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DABY, CATHARINE F.                     MA-14-548-171
DABY, JOHN                             MA-14-10-300
DADMUN, APPLETON                       MA-14-399-236
DADMUN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-397-127
DADMUN, SYLVIA W.                      MA-14-470-461
DAGGETT, EBENEZER                      MA-14-7-492
DAGGETT, SAMUEL                        MA-14-5-100
DAILY, MARY A.                         MA-14-548-500
DAINE, LAURA A.                        MA-14-823-188
DAKIN, ARCHELAUS CUMMINGS              MA-14-531-28
DAKIN, DAVID                           MA-14-80-263
DAKIN, OLIVER                          MA-14-41-513
DAKIN, OLIVER                          MA-14-34-119
DALE, JOHN                             MA-14-399-407
DALEY, ELIZA                           MA-14-533-398
DALEY, JEREMIAH                        MA-14-533-452
DALEY, JOHN                            MA-14-470-103
DALEY, THOMAS J.                       MA-14-480-521
DALEY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-563-451
DALMON, THOMAS                         MA-14-396-411
DALRYMPLE, ANDREW                      MA-14-8-16
DALTON, ANASTASIA                      MA-14-533-441
DALY, DAVID                            MA-14-478-34
DALY, JAMES                            MA-14-478-312
DALY, THOMAS                           MA-14-516-178
DALY, WILLIAM                          MA-14-396-478
DAMAN, SAMUEL                          MA-14-43-25
DAME, JOHN T.                          MA-14-504-459
DAMON, ALBERT B.                       MA-14-457-568
DAMON, ANN MARIA                       MA-14-495-222
DAMON, FRANK A.                        MA-14-557-359
DAMON, JOHN                            MA-14-57-22
DAMON, LUCY                            MA-14-95-370
DAMON, MICHAEL                         MA-14-400A-94
DAMON, SAMUEL                          MA-14-89-64
DAMON, SARAH A.                        MA-14-457-126
DAMON, THOMAS                          MA-14-495-178
DAMON, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-52-259
DAMON, URIAS                           MA-14-470-450
DANA, CALEB                            MA-14-400A-91
DANA, ELIZA H.                         MA-14-555-371
DANA, GEORGE                           MA-14-563-402
DANA, JEREMIAH                         MA-14-91-680
DANA, JONATHAN P.                      MA-14-543-436
DANA, LUCINDA                          MA-14-59-300
DANA, MARY LOUISA                      MA-14-555-460
DANA, STEPHEN                          MA-14-95-90
DANAHY, DANIEL E.                      MA-14-548-476
DANE, DANIEL                           MA-14-457-462
DANE, JOSEPH                           MA-14-43-329
DANE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-86-507
DANE, WILLIAM JR.                      MA-14-59-113
DANFORTH, ELIAS                        MA-14-398-556
DANFORTH, HULDAH                       MA-14-43-584
DANFORTH, JOHN                         MA-14-1-293
DANIELL, CATHARINE                     MA-14-93-249
DANIELL, CHRISTOPHER C.                MA-14-395-37
DANIELL, OLIVER                        MA-14-72-127
DANIELS, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-39-317
DANIELS, ABSALOM                       MA-14-95-151
DANIELS, ANTON                         MA-14-538-488
DANIELS, CHARLES                       MA-14-398-346
DANIELS, CYRUS                         MA-14-97-125
DANIELS, DAVID                         MA-14-39-445
DANIELS, DAVID                         MA-14-15-333
DANIELS, ELBRIDGE G.                   MA-14-394-70
DANIELS, H. ANN                        MA-14-483-374
DANIELS, HULDAH                        MA-14-29-113
DANIELS, JOHN                          MA-14-497-514
DANIELS, JOSEPH                        MA-14-59-320
DANIELS, LEWIS                         MA-14-574-118
DANIELS, LOUISA M.                     MA-14-538-125
DANIELS, MARY                          MA-14-86-72
DANIELS, MOSES                         MA-14-72-26
DANIELS, MOSES                         MA-14-395-320
DANIELS, MYRA L.                       MA-14-490-197
DANIELS, NATHAN                        MA-14-80-635
DANIELS, OLIVE                         MA-14-72-488
DANIELS, SALLY P.                      MA-14-400A-95
DANIELS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-28-338
DANIELS, SIMEON                        MA-14-397-29
DANIELS, SIMEON                        MA-14-397-28
DANIELS, SUSANNA                       MA-14-97-108
DANKER, SUSAN ISABELLA                 MA-14-823-84
DARBY, AARON                           MA-14-399-440
DARBY, ANDREW                          MA-14-35-24
DARBY, ANDREW                          MA-14-18-376
DARBY, CALVIN                          MA-14-84-484
DARCH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-574-143
DARCY, ELIZA                           MA-14-546-63
DARCY, JOHN                            MA-14-823-413
DARGIE, JAMES                          MA-14-523-206
DARLING, ALBERT H.                     MA-14-580-368
DARLING, AMASA                         MA-14-398-28
DARLING, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-12-110
DARLING, DANIEL                        MA-14-14-353
DARLING, DANIEL                        MA-14-2-449
DARLING, JOHN                          MA-14-30-276
DARLING, JOHN                          MA-14-485-81
DARLING, OLIVE                         MA-14-396-479
DARLING, PETER                         MA-14-27-309
DARLING, POLLY                         MA-14-399-277
DARLING, RUTH                          MA-14-89-334
DARLING, SAMUEL                        MA-14-26-273
DARLING, SUSAN C.                      MA-14-563-462
DARLING, ZELEK                         MA-14-86-480
DARROW, MARY MCF.                      MA-14-500-152
DAVENPORT, AARON                       MA-14-86-316
DAVENPORT, AMANDA NANCY                MA-14-823-50
DAVENPORT, BENJAMIN                    MA-14-395-415
DAVENPORT, BETSEY                      MA-14-95-5
DAVENPORT, CAROLINE                    MA-14-500-121
DAVENPORT, CHLOE                       MA-14-57-110
DAVENPORT, DAVID                       MA-14-41-421
DAVENPORT, DAVID                       MA-14-95-172
DAVENPORT, JOEL                        MA-14-86-414
DAVENPORT, JOSEPH G.                   MA-14-395-390
DAVENPORT, RICHARD                     MA-14-7-126
DAVENPORT, SALVINA                     MA-14-560--443
DAVENPORT, SAMUEL                      MA-14-12-352
DAVENPORT, SARAH W.                    MA-14-533-393
DAVENPORT, SETH                        MA-14-86-274
DAVENPORT, SETH                        MA-14-41-608
DAVENPORT, SETH T.                     MA-14-97-363
DAVENPORT, TAMAR                       MA-14-46-618
DAVENPORT, WATEE                       MA-14-75-647
DAVIAUX, CLEMENT                       MA-14-569-325
DAVIAUX, CLEMENT                       MA-14-569-325
DAVID, CATHARINE                       MA-14-396-387
DAVIDSON, ALMIRA                       MA-14-516-516
DAVIDSON, FRANK B.                     MA-14-500-165
DAVIS, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-84-402
DAVIS, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-34-153
DAVIS, ABIJAH                          MA-14-72-545
DAVIS, ADELAIDE                        MA-14-546-98
DAVIS, ALFRED                          MA-14-89-234
DAVIS, ALMIRA                          MA-14-580-471
DAVIS, AMASA                           MA-14-31-180
DAVIS, AMOS                            MA-14-35-61
DAVIS, ASA                             MA-14-28-317
DAVIS, ASAHEL                          MA-14-394-108
DAVIS, BETSEY                          MA-14-91-206
DAVIS, CALVIN B.                       MA-14-397-348
DAVIS, CHARLES                         MA-14-395-490
DAVIS, CYNTHIA                         MA-14-75-5
DAVIS, DANIEL                          MA-14-89-434
DAVIS, DANIEL                          MA-14-8-458
DAVIS, DANIEL                          MA-14-18-478
DAVIS, DAVID                           MA-14-93-82
DAVIS, DAVID                           MA-14-57-357
DAVIS, DELIVERANCE                     MA-14-22-60
DAVIS, DRUSILLA                        MA-14-91-256
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        MA-14-80-197
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        MA-14-23-127
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        MA-14-24-124
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        MA-14-48-211
DAVIS, EDWARD                          MA-14-19-106
DAVIS, EDWARD                          MA-14-75-207
DAVIS, EDWARD                          MA-14-27-139
DAVIS, EDWARD H.                       MA-14-563-410
DAVIS, ELISHA                          MA-14-46-616
DAVIS, ELISHA                          MA-14-27-142
DAVIS, ELISHA                          MA-14-84-97
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-395-397
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-91-26
DAVIS, ELIZABETH W.                    MA-14-399-297
DAVIS, ELNATHAN                        MA-14-33-353
DAVIS, ELNATHAN                        MA-14-458-255
DAVIS, ETHAN                           MA-14-80-177
DAVIS, EUNICE                          MA-14-66-571
DAVIS, FANNY F.                        MA-14-490-535
DAVIS, FRANCIS                         MA-14-396-42
DAVIS, GAYLON JR.                      MA-14-511-227
DAVIS, GEORGE                          MA-14-395-399
DAVIS, GEORGE                          MA-14-557-439
DAVIS, GEORGE E.                       MA-14-568-196
DAVIS, GUSTAVUS V.                     MA-14-580-525
DAVIS, HALSEY                          MA-14-395-186
DAVIS, HANNAH                          MA-14-457-58
DAVIS, HARRIET N.                      MA-14-399-161
DAVIS, HARRISON A.                     MA-14-580-266
DAVIS, HIRAM                           MA-14-89-263
DAVIS, ISAAC                           MA-14-396-499
DAVIS, ISAAC                           MA-14-396-558
DAVIS, ISAAC                           MA-14-394-84
DAVIS, ISAAC                           MA-14-59-465
DAVIS, ISRAEL                          MA-14-23-426
DAVIS, ISRAEL                          MA-14-400A-612
DAVIS, ISRAEL                          MA-14-39-364
DAVIS, JAMES                           MA-14-56-177
DAVIS, JAMES R.                        MA-14-399-87
DAVIS, JAMES R.                        MA-14-480-523
DAVIS, JEREMIAH                        MA-14-56-575
DAVIS, JOANNA                          MA-14-72-456
DAVIS, JOEL                            MA-14-485-12
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-57-543
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-26-164
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-10-21
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-59-551
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-400A-145
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-400A-82
DAVIS, JOHN                            MA-14-93-578
DAVIS, JOHN W.                         MA-14-89-101
DAVIS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-398-381
DAVIS, JONATHANP.                      MA-14-457-614
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-84-65
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-86-441
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-28-529
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-516-212
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-398-529
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-398-572
DAVIS, JOSHUA                          MA-14-66-94
DAVIS, JOSIAH                          MA-14-89-168
DAVIS, JOSIAH JR.                      MA-14-32-309
DAVIS, JULIETT P.                      MA-14-483-386
DAVIS, LEMUEL                          MA-14-66-217
DAVIS, LETTICE                         MA-14-89-358
DAVIS, LEVI                            MA-14-50-87
DAVIS, LEVI                            MA-14-36-54
DAVIS, LORENZO D.                      MA-14-397-349
DAVIS, LUCY                            MA-14-399-426
DAVIS, LUCY C.                         MA-14-399-56
DAVIS, LUCY E.                         MA-14-557-430
DAVIS, LYDIA                           MA-14-93-445
DAVIS, MARCY                           MA-14-95-79
DAVIS, MARINA                          MA-14-483-91
DAVIS, MARTHA                          MA-14-93-550
DAVIS, MARTHA L.                       MA-14-500-117
DAVIS, MARTIN                          MA-14-400A-462
DAVIS, MARY                            MA-14-399-229
DAVIS, MARY                            MA-14-75-147
DAVIS, MARY                            MA-14-398-96
DAVIS, MARY                            MA-14-457-506
DAVIS, MARY                            MA-14-59-163
DAVIS, MARY A.                         MA-14-541-350
DAVIS, MEHETABLE L.                    MA-14-89-371
DAVIS, MELINDA R.                      MA-14-397-193
DAVIS, MIAL                            MA-14-533-124
DAVIS, NABBY                           MA-14-400A-176
DAVIS, NANCY A.                        MA-14-399-144
DAVIS, OTIS                            MA-14-394-27
DAVIS, PARKMAN S.                      MA-14-535-225
DAVIS, PAUL                            MA-14-75-304
DAVIS, PHINEAS                         MA-14-75-237
DAVIS, PHINEHAS                        MA-14-72-219
DAVIS, POLLY                           MA-14-52-56
DAVIS, PORTER                          MA-14-521-234
DAVIS, RHOBA PERRY                     MA-14-574-130
DAVIS, ROBERT                          MA-14-89-582
DAVIS, RUTH                            MA-14-86-99
DAVIS, SAAC                            MA-14-72-565
DAVIS, SALLY                           MA-14-562-129
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          MA-14-48-577
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          MA-14-1-151
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          MA-14-13-175
DAVIS, SAMUEL G.                       MA-14-86-636
DAVIS, SAMUEL W.                       MA-14-478-32
DAVIS, SARAH                           MA-14-89-195
DAVIS, SILAS                           MA-14-80-223
DAVIS, SILAS                           MA-14-457-331
DAVIS, SIMON                           MA-14-66-215
DAVIS, SOLOMON                         MA-14-66-592
DAVIS, SOLOMON                         MA-14-398-273
DAVIS, THEODOTIA                       MA-14-97-186
DAVIS, THOMAS J.                       MA-14-97-271
DAVIS, TURNER C.                       MA-14-504-203
DAVIS, WARD                            MA-14-396-167
DAVIS, WASHBURN                        MA-14-457-128
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-14-24
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-509-215
DAVIS, WILLIAM E.                      MA-14-80-89
DAVIS, WILLIAM W.                      MA-14-93-160
DAVIS, ZILLAH                          MA-14-86-331
DAW, PATRICK                           MA-14-397-176
DAWLESS, MARIA S.                      MA-14-458-69
DAWSON, JOHN                           MA-14-458-99
DAWSON, MARY                           MA-14-521-269
DAWSON, RICHARD                        MA-14-571-162
DAY, ABBA                              MA-14-457-538
DAY, ASA                               MA-14-89-494
DAY, CAROLINE                          MA-14-485-22
DAY, CHARLES M.                        MA-14-580-419
DAY, CHAUNCEY N.                       MA-14-92-203
DAY, DAVID                             MA-14-24-137
DAY, EUNICE                            MA-14-66-214
DAY, HANNAH C.                         MA-14-523-223
DAY, ISAAC                             MA-14-399-481
DAY, JABEZ                             MA-14-89-264
DAY, JONATHAN                          MA-14-31-116
DAY, JOSEPH                            MA-14-397-321
DAY, JOSEPH                            MA-14-48-566
DAY, NATHAN                            MA-14-91-145
DAY, SAMUEL R.                         MA-14-554-62
DAY, SEWELL                            MA-14-457-654
DAY, SOPHRONIA H.                      MA-14-470-95
DAY, THANKFUL                          MA-14-400A-410
DAY, WILLIAM F.                        MA-14-394-236
DAY, WILLIAM F.                        MA-14-473-199
DAY, WILLIAM F.                        MA-14-457-40
DAY, ZACHARIAH                         MA-14-470-90
DAY, ZEBINA                            MA-14-91-704
DAYTON, DELIA M.                       MA-14-495-185
DEAN, ABIEL                            MA-14-66-617
DEAN, ALEXANDER H.                     MA-14-470-433
DEAN, BALCH                            MA-14-95-351
DEAN, BENJAMIN W.                      MA-14-504-217
DEAN, BLAKE                            MA-14-97-17
DEAN, EDWARD                           MA-14-556-448
DEAN, ELLEN                            MA-14-511-223
DEAN, HARRIET M.                       MA-14-552-222
DEAN, HORATIO                          MA-14-97-90
DEAN, JAMES                            MA-14-41-270
DEAN, JAMES                            MA-14-398-530
DEAN, JEREMIAH                         MA-14-458-24
DEAN, JOHN                             MA-14-398-467
DEAN, JOHN                             MA-14-504-235
DEAN, LUTHERA A.                       MA-14-568-179
DEAN, MARTHA P.                        MA-14-823-485
DEAN, NATHANIEL                        MA-14-56-364
DEAN, PAUL                             MA-14-66-314
DEAN, WILLIAM B.                       MA-14-577-12
DEANE, FRANCIS                         MA-14-91-676
DEBLOIS, OLIVER                        MA-14-457-372
DECAMP, HELEN                          MA-14-575-425
DEE, HANNAH                            MA-14-516-174
DEERE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-511-292
DEERY, MARY                            MA-14-458-183
DEFOSE, MARY B.                        MA-14-580-163
DEHAIS, MITCHELL                       MA-14-487-406
DELAHANTY, JOHN                        MA-14-395-487
DELAND, BENJAMIN K.                    MA-14-538-151
DELAND, HENRY                          MA-14-457-82
DELAND, JOHN                           MA-14-506-398
DELAND, MERIAM                         MA-14-93-298
DELAND, PERSIS                         MA-14-75-262
DELAND, PHILIP                         MA-14-89-320
DELAND, SARAH A.                       MA-14-569-311
DELAND, SARAH A.                       MA-14-569-311
DELANEY, MARY                          MA-14-533-481
DELANEY, TIMOTHY J.                    MA-14-473-272
DELANO, HENRY A.                       MA-14-395-221
DELANO, JONATHAN                       MA-14-5-199
DELANO, LOUISA W.                      MA-14-458-70
DELANOE, REBECCA                       MA-14-497-551
DELAY, CATHERINE                       MA-14-554-47
DELAY, MARGARET                        MA-14-400A-476
DELORME, ALPHONSINE                    MA-14-823-497
DELORME, NARCISSE                      MA-14-478-31
DELORME, OLIVINE                       MA-14-490-264
DEMERS, ELISE                          MA-14-551-98
DEMING, FREDERICK C.                   MA-14-823-4
DEMOND, DANIEL                         MA-14-89-583
DEMOND, ELIJAH                         MA-14-57-574
DEMPSEY, DANIEL                        MA-14-551-34
DENCH, JAMES M.                        MA-14-543-111
DENETTE, MARGARET                      MA-14-457-494
DENHOLM, WILLIAM ALEXANDER             MA-14-478-80
DENISON, JAMES                         MA-14-19-513
DENNIS, ADONIJAH                       MA-14-458-149
DENNIS, ADONIJAH                       MA-14-89-7
DENNIS, DOROTHY                        MA-14-80-545
DENNIS, DOROTHY                        MA-14-66-134
DENNIS, EDWARD P.                      MA-14-398-116
DENNIS, JONATHAN                       MA-14-30-518
DENNIS, NANCY                          MA-14-397-2
DENNIS,RODNEY G.                       MA-14-397-246
DENNY, CAROLINE                        MA-14-394-187
DENNY, CHARLES E.                      MA-14-95-394
DENNY, CHRISTOPHER C.                  MA-14-514-343
DENNY, DANIEL                          MA-14-6-397
DENNY, DESIRE B.                       MA-14-91-652
DENNY, EDWARD W.                       MA-14-397-50
DENNY, GEORGE                          MA-14-91-706
DENNY, LUCRETIA                        MA-14-97-366
DENNY, MARY                            MA-14-41-146
DENNY, MARY D.                         MA-14-548-550
DENNY, NATHANIEL P.                    MA-14-97-133
DENNY, SAMUEL                          MA-14-50-11
DENNY, SAMUEL                          MA-14-72-336
DENNY, SARAH                           MA-14-46-537
DENNY, THOMAS                          MA-14-46-33
DENNY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-91-484
DEPUTRIN, REBECCA                      MA-14-95-439
DERBY, ABIGAIL K.                      MA-14-457-568
DERBY, ALMOND                          MA-14-397-129
DERBY, ANDREW G.                       MA-14-480-503
DERBY, GILBERT                         MA-14-457-539
DERBY, VIOLA D.                        MA-14-483-401
DERMODY, BRIDGET                       MA-14-500-105
DEROSIER, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-533-485
DERRING, RACHEL W.                     MA-14-483-394
DERRY, VICTOR F.                       MA-14-506-376
DERWIN, GEORGE H.                      MA-14-538-536
DERWIN, SIMEON                         MA-14-575-502
DESAULNIERS, LOUIS J. F. A. L.         MA-14-483-92
DESHAZO, JAMES B.                      MA-14-823-192
DESJARDINS, ADELINE                    MA-14-823-412
DESMARAIS, THEOPHILE                   MA-14-580-275
DESMOND, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-396-178
DESPER, JASON                          MA-14-504-210
DEVEREAUX, ANTHONY                     MA-14-398-84
DEVINE, CHARLES                        MA-14-475-290
DEVLIN, JOHN                           MA-14-478-235
DEWEY, MARCIA                          MA-14-93-235
DEWING, CHENEY                         MA-14-400A-63
DEWING, ELIJAH                         MA-14-396-606
DEWING, JOHN B                         MA-14-573-318
DEWITT, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-458-269
DEWITT, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-457-29
DEWITT, EDGAR HOLLIS                   MA-14-566-9
DEWITT, HOLLIS                         MA-14-93-346
DEWITT, MARY                           MA-14-548-526
DEWOLF, ELLEN C.                       MA-14-457-91
DEWOLF, HENRIETTA M.                   MA-14-397-352
DEWOLFE, HENRY                         MA-14-546-60
DEXTER, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-66-405
DEXTER, CHARITY                        MA-14-80-471
DEXTER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-91-166
DEXTER, EDWARD                         MA-14-396-23
DEXTER, ICHABOD                        MA-14-91-549
DEXTER, JEDEDIAH                       MA-14-66-28
DEXTER, JESSE                          MA-14-39-524
DEXTER, JOHN                           MA-14-75-640
DEXTER, JOHN B.                        MA-14-398-294
DEXTER, LEWIS                          MA-14-398-591
DEXTER, MARTHA A.                      MA-14-475-248
DEXTER, PETER                          MA-14-52-432
DEXTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-39-391
DEXTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-395-93
DEXTER, SIMEON                         MA-14-39-231
DEXTER, ZENAS H.                       MA-14-91-640
DICKERT, PHILLIP                       MA-14-541-84
DICKEY, JOHN                           MA-14-509-152
DICKHAUT, JOHN                         MA-14-538-114
DICKINSON, ELIJAH M.                   MA-14-580-184
DICKINSON, ELSIE F.                    MA-14-556-457
DICKINSON, FRANCIS                     MA-14-57-61
DICKINSON, FREDERICK                   MA-14-483-373
DICKINSON, HATTIE L.                   MA-14-553-498
DICKINSON, LEMUEL                      MA-14-59-515
DICKINSON, MARIA A.                    MA-14-487-194
DICKINSON, SAMUEL B.                   MA-14-458-52
DICKINSON, SAMUEL W.                   MA-14-563-468
DICKINSON, SARAH A.                    MA-14-538-154
DICKINSON,CURTIS                       MA-14-541-354
DIEMAR, FRANK                          MA-14-495-166
DIKE, DANIEL                           MA-14-13-444
DIKE, NATHANIEL                        MA-14-2-497
DIKE, SARAH B.                         MA-14-396-414
DIKERT, PHILLIP                        MA-14-541-84
DILLABER, NANCY E.                     MA-14-541-387
DILLON, WILLIAM                        MA-14-487-178
DIMSTER, JASON                         MA-14-91-257
DION, ADELE SIMARD                     MA-14-569-305
DION, ADELE SIMARD                     MA-14-569-305
DION, EUGENE                           MA-14-823-299
DISPEAIS, JOSEPH                       MA-14-75-259
DIVOL, BRYANT                          MA-14-398-29
DIVOL, JOHN                            MA-14-7-281
DIVOL, SUSAN P.                        MA-14-500-177
DIVOLL, ABIGAIL H.                     MA-14-91-743
DIVOLL, HOLLIS J.                      MA-14-823-376
DIVOLL, MARY                           MA-14-396-559
DIVOLL, NANCY W.                       MA-14-504-519
DIVOLL, OLIVER                         MA-14-56-584
DIVOLL, PHINEAS                        MA-14-41-99
DIVOLL, SARAH E.                       MA-14-531-114
DIVOLL, SUSAN                          MA-14-533-92
DIX, DAVID                             MA-14-50-179
DIX, ELIZABETH                         MA-14-56-185
DIXON, ANN L.                          MA-14-483-427
DIXON, CHRISTINA                       MA-14-497-532
DIXON, GEORGE                          MA-14-97-500
DIXON, MARY C.                         MA-14-566-64
DIXON, ROBERT                          MA-14-93-692
DIXON, SUSAN A.                        MA-14-559-211
DIZPEAU, MARY                          MA-14-97-81
DOAN, NATHAN                           MA-14-27-201
DOANE, DAVID                           MA-14-41-463
DOANE, EBENEZER                        MA-14-399-251
DOANE, ELISHA                          MA-14-39-237
DOANE, ELISHA                          MA-14-80-513
DOANE, ELIZA F.                        MA-14-560--399
DOANE, HARRIET                         MA-14-475-9
DOANE, JOEL M.                         MA-14-478-501
DOANE, JOHN W.                         MA-14-93-215
DOANE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-66-465
DOANE, LEONARD                         MA-14-398-531
DOANE, LOTT                            MA-14-97-28
DOANE, LOUISA                          MA-14-93-99
DOANE, MARSHALL                        MA-14-91-62
DOANE, MARTHA                          MA-14-80-341
DOANE, MERCY                           MA-14-397-54
DOANE, OSCAR J.                        MA-14-823-357
DOANE, ROLAND F.                       MA-14-478-25
DOANE, WILLIAM F.                      MA-14-475-267
DODD, JAMES                            MA-14-66-136
DODD, JOSEPH H.                        MA-14-514-361
DODD, MARTHA E.                        MA-14-580-486
DODD, MARY                             MA-14-580-531
DODGE, CHARLES E.                      MA-14-485-359
DODGE, ELIJAH                          MA-14-86-286
DODGE, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-395-199
DODGE, GEORGE                          MA-14-397-51
DODGE, GIBBS                           MA-14-396-175
DODGE, ISAAC                           MA-14-75-87
DODGE, ISAAC                           MA-14-23-94
DODGE, JOHN                            MA-14-400A-517
DODGE, JOSHUA                          MA-14-26-537
DODGE, JOSHUA                          MA-14-25-156
DODGE, LUCY                            MA-14-66-116
DODGE, LYDIA C.                        MA-14-457-67
DODGE, MARK                            MA-14-57-559
DODGE, MARTHA                          MA-14-27-276
DODGE, MOSES                           MA-14-59-350
DODGE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-395-419
DODGE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-41-606
DODGE, PAUL                            MA-14-93-425
DODGE, PICKERING                       MA-14-396-292
DODGE, REUBEN R.                       MA-14-548-219
DODGE, RICHARD H.                      MA-14-46-165
DODGE, RUFUS                           MA-14-394-51
DODGE, RUFUS B.                        MA-14-560--413
DODGE, THOMAS                          MA-14-84-241
DODGE, WILLARD                         MA-14-398-85
DOE, CHARLES H.                        MA-14-559-179
DOERR, ELIZA                           MA-14-514-51
DOGE, DANIEL                           MA-14-21-71
DOHERTY, ANTHONY                       MA-14-509-201
DOHERTY, ELLEN M.                      MA-14-521-469
DOHERTY, PETER                         MA-14-535-216
DOHERTY, STEPHEN                       MA-14-553-503
DOHLA, ANNA                            MA-14-823-379
DOLAN, JOHN                            MA-14-548-549
DOLAN, THOMAS                          MA-14-395-387
DOLBEAR, LAURINDA E.                   MA-14-399-529
DOLE, ELIJAH                           MA-14-15-342
DOLE, STEPHEN                          MA-14-89-534
DOLLEN, MATTIE E.                      MA-14-483-149
DOLLIVER, JOHN                         MA-14-396-61
DOLLIVER, SAMUEL B.                    MA-14-457-541
DOLLOFF, MARY A.                       MA-14-457-350
DOLPHIN, MARTIN                        MA-14-457-542
DONAHOE, DENNIS J.                     MA-14-492-246
DONAHOE, HUGH                          MA-14-475-28
DONAHOE, MICHAEL                       MA-14-400A-530
DONAHUE, ALICE                         MA-14-551-57
DONELLY, JOHN                          MA-14-478-527
DONLAN, ALICE                          MA-14-559-230
DONLON, JOHN                           MA-14-480-487
DONLON, JOHN                           MA-14-395-386
DONNELLY, JOHN                         MA-14-492-551
DONNELLY, MARY                         MA-14-487-129
DONNELLY, PATRICK                      MA-14-506-327
DONNELLY, ROSANNA                      MA-14-504-200
DONOHOE, THOMAS D.                     MA-14-399-162
DONOHUE, ANNIE B.                      MA-14-580-533
DONOVAN, DENNIS                        MA-14-504-430
DONOVAN, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-457-351
DOOLEY, MARTIN A.                      MA-14-548-471
DOOLEY, PATRICK                        MA-14-514-16
DOOLEY, THOMAS                         MA-14-504-264
DOOLITTLE, CHARLES                     MA-14-19-511
DOOLY, JOHN                            MA-14-823-427
DOPANE, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-543-460
DORAN, CORNELIUS                       MA-14-72-37
DORAN, JOHN                            MA-14-563-464
DORAN, MICHAEL                         MA-14-514-342
DORR, ENOS                             MA-14-396-404
DORR, JOSEPH                           MA-14-10-31
DORR, MARY                             MA-14-16-266
DORRANCE, ALEXANDER                    MA-14-400A-105
DORSEY, BRIDGET                        MA-14-400A-237
DOTY, JOHN                             MA-14-66-527
DOTY, MARY                             MA-14-84-416
DOUGHERTY, JANE                        MA-14-8-177
DOUGLAS, ROBERT                        MA-14-506-364
DOUGLASS, JAMES                        MA-14-497-202
DOUGTY, BAINBRIDGE                     MA-14-563-495
DOUTY, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-50-321
DOUTY, BENJAMIN F.                     MA-14-562-95
DOUTY, STILLMAN                        MA-14-458-274
DOW, JAMES                             MA-14-12-492
DOW, JOSEPH H.                         MA-14-457-569
DOW, JOSHUA                            MA-14-43-338
DOWD, ELIZABETH                        MA-14-823-216
DOWD, THOMAS                           MA-14-497-515
DOWDING, ANN                           MA-14-399-483
DOWDLE, PETER                          MA-14-565-105
DOWLING, MICHAEL                       MA-14-548-254
DOWLING, PATRICK J.                    MA-14-490-532
DOWLING, RICHARD                       MA-14-400A-613
DOWNE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-93-308
DOWNE, MARY A.                         MA-14-475-31
DOWNES, JOSEPH                         MA-14-66-225
DOWNEY, JOHN                           MA-14-516-243
DOWNS, MARY                            MA-14-543-422
DOWS, ELBRDIGE                         MA-14-89-185
DOWSE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-86-588
DOYLE, ELLEN                           MA-14-490-251
DOYLE, HANNAH                          MA-14-514-389
DOYLE, HUGH                            MA-14-823-419
DOYLE, JAMES                           MA-14-399-163
DOYLE, JEREMIAH                        MA-14-823-165
DOYLE, JOHN J.                         MA-14-535-535
DOYLE, MARY                            MA-14-495-143
DOYLE, MARY                            MA-14-485-34
DOYLE, MARY                            MA-14-541-381
DOYLE, OWEN                            MA-14-398-86
DOYLE, THOMAS                          MA-14-580-116
DRAGON, FRANCIS                        MA-14-495-488
DRAKE, ELIZA F.                        MA-14-514-74
DRAKE, ELLEN L.                        MA-14-575-427
DRAKE, FRANCES HILLS                   MA-14-560--349
DRAKE, FRANCIS                         MA-14-575-495
DRAKE, JOEL                            MA-14-89-448
DRAKE, SIMEON A.                       MA-14-396-86
DRAKE, STATIRA S.                      MA-14-475-259
DRAKE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-398-313
DRAPER, CATHERINE C.                   MA-14-397-389
DRAPER, CHARLES H.                     MA-14-523-153
DRAPER, CLARINDA W.                    MA-14-398-64
DRAPER, DAVID                          MA-14-89-56
DRAPER, EDNA B.                        MA-14-823-38
DRAPER, EDWIN                          MA-14-397-390
DRAPER, ELIZA                          MA-14-89-1
DRAPER, JAMES                          MA-14-16-440
DRAPER, JAMES                          MA-14-398-57
DRAPER, JAMES                          MA-14-59-185
DRAPER, JOHN W.                        MA-14-523-208
DRAPER, MARTHA                         MA-14-23-277
DRAPER, PAMELIA B.                     MA-14-554-112
DRAPER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-2-314
DRAPER, THOMAS                         MA-14-13-534
DRESSER, AMOS                          MA-14-66-550
DRESSER, ANNA                          MA-14-39-40
DRESSER, ASA                           MA-14-48-232
DRESSER, ASA                           MA-14-396-40
DRESSER, CHESTER A.                    MA-14-548-454
DRESSER, CHRESTER A.                   MA-14-577-23
DRESSER, HARVEY                        MA-14-75-326
DRESSER, JEROME                        MA-14-91-476
DRESSER, MARY                          MA-14-395-491
DRESSER, MOSES                         MA-14-43-233
DRESSER, POLLY N.                      MA-14-495-134
DRESSER, RICHARD                       MA-14-66-161
DRESSER, ROWLAND                       MA-14-35-379
DRESSER, SYLVESTER                     MA-14-538-206
DRISCOLL, DANIEL                       MA-14-475-62
DRISCOLL, MARGARET                     MA-14-495-195
DRISCOLL, NANCY                        MA-14-400A-425
DRISCOLL, PATRICK                      MA-14-470-456
DROWNE, KATHARINE                      MA-14-35-350
DRPAER, DANIEL F.                      MA-14-535-227
DRURY, ABEL                            MA-14-75-196
DRURY, AMOS                            MA-14-56-519
DRURY, CALEB                           MA-14-33-359
DRURY, CALVIN A.                       MA-14-97-394
DRURY, DAVID                           MA-14-475-50
DRURY, DAVID ADAMS                     MA-14-562-124
DRURY, EBENEZER                        MA-14-46-210
DRURY, EBENEZER                        MA-14-84-373
DRURY, EDWARD                          MA-14-458-98
DRURY, ELEAZER                         MA-14-89-118
DRURY, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-95-296
DRURY, HANNAH                          MA-14-95-512
DRURY, ISRAEL                          MA-14-39-177
DRURY, JOEL                            MA-14-397-194
DRURY, JOSEPH E.                       MA-14-478-314
DRURY, JUDITH R.                       MA-14-485-2
DRURY, LUKE                            MA-14-80-2
DRURY, MARY                            MA-14-24-56
DRURY, PERSIS                          MA-14-89-65
DRURY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-48-187
DRURY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-91-168
DRURY, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-546-84
DRURY, WINDSOR                         MA-14-562-54
DRYDEN, ARTEMAS                        MA-14-84-243
DRYDEN, ARTEMAS                        MA-14-91-667
DUBOIS, PETER                          MA-14-495-489
DUCEY, JAMES                           MA-14-556-437
DUCLOS, JEAN                           MA-14-497-480
DUCY, JOHN                             MA-14-506-366
DUDLEY, ABEL                           MA-14-41-586
DUDLEY, AMASA                          MA-14-89-250
DUDLEY, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-72-242
DUDLEY, CHRISTIANIA S.                 MA-14-490-248
DUDLEY, DAVID                          MA-14-521-489
DUDLEY, DAVID                          MA-14-43-550
DUDLEY, DAVID T.                       MA-14-523-204
DUDLEY, DENNIS                         MA-14-457-542
DUDLEY, EDWARD                         MA-14-565-77
DUDLEY, ELIZA A.                       MA-14-541-74
DUDLEY, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-89-628
DUDLEY, ELMIRA                         MA-14-89-146
DUDLEY, FRANCIS                        MA-14-6-371
DUDLEY, JAMES E.                       MA-14-397-432
DUDLEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-397-55
DUDLEY, JOSEPH H.                      MA-14-490-182
DUDLEY, MARY A.                        MA-14-490-249
DUDLEY, PATIENCE                       MA-14-86-415
DUDLEY, PETER                          MA-14-84-231
DUDLEY, PETER                          MA-14-80-3
DUDLEY, RUSSELL                        MA-14-551-52
DUDLEY, SAMUEL                         MA-14-89-368
DUDLEY, SAMUEL                         MA-14-72-427
DUDLEY, SARAH A.                       MA-14-571-153
DUDLEY, SILAS                          MA-14-399-278
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-457-214
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-396-76
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-396-41
DUDLEY, ZACHEUS                        MA-14-52-176
DUELL, GEORGE S.                       MA-14-483-166
DUFANT, MOSES                          MA-14-487-155
DUFAULT, ALEXANDER                     MA-14-504-261
DUFAULT, EMMA                          MA-14-492-278
DUFFY, MARGARET                        MA-14-578-335
DUFFY, SARAH ANN                       MA-14-546-408
DUGAN, JOHN                            MA-14-95-551
DUGAR, CHARLES                         MA-14-48-503
DUGGAN, CORNELIUS                      MA-14-398-575
DUGGAN, CORNELIUS                      MA-14-399-26
DUGGAN, DENNIS                         MA-14-485-65
DUGGAN, MARY                           MA-14-497-526
DUGGAN, WALTER H.                      MA-14-580-461
DUGGAN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-400A-176
DUHAMEL, PIERRE                        MA-14-541-110
DUICK, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-50-519
DUMAS, LOUIS                           MA-14-457-603
DUMONT, ANSELME                        MA-14-497-544
DUMONT, SAMUEL                         MA-14-497-544
DUN, DAVID                             MA-14-26-241
DUNBAR, DAVID                          MA-14-66-202
DUNBAR, DOROTHY                        MA-14-457-429
DUNBAR, SARAH                          MA-14-397-154
DUNCAN, CHARLES                        MA-14-485-427
DUNCAN, JAMES                          MA-14-470-30
DUNCAN, JOHN                           MA-14-2-6
DUNCAN, LEONARD C.                     MA-14-541-386
DUNCAN, LYDIA G.                       MA-14-543-112
DUNCAN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-11-508
DUNCAN, TIMOTHY M.                     MA-14-562-135
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-30-358
DUNHAM, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-93-84
DUNHAM, HARFORD P.                     MA-14-511-271
DUNLAP, EVERETT EUGENE                 MA-14-565-71
DUNN, ANDREW                           MA-14-575-480
DUNN, CHARLES P.                       MA-14-511-33
DUNN, EDWARD PB.                       MA-14-400A-96
DUNN, HENRY                            MA-14-52-282
DUNN, HENRY                            MA-14-398-314
DUNN, JAMES D.                         MA-14-538-512
DUNN, JEREMIAH                         MA-14-483-101
DUNN, JOHN JR.                         MA-14-27-62
DUNN, JOSEPH                           MA-14-398-532
DUNN, MARY S. F.                       MA-14-557-390
DUNN, RACHEL                           MA-14-89-666
DUNN, SARAH H. S.                      MA-14-546-12
DUNSMOORE, JOHN                        MA-14-2-668
DUNSMORE, JOHN                         MA-14-26-138
DUNSMORE, OLIVER                       MA-14-12-385
DUNSMORE, THOMAS                       MA-14-4-207
DUNSMORE, WILLIAM                      MA-14-18-529
DUNSMORE, WILLIAM                      MA-14-80-91
DUNSTER, DAVID                         MA-14-5-547
DUNSTER, SAMUEL                        MA-14-80-626
DUNTON, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-66-557
DUNTON, EBENEZER                       MA-14-56-186
DUNTON, EBENEZER                       MA-14-52-516
DUNTON, JANE W.                        MA-14-546-74
DUNTON, JOHN                           MA-14-41-127
DUNTON, PERSIS                         MA-14-86-192
DUNTON, REUBEN                         MA-14-397-101
DUNTON, SALLY                          MA-14-97-188
DUNTON, SYLVANUS                       MA-14-396-171
DUNTON, THOMAS                         MA-14-5-398
DUNTON, ZENAS                          MA-14-91-39
DUPEE, JOHN                            MA-14-80-566
DUPEE, LEANDER H.                      MA-14-490-194
DUPONT, PHILOMEN                       MA-14-487-162
DUPREY, OLIVER                         MA-14-399-238
DUPUIS, GILBERT                        MA-14-556-430
DUQUETTE, EMELINE                      MA-14-504-447
DUQUETTE, ISRAEL                       MA-14-504-444
DUQUETTE, LOUIS                        MA-14-823-90
DURANT, WILLIAM                        MA-14-457-255
DURANT, WILLIAM                        MA-14-457-171
DURELL, MIRANDA                        MA-14-546-61
DURFEE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-93-580
DURSCHMIDT, EVA K.                     MA-14-580-194
DUSTIN, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-80-88
DUTCHER, WARREN W.                     MA-14-457-374
DWELLY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-80-646
DWELLY, RUTH                           MA-14-95-35
DWIGHT, ANNA                           MA-14-75-71
DWIGHT, DANIEL                         MA-14-397-248
DWIGHT, LOUISA L.                      MA-14-457-254
DWIGHT, RALPH                          MA-14-514-334
DWINELL, JONATHAN                      MA-14-11-365
DWINELL, SOLOMON                       MA-14-398-196
DWINNELL, LEONARD                      MA-14-399-520
DWYER, MARY                            MA-14-480-517
DWYER, PATRICK                         MA-14-395-293
DWYER, RICHARD                         MA-14-535-150
DYER, EDWARD C.                        MA-14-397-195
DYER, FRANCES E.                       MA-14-485-392
DYER, HENRY                            MA-14-399-530
DYER, JEREMIAH                         MA-14-66-471
DYER, JOHN                             MA-14-399-421
DYER, JOHN                             MA-14-535-443
DYER, WILLIAM B.                       MA-14-400A-51
DYSON, ELI                             MA-14-97-92
DYSON, JAMES                           MA-14-398-382

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