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ABBOT, JACOB                           MA-14-11-409
ABBOT, JASON                           MA-14-86-370
ABBOT, JOHN                            MA-14-29-223
ABBOT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-34-124
ABBOT, LEWIS                           MA-14-395-489
ABBOT, MARTHA                          MA-14-24-73
ABBOT, PETER                           MA-14-19-475
ABBOT, WARREN S.                       MA-14-86-1
ABBOT, WILLIAM W.                      MA-14-548-234
ABBOTT, AZUBAH                         MA-14-400A-77
ABBOTT, DANIEL                         MA-14-2-119
ABBOTT, DANIELL                        MA-14-1-3
ABBOTT, JAIRUS                         MA-14-91-222
ABBOTT, JESSE                          MA-14-66-71
ABBOTT, JOSIAH                         MA-14-572-113
ABBOTT, MARY A.                        MA-14-569-372
ABBOTT, MARY A.                        MA-14-569-372
ABBOTT, SAMUEL                         MA-14-97-61
ABBOTT, SIMON C.                       MA-14-535-460
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                        MA-14-538-494
ABERCROMBIE, OTIS                      MA-14-91-506
ABRAHAM, ANDREW JR.                    MA-14-2-645
ABRTON, IRA M.                         MA-14-398-174
ADAMS, ABEL                            MA-14-399-185
ADAMS, ABIGAIL H.                      MA-14-458-176
ADAMS, ABIGAIL L.                      MA-14-394-334
ADAMS, ABNER                           MA-14-75-83
ADAMS, AME                             MA-14-93-32
ADAMS, ANDREW                          MA-14-84-479
ADAMS, ANDREW                          MA-14-18-216
ADAMS, ANGELINA DAY                    MA-14-574-213
ADAMS, ARAD                            MA-14-562-62
ADAMS, ARNOLD                          MA-14-458-36
ADAMS, ASAHEL                          MA-14-95-127
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-20-96
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-66-169
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-66-401
ADAMS, BETSEY                          MA-14-91-613
ADAMS, BETSEY                          MA-14-397-191
ADAMS, BRAMAN B.                       MA-14-500-170
ADAMS, CATHARINE                       MA-14-538-208
ADAMS, CHARLES                         MA-14-12-432
ADAMS, CYRUS                           MA-14-86-629
ADAMS, DANIEL                          MA-14-72-521
ADAMS, DANIEL                          MA-14-95-450
ADAMS, DEBORAH M.                      MA-14-485-53
ADAMS, EBENEZER                        MA-14-33-118
ADAMS, ELEAZER                         MA-14-57-206
ADAMS, ELIJAH                          MA-14-400A-299
ADAMS, ELIZA CUMMINGS                  MA-14-504-512
ADAMS, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-86-476
ADAMS, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-56-312
ADAMS, FRANCIS                         MA-14-31-313
ADAMS, FRANKLIN                        MA-14-514-36
ADAMS, GEORGE                          MA-14-72-444
ADAMS, GEORGE                          MA-14-80-503
ADAMS, ISAAC W.                        MA-14-548-499
ADAMS, ISACHAR                         MA-14-66-459
ADAMS, ISRAEL                          MA-14-39-518
ADAMS, IVERS                           MA-14-475-82
ADAMS, JACOB                           MA-14-97-364
ADAMS, JAMES                           MA-14-86-411
ADAMS, JAMES                           MA-14-33-115
ADAMS, JAMES                           MA-14-97-180
ADAMS, JASPER                          MA-14-91-133
ADAMS, JEMISON                         MA-14-399-76
ADAMS, JESSE                           MA-14-66-160
ADAMS, JOHN                            MA-14-1-183
ADAMS, JOHN                            MA-14-27-21
ADAMS, JOHN                            MA-14-43-186
ADAMS, JOHN N.                         MA-14-504-438
ADAMS, JOHN Q.                         MA-14-483-175
ADAMS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-86-552
ADAMS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-43-30
ADAMS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-89-54
ADAMS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-86-510
ADAMS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-31-119
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-478-510
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-75-529
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-84-32
ADAMS, JOSEPH B.                       MA-14-511-81
ADAMS, JOSIAH                          MA-14--398-291
ADAMS, JUDE                            MA-14-504-493
ADAMS, JUDSON                          MA-14-397-515
ADAMS, LEVI                            MA-14-394-408
ADAMS, LEVI                            MA-14-89-500
ADAMS, LIBERTY                         MA-14-399-435
ADAMS, LOIS B.                         MA-14-396-555
ADAMS, MARCIA A.                       MA-14-396-495
ADAMS, MARTHA                          MA-14-27-279
ADAMS, MARY                            MA-14-12-45
ADAMS, MEHITABLE W.                    MA-14-552-216
ADAMS, MERIAM                          MA-14-86-395
ADAMS, MICHAEL                         MA-14-43-5
ADAMS, MOSES                           MA-14-91-614
ADAMS, MOSES                           MA-14-80-642
ADAMS, NANCY A.                        MA-14-538-191
ADAMS, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-66-362
ADAMS, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-75-1
ADAMS, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-13-378
ADAMS, NEHEMIAH                        MA-14-32-122
ADAMS, OLIVE                           MA-14-72-386
ADAMS, OLIVER W.                       MA-14-511-32
ADAMS, OTIS                            MA-14-395-158
ADAMS, REUBEN                          MA-14-80-557
ADAMS, RUTH                            MA-14-89-46
ADAMS, SALEM T.                        MA-14-485-395
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          MA-14-66-503
ADAMS, SANFORD                         MA-14-548-458
ADAMS, SANFORD                         MA-14-457-651
ADAMS, SOPHIA                          MA-14-86-491
ADAMS, WALDO                           MA-14-398-344
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-400A-637
ADAMS, ZABDIEL                         MA-14-30-239
ADAMS, ZERNIAH                         MA-14-93-169
ADAMSON, IRENE L.                      MA-14-823-499
ADAMSON, SYLVIA                        MA-14-400A-619
AGNEW, MARCELLA                        MA-14-535-182
AHERN, MICHAEL                         MA-14-572-43
AIKEN, CHARLES P.                      MA-14-557-436
AIKEN, DAVID                           MA-14-34-23
AIKEN, DAVID                           MA-14-93-18
AIKEN, JOHN                            MA-14-39-236
AIKEN, JOHN                            MA-14-543-149
AIKEN, SARAH JANE                      MA-14-478-478
AIKIN, JOHN                            MA-14-95-93
AINGER, JOHN                           MA-14-25-269
AINSWORTH, ANN                         MA-14-504-211
AINSWORTH, EDWARD                      MA-14-2-100
AINSWORTH, ELAM W.                     MA-14-396-383
AINSWORTH, MARSHALL                    MA-14-504-241
AINSWORTH, MASON                       MA-14-398-394
AINSWORTH, MERRICK E.                  MA-14-95-451
AINSWORTH, WILLIAM F.                  MA-14-93-357
AITCHISON, KATE H.                     MA-14-572-94
AKER, PHILA                            MA-14-89-493
ALBEE, ABEL                            MA-14-48-506
ALBEE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-4-512
ALBEE, CLARK                           MA-14-89-109
ALBEE, EDWIN A.                        MA-14-580-358
ALBEE, ELLIS                           MA-14-397-92
ALBEE, GIDEON                          MA-14-29-433
ALBEE, JAMES                           MA-14-46-11
ALBEE, JAMES                           MA-14-26-421
ALBEE, JAMES                           MA-14-19-39
ALBEE, JANE R.                         MA-14-555-463
ALBEE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-457-386
ALBEE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-52-9
ALBEE, LOVETT                          MA-14-394-1
ALBEE, LYMAN C.                        MA-14-557-395
ALBEE, MARTHA                          MA-14-80-104
ALBEE, MARY A.                         MA-14-555-385
ALBEE, OTIS                            MA-14-66-356
ALBEE, SETH                            MA-14-72-607
ALBEE, WILLARD                         MA-14-89-441
ALBER, PHEBE L.                        MA-14-511-13
ALDAMS, OTIS                           MA-14-394-336
ALDEN, WILLIAM E.                      MA-14-500-389
ALDEN, WILLIAM E.                      MA-14-504-460
ALDIS, HANNAH                          MA-14-59-456
ALDRICH, AARON                         MA-14-36-398
ALDRICH, ABEL                          MA-14-89-52
ALDRICH, ABEL                          MA-14-84-394
ALDRICH, ABEL                          MA-14-21-76
ALDRICH, ALEXANDER                     MA-14-43-467
ALDRICH, ALONZO L.                     MA-14-548-239
ALDRICH, AMOS                          MA-14-56-209
ALDRICH, AMOS C.                       MA-14-396-205
ALDRICH, ANNA                          MA-14-80-470
ALDRICH, ANNA                          MA-14-80-516
ALDRICH, ANNIE J.                      MA-14-400A-319
ALDRICH, ARDELIA C.                    MA-14-504-477
ALDRICH, ARTEMAS                       MA-14-59-239
ALDRICH, ASAHEL                        MA-14-15-328
ALDRICH, BARUCH                        MA-14-36-238
ALDRICH, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-41-188
ALDRICH, BETSEY W.                     MA-14-543-371
ALDRICH, CAHEL                         MA-14-84-425
ALDRICH, CALVIN                        MA-14-86-584
ALDRICH, CATHARINE E. H.               MA-14-580-155
ALDRICH, CHARLES W.                    MA-14-563-453
ALDRICH, DANIEL                        MA-14-80-141
ALDRICH, DANIEL                        MA-14-41-409
ALDRICH, DANIEL H.                     MA-14-398-144
ALDRICH, DANIEL W.                     MA-14-478-526
ALDRICH, EASICK                        MA-14-396-587
ALDRICH, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-478-290
ALDRICH, EUNICE G.                     MA-14-492-280
ALDRICH, FANNY                         MA-14-478-291
ALDRICH, GARDNER                       MA-14-26-338
ALDRICH, GEORGE                        MA-14-89-554
ALDRICH, GEORGE                        MA-14-27-420
ALDRICH, HANNAH                        MA-14-395-404
ALDRICH, HARRIET D.                    MA-14-478-286
ALDRICH, HARRY D.                      MA-14-555-406
ALDRICH, HENRY A.                      MA-14-478-522
ALDRICH, HULDAH                        MA-14-399-224
ALDRICH, ISAAC                         MA-14-21-405
ALDRICH, ISRAEL                        MA-14-72-150
ALDRICH, ISRAEL                        MA-14-46-261
ALDRICH, JACOB                         MA-14-4-230
ALDRICH, JACOB                         MA-14-13-476
ALDRICH, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-17-148
ALDRICH, JOAB                          MA-14-27-51
ALDRICH, JOEL                          MA-14-80-570
ALDRICH, JOHN                          MA-14-80-394
ALDRICH, JOHN                          MA-14-24-414
ALDRICH, JONATHAN                      MA-14-395-327
ALDRICH, JOSEPH                        MA-14-21-267
ALDRICH, JOSEPH                        MA-14-80-384
ALDRICH, JOSEPH                        MA-14-89-247
ALDRICH, JOSEPH C.                     MA-14-91-644
ALDRICH, JOSHUA                        MA-14-23-50
ALDRICH, LOUISE M.                     MA-14-546-72
ALDRICH, LUKE                          MA-14-46-106
ALDRICH, LUKE                          MA-14-398--217
ALDRICH, LYDIA                         MA-14-57-474
ALDRICH, LYMAN                         MA-14-86-165
ALDRICH, LYMAN                         MA-14-95-138
ALDRICH, MADISON M.                    MA-14-95-377
ALDRICH, MARTHA                        MA-14-91-233
ALDRICH, MARTHA C.                     MA-14-543-419
ALDRICH, MARY                          MA-14-56-56
ALDRICH, MARY                          MA-14-86-98
ALDRICH, MARY A.                       MA-14-566-72
ALDRICH, MARY A.                       MA-14-487-396
ALDRICH, MARY B.                       MA-14-399-22
ALDRICH, MILLA                         MA-14-399-528
ALDRICH, MOSES                         MA-14-7-513
ALDRICH, NATHAN C.                     MA-14-397-544
ALDRICH, NEHEMIAH                      MA-14-31-405
ALDRICH, NOAH                          MA-14-66-366
ALDRICH, NOAH                          MA-14-41-338
ALDRICH, OBADIAH                       MA-14-46-91
ALDRICH, ORPHIA                        MA-14-552-176
ALDRICH, P. EMORY                      MA-14-511-225
ALDRICH, PARDON                        MA-14-97-30
ALDRICH, PAUL                          MA-14-75-205
ALDRICH, PELEG                         MA-14-394-20
ALDRICH, PELEG B.                      MA-14-533-130
ALDRICH, PETER                         MA-14-2-705
ALDRICH, PETER                         MA-14-28-532
ALDRICH, PETER G.                      MA-14-559-186
ALDRICH, PHILA                         MA-14-66-24
ALDRICH, ROBERT                        MA-14-27-223
ALDRICH, ROYAL                         MA-14-97-76
ALDRICH, SAMUEL                        MA-14-52-472
ALDRICH, SAMUEL                        MA-14-46-83
ALDRICH, SAMUEL                        MA-14-9-170
ALDRICH, SARAH                         MA-14-14-337
ALDRICH, SARAH                         MA-14-396-22
ALDRICH, SARAH                         MA-14-533-403
ALDRICH, SARAH                         MA-14-80-545
ALDRICH, SARAH A.                      MA-14-473-293
ALDRICH, SARAH P.                      MA-14-568-175
ALDRICH, SCAMMELL                      MA-14-399-77
ALDRICH, SETH                          MA-14-1-285
ALDRICH, SETH                          MA-14-50-91
ALDRICH, SETH                          MA-14-397-121
ALDRICH, SETH                          MA-14-13-172
ALDRICH, SETH JR.                      MA-14-57-495
ALDRICH, SMITH                         MA-14-457-301
ALDRICH, SOPHIA W.                     MA-14-399-436
ALDRICH, STEPHEN                       MA-14-26-163A
ALDRICH, STEPHEN                       MA-14-95-138
ALDRICH, THOMAS                        MA-14-478-221
ALDRICH, THOMAS                        MA-14-483-446
ALDRICH, THOMAS W.                     MA-14-490-522
ALDRICH, TRYPHENA S.                   MA-14-563-452
ALDRICH, URANIA S.                     MA-14-492-252
ALDRICH, VALENTINE M.                  MA-14-504-471
ALDRICH, WATEE E.                      MA-14-580-505
ALDRICH, WELCOME                       MA-14-398-465
ALDRICH, WELCOME                       MA-14-97-238
ALDRICH, WHEELER                       MA-14-457-12
ALDRICH, WILLARD                       MA-14-84-98
ALDRICH, WILLIAM                       MA-14-86-230
ALEN, LUCIUS S.                        MA-14-457-442
ALEXANDER, FRANK E.                    MA-14-400A-17
ALEXANDER, FRANK E.                    MA-14-577-80
ALEXANDER, JAMES JR.                   MA-14-80-531
ALEXANDER, PHINEAS                     MA-14-492-226
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                      MA-14-560--442
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     MA-14-21-440
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     MA-14-50-142
ALFORD, JOANNA                         MA-14-18-494
ALGER, ABIEL                           MA-14-97-352
ALGER, BRIDGET                         MA-14-572-42
ALGER, GEORGE                          MA-14-399-357
ALGER, JAMES M.                        MA-14-531-71
ALGER, JONATHAN L.                     MA-14-546-376
ALGER, NATHAN                          MA-14-457-104
ALGER, SETH                            MA-14-56-587
ALGER, SUSAN E.                        MA-14-563-425
ALLAIRE, EUGENE                        MA-14-546-429
ALLAIRE, JEAN BAPTISTE                 MA-14-823-57
ALLEN, AARON                           MA-14-50-461
ALLEN, AARON                           MA-14-26-98
ALLEN, ABBY                            MA-14-475-294
ALLEN, ABEL                            MA-14-66-154
ALLEN, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-46-492
ALLEN, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-66-463
ALLEN, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-80-539
ALLEN, ABIGAIL P.                      MA-14-531-44
ALLEN, ABIJAH                          MA-14-397-122
ALLEN, ABNER                           MA-14-66-545
ALLEN, ABNER                           MA-14-80-588
ALLEN, ALBERT W.                       MA-14-823-344
ALLEN, ALMAN                           MA-14-84-439
ALLEN, ALVAN                           MA-14-66-561
ALLEN, ANDREW J.                       MA-14-533-138
ALLEN, ANN F.                          MA-14-478-265
ALLEN, ANNE B.                         MA-14-395-227
ALLEN, ARNOLD L.                       MA-14-95-412
ALLEN, ASA                             MA-14-93-462
ALLEN, ASA H.                          MA-14-514-316
ALLEN, ASA H.                          MA-14-514-59
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-12-14
ALLEN, BETSEY                          MA-14-46-479
ALLEN, CHARLES                         MA-14-399-152
ALLEN, CHARLES G.                      MA-14-480-516
ALLEN, CHARLES H.                      MA-14-511-98
ALLEN, CHARLES N.                      MA-14-485-409
ALLEN, CLARINDA                        MA-14-577-41
ALLEN, DANIEL                          MA-14-28-469
ALLEN, DARIUS H.                       MA-14-485-25
ALLEN, DAVID                           MA-14-29-143
ALLEN, DAVID                           MA-14-75-285
ALLEN, DAVID C.                        MA-14-557-436
ALLEN, DELPHIA                         MA-14-93-402
ALLEN, DORCAS                          MA-14-12-264
ALLEN, EBENEZER                        MA-14-11-161
ALLEN, EBENEZER                        MA-14-41-296
ALLEN, EDWARD                          MA-14-21-84
ALLEN, ELIJAH                          MA-14-399-419
ALLEN, ELIZABETH W.                    MA-14-497-525
ALLEN, ELNATHAN                        MA-14-34-331
ALLEN, EMILY F.                        MA-14-470-29
ALLEN, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-89-625
ALLEN, ESTHER H.                       MA-14-473-250
ALLEN, ETHAN                           MA-14-400A-43
ALLEN, EUNICE                          MA-14-97-239
ALLEN, EUNICE                          MA-14-75-24
ALLEN, EUNICE                          MA-14-97-300
ALLEN, FRANCES                         MA-14-25-89
ALLEN, GEORGE                          MA-14-521-486
ALLEN, GEORGE K.                       MA-14-568-199
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-400A-300
ALLEN, HANNAH                          MA-14-57-297
ALLEN, HANNAH                          MA-14-43-148
ALLEN, HARMONIA                        MA-14-86-569
ALLEN, HARRIET J.                      MA-14-475-254
ALLEN, HARRIET W.                      MA-14-457-389
ALLEN, HENRY                           MA-14-89-604
ALLEN, HEPZA                           MA-14-86-1
ALLEN, HERBERT F.                      MA-14-495-140
ALLEN, HEZEKIAH                        MA-14-395-456
ALLEN, HORACE                          MA-14-93-170
ALLEN, IRENE                           MA-14-394-179
ALLEN, ISAAC                           MA-14-86-500
ALLEN, ISAAC                           MA-14-93-294
ALLEN, ISRAEL                          MA-14-48-468
ALLEN, ISRAEL                          MA-14-18-394
ALLEN, JAMES                           MA-14-97-419
ALLEN, JAMES F.                        MA-14-514-373
ALLEN, JARED                           MA-14-500-393
ALLEN, JERUSHA                         MA-14-89-261
ALLEN, JESSE                           MA-14-48-142
ALLEN, JOHN                            MA-14-39-6
ALLEN, JOHN                            MA-14-396-281
ALLEN, JOHN                            MA-14-89-317
ALLEN, JOHN                            MA-14-41-125
ALLEN, JOHN J.                         MA-14-823-543
ALLEN, JONATHAN                        MA-14-56-600
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-66-144
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-56-554
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-31-102
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-25-194
ALLEN, JOSEPH M.                       MA-14-566-22
ALLEN, JOSIAH                          MA-14-91-565
ALLEN, JULIA                           MA-14-97-83
ALLEN, KEZIA                           MA-14-39-175
ALLEN, LEVI                            MA-14-470-436
ALLEN, LEWIS                           MA-14-93-384
ALLEN, LIBERTY                         MA-14-397-94
ALLEN, LOVISA                          MA-14-475-249
ALLEN, LUCIA A.                        MA-14-541-422
ALLEN, LUCIUS S.                       MA-14-457-557
ALLEN, LUCIUS S.                       MA-14-457-556
ALLEN, LUTHER                          MA-14-80-258
ALLEN, LYDIA                           MA-14-46-527
ALLEN, MARTHA E.                       MA-14-575-503
ALLEN, MARY                            MA-14-66-612
ALLEN, MARY A.                         MA-14-521-470
ALLEN, MARY S.                         MA-14-75-275
ALLEN, MEHITABEL                       MA-14-59299
ALLEN, MELVIN                          MA-14-457-120
ALLEN, MERIAM                          MA-14-97-200
ALLEN, MOSES                           MA-14-84-535
ALLEN, MOSES                           MA-14-86-298
ALLEN, NARCISSA                        MA-14-492-524
ALLEN, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-11-229
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                        MA-14-41-183
ALLEN, OBADIAH                         MA-14-17-73
ALLEN, OTIS                            MA-14-397-457
ALLEN, PARDON                          MA-14-89-318
ALLEN, PERLEY                          MA-14-397-277
ALLEN, PRUDENCE                        MA-14-93-576
ALLEN, RACHEL                          MA-14-84-34
ALLEN, ROBERT                          MA-14-93-438
ALLEN, SALLY                           MA-14-95-182
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          MA-14-72-22
ALLEN, SAMUEL H.                       MA-14-396-444
ALLEN, SARAH                           MA-14-396-282
ALLEN, SARAH A.                        MA-14-533-440
ALLEN, SARAH CHARLOTTE                 MA-14-573-302
ALLEN, SARAH F.                        MA-14-521-232
ALLEN, SARAH G.                        MA-14-543-133
ALLEN, SILAS                           MA-14-75-139
ALLEN, SIMEON                          MA-14-86-586
ALLEN, SIMON                           MA-14-458-86
ALLEN, SIMON H.                        MA-14-543-138
ALLEN, STEPHEN                         MA-14-19-244
ALLEN, SULLIVAN A.                     MA-14-516-226
ALLEN, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-43-22
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         MA-14-5-163
ALLEN, WILLIAM E.                      MA-14-497-486
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-504-450
ALLEN, WILLIAM P.                      MA-14-497-241
ALMGREN, PER GUSTAF                    MA-14-823-95
ALTON, WILLIAM                         MA-14-14-342
ALVERSON,RUFUS G.                      MA-14-580-350
AMBLER, ANN S.                         MA-14-395-304
AMBLER, JEREMIAH D.                    MA-14-400A-515
AMELOTTE, PAUL                         MA-14-516-513
AMERMAN, ELLA M.                       MA-14-557-366
AMES, DANIEL                           MA-14-52-503
AMES, ELIZABETH P.                     MA-14-823-3
AMES, FANNY M.                         MA-14-457-564
AMES, HIRAM H.                         MA-14-485-86
AMES, JOHN                             MA-14-39-270
AMES, JOHN                             MA-14-48-206
AMES, LUCINDA                          MA-14-396-284
AMES, MARTHA                           MA-14-394-321
AMES, MIRIAM                           MA-14-93-404
AMES, SARAH ELIZA                      MA-14-487-455
AMIDON, JEDEDIAH                       MA-14-75-652
AMIDON, NELLIE D.                      MA-14-823-279
AMIDOWN, JOHN                          MA-14-4-474
AMIDOWN, PHILLIP                       MA-14-2-558
AMMIDON, LAURA A.                      MA-14-577-27
AMMIDOWN, CALVIN                       MA-14-57-616
AMMIDOWN, DEBORAH                      MA-14-66-25
AMMIDOWN, DELIZA                       MA-14-86-176
AMMIDOWN, EBENEZER D.                  MA-14-397-313
AMMIDOWN, EBENEZER D.                  MA-14-397-339
AMMIDOWN, HENRY C.                     MA-14-399-153
AMMIDOWN, HENRY C.                     MA-14-399-447
AMMIDOWN, HENRY C.                     MA-14-399-339
AMMIDOWN, HOLDRIDGE                    MA-14-395-335
AMMIDOWN, ICHABOD                      MA-14-22-150
AMMIDOWN, JEREMIAH                     MA-14-43-28
AMMIDOWN, JOHN                         MA-14-46-40
AMMIDOWN, JULINA                       MA-14-75-435
AMMIDOWN, LUTHER                       MA-14-75-404
AMMIDOWN, MARY J.                      MA-14-577-36
AMMIDOWN, MARY L.                      MA-14-506-350
AMMIDOWN, OLIVE                        MA-14-80-331
AMMIDOWN, OTIS                         MA-14-66-182
AMMIDOWN, PHILLIP                      MA-14-30-538
AMSDEN, BEZALEEL                       MA-14-93-519
AMSDEN, CHARLES E.                     MA-14-86-213
AMSDEN, DAVID                          MA-14-11-223
AMSDEN, FESTUS F.                      MA-14-396-350
AMSDEN, G. HENRY                       MA-14-535-442
AMSDEN, LUTHER                         MA-14-396-103
AMSDEN, MARY                           MA-14-27-445
AMSDEN, WARREN H.                      MA-14-398-128
AMSDEN, WILLARD                        MA-14-72-523
ANDERSON, ALMIRA                       MA-14-457-529
ANDERSON, ANNA                         MA-14-75-62
ANDERSON, ANNA C.                      MA-14-823-96
ANDERSON, CHARLES                      MA-14-399-108
ANDERSON, CHARLES                      MA-14-457-229
ANDERSON, EUNICE                       MA-14-397-46
ANDERSON, JOHN                         MA-14-56-349
ANDERSON, JOHN F.                      MA-14-400A-268
ANDERSON, SUSANAH                      MA-14-91-235
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-398-129
ANDRE, JOHNJ.                          MA-14-580-261
ANDREWS, ASA                           MA-14-86-587
ANDREWS, ASA                           MA-14-75-193
ANDREWS, ASAPH                         MA-14-394-138
ANDREWS, DANIEL                        MA-14-59-382
ANDREWS, DENNIS                        MA-14-52-489
ANDREWS, EUNICE                        MA-14-400A-361
ANDREWS, GEORGE                        MA-14-72-177
ANDREWS, HEZEKIAH                      MA-14-560--352
ANDREWS, JANE W.                       MA-14-556-383
ANDREWS, JOHN                          MA-14-56-314
ANDREWS, JOTHAM                        MA-14-93-204
ANDREWS, LENVEA                        MA-14-548-536
ANDREWS, LUCY                          MA-14-46-590
ANDREWS, MARTHA A.                     MA-14-560--364
ANDREWS, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-89-89
ANDREWS, ROBERT                        MA-14-396-1
ANDREWS, ROBERT                        MA-14-22-175
ANDREWS, ROBRT                         MA-14-478-544
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-43-375
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        MA-14-57-593
ANDRUS, ADIN P.                        MA-14-552-171
ANGELL, BROWN                          MA-14-457-90
ANGELL, RANDALL                        MA-14-95-281
ANGIER, AUSTIN                         MA-14-399-129
ANNET, WILLIAM                         MA-14-72-51
ANNIS, JAMES D.                        MA-14-475-278
ANTHONY, BRIDGET                       MA-14-483-405
ANTHONY, HEZEKIAH                      MA-14-84-399
ANTHONY, REBECCA                       MA-14-75-516
APPLEBY, MARY A.                       MA-14-457-409
APPLIN, SOPHIA S.                      MA-14-551-66
ARCHAMBAULT, AUGUSTIN                  MA-14-557-431
ARCHIBALD, ASA                         MA-14-91-429
ARMITAGE, JOHN                         MA-14-400A-93
ARMS, HENRY F.                         MA-14-538-198
ARMSBY, EMMA B.                        MA-14-497-533
ARMSBY, ENOS                           MA-14-50-236
ARMSBY, GEORGE A.                      MA-14-562-103
ARMY, MARY                             MA-14-478-236
ARNOLD, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-399-52
ARNOLD, CHARLES                        MA-14-497-545
ARNOLD, DANIEL                         MA-14-84-481
ARNOLD, ELISHA                         MA-14-59-513
ARNOLD, FRANCES M.                     MA-14-577-55
ARNOLD, JACKSON                        MA-14-89-291
ARNOLD, JOHN                           MA-14-80-365
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                         MA-14-15-274
ARNOLD, JOSEPH T.                      MA-14-397-123
ARNOLD, LNEY                           MA-14-93-669
ARNOLD, LYDIA                          MA-14-398-394
ARNOLD, OLIVER                         MA-14-394-275
ARNOLD, OLIVER                         MA-14-398-397
ARNOLD, OLNEY R.                       MA-14-59-632
ARNOLD, PHILA                          MA-14-458-88
ARNOLD, REBECCA                        MA-14-495-523
ARNOLD, RICHARD                        MA-14-91-254
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                         MA-14-543-153
ARNOLD, WILLARD S.                     MA-14-580-103
ARNOLD, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-395-263
ARVINE, KAZLITT                        MA-14-91-567
ASH, MARY E.                           MA-14-495-480
ATCHISON, ANN                          MA-14-470-460
ATHERTON, ANNES                        MA-14-457-527
ATHERTON, ANNIS                        MA-14-457-520
ATHERTON, CHARLES                      MA-14-84-229
ATHERTON, DAVID                        MA-14-457-370
ATHERTON, DAVID                        MA-14-72-110
ATHERTON, OLIVER                       MA-14-43-158
ATHERTON, OTIS R.                      MA-14-394-214
ATHERTON, PETER                        MA-14-8-415
ATHERTON, REBECCA                      MA-14-398-80
ATKINSON, EDWARD                       MA-14-478-30
ATKINSON, THOAMS                       MA-14-823-258
ATWOOD, AMAZIAH                        MA-14-394-338
ATWOOD, AMAZIAH                        MA-14-394-336
ATWOOD, ELDAD                          MA-14-46-92
ATWOOD, ELECTA J.                      MA-14-400A-77
ATWOOD, ELIZABETH S.                   MA-14-541-42
ATWOOD, HENRY J.                       MA-14-506-372
ATWOOD, JOHN                           MA-14-29-417
AUDSLEY, RICHARD                       MA-14-504-470
AUSTIN, DANIEL                         MA-14-12-341
AUSTIN, NATHAN                         MA-14-397-556
AUSTIN, RICHARD T.                     MA-14-89-295
AUSTIN, SAMPSON                        MA-14-457-530
AUSTIN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-72-447
AUSTIN, SARAH W.                       MA-14-487-402
AVERY, ANDRE                           MA-14-521-492
AVERY, MARY                            MA-14-86-76
AXTELL, CHLOE                          MA-14-91-518
AXTELL, HANNAH                         MA-14-400A-141
AXTELL, JOSEPH K.                      MA-14-500-186
AXTELL, REBECCA                        MA-14-36-143
AXTELL, SETH J.                        MA-14-457-459
AXTELL, THOMAS                         MA-14-3-414
AYERS, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-2-570
AYERS, HARRIET W.                      MA-14-490-254
AYLWARD, RICHARD                       MA-14-559-168
AYRE, JAMES C.                         MA-14-572-57
AYRES, CLARISSA                        MA-14-91-346
AYRES, ELIPHALET                       MA-14-27-183
AYRES, FRANCIS W.                      MA-14-91-290
AYRES, HORACE                          MA-14-398-112
AYRES, INCREASE                        MA-14-84-199
AYRES, JABEZ                           MA-14-7-429
AYRES, JOHN                            MA-14-2-3
AYRES, JONATHAN J.                     MA-14-394-365
AYRES, JUDE                            MA-14-46-597
AYRES, MOSES                           MA-14-399-225
AYRES, MOSES                           MA-14-86-504
AYRES, MOSES O.                        MA-14-516-495
AYRES, NAHUM                           MA-14-394-422
AYRES, ONESIPHOROUS                    MA-14-39-11
AYRES, PERLEY                          MA-14-457-625
AYRES, SARAH A.                        MA-14-574-205
AYRES, SARAH H.                        MA-14-504-288
AYRES, SUZA                            MA-14-93-135
AYRES, WILLIAM                         MA-14-75-323
AYRES, WILLIAM                         MA-14-46-114
AYRES, WILLIAM                         MA-14-22-85
AYRES, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-400A-280

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