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ULLMAN, SOPHIA                         MA-14-556-412
UNDERGRAVES, SILAS                     MA-14-555-466
UNDERWOOD, DAVID                       MA-14-48-350
UNDERWOOD, EBER                        MA-14-395-500
UNDERWOOD, HARRY R.                    MA-14-485-423
UNDERWOOD, ISRAEL                      MA-14-84-313
UNDERWOOD, JOHN B.                     MA-14-457-247
UNDERWOOD, JOSIAH                      MA-14-400A-520
UNDERWOOD, ORISON                      MA-14-509-159
UNDERWOOD, PARNEY                      MA-14-538-144
UNDERWOOD, REUBEN                      MA-14-72-16
UNDERWOOD, SABINA W.                   MA-14-470-465
UPHAM, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-35-330
UPHAM, AMOS                            MA-14-86-134
UPHAM, BENJAMIN W.                     MA-14-492-541
UPHAM, DANIEL                          MA-14-398-362
UPHAM, ELIPHAL                         MA-14-480-519
UPHAM, ELIZA                           MA-14-458-119
UPHAM, EVALINA                         MA-14-578-356
UPHAM, EZEKIEL                         MA-14-19-180
UPHAM, EZEKIEL                         MA-14-18-449
UPHAM, EZEKIEL                         MA-14-27-206
UPHAM, FREEDEN N.                      MA-14-580-145
UPHAM, GEORGE                          MA-14-396-383
UPHAM, GEORGE                          MA-14-396-246
UPHAM, HARVEY                          MA-14-93-166
UPHAM, HIRAM                           MA-14-399-51
UPHAM, ISAAC                           MA-14-24-127
UPHAM, JOEL W.                         MA-14-457-248
UPHAM, JOSEPH                          MA-14-397-549
UPHAM, LEONARD                         MA-14-400A-398
UPHAM, LEVI                            MA-14-398-418
UPHAM, LOVETTE R.                      MA-14-566-81
UPHAM, LYSANDER S.                     MA-14-478-313
UPHAM, MARY A.                         MA-14-559-172
UPHAM, MARY E.                         MA-14-531-96
UPHAM, MATILDA B.                      MA-14-504-468
UPHAM, MERCY T.                        MA-14-500-150
UPHAM, NATHAN                          MA-14-66-262
UPHAM, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-541-120
UPHAM, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-8-503
UPHAM, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-72-569
UPHAM, PERSIS                          MA-14-398-306
UPHAM, PHINEAS                         MA-14-39-180
UPHAM, POLLY                           MA-14-457-406
UPHAM, RUTH                            MA-14-48-205
UPHAM, SAMUEL                          MA-14-8-535
UPHAM, SAMUEL                          MA-14-397-549
UPHAM, THOMAS                          MA-14-66-180
UPTON, EDWIN                           MA-14-470-473
UPTON, ELIZA                           MA-14-497-510
UPTON, FANNY M.                        MA-14-554-70
UPTON, JACOB                           MA-14-30-307
UPTON, JOHN                            MA-14-514-99
UPTON, JOSEPH                          MA-14-95-168
UPTON, LYDIA W.                        MA-14-458-19
UTLEY, JOHN W.                         MA-14-458-32
UTLEY, OREN                            MA-14-91-413
UTNAM, JOHN                            MA-14-394-196
VAILLANCOURT, PRUDENT                  MA-14-823-19
VALENTINE, ELIJAH F.                   MA-14-395-441
VALENTINE, ELMER                       MA-14-396-342
VALENTINE, HENRY C.                    MA-14-823-330
VALENTINE, REBECCA                     MA-14-509-184
VALENTINE, SARAH                       MA-14-457-277
VALLEY, VITALINE                       MA-14-577-42
VALLIERE, MOSES S.                     MA-14-566-6
VANDALLE, ADOLPHUS                     MA-14-497-189
VANHORN, PHYLANCY                      MA-14-97-117
VANORMAN, MARTHA A.                    MA-14-538-189
VANORMAN, WILLIAM H.                   MA-14-548-536
VANT, IZANNA E.                        MA-14-543-110
VANT, MARY A.                          MA-14-541-404
VASHON, ARZELIE                        MA-14-531-437
VASSALL, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-86-324
VAUGHAN, ANNIE E.                      MA-14-470-109
VAUL, SAMUEL A.                        MA-14-531-413
VERRY, HANNAH                          MA-14-398-333
VERRY, MARY A.                         MA-14-560--401
VERRY, NATHAN                          MA-14-80-118
VERRY, NATHAN                          MA-14-30-279
VERRY, SALLY                           MA-14-84-190
VIALL, CALEB                           MA-14-50-220
VIALL, JAMES                           MA-14-80-158
VIALL, STEPHEN S.                      MA-14-394-46
VILAS, SAMUEL W.                       MA-14-57-163
VINCECA, LYDIA                         MA-14-91-608
VINTON, BOYLSTON                       MA-14-394-461
VINTON, CALVIN                         MA-14-86-220
VINTON, CAROLINE                       MA-14-475-1
VINTON, ELIZA A.                       MA-14-514-66
VINTON, HARRIET H.                     MA-14-516-521
VINTON, JABEZ                          MA-14-86-42
VINTON, JOHN                           MA-14-43-503
VINTON, JOSEPH                         MA-14-396-399
VINTON, JOSHUA                         MA-14-478-248
VINTON, JOSHUA                         MA-14-86-146
VINTON, LUCRETIA                       MA-14-97-341
VINTON, RALPH                          MA-14-72-347
VINTON, RUTH E.                        MA-14-500-382
VINTON, SILAS                          MA-14-541-421
VINTON, TRIPHENA                       MA-14-86-627
VINTON, WINFIELD S.                    MA-14-535-513
VIZARD, MATILDA L.                     MA-14-551-1
VOISARD, BRIDGET                       MA-14-521-216

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