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MABLE, EZRA S.                         MA-14-395-426
MABLY, JOHN                            MA-14-93-11
MACCARTY, JOHN                         MA-14-19-260
MACCARTY, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-72-205
MACCARTY, REBECCA                      MA-14-80-95
MACCARTY, THADDEUS                     MA-14-19-1
MACCLENATHAN, REBECCA                  MA-14-91-420
MACK, DENNIS                           MA-14-535-174
MACK, ROSE N.                          MA-14-560--423
MACKIN, CHARLES                        MA-14-559-150
MACKINTIER, JOHN                       MA-14-6-197
MACOMBER, J. MASON                     MA-14-458-104
MACOMBER, SARAH L.                     MA-14-543-122
MACUEN, ELIZA                          MA-14-548-179
MACULLAR, ADDISON                      MA-14-492-514
MACULLAR, FRNAK R.                     MA-14-559-176
MACULLAR, JOEL ADDISON                 MA-14-492-514
MACY, ALMIRA W.                        MA-14-572-82
MADDEN, JAMES                          MA-14-531-40
MADDEN, MARY                           MA-14-543-144
MAGGS, EDWIN                           MA-14-823-359
MAHAN, CATHERINE T.                    MA-14-580-281
MAHAN, CELIA V.                        MA-14-523-217
MAHAN, DAVID                           MA-14-80-233
MAHAN, ELLEN                           MA-14-552-197
MAHAN, JOHN                            MA-14-23-158
MAHAN, JOHN                            MA-14-13-106
MAHAN, MARY                            MA-14-13-500
MAHAN, MAURICE                         MA-14-531-67
MAHAN, SALLY                           MA-14-399-580
MAHAN, WILLIAM                         MA-14-8-298
MAHEN, JOHN                            MA-14-397-200
MAHER, MARGARET                        MA-14-578-336
MAHER, PATRICK                         MA-14-457-273
MAHLERT, CHRISTIAN                     MA-14-541-85
MAHON, FRANK                           MA-14-492-286
MAHONEY, CORNELIUS P.                  MA-14-497-186
MAHONEY, MARY                          MA-14-823-457
MAHONY, MARTIN                         MA-14-523-210
MAKEPEACE, EMELINE B.                  MA-14-497-530
MAKEPEACE, FRANCIS A.                  MA-14-398-582
MAKEPEACE, GEORGE L.                   MA-14-458-16
MAKEPEACE, GERSHOM                     MA-14-43-470
MAKEPEACE, GERSHOM                     MA-14-22-161
MAKEPEACE, GERSHOM                     MA-14-93-325
MAKI, ANNA                             MA-14-823-74
MAKOWSKI, FRANCIS                      MA-14-554-98
MALAMFF, MARY                          MA-14-458-162
MALAN, JOHANNA                         MA-14-504-223
MALEIA, MARY                           MA-14-823-537
MALEY, JOHN E.                         MA-14-541-353
MALLALIEU, JOHN                        MA-14-400A-604
MALLARD, HANNAH D.                     MA-14-511-302
MALLEY, MARK                           MA-14-457-87
MALONEY, MARGARET                      MA-14-572-80
MALONEY, MARGARET                      MA-14-568-255
MALONEY, MARGARET                      MA-14-485-383
MALONEY, RICHARD                       MA-14-398-256
MALONEY, WILLIAM                       MA-14-497-181
MAN, EBENEZER                          MA-14-84-211
MANDALL, BARNABAS                      MA-14-72-611
MANDELL, ANN JANE                      MA-14-84-541
MANDELL, ANNA J.                       MA-14-490-529
MANDELL, MARTIN                        MA-14-95-223
MANDELL, MASON                         MA-14-59-149
MANDELL, MOSES                         MA-14-59-531
MANDELL, PAUL                          MA-14-36-466
MANDELL, PHILA                         MA-14-457-98
MANLY, LILLY S.                        MA-14-396-256
MANN, ALBERT G.                        MA-14-546-459
MANN, ALBINUS                          MA-14-483-403
MANN, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-396-569
MANN, CHARLOTTE A. J.                  MA-14-485-411
MANN, DAVID P.                         MA-14-394-135
MANN, EBENEZER                         MA-14-18-212
MANN, ELIJAH                           MA-14-43-473
MANN, ELIZABETH D.                     MA-14-580-430
MANN, GEORGE                           MA-14-823-328
MANN, JASON                            MA-14-397-79
MANN, JOHN                             MA-14-89-580
MANN, NARCISSA E.                      MA-14-400A-184
MANN, SERAPH                           MA-14-458-204
MANN, SOUTHWORTH J.                    MA-14-396-89
MANN, SUSAN                            MA-14-399-353
MANN, WILLIAM                          MA-14-490-230
MANN, WILLIAM W.                       MA-14-396-27
MANNING, EDWARD W.                     MA-14-475-295
MANNING, MICHAEL                       MA-14-457-674
MANNING, PHEBE J.                      MA-14-533-172
MANNING, ROBERT                        MA-14-511-250
MANNING, SAMUEL                        MA-14-13-123
MANNING, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-1-180
MANNIX, MARTIN                         MA-14-485-348
MANN,M ARTHA E.                        MA-14-475-7
MANSFIELD, ASAHEL                      MA-14-397-115
MANSFIELD, JEREMIAH                    MA-14-4-471
MANSFIELD, JONATHAN N.                 MA-14-396-624
MANSFIELD, LAURA A.                    MA-14-399-570
MANTON, MARY G.                        MA-14-548-514
MARBLE, AARON                          MA-14-397-140
MARBLE, AARON                          MA-14-59-267
MARBLE, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-59-225
MARBLE, AGNES E.                       MA-14-504-453
MARBLE, ALPHEUS                        MA-14-36-60
MARBLE, FANNY G.                       MA-14-400A-214
MARBLE, GEORGE L.                      MA-14-480-486
MARBLE, HENRY                          MA-14-84-491
MARBLE, JOHN P.                        MA-14-562-141
MARBLE, LEAFY                          MA-14-457-467
MARBLE, LUKE                           MA-14-473-264
MARBLE, MARY A.                        MA-14-509-156
MARBLE, MARY A.                        MA-14-95-266
MARBLE, PALMER                         MA-14-397-270
MARBLE, SUSANNA                        MA-14-86-83
MARBLE, TURNER                         MA-14-398-389
MARBLE, WASHINGTON                     MA-14-470-449
MARBLE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-89-591
MARCH, ANDREW                          MA-14-538-496
MARCH, CATHARINE V. A.                 MA-14-400A-715
MARCH, DANIEL                          MA-14-23-418
MARCH, HANNAH                          MA-14-66-150
MARCH, JOSEPH M.                       MA-14-492-213
MARCH, MARTHA P.                       MA-14-490-540
MARCH, MARY                            MA-14-24-113
MARCH, NATHAN                          MA-14-72-249
MARCHANT, JAMES W.                     MA-14-511-235
MARCHESSEAULT, XAVIER                  MA-14-533-395
MARCY, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-395-326
MARCY, BRADFORD                        MA-14-500-164
MARCY, CAROLINE                        MA-14-492-193
MARCY, DANIEL                          MA-14-72-592
MARCY, JEDIDIAH                        MA-14-41-46
MARCY, JOHN A.                         MA-14-470-90
MARCY, JOHN F.                         MA-14-823-532
MARCY, MOSES                           MA-14-14-214
MARCY, PRUDENCE                        MA-14-15-115
MARCY, WILLIAM A.                      MA-14-93-68
MAREAN, NANCY W.                       MA-14-554-50
MAREAN, SIBIL                          MA-14-86-296
MAREAN, TIMOTHY P.                     MA-14-59-623
MAREAN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-59-488
MARIAM, SAMUEL                         MA-14-458-30
MARKEY, JOHN                           MA-14-492-207
MARKS, HEZEKIAH                        MA-14-21-398
MARLBOROUGH, JOHN                      MA-14-533-446
MARONEY, JAMES J.                      MA-14-554-122
MARS, ELIZABETH J.                     MA-14-580-338
MARSDEN, ELVIRA O.                     MA-14-504-207
MARSDEN, JOSEPH                        MA-14-396-625
MARSH, AARON                           MA-14-36-10
MARSH, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-13-186
MARSH, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-21-73
MARSH, CALEB                           MA-14-43-607
MARSH, CHARLES H.                      MA-14-580-537
MARSH, DANIEL                          MA-14-555-373
MARSH, DARIUS                          MA-14-91-419
MARSH, ELI                             MA-14-43-334
MARSH, ELIAS                           MA-14-80-466
MARSH, ELIEZER J.                      MA-14-492-532
MARSH, ENOCH                           MA-14-397-9
MARSH, ERASTUS                         MA-14-457-605
MARSH, ESEK                            MA-14-57-36
MARSH, GEORGE                          MA-14-20-218
MARSH, HANNAH                          MA-14-41-161
MARSH, HANNAH                          MA-14-457-468
MARSH, HANNAH R.                       MA-14-556-393
MARSH, HARTSHORN                       MA-14-24-45
MARSH, JOHN                            MA-14-52-506
MARSH, JOHN                            MA-14-398-118
MARSH, JOHN                            MA-14-21-323
MARSH, JOSEPH                          MA-14-7-124
MARSH, JOSEPH                          MA-14-86-171
MARSH, JUDSON                          MA-14-557-382
MARSH, LEWIS                           MA-14-95-364
MARSH, LOTT                            MA-14-89-27
MARSH, MARY C.                         MA-14-397-451
MARSH, MARY W.                         MA-14-97-406
MARSH, MOSES                           MA-14-50-565
MARSH, PERSIS A.                       MA-14-400A-10
MARSH, PHEBE S.                        MA-14-457-514
MARSH, RUTH                            MA-14-52-482
MARSH, SARAH M.                        MA-14-495-182
MARSH, STEPHEN                         MA-14-39-207
MARSH, SUSAN                           MA-14-80-390
MARSH, THOMAS                          MA-14-396-596
MARSH, TRUMAN H.                       MA-14-458-105
MARSH, TYLOR                           MA-14-84-105
MARSHAL, JONAS                         MA-14-59-247
MARSHALL, AARON                        MA-14-514-71
MARSHALL, ABIGAIL E.                   MA-14-86-362
MARSHALL, BRIDGET                      MA-14-80-302
MARSHALL, CHEODORLASMER                MA-14-396-186
MARSHALL, DAVID L.                     MA-14-487-179
MARSHALL, ENEAS                        MA-14-84-262
MARSHALL, FRANCES A.                   MA-14-398-285
MARSHALL, GEORGE C.                    MA-14-395-299
MARSHALL, JACOB                        MA-14-66-627
MARSHALL, JOHN B.                      MA-14-84-263
MARSHALL, JONAS                        MA-14-394-32
MARSHALL, JOSPEH I.                    MA-14-574-185
MARSHALL, LUCY A.                      MA-14-548-202
MARSHALL, MARY                         MA-14-43-3
MARSHALL, MICAH                        MA-14-396-306
MARSHALL, PATTY A.                     MA-14-396-170
MARSHALL, SIMON                        MA-14-52-105
MARSHALL, THOMAS                       MA-14-396-211
MARSHALL, THOMAS                       MA-14-500-445
MARSHALL, THOMAS D.                    MA-14-483-410
MARSHALL, WILLIAM JR.                  MA-14-27-205
MARTIN, AARON A.                       MA-14-398-390
MARTIN, ABEL                           MA-14-75-654
MARTIN, BARZILLAI                      MA-14-394-88
MARTIN, CHARLES                        MA-14-521-224
MARTIN, CONVERSE                       MA-14-516-195
MARTIN, EDWARD J.                      MA-14-511-212
MARTIN, ELLEN                          MA-14-562-67
MARTIN, EMMA H.                        MA-14-823-431
MARTIN, GEORGE A.                      MA-14-397-201
MARTIN, HARRISON                       MA-14-485-368
MARTIN, JAMES                          MA-14-399-66
MARTIN, JOHN                           MA-14-577-15
MARTIN, JOHN                           MA-14-473-175
MARTIN, JOHN                           MA-14-89-490
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         MA-14-500-95
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         MA-14-580-35
MARTIN, LEWIS                          MA-14-470-141
MARTIN, LOUISA                         MA-14-506-373
MARTIN, MARIA                          MA-14-580-181
MARTIN, MARY                           MA-14-541-370
MARTIN, NANCY                          MA-14-394-195
MARTIN, ORAMEL                         MA-14-557-351
MARTIN PATRICK T.                      MA-14-492-243
MARTIN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-397-491
MARTIN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-66-301
MARTIN, STEPHEN                        MA-14-34-442
MARTIN, THOMAS                         MA-14-457-240
MARTIN, THOMAS                         MA-14-562-116
MARTYN, JOHN                           MA-14-12-87
MARVIN, CHARLES                        MA-14-572-54
MASCROFT, JOHN T.                      MA-14-533-151
MASCROFT, JOHN T.                      MA-14-533-137
MASCROFT, WILLIAM D.                   MA-14-506-416
MASH, STEPHEN                          MA-14-89-114
MASON, ABEL                            MA-14-91-416
MASON, ARNOLD                          MA-14-75-311
MASON, CHARLES D.                      MA-14-497-183
MASON, CHARLES O.                      MA-14-511-214
MASON, CHLOE C.                        MA-14-823-145
MASON, GEORGE                          MA-14-399-240
MASON, GREGORY                         MA-14-89-203
MASON, HENRIETTA M.                    MA-14-521-192
MASON, HENRY H.                        MA-14-531-80
MASON, JOHN                            MA-14-86-376
MASON, JOHN                            MA-14-18-671
MASON, JOHN                            MA-14-397-59
MASON, JOSEPH                          MA-14-397-33
MASON, JOSEPH                          MA-14-75-268
MASON, LAURENZA F.                     MA-14-495-545
MASON, LEWIS T.                        MA-14-521-258
MASON, LYDIA F.                        MA-14-535-154
MASON, MARY                            MA-14-480-484
MASON, OLIVER                          MA-14-56-476
MASON, SADEY                           MA-14-33-145
MASON, SALLY                           MA-14-395-248
MASON, SAMUEL                          MA-14-80-617
MASON, SAMUEL F.                       MA-14-823-314
MASON, SAMUEL S.                       MA-14-457-381
MASON, SARAH H.                        MA-14-500-116
MASON, SARAH REBECCA                   MA-14-514-13
MASON, SILAS                           MA-14-66-534
MASON, SIMEON                          MA-14-86-18
MASON, SUSAN                           MA-14-394-253
MASON, SYLVESTER                       MA-14-475-327
MASON, THADDEUS                        MA-14-396-598
MASON, THOMAS                          MA-14-46-89
MASON, WILLIAM B.                      MA-14-543-380
MASSA, ADOLPH                          MA-14-543-428
MASSEY, AARON                          MA-14-32-1
MASTERSON, BARTOLOMEW                  MA-14-565-42
MATHEWS, ASAHEL                        MA-14-39-326
MATHEWS, DANIEL                        MA-14-32-344
MATHEWS, HARRIET A.                    MA-14-485-30
MATHEWS, JONATHAN                      MA-14-46-292
MATHEWS, MARY ANN                      MA-14-495-159
MATHEWS, MICHAEL                       MA-14-511-69
MATHEWS, PAUL                          MA-14-32-3
MATHEWS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-483-370
MATHEWS, WILLIAM J.                    MA-14-546-415
MATHEWSON, EZEKIEL                     MA-14-397-161
MATHEWSON, HANNAH M.                   MA-14-580-124
MATHEWSON, MARY LOUISA                 MA-14-457-153
MATHEWSON, SAMUEL G.                   MA-14-497-499
MATTHEWS, DAVID S.                     MA-14-500-187
MATTHEWS, EBER                         MA-14-480-488
MATTHEWS, ELISHA                       MA-14-75-450
MATTHEWS, JAMES                        MA-14-396-429
MATTHEWS, JOSEPH B.                    MA-14-531-383
MATTHEWS, LEWIS G.                     MA-14-514-96
MATTHEWS, LUCY                         MA-14-475-32
MATTISON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-485-366
MAXHAM, CHIPMAH H.                     MA-14-574-138
MAXWELL, ROBERT                        MA-14-546-79
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                       MA-14-543-67
MAY, ABIGAIL                           MA-14-395-112
MAY, ARTEMAS                           MA-14-95-514
MAY, ASA                               MA-14-80-375
MAY, CATHARINE                         MA-14-562-106
MAY, DEBOAH                            MA-14-91-276
MAY, EZRA                              MA-14-46-161
MAY, GORDIS                            MA-14-84-339
MAY, HARRIET                           MA-14-400A-454
MAY, JAMES                             MA-14-52-180
MAY, JAOCB                             MA-14-95-419
MAY, LEVI R.                           MA-14-399-396
MAY, MIRA                              MA-14-475-31
MAY, NANCY                             MA-14-89-130
MAY, NATHANIEL                         MA-14-394-154
MAY, SAMUEL                            MA-14-552-159
MAY, SAMUEL D.                         MA-14-538-503
MAY, SARAH RUSSELL                     MA-14-514-90
MAY, SUMNER                            MA-14-457-115
MAY, THOMAS                            MA-14-562-111
MAY, WILLIAM                           MA-14-86-336
MAYBERGER, KATHERINE                   MA-14-563-472
MAYHEW, AARON C.                       MA-14-457-579
MAYHEW, CORA A.                        MA-14-523-194
MAYHEW, HANNAH                         MA-14-21-45
MAYHEW, JOHN S.                        MA-14-492-264
MAYHEW, NABBY                          MA-14-397-224
MAYKEL, KASEL                          MA-14-514-35
MAYNAD, ANNA W.                        MA-14-490-490
MAYNARD, ABIGAIL WOOD                  MA-14-521-488
MAYNARD, AMASA                         MA-14-56-543
MAYNARD, AMASA                         MA-14-72-57
MAYNARD, ANN J.                        MA-14-578-345
MAYNARD, ANNA                          MA-14-84-148
MAYNARD, AUGUSTUS F.                   MA-14-531-105
MAYNARD, AZUBAH                        MA-14-89-426
MAYNARD, BANISTER                      MA-14-66-123
MAYNARD, BARNABAS                      MA-14-66-341
MAYNARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-457-341
MAYNARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-394-380
MAYNARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-75-93
MAYNARD, BETSEY                        MA-14-398-565
MAYNARD, CHARLES                       MA-14-395-361
MAYNARD, CLARA S.                      MA-14-568-263
MAYNARD, CORNELIA                      MA-14-398-323
MAYNARD, DANIEL                        MA-14-398-473
MAYNARD, DAVID                         MA-14-5-389
MAYNARD, DOLLY H.                      MA-14-458-162
MAYNARD, EBENEZER                      MA-14-32-275
MAYNARD, EMILY P.                      MA-14-580-348
MAYNARD, FAYETTE                       MA-14-521-444
MAYNARD, FRANCIS                       MA-14-28-471
MAYNARD, FRANCIS W.                    MA-14-95-71
MAYNARD, GARDNER                       MA-14-46-290
MAYNARD, GEORGE                        MA-14-400A-216
MAYNARD, GEORGE R.                     MA-14-394-355
MAYNARD, HARRISON O.                   MA-14-394-90
MAYNARD, HOLLON                        MA-14-50-530
MAYNARD, JAMES F.                      MA-14-543-106
MAYNARD, JOAB                          MA-14-84-245
MAYNARD, JONAH                         MA-14-20-110
MAYNARD, JOSEPHINE                     MA-14-478-531
MAYNARD, JOSIAH                        MA-14-93-107
MAYNARD, LUCY E.                       MA-14-399-43
MAYNARD, LUTHER                        MA-14-95-400
MAYNARD, LUTHER                        MA-14-396-255
MAYNARD, LYMAN                         MA-14-457-497
MAYNARD, MARY                          MA-14-66-548
MAYNARD, MOSES G.                      MA-14-95-191
MAYNARD, NATHAN                        MA-14-5-203
MAYNARD, REBECCA F.                    MA-14-395-215
MAYNARD, RUTH                          MA-14-500-175
MAYNARD, RUTH                          MA-14-396-335
MAYNARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-396-157
MAYNARD, SIMON                         MA-14-89-655
MAYNARD, SOLONN                        MA-14-577-29
MAYNARD, SOPHIA                        MA-14-500-189
MAYNARD, STEPHEN S.                    MA-14-457-323
MAYNARD, WILLIAM                       MA-14-36-350
MAYNARD, WILLIAM 2ND                   MA-14-86-172
MAYO, AMANDA F.                        MA-14-490-194
MAYO, JOHN                             MA-14-4-75
MAYO, JOHN                             MA-14-75-244
MAYO, WILLIAM                          MA-14-457-72
MCALLISTER, ANN                        MA-14-580-4
MCALLISTER, JOHN                       MA-14-10-361
MCARDLE, ANN                           MA-14-535-172
MCARDLE, MARY A.                       MA-14-514-400
MCARDLE, OWEN                          MA-14-531-73
MCAULIFF, MARY                         MA-14-511-79
MCBRIDE, ALEXANDER                     MA-14-16-203
MCBRIDE, JAMES                         MA-14-35-222
MCBRIDE, MARY                          MA-14-543-82
MCCABE, MARTIN                         MA-14-580-49
MCCABE, MICHEL E.                      MA-14-823-380
MCCAFFREY, JOHN                        MA-14-487-466
MCCALLUM, JANET                        MA-14-543-66
MCCANELAND, ISABELLA A.                MA-14-546-461
MCCANN, CATHERINE                      MA-14-577-96
MCCANN, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-557-380
MCCANN, FELIX                          MA-14-458-258
MCCANN, MARGARET                       MA-14-552-195
MCCARTHY, DANIEL J.                    MA-14-577-15
MCCARTHY, JAMES                        MA-14-541-341
MCCARTHY, JAMES                        MA-14-565-93
MCCARTHY, JOHN                         MA-14-394-382
MCCARTHY, JOHN                         MA-14-485-444
MCCARTHY, JOHN                         MA-14-548-492
MCCARTHY, JULIA                        MA-14-580-180
MCCARTHY, MARY                         MA-14-509-169
MCCARTHY, MARY                         MA-14-580-132
MCCARTHY, MARY                         MA-14-535-466
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                      MA-14-457-524
MCCARTY, JAMES                         MA-14-560--353
MCCARTY, MICHAEL                       MA-14-492-529
MCCARTY, OWEN                          MA-14-521-442
MCCARTY, TIMOTHY J.                    MA-14-511-28
MCCARY, EUICE                          MA-14-511-30
MCCAUSLAND, JOHN                       MA-14-97-467
MCCLALLAN, DAVID                       MA-14-50-488
MCCLALLAN, FRANCIS W.                  MA-14-511-269
MCCLALLAN, JAMES                       MA-14-84-446
MCCLAREY, MARTHA                       MA-14-523-221
MCCLELLAN, AMA J.                      MA-14-521-218
MCCLELLAN, ELLA A.                     MA-14-554-85
MCCLELLAN, JAMES                       MA-14-1-186
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM                     MA-14-3-539
MCCLENATHEN, GEORGE H.                 MA-14-470-36
MCCLOSKEY, CATHARINE E.                MA-14-580-507
MCCLURE, AGNES                         MA-14-5-408
MCCLURE, DAVID                         MA-14-2-350
MCCLURE, DAVID                         MA-14-6-236
MCCLURE, NICHOLAS                      MA-14-56-426
MCCLUSKEY, THOMAS                      MA-14-546-34
MCCOLLEY, JONATHAN L.                  MA-14-543-116
MCCOMBE, JOHN                          MA-14-397-523
MCCOMBS, DUGALL                        MA-14-2-518
MCCORMICK, BRIDGET                     MA-14-535-474
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-546-35
MCCORMICK, JAMES                       MA-14-457-143
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        MA-14-521-474
MCCORMICK, MARY                        MA-14-555-369
MCCORMICK, THOMAS L.                   MA-14-823-438
MCCOY, FRANCIS                         MA-14-553-455
MCCRATE, JOHN D.                       MA-14-457-238
MCCREADY, LYDIA A.                     MA-14-580-34
MCCRILLIS, HANNAH E.                   MA-14-399-269
MCDERMOTT, BRIDGETT                    MA-14-562-137
MCDERMOTT, FRANK                       MA-14-470-479
MCDERMOTT, MARY                        MA-14-399-193
MCDERMOTT, PATRICK                     MA-14-568-166
MCDONAGH, MARY S.                      MA-14-487-419
MCDONALD, ANN                          MA-14-509-145
MCDONALD, BRIDGET                      MA-14-557-371
MCDONALD, BRIDGET                      MA-14-574-150
MCDONALD, CATHERINE                    MA-14-506-336
MCDONALD, HANNAH                       MA-14-59-394
MCDONALD, JAMES                        MA-14-559-233
MCDONALD, MARTIN                       MA-14-556-458
MCDONALD, PATRICK                      MA-14-823-296
MCDONALD, PETER                        MA-14-492-194
MCDONALD, PETER                        MA-14-559-200
MCDONNELL, ALEXANDER                   MA-14-560--424
MCDONNELL, PATRICK                     MA-14-535-478
MCDONOUGH, JAMES                       MA-14-548-257
MCDONOUGH, JOHN                        MA-14-470-27
MCEACHRAN, MARGARET                    MA-14-485-346
MCEGAN, MURTY                          MA-14-569-354
MCEVOY, JAMES A.                       MA-14-400A-576
MCEVOY, MICHAEL                        MA-14-573-315
MCFARLAND, ALEXANDER                   MA-14-13-273
MCFARLAND, ANDREW                      MA-14-7-201
MCFARLAND, ANNA                        MA-14-97-21
MCFARLAND, CROMWELL                    MA-14-580-253
MCFARLAND, DANIEL                      MA-14-1-327
MCFARLAND, DAVID                       MA-14-458-106
MCFARLAND, DWIGHT                      MA-14-569-317
MCFARLAND, EDWIN D.                    MA-14-541-111
MCFARLAND, GEORGE                      MA-14-5-494
MCFARLAND, JAMES                       MA-14-18-416
MCFARLAND, JAMES                       MA-14-473-207
MCFARLAND, JERUSHA E.                  MA-14-475-300
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                     MA-14-84-80
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                     MA-14-33-367
MCGANN, ELLEN                          MA-14-396-537
MCGARR, BARNARD                        MA-14-399-422
MCGAULEY, MICHAEL                      MA-14-490-226
MCGEE, JAMES                           MA-14-543-119
MCGEE, THOMAS                          MA-14-823-408
MCGILLICUDDY, PATRICK                  MA-14-533-78
MCGILLICUDDY, PATRICK                  MA-14-533-77
MCGINLEY, ANN                          MA-14-521-276
MCGLINCHEY, ROSANNA                    MA-14-514-61
MCGLINCHY, SUSAN                       MA-14-557-397
MCGOVERN, EDWARD                       MA-14-396-184
MCGOWAN, FELIX                         MA-14-399-44
MCGOWAN, JAMES                         MA-14-399-571
MCGOWAN, JAMES S.                      MA-14-580-347
MCGOWAN, MARY                          MA-14-399-509
MCGOWAN, ROBERT                        MA-14-566-40
MCGRATH, ANISTASIA                     MA-14-457-295
MCGRATH, FANNIE G.                     MA-14-823-300
MCGRATH, JOHANNA                       MA-14-490-485
MCGRATH, MEHITABLE                     MA-14-93-625
MCGRATH, PATRICK                       MA-14-396-69
MCGRATH, TERENCE                       MA-14-516-220
MCGRATH, WILLIAM                       MA-14-514-46
MCGRIMES, JEREMIAH                     MA-14-397-504
MCGUINNESS, JOHN                       MA-14-546-88
MCGUINNESS, MICHAEL                    MA-14-521-452
MCGUINNESS, MICHAEL                    MA-14-521-235
MCHUGH, MARN                           MA-14-511-4
MCINTIER, AMOS                         MA-14-31-1
MCINTIER, DAVID                        MA-14-28-385
MCINTIER, ELIAS                        MA-14-80-651
MCINTIER, ELIJAH                       MA-14-80-353
MCINTIER, ELNATHAN                     MA-14-84-507
MCINTIER, ROBERT                       MA-14-84-115
MCINTIER, SABRA                        MA-14-84-376
MCINTIER, SALEM                        MA-14-93-627
MCINTIER, ZEBULON                      MA-14-34-116
MCINTIRE, ANNAH                        MA-14-41-193
MCINTIRE, ASHA                         MA-14-399-170
MCINTIRE, ELEAZER                      MA-14-397-472
MCINTIRE, ELEAZER                      MA-14-23-51
MCINTIRE, EMORY                        MA-14-397-229
MCINTIRE, EUNICE M.                    MA-14-575-508
MCINTIRE, FLINT                        MA-14-89-45
MCINTIRE, GEORGE W.                    MA-14-397-11
MCINTIRE, HARRIET W.                   MA-14-487-398
MCINTIRE, JACOB                        MA-14-66-325
MCINTIRE, JUDSON                       MA-14-485-436
MCINTIRE, LEWIS                        MA-14-516-235
MCINTIRE, LUTINA                       MA-14-514-369
MCINTIRE, LUTINA                       MA-14-533-389
MCINTIRE, LUTINA                       MA-14-521-218
MCINTIRE, MARY                         MA-14-399-96
MCINTIRE, MARY L.                      MA-14-400A-186
MCINTIRE, NATHAN                       MA-14-57-210
MCINTIRE, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-22-91
MCINTIRE, NELSON                       MA-14-548-203
MCINTIRE, ROBERT                       MA-14-41-617
MCINTIRE, STEPHANUS                    MA-14-89-271
MCINTYRE, CORNELIA R.                  MA-14-516-169
MCINTYRE, DAVID M.                     MA-14-504-513
MCINTYRE, RUSSELL R.                   MA-14-490-215
MCKEAN, VIENNA                         MA-14-478-285
MCKEE, ANN E. (BRITTON)                NMA-14-568-185
MCKENNA, CATHARINE                     MA-14-97-224
MCKENNA, CATHERINE                     MA-14-514-384
MCKENNA, MARY                          MA-14-560--377
MCKENNEY, CORNELIUS                    MA-14-578-381
MCKEON, MICHAEL                        MA-14-504-444
MCKERN, JAMES SR.                      MA-14-497-520
MCKERRICK, MARGARET                    MA-14-541-400
MCKINNON, DONALD                       MA-14-504-460
MCKINSTRY, CORA M.                     MA-14-531-410
MCKINSTRY, JOHN                        MA-14-396-331
MCKINSTRY, LAURA H.                    MA-14-492-261
MCKINSTRY, MARY                        MA-14-399-33
MCKINSTRY, WILLIAM                     MA-14-26-459
MCKINSTRY, WILLIAM F.                  MA-14-495-148
MCLAFLIN, JANE                         MA-14-399-397
MCLANE, CATHERINE J.                   MA-14-504-242
MCLANE, MARY F.                        MA-14-500-151
MCLAUGHLIN, ANGUS A.                   MA-14-546-447
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      MA-14-562-101
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY A.                    MA-14-580-170
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    MA-14-473-291
MCLEOD, SUSAN                          MA-14-395-60
MCLEOD, SUSAN                          MA-14-395-287
MCMAHAN, MICHAEL                       MA-14-396-570
MCMAHON, CATHERINE M.                  MA-14-457-258
MCMAHON, DENNIS                        MA-14-500-363
MCMAHON, JOHN                          MA-14-470-124
MCMANAMY, MARGARET                     MA-14-556-454
MCMANNMAN, ALEXANDER                   MA-14-91-517
MCMANNMAN, CORNELIUS                   MA-14-91-388
MCMANUS, ANNIE                         MA-14-577-77
MCMASTER, LUCINDA B.                   MA-14-574-163
MCMASTER, MARGARET A.                  MA-14-97-312
MCMULLEN, DENNIS                       MA-14-483-404
MCNAB, ROBERT                          MA-14-400A-310
MCNABB, ISABELLA                       MA-14-495-515
MCNALL, CHLOE                          MA-14-95-385
MCNALL, CLARIBEL S.                    MA-14-504-275
MCNALLY, CATHERINE                     MA-14-531-103
MCNAMARA, ANNIE                        MA-14-560--419
MCNAMARA, ANNIE S.                     MA-14-577-48
MCNAMARA, BRIDGET                      MA-14-543-128
MCNAMARA, CHARLES                      MA-14-400A-252
MCNAMARA, DELIA A.                     MA-14-580-120
MCNAMARA, HONORAH                      MA-14-554-52
MCNAMARA, JOHN                         MA-14-30-363
MCNAMARA, JOHN W.                      MA-14-569-367
MCNAMARA, MARTHA                       MA-14-84-72
MCNAMARA, MARY                         MA-14-397-596
MCNAMARA, MICHAEL                      MA-14-551-55
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                      MA-14-492-283
MCNAMARA, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-26-502
MCPHERSON, JAMES                       MA-14-8-323
MCPHERSON, MARY                        MA-14-59-452
MCPHERSON, SARAH                       MA-14-12-405
MCQUADE, HENRY                         MA-14-504-274
MCQUADE, MARGARET                      MA-14-548-166
MCQUAID, MARGARET                      MA-14-457-381
MCQUAID, PATRICK                       MA-14-478-6
MCQUAID, PATRICK                       MA-14-457-296
MCQUARRIE, ALLAN                       MA-14-543-142
MCQUEENEY, MARY                        MA-14-823-21
MCQUILLEN, WILLIAM J.                  MA-14-569-390
MCREE, KATE L.                         MA-14-565-131
MCSHEA, CATHERINE                      MA-14-487-436
MCSHEEHY, DANIEL J.                    MA-14-557-358
MCSWEENEY, BRYAN                       MA-14-457-283
MCTIGUE, MICHAEL                       MA-14-504-215
MCWALES, JOHN                          MA-14-396-571
MCWATERS, MARY                         MA-14-35-63
MEACHAM, ESTHER                        MA-14-89-632
MEACHAM, GEORGE W.                     MA-14-490-250
MEAD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-30-366
MEAD, EBENEZER                         MA-14-84-508
MEAD, MARY P.                          MA-14-93-406
MEAD, PHEBE                            MA-14-41-496
MEADE, ELIAS F.                        MA-14-504-462
MEADOWCROFT, BETTY                     MA-14-398-303
MEAGHER, MARGARET                      MA-14-509-173
MEDICKE, FRANCES P. M.                 MA-14-568-232
MEEGAN, JAMES                          MA-14-559-198
MEEHAN, MICHAEL                        MA-14-543-128
MELANEFY, JAMES                        MA-14-554-115
MELENDY, DAVID                         MA-14-89-293
MELENDY, JAMES                         MA-14-84-54
MELIA, JANE                            MA-14-399-97
MELLEN, ELLEN                          MA-14-504-203
MELLEN, HENRY                          MA-14-41-613
MELLEN, JAMES                          MA-14-41-467
MELLEN, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-397-116
MELLEN, JOSHUA                         MA-14-97-384
MELLOR, JAMES W.                       MA-14-546-92
MEMING, JOHN                           MA-14-398-181
MENARD, JOSEPINE GREGOIRE              MA-14-823-92
MENDELL, HANNAH                        MA-14-93-546
MERCIA, PETER                          MA-14-506-409
MERGILL, JOHN                          MA-14-89-53
MERIAM, ADOLPHUS                       MA-14-59-164
MERIAM, AMOS                           MA-14-20-314
MERIAM, DOROTHY J.                     MA-14-91-102
MERIAM, EBENEZER                       MA-14-7-315
MERIAM, GEORGE                         MA-14-31-178
MERIAM, HANNAH                         MA-14-39-416
MERIAM, JAMES                          MA-14-84-265
MERIAM, JOHN                           MA-14-84-303
MERIAM, JOSEPH                         MA-14-27-318
MERIAM, LEVI                           MA-14-41-302
MERIAM, MARGARET                       MA-14-72-252
MERIAM, MARY H.                        MA-14-487-451
MERIAM, NANCY                          MA-14-56-571
MERIAM, PHILENA C.                     MA-14-397-230
MERIAM, RUFUS NICHOLS                  MA-14-509-163
MERIAM, SAMUEL                         MA-14-80-376
MERIAM, SAMUEL                         MA-14-33-102
MERIAM, SILAS                          MA-14-95-387
MERIAM, SUSANNA                        MA-14-39-322
MERIAM, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-66-511
MERIAM, TIMOTHY H.                     MA-14-80-360
MERIAM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-17-184
MERIAM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-75-177
MERIFIELD, ITHAMAR                     MA-14-84-56
MERRIAM, AMASA                         MA-14-91-485
MERRIAM, ARTEMAS                       MA-14-535-175
MERRIAM, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-15-272
MERRIAM, CLARISSA                      MA-14-395-133
MERRIAM, EBENEZER                      MA-14-4-286
MERRIAM, EBENEZER                      MA-14-52-350
MERRIAM, FANNIE A.                     MA-14-569-402
MERRIAM, FRANCIS A.                    MA-14-478-270
MERRIAM, FRANK E.                      MA-14-490-257
MERRIAM, GARDNER                       MA-14-521-457
MERRIAM, GEORGE W.                     MA-14-516-489
MERRIAM, IRA                           MA-14-485-361
MERRIAM, JAMES                         MA-14-32-402
MERRIAM, JOSEPH G.                     MA-14-394-168
MERRIAM, JOSEPH S.                     MA-14-397-81
MERRIAM, NOAH K.                       MA-14-516-506
MERRIAM, SAMUEL                        MA-14-400A-137
MERRIAM, SARAH E.                      MA-14-97-97
MERRIAM, TARRANT                       MA-14-400A-394
MERRIAM, WILLIAM                       MA-14-91-668
MERRICK, EDWARD                        MA-14-487-452
MERRICK, FRANCIS T.                    MA-14-396-172
MERRICK, LUCY                          MA-14-531-60
MERRICK, TILLEY                        MA-14-1-25
MERRIFIELD, ALPHEUS                    MA-14-93-232
MERRIFIELD, LEWIS W.                   MA-14-400A-605
MERRIFIELD, LOUIS                      MA-14-91-461
MERRIFIELD, LUCY A. B.                 MA-14-492-503
MERRIFIELD, WILLIAM T.                 MA-14-521-193
MERRILL, DANIEL                        MA-14-396-626
MERRILL, EDWIN S.                      MA-14-483-392
MERRILL, GEORGE H.                     MA-14-551-39
MERRILL, JANE                          MA-14-497-487
MERRILL, LORENZO G.                    MA-14-541-92
MERRILL, MELISSA W.                    MA-14-497-196
MERRITT, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-52-98
MERRITT, CLARENCE E.                   MA-14-552-185
MERRITT, EZRA M.                       MA-14-546-398
MERRITT, FRANKLIN S.                   MA-14-457-46
MERRITT, IRVIN L.                      MA-14-516-202
MERRITT, JERRY                         MA-14-75-372
MERRITT, NEHEMIAH C.                   MA-14-93-369
MERRITT, NOAH                          MA-14-43-409
MERRITT, SAMUEL                        MA-14-11-507
MERRITT, URIAH                         MA-14-66-46
MERRRICK, MARY B.                      MA-14-397-329
MERRY, ELIZA W.                        MA-14-483-443
MERRY, HANNAH                          MA-14-93-370
MESERVE, SUSAN S.                      MA-14-478-523
MESSENGER, CALVIN                      MA-14-52-155
MESSER, BETSEY                         MA-14-93-573
MESSIE, ALBINA                         MA-14-574-199
MESSINGER, DANIEL                      MA-14-563-421
MESSINGER, DAVID S.                    MA-14-511-239
MESSINGER, MARY S.                     MA-14-580-161
METCALF, ABIJAH                        MA-14-89-499
METCALF, CLARINDA A.                   MA-14-509-178
METCALF, EBENEZER                      MA-14-3-495
METCALF, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-93-17
METCALF, HANNAH H.                     MA-14-397-472
METCALF, JACOB                         MA-14-394-91
METCALF, JOHN G.                       MA-14-483-431
METCALF, OTIS                          MA-14-400A-396
METCALF, RICHARD                       MA-14-395-407
METCALF, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-52-274
METCALF, WILLIAM C.                    MA-14-500-363
METRAS, MATILDE                        MA-14-492-486
METZLER, CATHERINE                     MA-14-495-514
MEYERS, CHARLES H.                     MA-14-572-72
MIDGLEY, AGNES                         MA-14-398-222
MIDGLEY, LEONARD W.                    MA-14-497-182
MILAM, WILLIAM G.                      MA-14-823-257
MILANI, RACHELE                        MA-14-548-193
MILES, ALFRED                          MA-14-89-140
MILES, ANNA E.                         MA-14-399-34
MILES, ASA                             MA-14-34-37
MILES, BARZILLAI                       MA-14-95-358
MILES, DANIEL                          MA-14-13-437
MILES, EBENEZER                        MA-14-66-75
MILES, HANNAH                          MA-14-395-217
MILES, JOHN                            MA-14-89-620
MILES, JOHN                            MA-14-36-209
MILES, LOWELL M.                       MA-14-531-384
MILES, MARY J.                         MA-14-504-251
MILES, MARY M.                         MA-14-400A-188
MILES, RUFUS B.                        MA-14-483-115
MILES, SAMUEL                          MA-14-17-65
MILES, THOMAS                          MA-14-52-257
MILES, WILLARD M.                      MA-14-97-169
MILLEA, ANN                            MA-14-571-165
MILLER, ADELINE                        MA-14-400A-311
MILLER, BARNABAS                       MA-14-93-109
MILLER, DANIEL                         MA-14-10-187
MILLER, ELMIRA                         MA-14-504-441
MILLER, GEORGE                         MA-14-541-342
MILLER, GEORGE E.                      MA-14-541-72
MILLER, HANNAH                         MA-14-506-347
MILLER, HOLLIS                         MA-14-398-355
MILLER, ISABEL                         MA-14-400A-615
MILLER, JAMES                          MA-14-548-181
MILLER, JOHN                           MA-14-86-502
MILLER, JOHN                           MA-14-66-288
MILLER, JOHN C.                        MA-14-397-13
MILLER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-394-418
MILLER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-26-18
MILLER, JULIA                          MA-14-546-399
MILLER, JULIA A.                       MA-14-559-161
MILLER, LUCY                           MA-14-93-326
MILLER, MARY                           MA-14-470-438
MILLER, MARY                           MA-14-29-276
MILLER, MATTHEWS                       MA-14-514-24
MILLER, OBED E.                        MA-14-475-17
MILLER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-6-325
MILLER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-52-533
MILLER, SARAH                          MA-14-66-529
MILLER, SETH P.                        MA-14-399-35
MILLER, STEPHEN A.                     MA-14-500-362
MILLER, SUSAN A.                       MA-14-478-521
MILLER, SYLVESTER                      MA-14-89-373
MILLER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-91-638
MILLER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-397-141
MILLER, WILLIAM P.                     MA-14-516-200
MILLETT, JOHN                          MA-14-552-218
MILLIKIN, GEORGE W.                    MA-14-506-355
MILLS, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-400A-187
MILLS, ISAAC                           MA-14-475-281
MILLS, JAMES                           MA-14-398-473
MILLS, MARIETTA                        MA-14-398-119
MILLS, MARY                            MA-14-25-370
MILLS, RICHARD                         MA-14-31-177
MILNER, ANTHONY                        MA-14-495-199
MINER, MARCUS                          MA-14-580-259
MINOTT, ALBERT                         MA-14-572-119
MINOTT, JONATHAN                       MA-14-72-567
MIRACK, DORCAS                         MA-14-75-208
MIRICH, LUCY M.                        MA-14-483-118
MIRICK, CALEB                          MA-14-32-387
MIRICK, CLARK                          MA-14-66-304
MIRICK, ELISHA                         MA-14-35-325
MIRICK, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-59-568
MIRICK, EPHRAIM 2ND                    MA-14-66-270
MIRICK, GEORGE L.                      MA-14-473-196
MIRICK, KERZIAH P.                     MA-14-470-92
MIRICK, LAWSON                         MA-14-394-307
MIRICK, LUCRETIA M.                    MA-14-490-489
MIRICK, MERRILL D.                     MA-14-535-444
MIRICK, MOSES H.                       MA-14-578-399
MIRICK, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-28-492
MIRICK, PAUL                           MA-14-43-532
MIRICK, PERSIS                         MA-14-39-78
MIRICK, PHINEAS M.                     MA-14-473-243
MISCO, JOSHUA (AN INDIAN)              MA-14-1-269
MITCHEL, LEONARD                       MA-14-80-295
MITCHEL, ROBERT                        MA-14-2-347
MITCHELL, CAROLINE L.                  MA-14-554-89
MITCHELL, CATHERINE                    MA-14-457-72
MITCHELL, EXPERIENCE                   MA-14-24-395
MITCHELL, FANNY C.                     MA-14-483-133
MITCHELL, HARRIET                      MA-14-457-324
MITCHELL, MICHAEL                      MA-14-500-145
MITCHELL, SARAH                        MA-14-475-250
MITCHELL, THOMAS                       MA-14-400A-257
MITTEN, GEORGE J.                      MA-14-823-234
MIXER, JOSEPH                          MA-14-26-50
MIXER, RUFUS                           MA-14-89-28
MIXTER, CLARISSA H.                    MA-14-398-405
MIXTER, JASON                          MA-14-91-172
MIXTER, LUCY                           MA-14-57-299
MIXTER, LUCY L. C.                     MA-14-533-117
MIXTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-395-345
MIXTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-52-583
MIXTER, SUSAN                          MA-14-395-278
MOFFIT, ELIHU                          MA-14-52-1
MOFFITT, ELIHU W.                      MA-14-578-382
MOFFITT, PLINY M.                      MA-14-490-504
MOFFITT, RUFUS                         MA-14-394-437
MOINEAU, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-457-2
MOLAND, JOHN                           MA-14-399-221
MOLLOY, BRIDGET                        MA-14-509-230
MOLTER, HENRY                          MA-14-568-229
MONAHAN, OWEN E.                       MA-14-551-12
MONAHAN, THOMAS                        MA-14-497-163
MONGEON, FRANK                         MA-14-400A-480
MONGOVIN, THOMAS                       MA-14-541-414
MONIS, JUDAH                           MA-14-8-418
MONROE, ISAAC O.                       MA-14-552-157
MONROE, JAMES E.                       MA-14-560--434
MONROE, LILLA M.                       MA-14-500-111
MONROE, LUCY D.                        MA-14-574-185
MONROE, MARY E.                        MA-14-568-180
MONROE, STEPHEN                        MA-14-59-571
MONROE,JAME SF.                        MA-14-569-372
MONTAGNE, JAMES S.                     MA-14-457-342
MONTAGUE, WILLIAM H.                   MA-14-533-448
MONTGOMERY, SUSAN J.                   MA-14-470-92
MOODY, JAMES                           MA-14-495-209
MOODY, MARIA H.                        MA-14-557-349
MOODY, MARTHA                          MA-14-531-69
MOODY, SEYMOUR W.                      MA-14-97-313
MOODY, SILAS                           MA-14-538-110
MOONEY, JOHN                           MA-14-396-464
MOONEY, MICHAEL                        MA-14-470-76
MOONEY, PATRICK                        MA-14-400A-217
MOONEY, RICHARD                        MA-14-394-383
MOOR, ABRAHAM                          MA-14-12-451
MOOR, DEXTER                           MA-14-56-497
MOOR, EZRA                             MA-14-48-58
MOOR, JOSEPH                           MA-14-14-142
MOOR, LEVI                             MA-14-46-473
MOOR, SALLY                            MA-14-86-155
MOORE, ABRAHAM                         MA-14-31-431
MOORE, ADELINE B.                      MA-14-84-450
MOORE, ALFRED                          MA-14-506-354
MOORE, ASHBEL                          MA-14-97-50
MOORE, ASHLEY                          MA-14-485-52
MOORE, BETSEY                          MA-14-59-265
MOORE, BRIDGET                         MA-14-554-78
MOORE, CALEB                           MA-14-59-658
MOORE, CELIA A.                        MA-14-398-546
MOORE, CHARLES F.                      MA-14-546-469
MOORE, CHARLOTTE                       MA-14-59-284
MOORE, CLARA A.                        MA-14-511-231
MOORE, DANIEL                          MA-14-72-439
MOORE, DAVID                           MA-14-25-419
MOORE, DAVID T.                        MA-14-457-258
MOORE, DAVID T.                        MA-14-457-174
MOORE, EDMUND                          MA-14-509-180
MOORE, ELIZABETH R.                    MA-14-483-457
MOORE, ELIZABETH W.                    MA-14-552-166
MOORE, ELLEN                           MA-14-398-324
MOORE, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-12-364
MOORE, ESTABROOK                       MA-14-457-583
MOORE, ESTHER                          MA-14-89-391
MOORE, EUNICE L.                       MA-14-457-200
MOORE, FRANCIS                         MA-14-4-410
MOORE, FRIEND                          MA-14-397-492
MOORE, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-394-267
MOORE, HANNAH                          MA-14-8-498
MOORE, HANNAH                          MA-14-39-190
MOORE, HARRIET                         MA-14-97-370
MOORE, HENRY C.                        MA-14-478-26
MOORE, HUGH                            MA-14-75-6
MOORE, ISAAC                           MA-14-57-627
MOORE, ISAAC                           MA-14-86-384
MOORE, ISRAEL                          MA-14-41-52
MOORE, ISRAEL                          MA-14-36-130
MOORE, JACOB                           MA-14-72-265
MOORE, JAMES                           MA-14-395-24
MOORE, JAMES                           MA-14-495-164
MOORE, JAMES                           MA-14-397-526
MOORE, JAMES S.                        MA-14-95-360
MOORE, JESSE                           MA-14-541-33
MOORE, JOEL                            MA-14-97-26
MOORE, JOHN                            MA-14-2-459
MOORE, JOHN 2D                         MA-14-538-150
MOORE, JOHN E.                         MA-14-538-504
MOORE, JOHN HARVEY                     MA-14-563-490
MOORE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-86-430
MOORE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-2-147
MOORE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-26-475
MOORE JONATHAN H.                      MA-14-487-134
MOORE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-397-82
MOORE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-95-10
MOORE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-398-120
MOORE, JOSHUA                          MA-14-19-13
MOORE, JOSHUA                          MA-14-89-512
MOORE, LEVI                            MA-14-2-391
MOORE, LEVI                            MA-14-41-199
MOORE, LEVI                            MA-14-400A-536
MOORE, LEVI                            MA-14-571-155
MOORE, LOVISA                          MA-14-93-407
MOORE, LUCY                            MA-14-497-507
MOORE, LUCY A.                         MA-14-398-286
MOORE, LYMAN                           MA-14-398-406
MOORE, MARGARET                        MA-14-506-349
MOORE, MARION R.                       MA-14-470-112
MOORE, MARY                            MA-14-555-431
MOORE, MARY                            MA-14-86-320
MOORE, MARY                            MA-14-541-88
MOORE, MARY A.                         MA-14-497-473
MOORE, MARY A.                         MA-14-521-453
MOORE, MARY ANN                        MA-14-577-33
MOORE, NABBY                           MA-14-394-283
MOORE, NATHAN                          MA-14-89-506
MOORE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-41-40
MOORE, NEWELL                          MA-14-397-504
MOORE, PARNEY                          MA-14-52-522
MOORE, PAUL                            MA-14-28-537
MOORE, PERSIS                          MA-14-86-401
MOORE, PERSIS                          MA-14-66-162
MOORE, PETER                           MA-14-572-114
MOORE, PETER                           MA-14-29-404
MOORE, PETER                           MA-14-11-145
MOORE, PHINEAS                         MA-14-36-138
MOORE, RICHARD                         MA-14-18-244
MOORE, RICHARD                         MA-14-29-116
MOORE, RUTH                            MA-14-86-610
MOORE, RUTH                            MA-14-91-103
MOORE, SALLY                           MA-14-80-112
MOORE, SILENCE                         MA-14-31-526
MOORE, SILENCE                         MA-14-26-122
MOORE, SIRENA                          MA-14-395-300
MOORE, SUMNER                          MA-14-560--379
MOORE, SUSAN M.                        MA-14-565-94
MOORE, THOMAS                          MA-14-35-355
MOORE, WILLARD                         MA-14-13-242
MOORE, WILLARD                         MA-14-394-93
MOORE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-72-604
MOORE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-480-502
MOORE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-397-474
MOORE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-485-438
MOORE, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-95-111
MOORE, WILLIAM L.                      MA-14-89-382
MOORE,PETER                            MA-14-580-425
MOOSETT, JOSEPH                        MA-14-523-189
MORAN, DANIEL                          MA-14-97-453
MORAN, MARY B.                         MA-14-457-240
MORE, RUSSELL                          MA-14-399-241
MORE, SMAUEL                           MA-14-36-33
MOREAU, JOSEPH                         MA-14-548-552
MOREHOUSE, EUNICE                      MA-14-546-43
MOREL, ANDREW                          MA-14-823-225
MORELL, CHARLES                        MA-14-823-280
MOREY, JOHN                            MA-14-400A-615
MOREY, THOMAS                          MA-14-574-146
MORGAN, ANDREW                         MA-14-84-510
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-569-385
MORGAN, HENRY J. R.                    MA-14-66-606
MORGAN, JAMES                          MA-14-400A-190
MORGAN, JULIA A.                       MA-14-560--397
MORGAN, PATRICK                        MA-14-511-84
MORGAN, WINEFRED                       MA-14-500-392
MORIARTY, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-487-186
MORIN, CLEPHAS                         MA-14-580-485
MORIN, VIRIGNIA                        MA-14-823-543
MORRELLE, ADALINE                      MA-14-514-68
MORRILL, GEORGE                        MA-14-548-196
MORRILL, MARY S.                       MA-14-556-399
MORRILL, SARAH S.                      MA-14-577-93
MORRIS, ELISHA                         MA-14-89-253
MORRIS, MARTHA B.                      MA-14-478-268
MORRIS, PARACLETE                      MA-14-93-89
MORRIS, PRUDENCE                       MA-14-398-257
MORRIS, SCHUYLER                       MA-14-399-311
MORRISON, DAVID                        MA-14-556-453
MORRISSEY, ANN                         MA-14-457-433
MORRISSEY, MARGARET E.                 MA-14-521-447
MORSE, ADALINE B.                      MA-14-568-194
MORSE, ALFRED                          MA-14-399-383
MORSE, ANTHONY                         MA-14-1-336
MORSE, ASA                             MA-14-46-196
MORSE, ASA                             MA-14-457-201
MORSE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-86-450
MORSE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-13-357
MORSE, BETSEY P.                       MA-14-568-260
MORSE, CALEB                           MA-14-66-58
MORSE, CALVIN                          MA-14-457-469
MORSE, CHARLES                         MA-14-483-440
MORSE, CHARLES D.                      MA-14-511-50
MORSE, CHARLES E.                      MA-14-554-96
MORSE, CLARISSA T.                     MA-14-457-630
MORSE, CUSHING B.                      MA-14-559-209
MORSE, DANIEL                          MA-14-89-374
MORSE, DANIEL                          MA-14-72-282
MORSE, DAVID                           MA-14-398-70
MORSE, EBENEZER                        MA-14-30-487
MORSE, EDMUND                          MA-14-16-243
MORSE, EDWIN A.                        MA-14-473-184
MORSE, ELISHA H.                       MA-14-478-227
MORSE, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-398-515
MORSE, ELIZABETH V.                    MA-14-487-474
MORSE, ESTHER                          MA-14-10-318
MORSE, EZRA                            MA-14-93-239
MORSE, FRANCES S.                      MA-14-397-35
MORSE, FRANCIS S.                      MA-14-495-194
MORSE, FREDERICK P.                    MA-14-400A-167
MORSE, GEORGE M.                       MA-14-569-380
MORSE, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-95-11
MORSE, HENRY                           MA-14-91-750
MORSE, HENRY                           MA-14-394-428
MORSE, HIRAM                           MA-14-533-465
MORSE, ISAAC                           MA-14-91-293
MORSE, ISAAC                           MA-14-39-362
MORSE, JACOB                           MA-14-29-430
MORSE, JACOB                           MA-14-95-193
MORSE, JACOB                           MA-14-84-341
MORSE, JAMES                           MA-14-36-317
MORSE, JANE F.                         MA-14-399-291
MORSE, JASON                           MA-14-89-19
MORSE, JASPER P.                       MA-14-547-80
MORSE, JERUSHA                         MA-14-57-402
MORSE, JOANNA                          MA-14-93-243
MORSE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-52-615
MORSE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-97-170
MORSE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-80-421
MORSE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-43-475
MORSE, JOSEPH W.                       MA-14-36-452
MORSE, JOSHUA W.                       MA-14-565-49
MORSE, LABAN                           MA-14-470-84
MORSE, LEVI                            MA-14-86-183
MORSE, LUCINDA P.                      MA-14-473-229
MORSE, LUCY                            MA-14-89-387
MORSE, LUCY                            MA-14-91-216
MORSE, LYDIA                           MA-14-480-503
MORSE, LYMAN                           MA-14-396-430
MORSE, MARTHA ELIZABETH                MA-14-475-264
MORSE, MARY                            MA-14-91-604
MORSE, MARY B.                         MA-14-396-369
MORSE, MARY L.                         MA-14-457-241
MORSE, MARY M.                         MA-14-500-173
MORSE, MARY MARIA                      MA-14-394-384
MORSE, MARY T.                         MA-14-457-403
MORSE, MASON H.                        MA-14-577-68
MORSE, MINER                           MA-14-75-626
MORSE, MOODY JR.                       MA-14-22-57
MORSE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-9-176
MORSE, NATHANIEL F.                    MA-14-75-368
MORSE, OLIVER                          MA-14-398-206
MORSE, OLIVER                          MA-14-487-457
MORSE, PARKER                          MA-14-394-439
MORSE, RACHEL                          MA-14-17-62
MORSE, REBECCA                         MA-14-36-469
MORSE, REMEMBER                        MA-14-97-416
MORSE, RUGGLES                         MA-14-59-10
MORSE, RUTH                            MA-14-91-191
MORSE, SALLY                           MA-14-86-337
MORSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-2-260
MORSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-93-413
MORSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-72-363
MORSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-91-278
MORSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-43-538
MORSE, SETH                            MA-14-59-360
MORSE, SIMEON                          MA-14-86-144
MORSE, SUSAN                           MA-14-399-389
MORSE, THOMAS                          MA-14-394-440
MORSE, THOMAS                          MA-14-72-172
MORSE, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-66-409
MORSE, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-66-233
MORSE, WILLARD                         MA-14-399-272
MORSE, WILLARD                         MA-14-48-346
MORSE, WILLARD F.                      MA-14-511-17
MORSE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-80-350
MORSE, WILSON                          MA-14-548-482
MORSE, WINFIELD S.                     MA-14-823-373
MORSS, SAMUEL                          MA-14-19-411
MORTON, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-89-72
MORTON, ALPHA                          MA-14-500-394
MORTON, AUGUSTA E.                     MA-14-495-197
MORTON, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-93-495
MORTON, LAURA E.                       MA-14-511-304
MORTON, LORENZO                        MA-14-483-143
MORTON, LUCINDA                        MA-14-91-226
MORTON, STEPHEN                        MA-14-75-452
MORTON,EMMA R.                         MA-14-516-518
MOSHER, CHARLES E.                     MA-14-566-3
MOSMAN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-66-375
MOSSMAN, DELANA S.                     MA-14-568-172
MOSSMAN, SILAS                         MA-14-580-300
MOTT, HOPESTILL H.                     MA-14-559-150
MOTTA, MICHAEL                         MA-14-823-290
MOULTON, AARON                         MA-14-400A-642
MOULTON, ABBY M.                       MA-14-458-283
MOULTON, BATHSHEBA                     MA-14-399-258
MOULTON, DANIEL                        MA-14-80-585
MOULTON, JAMES                         MA-14-48-128
MOULTON, JOHN                          MA-14-84-21
MOULTON, LURENZA                       MA-14-485-396
MOULTON, LUTHERA A.                    MA-14-396-431
MOULTON, MARIA                         MA-14-554-97
MOULTON, MARTHA G.                     MA-14-541-423
MOUNTAIN, MARY                         MA-14-566-57
MOWER, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-11-498
MOWER, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-574-132
MOWER, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-39-308
MOWER, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-397-60
MOWER, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-23-53
MOWER, JOHN                            MA-14-35-85
MOWER, SAMUEL                          MA-14-6-424
MOWER, THANKFUL                        MA-14-75-555
MOWRY, AMEY                            MA-14-394-63
MOWRY, ARNOLD                          MA-14-91-554
MOWRY, DAVID                           MA-14-66-634
MOWRY, DAVID                           MA-14-56-54
MOWRY, GARDNER                         MA-14-86-433
MOWRY, GEORGE                          MA-14-399-580
MOWRY, GEORGE                          MA-14-89-507
MOWRY, ISRAEL                          MA-14-43-1
MOWRY, JOHN D.                         MA-14-91-531
MOWRY, LEONARD                         MA-14-89-550
MOWRY, LOTT                            MA-14-59-473
MOWRY, LYDIA                           MA-14-95-72
MOWRY, RICHARD                         MA-14-75-338
MOWRY, ROBERT                          MA-14-396-486
MOWRY, SINSOR                          MA-14-395-62
MOWRY, SPENCER                         MA-14-475-23
MOWRY, WANTON                          MA-14-91-556
MROSE, OLIVER                          MA-14-91-105
MUELLER, AUGUST                        MA-14-400A-537
MULCAHY, BRIDGET                       MA-14-470-453
MULCAHY, CATHARINE                     MA-14-457-414
MULCAHY, ELLEN                         MA-14-533-475
MULGREW, MICHAEL                       MA-14-521-463
MULHAIR, PATRICK                       MA-14-75-501
MULLEN, DANIEL                         MA-14-400A-379
MULLEN, PETER                          MA-14-504-494
MULLER, VALENTINE                      MA-14-533-438
MULLIN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-563-406
MULLINS, JOHN                          MA-14-543-393
MULQUEENEY, NANCY A.                   MA-14-556-392
MULVANEY, PATRICK                      MA-14-399-377
MULVEY, HANNAH                         MA-14-555-447
MULVIHILL, JOHN                        MA-14-478-484
MUNDELL, ELIZA                         MA-14-492-265
MUNDELL, WILLIAM A.                    MA-14-400A-129
MUNGER, GEORGE                         MA-14-514-330
MUNRO, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-27-231
MUNROE, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-543-445
MUNROE, ABRAHAM                        MA-14-66-266
MUNROE, AMOS                           MA-14-52-509
MUNROE, CHARLES                        MA-14-485-385
MUNROE, CHARLS                         MA-14-75-246
MUNROE, EBENEZER                       MA-14-86-579
MUNROE, EDMUND                         MA-14-75-513
MUNROE, ISAIAH                         MA-14-97-408
MUNROE, JOHN                           MA-14-35-106
MUNROE, JONATHAN                       MA-14-59-8
MUNROE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-95-299
MUNROE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-89-375
MUNROE, LUCY H.                        MA-14-395-206
MUNROE, MARIA C.                       MA-14-823-60
MUNROE, MARY J.                        MA-14-95-420
MUNROE, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-26-240
MUNSON, ANNIS                          MA-14-485-24
MUNYAN, ANN MARIA                      MA-14-396-305
MUNYAN, CHARLES                        MA-14-399-118
MUNYAN, WELLS C.                       MA-14-475-76
MURDOCK, ABIAL                         MA-14-75-96
MURDOCK, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-3-176
MURDOCK, BENJAMIN B.                   MA-14-457-73
MURDOCK, EBENEZER                      MA-14-89-78
MURDOCK, EDWARD JR.                    MA-14-89-481
MURDOCK, ELISHA                        MA-14-573-330
MURDOCK, ELLEN H.                      MA-14-546-448
MURDOCK, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-93-244
MURDOCK, HENRIETTA E.                  MA-14-497-175
MURDOCK, JOHN                          MA-14-89-576
MURDOCK, JOSEPH                        MA-14-535-454
MURDOCK, JOSHUA                        MA-14-394-284
MURDOCK, JULIA CLEMANCE                MA-14-457-469
MURDOCK, MARY G.                       MA-14-552-236
MURDOCK, PHILINDA W.                   MA-14-397-39
MURDOCK, ROBERT                        MA-14-52-118
MURDOCK, SALLY                         MA-14-95-224
MURDOCK, WILLIAM                       MA-14-543-392
MURPHY, ABIGAIL S.                     MA-14-514-1
MURPHY, CORNELIUS                      MA-14-400A-71
MURPHY, DENIS                          MA-14-483-152
MURPHY, ELLEN                          MA-14-398-585
MURPHY, ELLEN                          MA-14-823-72
MURPHY, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-559-229
MURPHY, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-497-205
MURPHY, JOHANNA                        MA-14-475-326
MURPHY, JOHN                           MA-14-535-238
MURPHY, JOHN                           MA-14-397-231
MURPHY, JOHN D.                        MA-14-478-228
MURPHY, JULIA                          MA-14-580-488
MURPHY, MARGARET                       MA-14-555-446
MURPHY, MARTIN                         MA-14-577-90
MURPHY, MARY HOLLORAN                  MA-14-552-196
MURPHY, MARY J.                        MA-14-487-204
MURPHY, MICHAEL J.                     MA-14-823-275
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MA-14-394-285
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MA-14-483-371
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MA-14-555-459
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MA-14-478-297
MURPHY, THOMAS                         MA-14-457-382
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-511-58
MURRAY, AUGUSTUS                       MA-14-535-432
MURRAY, CATHARINE                      MA-14-492-229
MURRAY, GEORGE HENRY                   MA-14-560--396
MURRAY, JOHN                           MA-14-33-290
MURRAY, JULIA                          MA-14-560--358
MURRAY, LUCRETIA                       MA-14-80-9
MURRAY, MARGARET                       MA-14-559-194
MURRAY, MARY                           MA-14-511-12
MURRAY, MICHAEL                        MA-14-552-220
MURRAY, RICHARD                        MA-14-546-33
MURRAY, THOMAS                         MA-14-458-205
MUSGRAVE, MARTHA                       MA-14-399-66
MUZZY, CEPHAS                          MA-14-395-288
MUZZY, ELEANOR                         MA-14-43-90
MUZZY, JOHN                            MA-14-50-646
MUZZY, JOHN                            MA-14-22-53
MUZZY, JOHN                            MA-14-89-587
MUZZY, NATHAN                          MA-14-97-431
MUZZY, SARDINE                         MA-14-398-109
MUZZY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-72-3
MUZZY, WILLIAM G.                      MA-14-516-216
MYERS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-398-258

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