NTL                                     PA-3-4-113
JACKSON, JAMES SR.                     KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-1-349
JACKSON, MARY E.                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-9-29
JACKSON, S. M.                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-393
JACKSON, THOMAS                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-4-289
JAMES, GUTHRIE                         NTL                                     PA-3-1-76
JAMES, JACKSON H.                      FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-64
JAMES, MILDRED                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-559
JAMISON, ARCHIBALD                     ELDERTON                                PA-3-2-75
JAMISON, J. T.                         ATWOOD                                  PA-3-8-449
JAMISON, SARAH AMANDA                  APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-582
JEESOP, C. C.                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-364
JENKINS, DAVID                         BRADY BEND                              PA-3-2-488
JENKINS, JOSEPH                        BRADY BEND                              PA-3-3-329
JENKINS, MARY                          BRADY BEND                              PA-3-5-93
JENNINGS, EDWARD                       QUEENSTOWN                              PA-3-5-233
JENNINGS, RICHARD                      QUEENSTOWN                              PA-3-4-586
JENNINGS, THOMAS                       QUEENSTOWN                              PA-3-2-464
JESSOP, ELIZA                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-308
JESSOP, EMILY CAMPBELL                 KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-583
JEWART, ALEXANDER                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-111
JEWART, ALEXANDER                      COWANSHANNOCK (CON'T)                   PA-3-4-187
JEWART, ALEXANDER                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-187
JEWART, ANDREW H.                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-114
JEWART, MARY                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-244
JEWART, WILLIAM A.                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-461
JEWELL, ABRAHAM                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-387
JEWELL, CAROLINE                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-144
JEWELL, EZEKIEL                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-236
JOENS, ANNIE E.                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-245
JOHN, ADAM C.                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-12
JOHN, HENRY                            WASHINGTON                              PA-3-4-167
JOHN, MARTIN                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-159
JOHN, MARTIN                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-2-110
JOHN, MARTIN                           WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-240
JOHN, MARY                             WASHINGTON                              PA-3-2-571
JOHNSON, MARY M.                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-6-39
JOHNSTON, ANDREW                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-523
JOHNSTON, ARCHIBALD                    ATWOOD                                  PA-3-6-303
JOHNSTON, CHARLES F.                   APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-541
JOHNSTON, DAVID                        NTL                                     PA-3-1-209
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-180
JOHNSTON, JOB                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-427
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-65
JOHNSTON, JOHN A.                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-407
JOHNSTON, JOHN OF WILLIAM              PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-6-15
JOHNSTON, LANCALET                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-25
JOHNSTON, NANNIE M.                    ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-6-38
JOHNSTON, ROBERT G.                    APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-571
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                       HUNTINGTON                              PA-3-2-84
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM S.                   DAYTON, OH                              PA-3-10-187
JOHNSTON,MARY C.                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-9-6
JONES, CHARLES                         NTL, WASHINGTON, PA                     PA-3-9-411
JONES, E. R.                           RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-8-77
JONES, ELIZABETH                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-2-24
JONES, HUGH                            APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-552
JONES, ISAAC                           GILPIN                                  PA-3-8-367
JONES, JESSE                           NTL                                     PA-3-2-699
JONES, MARGARET                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-41
JONES, MARTHA J.                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-497
JONES, MARY                            SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-498
JONES, ROBERT                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-391
JONES, ROBERT                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-516
JONES, WILLIAM                         MANORVILLE                              PA-3-6-3
JORDAN, LUELLA TOY                     PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-7-129
JOSEPH, MOSES                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-242
KALLAY, ODON                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-93
KAMERER, ELNOR                         BRADY BEND                              PA-3-5-523
KAMERER, JOSEPH                        BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-68
KAMERER, SAMUEL                        BRADY BEND                              PA-3-5-290
KAMMERDIENER, JACOB                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-146
KAMMERDIENER, JOHN PHILIP              WAYNE                                   PA-3-7-423
KAMMERDIENER, PETER                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-522
KANZLMAR, JOSEPH                       FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-239
KARL, MICHAEL R.                       FORD CITY                               PA-3-10-196
KARNS, JANE                            PERRY                                   PA-3-3-465
KARNS, MARY                            SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-3-396
KARNS, MATTHEW                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-172
KARNS, SARAH                           VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-428
KARNS, W. G.                           RAYBURN                                 PA-3-10-161
KAUFMAN, CASPER                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-81
KAYLOR, MARGARET                       BRADY BEND                              PA-3-3-458
KEELOR, ELIZABETH                      KITTANNNG                               PA-3-6-571
KEELY, JOHN                            KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-226
KEELY, NANCY                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-322
KEENER, CATHERINE                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-52
KEENER, E. S.                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-248
KEENER, GEORGE JR.                     BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-324
KEENER, HENRY                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-330
KEENER, JACOB                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-129
KEENER, JOHN                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-565
KEENER, JULIA ANN                      NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-577
KEENER, WILLIAM H.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-1
KEIBLER, J. P.                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-90
KEIFER, JOSEPH                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-149
KEISTLER, DAVID                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-204
KEISTLER, MARGARET                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-212
KELLAR, NICHOLAS                       MADISON                                 PA-3-2-411
KELLER, JONATHAN MARTIN                MADISON                                 PA-3-5-509
KELLER, PHILIP                         MADISON                                 PA-3-5-537
KELLERMAN, DAVID                       WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-297
KELLEY, JOSEPH                         LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-396
KELLEY, JOSEPH M.                      MANORVILLE                              PA-3-5-347
KELLEY, WILLIAM J.                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-572
KELLS, HUGH C.                         MAHONING                                PA-3-9-103
KELLS, MARGARET E.                     RED BANK                                PA-3-5-155
KELLS, RALPH                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-103
KELLY, MAHERSHALALHASHBAZ              OAK RIDGE                               PA-3-7-571
KELLY, MARGARET J.                     MANORVILLE                              PA-3-6-158
KELLY, SARAH                           MANORVILLE                              PA-3-5-314
KELLY, THOMAS                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-88
KELLY,E VALINE                         BETHEL                                  PA-3-7-172
KENLEY, SAMUEL                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-225
KENNEDY, KATHERINE                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-22
KENNEDY, MARTHA L.                     PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-10-568
KENNEDY, WILLIAM R.                    NTL, MONTGOMERY, PA                     PA-3-6-273
KENNERDELL, JAMES W.                   RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-10-295
KEPPLE, CHRISTIAN                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-2-685
KEPPLE, DAVID                          PARKS                                   PA-3-4-398
KEPPLE, FRANCES A.                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-288
KEPPLE, GEORGE A.                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-537
KEPPLE, JOHN                           PARKS                                   PA-3-7-589
KEPPLE, JOHN                           BURRELL                                 PA-3-3-467
KEPPLE, JOHN                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-5-288
KEPPLE, JOHN P.                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-2-694
KEPPLE, SAMUEL                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-5-257
KERR, BERNARD                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-390
KERR, CATHERINE                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-506
KERR, JAMES                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-15
KERR, JAMES                            BETHEL                                  PA-3-5-449
KERR, JAMES C.                         WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-348
KERR, JOHN                             ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-23
KERR, MARGARET A.                      KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-581
KERR, MARY JANE                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-148
KERR, NANCY J.                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-9-358
KERR, NEVEN                            WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-8-485
KERR, PETER SR.                        WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7176
KERR, WILLIAM                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-128
KERR, WILLIAM B.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-256
KIER, ANDREW                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-3-121
KIER, JAMES                            SALTSBURG, INDIANA, PA                  PA-3-8-534
KIER, WILLIAM                          BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-50
KIFER, DANIEL                          BETHEL                                  PA-3-3-421
KIFER, MARGARET                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-534
KIFER, SARAH                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-7-232
KILGORE, SARAH                         MANOR                                   PA-3-7-167
KILLIKELLY, B. B.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-327
KIMMEL, C. B.                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-10-323
KIMMEL, JACOB                          BOGGS                                   PA-3-4-440
KIMMEL, JACOB B.                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-265
KIMMEL, LEWIS                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-424
KIMMEL, PETER                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-662
KIMMEL, TOBIAS                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-131
KIMMELL, ANDREW                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-337
KIMMELL, LYDIA M.                      ATWOOD                                  PA-3-4-471
KIMPEL, JOHN                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-344
KING, ANDREW                           COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-285
KING, ANNIE BAIRD                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-215
KING, CAROLINE                         LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-405
KING, CONRAD                           GILPIN                                  PA-3-3-599
KING, ELIZABETH                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-227
KING, FANNY                            SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-197
KING, FRANK M.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-494
KING, G. C. J.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-220
KING, GEORGE                           BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-552
KING, HENRY                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-261
KING, ISAAC SR.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-638
KING, JAMES M.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-182
KING, JOHN                             BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-382
KING, JOHN B.                          BORRELL                                 PA-3-5-95
KING, JOHN H.                          BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-8-533
KING, MARGARETTA                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-328
KING, MOLLIE E.                        BETHEL                                  PA-3-8-365
KING, PHILIP                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-252
KING, SIMON                            SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-2-460
KING, SOLOMEN                          MANOR                                   PA-3-3-162
KINLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-189
KINNARD, ISAAC                         BURRELL                                 PA-3-4-60
KINNARD, JOSEPH F.                     BURRELL                                 PA-3-3-471
KINTER, HENRY L.                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-312
KINTER, MARGARET C.                    DAYTON                                  PA-3-8-65
KIPP, RACHEL MARY                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-16
KIRKERD, JULIA A.                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-437
KIRKLAND, E.                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-5-405
KIRKLAND, GEORGE                       BURRELL                                 PA-3-2-614
KIRKLAND, JOHN                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-6-229
KIRKLAND, MARTIN P.                    APOLLO                                  PA-3-4-568
KIRKLAND, ROBERT                       KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-2-131
KIRKPATRICK, D. B.                     DU BOIS                                 PA-3-6-330
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-300
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES M.                  COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-10-168
KIRKPATRICK, MOSES                     REDBANK                                 PA-3-1-139
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                   PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-29
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM B.                WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-139
KIRKWOOD, JOHNSON                      MADISON                                 PA-3-9-518
KIRKWOOD, W. T.                        APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-19
KIRKWOOD, WILLIAM                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-11
KISKADDEN, LINA B.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-441
KISKADDEN, MARY A.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-590
KISKADDEN, THOMAS                      BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-208
KISKADDEN, WILLIAM                     EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-2-510
KISKADEN, R. M.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-429
KLINE, DANIEL ULAM                     ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-105
KLINE, GEORGE J.                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-291
KLINE, GEORGE SR.                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-697
KLINE, JACOB                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-204
KLINE, SAMUEL                          RAYBURN                                 PA-3-7-174
KLINE, SARAH E.                        DAYTON                                  PA-3-8-574
KLINE, SOPHIA                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-10-250
KLINGENSMITH, ABRAHAM                  PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-472
KLINGENSMITH, ABRAHAM                  GILPIN                                  PA-3-7-450
KLINGENSMITH, ABSOLOM                  SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-7-253
KLINGENSMITH, ANNA M.                  BETHEL                                  PA-3-6-212
KLINGENSMITH, DAVID                    ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-190
KLINGENSMITH, HENRY                    GILPIN                                  PA-3-3-588
KLINGENSMITH, HENRY                    LEECHBURG                               PA-3-2-89
KLINGENSMITH, HENRY SR.                ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-457
KLINGENSMITH, HENRY W.                 GILPIN                                  PA-3-8-242
KLINGENSMITH, ISAAC T.                 LEECHBURG                               PA-3-7-472
KLINGENSMITH, JOHN                     ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-165
KLINGENSMITH, JOHN OF PETER            ALELGHENY                               PA-3-1-375
KLINGENSMITH, JOSEPH                   ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-280
KLINGENSMITH, JOSEPH W.                ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-270
KLINGENSMITH, LIZZIE B.                MAHONNG                                 PA-3-4-380
KLINGENSMITH, PETER                    GILPIN                                  PA-3-5-183
KLINGENSMITH, PETER (BIG)              ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-222
KLINGENSMITH, PETER M.                 BETHEL                                  PA-3-4-527
KLINGENSMITH, PHILIP                   ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-23
KLINGENSMITH, SAMUEL                   LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-586
KLINGENSMITH, SUSANNAH                 GILPIN                                  PA-3-10-210
KLINGENSMITH, THOMAS E.                GILPIN                                  PA-3-9-570
KLINGLESMITH, PETER SR.                ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-31
KLUGH, WILLIAM F.                      LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-469
KNAPPENBARGER, JOHN                    KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-168
KNEIST, GODFREID                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-108
KNEIST, MARGARET                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-105
KNEPSHEILD, JOHN SR.                   LEECHBURG                               PA-3-3-139
KNEPSHIELD, JOHN                       BURRELL                                 PA-3-10-94
KNEPSHIELD, MICHAEL                    KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-8-467
KNEPSHIELDS, SAMUEL                    BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-157
KNISELY, SOLOMON                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-23
KNISLEY, REBECCA                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-450
KNOBLE, DAVID                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-136
KNORR, HARRY L.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-262
KNOX, GEORGE                           PERRY                                   PA-3-1-107
KNOX, HUSTINGS                         PERRY                                   PA-3-2-361
KNOX, JOSEPH                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-527
KNOX, JOSEPH H.                        PERRY                                   PA-3-6-494
KNOX, THOMAS SR.                       PERRY                                   PA-3-2-144
KNOX, WILLIAM                          PERRY                                   PA-3-8-17
KOCH, JOHN                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-384
KOHLEPP, JOHN                          FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-422
KOLLER, JOHN C. L.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-1-266
KORDIS, BARNEY                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-216
KOUNTZ, JOHN HENRY                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-226
KREHL, JOHN J.                         LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-313
KRENZ, GEORGE                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-170
KRENZ, HETTY                           GILPIN                                  PA-3-9-175
KROH, JACOB                            COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-123
KRUMPE, JOHN                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-481
KUHN, DAVID                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-301
KUHN, JACOB                            FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-358
KUHN, JOHN                             MAHONING                                PA-3-2-155
KUHNS, ALEXANDER                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-100
KUHNS, CARRIE MONTGOMERY               BETHEL                                  PA-3-8-480
KUNKLE, DAVID BENTON                   KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-10-503
KUNKLE, HENRY                          KITTANNNG                               PA-3-5-129
KUNKLE, JACOB                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-301
KUNSE, JACOB                           RED BANK                                PA-3-6-498
KUNSELMAN, ELIAS P.                    RED BANK                                PA-3-4-574
KUNSELMAN, GEORGE                      RED BANK                                PA-3-2-511
KUNSELMAN, JOHN                        RED BANK                                PA-3-2-567
KUNSELMAN, JOHN P.                     MAHONING                                PA-3-4-600
KUNSELMAN, MAGDALENA                   RED BANK                                PA-3-1-313
KUNSELMAN, PHILIP                      RED BANK                                PA-3-1-321
KUNSELMAN, SAMUEL                      RED BANK                                PA-3-9-199
KUNSELMAN,C HRISTINA                   MAHONING                                PA-3-10-329
KUTSCHENREITER, THERESIA               FORD CITY                               PA-3-9-127
LACY, MARGARET                         BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-8-569
LACY, PATRICK                          SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-3-200
LAFFERTY, JAMES S.                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-447
LAFFERTY, LELIA NORA                   KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-10-274
LAFFERTY, ROBERT                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-435
LAMBERSON, I. J.                       MAHONING                                PA-3-6-298
LAMBERSON, ISAAC                       MAHONING                                PA-3-3-532
LAMBING, JOHN S.                       CORY                                    PA-3-8-272
LAMERSON, MARTHA J.                    MAHONING                                PA-3-5-189
LANGLER, PHILIP                        MADISON                                 PA-3-9-113
LANGSDALE, EMMA M.                     MANOR                                   PA-3-8-101
LANKER, JOSEPH                         RED BANK                                PA-3-2-366
LARDIN, ROBERT                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-412
LARIMER, ANDREW J.                     APOLLO                                  PA-3-10-391
LASHER, ABRAHAM                        PINE                                    PA-3-5-188
LASHER, DANIEL                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-7-23
LASHER, DAVID W.                       WASHINGTON                              PA-3-8-475
LASHER, EPHRIAM                        WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-160
LASHER, MANASSES                       WASHINGTON                              PA-3-9-494
LASIER, ELIZABETH                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-71
LAUBE, R. C.                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-10-493
LAUFER, LAVINA                         PARKS                                   PA-3-3-33
LAUFFER, J. D.                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-443
LAUFFER, LIZZIE C.                     APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-491
LAUGHLIN, ALEXANDER                    PINE                                    PA-3-3-256
LAUSTER, ANNE CHRISTINA                RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-9-265
LAUSTER, GEORGE                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-392
LAUSTER, H. F.                         RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-7-482
LAUSTER, PETER                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-5-151
LAW, ANN                               BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-88
LAW, JAMES                             MANOR                                   PA-3-2-439
LAWKARD, SIMON P.                      RED BANK                                PA-3-6-19
LAWSON, JOHN K.                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-492
LAWTHER, JAMES T.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-557
LAWTON, SAMUEL                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-184
LEARD, JOHN                            SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-39
LEARD, JOHN                            EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-77
LEARD, MARGARET I.                     FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-445
LEARD, OLIVER                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-2-261
LEARD, SAMUEL                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-2-684
LEARD, SAMUEL W.                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-273
LEARD, WILLIAM W.                      COWANSVILLE                             PA-3-5-533
LEASE, ELIZABETH                       MANOR                                   PA-3-2-314
LEASON, M. F.                          APPLEWOLD                               PA-3-8-69
LEASURE, BENJAMINE                     SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-337
LEDOO, ABRAM S.                        WASHINGTON                              PA-3-3-280
LEDOO, MARY                            WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-3-416
LEDOO, MARY                            WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-3-310
LEE, ABRAHAM                           RED BANK                                PA-3-1-36
LEE, H. N.                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-317
LEE, MARY A.                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-333
LEECH, DAVID                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-2-159
LEECH, JOHN                            MADISON                                 PA-3-5-190
LEECH, JOHN                            KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-2-577
LEECH, MARY A.                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-360
LEEGER, G. W.                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-105
LEISURE, F. M.                         PINE                                    PA-3-8-523
LEISURE, GEORGE W.                     MADISON                                 PA-3-4-22
LEMMON, JULIA                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-60
LEMMON, LUCINDA                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-108
LEMMON, SARAH A.                       WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-346
LEMMON, THOMAS                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-270
LEMMON, THOMAS M. C.                   KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-83
LEMON, SARAH                           PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-333
LEMON, SYDENY                          PARKER CITY                             PA-3-6-502
LENINGTON, TIMOTHY                     NTL                                     PA-3-1-44
LENNING, REBECCA B.                    FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-80
LESSER, LOUIS H.                       MANOR                                   PA-3-10-415
LEVERE, JOSIAH                         PERRY                                   PA-3-5-462
LEWIS, ANDREW                          GILPIN                                  PA-3-10-478
LEWIS, DAVID D.                        NTL, WASHINGTON,PA                      PA-3-5-351
LEWIS, ESTHER L.                       RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-8-399
LEWIS, EZEKIEL                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-424
LEWIS, JOHN R.                         PARKER CITY                             PA-3-7-43
LIAS, EZRA                             DAYTON                                  PA-3-3-461
LIAS, G. W.                            DAYTON                                  PA-3-7-260
LIAS, JACOB                            NTL                                     PA-3-5-248
LIAS, JOHN                             WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-314
LIAS, PETER                            WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-55
LIBERTO, ANTONINA                      FORD CITY                               PA-3-7-280
LIEHTY, JACOB                          SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-4
LIGHTNER, MARGARET                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-428
LINDENMAN, A.                          NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-6-182
LINHART, ABRAHAM                       ALELGHENY                               PA-3-2-47
LINNAN, PATRICK                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-116
LINSEBIGLER, W B.                      ELDERTON                                PA-3-4-2
LINSENBIGLER, GEORGE                   SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-270
LINSENBIGLER, JOHN                     SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-3-561
LINSENBIGLER, ROSANA                   SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-231
LINTON, SARAH J.                       WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-7-521
LISENBIGLER, ELIZABETH                 SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-9-349
LITTEK, SAMUEL                         FORD CITY                               PA-3-7-412
LITTLE, JOSEPH C.                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-295
LLOYD, JOHN                            BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-2-473
LOBAUGH, ABRAM                         RED BANK                                PA-3-1-7
LOBAUGH, ALZINA                        MADISON                                 PA-3-6-252
LOBOUGH, PETER SR.                     MADISON                                 PA-3-2-191
LOEBEN, GABRIEL P.                     FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-421
LOGAN, ALEXANDER W.                    MANORVILLE                              PA-3-8-145
LOGAN, EOLIZA J.                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-244
LOGAN, JANNETTA                        MANOR                                   PA-3-5-111
LOGAN, JENNETTA L.                     MANOR                                   PA-3-2-494
LOGAN, MARY J.                         MANORVILLE                              PA-3-10-75
LOGAN, MATTIE A.                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-4-137
LOGAN, T. J.                           BETHEL                                  PA-3-8-403
LOGAN, WILLIAM F.                      BETHEL                                  PA-3-6-219
LOGUE, JOHN                            PERRY                                   PA-3-1-138
LONG, CHARLES B.                       WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-331
LONG, ELIZABETH T.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-372
LONG, ESTHER                           FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-368
LONG, FLORENCE                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-9-191
LONG, J. L.                            WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-250
LONG, JACOB                            RED BANK                                PA-3-2-530
LONG, JACOB W.                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-10-240
LONG, JOHN                             WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-175
LONG, MARGARET                         FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-130
LONG, MARY C.                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-9-350
LONG, MELESSIA J.                      CANTON, OH                              PA-3-6-451
LONG, NANCY                            FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-331
LONG, NANCY                            SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-352
LONG, PHILIP                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-3-583
LONG, ROBERT                           FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-31
LONG, SALLEY                           RED BANK                                PA-3-4-202
LONG, SARAH                            NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-553
LONG, SARAH                            APOLLO                                  PA-3-10-18
LONG, SARAH                            NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-557
LONG, THOMAS L.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-102
LONG, WILLIAM                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-275
LONG, WILLIAM A.                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-447
LONGE, MARY                            PERRY                                   PA-3-1-214
LOOKABAUGH, ADAM                       BURRELL                                 PA-3-7-67
LOOKABAUGH, PETER                      PARKS                                   PA-3-4-596
LOOKABAUGH, PETER J.                   PARKS                                   PA-3-7-467
LOOKABAUGH,E. HOMES                    LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-338
LOOMIS, AMZI                           MAHONING                                PA-3-8-426
LOOMIS, HARRY                          PITTSBURGH, PA                          PA-3-4-61
LOPEMAN, ANDREW                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-162
LORENZ, GEORGE                         MADISON                                 PA-3-10-359
LOUDEN, JOHN                           BURRELL                                 PA-3-8-43
LOUDEN, MATHEW                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-209
LOUDEN, THOMAS                         BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-487
LOUGHERY, WILLIAM                      FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-221
LOUTHER, W. M.                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-470
LOVE, WILLIAM L.                       NTL                                     PA-3-1-306
LOWERY, ISABELLA                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-375
LOWMAN, ANDREW I.                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-47
LOWREY, BENJAMINE                      ALELGHENY                               PA-3-1-6
LOWRY, JOHN M.                         BOGGS                                   PA-3-9-581
LOWRY, JOSEPH SR.                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-41
LOWRY, ROBERT                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-243
LOWRY, WILLIAM                         PINE                                    PA-3-2-687
LOWTHER, WILLIAM D.                    FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-184
LUCKHART, J. C.                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-181
LUDMAN, GUSTAV                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-276
LUKEHART, ELIZABETH                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-9-142
LUTON, ARAH I.                         NTL, BUTLER, PA                         PA-3-8-512
LYBRAND, MARY Q.                       NTL, DELAWARE, OH                       PA-3-7-86
LYONS, MARY JANE                       NTL, WASHINGTON, PA                     PA-3-5-332
LYTLE, MARY E.                         ELDERTON                                PA-3-4-426
LYTLE, W. P.                           ELDERTON                                PA-3-5-287
LYTLE, WILLIAM                         ELDERTON                                PA-3-2-691
MACELROY, LEONARD PETER (REV.)         KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-301
MANNERS, JOHN                          KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-1-296
MARSHALL, JOHN                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-161
MARTIN, HUGH                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-235
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-2-8
MATTHEWS, EZEKIEL                      RED BANK                                PA-3-1-23
MATTHEWS, JAMES                        BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-76
MAXWELL, ADAM                          BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-185
MCADOO, JOHN                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-7-459
MCAULEY, JAMES                         BOGGS                                   PA-3-7-386
MCBRIDE, ENOS                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-4-119
MCBRIDE, JAMES A.                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-433
MCBRYAN, WILLIAM (DR.)                 APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-159
MCBRYAR, SAMUEL                        APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-428
MCCAFFERTY, CHARLES                    SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-349
MCCAIN, ELIZABETH                      FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-418
MCCAIN, ROBERT                         MANOR                                   PA-3-5-506
MCCAIN, WILLIAM G.                     NTL, SULLIVAN, TN                       PA-3-10-574
MCCANDLESS, JARRED                     SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-3-565
MCCANDLESS, LEANDER D.                 ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-4-555
MCCANNA, MARTIN                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-280
MCCANNA, PETER                         RED BANK                                PA-3-8-52
MCCAREY, DANIEL                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-318
MCCARREN, JAMES C.                     WST FRANKLIN                            PA-3-7-249
MCCARTNEY, HENRY                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-528
MCCARTY, JENNIE                        FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-479
MCCARTY, TIMOTHY J.                    FORD CITY                               PA-3-7-401
MCCASLIN, ANDREW                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-204
MCCAULEY, JOHN                         MAHONING                                PA-3-7-158
MCCAUSLAND, JACOB                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-255
MCCAUSLAND, MARY E.                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-28
MCCAUSLAND, SUSAN                      RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-10-229
MCCBRIDE, JOHN                         WASHINGTON                              PA-3-3-386
MCCLARREN, EMMA E.                     MANORVILLE                              PA-3-7-463
MCCLARREN, HUGH                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-173
MCCLARREN, P. F.                       MANORVILLE                              PA-3-6-215
MCCLATCHEY, BRIDGET                    WASHINGTON                              PA-3-6-454
MCCLATCHEY, JANE                       WASHINGTON                              PA-3-3-458
MCCLISTER, JOHN                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-379
MCCLOSKEY, CORNELIUS                   FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-26
MCCLURE, MARTHA                        VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-398
MCCLURE, MARTHA JANE                   SOUTH BETHLEHEM                         PA-3-8-61
MCCLYMONDS, J. F.                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-9-5
MCCLYMONDS, JULIA L.                   PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-9-488
MCCMILLEN, WILLIAM T.                  MAHONING                                PA-3-3-567
MCCOLGIN, THOMAS D.                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-10-512
MCCOLLIM, MARGARET                     NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-315
MCCOLLUM, WILLIAM                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-399
MCCOMB, NANCY                          ELDERSBRIDGE, INDIANA, PA               PA-3-7-499
MCCONNELL, ADAM                        RURAL VILLAGE                           PA-3-3-518
MCCONNELL, ELISHA                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-566
MCCONNELL, LOUIE L. (MRS)              KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-20
MCCONNELL, MARGARET J.                 RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-9-120
MCCONNELL, REBECCA D.                  PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-332
MCCONNELL, THOMAS SR.                  KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-358
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-8-323
MCCORKELL, SAMUEL                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-57
MCCORKLE, WILLIAM                      WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-420
MCCORMACK, MARY A.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-4
MCCORMICK, GEORGE                      SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-4-591
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-157
MCCORMICK, JOHN J.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-5-112
MCCORMICK, PATRICK                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-226
MCCOY, DANIEL                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-235
MCCOY, ELIZABETH                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-3-311
MCCOY, SARAH                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-495
MCCOY,MARTIN                           PINE                                    PA-3-7-11
MCCRACKEN, GEORGE                      NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-256
MCCRACKEN, JSOEPH S. L.                COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-170
MCCRACKEN, NANCY M.                    SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-418
MCCRACKEN, R. A.                       PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-5-285
MCCRACKEN, THOMAS                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-86
MCCRACKEN,ANNIE C.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-244
MCCREADY, SUSAN E.                     PINE                                    PA-3-10-157
MCCREARY, HIRAM                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-557
MCCRIGHT, MAGGIE J.                    ELDERTON                                PA-3-6-22
MCCUE, ELLEN                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-431
MCCUE, MARY ANN                        NTL, BUTLER, PA                         PA-3-10-500
MCCUE, WILLIAM P.                      NTL, BUTLER, PA                         PA-3-10-499
MCCULLEY, MARY                         WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-10-398
MCCULLOCH, CAROLINE E.                 FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-27
MCCULLOUGH, A. J.                      MADISON                                 PA-3-6-447
MCCULLOUGH, BRIDGET                    SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-309
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES SR.                  KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-206
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN                       PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-6-5
MCCULLOUGH, JOSEPH M.                  SOUTH BETHELHEM                         PA-3-7-316
MCCULLY, W. H.                         WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-9-92
MCCURDY, J. T.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-71
MCCURDY, MARY                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-560
MCCURDY, NANCY                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-110
MCCURDY, R. L. (DR.)                   FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-304
MCCURDY, S. K.                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-367
MCDERMOTT, PAUL                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-207
MCDONALD, CHARLES W.                   APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-539
MCDONALD, ELIZA J.                     APOLLO                                  PA-3-9-475
MCDONALD, LYDIA ANN                    RED BANK                                PA-3-3-341
MCDONALD, SAMUEL                       BURRELL                                 PA-3-6-277
MCDONALD, SAMUEL M.                    DAYTON                                  PA-3-8-184
MCDOWELL, JAMES                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-89
MCDOWELL, REBECCA                      WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-355
MCELFRESH, DANIEL                      BETHEL                                  PA-3-5-604
MCELHINEY, HANNAH M.                   WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-329
MCELRAVY, ANNA M.                      WICKBORO                                PA-3-8-347
MCELRAVY, BENJAMIN                     PINE                                    PA-3-5-539
MCELROY, ALEX                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-283
MCELROY, JAMES                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-18
MCELROY, JANE                          SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-5-438
MCELROY, SARAH B.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-251
MCELWAIN, HAMILTON                     MANOR                                   PA-3-7-444
MCELWAIN, JANE ANN                     MANOR                                   PA-3-6-221
MCELWAIN, JOHN                         VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-289
MCELWAIN, JOHN P.                      VALLEY                                  PA-3-7-438
MCELWAIN, JOHN R.                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-333
MCELWAIN, REBECCA DICKEY               VLALEY                                  PA-3-9-31
MCELWEE, JOHN                          DAYTON                                  PA-3-9-589
MCELWEE, MARGARET A.                   WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-110
MCEWEN, ANDREW                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-364
MCFARLAND, JAMES                       RURAL VILLAGE                           PA-3-4-145
MCFARLAND, REBECCA                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-208
MCGAREY, MARY                          MANORVILLE                              PA-3-3-508
MCGARRY, ANNA F.                       PHILADELPHIA, PA                        PA-3-10-203
MCGARVEY, A. F.                        WASHINGTON                              PA-3-5-304
MCGARVEY, ANN JANE                     NTL                                     PA-3-4-267
MCGARVEY, JOHN                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-334
MCGAUGHEY, ELIZABETH                   DAYTON                                  PA-3-6-185
MCGAUGHEY, ELVIRA                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-68
MCGEARY, ELLEN                         NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-7-102
MCGEARY, SAMUEL H.                     APOLLO                                  PA-3-10-455
MCGEARY, W. C.                         LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-301
MCGINNIS, JAMES                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-6-557
MCGLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM G.                PARKER CITY                             PA-3-7-289
MCGRANAHAN, JAMES                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-278
MCGRANN, P. R.                         MANOR                                   PA-3-9-595
MCGRANSHAN, WILLIAM                    COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-96
MCGREGOR, JANE                         PARKER                                  PA-3-6-87
MCGREGOR, JOHN                         MANOR                                   PA-3-9-156
MCGREGOR, MARGARET                     WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-28
MCGRORITY, JAMES                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-421
MCGRORITY, MARY A.                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-506
MCINILKIN, JAMES D.                    APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-63
MCINTIRE, CHARLES A. F.                SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-535
MCINTIRE, DANIEL S.                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-172
MCINTIRE, ELIZABETH                    WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-512
MCINTIRE, GEORGE W.                    COWASHANNOCK                            PA-3-5-98
MCINTIRE, JOHN                         PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-4-84
MCINTIRE, WILLIAM                      SUGAR CREEK                             PA-3-7-510
MCINTOSH, ROBERT                       PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-5-17
MCINTYRE, ANDREW                       PERRY                                   PA-3-10-528
MCINTYRE, C. L.                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-235
MCINTYRE, MARTHA                       PERRY                                   PA-3-9-131
MCINTYRE, MARY                         PERRY                                   PA-3-10-336
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-574
MCKAIN, ABNER                          VALLEY                                  PA-3-6-438
MCKAIN, CATHARINE                      VALLEY                                  PA-3-9-231
MCKAIN, WILLIAM                        MADISON                                 PA-3-3-600
MCKALLIP, HENRY P.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-6-349
MCKALLIP, SARAH E.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-473
MCKEAN, JAMES LYNCH                    FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-586
MCKEAN, M. E.                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-264
MCKEAN, SUSAN L.                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-328
MCKEAN, WILLIAM P.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-529
MCKEE, J. C.                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-268
MCKEE, JAMES BLAINE                    WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-296
MCKEE, MARY                            WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-7-387
MCKEE, MELISSA P.                      PITTSBURGH, PA                          PA-3-7-178
MCKEE, ROBERT                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-369
MCKEE, T. V.                           WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-5-607
MCKEE, WILLIAM                         BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-481
MCKELVEY, HUGH                         PARKER CITY                             PA-3-5-220
MCKELVEY, JAMES SR.                    MANOR                                   PA-3-4-537
MCKELVEY, WILLIAM                      MANOR                                   PA-3-4-556
MCKELVEY, WILLIAM                      MANOR                                   PA-3-9-118
MCKELVEY, WILLIAM                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-169
MCKEOWN, SARAH                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-9-513
MCKILLIP, M, K.                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-4-561
MCKINLEY, ELIZABETH                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-14
MCKINLEY, JAMES                        VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-479
MCKINLEY, MARY                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-15
MCKINLEY, WILLIAM                      RED BANK                                PA-3-1-11
MCKINSTRY, JAMES B.                    KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-573
MCKINSTRY, WILLIAM                     KISIMINETAS                             PA-3-6-441
MCKNIGH, R. G.                         LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-396
MCKNIGHT, ETTA GEORGE                  SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-493
MCKNIGHT, JOSHUA                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-139
MCKOWN, DAVID                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-8-252
MCLAFFERTY, JOHN                       MADISON                                 PA-3-8-165
MCLAUGHLIN, GEORGE                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-67
MCLAUGHLIN, JULIA A.                   APOLLO                                  PA-3-3-593
MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET                   COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-293
MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET                   COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-293
MCLAUGHLIN, NANCY L.                   APOLLO                                  PA-3-4-268
MCLAUGHLIN, P. J.                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-89
MCLAUGHLIN, SARAH A.                   MANORVILLE                              PA-3-9-32
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS P.                  RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-6-580
MCLEAN, ALEX                           ATWOOD                                  PA-3-4-598
MCLEAN, J. M.                          ATWOOD                                  PA-3-7-578
MCMAHAN, BRIDGET                       NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-440
MCMASTERS, DAVID                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-101
MCMASTERS, NANCY                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-251
MCMEANS, PEGGY                         NTL                                     PA-3-4-255
MCMILLEN, JAMES                        PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-4-451
MCMILLEN, JAMES                        NTL                                     PA-3-3-478
MCMILLEN, JAMES B.                     NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-61
MCMILLEN, L. S.                        PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-6-326
MCMILLEN, MARTIN                       WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-570
MCMINE, SAMUEL                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-75
MCNUTT, THOMAS S.                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-426
MCPHERSON, JOH                         NKITTANNING                             PA-3-3-572
MCPHERSON, JOSEPH                      WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-448
MCQUILKIN, ROBERT                      DAYTON                                  PA-3-6-311
MCQUILKIN, SARAH C.                    DAYTON                                  PA-3-10-230
MCQUILKIN, SARAH P.                    APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-114
MCREA, ELLEN M.                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-9-250
MCWHINNEY, JAMES JR.                   EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-466
MECHLING, BARBARA                      VALLE                                   PA-3-2-257
MECHLING, R. J.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-375
MEHAFFEY, ROBET G.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-145
MERCER, AMOS                           RED BANK                                PA-3-1-21
MEUHLING, MICHAEL                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-144
MICKEY, ELIZABETH                      LEECHBURG                               PA-3-2-218
MIKESELL,ANDRE                         NTL                                     PA-3-1-301
MILLEN, JANE                           FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-37
MILLER, HENRY                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-397
MILLER, JACOB                          KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-2-106
MILLER, JOSEPH                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-2-271
MILLIKEN, THOMAS                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-52
MILLIN, JAMES                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-427
MITCHELL, AGNES                        NTL                                     PA-3-2-259
MITCHELL, JAMES                        PLUM CREEK                              PA-3-1-330
MOHNEY, ISAAC                          RED BANK                                PA-3-1-156
MONI, ADAM SR.                         RED BANK                                PA-3-1-30
MONROE, JOHN SR.                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-264
MONROEM, JOHN JR.                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-224
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-186
MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL                     FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-294
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-60
MONTITH,JAMES                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-64
MOORE, ARCHIBALD                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-18
MOORE,NANCY                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-220
MOORHEAD, JOHN SR.                     MANOR                                   PA-3-2-88
MOREHEAD, JOHN                         RED BANK                                PA-3-1-207
MORRISON, JANE                         NTL                                     PA-3-2-205
MORRISON, WILLIAM                      SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-253
MORROW, JOHN                           WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-302
MORTIMER, JOHN                         RED BANK                                PA-3-1-37
MOUNEY, ADAM SR.                       RED BANK                                PA-3-1-30
MOYER, MARY                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-239
MURPHY, SAMUEL                         BUFFALO                                 PA-3-2-13
MURRY, HETTY                           PINE                                    PA-3-1-269
MYERS, ADAM                            SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-11
MYERS, VALENTINE                       TOBY                                    PA-3-1-111

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