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SABEN, ISRAEL                          MA-14-399-176
SABEN, ISRAEL                          MA-14-551-26
SABIN, EZRA                            MA-14-398-17
SABIN, SAMUEL B.                       MA-14-543-136
SABSUZIAN, GARABAD                     MA-14-566-30
SACHSE, AUGUST                         MA-14-490-245
SADLER, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-397-419
SADLER, ALBERT                         MA-14-580-509
SADLER, ANNA                           MA-14-34-330
SADLER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-86-602
SADLER, ELBRIDGE                       MA-14-457-607
SADLER, JOHN                           MA-14-66-636
SADLER, JOHN                           MA-14-4-248
SADLER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-32-265
SADLER, PRISCILLA                      MA-14-80-640
SADLER, STEPHEN                        MA-14-41-111
SAFFORD, MARTHA JANE                   MA-14-823-392
SAFFORD, ROBY R.                       MA-14-487-407
SAFFORD, WARD                          MA-14-52-616
SAGE, CYNTHIA J.                       MA-14-580-342
SAGE, ELECTA                           MA-14-89-187
SAINDEL, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-457-243
SALISBURY, ELLEN L.                    MA-14-548-466
SALISBURY, MARTHA                      MA-14-24-71
SALTER, LOUISE A.                      MA-14-487-400
SAMPEM, ASENATH                        MA-14-475-271
SAMPEM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-475-286
SAMPSON, ABRAHAM                       MA-14-89-152
SAMPSON, CHARLES H.                    MA-14-95-426
SAMPSON, JOEL                          MA-14-97-455
SAMPSON, JOHN                          MA-14-14-354
SAMPSON, JOHN                          MA-14-6-181
SAMPSON, LOT P.                        MA-14-580-450
SAMPSON, MARY C.                       MA-14-399-103
SAMPSON, RACHEL                        MA-14-497-206
SAMPSON, SOLOMON                       MA-14-13-51
SAMSON, GEORGE F.                      MA-14-457-275
SAMSON, JOHN                           MA-14-19-190
SAMSON, OLIVER                         MA-14-75-300
SAMSON, THOMAS H.                      MA-14-84-29
SANBORN, BERT S.                       MA-14-566-80
SANBORN, CATHERINE                     MA-14-823-270
SANBORN, CATHERINE F.                  MA-14-395-484
SANBORN, JOHN                          MA-14-56-474
SANBORN, LEVI E.                       MA-14-552-223
SANBORN, WILLIAM B.                    MA-14-523-153
SANDERS, BENJAMIN F.                   MA-14-397-506
SANDERS, CHARLES                       MA-14-400A-225
SANDERS, DANIEL                        MA-14-33-398
SANDERS, EUNICE                        MA-14-50-123
SANDERS, FRANCIS                       MA-14-543-403
SANDERS, HARRIET                       MA-14-458-226
SANDERS, LEMUEL                        MA-14-29-335
SANDERS, LEVI                          MA-14-89-364
SANDERS, MARY B.                       MA-14-457-489
SANDERS, ROBERT                        MA-14-34-264
SANDERSON, ABRAHAM                     MA-14-89-535
SANDERSON, BETSEY                      MA-14-398-47
SANDERSON, CHARLES                     MA-14-89-206
SANDERSON, CURTIS                      MA-14-91-55
SANDERSON, ISAAC                       MA-14-43-391
SANDERSON, JACOB                       MA-14-66-413
SANDERSON, JOHN                        MA-14-3-436
SANDERSON, JONATHAN                    MA-14-84-386
SANDERSON, LEWIS                       MA-14-458-239
SANDERSON, MARY                        MA-14-397-164
SANDERSON, PATIENCE                    MA-14-24-215
SANDERSON, PERMELIA W.                 MA-14-548-467
SANDERSON, SIMEON                      MA-14-84-545
SANDESON, EUNICE                       MA-14-395-364
SANDESON, JOEL                         MA-14-66-383
SANDFORD, JOHN                         MA-14-1-256
SANFORD, CHARLES B.                    MA-14-495-543
SANFORD, HARRIET S.                    MA-14-548-168
SANFORD, JAMES M.                      MA-14-506-420
SANFORD, RICE                          MA-14-398-586
SANFORD, RICHARD                       MA-14-457-405
SANFORD, SOPHRONIA                     MA-14-400A-344
SANFORD, WILLIAM H.                    MA-14-457-314
SANGAR, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-1-174
SANGER, WILLAM B.                      MA-14-580-7
SANGER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-56-45
SANSOUCY, MAXIME                       MA-14-560--414
SARGEANT, ARTEMAS                      MA-14-56-522
SARGENT, ANGELINA                      MA-14-569-332
SARGENT, ASA                           MA-14-93-701
SARGENT, DANIEL                        MA-14-80-468
SARGENT, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-395-428
SARGENT, EMILY WHITNEY                 MA-14-487-466
SARGENT, GEORGE R. N.                  MA-14-478-35
SARGENT, GRACE D.                      MA-14-394-110
SARGENT, HENRY                         MA-14-97-374
SARGENT, JOHN                          MA-14-91-177
SARGENT, JOHN                          MA-14-66-384
SARGENT, JOHN N.                       MA-14-483-395
SARGENT, MARY                          MA-14-86-84
SARGENT, NATHAN                        MA-14-59-379
SARGENT, SUSAN B.                      MA-14-568-223
SARGENT, THOMAS                        MA-14-20-45
SARGENT, THOMAS B.                     MA-14-399-194
SARTWELL, ELEAZER                      MA-14-97-478
SATTLAR, JACOB                         MA-14-399-329
SAUNDERS, ELLA M.                      MA-14-497-197
SAUNDERS, ESEK                         MA-14-492-248
SAUNDERS, FIDELIA W.                   MA-14-470-81
SAUNDERS, JOHN                         MA-14-457-434
SAUNDERS, MARGARET R.                  MA-14-551-43
SAUNDERS, PETER                        MA-14-394-399
SAUNDERSON, ABRAHAM                    MA-14-13-540
SAVAGE, CHARLES TYLER                  MA-14-457-298
SAVAGE, ISAAC                          MA-14-28-318
SAVAGE, ISAAC                          MA-14-25-53
SAVAGE, JAMES S.                       MA-14-97-317
SAVAGE, JOHN                           MA-14-30-308
SAVAGE, SAMUEL K.                      MA-14-557-386
SAVARY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-66-486
SAVARY, STEPHEN                        MA-14-398-519
SAVELS, ORVIS M.                       MA-14-514-403
SAWER, EZRA                            MA-14-66-208
SAWIN, ABNER                           MA-14-86-85
SAWIN, ALICE K.                        MA-14-543-395
SAWIN, ASA                             MA-14-66-302
SAWIN, CAROLINE E.                     MA-14-823-42
SAWIN, CHARLES                         MA-14-89-622
SAWIN, CHARLES M.                      MA-14-495-202
SAWIN, JAMES                           MA-14-394-198
SAWIN, JAMES J.                        MA-14-523-163
SAWIN, JOHN                            MA-14-9-474
SAWIN, JONATHAN                        MA-14-56-278
SAWIN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-394-331
SAWIN, MARY ANN                        MA-14-557-396
SAWIN, MOSES                           MA-14-400A-73
SAWIN, REUBEN                          MA-14-396-116
SAWIN, SAMUEL                          MA-14-56-586
SAWIN, STEPHEN                         MA-14-26-259
SAWIN, STEPHEN                         MA-14-31-77
SAWIN, SULLIVAN                        MA-14-89-239
SAWIN, ZILPHA                          MA-14-399-295
SAWTELLE, SYRENA H.                    MA-14-577-38
SAWYER, AARON                          MA-14-48-429
SAWYER, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-35-89
SAWYER, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-7-546
SAWYER, ADDISON                        MA-14-470-58
SAWYER, AHOLIAB                        MA-14-57-72
SAWYER, AMARIAH                        MA-14-43-252
SAWYER, AMARIAH                        MA-14-72-267
SAWYER, AMOS                           MA-14-397-507
SAWYER, AMOS                           MA-14-86-377
SAWYER, ASUBAH                         MA-14-95-21
SAWYER, AZUBAH W.                      MA-14-511-262
SAWYER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-86-515
SAWYER, BEZALEEL                       MA-14-6-496
SAWYER, CEPHAS L.                      MA-14-457-555
SAWYER, DIRDROUS                       MA-14-478-289
SAWYER, EDGAR F.                       MA-14-504-435
SAWYER, ELI                            MA-14-84-461
SAWYER, ELIAS                          MA-14-89-598
SAWYER, ELIAS M.                       MA-14-97-100
SAWYER, ELIJAH H.                      MA-14-91-685
SAWYER, ELISHA                         MA-14-395-464
SAWYER, ELLEN ADELLE                   MA-14-516-213
SAWYER, ELLSWORTH                      MA-14-500-359
SAWYER, EZRA                           MA-14-9-83
SAWYER, EZRA                           MA-14-59-70
SAWYER, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-458-240
SAWYER, HANNAH                         MA-14-11-18
SAWYER, HENRIETTA J.                   MA-14-487-453
SAWYER, HENRY JR.                      MA-14-398-75
SAWYER, JABEZ                          MA-14-93-4
SAWYER, JOHN                           MA-14-41-400
SAWYER, JOHN                           MA-14-399-374
SAWYER, JOHN                           MA-14-86-156
SAWYER, JOHN W.                        MA-14-823-484
SAWYER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-397-235
SAWYER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-2-528
SAWYER, JONATHAN W.                    MA-14-565-75
SAWYER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-13-227
SAWYER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-397-145
SAWYER, JOSEPH H.                      MA-14-823-2
SAWYER, JOSHUA                         MA-14-93-640
SAWYER, JOSHUA                         MA-14-394-400
SAWYER, JOSIAH E.                      MA-14-473-189
SAWYER, JUDE                           MA-14-86-467
SAWYER, LEMUEL                         MA-14-39-21
SAWYER, LEWIS                          MA-14-95-328
SAWYER, LUCY                           MA-14-400A-329
SAWYER, LUCY                           MA-14-52-17
SAWYER, LUCY P.                        MA-14-457-326
SAWYER, MANASSAH                       MA-14-36-125A
SAWYER, MANASSEH                       MA-14-95-404
SAWYER, MARCIA A.                      MA-14-823-102
SAWYER, MARY                           MA-14-30-87
SAWYER, MARY                           MA-14-93-703
SAWYER, MARY                           MA-14-457-518
SAWYER, MARY S.                        MA-14-514-363
SAWYER, MOSES                          MA-14-399-304
SAWYER, NANCY                          MA-14-86-581
SAWYER, NANCY B.                       MA-14-396-510
SAWYER, NANCY B.                       MA-14-91-156
SAWYER, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-75-347
SAWYER, OLIVER                         MA-14-91-494
SAWYER, OLIVER B.                      MA-14-395-339
SAWYER, ORPHA J.                       MA-14-492-509
SAWYER, PAUL                           MA-14-28-260
SAWYER, RHODA                          MA-14-95-369
SAWYER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-18-673
SAWYER, SARAH                          MA-14-25-445
SAWYER, SARAH A.                       MA-14-458-37
SAWYER, SILAS                          MA-14-86-219, 254
SAWYER, SOLOMON                        MA-14-91-559
SAWYER, SUSAN O.                       MA-14-97-351
SAWYER, THOMAS                         MA-14-2-27
SAWYER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-541-115
SAWYER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-56-377
SAWYER, WILLIAM F.                     MA-14-398-521
SAWYER,JOEL                            MA-14-531-415
SAYLES, RENSELAER                      MA-14-548-532
SAYLES, ROYAL                          MA-14-75-421
SAYWER, MARY                           MA-14-478-15
SAYWER, SILAS                          MA-14-84-529
SCAMMEL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-4-163
SCAMMELL, ALEXANDER                    MA-14-97-290
SCAMMELL, JANE                         MA-14-25-399
SCAMMELL, JOHN S.                      MA-14-533-75
SCAMMELL, SAMUEL L.                    MA-14-95-152
SCANLON, LAWRENCE J.                   MA-14-823-474
SCANLON, THOMAS                        MA-14-480-492
SCANNELL, DENNIS                       MA-14-548-462
SCANVILLE, DENNIS                      MA-14-458-288
SCARLETT, LOUISA N.                    MA-14-551-75
SCHAEFER, HENRY                        MA-14-823-450
SCHILLER, JACOB CHARLES                MA-14-548-258
SCHLBERG, BRITTA M.                    MA-14-823-439
SCHOFIELD, EDWIN                       MA-14-492-505
SCHOFIELD, JOHN                        MA-14-475-285
SCHOFIELD, MARY                        MA-14-577-3
SCHOLEFIELD, JOSEPH                    MA-14-91-724
SCHOLL, NAOMI                          MA-14-400A-14
SCHUBERT, HENRY J.                     MA-14-556-420
SCHUSSER, JOSEPH                       MA-14-397-44
SCHWARTZ, CHRISTIANA                   MA-14-458-8
SCOFIELD, JAMES M.                     MA-14-400A-291
SCOLLAN, JOHN                          MA-14-546-444
SCOLLAY, JAMES                         MA-14-93-200
SCOTT, ASA                             MA-14-80-67
SCOTT, DANIEL M.                       MA-14-473-191
SCOTT, DIANA                           MA-14-500-162
SCOTT, GEORGE                          MA-14-91-344
SCOTT, GUY                             MA-14-89-454
SCOTT, HANNAH                          MA-14-398-261
SCOTT, HATTIE A.                       MA-14-568-223
SCOTT, HENRY                           MA-14-29-158
SCOTT, JAMES                           MA-14-562-86
SCOTT, JOHN                            MA-14-4-176
SCOTT, JOHN                            MA-14-5-158
SCOTT, JOSEPH T.                       MA-14-504-209
SCOTT, LAURA A.                        MA-14-458-171
SCOTT, MARY                            MA-14-46-499
SCOTT, MARY R.                         MA-14-478-254
SCOTT, NATHANIEL JR.                   MA-14-80-410
SCOTT, SAMUEL B.                       MA-14-97-227
SCOTT, SAMUEL W.                       MA-14-531-429
SCOTT, THOMAS                          MA-14-32-32
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         MA-14-26-213
SCULLY, ELLEN                          MA-14-500-423
SEAGRAVE, ALMIRA                       MA-14-399-49
SEAGRAVE, BEZALEEL                     MA-14-400A-226
SEAGRAVE, CALEB                        MA-14-533-156
SEAGRAVE, DANIEL                       MA-14-580-360
SEAGRAVE, EDARD                        MA-14-25-81
SEAGRAVE, ELIZABETH W.                 MA-14-504-526
SEAGRAVE, HENRY M.                     MA-14-580-23
SEAGRAVE, JOHN                         MA-14-457-490
SEAGRAVE, JOHN D.                      MA-14-497-234
SEAGRAVE, LOIS                         MA-14-35-43
SEAGRAVE, SARAH R.                     MA-14-523-167
SEAGRAVE, SULLIVAN                     MA-14-543-381
SEAGRAVE, THOMAS L.                    MA-14-396-91
SEAGRAVE, WILLIAM H.                   MA-14-511-5
SEAGRAVES, DELIA E.                    MA-14-580-514
SEAMANS, ABBY F.                       MA-14-485-382
SEAMANS, ABBY F.                       MA-14-480-509
SEAMANS, MARY A.                       MA-14-823-11
SEARGENT, JOSEPH                       MA-14-30-544
SEARL, JAMES                           MA-14-397-310
SEARLE, ANDREW                         MA-14-35-409
SEARLE, GEORGE H.                      MA-14-478-506
SEARLE, JOHN F.                        MA-14-823-25
SEARLE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-554-120
SEARLES, CHARLES F.                    MA-14-93-53
SEARLES, COMFORT                       MA-14-66-189
SEARLES, CURTIS                        MA-14-400A-313
SEARLES, JOSHUA H.                     MA-14-399-498
SEARS, OLIVE                           MA-14-457-243
SEAVER, EUNICE                         MA-14-458-173
SEAVER, ISAAC                          MA-14-565-102
SEAVER, JOB W.                         MA-14-398-477
SEAVER, MOLLEY                         MA-14-89-10
SEAVER, PERSIS                         MA-14-400A-607
SEAVER, RELIEF                         MA-14-26-379
SEAVEY, CHARLES L.                     MA-14-457-618
SEMIUS, THOMAS                         MA-14-500-437
SENEY, MILEDGE                         MA-14-497-215
SENKOWSKI, FRANZ                       MA-14-554-51
SESSIONS, CYNTHIA M.                   MA-14-823-209
SESSIONS, GEORGE                       MA-14-562-73
SESSIONS, HARVEY                       MA-14-89-589
SESSIONS, LAURA                        MA-14-400A-563
SESSIONS, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-516-158
SESSIONS, WILLIAM P.                   MA-14-395-313
SEVER, MARTHA                          MA-14-72-468
SEVER, WILLIAM                         MA-14-28-435
SEVERANCE, ELVIRA                      MA-14-533-473
SEVERANCE, WILLARD W.                  MA-14-577-98
SEVERY, ABIJAH M.                      MA-14-86-110
SEVERY, AMOS                           MA-14-97-174
SEVERY, HANNAH                         MA-14-400A-330
SEVERY, MARY B.                        MA-14-470-428
SEVERY, MOODY H.                       MA-14-457-663
SEVERY, THOMAS                         MA-14-6-284
SEWALL, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-4-224
SEXTON, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-487-412
SEXTON, PATRICK D.                     MA-14-514-64
SEYMOUR, MARGARET                      MA-14-398-182
SHACKETT, JOHN                         MA-14-490-179
SHACKLEY, HANNAH                       MA-14-566-51
SHACKROW, CATHERINE                    MA-14-580-371
SHALER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-72-565
SHANLEY, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-497-477
SHANNON, BRIDGET M.                    MA-14-823-421
SHANNON, JAMES G.                      MA-14-470-112
SHANNON, MARY                          MA-14-546-451
SHARKEY, BRIDGET                       MA-14-823-302
SHARON, GEORGE E.                      MA-14-823-394
SHARP, HANNAH                          MA-14-559-167
SHATTUCK, ABBY S.                      MA-14-823-448
SHATTUCK, ASHER W.                     MA-14-490-519
SHATTUCK, CALISTA E.                   MA-14-478-499
SHATTUCK, EZEKIEL                      MA-14-59-195
SHATTUCK, JOHN H.                      MA-14-95-52
SHATTUCK, LEVI L.                      MA-14-397-41
SHATTUCK, MARTHA                       MA-14-533-422
SHATTUCK, MERCY                        MA-14-6-451
SHATTUCK, MOODY E.                     MA-14-485-445
SHATTUCK, SAMUEL                       MA-14-394-429
SHATTUCK, SIMEON                       MA-14-399-262
SHAW, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-84-75
SHAW, CAROLINE G.                      MA-14-557-379
SHAW, CHARLOTTE M.                     MA-14-568-166
SHAW, ELBRIDGE                         MA-14-577-57
SHAW, FLORENTINE S.                    MA-14-485-95
SHAW, JAMES                            MA-14-89-525
SHAW, JOH JR.                          MA-14-19-425
SHAW, JOHN                             MA-14-19-437
SHAW, JOHN B.                          MA-14-400A-457
SHAW, JOHN B.                          MA-14-400A-544
SHAW, JOHN R.                          MA-14-557-389
SHAW, JOSEPH                           MA-14-16-31
SHAW, JOSEPH A.                        MA-14-823-40
SHAW, LOUIS                            MA-14-457-498
SHAW, MARIA C.                         MA-14-823-76
SHAW, NANCY                            MA-14-511-259
SHAW, SAMUEL                           MA-14-566-2
SHAW, THOMAS W.                        MA-14-551-48
SHEA, DENNIS                           MA-14-457-313
SHEA, ELLEN                            MA-14-562-138
SHEA, JULIA                            MA-14-823-244
SHEA, MARY                             MA-14-511-37
SHEA, MARY                             MA-14-523-161
SHEA, MARY                             MA-14-470-465
SHEA, MARY                             MA-14-480-513
SHEA, PATRICK                          MA-14-563-466
SHEA, THOMAS                           MA-14-577-18
SHEA, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-400A-295
SHEA, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-478-307
SHEAHAN, ABBIE                         MA-14-506-414
SHEARMAN, DAVID                        MA-14-72-159
SHEARMAN, JOHN                         MA-14-19-436
SHEARMAN, JOSEPH                       MA-14-21-212
SHEDD, ANN P.                          MA-14-535-160
SHEDD, CHANDLER                        MA-14-396-14
SHEDD, NORMAN F.                       MA-14-546-36
SHEEDY, TERRENCE                       MA-14-553-447
SHEEHAN, CATHERINE                     MA-14-556-389
SHEEHAN, ELIZA                         MA-14-506-331
SHEEHAN, ELLENT.                       MA-14-562-51
SHEEHAN, HANNAH                        MA-14-504-499
SHEEHAN, WILLIAM                       MA-14-574-133
SHEHAN, ELLEN                          MA-14-396-185
SHEIL, DANIEL                          MA-14-560-429
SHELDON, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-95-564
SHELDON, AMOS                          MA-14-66-352
SHELDON, ASENATH                       MA-14-80-154
SHELDON, ESTHER F.                     MA-14-490-515
SHELDON, GILBERT W.                    MA-14-399-544
SHELDON, JOHN P.                       MA-14-580-5
SHELDON, JOSIAH                        MA-14-397-146
SHELDON, MELINDA J.                    MA-14-823-386
SHELDON, PELATIAH                      MA-14-400A-358
SHELDON, THOMAS                        MA-14-554-41
SHEPARD, ABBIE M. F.                   MA-14-535-227
SHEPARD, CALVIN                        MA-14-396-76
SHEPARD, CARLOS                        MA-14-516-156
SHEPARD, DAVID                         MA-14-91-328
SHEPARD, JACOB                         MA-14-66-103
SHEPARD, LAURA A.                      MA-14-823-170
SHEPARD, PAMELIA A.                    MA-14-470-57
SHEPARD, SOPHIA D.                     MA-14-396-542
SHEPARD, WILLIAM A.                    MA-14-487-481
SHEPARDSON, ERI                        MA-14-511-96
SHEPARDSON, JONATHAN                   MA-14-34-192
SHEPERD, ANN                           MA-14-475-71
SHEPHERD, GEORGE I.                    MA-14-563-424
SHEPLEY, ASA                           MA-14-398-461
SHEPLEY, STEPHEN                       MA-14-457-364
SHERBURNE, WILLIAM                     MA-14-95-269
SHERIAN, MICHAEL                       MA-14-509-227
SHERIDAN, JAMES                        MA-14-95-64
SHERLOCK, JAMES                        MA-14-483-382
SHERMAN, AARON                         MA-14-89-472
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH F.                  MA-14-394-310
SHERMAN, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-13-229
SHERMAN, EUNICE                        MA-14-478-294
SHERMAN, GEORGE H.                     MA-14-400A-115
SHERMAN, JESSE B.                      MA-14-497-232
SHERMAN, LOTHROP A.                    MA-14-577-31
SHERMAN, MAR R.                        MA-14-556-432
SHERMAN, MYRON W.                      MA-14-516-237
SHERMAN, PHILA W.                      MA-14-457-365
SHERMAN, SARAH                         MA-14-59-133
SHERMAN, SARAH                         MA-14-75-202
SHERMAN, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-56-5
SHERMON, SOLOMON                       MA-14-84-153
SHERWIN, ARBA H.                       MA-14-400A-383
SHERWIN, ASENATH                       MA-14-395-322
SHERWIN, ELIAL                         MA-14-80-101
SHERWIN, EUNICE                        MA-14-66-485
SHERWIN, MELANCTHON W.                 MA-14-399-177
SHERWIN, MIRANDA                       MA-14-500-400
SHERWIN, OLENA A.                      MA-14-457-619
SHIELDS, ELIZA                         MA-14-473-282
SHIRLOCK, PATRICK                      MA-14-504-230
SHOALS, DAVID                          MA-14-396-246
SHORTELL, MARY                         MA-14-566-48
SHOVE, JONATHAN M.                     MA-14-93-236
SHOVE, JOSIAH                          MA-14-86-494
SHOVE, PAMELA                          MA-14-457-50
SHOVE, THOMAS B.                       MA-14-93-126
SHUGRUE, MARY J.                       MA-14-480-482
SHUGURE, PATRICK                       MA-14-457-316
SHUMWAY, ABIJAH                        MA-14-399-119
SHUMWAY, ABIJAH                        MA-14-36-274
SHUMWAY, AMOS                          MA-14-50-239
SHUMWAY, HAMMOND H.                    MA-14-823-488
SHUMWAY, HANNAH                        MA-14-483-151
SHUMWAY, JACOB                         MA-14-52-187
SHUMWAY, JANE E.                       MA-14-492-267
SHUMWAY, MARTHA                        MA-14-533-405
SHUMWAY, PETER                         MA-14-3-531
SHUMWAY, PETER                         MA-14-66-308
SHUMWAY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-30-30
SHUMWAY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-86-265
SHUMWAY, SOLOMON                       MA-14-565-88
SHUMWAY, STEPHEN                       MA-14-457-51
SHUMWAY, STEPHEN                       MA-14-457-23
SHUMWAY, THANKFUL                      MA-14-95-447
SHURTLEFF, BETSY                       MA-14-395-261
SHURTLIFF, HENRY C.                    MA-14-511-54
SHUTTUCK, CHARLES J.                   MA-14-535-207
SIBLEY, ABBIE N.                       MA-14-473-267
SIBLEY, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-48-608
SIBLEY, BRAMAN                         MA-14-398-462
SIBLEY, BRAMAN F.                      MA-14-548-230
SIBLEY, CHARLES                        MA-14-97-36
SIBLEY, CYRUS                          MA-14-396-137
SIBLEY, DORRANCE                       MA-14-50-232
SIBLEY, EBENEZER                       MA-14-4-363
SIBLEY, EMORY                          MA-14-569-312
SIBLEY, EMORY                          MA-14-397-14
SIBLEY, FANNY L. H.                    MA-14-571-130
SIBLEY, FRANK                          MA-14-562-120
SIBLEY, FREDERICK F.                   MA-14-394-173
SIBLEY, GEORGE                         MA-14-483-136
SIBLEY, GIDEON                         MA-14-89-230
SIBLEY, HANNAH                         MA-14-59-105
SIBLEY, HANNAH                         MA-14-397-527
SIBLEY, HARRINGTON                     MA-14-551-45
SIBLEY, ISRAEL P.                      MA-14-399-209
SIBLEY, JOB                            MA-14-89-509
SIBLEY, JOHN                           MA-14-2-79
SIBLEY, JONAS                          MA-14-457-7
SIBLEY, JONATHAN                       MA-14-86-341
SIBLEY, JONATHAN                       MA-14-39-430
SIBLEY, JONATHAN                       MA-14-43-185
SIBLEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-14-146
SIBLEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-4-346
SIBLEY, LEANDER                        MA-14-470-439
SIBLEY, LUTHER                         MA-14-394-387
SIBLEY, LYDIA                          MA-14-396-434
SIBLEY, LYMAN                          MA-14-398-246
SIBLEY, LYMAN                          MA-14-89-245
SIBLEY, MARIA K.                       MA-14-565-54
SIBLEY, MYRANDA                        MA-14-457-669
SIBLEY, NANCY                          MA-14-490-169
SIBLEY, NANCY                          MA-14-397-273
SIBLEY, NANCY B.                       MA-14-500-154
SIBLEY, NATHANIEL 2ND                  MA-14-93-48
SIBLEY, PAUL                           MA-14-396-52
SIBLEY, REBEKAH                        MA-14-93-279
SIBLEY, ROYAL                          MA-14-56-477
SIBLEY, RUFUS                          MA-14-80-381
SIBLEY, RUFUS                          MA-14-52-339
SIBLEY, SABRA                          MA-14-394-174
SIBLEY, SAMUEL                         MA-14-84-213
SIBLEY, SAMUEL                         MA-14-33-156
SIBLEY, SARAH M.                       MA-14-548-175
SIBLEY, STEPHEN                        MA-14-395-291, 501
SIBLEY, SYLVESTER                      MA-14-397-508
SIBLEY, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-50-453
SIBLEY, WALTER L.                      MA-14-86-124
SIGOURNEY, ANDREW                      MA-14-91-399
SIGOURNEY, WILLIAM                     MA-14-396-337
SIKES, EUNICE                          MA-14-66-126
SIKES, EUNICE                          MA-14-97-525
SIKES, SARAH                           MA-14-399-537
SILVERTHORNE, MARY H.                  MA-14-823-354
SILVESTER, JOSEPH                      MA-14-24-123
SIMMEAU, THOMAS                        MA-14-500-437
SIMMONS, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-72-425
SIMMONS, ELBRIDGE H.                   MA-14-97-325
SIMMONS, L F.                          MA-14-509-177
SIMONDS, CLARK                         MA-14-91-194
SIMONDS, EBENEZER                      MA-14-89-11
SIMONDS, ISAAC                         MA-14-46-207
SIMONDS, ISABELLA H.                   MA-14-495-151
SIMONDS, JOHN                          MA-14-57-248
SIMONDS, JOHN                          MA-14-89-126
SIMONDS, JOSEPH                        MA-14-84-91
SIMONDS, MARY                          MA-14-57-246
SIMONDS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-80-552
SIMONDS, STILLMAN                      MA-14-91-229
SIMONDS, SYLVESTER                     MA-14-400A-228
SIMPSON, HARRIET                       MA-14-551-70
SIMPSON, JAMES                         MA-14-89-323
SIMPSON, JANE                          MA-14-4-514
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                       MA-14-4-406
SIMS, GEORGE                           MA-14-569-381
SIMSON, CAROLINE M.                    MA-14-458-170
SINCLAIR, JOHN E.                      MA-14-823-294
SINGLETARY, AMOS                       MA-14-35-295
SINGLETARY, JOHN                       MA-14-11-529
SINGLETARY, JOSEPH                     MA-14-2-709
SINGLETARY, MARY                       MA-14-89-274
SINKLAR, WILLIAM                       MA-14-4-198
SIRVIS, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-533-105
SISSON, WILLIAM BARTON                 MA-14-580-382
SKALLEY, BRIDGET                       MA-14-490-260
SKELLY, ESTHER                         MA-14-394-13
SKELTON, THOMAS                        MA-14-80-484
SKENY, CONTENT                         MA-14-93-588
SKERRY, CONTENT                        MA-14-93-588
SKIFF, CYRUS M.                        MA-14-457-77
SKILTON, NATHAN B.                     MA-14-457-500
SKINNER, ABBIE A.                      MA-14-495-487
SKINNER, RELECTA                       MA-14-396-213
SLADE, JOHN                            MA-14-398-587
SLADE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-397-237
SLARROW, MATHEW                        MA-14-9-360
SLATER, HORATIO N.                     MA-14-554-66
SLATER, HORATO N.                      MA-14-548-204
SLATER, LYDIA R.                       MA-14-483-407
SLATER, PETER                          MA-14-72-254
SLATER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-75-433
SLATER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-80-667
SLATTERY, JOHN                         MA-14-543-121
SLAYTON, ALBERT G.                     MA-14-398-123
SLAYTON, ISAAC                         MA-14-80-275
SLAYTON, LOUISA S.                     MA-14-473-218
SLAYTON, SARAH                         MA-14-89-635
SLAYTON, THOMAS                        MA-14-57-19
SLEEPER, MARTHA G.                     MA-14-516-226
SLOAN, JOSEPH P.                       MA-14-75-585
SLOAN, WILLIAM L.                      MA-14-516-250
SLOCOMB, JOSHUA                        MA-14-48-163
SLOCOMB, SIMON                         MA-14-23-86
SLOCOMBE, CHARLES E.                   MA-14-475-6
SLOCUMB, EDWIN A.                      MA-14-398-18
SLOCUMB, GEORGE                        MA-14-66-10
SLOCUMB, JOHN W.                       MA-14-398-164
SLOCUMB, PHILO                         MA-14-93-335
SLOCUMB, PHILO                         MA-14-91-479
SLOCUMB, RELIEF                        MA-14-395-63
SLOCUMB, SAREPTA                       MA-14-398-549
SLY, STEPHEN                           MA-14-12-348
SLY, WILLIAM                           MA-14-400A-544
SMAILES, ISAAC                         MA-14-395-483
SMALL, AARON                           MA-14-97-230
SMALL, ANN G.                          MA-14-511-278
SMALL, MARY                            MA-14-394-98
SMILEY, CHARLES M.                     MA-14-395-499
SMITH, A. B. EUGENIA                   MA-14-492-497
SMITH, AARON                           MA-14-59-118
SMITH, ABBY H.                         MA-14-457-418
SMITH, ABI                             MA-14-555-391
SMITH, ABIGAIL W. R.                   MA-14-95-271
SMITH, ABIJAH                          MA-14-59-577
SMITH, ADELAIDE P.                     MA-14-580-515
SMITH, AGNES                           MA-14-504-443
SMITH, ALBERT H.                       MA-14-490-502
SMITH, ALBERT W.                       MA-14-400A-331
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       MA-14-86-488
SMITH, ALICE                           MA-14-95-330
SMITH, AMASA                           MA-14-399-178
SMITH, ANDREW                          MA-14-18-429
SMITH, ANDREW J.                       MA-14-457-620
SMITH, ANN H.                          MA-14-97-230
SMITH, ANNA                            MA-14-86-468
SMITH, ASA                             MA-14-399-305
SMITH, ASA                             MA-14-46-496
SMITH, ASHBEL                          MA-14-48-161
SMITH, BENAMIN                         MA-14-21-329
SMITH, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-394-419
SMITH, BERNARD                         MA-14-487-456
SMITH, BRYAN                           MA-14-500-165
SMITH, CAROLINE L.                     MA-14-546-394
SMITH, CATHERINE                       MA-14-66-421
SMITH, CHARLES C.                      MA-14-546-378
SMITH, CHARLES D.                      MA-14-458-174
SMITH, CHLOE M.                        MA-14-504-283
SMITH, DANA                            MA-14-394-100
SMITH, DANIEL                          MA-14-41-190
SMITH, DANIEL T.                       MA-14-95-473
SMITH, DAVID                           MA-14-575-441
SMITH, DAVID                           MA-14-43-407
SMITH, DAVID A.                        MA-14-573-304
SMITH, EBENEZER                        MA-14-52-174
SMITH, EDUMUND                         MA-14-66-456
SMITH, ELIJAH                          MA-14-56-332
SMITH, ELIJAH T.                       MA-14-395-362
SMITH, ELISHA                          MA-14-91-315
SMITH, ELISHA                          MA-14-9-128
SMITH, ELISHA                          MA-14-395-471
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-80-343
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-57-220
SMITH, ELIZABETH P.                    MA-14-580-495
SMITH, ELIZABETH P.                    MA-14-580-495
SMITH, ELLEN                           MA-14-497-234
SMITH, ELMIRA H.                       MA-14-511-1
SMITH, ELSIE E. B.                     MA-14-563-418
SMITH, EMELINE C.                      MA-14-399-433
SMITH, EMMA S.                         MA-14-457-356
SMITH, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-20-288
SMITH, ESTES                           MA-14-398-588
SMITH, ESTHER                          MA-14-93-642
SMITH, FANNY                           MA-14-75-98
SMITH, FANNY B.                        MA-14-95-26
SMITH, FIDELIA                         MA-14-531-443
SMITH, GEORGE E.                       MA-14-516-154
SMITH, GEORGE E.                       MA-14-562-76
SMITH, GEORGE H.                       MA-14-397-493
SMITH, HANNAH                          MA-14-397-86
SMITH, HANNAH S.                       MA-14-396-337
SMITH, HARRIET                         MA-14-457-327
SMITH, HELEN S.                        MA-14-500-146
SMITH, HENRY                           MA-14-394-403
SMITH, HENRY R.                        MA-14-399-544
SMITH, HEPZIBETH                       MA-14-50-569
SMITH, HEZEKIAH M.                     MA-14-89-188
SMITH, HIRAM                           MA-14-89-313
SMITH, HORATIO N.                      MA-14-93-643
SMITH, ISAAC                           MA-14-457-164
SMITH, ISAAC                           MA-14-533-147
SMITH, ISAAC NEWELL                    MA-14-492-270
SMITH, ISABELLA                        MA-14-823-552
SMITH, ISRAEL                          MA-14-93-263
SMITH, J. EDWIN                        MA-14-548-161
SMITH, JAMES                           MA-14-8-301
SMITH, JAMES D.                        MA-14-457-435
SMITH, JAMES G.                        MA-14-483-458
SMITH, JANE                            MA-14-538-526
SMITH, JESSE                           MA-14-533-114
SMITH, JESSE                           MA-14-59-521
SMITH, JOAB                            MA-14-66-381
SMITH, JOEL                            MA-14-66-508
SMITH, JOHN                            MA-14-12-132
SMITH, JOHN                            MA-14-394-210
SMITH, JOHN                            MA-14-26-535
SMITH, JOHN                            MA-14-533-421
SMITH, JOHN 1ST                        MA-14-470-24
SMITH, JOHN A.                         MA-14-541-120
SMITH, JOHN A.                         MA-14-394-290
SMITH, JOHN W.                         MA-14-533-457
SMITH, JONATHAN                        MA-14-66-502
SMITH, JOSEPH                          MA-14-91-468
SMITH, JOSEPH                          MA-14-93-282
SMITH, JOSEPH SUMNER                   MA-14-457-217
SMITH, JOSHUA                          MA-14-395-119
SMITH, JOSHUA                          MA-14-5-207
SMITH, JOSHUA                          MA-14-5-10
SMITH, JULIA A.                        MA-14-458-208
SMITH, JULIA A.                        MA-14-397-64
SMITH, LEANDER                         MA-14-397-311
SMITH, LEVI                            MA-14-91-560
SMITH, LOUISA                          MA-14-66-106
SMITH, LUCINDA                         MA-14-478-306
SMITH, LUTHER                          MA-14-84-328
SMITH, LYDIA                           MA-14-399-232
SMITH, MARGARET                        MA-14-492-534
SMITH, MARGARET                        MA-14-523-182
SMITH, MARIA                           MA-14-563-422
SMITH, MARILLA                         MA-14-497-513
SMITH, MARTHA                          MA-14-80-329
SMITH, MARTHA                          MA-14-504-231
SMITH, MARY                            MA-14-91-607
SMITH, MARY                            MA-14-86-393
SMITH, MARY                            MA-14-398-491
SMITH, MARY A.                         MA-14-396-602
SMITH, MARY ANN H.                     MA-14-487-221
SMITH, MATILDA J.                      MA-14-396-380
SMITH, MERRELS S.                      MA-14-487-399
SMITH, MILTON                          MA-14-89-221
SMITH, MOSES                           MA-14-46-454
SMITH, MOSES                           MA-14-458-118
SMITH, NANCY                           MA-14-457-519
SMITH, NANCY A.                        MA-14-457-24
SMITH, NANCY N.                        MA-14-543-157
SMITH, NATHAN                          MA-14-43-498
SMITH, NATHAN                          MA-14-91-114
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-24-389
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-41-372
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-27-65
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-95-61
SMITH, NATHANIEL M.                    MA-14-397-476
SMITH, PETER                           MA-14-3-68
SMITH, REUBEN                          MA-14-43-476
SMITH, REUBEN                          MA-14-75-522
SMITH, RHODA                           MA-14-395-496
SMITH, RHODA                           MA-14-514-386
SMITH, RICHARD                         MA-14-506-333
SMITH, ROBERT                          MA-14-36-80
SMITH, ROBERT                          MA-14-26-216
SMITH, ROYAL                           MA-14-398-89
SMITH, RUFUS                           MA-14-91-695
SMITH, RUSSELL                         MA-14-399-510
SMITH, SALLY                           MA-14-89-474
SMITH, SALLY                           MA-14-396-434
SMITH, SALLY H.                        MA-14-556-397
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-97-435
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-46-574
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-84-423
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-91-469
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-46-621
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-400A-228
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-86-164
SMITH, SAMUEL D.                       MA-14-457-384
SMITH, SARAH                           MA-14-29-528
SMITH, SARAH                           MA-14-400A-39
SMITH, SARAH                           MA-14-10-295
SMITH, SARAH E.                        MA-14-566-27
SMITH, SARAH R.                        MA-14-500-418
SMITH, SARAH Y.                        MA-14-485-75
SMITH, SEBASTIAN                       MA-14-8-509
SMITH, SHEPARD                         MA-14-36-468
SMITH, SIDNEY                          MA-14-400A-169
SMITH, SIDNEY                          MA-14-395-452
SMITH, STILLMAN                        MA-14-80-660
SMITH, SUSAN F.                        MA-14-506-356
SMITH, SUSAN H.                        MA-14-555-443
SMITH, SYLVIA H.                       MA-14-97-476
SMITH, THOMAS                          MA-14-89-127
SMITH, THOMAS                          MA-14-399-468
SMITH, TIMOTHY A.                      MA-14-475-16
SMITH, TITUS                           MA-14-823-211
SMITH, WELCOME                         MA-14-84-93
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-43-138
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-48-62
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-12-183
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-478-310
SMITH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-11-173
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-572-100
SMITH, WILLIS                          MA-14-457-500
SMITH, WILSON                          MA-14-562-46
SMITH, WINNAFRED                       MA-14-552-168
SMITH, ZACHARIAH                       MA-14-25-10
SNELL, ABIGAIL F.                      MA-14-396-135
SNELL, AUGUSTINE                       MA-14-546-67
SNELL, EDWARD                          MA-14-400A-564
SNELL, MARTHA M.                       MA-14-562-64
SNELL, THOMAS                          MA-14-500-127
SNELL, THOMAS                          MA-14-395-370
SNODGRASS, JOHN C.                     MA-14-823-385
SNOW, AARON P.                         MA-14-398-290
SNOW, ABBY C.                          MA-14-457-165
SNOW, ABNER                            MA-14-86-582
SNOW, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-399-318
SNOW, CARLO H.                         MA-14-66-239
SNOW, DANIEL                           MA-14-14-209
SNOW, DANIEL                           MA-14-26-286
SNOW, DAVID                            MA-14-80-415
SNOW, ELIZA S.                         MA-14-485-10
SNOW, HARRIET                          MA-14-535-502
SNOW, JABEZ                            MA-14-18-250
SNOW, JAMES                            MA-14-80-653
SNOW, JOHN                             MA-14-475-316
SNOW, JOHN                             MA-14-478-299
SNOW, JONATHAN                         MA-14-56-501
SNOW, MARGARET                         MA-14-395-232
SNOW, MARY                             MA-14-457-100
SNOW, MARY L.                          MA-14-546-409
SNOW, MOSES                            MA-14-95-209
SNOW, NATHAN                           MA-14-41-580
SNOW, OLIVER                           MA-14-457-156
SNOW, RUTH                             MA-14-394-430
SNOW, SARAH                            MA-14-483-177
SNOW, SILAS                            MA-14-36-100
SNOW, SUSANNA                          MA-14-30-535
SNOW, THOMAS                           MA-14-33-202
SNOW, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-93-408
SNOW, WARREN                           MA-14-46-563
SNOW, WARREN                           MA-14-86-366
SNOW, WILLARD                          MA-14-394-15
SNOW, WILLARD                          MA-14-89-210
SNOW, WILLIAM                          MA-14-13-68
SNYDER, HARRIET M.                     MA-14-543-425
SOULE, STILLMAN                        MA-14-557-348
SOUTGATE, MARIA                        MA-14-397-290
SOUTHGATE, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-43-469
SOUTHGATE, HARRIET                     MA-14-84-531
SOUTHGATE, ISAAC                       MA-14-395-1
SOUTHGATE, JAMES                       MA-14-7-570
SOUTHGATE, SALLY                       MA-14-395-127
SOUTHGATE, SALLY                       MA-14-93-284
SOUTHGATE, STEWARD                     MA-14-8-479
SOUTHLAND, SALLY                       MA-14-396-631
SOUTHWICK, ABIGAIL                     MA-14-80-507
SOUTHWICK, ALPHA                       MA-14-95-102
SOUTHWICK, AMASA                       MA-14-398-90
SOUTHWICK, ANN                         MA-14-397-65
SOUTHWICK, DANIEL                      MA-14-15-534
SOUTHWICK, EBER                        MA-14-95-518
SOUTHWICK, ELISHA A.                   MA-14-95-489
SOUTHWICK, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-72-225
SOUTHWICK, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-394-111
SOUTHWICK, EZRA                        MA-14-93-644
SOUTHWICK, GEORGE                      MA-14-36-11
SOUTHWICK, GEORGE                      MA-14-80-544
SOUTHWICK, GEORGE                      MA-14-398-183
SOUTHWICK, GEORGE S.                   MA-14-485-421
SOUTHWICK, JACOB                       MA-14-86-136, 253, 280
SOUTHWICK, JAMES C.                    MA-14-492-525
SOUTHWICK, JEROME P.                   MA-14-398-246
SOUTHWICK, JOHN                        MA-14-72-131
SOUTHWICK, JOSEPH                      MA-14-394-430
SOUTHWICK, JUDITH                      MA-14-80-156
SOUTHWICK, LUCY H.                     MA-14-580-528
SOUTHWICK, MIRANDA                     MA-14-457-317
SOUTHWICK, POLLY                       MA-14-400A-86
SOUTHWICK, SARAH                       MA-14-394-175
SOUTHWICK, STEPHEN S.                  MA-14-91-41
SOUTHWORTH, CAROLINE C.                MA-14-516-164
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM                    MA-14-555-403
SOWALL, WILLIAM                        MA-14-531-455
SOWARD, EDMUND                         MA-14-95-62
SPAFFORD, JOB                          MA-14-84-175
SPALDING, ALMIRA                       MA-14-563-486
SPALDING, CHRISTIANA M.                MA-14-580-153
SPALDING, GIRDON R.                    MA-14-535-192
SPARHAW, NAOMI                         MA-14-396-374
SPARHAWK, EBENEZER                     MA-14-34-328
SPARHAWK, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-84-533
SPARHAWK, NAHAN                        MA-14-26-516
SPARHAWK, NAOMI                        MA-14-66-416
SPARHAWK, SUMNER                       MA-14-823-538
SPARKS, HENRY H.                       MA-14-535-536
SPARKS, JOHN                           MA-14-84-254
SPARROW, GODFREY                       MA-14-397-120
SPAULDING, ALGERNON S.                 MA-14-823-85
SPAULDING, ANSON                       MA-14-397-494
SPAULDING, AUGUSTA J. G.               MA-14-500-192
SPAULDING, CLARINDA                    MA-14-475-307
SPAULDING, JESSE                       MA-14-27-121
SPAULDING, JOSIAH                      MA-14-490-471
SPAULDING, JUIA A. T.                  MA-14-578-398
SPAULDING, LEONARD                     MA-14-400A-522
SPAULDING, MERARI                      MA-14-91-665
SPAULDING, MIA                         MA-14-86-431
SPAULDING, SARAH F.                    MA-14-478-517
SPAULDING, ZEBINA                      MA-14-89-511
SPEAKMAN, HANNAH                       MA-14-400A-577
SPEAR, ELISHA P.                       MA-14-490-512
SPEAR, WILLIAM                         MA-14-6-551
SPELLEN, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-497-528
SPELLISY, THOMAS                       MA-14-398-492
SPELLMAN, MICHAEL                      MA-14-823-243
SPENCER, HELEN                         MA-14-554-94
SPENCER, JOSIAH B.                     MA-14-470-454
SPENCER, ROYAL P.                      MA-14-514-49
SPERL, JOHN B.                         MA-14-511-213
SPILL, BRIDGET M.                      MA-14-823-332
SPOFFORD, EMERSON                      MA-14-396-164
SPOONER, ABBIE                         MA-14-495-190
SPOONER, ALBERT                        MA-14-554-99
SPOONER, CYNTHIA R.                    MA-14-514-80
SPOONER, ELEAZER                       MA-14-41-601
SPOONER, FANNY                         MA-14-56-597
SPOONER, GROVER                        MA-14-97-486
SPOONER, JEDUTHAN                      MA-14-48-531
SPOONER, JOSHUA                        MA-14-30-390
SPOONER, SARAH                         MA-14-72-651
SPOONER, SARAH B.                      MA-14-470-107
SPOONER, SARAH D.                      MA-14-559-165
SPOONER, SARAH G.                      MA-14-500-116
SPOONER, STEVENS                       MA-14-572-38
SPOONER, WING                          MA-14-93-331
SPOONER, ZEPHANIAH                     MA-14-39-241
SPRAGUE, ANNIE P.                      MA-14-535-247
SPRAGUE, ASAHEL B.                     MA-14-399-499
SPRAGUE, AUSTIN                        MA-14-457-636
SPRAGUE, CALEB                         MA-14-72-156
SPRAGUE, EDWARD L.                     MA-14-95-428
SPRAGUE, ELIAS                         MA-14-28-494
SPRAGUE, HANNAH                        MA-14-483-147
SPRAGUE, JOHN                          MA-14-27-96
SPRAGUE, JOHN                          MA-14-30-54
SPRAGUE, JOSEPH                        MA-14-24-387
SPRAGUE, LAURA                         MA-14-399-369
SPRAGUE, LUKE W.                       MA-14-72-44
SPRAGUE, LYDIA                         MA-14-396-244
SPRAGUE, MARCELLUS                     MA-14-396-489
SPRAGUE, MARY                          MA-14-32-252
SPRAGUE, MARY ROBINSON                 MA-14-560--407
SPRAGUE, MYRON W.                      MA-14-538-140
SPRAGUE, NANCY                         MA-14-458-84
SPRAGUE, NATHAN                        MA-14-509-158
SPRAGUE, POLLY                         MA-14-84-281
SPRAGUE, REBECCA                       MA-14-86-496
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL                        MA-14-66-246
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL J.                     MA-14-34-186
SPRAGUE, THOAS                         MA-14-93-378
SPRAGUE, THOMAS                        MA-14-66-271
SPRAGUE, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-46-118
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM                       MA-14-56-172
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM                       MA-14-72-214
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM                       MA-14-4-114
SPREADBY, CHARLES C.                   MA-14-823-420
SPRING, ELEANOR P.                     MA-14-541-377
SPRING, ELIZABETH C.                   MA-14-89-551
SPRING, EMILY                          MA-14-487-184
SPRING, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-75-223
SPRING, GEORGE C.                      MA-14-572-105
SPRING, HARRIET                        MA-14-93-110
SPRING, JOHN                           MA-14-25-523
SPRING, JOHN                           MA-14-28-99
SPRING, JOSEPH WARREN                  MA-14-516-225
SPRING, JOSIAH                         MA-14-91-495
SPRINGER, JOHN                         MA-14-397-369
SPROAT, ROBERT                         MA-14-556-439
SPURR, JOHN                            MA-14-396-221
SPURR, JOHN                            MA-14-46-615
SPURR, SARAH F. D.                     MA-14-492-279
SPURR, THOMAS J.                       MA-14-395-458
SQUIER, SARAH J.                       MA-14-509-170
STACK, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-543-408
STACY, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-485-378
STACY, JOHN                            MA-14-487-191
STAFFORD, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-533-451
STANLEY, MARGARET                      MA-14-543-152
STANSFIELD, WILLIAM                    MA-14-577-72
STANTON, JOHN                          MA-14-27-168
STAPLES, ABRAHAM                       MA-14-24-195
STAPLES, ELIZA                         MA-14-480-489
STAPLES, ELIZABETH A.                  MA-14-398-210
STAPLES, GEORGE                        MA-14-395-365
STAPLES, JASON                         MA-14-396-511
STAPLES, MARY C.                       MA-14-577-59
STAPLES, PRUDENCE                      MA-14-66-172
STAPLES, WELCOME                       MA-14-399-561
STAPLETON, THOMAS                      MA-14-509-165
STARK, EDWARD H.                       MA-14-554-111
STARK, ELLEN D.                        MA-14-543-92
STARK, OLIVER N.                       MA-14-495-167
STARKIE, JOHN                          MA-14-500-382
STARKWEATHER, ASHER                    MA-14-400A-470
STARKWEATHER, OLIVE                    MA-14-400A-295
STARRETT, ADELINE                      MA-14-473-173
STAUNTON, THOMAS                       MA-14-395-216
STEARNS, ABIJAH                        MA-14-18-496
STEARNS, ALLEN                         MA-14-89-542
STEARNS, ASA                           MA-14-397-206
STEARNS, BEZALEEL                      MA-14-30-433
STEARNS, CHARLES                       MA-14-66-351
STEARNS, DAVID                         MA-14-59-520
STEARNS, DAVID                         MA-14-7-135
STEARNS, DEBORAH                       MA-14-457-52
STEARNS, DEBORAH                       MA-14-400A-116
STEARNS, DINAH                         MA-14-11-573
STEARNS, EBENEZER                      MA-14-75-182
STEARNS, ELAM                          MA-14-72-384
STEARNS, ELI                           MA-14-59-68
STEARNS, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-89-636
STEARNS, ELLEN A.                      MA-14-511-288
STEARNS, IRA                           MA-14-457-204
STEARNS, ISAAC                         MA-14-36-47
STEARNS, JOANNA                        MA-14-86-434
STEARNS, JOHN                          MA-14-554-136
STEARNS, JONATHAN                      MA-14-39-356
STEARNS, JOSIAH                        MA-14-56-374
STEARNS, JULIA A.                      MA-14-495-178
STEARNS, JUSTIN                        MA-14-483-123
STEARNS, LORINDA                       MA-14-457-205
STEARNS, LUCY                          MA-14-509-191
STEARNS, LUCY                          MA-14-394-294
STEARNS, LYDIA                         MA-14-86-311
STEARNS, MARY                          MA-14-19-389
STEARNS, MARY A.                       MA-14-514-45
STEARNS, MARY A.                       MA-14-538-199
STEARNS, MARY B.                       MA-14-506-383
STEARNS, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-13-301
STEARNS, PLINY W.                      MA-14-568-168
STEARNS, POLLY                         MA-14-396-338
STEARNS, PRISCILLA                     MA-14-397-453
STEARNS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-34-175
STEARNS, SHEPARD                       MA-14-400A-429
STEARNS, SOPHIA                        MA-14-399-50
STEARNS, STEPHEN                       MA-14-91-77
STEARNS, SULLIVAN L.                   MA-14-546-65
STEARNS, THOMAS                        MA-14-12-1
STEARNS, THOMAS                        MA-14-25-90
STEARNS, THOMAS                        MA-14-395-301
STEARNS, THOMAS                        MA-14-19-491
STEARNS, THOMAS                        MA-14-39-413
STEARNS, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-26-408
STEARNS, WILLARD E.                    MA-14-568-170
STEARNS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-26-54
STEARNS, WILLIAM J.                    MA-14-475-323
STEBBINGS, JOHN                        MA-14-56-141
STEBBINS, NORMAN B.                    MA-14-91-726
STEBBINS, OLIVE                        MA-14-84-173
STEBBINS, RUTH A.                      MA-14-470-77
STEBBINS, SARAH E.                     MA-14-551-20
STEDMAN, GEORGE L.                     MA-14-546-401
STEEL, JOSEPH                          MA-14-56-248
STEELE, SAMUEL W.                      MA-14-511-287
STEERE, HENRY                          MA-14-91-59
STEPHENS, THOMAS                       MA-14-52-68
STEPHENSON, MARTIN                     MA-14-80-629
STERLING, EDWIN                        MA-14-538-112
STETSON, FRANKLIN                      MA-14-80-473
STETSON, LYMAN J.                      MA-14-399-469
STETSON, SARAH A.                      MA-14-91-128
STEVENS, ABAGAL                        MA-14-84-112
STEVENS, AMY                           MA-14-97-437
STEVENS, BRIDGEMAN                     MA-14-398-291
STEVENS, CEPHAS B.                     MA-14-533-471
STEVENS, CEPHAS B.                     MA-14-531-65
STEVENS, CHARLES E.                    MA-14-497-542
STEVENS, CHARLES G.                    MA-14-531-115
STEVENS, EDWIN A.                      MA-14-546-66
STEVENS, ELVIRA L.                     MA-14-497-233
STEVENS, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-97-115
STEVENS, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-29-382
STEVENS, GADNER                        MA-14-80-425
STEVENS, HANNAH J.                     MA-14-504-449
STEVENS, ISAAC                         MA-14-397-528
STEVENS, JACOB                         MA-14-397-188
STEVENS, JOHN                          MA-14-95-199
STEVENS, JOHN                          MA-14-59-364
STEVENS, JOSEPH                        MA-14-39-125
STEVENS, JOSEPH W.                     MA-14-395-214
STEVENS, LOIS                          MA-14-457-476
STEVENS, LOIS W.                       MA-14-80-313
STEVENS, MARTHA A.                     MA-14-568-205
STEVENS, MARY                          MA-14-397-421
STEVENS, MARY A.                       MA-14-478-231
STEVENS, MIRA E.                       MA-14-538-122
STEVENS, MOSES                         MA-14-89-658
STEVENS, NETTIE C.                     MA-14-823-196
STEVENS, ROGER                         MA-14-89-659
STEVENS, ROGER                         MA-14-43-595
STEVENS, SALLY                         MA-14-400A-154
STEVENS, SILAS                         MA-14-59-41
STEVENS, TAMMY W.                      MA-14-457-608
STEVENS, WILLARD                       MA-14-399-527
STEVENSON, JOHN                        MA-14-2-480
STEVENSON, PETER                       MA-14-546-446
STEVENSON, SARAH                       MA-14-400A-261
STEWARD, PHILA C.                      MA-14-548-189
STEWART, MARY                          MA-14-516-181
STEWART, MARY                          MA-14-16-28
STEWART, OBIDIAH B.                    MA-14-552-208
STEWART, RICHARD                       MA-14-14-199
STGERMAIN, FELIX                       MA-14-560--391
STGERMAIN, HORACE                      MA-14-562-118
STICKNEY, JOSHUA                       MA-14-59-236
STICKNEY, LEVI T.                      MA-14-490-505
STICKNEY, STEPHEN                      MA-14-80-631
STILES, CAROLINE P.                    MA-14-574-155
STILES, CHARLES                        MA-14-80-616
STILES, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-86-565
STILES, JACOB                          MA-14-3-290
STILES, JOHN                           MA-14-394-117
STILES, JOHN W.                        MA-14-80-18
STILES, JOSHUA                         MA-14-66-273
STILES, JOSIAH                         MA-14-56-606
STILES, LEVI                           MA-14-39-358
STILES, LYDIA                          MA-14-66-604
STILES, MARY                           MA-14-80-478
STILES, MARY S.                        MA-14-399-245
STILES, OLIVER                         MA-14-93-647
STILES, SALLY                          MA-14-397-336
STIMPSON, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-396-313
STIMPSON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-394-295
STIMSON, CATHARINE                     MA-14-394-460
STIMSON, LEMUEL                        MA-14-84-310
STIMSON, SALLY                         MA-14-97-47
STIRCKLER, PETER                       MA-14-457-457
STOCKDALE, PETER                       MA-14-457-265
STOCKING, ALEXANDER                    MA-14-509-203
STOCKWELL, AARON                       MA-14-399-511
STOCKWELL, AARON                       MA-14-396-136
STOCKWELL, ABIAH S.                    MA-14-538-148
STOCKWELL, ABSALOM                     MA-14-86-126
STOCKWELL, ADALINE M.                  MA-14-487-477
STOCKWELL, ALICE M.                    MA-14-495-492
STOCKWELL, AMOS                        MA-14-21-505
STOCKWELL, BETSEY C.                   MA-14-457-206
STOCKWELL, CHLOE A.                    MA-14-495-158
STOCKWELL, DAVID                       MA-14-2-256
STOCKWELL, DAVID                       MA-14-75-634
STOCKWELL, DEBORAH                     MA-14-398-170
STOCKWELL, EBENEZER                    MA-14-1-338
STOCKWELL, ELIZA                       MA-14-490-202
STOCKWELL, EMELINE H.                  MA-14-569-360
STOCKWELL, ENOCH                       MA-14-75-629
STOCKWELL, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-31-226
STOCKWELL, FREDERICK A.                MA-14-580-186
STOCKWELL, GEORGE                      MA-14-509-168
STOCKWELL, GEORGE F.                   MA-14-93-684
STOCKWELL, H. SIBLEY                   MA-14-478-21
STOCKWELL, HARRIET E.                  MA-14-521-272
STOCKWELL, HORACE                      MA-14-396-340
STOCKWELL, HULDAH                      MA-14-97-339
STOCKWELL, ISAAC                       MA-14-397-509
STOCKWELL, JOHNW.                      MA-14-823-113
STOCKWELL, JOSEPH                      MA-14-48-60
STOCKWELL, JOSIAH                      MA-14-93-398
STOCKWELL, MARIA C.                    MA-14-823-158
STOCKWELL, MARY                        MA-14-396-341
STOCKWELL, MARY                        MA-14-396-218
STOCKWELL, MEHETEBEL                   MA-14-66-361
STOCKWELL, MERRILL                     MA-14-492-250
STOCKWELL, MOSES                       MA-14-395-377
STOCKWELL, PERLEY                      MA-14-43-289
STOCKWELL, S. WARREN                   MA-14-511-88
STOCKWELL, SARAH                       MA-14-75-383
STOCKWELL, SARAH                       MA-14-552-178
STOCKWELL, SARAH M.                    MA-14-457-501
STOCKWELL, SIMEON                      MA-14-91-129
STOCKWELL, SIMEON JR.                  MA-14-95-150
STOCKWELL, SOLOMON                     MA-14-75-11
STOCKWELL, STILLMAN                    MA-14-568-173
STOCKWELL, SYLVESTER                   MA-14-497-498
STOCKWELL, ZIBA                        MA-14-89-600
STODDARD, DAVID                        MA-14-50-332
STODDARD, JAMES                        MA-14-48-269
STODDARD, LEAVITT                      MA-14-86-266
STODDARD, LEONARD                      MA-14-399-204
STODDER, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-56-397
STON, WINDSOR                          MA-14-89-536
STONE, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-394-158
STONE, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-93-400
STONE, ABIJAH                          MA-14-91-360
STONE, ACHSAH F.                       MA-14-521-444
STONE, ADALINE                         MA-14-396-313
STONE, ALBERT                          MA-14-93-648
STONE, ALBERT                          MA-14-97-378
STONE, AMELIA B.                       MA-14-480-520
STONE, ANDREW                          MA-14-399-36
STONE, ANN S.                          MA-14-573-295
STONE, ANNA                            MA-14-48-337
STONE, ARABELLA E.                     MA-14-398-91
STONE, ARCHELAUS                       MA-14-95-314
STONE, ASA                             MA-14-395-281
STONE, BARTHOLOMEW                     MA-14-43-136
STONE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-394-224
STONE, BENONI                          MA-14-91-364
STONE, CHARLES E.                      MA-14-93-286
STONE, D. MYRON                        MA-14-500-369
STONE, DANIEL                          MA-14-514-325
STONE, DANIEL                          MA-14-394-274
STONE, DAVID                           MA-14-36-210
STONE, DAVID                           MA-14-66-207
STONE, DEBORAH                         MA-14-458-209
STONE, ELBRIDGE G.                     MA-14-580-22
STONE, ELEANOR M.                      MA-14-548-489
STONE, ELIJAH                          MA-14-72-167
STONE, ELIZABETH B.                    MA-14-541-53
STONE, ELIZABETH E.                    MA-14-457-133
STONE, ELSIE                           MA-14-533-74
STONE, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-22-518
STONE, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-395-120
STONE, ERASTUS                         MA-14-80-418
STONE, FANNY R.                        MA-14-541-401
STONE, GEORGE                          MA-14-398-50
STONE, HANNAH H. P.                    MA-14-555-451
STONE, HANNAH M.                       MA-14-396-243
STONE, HEZEKIAH                        MA-14-11-500
STONE, HOSEA                           MA-14-91-318
STONE, ISAAC                           MA-14-395-351
STONE, ISAAC                           MA-14-26-164A
STONE, ISAAC                           MA-14-97-197
STONE, ISAAC JR.                       MA-14-56-513
STONE, ISRAEL                          MA-14-86-489
STONE, JAMES                           MA-14-30-111
STONE, JAMES                           MA-14-56-581
STONE, JAMES M.                        MA-14-485-453
STONE, JARIUS W.                       MA-14-485-36
STONE, JASPER                          MA-14-31-403
STONE, JEANETTE A.                     MA-14-551-53
STONE, JEDUTHUN                        MA-14-66-432
STONE, JESSE                           MA-14-32-123
STONE, JOB C.                          MA-14-394-64
STONE, JOHN                            MA-14-457-284
STONE, JOHN                            MA-14-66-107
STONE, JOHN                            MA-14-13-495
STONE, JONAS                           MA-14-36-357
STONE, JONAS A.                        MA-14-559-156
STONE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-12-104
STONE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-36-30
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-10-128
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-80-247
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-59-271
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-91-4
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-80-125
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-395-328
STONE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-823-360
STONE, JOSIAH G.                       MA-14-483-158
STONE, JOSIAH H.                       MA-14-57-218
STONE, JOTHAM                          MA-14-72-170
STONE, LEONARD                         MA-14-95-565
STONE, LEWIS                           MA-14-399-196
STONE, LIBERTY                         MA-14-531-94
STONE, LORENO D.                       MA-14-457-455
STONE, LUCY ANN                        MA-14-509-166
STONE, LUKE                            MA-14-395-495
STONE, LYDIA                           MA-14-56-244
STONE, MARCIA M.                       MA-14-457-8
STONE, MARIA A.                        MA-14-399-572
STONE, MARTHA                          MA-14-39-353
STONE, MARTHA B.                       MA-14-554-45
STONE, MARTHA R.                       MA-14-495-179
STONE, MARY A.                         MA-14-492-533
STONE, MARY A.                         MA-14-495-525
STONE, MARY J.                         MA-14-457-436
STONE, MICAH                           MA-14-93-149
STONE, MILTON                          MA-14-500-357
STONE, NAPOLEON J.                     MA-14-548-253
STONE, NATHAN                          MA-14-17-97
STONE, NATHAN                          MA-14-458-40
STONE, NATHAN                          MA-14-66-251
STONE, NATHAN                          MA-14-5-554
STONE, NATHAN                          MA-14-394-16
STONE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-86-248
STONE, NEHEMIAH B.                     MA-14-397-548
STONE, PRUDENCE                        MA-14-97-292
STONE, REBECCA                         MA-14-399-121
STONE, RELIEF                          MA-14-546-456
STONE, REUBEN                          MA-14-27-352
STONE, RHODA                           MA-14-66-222
STONE, RICHMOND                        MA-14-473-176
STONE, ROSWELL L.                      MA-14-399-121
STONE, SAMPSON                         MA-14-97-482
STONE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-6-27
STONE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-72-268
STONE, SAMUEL F.                       MA-14-538-167
STONE, SAMUEL JR.                      MA-14-13-243
STONE, SARAH                           MA-14-91-672
STONE, SARAH                           MA-14-93-433
STONE, SARAH                           MA-14-95-406
STONE, STILLMAN                        MA-14-475-314
STONE, SUSANNAH                        MA-14-400A-15
STONE, SUSANNAH                        MA-14-86-599
STONE, THEODORE                        MA-14-394-404
STONE, THOMAS T.                       MA-14-516-526
STONE, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-80-621
STONE, TIMOTHY S.                      MA-14-400A-545
STONE, URANIA                          MA-14-457-419
STONE, URIAH JR.                       MA-14-28-105
STONE, WASHINGTON                      MA-14-396-165
STONE, WILLARD                         MA-14-395-122
STONE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-86-103
STONE, WILLIAM B.                      MA-14-470-116
STONE, ZERNIAH                         MA-14-41-448
STOTT, LEAH                            MA-14-565-51
STOW, AARON                            MA-14-19-434
STOW, ABNER                            MA-14-93-201
STOW, BETHESDA                         MA-14-97-294
STOW, EBENEZER                         MA-14-84-465
STOW, ESTHER                           MA-14-91-50
STOW, HANNAH                           MA-14-95-154
STOW, JOHN A.                          MA-14-95-201
STOW, JOSIAH                           MA-14-30-543
STOW, SILAS                            MA-14-66-19
STOW, SILAS                            MA-14-396-257
STOWE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-23-71
STOWE, DANIEL                          MA-14-89-82
STOWE, ELIJAH                          MA-14-395-497
STOWE, EMILY G.                        MA-14-500-395
STOWE, MARTHA W.                       MA-14-485-345
STOWE, NATHANIEL H.                    MA-14-485-69
STOWE, REUBEN                          MA-14-473-174
STOWE, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-400A-649
STOWELL, ASAHEL                        MA-14-84-226
STOWELL, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-32-156
STOWELL, BENJAMIN F.                   MA-14-523-193
STOWELL, CLARA HILL                    MA-14-823-177
STOWELL, CORNELIUS                     MA-14-32-430
STOWELL, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-13-105
STOWELL, LUTHER                        MA-14-93-590
STOWELL, LUTHER                        MA-14-397-208
STOWELL, MARY E.                       MA-14-490-538
STOWELL, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-394-356
STOWELL, OTIS W.                       MA-14-548-545
STOWELL, WILLARD                       MA-14-823-167
STOWEN, DANIEL                         MA-14-458-60
STOWER, ABIJAH                         MA-14-14-355
STOWERS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-8-483
STRATTON, ABBIE T.                     MA-14-473-206
STRATTON, ALBERT                       MA-14-458-81
STRATTON, ASA                          MA-14-398-184
STRATTON, ASA                          MA-14-75-462
STRATTON, BETSEY                       MA-14-395-134
STRATTON, CARRIE A.                    MA-14-580-177
STRATTON, CHARLES C.                   MA-14-560--374
STRATTON, DAVID                        MA-14-52-66
STRATTON, ELIAS                        MA-14-66-609
STRATTON, ELIAS                        MA-14-35-170
STRATTON, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-56-84
STRATTON, FREDERICK A.                 MA-14-572-25
STRATTON, HENRY W.                     MA-14-535-540
STRATTON, HIRAM W.                     MA-14-568-248
STRATTON, ISRAEL                       MA-14-395-373
STRATTON, J. WINSOR                    MA-14-400A-353
STRATTON, J. WINSOR                    MA-14-400A-386
STRATTON, JAMES                        MA-14-13-170
STRATTON, JOSHUA                       MA-14-395-378
STRATTON, JOSIAH                       MA-14-75-78
STRATTON, LEVI                         MA-14-400A-513
STRATTON, MARY D.                      MA-14-84-134
STRATTON, OLIVE                        MA-14-59-398
STRATTON, POLLY L.                     MA-14-569-331
STRATTON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-80-382
STRATTON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-34-65
STRATTON, WINDSOR                      MA-14-80-216
STRAW, MORGIANA N.                     MA-14-552-224
STREET, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-557-400
STREETER, CHARLES A.                   MA-14-543-151
STREETER, DANIEL                       MA-14-43-463
STREETER, EUNICE                       MA-14-43-134
STREETER, MARTHA                       MA-14-66-65
STREETER, NATHAN                       MA-14-89-275
STREETER, STEPHEN                      MA-14-457-176
STRICKROTT, ALBRECHT                   MA-14-560--438
STRONG, LURANCY                        MA-14-395-165
STRONG, SOLOMON                        MA-14-91-319
STRUTHERS, WILLIAM C.                  MA-14-397-477
STUART, BENJAMIN H.                    MA-14-531-388
STUART, CLARINDA                       MA-14-485-391
STUART, ERVIN W.                       MA-14-504-473
STUART, GEORGE L.                      MA-14-531-118
STUART, GEORGE L.                      MA-14-533-447
STUART, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-28-229
STUART, PIERSON T. K.                  MA-14-521-231
STUART, ROXANNA                        MA-14-485-37
STUART, RUTH                           MA-14-396-192
STUART, SAMUEL                         MA-14-400A-278
STUART, SAMUEL                         MA-14-66-399
STUDLEY, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-41-376
STUDLEY, HENRY Y.                      MA-14-398-328
STURTEVANT, ASA                        MA-14-398-76
STURTEVANT, LEONARD W.                 MA-14-475-279
STURTEVANT, SYBIL                      MA-14-93-21
SUGDEN, RICHARD                        MA-14-509-218
SUGDEN, SARAH H.                       MA-14-487-484
SUGHRUE, JAMES                         MA-14-569-362
SULLIVAN, ANNE                         MA-14-398-493
SULLIVAN, CATHERINE                    MA-14-535-501
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS                    MA-14-538-534
SULLIVAN, DANIEL E.                    MA-14-457-167
SULLIVAN, DENIS                        MA-14-823-486
SULLIVAN, DENIS                        MA-14-521-475
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                       MA-14-511-307
SULLIVAN, ELLEN                        MA-14-478-73
SULLIVAN, ELLEN                        MA-14-548-460
SULLIVAN, ELLEN D.                     MA-14-470-33
SULLIVAN, HONORA                       MA-14-458-211
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        MA-14-470-129
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        MA-14-398-186
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        MA-14-397-87
SULLIVAN, JAMES P.                     MA-14-399-470
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH T.                  MA-14-511-268
SULLIVAN, JOHANNA                      MA-14-580-125
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MA-14-580-257
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MA-14-97-327
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MA-14-514-410
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MA-14-457-647
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MA-14-548-453
SULLIVAN, JOHN O.                      MA-14-397-143
SULLIVAN, MARY                         MA-14-572-108
SULLIVAN, MARY A. J.                   MA-14-399-330
SULLIVAN, MARY S.                      MA-14-823-415
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                      MA-14-514-33
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL T.                   MA-14-500-158
SULLIVAN, PATRICK 1ST                  MA-14-563-461
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                       MA-14-398-379
SULLIVAN, THOMAS J.                    MA-14-541-409
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-541-344
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-511-95
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                      MA-14-506-370
SUMNER, ANDREW J.                      MA-14-485-78
SUMNER, BENJAMIN C.                    MA-14-400A-262
SUMNER, CLARK                          MA-14-398-538
SUMNER, DANIEL                         MA-14-15-178
SUMNER, DARIUS                         MA-14-89-354
SUMNER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-80-115
SUMNER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-41-374
SUMNER, GEORGE                         MA-14-490-537
SUMNER, HENRY                          MA-14-394-109
SUMNER, JAMES                          MA-14-26-367
SUMNER, JOHN                           MA-14-21-213
SUMNER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-57-632
SUMNER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-59-227
SUMNER, SULLIVAN                       MA-14-398-338
SUMNER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-56-327
SUMNER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-80-168
SUPRENANT, EUDILIE                     MA-14-495-215
SUPRENANT, LOUIS                       MA-14-553-499
SURPRENANT, CESARIE                    MA-14-548-463
SUTCLIFFE, WILLIAM                     MA-14-399-502
SUTHERLAND, SARAH                      MA-14-478-264
SUTTON, JOHN                           MA-14-97-471
SUTTON, JOHN F.                        MA-14-531-421
SUTTON, MARTHA REBECCA                 MA-14-470-88
SUTTON, THOMAS                         MA-14-89-366
SVENSON, LOVISA                        MA-14-823-37
SWAIN, JOSEPH S.                       MA-14-398-478
SWAIN, JOSEPH S.                       MA-14-399-104
SWALLOW, ELLEN Z.                      MA-14-541-114
SWAN, CHARLES L.                       MA-14-548-485
SWAN, DUDLEY W.                        MA-14-9-122
SWAN, ELIZA A.                         MA-14-506-379
SWAN, JOSIAH                           MA-14-16-437
SWAN, MICHAEL                          MA-14-396-262
SWAN, REUBEN                           MA-14-59-121
SWAN, WILLIAM                          MA-14-66-491
SWAN, WILLIAM                          MA-14-13-29
SWASEY, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-398-247
SWEENEY, JOHN S.                       MA-14-495-550
SWEENEY, MICHAEL                       MA-14-516-201
SWEENEY, PATRICK                       MA-14-398-521
SWEENEY, THOMAS                        MA-14-480-494
SWEET, ABIGAIL L.                      MA-14-396-176
SWEET, AMEY                            MA-14-80-493
SWEET, CALEB L.                        MA-14-399-391
SWEET, JOHN C.                         MA-14-397-495
SWEET, JOSHUA                          MA-14-568-250
SWEET, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-399-105
SWEET, ROBERT B.                       MA-14-398-19
SWEET, STEPHEN                         MA-14-533-468
SWEETING, JOB                          MA-14-43-173
SWEETSER, BETSEY C.                    MA-14-84-30
SWEETSER, DAVID                        MA-14-57-157
SWEETSER, I. HUBBARD                   MA-14-487-165
SWEETSER, JACOB                        MA-14-21-367
SWEETSER, JACOB                        MA-14-57-6
SWEETSER, MARGARET                     MA-14-80-495
SWEETSER, MARGARET                     MA-14-84-170
SWEETSER, MARIA R.                     MA-14-511-29
SWEETSER, SAMUEL                       MA-14-86-127
SWEETSER, SUSAN C.                     MA-14-562-93
SWETT, JOHN                            MA-14-75-293
SWETT, MARIA E.                        MA-14-560--358
SWIFT, JOHN                            MA-14-457-587
SWIGER, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-458-107
SWINDELLS, JAMES                       MA-14-483-367
SWITCHER, SOLON                        MA-14-57-384
SWITZER, SIMON                         MA-14-457-177
SWITZER, SOFRON                        MA-14-483-120
SWYCHER, HENRY                         MA-14-50-352
SYKES, ANNIS                           MA-14-538-145
SYKES, BETSY                           MA-14-572-107
SYLVESTER, JOSHUA                      MA-14-397-66
SYLVESTER, MARY ANN                    MA-14-485-452
SYLVESTER, OLIVER C.                   MA-14-399-417
SYLVESTER, PETER                       MA-14-2-344
SYLVESTER, SARAH J.                    MA-14-546-41
SYLVESTER, THANKFUL                    MA-14-84-463
SYMES, MARTHA                          MA-14-21-322
SYMMES, CALEB T.                       MA-14-560--404
SYMMES, REBECCA                        MA-14-48-177
SYMONDS, JANE B.                       MA-14-400A-459
SYMONS, JOHN H.                        MA-14-399-72
SYVERSEN, LUDVIG                       MA-14-823-327

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