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NAFIN, PATRICK                         MA-14-457-144
NANGLE, JOHN                           MA-14-396-306
NASH, CLARISSA                         MA-14-492-521
NASH, ELIZABETH                        MA-14-91-30
NASH, ELIZABETH S.                     MA-14-480-514
NASH, EUNICE B.                        MA-14-500-128
NASH, FRANCIS                          MA-14-457-116
NASH, RICHARD E.                       MA-14-457-415
NASH, WILLIAM                          MA-14-66-398
NASH, WILLIAM A.                       MA-14-533-160
NASON, ELIZA A.                        MA-14-394-357
NASON, MARY J.                         MA-14-397-365
NASON, NOAH                            MA-14-492-257
NASON, SETH                            MA-14-395-312
NAUGHTON, HONORA                       MA-14-554-91
NAYLAND, BRIDGET                       MA-14-97-315
NEAL, HARRISON                         MA-14-551-10
NEAL, MARY O.                          MA-14-95-422
NEAL, ROXIE A.                         MA-14-577-22
NEALE, ISABELLA C.                     MA-14-533-132
NEEDHAM, DANIEL                        MA-14-30-365
NEEDHAM, GEORGE                        MA-14-478-82
NEEDHAM, THOMAS                        MA-14-43-525
NEFF, SUSAN F. (DODD)                  MA-14-533-165
NEGRUS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-14-203
NEGUS, CHARLES                         MA-14-95-496
NEIL, ROBERT                           MA-14-485-80
NEILL, CHARLES                         MA-14-511-100
NELSON, ANNA H. H.                     MA-14-395-467
NELSON, DAVID                          MA-14-66-124
NELSON, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-36-264
NELSON, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-394-34
NELSON, EZRA                           MA-14-72-339
NELSON, EZRA                           MA-14-75-507
NELSON, FREEMAN                        MA-14-86-645
NELSON, HERBERT C.                     MA-14-523-208
NELSON, HORATIO M.                     MA-14-398-407
NELSON, JAMES A.                       MA-14-93-532
NELSON, JOHN                           MA-14-75-76
NELSON, JOHN                           MA-14-400A-367
NELSON, JONATHAN                       MA-14-396-572
NELSON, JONATHAN                       MA-14-24-193
NELSON, JONATHAN                       MA-14-398-304
NELSON, JONATHAN H.                    MA-14-400A-495
NELSON, JOSIAH                         MA-14-36-57
NELSON, JOSIAH                         MA-14-396-630
NELSON, LUCINDA                        MA-14-89-300
NELSON, MARY M                         MA-14-573-311
NELSON, NEWELL                         MA-14-399-45
NELSON, OTIS T.                        MA-14-557-363
NELSON, PREDY                          MA-14-80-615
NELSON, SETH                           MA-14-41-114
NELSON, THERESA L.                     MA-14-538-197
NESBIT, MALCOLM A.                     MA-14-823-59
NEVINS, THOMAS                         MA-14-398-408
NEWALL, MARY                           MA-14-80-11
NEWALL, SUSANNAH                       MA-14-80-13
NEWBURY, CAROLINE                      MA-14-458-166
NEWCOMB, CHARLES                       MA-14-93-256
NEWCOMB, CORDELIA G.                   MA-14-568-236
NEWCOMB, HENRY K.                      MA-14-398-516
NEWCOMB, JAMES                         MA-14-95-499
NEWCOMB, SARAH                         MA-14-400A-458
NEWCOMB, SARAH JANE                    MA-14-580-416
NEWCOMB, WILLIAM                       MA-14-458-257
NEWELL, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-89-362
NEWELL, ALLEN                          MA-14-91-224
NEWELL, ASA                            MA-14-34-151
NEWELL, CHARITY                        MA-14-400A-372
NEWELL, CYNTHIA                        MA-14-89-465
NEWELL, HIRAM                          MA-14-397-83
NEWELL, JOHN                           MA-14-89-671
NEWELL, JONAS                          MA-14-48-245
NEWELL, JOSEPH                         MA-14-57-600
NEWELL, MOSES                          MA-14-395-461
NEWELL, PAUL                           MA-14-400A-643
NEWELL, PHILLIPS                       MA-14-13-72
NEWELL, POLLY                          MA-14-93-41
NEWELL, SAMUEL                         MA-14-9-139
NEWELL, SARAH                          MA-14-57-174
NEWELL, STILLMAN                       MA-14-473-177
NEWELL, SUSANNA                        MA-14-59-307
NEWELL, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-50-508
NEWELL, TRYPHENA                       MA-14-89-79
NEWELL, WELCOME                        MA-14-95-43
NEWHALL, ALLEN                         MA-14-24-398
NEWHALL, ASA J.                        MA-14-457-515
NEWHALL, CEPHAS                        MA-14-397-289
NEWHALL, D. WENDELL                    MA-14-470-471
NEWHALL, DAVID                         MA-14-400A-9
NEWHALL, ELIZA G.                      MA-14-514-7
NEWHALL, JANE J.                       MA-14-514-374
NEWHALL, JONATHAN                      MA-14-21-152
NEWHALL, MICHAEL                       MA-14-41-478
NEWHALL, MOSES                         MA-14-52-519
NEWHALL, PHINEAS                       MA-14-41-35
NEWHALL, REUBEN                        MA-14-97-510
NEWHALL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-93-666
NEWHALL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-89-562
NEWHALL, THOMAS                        MA-14-46-26
NEWLAND, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-56-347
NEWMAN, ANN                            MA-14-470-480
NEWMAN, JAMES                          MA-14-398-408
NEWMAN, NANCY                          MA-14-91-124
NEWMAN, ROBERT E.                      MA-14-395-279
NEWMAN, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-400A-644
NEWOTN, AMY                            MA-14-97-225
NEWOTN, LOVINAH                        MA-14-84-108
NEWTON, AARON                          MA-14-14-21
NEWTON, ABRAM                          MA-14-458-131
NEWTON, ADELIZA H.                     MA-14-457-526
NEWTON, ADELIZA H.                     MA-14-457-673
NEWTON, ALMIRA E.                      MA-14-394-136
NEWTON, ALVIN                          MA-14-30-118
NEWTON, ALVIRA                         MA-14-553-456
NEWTON, AMOS                           MA-14-46-109
NEWTON, AMOS                           MA-14-26-309
NEWTON, ANN S.                         MA-14-495-135
NEWTON, ANNA                           MA-14-29-167
NEWTON, ANNE W.                        MA-14-394-219
NEWTON, ARATHUSA B.                    MA-14-492-506
NEWTON, ASA                            MA-14-80-64
NEWTON, AZARIAH                        MA-14-26-129
NEWTON, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-41-24
NEWTON, CATHERINE B.                   MA-14-580-467
NEWTON, CHARLES L.                     MA-14-89-633
NEWTON, CHARLES M.                     MA-14-514-99
NEWTON, CLARINDA                       MA-14-397-62
NEWTON, CURTIS                         MA-14-457-632
NEWTON, DANIEL F.                      MA-14-478-311
NEWTON, DEXTER                         MA-14-475-6
NEWTON, DOLLY A.                       MA-14-823-283
NEWTON, EDWARD                         MA-14-19-105
NEWTON, EDWARD                         MA-14-9-101
NEWTON, ELIJAH                         MA-14-48-315
NEWTON, ELIJAH B.                      MA-14-395-249
NEWTON, ELIJAH C.                      MA-14-514-391
NEWTON, ELIZA L.                       MA-14-395-321
NEWTON, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-93-372
NEWTON, ELMER                          MA-14-457-416
NEWTON, EZRA                           MA-14-396-131
NEWTON, GEORGE L. D.                   MA-14-533-76
NEWTON, GEORGE M.                      MA-14-458-83
NEWTON, GRACE                          MA-14-50-93
NEWTON, HARVEY                         MA-14-535-508
NEWTON, HENRY A.                       MA-14-398-16
NEWTON, ISABELL E.                     MA-14-568-204
NEWTON, JAAZANIAH                      MA-14-17-167
NEWTON, JEPTHAH P.                     MA-14-457-404
NEWTON, JOB                            MA-14-75-544
NEWTON, JOHN C.                        MA-14-475-60
NEWTON, JOHN L.                        MA-14-397-328
NEWTON, JONATHAN                       MA-14-4-289
NEWTON, JONATHAN                       MA-14-72-341
NEWTON, JOSHUA                         MA-14-13-69
NEWTON, JOTHAM                         MA-14-50-163
NEWTON, LEMUEL                         MA-14-394-268
NEWTON, LEVI                           MA-14-396-538
NEWTON, LEWIS                          MA-14-521-498
NEWTON, LINCOLN                        MA-14-400A-218
NEWTON, LOVINAH                        MA-14-84-212
NEWTON, LUCINA P.                      MA-14-580-140
NEWTON, LYDIA                          MA-14-48-294
NEWTON, LYMAN                          MA-14-578-344
NEWTON, MARCY                          MA-14-6-525
NEWTON, MARY                           MA-14-2-73
NEWTON, MARY                           MA-14-483-131
NEWTON, MARY A.                        MA-14-557-387
NEWTON, MARY L.                        MA-14-565-66
NEWTON, MIAH                           MA-14-34-125
NEWTON, MIRIAM                         MA-14-80-385
NEWTON, MIRIAM                         MA-14-95-346
NEWTON, MOSES                          MA-14-1-196
NEWTON, MOSES                          MA-14-80-51
NEWTON, MOSES                          MA-14-394-270
NEWTON, NANCY R.                       MA-14-533-169
NEWTON, NATHAN B.                      MA-14-86-523
NEWTON, PATIENCE                       MA-14-84-33
NEWTON, PATIENCE                       MA-14-8-114
NEWTON, PETER                          MA-14-66-462
NEWTON, PETER                          MA-14-31-153
NEWTON, PHEBY                          MA-14-86-561
NEWTON, POLLY W.                       MA-14-395-466
NEWTON, REJOICE                        MA-14-398-377
NEWTON, SAMUEL                         MA-14-56-481
NEWTON, SARAH E.                       MA-14-575-426
NEWTON, SERENO                         MA-14-75-542
NEWTON, SETH                           MA-14-36-35
NEWTON, SILAS                          MA-14-8-293
NEWTON, SILAS                          MA-14-66-4
NEWTON, SILAS                          MA-14-46-593
NEWTON, SILAS                          MA-14-75-602
NEWTON, SIMEON                         MA-14-495-136
NEWTON, SIMEON B.                      MA-14-514-382
NEWTON, SOLOMON                        MA-14-66-519
NEWTON, SOPHIA F.                      MA-14-497-173
NEWTON, STEPHEN                        MA-14-93-222
NEWTON, SUSAN                          MA-14-398-410
NEWTON, THOMAS                         MA-14-89-522
NEWTON, THOMAS                         MA-14-2-567
NEWTON, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-41-21
NEWTON, WILLARD                        MA-14-396-396
NEWTON, WILLIAM B.                     MA-14-89-353
NEWTON, WILLIAM B.                     MA-14-500-452
NEYLON, JOHN                           MA-14-531-441
NICHOLS, ADAMS                         MA-14-398-517
NICHOLS, AGNES L.                      MA-14-580-417
NICHOLS, ALEXANDER                     MA-14-57-475
NICHOLS, AMASA                         MA-14-93-341
NICHOLS, AMOS                          MA-14-548-508
NICHOLS, AMOS                          MA-14-543-404
NICHOLS, ANNA                          MA-14-89-30
NICHOLS, AUSTIN                        MA-14-399-270
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-95-148
NICHOLS, BURKNAP                       MA-14-80-391
NICHOLS, CALEB                         MA-14-41-583
NICHOLS, CHARLES                       MA-14-478-88
NICHOLS, CHARLES P.                    MA-14-399-137
NICHOLS, CHARRILLA M.                  MA-14-548-486
NICHOLS, DAVID                         MA-14-84-542
NICHOLS, DAVID                         MA-14-23-434
NICHOLS, DAVID                         MA-14-89-272
NICHOLS, ELIJAH                        MA-14-95-402
NICHOLS, FREEDOM                       MA-14-398-583
NICHOLS, GEORGE                        MA-14-27-42
NICHOLS, HARRIET E.                    MA-14-568-193
NICHOLS, HENRY                         MA-14-95-562
NICHOLS, HENRY W.                      MA-14-396-466
NICHOLS, HORACE                        MA-14-516-167
NICHOLS, ISAAC                         MA-14-396-369
NICHOLS, ISAAC                         MA-14-5-107
NICHOLS, ISRAEL                        MA-14-31-283
NICHOLS, JAMES                         MA-14-22-153
NICHOLS, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-43-75
NICHOLS, JOHN                          MA-14-93-143
NICHOLS, JOHN                          MA-14-41-411
NICHOLS, JOHN                          MA-14-30-110
NICHOLS, JONATHAN                      MA-14-75-548
NICHOLS, JOSHUA                        MA-14-6-259
NICHOLS, JULIA A.                      MA-14-485-31
NICHOLS, L. FRANCIS                    MA-14-458-289
NICHOLS, LIBERTY                       MA-14-400A-538
NICHOLS, LOUISA F.                     MA-14-400A-110
NICHOLS, MARIA                         MA-14-511-93
NICHOLS, MARY                          MA-14-577-78
NICHOLS, MARY                          MA-14-399-423
NICHOLS, MILLY B.                      MA-14-457-3
NICHOLS, NANCY                         MA-14-397-308
NICHOLS, NANCY                         MA-14-399-293
NICHOLS, PAULINA                       MA-14-457-324
NICHOLS, PHILENA N.                    MA-14-574-127
NICHOLS, POLLY                         MA-14-97-371
NICHOLS, REBECKAH                      MA-14-86-339
NICHOLS, SALLY                         MA-14-395-226
NICHOLS, SARAH                         MA-14-43-146
NICHOLS, SEWELL                        MA-14-511-40
NICHOLS, THADDEUS                      MA-14-91-664
NICHOLS, THANKFUL K.                   MA-14-511-47
NICHOLS, THOMAS                        MA-14-26-161
NICHOLS, TIRZAH L.                     MA-14-511-48
NICHOLS, WALTER F.                     MA-14-823-161
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-543-430
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-93-91
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-72-418
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-543-466
NICHOLS, WILLIAM A.                    MA-14-97-338
NICHOLS, WILLIAM JR.                   MA-14-35-26
NICHOLSON, MICHAEL                     MA-14-458-7
NICKERSON, ELIZABETH L.                MA-14-478-48
NICKERSON, FRANCIS                     MA-14-400A-379
NICOLLS, ROBERT                        MA-14-34-141
NIEDERBERGE,R MARTIN                   MA-14-478-12
NILES, EMELINE                         MA-14-580-296
NILES, JOHN M.                         MA-14-395-25
NIMS, SAMUEL H.                        MA-14-556-440
NIXON, MARY HELEN                      MA-14-823-507
NIXON, NAHUM                           MA-14-91-314
NOBLE, JAMES                           MA-14-578-342
NOBLE, JAMES W.                        MA-14-823-458
NOLAN, THOMAS                          MA-14-554-105
NOLAN, WILLIAM                         MA-14-511-236
NOLEN, GEORGE                          MA-14-84-236
NOLEN, THOMAS                          MA-14-89-394
NOON, BRIDGET R.                       MA-14-504-216
NOONAN, DANIEL                         MA-14-458-259
NOONAN, ELLEN                          MA-14-580-462
NOONAN, MARY                           MA-14-565-118
NORBERY, EDWARD W.                     MA-14-473-295
NORCROSS, AMASA                        MA-14-535-470
NORCROSS, ANN M.                       MA-14-514-97
NORCROSS, ASAPH                        MA-14-504-505
NORCROSS, ISAAC                        MA-14-48-640
NORCROSS, JANE G.                      MA-14-546-77
NORCROSS, JOSEPH                       MA-14-22-34
NORCROSS, MARY                         MA-14-93-328
NORCROSS, STEPHEN W.                   MA-14-457-660
NORCROSS, STEPHEN W.                   MA-14-457-560
NORCUTT, ELIZA                         MA-14-485-13
NORMANDY, OLIVE                        MA-14-398-547
NORRIS, RICHARD                        MA-14-457-296
NORTON, ALEXANDER C.                   MA-14-533-416
NORTON, ELIJAH                         MA-14-46-509
NORTON, HONORAH                        MA-14-554-91
NORTON, JOHN                           MA-14-75-341
NORTON, THOMAS                         MA-14-14-213
NORWOOD, ALMIRA                        MA-14-559-187
NOURSE, ABIJAH                         MA-14-91-174
NOURSE, AMOS D.                        MA-14-400A-380
NOURSE, CATHARINE F.                   MA-14-394-208
NOURSE, EUNICE H.                      MA-14-552-214
NOURSE, FRANKLIN                       MA-14-552-162
NOURSE, FREDERICK F.                   MA-14-823-301
NOURSE, JONATHAN                       MA-14-394-209
NOURSE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-93-348
NOURSE, LUCY F.                        MA-14-97-69
NOURSE, MARY A.                        MA-14-538-172
NOURSE, MINDWELL                       MA-14-394-272
NOURSE, NANCY M.                       MA-14-93-635
NOURSE, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-89-402
NOURSE, SARAH L.                       MA-14-823-273
NOYES, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-80-172
NOYES, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-84-472
NOYES, CALVIN W.                       MA-14-457-472
NOYES, CHARLES                         MA-14-473-292
NOYES, CYNTHIA ELIZABETH               MA-14-555-417
NOYES, DANIEL                          MA-14-57-334
NOYES, DENNY S.                        MA-14-80-594
NOYES, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-562-142
NOYES, GEORGE F.                       MA-14-93-197
NOYES, LYDIA                           MA-14-396-238
NOYES, SAMUEL                          MA-14-66-34
NUGENT, ELIZA                          MA-14-396-90
NUGENT, JOHN                           MA-14-400A-562
NUGENT, THOMAS                         MA-14-400A-242
NULLETT, FRANK                         MA-14-535-530
NULTY, PHILIP                          MA-14-478-239
NURSE, AUGUSUS                         MA-14-478-233
NURSE, BARNARD                         MA-14-91-505
NURSE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-13-297
NURSE, DANIEL                          MA-14-34-118
NURSE, DAVID                           MA-14-66-205
NURSE, HARVEY                          MA-14-80-433
NURSE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-66-139
NURSE, KATE                            MA-14-52-158
NURSE, LYDIA                           MA-14-30-115
NURSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-23-291
NURSE, SIBILLA                         MA-14-33-339
NURSE, STILLMAN                        MA-14-93-454
NURSE, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-17-4
NURSE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-15-147
NUTTING, CALVIN W.                     MA-14-523-186
NUTTING, JONAS                         MA-14-86-65
NUTTING, JONAS G.                      MA-14-399-69
NUTTING, SALLY                         MA-14-400A-312
NYE, BENJAMIN                          MA-14-48-174
NYE, BONUM                             MA-14-483-389
NYE, CALEB                             MA-14-21-69
NYE, CHARLES                           MA-14-490-480
NYE, EBENEZER                          MA-14-25-197
NYE, FANNY                             MA-14-52-432
NYE, FRANCIS                           MA-14-483-105
NYE, JONATHAN                          MA-14-72-528
NYE, JONATHAN                          MA-14-11-166
NYE, JONATHAN JR.                      MA-14-395-179
NYE, JOSEPH                            MA-14-35-187
NYE, PHILLIPS                          MA-14-34-22
NYE, PRINCE                            MA-14-41-423
NYE, RUFUS                             MA-14-35-188
NYE, SIMEON                            MA-14-34-20
NYE, TIMOTHY                           MA-14-84-473
NYE, WILLIAM                           MA-14-59-573

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