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WADE, DANIEL                           MA-14-399-147
WADE, LAURA                            MA-14-457-610
WADE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-541-425
WADLEIGH, SALLY D.                     MA-14-514-367
WADSWORTH, CYRUS                       MA-14-66-196
WADSWORTH, DAVID                       MA-14-3-268
WADSWORTH, DAVID                       MA-14-75-454
WADSWORTH, DAVID                       MA-14-52-643
WADSWORTH, EBENEZER                    MA-14-50-42
WADSWORTH, JOHN                        MA-14-80-502
WADSWORTH, SABRA                       MA-14-457-649
WAIT, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-89-303
WAIT, DAVID                            MA-14-80-39
WAIT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-4-266
WAIT, JOSHUA                           MA-14-66-167
WAIT, LIVIA                            MA-14-89-191
WAIT, LUCINA                           MA-14-397-531
WAIT, MEHITABLE                        MA-14-72-290
WAIT, NATHAN                           MA-14-89-162
WAIT, SALLY                            MA-14-399-180
WAIT, ZILPAH B.                        MA-14-495-160
WAITE, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-485-457
WAITE, ALICE                           MA-14-397-15
WAITE, CLARENDON                       MA-14-398-307
WAITE, DAVID                           MA-14-46-512
WAITE, EDWARD O.                       MA-14-478-511
WAITE, HANNAH                          MA-14-89-346
WAITE, HANNAH                          MA-14-33-257
WAITE, HANNAH                          MA-14-80-235
WAITE, HARRIET G.                      MA-14-531-442
WAITE, JAMES A.                        MA-14-395-138
WAITE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-36-45
WAITE, JOSEPH E.                       MA-14-473-172
WAITE, JOSIAH                          MA-14-75-586
WAITE, LYMAN                           MA-14-400A-398
WAITE, MARTHA                          MA-14-57-493
WAITE, MARY A.                         MA-14-533-416
WAITE, MARY J.                         MA-14-487-166
WAITE, MOSES                           MA-14-400A-170
WAITE, REBECKAH                        MA-14-86-325
WAITE, THOMAS J.                       MA-14-80-339
WAITE, WELTHA C.                       MA-14-514-54
WAITE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-57-124
WAITT, JOSEPH                          MA-14-93-355
WAITT, SARAH                           MA-14-395-202
WAKEFIELD, ABIGAIL                     MA-14-565-104
WAKEFIELD, JONATHAN                    MA-14-9-67
WAKEFIELD, JOSEPH                      MA-14-2-527
WAKEFIELD, MARY B.                     MA-14-575-475
WAKEFIELD, PALEMON B.                  MA-14-546-70
WAKEFIELD, REBECCA                     MA-14-66-38
WAKEFIELD, SIMEON                      MA-14-86-437
WAKEFIELD, SOLOMON                     MA-14-56-16
WAKEFIELD, WILLIAM                     MA-14-97-263
WAKEFIELD, WILLIAM                     MA-14-23-97
WALBERG, ELOF                          MA-14-823-478
WALBERY, GEORGE W.                     MA-14-514-411
WALBRIDGE, AMES                        MA-14-399-181
WALBRIDGE, GEORGE W.                   MA-14-521-250
WALBRIDGE, HENRY                       MA-14-399-123
WALD, ALEXANDER                        MA-14-511-237
WALDO, DANIEL                          MA-14-89-83
WALDO, DANIEL                          MA-14-36-325
WALDO, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-89-95
WALDO, REBECCA                         MA-14-84-218
WALDO, REBECCA                         MA-14-41-41
WALDO, SARAH                           MA-14-91-471
WALDREN, EDMND                         MA-14-80-411
WALDRON, SAMUEL                        MA-14-23-263
WALES, BETSEY M.                       MA-14-533-111
WALES, LUCY M.                         MA-14-572-48
WALES, THOMAS J.                       MA-14-490-479
WALKER, AARON G.                       MA-14-566-38
WALKER, ABEL                           MA-14-50-563
WALKER, ABNER C.                       MA-14-457-265
WALKER, ADDISON A.                     MA-14-553-507
WALKER, ADONIRAM                       MA-14-57-23
WALKER, AHRRIET B.                     MA-14-75-315
WALKER, ANNA CHRISTIANA                MA-14-23-431
WALKER, APPLETON                       MA-14-485-55
WALKER, APPLETON                       MA-14-495-541
WALKER, ASA                            MA-14-395-34
WALKER, ASA                            MA-14-39-18
WALKER, AUGUSTA                        MA-14-400A-587
WALKER, AUGUSTA                        MA-14-400A-592
WALKER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-8-131
WALKER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-43-176
WALKER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-56-174
WALKER, CHARLOTTE B.                   MA-14-500-446
WALKER, DANIEL                         MA-14-14-348
WALKER, DANIEL                         MA-14-89-380
WALKER, DANIEL                         MA-14-91-251
WALKER, DANIEL A.                      MA-14-823-48
WALKER, DAVID                          MA-14-397-16
WALKER, DEXTER                         MA-14-399-445
WALKER, EDWARD                         MA-14-1-258
WALKER, ELISHA                         MA-14-399-503
WALKER, EMILY                          MA-14-485-85
WALKER, EMILY P.                       MA-14-497-177
WALKER, EMMA A.                        MA-14-500-156
WALKER, EMORY                          MA-14-568-247
WALKER, EXPERIENCE H.                  MA-14-396-513
WALKER, EZRA                           MA-14-27-259
WALKER, HANNAH                         MA-14-89-544
WALKER, HANNAH B.                      MA-14-398-110
WALKER, HARRIET M.                     MA-14-457-9
WALKER, HARRIET S.                     MA-14-475-74
WALKER, HEZEKIAH                       MA-14-80-363
WALKER, JAMES                          MA-14-33-99
WALKER, JAMES                          MA-14-41-444
WALKER, JAMES M.                       MA-14-72-619
WALKER, JASON                          MA-14-86-273
WALKER, JOEL                           MA-14-89-304
WALKER, JOHN                           MA-14-36-423
WALKER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-394-420
WALKER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-39-98
WALKER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-5-37
WALKER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-41-205
WALKER, LOVELL                         MA-14-84-177
WALKER, LOWELL                         MA-14-523-168
WALKER, LYDIA                          MA-14-396-179
WALKER, LYDIA L.                       MA-14-398-170
WALKER, LYMAN                          MA-14-397-456
WALKER, MARTHA                         MA-14-91-715
WALKER, MARY                           MA-14-18-85
WALKER, MARY ELIZABETH                 MA-14-511-72
WALKER, MARY H.                        MA-14-492-217
WALKER, MARY R.                        MA-14-521-468
WALKER, NANCY                          MA-14-97-520
WALKER, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-97-158
WALKER, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-46-392
WALKER, NELSON                         MA-14-400A-171
WALKER, OBADIAH                        MA-14-34-67
WALKER, OBADIAH                        MA-14-6-436
WALKER, OBED                           MA-14-91-253
WALKER, OSBORN                         MA-14-563-433
WALKER, PEREZ                          MA-14-91-655
WALKER, PRINCE                         MA-14-97-359
WALKER, REBECCA                        MA-14-93-154
WALKER, REUBEN                         MA-14-7-16
WALKER, SAMUEL S.                      MA-14-89-276
WALKER, SARAH                          MA-14-395-374
WALKER, SUBMIT                         MA-14-52-642
WALKER, SUSAN A.                       MA-14-485-349
WALKER, SYLVANUS                       MA-14-473-195
WALKER, SYLVIA                         MA-14-93-614
WALKER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-6-440
WALKER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-571-156
WALKER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-91-763
WALKER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-400A-579
WALL, CALEB A.                         MA-14-541-421
WALL, GEORGE                           MA-14-396-343
WALL, GEORGE F.                        MA-14-548-245
WALL, JAMES                            MA-14-568-249
WALL, JAMES H.                         MA-14-541-58
WALL, JAMES H.                         MA-14-483-413
WALL, MICHAEL J.                       MA-14-478-9
WALL, RICHARD                          MA-14-400A-418
WALL, SARAH                            MA-14-93-435
WALLACE, BRIGHAM                       MA-14-485-350
WALLACE, CALVIN                        MA-14-470-10
WALLACE, CHARLES HENRY                 MA-14-571-168
WALLACE, DAVID                         MA-14-483-129
WALLACE, FRANKLIN W.                   MA-14-543-462
WALLACE, JOHN                          MA-14-22-90
WALLACE, MARY S. T.                    MA-14-495-494
WALLACE, PATRICK                       MA-14-495-549
WALLACE, PATRICK                       MA-14-495-184
WALLACE, SOPHIA F.                     MA-14-516-244
WALLACE, THOMAS                        MA-14-95-23
WALLIN, ABNER                          MA-14-80-69
WALLING, JOHN                          MA-14-95-83
WALLIS, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-396-490
WALLIS, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-52-625
WALLIS, CHARLOTTE                      MA-14-396-344
WALLIS, DAVID                          MA-14-93-632
WALLIS, HATTIE N.                      MA-14-400A-315
WALLIS, JOANNA                         MA-14-97-329
WALLIS, JOHN                           MA-14-397-67
WALLIS, JOSEPH                         MA-14-97-141
WALLIS, MARTHA                         MA-14-399-246
WALLIS, MOSES                          MA-14-86-199
WALLIS, NANCY                          MA-14-458-290
WALLIS, STEPHEN P.                     MA-14-394-228
WALLIS, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-91-322
WALLIS, WALDO                          MA-14-95-317
WALLIS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-89-430
WALSH, HANNAH                          MA-14-548-185
WALSH, MARY                            MA-14-548-530
WALSH, PATRICK                         MA-14-516-495
WALTER, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-555-405
WALTERS, JOSEPH T.                     MA-14-504-525
WALTON, JOSEPH L.                      MA-14-506-362
WAPLES, MARY D.                        MA-14-535-236
WARD, ABSALOM                          MA-14-21-281
WARD, ALVAN                            MA-14-399-198
WARD, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-30-52
WARD, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-97-102
WARD, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-91-400
WARD, ASA                              MA-14-50-270
WARD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-394-431
WARD, BERIAH                           MA-14-59-453
WARD, CALEB                            MA-14-72-644
WARD, DANIEL                           MA-14-400A-473
WARD, DANIEL S.                        MA-14-490-491
WARD, DEBORAH                          MA-14-75-483
WARD, DELUCIA L.                       MA-14-548-528
WARD, ELISHA                           MA-14-5-15
WARD, ELIZABETH                        MA-14-89-277
WARD, ELIZABETH                        MA-14-556-401
WARD, EPHRAIM                          MA-14-97-295
WARD, EPHRAIM                          MA-14-50-166
WARD, FANNY                            MA-14-394-362
WARD, FRANCIS                          MA-14-514-79
WARD, GEORGE L.                        MA-14-565-124
WARD, HARRISON                         MA-14-504-491
WARD, JABEZ                            MA-14-93-410
WARD, JACOB                            MA-14-397-531
WARD, JAMES                            MA-14-543-406
WARD, JAMES JR.                        MA-14-521-209
WARD, JOHN                             MA-14-86-292
WARD, JONAS                            MA-14-39-529
WARD, JONAS                            MA-14-24-391
WARD, JONAS                            MA-14-86-55
WARD, JONAS                            MA-14-400A-430
WARD, JONATHAN                         MA-14-91-729
WARD, JONATHAN                         MA-14-23-384
WARD, JONATHAN E.                      MA-14-551-99
WARD, LAWRENCE                         MA-14-500-147
WARD, MARTHA                           MA-14-26-67
WARD, MARY                             MA-14-538-176
WARD, MARY H.                          MA-14-470-34
WARD, NAHUM                            MA-14-4-342
WARD, NAHUM                            MA-14-80-423
WARD, PATRICK                          MA-14-531-82
WARD, RICHARD                          MA-14-543-113
WARD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-59-580
WARD, SIMON                            MA-14-93-73
WARD, THOMAS                           MA-14-2-670
WARD, THOMAS                           MA-14-580-552
WARD, THOMAS W.                        MA-14-75-473
WARD, THOMAS W.                        MA-14-473-215
WARD, WILLIAM JR.                      MA-14-5-16
WARDEN, JOHN                           MA-14-548-226
WARDWELL, EDWARD T.                    MA-14-457-369
WARE, ABBIE N.                         MA-14-543-80
WARE, AMOS                             MA-14-97-143
WARE, AZARIAH                          MA-14-565-53
WARE, CALEB A.                         MA-14-531-104
WARE, ELLEN H.                         MA-14-573-319
WARE, EXPERIENCE                       MA-14-25-485A
WARE, HENRY W.                         MA-14-560--416
WARE, LUCY A. A.                       MA-14-495-196
WARE, LYDIA                            MA-14-400A-431
WARE, PELATIAH                         MA-14-52-70
WARE, THORNTON K.                      MA-14-487-150
WARE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-398-264
WARE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-398-229
WARFIELD, ALEXANDER J.                 MA-14-555-457
WARFIELD, DENE                         MA-14-91-441
WARFIELD, ELIHU                        MA-14-29-428
WARFIELD, JOHN                         MA-14-57-81
WARFIELD, MARY J.                      MA-14-495-175
WARFIELD, OBADIAH                      MA-14-400A-345
WARFIELD, REUEL T.                     MA-14-483-153
WARFIELD, SAMUEL                       MA-14-89-21
WARFIELD, SAMUEL                       MA-14-399-504
WARFIELD, WILLIAM W.                   MA-14-533-415
WARK, ROBERT                           MA-14-458-175
WARNECKE, HENRY                        MA-14-478-537
WARNER, AARON                          MA-14-13-439
WARNER, CALEB                          MA-14-46-504
WARNER CALVIN                          MA-14-56-152
WARNER, CALVIN                         MA-14-93-299
WARNER, CATHERINE B.                   MA-14-485-64
WARNER, DANIEL                         MA-14-84-324
WARNER, DAVID                          MA-14-3-451
WARNER, ELIAS                          MA-14-86-283
WARNER, ELIJAH                         MA-14-50-560
WARNER, ELIZABETH P.                   MA-14-521-472
WARNER, FRANKLIN S.                    MA-14-398-20
WARNER, GEORGE G.                      MA-14-500-413
WARNER, GILES                          MA-14-89-427
WARNER, HANNAH                         MA-14-84-113
WARNER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-8-215
WARNER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-72-196
WARNER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-31-476
WARNER, L. ALMIRA                      MA-14-483-441
WARNER, LOVISA                         MA-14-86-648
WARNER, NATHAN                         MA-14-24-102
WARNER, WALTER                         MA-14-548-544
WARNER, WAREHAM                        MA-14-50-115
WARNER, WARTERS W.                     MA-14-580-188
WARNER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-56-458
WARNER, WILLIAMA .                     MA-14-506-380
WARREN, ---                            SEE ALSO: WARRIN
WARREN, AARON                          MA-14-32-69
WARREN, ANSON                          MA-14-554-103
WARREN, AUGUSTA A.                     MA-14-487-169
WARREN, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-3-374A
WARREN, CHARLES                        MA-14-95-350
WARREN, CHARLES W.                     MA-14-556-402
WARREN, CLARA I.                       MA-14-565-76
WARREN, DANIEL                         MA-14-27-140
WARREN, DARIUS                         MA-14-569-364
WARREN, DELPHIA                        MA-14-399-124
WARREN, EBENEZER                       MA-14-52-188
WARREN, ELI                            MA-14-398-334
WARREN, ELIJAH                         MA-14-13-355
WARREN, ELIJAH                         MA-14-395-479
WARREN, ELIPHALET                      MA-14-46-413
WARREN, ELIZABETH H.                   MA-14-394-65
WARREN, EUNICE                         MA-14-72-652
WARREN, FERDINAND                      MA-14-84-458
WARREN, HANNAH                         MA-14-89-7
WARREN, HARRIET                        MA-14-578-391
WARREN, HERBERT L.                     MA-14-571-157
WARREN, HIRAM                          MA-14-495-482
WARREN, HORACE S.                      MA-14-543-429
WARREN, JAMES J.                       MA-14-495-186
WARREN, JANE                           MA-14-575-494
WARREN, JESSE S.                       MA-14-396-93
WARREN, JOEL                           MA-14-400A-345
WARREN, JOHN                           MA-14-395-171
WARREN, JOHN                           MA-14-48-191
WARREN, JOHN                           MA-14-66-278
WARREN, JOHN                           MA-14-400A-419
WARREN, JONATHAN                       MA-14-86-23
WARREN, JOSEPH                         MA-14-397-90
WARREN, JOSEPH G.                      MA-14-538-201
WARREN, LAURA ANN                      MA-14-568-254
WARREN, LEANDER                        MA-14-395-380
WARREN, LUKE                           MA-14-93-592
WARREN, MARIE LOOUISE                  MA-14-457-348
WARREN, MARINDA                        MA-14-497-156
WARREN, MARTHA A.                      MA-14-531-78
WARREN, MARY                           MA-14-396-101,204, 494
WARREN, MARY A.                        MA-14-563-433
WARREN, MARY G.                        MA-14-399-581
WARREN, NAHUM                          MA-14-400A-87
WARREN, OLIVE G.                       MA-14-497-184
WARREN, RUFUS E.                       MA-14-483-439
WARREN, SARAH A.                       MA-14-485-461
WARREN, SARAH E.                       MA-14-559-237
WARREN, SILAS                          MA-14-24-138
WARREN, SILAS                          MA-14-91-286
WARREN, SOLOMON                        MA-14-56-18
WARREN, SUMNER                         MA-14-93-75
WARREN, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-32-125
WARREN, TIMOTHY W.                     MA-14-97-74
WARREN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-396-377
WARREN, WILLIAM E.                     MA-14-572-116
WARREN, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-551-88
WARRIN, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-11-189
WARRIN, THOMAS                         MA-14-11-266
WASHBURN, ADALINE A.                   MA-14-500-386
WASHBURN, AUGUSTUS                     MA-14-86-104
WASHBURN, CHARLES F.                   MA-14-495-517
WASHBURN, CHARLES H.                   MA-14-555-375
WASHBURN, ELIZABETH B. C.              MA-14-495-521
WASHBURN, ICHABOD                      MA-14-399-1
WASHBURN, JOHN M.                      MA-14-395-281
WASHBURN, LOUISE J.                    MA-14-500-97
WASHBURN, RUTH                         MA-14-66-77
WASHBURN, SETH                         MA-14-25-422
WATER, JOHN                            MA-14-400A-245
WATERMAN, FREDERICK                    MA-14-573-312
WATERMAN, PEREZ                        MA-14-52-623
WATERS, ABRAHAM                        MA-14-52-163
WATERS, ASA                            MA-14-43-282
WATERS, BETTY                          MA-14-21-154
WATERS, BRIDGET                        MA-14-495-176
WATERS, BUCKLEY                        MA-14-50-510
WATERS, ELIJAH                         MA-14-91-200
WATERS, ELIJAH                         MA-14-38-661
WATERS, ELIJAH                         MA-14-89-286
WATERS, ELIJAH                         MA-14-43-533
WATERS, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-80-665
WATERS, FANNY C.                       MA-14-394-176
WATERS, GARDNER                        MA-14-25-179
WATERS, HITTE                          MA-14-397-496
WATERS, ISRAEL                         MA-14-57-263
WATERS, JOHN                           MA-14-56-52
WATERS, JOHN                           MA-14-89-428
WATERS, JONATHAN                       MA-14-20-451
WATERS, JONATHAN                       MA-14-80-501
WATERS, JOSEPH                         MA-14-33-203
WATERS, MARY                           MA-14-56-80
WATERS, MARY                           MA-14-504-458
WATERS, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-458-212
WATERS, OLIVIA P.                      MA-14-546-89
WATERS, RICHARD                        MA-14-21-283
WATERS, RUSSELL                        MA-14-475-29
WATERS, SIMEON                         MA-14-91-402
WATERS, STEPHEN                        MA-14-50-506
WATERS, SUSAN                          MA-14-91-160
WATKINS, ELIZA T.                      MA-14-568-259
WATKINS, GARDNER A.                    MA-14-559-244
WATKINS, GEORGE                        MA-14-399-312
WATKINS, GEORGE                        MA-14-12-266
WATKINS, JEHIEL                        MA-14-97-177
WATKINS, MARY E.                       MA-14-580-550
WATKINS, ZACHEUS                       MA-14-52-77
WATSON, AARON                          MA-14-521-490
WATSON, ALBERT                         MA-14-93-457
WATSON, AMOS                           MA-14-66-467
WATSON, ARTHUR H.                      MA-14-400A-618
WATSON, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-72-293
WATSON, BETSEY                         MA-14-399-471
WATSON, CHARLES                        MA-14-398-231
WATSON, CLARISSA S.                    MA-14-475-95
WATSON, DINAH                          MA-14-31-409
WATSON, ELIZA                          MA-14-543-458
WATSON, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-487-413
WATSON, HANNAH                         MA-14-89-151
WATSON, HENRY                          MA-14-89-601
WATSON, HORACE F.                      MA-14-457-226
WATSON, J. CLARENCE                    MA-14-548-507
WATSON, JACOB W.                       MA-14-396-582
WATSON, JAMES L.                       MA-14-555-410
WATSON, JEMIMA H.                      MA-14-509-239
WATSON, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-95-318
WATSON, JOHN                           MA-14-10-529
WATSON, JOHN                           MA-14-22-51
WATSON, JOHN                           MA-14-26-434
WATSON, LORENZO                        MA-14-563-398
WATSON, LORY S.                        MA-14-535-519
WATSON, LUCY                           MA-14-86-368
WATSON, MARTHA E.                      MA-14-86-88
WATSON, OLIVER                         MA-14-33-337
WATSON, ROBERT                         MA-14-394-160
WATSON, SAMUEL B.                      MA-14-399-474
WATSON, SAMUEL S.                      MA-14-93-269
WATSON, THANKFUL                       MA-14-50-323
WATSON, THOMAS                         MA-14-39-537
WATSON, WILLIAM                        MA-14-89-5
WATSON, WILLIAM                        MA-14-66-244
WATSON, WILLIAM A.                     MA-14-400A-279
WATSON, WILLIAM W.                     MA-14-395-73
WATTS, DAVID                           MA-14-538-120
WEARS, WONDER                          MA-14-80-496
WEATHERBEE, EPHRAIM D.                 MA-14-500-426
WEATHERBEE, ESTHER M.                  MA-14-457-479
WEATHERBEE, PAUL                       MA-14-9-504
WEAVER, FRACNES C.                     MA-14-97-497
WEBB, ELIZA ROXANNA                    MA-14-533-397
WEBB, HANNAH P.                        MA-14-399-547
WEBB, JOHN                             MA-14-551-15
WEBB, JONATHAN                         MA-14-400A-192
WEBB, NATHAN                           MA-14-12-63
WEBB, SOPHIA                           MA-14-457-278
WEBBER, BENJAMIN N.                    MA-14-551-65
WEBBER, SARAH J.                       MA-14-559-208
WEBBER, SUSAN                          MA-14-457-349
WEBSTER, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-25-268
WEBSTER, ALEXANDER                     MA-14-487-487
WEBSTER, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-6-216
WEBSTER, CLIFTON C.                    MA-14-563-443
WEBSTER, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-93-51
WEBSTER, HENRY T.                      MA-14-396-514
WEBSTER, MARIA P.                      MA-14-509-198
WEBSTER, MELVIN                        MA-14-395-137
WEBSTER, PHEBE P.                      MA-14-473-214
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                        MA-14-395-87
WEBSTER, THOMAS                        MA-14-31-385
WEDGE, DANIEL                          MA-14-14-440
WEDGE, ELI                             MA-14-89-153
WEDGE, MARY F.                         MA-14-470-54
WEDLAND, SARAH                         MA-14-13-241
WEED, NORMAN                           MA-14-556-425
WEEKS, CLARENCE B.                     MA-14-500-141
WEEKS, HANNAH                          MA-14-395-393
WEEKS, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-39-314
WEIDNER, CHRISTINE                     MA-14-483-460
WEIDNER, ROBERT C.                     MA-14-521-483
WEIN, MARGARET                         MA-14-504-253
WEISMAN, ANTON                         MA-14-500-112
WEISS, JOHN                            MA-14-86-542
WEIXLER, MARY C.                       MA-14-551-28
WELCH, ELLEN A.                        MA-14-552-209
WELCH, HELEN H.                        MA-14-504-223
WELCH, ITHIEAL                         MA-14-568-195
WELCH, JAMES                           MA-14-575-478
WELCH, JOHN                            MA-14-457-589
WELCH, LUCY P.                         MA-14-458-190
WELCH, MICHAEL J.                      MA-14-823-205
WELCH, PATRICK                         MA-14-400A-61
WELCH, SYLVESTER S.                    MA-14-457-100
WELCH, THOMAS                          MA-14-95-302
WELD, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-399-573
WELD, ALBERT E.                        MA-14-535-478
WELD, BETSEY S.                        MA-14-398-93
WELD, CALEB                            MA-14-91-330
WELD, DANIEL                           MA-14-18-491
WELD, DEBORAH                          MA-14-66-316
WELD, EZRA B.                          MA-14-483-434
WELD, JOHN                             MA-14-97-265
WELD, JOHN                             MA-14-8-313
WELD, JOSIAH                           MA-14-39-69
WELD, MELINDA                          MA-14-396-345
WELD, MOSES                            MA-14-35-121
WELD, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-80-611
WELD, VELINDA                          MA-14-397-68
WELD, WILLIAM                          MA-14-43-149
WELD, WILLIAM                          MA-14-504-287
WELD, WILLIAM A.                       MA-14-568-214
WELDEN, POLLY                          MA-14-72-638
WELLER, ARDEN                          MA-14-399-399
WELLINGTON, ADELAIDE F.                MA-14-399-399
WELLINGTON, CHARLEST                   MA-14-395-210
WELLINGTON, GEORGE W.                  MA-14-554-41
WELLINGTON, HENRY B.                   MA-14-483-94
WELLINGTON, MARTHA P.                  MA-14-556-446
WELLINGTON, NATHAN W.                  MA-14-541-95
WELLMAN, CATHARINE H.                  MA-14-492-273
WELLMAN, WILLIAM J.                    MA-14-478-497
WELLS, EMILY A.                        MA-14-485-386
WELLS, JOHN                            MA-14-394-254
WELLS, LOUISA                          MA-14-89-642
WELLS, LUCY B.                         MA-14-531-447
WELLS, MARTHA D.                       MA-14-500-385
WELLS, MARY ANN                        MA-14-487-202
WELLS, SARAH E.                        MA-14-394-309
WELSH, AMASA T.                        MA-14-533-123
WELSH, BETSY                           MA-14-457-209
WELSH, ELLEN                           MA-14-400A-347
WELSH, GUILFORD                        MA-14-399-559
WELSH, JONAS                           MA-14-84-326
WELSH, MARY                            MA-14-398-266
WENDELL, MARTHA                        MA-14-397-164
WENTWORTH, LOUISA T.                   MA-14-504-506
WENTWORTH, THOMAS S.                   MA-14-577-12
WERNER, JOHN                           MA-14-560--436
WESCOTT, EDWARD M.                     MA-14-504-256
WESCOTT, JOHN F.                       MA-14-543-426
WESSON, AZUBAH M.                      MA-14-396-193
WESSON, CHARLES                        MA-14-398-213
WESSON, JOSIAH                         MA-14-86-369
WESSON, LOIS                           MA-14-580-214
WESSON, MARY ANN                       MA-14-514-365
WESSON, ORINDA E. B.                   MA-14-575-451
WESSON, POLLY                          MA-14-396-438
WEST, CHARLES                          MA-14-86-131
WEST, GEORGE                           MA-14-84-120
WEST, GEORGE P.                        MA-14-497-519
WEST, HENRY D.                         MA-14-548-194
WEST, LORENZO                          MA-14-551-22
WEST, MARSHALL O.                      MA-14-580-286
WEST, MARY E.                          MA-14-395-397
WESTCOTT, ABBIE                        MA-14-497-473
WESTCOTT, ELIZABETH A.                 MA-14-556-422
WESTON, AMOS                           MA-14-394-18
WESTON, ASA                            MA-14-72-7
WESTON, ELIJAH                         MA-14-89-539
WESTON, EPHRAIM W.                     MA-14-93-710
WESTON, IRVING E.                      MA-14-457-477
WESTON, JAMES                          MA-14-20-501
WESTON, JAMES                          MA-14-80-276
WESTON, JOSHUA                         MA-14-84-255
WESTON, ORRIN HOLT                     MA-14-485-3
WESTON, RHODA                          MA-14-89-537
WESTON, SALLY P.                       MA-14-516-508
WESTON, SAMUEL                         MA-14-80-515
WETHERBEE, ANNA                        MA-14-395-342
WETHERBEE, CHANDLER                    MA-14-541-49
WETHERBEE, CHARLES                     MA-14-39-141
WETHERBEE, DAVID                       MA-14-86-66
WETHERBEE, DOROTHY                     MA-14-398-139
WETHERBEE, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-30-335
WETHERBEE, EZRA                        MA-14-91-2
WETHERBEE, JESSE B.                    MA-14-400A-131
WETHERBEE, JOHN                        MA-14-470-66
WETHERBEE, JOHN                        MA-14-28-230
WETHERBEE, LUCY ANN                    MA-14-563-457
WETHERBEE, MARSHALL                    MA-14-568-244
WETHERBEE, MARY                        MA-14-400A-580
WETHERBEE, PAUL                        MA-14-75-165
WETHERBEE, WILLIAM H.                  MA-14-521-482
WETHERBIE, ABBIE W.                    MA-14-495-528
WETHERELL, HESTER N.                   MA-14-548-522
WETHERELL, JOHN                        MA-14-400A-88
WETHERELL, JOHN W.                     MA-14-533-100
WETHERELL, LOUISA G.                   MA-14-535-210
WETHERELL, SARAH                       MA-14-523-178
WHALAHAN, PATRICK                      MA-14-397-288
WHALAND, CATHERINE                     MA-14-485-400
WHALEN, ANTO                           MA-14-478-305
WHALEN, PETER                          MA-14-538-123
WHALEN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-478-84
WHALIHAN, MICHAEL                      MA-14-555-409
WHALON, MICHAEL                        MA-14-555-409
WHARFIELD, ELIPHALET                   MA-14-3-251
WHARTON, ROBERT                        MA-14-548-538
WHEAT, JOSEPH                          MA-14-89-34
WHEATLEY, JOSEPH                       MA-14-495-527
WHEATON, CHRISTOPHER                   MA-14-533-101
WHEATON, CHRISTOPHER                   MA-14-28-297
WHEATON, ELMIRA                        MA-14-554-134
WHEATON, SARAH                         MA-14-9-265
WHEELER, ABIGAI                        MA-14-395-445
WHEELER, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-93-116
WHEELER, ADAM                          MA-14-95-53
WHEELER, ADAM                          MA-14-31-181
WHEELER, ALMIRA                        MA-14-580-164
WHEELER, AMELIA                        MA-14-397-166
WHEELER, AMELIA A.                     MA-14-559-154
WHEELER, AMOS                          MA-14-398-266
WHEELER, AMOS                          MA-14-52-285
WHEELER, AMOS                          MA-14-86-518
WHEELER, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-93-128
WHEELER, BETSEY                        MA-14-399-317
WHEELER, CATY                          MA-14-56-491
WHEELER, CHARLES                       MA-14-7-229
WHEELER, CHARLES A.                    MA-14-398-233
WHEELER, CLINTON D.                    MA-14-492-245
WHEELE,R DANIEL                        MA-14-396-515
WHEELER, DANIEL                        MA-14-41-539
WHEELER, DANIEL R.                     MA-14-578-364
WHEELER, DEBORAH                       MA-14-91-687
WHEELER, DEBORAH W.                    MA-14-84-155
WHEELER, DIADAMIA                      MA-14-399-73
WHEELER, EBENEZER                      MA-14-30-166
WHEELER, ELI                           MA-14-395-257
WHEELER, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-516-501
WHEELER, ELLEN P.                      MA-14-506-421
WHEELER, ERASTUS W.                    MA-14-492-214
WHEELER, FRANK E.                      MA-14-504-260
WHEELER, GEORGE                        MA-14-559-225
WHEELER, HANNAH H.                     MA-14-86-497
WHEELER, HARRIET S.                    MA-14-506-391
WHEELER, ISAAC                         MA-14-48-514
WHEELER, JAMES                         MA-14-66-234
WHEELER, JAMES                         MA-14-26-378
WHEELER, JENNISON                      MA-14-546-440
WHEELER, JOHN                          MA-14-397-275
WHEELER, JOHN                          MA-14-95-432
WHEELER, JOHN                          MA-14-395-43
WHEELER, JOHN B.                       MA-14-86-389
WHEELER, JONATHAN                      MA-14-400A-580
WHEELER, JONATHAN                      MA-14-86-459
WHEELER, JONATHAN                      MA-14-26-86
WHEELER, JONATHAN                      MA-14-24-44
WHEELER, JOSEPH                        MA-14-16-143
WHEELER, JOSEPH                        MA-14-2-584
WHEELER, JOSIAH                        MA-14-66-44
WHEELER, LEVI                          MA-14-75-388
WHEELER, LEWIS                         MA-14-91-641
WHEELER, LEWIS B.                      MA-14-559-223
WHEELER, LOVINAH                       MA-14-399-122
WHEELER, LUCY                          MA-14-398-380
WHEELER, LUTHER                        MA-14-84-247
WHEELER, LYDIA                         MA-14-523-176
WHEELER, MOSES                         MA-14-72-148
WHEELER, MOSES W.                      MA-14-511-64
WHEELER, NANCY                         MA-14-95-82
WHEELER, NANCY                         MA-14-80-666
WHEELER, NELSON                        MA-14-95-214
WHEELER, OBADIAH                       MA-14-33-399
WHEELER, OBADIAH                       MA-14-66-258
WHEELER, PETER                         MA-14-39-435
WHEELER, PHEBE                         MA-14-91-338
WHEELER, PHINEAS S.                    MA-14-551-10
WHEELER, RACHEL                        MA-14-23-194
WHEELER, REBECCA B.                    MA-14-475-89
WHEELER, REBEKAH                       MA-14-497-239
WHEELER, RHODA B.                      MA-14-483-164
WHEELER, RUSSELL                       MA-14-59-311
WHEELER, SAMUEL                        MA-14-72-18
WHEELER, SAMUEL A.                     MA-14-531-427
WHEELER, SAMUEL H.                     MA-14-509-143
WHEELER, SARAH                         MA-14-22-352
WHEELER, SARAH J.                      MA-14-574-177
WHEELER, SARAH WHITNEY                 MA-14-569-306
WHEELER, SILAS                         MA-14-66-22
WHEELER, STEPHEN                       MA-14-75-531
WHEELER, THEOPHILUS                    MA-14-84-237
WHEELER, THOMAS                        MA-14-33-181
WHEELER, THOMAS                        MA-14-10-367
WHEELER, THOMAS M.                     MA-14-398-234
WHEELER, TILPAH (HOUGHTON)             MA-14-457-439
WHEELOCK, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-29-472
WHEELOCK, ADAMS                        MA-14-89-257
WHEELOCK, AMASA                        MA-14-457-27
WHEELOCK, ANDROS                       MA-14-400A-231
WHEELOCK, AUSTIN G.                    MA-14-568-224
WHEELOCK, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-2-520
WHEELOCK, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-46-314
WHEELOCK, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-13-402
WHEELOCK, CALVIN                       MA-14-535-149
WHEELOCK, CHARLES                      MA-14-397-423
WHEELOCK, EBENEZER                     MA-14-30-277
WHEELOCK, ELI                          MA-14-75-44
WHEELOCK, EPHRAIM                      MA-14-93-595
WHEELOCK, EUNICE                       MA-14-50-618
WHEELOCK, EXPERIENCE                   MA-14-80-530
WHEELOCK, EXPERIENCE                   MA-14-36-38
WHEELOCK, FRANCIS                      MA-14-72-613
WHEELOCK, GEORGE H.                    MA-14-516-249
WHEELOCK, GERSHOM                      MA-14-11-147
WHEELOCK, GERSHOM                      MA-14-84-431
WHEELOCK, GERSHOM                      MA-14-34-382
WHEELOCK, HANNAH                       MA-14-33-42
WHEELOCK, JANE E.                      MA-14-533-84
WHEELOCK, JEROME                       MA-14-578-301
WHEELOCK, JOHN                         MA-14-14-339
WHEELOCK, JOHN A.                      MA-14-89-552
WHEELOCK, JONATHAN                     MA-14-21-49
WHEELOCK, JOSEPH                       MA-14-4-68
WHEELOCK, JOSHUA                       MA-14-72-295
WHEELOCK, JOSIAH                       MA-14-26-269
WHEELOCK, JOSIAH                       MA-14-66-535
WHEELOCK, JUBAL                        MA-14-395-138
WHEELOCK, JULIA A.                     MA-14-531-448
WHEELOCK, LAURA A.                     MA-14-399-372
WHEELOCK, LEWIS                        MA-14-36-410
WHEELOCK, LUKE M.                      MA-14-457-357
WHEELOCK, LUTHER                       MA-14-535-459
WHEELOCK, LYDIA                        MA-14-56-155
WHEELOCK, MARTHA                       MA-14-84-248
WHEELOCK, MARTIN                       MA-14-395-502
WHEELOCK, MARTIN                       MA-14-395-374
WHEELOCK, MARY A.                      MA-14-559-202
WHEELOCK, MARY A.                      MA-14-487-482
WHEELOCK, MARY R.                      MA-14-487-473
WHEELOCK, MOSES B.                     MA-14-89-527
WHEELOCK, NAHOR                        MA-14-20-166
WHEELOCK, NAHUM                        MA-14-57-232
WHEELOCK, NATHAN                       MA-14-56-205
WHEELOCK, NATHAN A.                    MA-14-93-155
WHEELOCK, OBADIAH                      MA-14-7-327
WHEELOCK, OBADIAH                      MA-14-6-526
WHEELOCK, OBADIAH                      MA-14-34-114
WHEELOCK, PAUL                         MA-14-36-125
WHEELOCK, PAUL                         MA-14-13-381
WHEELOCK, PERSIS                       MA-14-400A-267
WHEELOCK, PETER                        MA-14-30-546
WHEELOCK, PHEBE                        MA-14-89-482
WHEELOCK, RACHEL S.                    MA-14-514-393
WHEELOCK, REBECCA                      MA-14-75-14
WHEELOCK, SALLY                        MA-14-399-538
WHEELOCK, SETH                         MA-14-46-168
WHEELOCK, SILAS                        MA-14-25-110
WHEELOCK, SILAS M.                     MA-14-572-34
WHEELOCK, SUSAN P.                     MA-14-506-388
WHEELOCK, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-41-352
WHEELOCK, TRIAL                        MA-14-59-70
WHEELOCK, TRISTRAM S.                  MA-14-458-192
WHEELOCK, WATE                         MA-14-395-124
WHELAN, BRIDGET A.                     MA-14-823-447
WHELAN, PETER                          MA-14-457-224
WHELER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-397-554
WHIPPE, DOLLY                          MA-14-457-26
WHIPPLE, CATHARINE                     MA-14-86-89
WHIPPLE, CHARLES                       MA-14-470-25
WHIPPLE, EDWARD                        MA-14-56-518
WHIPPLE, ELIZA W.                      MA-14-541-341
WHIPPLE, FRANCIS                       MA-14-21-145
WHIPPLE, FRANKLIN                      MA-14-478-515
WHIPPLE, JACOB                         MA-14-20-111
WHIPPLE, JAMES                         MA-14-9-238
WHIPPLE, JAMES A.                      MA-14-397-17
WHIPPLE, JOHN                          MA-14-1-6
WHIPPLE, JOHN                          MA-14-2-51
WHIPPLE, JOHN C.                       MA-14-823-285
WHIPPLE, JOHN W.                       MA-14-400A-461
WHIPPLE, JOHN W.                       MA-14-400A-420
WHIPPLE, JONATHAN                      MA-14-5-265
WHIPPLE, JOSEPH                        MA-14-57-191
WHIPPLE, JOSEPH                        MA-14-11-438
WHIPPLE, MOSES K.                      MA-14-538-130
WHIPPLE, NAHUM                         MA-14-66-410
WHIPPLE, NANCY H.                      MA-14-514-43
WHIPPLE, PERLEY                        MA-14-91-581
WHIPPLE, THOMAS                        MA-14-39-382
WHITAKER, LOUISE J.                    MA-14-572-59
WHITAKER, MARY ANN                     MA-14-457-358
WHITCOMB, ABEL                         MA-14-84-518
WHITCOMB, ABEL                         MA-14-397-456
WHITCOMB, ABIGAIL F.                   MA-14-457-407
WHITCOMB, ASA                          MA-14-34-361
WHITCOMB, BENJAMIN F.                  MA-14-399-539
WHITCOMB, CHAPMAN                      MA-14-72-598
WHITCOMB, CYNTHIA A.                   MA-14-823-546
WHITCOMB, DAVID                        MA-14-20-514
WHITCOMB, ELEAZER                      MA-14-14-360
WHITCOMB, ELEAZER                      MA-14-13-553
WHITCOMB, ELIZA                        MA-14-483-406
WHITCOMB, EPHRAIM                      MA-14-66-142
WHITCOMB, FRANCIS                      MA-14-66-109
WHITCOMB, GEORGE                       MA-14-399-199
WHITCOMB, ISRAEL                       MA-14-84-215
WHITCOMB, ISRAEL                       MA-14-26-254
WHITCOMB, ISRAEL S.                    MA-14-86-250
WHITCOMB, JACOB                        MA-14-400A-607
WHITCOMB, JAMES                        MA-14-8-275
WHITCOMB, JOB                          MA-14-39-192
WHITCOMB, JONATHAN                     MA-14-66-537
WHITCOMB, JOSEPH                       MA-14-470-61
WHITCOMB, JOSIAH                       MA-14-11-277
WHITCOMB, LUCY                         MA-14-86-112
WHITCOMB, MARY                         MA-14-1-108
WHITCOMB, MILLA                        MA-14-80-498
WHITCOMB, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-12-13
WHITCOMB, NELSON                       MA-14-514-348
WHITCOMB, PHINEAS                      MA-14-57-601
WHITCOMB, RACHEL                       MA-14-10-127
WHITCOMB, REUBEN                       MA-14-396-140
WHITCOMB, REUBEN JR.                   MA-14-395-172
WHITCOMB, SILAS                        MA-14-39-45
WHITCOMB, SOPHIA                       MA-14-75-126
WHITE, AARON                           MA-14-89-189
WHITE, ALONZO                          MA-14-492-240
WHITE, ALPHEUS                         MA-14-398-479
WHITE, ASA                             MA-14-56-345
WHITE, AUSTIN D.                       MA-14-521-215
WHITE, BENJAMIN F.                     MA-14-541-51
WHITE, BETSEY L.                       MA-14-89-258
WHITE, BEZALEEL                        MA-14-28-413
WHITE, CHLOE                           MA-14-72-133
WHITE, CHRISTIAN                       MA-14-89-475
WHITE, CLARISSA D.                     MA-14-553-505
WHITE, CORNELIUS                       MA-14-30-203
WHITE, DAVID                           MA-14-18-548
WHITE, EDWIN F.                        MA-14-563-480
WHITE, ELISHA                          MA-14-400A-385
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-89-499
WHITE, EUNICE                          MA-14-89-288
WHITE, EZEKIEL                         MA-14-80-71, 199
WHITE, JAMES                           MA-14-89-177
WHITE, JEREMIAH                        MA-14-91-342
WHITE, JESSE                           MA-14-66-568
WHITE, JOEL                            MA-14-75-466
WHITE, JOHN                            MA-14-17-170
WHITE, JOHN                            MA-14-15-304
WHITE, JOHN                            MA-14-399-184
WHITE, JOHN                            MA-14-27-207
WHITE, JOHN                            MA-14-57-477
WHITE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-397-18
WHITE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-16-322
WHITE, JOSIAH                          MA-14-33-101
WHITE, JOSIAH                          MA-14-8-442
WHITE, JUDITH                          MA-14-25-425
WHITE, JULIA                           MA-14-75-164
WHITE, LAURA A.                        MA-14-89-347
WHITE, LAVINIA N.                      MA-14-523-164
WHITE, LEVI                            MA-14-457-649
WHITE, LOIS M.                         MA-14-398-552
WHITE, LORY                            MA-14-66-487
WHITE, LUCIE                           MA-14-546-434
WHITE, MARGARET                        MA-14-511-303
WHITE, MARIA P.                        MA-14-504-500
WHITE, MARVIN                          MA-14-396-440
WHITE, MARY                            MA-14-394-389
WHITE, MARY                            MA-14-516-153
WHITE, MARY A.                         MA-14-538-204
WHITE, MARY ANN                        MA-14-457-225
WHITE, NANCY F.                        MA-14-569-335
WHITE, NATHAN                          MA-14-97-39
WHITE, NATHANIEL H.                    MA-14-33-296
WHITE, OLIVE                           MA-14-396-471
WHITE, PETER                           MA-14-17-181
WHITE, PETER                           MA-14-396-37
WHITE, PETER                           MA-14-56-261
WHITE, PETER                           MA-14-72-319
WHITE, PHEBE                           MA-14-397-237
WHITE, REBECKAH                        MA-14-75-550
WHITE, RUTH                            MA-14-33-50
WHITE, SALOME                          MA-14-396-16
WHITE, SALVENUS                        MA-14-93-612
WHITE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-8-82
WHITE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-397-312
WHITE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-19-449
WHITE, SARAH CORDELIA                  MA-14-506-340
WHITE, SARAH E.                        MA-14-531-400
WHITE, SIMON                           MA-14-398-495
WHITE, SMITH                           MA-14-57-84
WHITE, SOPHRONIA B.                    MA-14-485-44
WHITE, STEPHEN                         MA-14-533-402
WHITE, THOMAS                          MA-14-11-98
WHITE, THOMAS                          MA-14-2-698
WHITE, THOMAS                          MA-14-24-59
WHITE, THOMAS                          MA-14-458-213
WHITE, THOMAS                          MA-14-56-323
WHITE, THOMAS                          MA-14-66-62
WHITE, WILLIAM A.                      MA-14-399-125
WHITE, WILLIAM C.                      MA-14-50-218
WHITE, WINDSOR W.                      MA-14-400A-357
WHITE, ZOA ADELIA L.                   MA-14-506-386
WHITESIDE, WILLIAM J.                  MA-14-535-171
WHITFORD, JULIA S.                     MA-14-535-438
WHITFORD, S. ELIZABETH                 MA-14-514-387
WHITIN, BETSEY                         MA-14-398-480
WHITIN, CHARLES E.                     MA-14-470-99
WHITIN, JAMES FLETCHER                 MA-14-575-461
WHITIN, PAUL                           MA-14-72-136
WHITIN, ROXCENA                        MA-14-398-481
WHITIN, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-495-507
WHITING, ABBIE E.                      MA-14-483-432
WHITING, ABNER                         MA-14-80-121
WHITING, ASA                           MA-14-75-579
WHITING, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-398-140
WHITING, BENJAMIN G.                   MA-14-556-448
WHITING, BETHANY                       MA-14-89-350
WHITING, CALEB                         MA-14-52-166
WHITING, CHARLES W.                    MA-14-457-134
WHITING, DANIEL                        MA-14-457-502
WHITING, ELIHU                         MA-14-80-569
WHITING, ELIZA                         MA-14-473-269
WHITING, GALEN                         MA-14-89-439
WHITING, J. DANFORTH                   MA-14-398-335
WHITING, JASON                         MA-14-72-334
WHITING, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-29-496
WHITING, JOANNA                        MA-14-397-168
WHITING, JOSEPH                        MA-14-75-313
WHITING, JOSIAH                        MA-14-556-396
WHITING, JOSIAH                        MA-14-50-334
WHITING, LEMUEL                        MA-14-52-389
WHITING, MARY                          MA-14-93-458
WHITING, NELSON                        MA-14-531-417
WHITING, NELSON                        MA-14-95-389
WHITING, PAUL                          MA-14-56-552
WHITING, PEREZ                         MA-14-492-230
WHITING, PEREZ                         MA-14-91-339
WHITING, RUFUS                         MA-14-56-514
WHITING, SALLY G.                      MA-14-400A-461
WHITING, SARAH                         MA-14-572-49
WHITING, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-59-333
WHITING, WARNER M.                     MA-14-395-375
WHITMAN, ALMIRA R.                     MA-14-557-374
WHITMAN, AUGUSTUS                      MA-14-457-621
WHITMAN, CALVIN R.                     MA-14-398-464
WHITMAN, DAVIS                         MA-14-86-516
WHITMAN, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-531-381
WHITMAN, JEROME                        MA-14-485-7
WHITMAN, JOSEPH                        MA-14-394-446
WHITMAN, LAODICEA A.                   MA-14-580-146
WHITMAN, LUELLA B.                     MA-14-823-187
WHITMAN, ZACHARIAH                     MA-14-35-171
WHITMORE, ENOCH                        MA-14-86-526
WHITMORE, HARRIET A.                   MA-14-823-389
WHITMORE, ISAAC                        MA-14-95-54
WHITMORE, JOHN                         MA-14-25-84
WHITMORE, LYDIA                        MA-14-56-622
WHITMORE, M. SOPHIA                    MA-14-566-79
WHITMORE, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-52-148
WHITNEY, AARON                         MA-14-15-357
WHITNEY, AARON                         MA-14-396-634
WHITNEY, AARON                         MA-14-48-458
WHITNEY, AARON P.                      MA-14-478-273
WHITNEY, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-59-660
WHITNEY, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-33-214
WHITNEY, ABIGAIL C.                    MA-14-506-335
WHITNEY, ABIJAH                        MA-14-27-120
WHITNEY, ADELINE                       MA-14-485-422
WHITNEY, ALBERT                        MA-14-396-401
WHITNEY, AMOS                          MA-14-398-419
WHITNEY, AMOS                          MA-14-89-602
WHITNEY, ANDREW                        MA-14-50-427
WHITNEY, AUGUSTINE                     MA-14-546-430
WHITNEY, BAXTER D.                     MA-14-823-533
WHITNEY, BENJAMIN JR.                  MA-14-57-172
WHITNEY, BETSEY                        MA-14-80-22
WHITNEY, BETSEY                        MA-14-397-296
WHITNEY, CALEB                         MA-14-56-378
WHITNEY, DANIEL                        MA-14-458-198
WHITNEY, DANIEL 2ND                    MA-14-400A-608
WHITNEY, DANIEL S.                     MA-14-72-517
WHITNEY, DAVID                         MA-14-398-140
WHITNEY, DAVID                         MA-14-80-554
WHITNEY, DORCAS                        MA-14-395-195
WHITNEY, ELECTA B.                     MA-14-487-130
WHITNEY, ELIAS                         MA-14-66-274
WHITNEY, ELIJAH                        MA-14-397-479
WHITNEY, ELIJAH                        MA-14-48-600
WHITNEY, ELISHA M.                     MA-14-457-62
WHITNEY, ELIZA ANN                     MA-14-514-12
WHITNEY, ELIZA J.                      MA-14-470-451
WHITNEY, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-5-304
WHITNEY, EMMA                          MA-14-541-77
WHITNEY, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-57-545
WHITNEY, EUNICE C.                     MA-14-473-255
WHITNEY, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-4-183
WHITNEY, EZRA                          MA-14-89-314
WHITNEY, FANNIE P.                     MA-14-497-220
WHITNEY, FRANCIS N.                    MA-14-490-534
WHITNEY, FRANCIS W.                    MA-14-506-326
WHITNEY, GEORGE                        MA-14-533-420
WHITNEY, GEORGE C.                     MA-14-823-423
WHITNEY, GROVER S.                     MA-14-398-392
WHITNEY, HANANIAH                      MA-14-75-349
WHITNEY, HARRISON B.                   MA-14-531-24
WHITNEY, HARRY M.                      MA-14-578-378
WHITNEY, HEPZIBAH                      MA-14-91-406
WHITNEY, HIRAM                         MA-14-457-210
WHITNEY, IAIAIH                        MA-14-86-24
WHITNEY, ISAAC                         MA-14-394-100
WHITNEY, ISAAC                         MA-14-95-361
WHITNEY, ISAIAH                        MA-14-50-191
WHITNEY, ISAIAH                        MA-14-398-215
WHITNEY, ISAIAH 3RD                    MA-14-41-476
WHITNEY, ISRAEL                        MA-14-95-331
WHITNEY, ISRAEL                        MA-14-66-39
WHITNEY, JACOB                         MA-14-59-205
WHITNEY, JAMES                         MA-14-50-513
WHITNEY, JANE ADAMS                    MA-14-483-117
WHITNEY, JESSE                         MA-14-46-305
WHITNEY, JESSE                         MA-14-91-230
WHITNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-2-658
WHITNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-86-519
WHITNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-394-101
WHITNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-458-193
WHITNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-52-26
WHITNEY, JOHN H.                       MA-14-555-442
WHITNEY, JONAS                         MA-14-11-213
WHITNEY, JONAS                         MA-14-24-112
WHITNEY, JONAS P.                      MA-14-457-249
WHITNEY, JONATHAN                      MA-14-89-315
WHITNEY, JOSEPH G.                     MA-14-398-497
WHITNEY, JOSHUA                        MA-14-36-409
WHITNEY, JOSHUA                        MA-14-394-203
WHITNEY, JOSHUA A.                     MA-14-548-527
WHITNEY, JOSIAH                        MA-14-50-197
WHITNEY, LEMUEL                        MA-14-93-379
WHITNEY, LEVI                          MA-14-93-246
WHITNEY, LEVI T.                       MA-14-91-585
WHITNEY, LEWIS E.                      MA-14-457-135
WHITNEY, LUCY                          MA-14-50-15
WHITNEY, LUCY                          MA-14-397-19
WHITNEY, LUCY                          MA-14-86-210
WHITNEY, LUCY                          MA-14-485-35
WHITNEY, LUCY W.                       MA-14-538-516
WHITNEY, LUSANA C.                     MA-14-400A-317
WHITNEY, MARIA H.                      MA-14-394-296
WHITNEY, MARY                          MA-14-86-471
WHITNEY, MARY                          MA-14-84-216
WHITNEY, MARY                          MA-14-97-232
WHITNEY, MARY                          MA-14-396-401
WHITNEY, MARY A.                       MA-14-533-409
WHITNEY, MARY C.                       MA-14-478-532
WHITNEY, MARY R.                       MA-14-553-437
WHITNEY, MOSES                         MA-14-39-234
WHITNEY, NANCY                         MA-14-457-441
WHITNEY, NANCY                         MA-14-457-557
WHITNEY, NATHAN                        MA-14-32-129
WHITNEY, NATNANIEL                     MA-14-13-531
WHITNEY, OHIO                          MA-14-399-375
WHITNEY, OHIO                          MA-14-457-53
WHITNEY, OLIER                         MA-14-31-52
WHITNEY, OLIVER                        MA-14-95-122
WHITNEY, PETER                         MA-14-46-622
WHITNEY, POLLY                         MA-14-396-585
WHITNEY, REBECCAH                      MA-14-478-296
WHITNEY, REUBEN                        MA-14-398-336
WHITNEY, REUBEN                        MA-14-56-617
WHITNEY, RICHARD                       MA-14-28-265
WHITNEY, RICHARD                       MA-14-397-238
WHITNEY, SALLY L.                      MA-14-457-135
WHITNEY, SALMON                        MA-14-86-595
WHITNEY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-80-249
WHITNEY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-396-402
WHITNEY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-21-426
WHITNEY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-75-504
WHITNEY, SARAH                         MA-14-551-68
WHITNEY, SARAH A. M.                   MA-14-395-444
WHITNEY, SARAH E.                      MA-14-559-191
WHITNEY, SCHUYLER                      MA-14-457-136
WHITNEY, SIMON                         MA-14-50-373
WHITNEY, SIMON                         MA-14-14-362
WHITNEY, SIMON                         MA-14-57-432
WHITNEY, SIMRI                         MA-14-399-560
WHITNEY, SOPHIA                        MA-14-396-214
WHITNEY, STEPHEN                       MA-14-398-216
WHITNEY, SUMNER A.                     MA-14-395-193
WHITNEY, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-93-10
WHITNEY, WALDO                         MA-14-541-105
WHITNEY, WALTER                        MA-14-398-187
WHITNEY, WASHBURN W.                   MA-14-487-177
WHITNEY, WETHERBEE                     MA-14-13-231
WHITNEY, WILLIAM F.                    MA-14-543-159
WHITNEY, WILLIAM W.                    MA-14-473-163
WHITNEY, ZACHARIAH                     MA-14-66-248
WHITNEY, ZEBUDAH                       MA-14-41-516
WHITOCMB, JOEL                         MA-14-86-133
WHITTAKER, CATHEIRNE J.                MA-14-478-474
WHITTALL, ELLEN                        MA-14-516-251
WHITTEKER, ANNA H.                     MA-14-555-401
WHITTEMORE, AMOS                       MA-14-93-460
WHITTEMORE, CATY                       MA-14-89-35
WHITTEMORE, CHARLES                    MA-14-400A-636
WHITTEMORE, DANIEL                     MA-14-400A-609
WHITTEMORE, DAVID                      MA-14-52-333
WHITTEMORE, DWIGHT                     MA-14-458-41
WHITTEMORE, EBENEZER                   MA-14-31-381
WHITTEMORE, ELISHA                     MA-14-394-161
WHITTEMORE, EMILY                      MA-14-562-99
WHITTEMORE, GEORGE                     MA-14-531-39
WHITTEMORE, HEZEKIAH P.                MA-14-514-322
WHITTEMORE, ISAAC                      MA-14-75-249
WHITTEMORE, JOEL                       MA-14-485-438
WHITTEMORE, JOEL                       MA-14-9-392
WHITTEMORE, JOHN                       MA-14-11-502
WHITTEMORE, LAURA L.                   MA-14-535-208
WHITTEMORE, MARSHALL                   MA-14-578-338
WHITTEMORE, MARTHA                     MA-14-91-586
WHITTEMORE, MARTHA A.                  MA-14-506-374
WHITTEMORE, MARY L.                    MA-14-504-495
WHITTEMORE, NANCY                      MA-14-84-296
WHITTEMORE, NATHANIEL                  MA-14-95-470
WHITTEMORE, NATHANIEL                  MA-14-10-338
WHITTEMORE, OTIS                       MA-14-523-180
WHITTEMORE, ROXANNA                    MA-14-546-410
WHITTEMORE, SAMUEL                     MA-14-509-207
WHITTEMORE, SARAH E.                   MA-14-400A-297
WHITTEMORE, THANKFUL                   MA-14-80-511
WHITTIER, NANCY S.                     MA-14-495-508
WHITTLEMORE, EVELYN H.                 MA-14-565-73
WHITTON, SALLY                         MA-14-97-178
WHTINEY, ASAPH B.                      MA-14-485-363
WHTINEY, DANIEL                        MA-14-75-297
WICKER, DAVID                          MA-14-91-688
WICKER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-48-320
WIDDIFIELD, CHARLES                    MA-14-395-284
WIGGIN, SYLVESTER S.                   MA-14-504-461
WIGHT, A. MARIA                        MA-14-511-301
WIGHT, ALMIRA C.                       MA-14-86-222
WIGHT, ALPHEUS                         MA-14-91-609
WIGHT, CATHARINE                       MA-14-66-67
WIGHT, CHARLES                         MA-14-457-63
WIGHT, CHARLES P.                      MA-14-95-408
WIGHT, DANIEL R.                       MA-14-506-395
WIGHT, DAVID                           MA-14-56-498
WIGHT, HORATIO                         MA-14-495-152
WIGHT, NANCY M.                        MA-14-531-380
WIGHT, PHEBE A.                        MA-14-483-449
WIGHT, SARAH A.                        MA-14-563-437
WIGHT, WILLIAM                         MA-14-490-501
WIGHTMAN, BETSEY                       MA-14-93-613
WIKLKINSON, EBENEZER                   MA-14-50-338
WILBY, ELLEN                           MA-14-485-426
WILCOTT, HEPZIBAH                      MA-14-89-290
WILCOX, ANN M.                         MA-14-557-434
WILCOX, GILBERT H.                     MA-14-504-446
WILCOX, JULIA F.                       MA-14-521-460
WILCOX, MARY A.                        MA-14-560--410
WILCOX, NANCY B.                       MA-14-470-444
WILCOX, RHODA                          MA-14-400A-139
WILCOX, SOPHRONIA S.                   MA-14-485-88
WILCOX, STEPHEN                        MA-14-458-10
WILCOX, WILLIAM                        MA-14-521-205
WILCOX, WILLIAM                        MA-14-521-204
WILDER, ABEL C.                        MA-14-397-480
WILDER, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-7-330
WILDER, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-46-536
WILDER, ABIGAIL W.                     MA-14-398-523
WILDER, ANDREW J.                      MA-14-396-441
WILDER, ANNA                           MA-14-15-285
WILDER, ANNA W.                        MA-14-396-603
WILDER, ANNIS                          MA-14-398-420
WILDER, ARTEMAS                        MA-14-400A-154
WILDER, ARTHUR J.                      MA-14-577-51
WILDER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-86-223
WILDER, BETSEY                         MA-14-89-626
WILDER, CALVIN                         MA-14-93-228
WILDER, CHARLES W.                     MA-14-91-442
WILDER, CHARLES W.                     MA-14-400A-62
WILDER, CLARRISSA                      MA-14-531-58
WILDER, DAVID                          MA-14-89-627
WILDER, DAVID                          MA-14-398-54
WILDER, DAVID                          MA-14-14-39
WILDER, DAVID                          MA-14-46-534
WILDER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-2-452
WILDER, EDWARD                         MA-14-394-362
WILDER, EDWARD                         MA-14-75-55
WILDER, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-457-249
WILDER, ELIZABETH S.                   MA-14-457-28
WILDER, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-34-48
WILDER, ERASMUS D.                     MA-14-399-417
WILDER, EUNICE                         MA-14-394-232
WILDER, GARDNER                        MA-14-21-89
WILDER, GARDNER                        MA-14-39-47
WILDER, GEORGE                         MA-14-400A-100
WILDER, HANNAH                         MA-14-14-375
WILDER, HANNAH                         MA-14-394-364
WILDER, HARRIET                        MA-14-397-592
WILDER, HARRIET                        MA-14-487-465
WILDER, HARRISON                       MA-14-93-542
WILDER, J. MASON                       MA-14-473-254
WILDER, JAMES                          MA-14-16-41
WILDER, JAMES                          MA-14-1-398
WILDER, JAMES                          MA-14-86-114
WILDER, JOEL                           MA-14-457-590
WILDER, JOEL                           MA-14-89-415
WILDER, JOHN                           MA-14-5-148
WILDER, JOHN                           MA-14-93-76
WILDER, JONAS                          MA-14-89-128
WILDER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-25-398
WILDER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-93-501
WILDER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-5-276
WILDER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-13-493
WILDER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-57-443
WILDER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-89-376
WILDER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-21-447
WILDER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-17-156
WILDER, LUKE                           MA-14-97-235
WILDER, LYDIA                          MA-14-32-132
WILDER, LYDIA P.                       MA-14-511-20
WILDER, MARCIA A.                      MA-14-396-634
WILDER, MARSHALL                       MA-14-89-103
WILDER, MARTHA                         MA-14-18-483
WILDER, MARY                           MA-14-57-336
WILDER, MARY M.                        MA-14-86-206
WILDER, MARY S.                        MA-14-531-74
WILDER, MIRICK                         MA-14-394-229
WILDER, MOSES                          MA-14-93-157
WILDER, NAHUM                          MA-14-395-139
WILDER, OLIVER                         MA-14-395-424
WILDER, OLIVER                         MA-14-21-207
WILDER, OSGOOD                         MA-14-398-248
WILDER, PHINAS                         MA-14-32-165
WILDER, PHINEAS                        MA-14-84-122
WILDER, REBECCAH                       MA-14-457-102
WILDER, RELIEF                         MA-14-93-270
WILDER, ROSALVA K.                     MA-14-538-156
WILDER, ROXANNA                        MA-14-86-461
WILDER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-66-193
WILDER, SARAH                          MA-14-57-159
WILDER, SARAH                          MA-14-52-535
WILDER, SARAH R.                       MA-14-86-152
WILDER, SAVILON E.                     MA-14-504-240
WILDER, SIDNEY R.                      MA-14-396-75
WILDER, SILAS                          MA-14-75-57
WILDER, SPENCER                        MA-14-396-378
WILDER, STEPHEN                        MA-14-52-529
WILDER, SUSIE                          MA-14-478-275
WILDER, THOMAS                         MA-14-30-489
WILDER, THOMAS B.                      MA-14-478-89
WILDER, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-72-158
WILDER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-48-56
WILDER, WILLIAM G.                     MA-14-535-510
WILDING, THOMAS                        MA-14-565-70
WILEY, JOSEPH                          MA-14-4-240
WILEY, NANCY R.                        MA-14-397-592
WILILAMS, ALBERT W.                    MA-14-556-444
WILKER, JACOB                          MA-14-396-38
WILKERBEE, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-2-418
WILKINSON, ABIGAIL                     MA-14-394-406
WILKINSON, ALEXANDER T.                MA-14-546-373
WILKINSON, JESSE                       MA-14-93-569
WILKINSON, LOVICY THAYER               MA-14-487-460
WILKINSON, SILENCE J.                  MA-14-492-489
WILLAD, JANE A.                        MA-14-497-208
WILLAD, LYDIA                          MA-14-72-5
WILLAIMS, ABIEL D.                     MA-14-568-188
WILLARD, ABEL                          MA-14-84-261
WILLARD, AMASA                         MA-14-86-205
WILLARD, ANDREW H.                     MA-14-580-549
WILLARD, ARABELLA                      MA-14-572-91
WILLARD, ARCHIBALD                     MA-14-89-553
WILLARD, ASA                           MA-14-6-59
WILLARD, CALVIN                        MA-14-398-270
WILLARD, CEPHAS                        MA-14-457-318
WILLARD, DANIEL                        MA-14-91-533
WILLARD, DAVID                         MA-14-80-123
WILLARD, ELEANOR                       MA-14-95-504
WILLARD, ISAAC                         MA-14-34-379
WILLARD, JAMES                         MA-14-396-54
WILLARD, JEROME H.                     MA-14-569-388
WILLARD, JOHN                          MA-14-91-225
WILLARD, JOHN                          MA-14-394-72
WILLARD, JOHN                          MA-14-25-196
WILLARD, JOHN B.                       MA-14-573-331
WILLARD, JOSEPH                        MA-14-29-78
WILLARD, JOSEPH                        MA-14-13-160
WILLARD, JOSEPH K.                     MA-14-562-66
WILLARD, JOSEPHUS                      MA-14-80-435
WILLARD, JOSIAH                        MA-14-57-70
WILLARD, LEVI                          MA-14-89-365
WILLARD, LEVI                          MA-14-13-199
WILLARD, LYDIA                         MA-14-398-56
WILLARD, MARGARET                      MA-14-80-238
WILLARD, MARY A.                       MA-14-97-75
WILLARD, MIRANDA                       MA-14-95-92
WILLARD, NATHAN                        MA-14-398-78
WILLARD, OLIVE                         MA-14-72-138
WILLARD, OREN                          MA-14-457-54
WILLARD, POLLY                         MA-14-97-522
WILLARD, RHODA                         MA-14-95-204
WILLARD, ROWLAND                       MA-14-495-547
WILLARD, RUTH H.                       MA-14-394-114
WILLARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-95-319
WILLARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-4-133
WILLARD, SIMON                         MA-14-396-472
WILLARD, SUSANNA                       MA-14-397-297
WILLARD, WARREN                        MA-14-483-428
WILLARD, WILLIAM                       MA-14-80-240
WILLARD, WILLIAM                       MA-14-80-623
WILLARD, WILLIAM BOWLES                MA-14-478-222
WILLARD, WILLIAM H.                    MA-14-557-341
WILLCOX, DANIEL                        MA-14-52-490
WILLCOX, DAVID                         MA-14-52-131
WILLCOX, JONATHAN                      MA-14-89-324
WILLCOX, SIBBEL                        MA-14-395-136
WILLIAMS, ABEL B.                      MA-14-398-125
WILLIAMS, ABIEL                        MA-14-91-361
WILLIAMS, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-394-390
WILLIAMS, ADALINE                      MA-14-470-1
WILLIAMS, ALICE                        MA-14-95-434
WILLIAMS, ANN M.                       MA-14-492-244
WILLIAMS, ANNA                         MA-14-59-197
WILLIAMS, ANNA                         MA-14-95-532
WILLIAMS, ASENATH                      MA-14-514-328
WILLIAMS, BERNETTE H.                  MA-14-457-458
WILLIAMS, CALEB S.                     MA-14-457-266
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE M.                  MA-14-543-87
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                      MA-14-559-192
WILLIAMS, CHARLES C.                   MA-14-395-295
WILLIAMS, CHARLES C.                   MA-14-485-367
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE H.                 MA-14-485-20
WILLIAMS, CHESTER                      MA-14-86-474
WILLIAMS, CHLOE                        MA-14-93-288
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                       MA-14-39-53
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                       MA-14-80-476
WILLIAMS, DANIEL 2ND                   MA-14-80-283
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER                     MA-14-72-273
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER S.                  MA-14-511-238
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH C.                 MA-14-395-194
WILLIAMS, EUNICE S.                    MA-14-400A-353
WILLIAMS, GEORGE E.                    MA-14-559-216
WILLIAMS, JAIRUS                       MA-14-823-370
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         MA-14-72-507
WILLIAMS, JOHN I.                      MA-14-546-467
WILLIAMS, JOHN R.                      MA-14-457-103
WILLIAMS, JUDE                         MA-14-75-133
WILLIAMS, LOVELL                       MA-14-531-63
WILLIAMS, LOVELL P.                    MA-14-93-478
WILLIAMS, MARCY                        MA-14-86-252
WILLIAMS, MARY B.                      MA-14-531-38
WILLIAMS, MOSES                        MA-14-97-119
WILLIAMS, MOSES D.                     MA-14-483-176
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-48-256
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-95-332
WILLIAMS, NEWELL                       MA-14-95-305
WILLIAMS, OWEN                         MA-14-86-604
WILLIAMS, PARLEY                       MA-14-395-194
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                      MA-14-3-493
WILLIAMS, ROXANNA N.                   MA-14-523-177
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       MA-14-11-191
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        MA-14-399-335
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        MA-14-478-514
WILLIAMS, SELINDA                      MA-14-84-452
WILLIAMS, SETH                         MA-14-397-91
WILLIAMS, SUSAN                        MA-14-395-258
WILLIAMS, SUSAN                        MA-14-394-230
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       MA-14-457-56
WILLINGTON, CLARK                      MA-14-75-577
WILLINGTON, EBENEZER                   MA-14-46-394
WILLINGTON, EBER                       MA-14-399-515
WILLINGTON, REBECCA                    MA-14-396-346
WILLIS, CYRUS A.                       MA-14-823-539
WILLIS, EBENEZER                       MA-14-41-604
WILLIS, HIRAM                          MA-14-396-516
WILLIS, JABEZ                          MA-14-89-290
WILLIS, LUCY FLORA                     MA-14-562-138
WILLIS, MARY A.                        MA-14-475-86
WILLISTON, JOSEPH                      MA-14-72-562
WILLSON, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-72-519
WILLSON, EDWARD                        MA-14-6-96
WILLSON, FANNY P.                      MA-14-571-129
WILLSON, HARRIET M.                    MA-14-559-155
WILLSON, HUBBARD                       MA-14-509-237
WILLSON, ISABEL M.                     MA-14-497-197
WILLSON, LUTHER                        MA-14-397-21
WILLSON, WILLIAM P.                    MA-14-492-193
WILMARTH, HANNAH C.                    MA-14-457-650
WILMARTH, LYDIA M.                     MA-14-399-434
WILMARTH, NANCY J.                     MA-14-563-459
WILMOUTH, MASON                        MA-14-52-276
WILSON, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-91-261
WILSON, AZARIAH                        MA-14-56-119
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-394-407
WILSON, CALVIN W.                      MA-14-580-380
WILSON, CORNELIA L.                    MA-14-555-448
WILSON, DATY                           MA-14-483-456
WILSON, ESTHER                         MA-14-458-260
WILSON, ESTHER                         MA-14-487-443
WILSON, FRANCIS S.                     MA-14-580-46
WILSON, GEORGE                         MA-14-480-496
WILSON, GILBERT D.                     MA-14-97-121
WILSON, GRACE                          MA-14-29-450
WILSON, HANNAH                         MA-14-543-379
WILSON, JAMES                          MA-14-399-74
WILSON, JANE                           MA-14-400A-548
WILSON, JEDEDIAH                       MA-14-72-235
WILSON, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-2-393
WILSON, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-2-219
WILSON, JERUSHA W.                     MA-14-533-473
WILSON, JOEL                           MA-14-394-200
WILSON, JOEL D.                        MA-14-487-158
WILSON, JOHN                           MA-14-14-356
WILSON, JOSEPH S.                      MA-14-514-406
WILSON, LYDIA                          MA-14-50-114
WILSON, MARY J.                        MA-14-492-285
WILSON, MARY MARIA                     MA-14-541-388
WILSON, NATHAN                         MA-14-84-58
WILSON, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-59-234
WILSON, PATTY                          MA-14-394-104
WILSON, POLLEY A.                      MA-14-93-271
WILSON, ROBERT                         MA-14-30-219
WILSON, RUSSELL                        MA-14-511-241
WILSON, SALLY B.                       MA-14-397-569
WILSON, SAMUEL                         MA-14-31-382
WILSON, SARAH B.                       MA-14-511-49
WILSON, SUKEY                          MA-14-394-202
WILSON, SUSAN                          MA-14-394-105
WILSON, TRYPHENA                       MA-14-35-45
WINCH, DAVID                           MA-14-13-234
WINCH, DAVID                           MA-14-43-64
WINCH, JAMES                           MA-14-12-434
WINCH, JOHN                            MA-14-492-231
WINCH, JOHN                            MA-14-91-730
WINCH, MARTIN D.                       MA-14-562-113
WINCH, OLIVE                           MA-14-95-520
WINCH, WILLIAM                         MA-14-546-420
WINCHESTER, BENJAMIN                   MA-14-7-556
WINCHESTER, ELHANAN                    MA-14-458-214
WINCHESTER, FITCH                      MA-14-398-337
WINCHESTER, HENRY                      MA-14-487-135
WINCHESTER, JACOB B.                   MA-14-86-75
WINCHESTER, JONATHAN                   MA-14-399-549
WINCHESTER, NANCY F.                   MA-14-531-449
WINCHESTER, SALLY                      MA-14-485-24
WINCHESTER, SARAH                      MA-14-91-287
WINCHESTER, SILAS W.                   MA-14-394-62
WINCHESTER, THOMAS                     MA-14-21-2
WINCHESTER, WILLIAM                    MA-14-93-513
WINDLE, JOHN EMERY                     MA-14-823-29
WINDLE, THOMAS                         MA-14-475-84
WING, JABEZ                            MA-14-59-251
WING, JAMES                            MA-14-23-183
WING, MARY B.                          MA-14-458-61
WINGATE, AARON                         MA-14-457-624
WINN, BETSEY                           MA-14-396-18
WINN, CLARA W.                         MA-14-580-473
WINN, JACOB                            MA-14-23-311
WINN, JACOB H.                         MA-14-399-472
WINN, SARAH A.                         MA-14-500-98
WINN, WILLIAM                          MA-14-56-188
WINSHIP, JOHN                          MA-14-457-328
WINSHIP, JONAS                         MA-14-398-498
WINSLOW, ASA                           MA-14-18-615
WINSLOW, EZRA                          MA-14-80-253
WINSLOW, JOHN                          MA-14-395-178
WINSLOW, JONATHAN                      MA-14-59-400
WINSLOW, KENELM                        MA-14-13-486
WINSLOW, MARY W.                       MA-14-495-214
WINSLOW, PHEBE                         MA-14-75-59
WINSLOW, SAMUEL                        MA-14-509-152
WINSLOW, ZENAS                         MA-14-93-416
WINSOR, SAMUEL A.                      MA-14-521-478
WINTER, ABIGAIL R.                     MA-14-560--350
WINTER, DAVID                          MA-14-56-154
WINTER, MARY S.                        MA-14-574-197
WISE, JOHN                             MA-14-394-449
WISER, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-11-471
WISER, JAMES                           MA-14-39-486
WISHART, WILLIAM                       MA-14-523-184
WISWALL, NOAH                          MA-14-30-245
WISWALL, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-66-569
WISWALL, WILLIAM                       MA-14-91-33
WISWELL, EMILY E.                      MA-14-580-189
WISWELL, MARY E.                       MA-14-543-118
WITHERBEE, CALEB                       MA-14-5-449
WITHERBEE, HANNAH                      MA-14-75-553
WITHERBY, CATHERINE M. W.              MA-14-568-261
WITHERBY, ESTHER LOUISA                MA-14-523-218
WITHERBY, LUKE B.                      MA-14-485-447
WITHERBY, MARY                         MA-14-398-499
WITHERBY, THOMAS                       MA-14-66-276
WITHERBY, THOMAS                       MA-14-84-314
WITHERELL, JACOB                       MA-14-35-165
WITHINGTON, ASENATH                    MA-14-399-334
WITHINGTON, ELI                        MA-14-399-504
WITHINGTON, FRANK E.                   MA-14-823-384
WITHINGTON, GEORGE R. M.               MA-14-97-348
WITT, DAVID                            MA-14-28-496
WITT, EBENEZER                         MA-14-17-174
WITT, EBENEZER                         MA-14-397-571
WITT, OLIVER                           MA-14-36-133
WITT, THOMAS                           MA-14-36-429
WITTIG, JULIUS A. M.                   MA-14-577-21
WIXTEAD, LIZZIE E.                     MA-14-533-445
WLLLIAMS, WILLIAM K.                   MA-14-521-493
WOLCOTT, DANIEL                        MA-14-84-156
WOLLERSCHEID, HANNAH                   MA-14-533-471
WOLLERSCHIED, JOHN H.                  MA-14-497-214
WOLSON, ROBERT                         MA-14-27-465
WOOD, AARON                            MA-14-400A-297
WOOD, AARON                            MA-14-398-127
WOOD, ABAGAIL                          MA-14-457-56
WOOD, ABEL                             MA-14-89-191
WOOD, ABEL                             MA-14-89-97
WOOD, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-59-331
WOOD, ABIGAIL A.                       MA-14-397-46
WOOD, ABIJAH                           MA-14-84-268
WOOD, ALBERT BOWMAN                    MA-14-562-144
WOOD, AMASA                            MA-14-563-488
WOOD, ASA                              MA-14-66-174
WOOD, ASA                              MA-14-46-271
WOOD, ASA                              MA-14-394-73
WOOD, ASA F.                           MA-14-823-101
WOOD, ASENATH P.                       MA-14-500-446
WOOD, AUSTIN                           MA-14-495-188
WOOD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-89-637
WOOD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-36-222
WOOD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-457-611
WOOD, BETHYAH                          MA-14-75-431
WOOD, CALEB                            MA-14-75-115
WOOD, CAROLINE A.                      MA-14-569-399
WOOD, CARVER                           MA-14-48-486
WOOD, CHAPIN                           MA-14-395-230
WOOD, CHARLES                          MA-14-506-400
WOOD, CHARLES                          MA-14-538-117
WOOD, DARIUS                           MA-14-521-184
WOOD, DAVID                            MA-14-35-393
WOOD, DAVID                            MA-14-84-464
WOOD, DAVID                            MA-14-17-162
WOOD, DEBORAH                          MA-14-72-238
WOOD, DORCAS                           MA-14-93-121
WOOD, EBENEZER                         MA-14-1-224
WOOD, EBENEZER                         MA-14-41-28
WOOD, EBENEZER W.                      MA-14-97-104
WOOD, EDWIN A.                         MA-14-394-311
WOOD, ELISHA C.                        MA-14-552-240
WOOD, ELIZABETH H.                     MA-14-580-271
WOOD, EMELINE C.                       MA-14-557-343
WOOD, EMILY                            MA-14-538-179
WOOD, EMILY                            MA-14-398-340
WOOD, EMMA A.                          MA-14-485-399
WOOD, EMORY                            MA-14-398-571
WOOD, EUNICE ANN                       MA-14-475-308
WOOD, EZEKIEL                          MA-14-91-407
WOOD, EZEKIEL                          MA-14-86-161
WOOD, EZEKIEL                          MA-14-457-564
WOOD, EZRA                             MA-14-398-249
WOOD, EZRA                             MA-14-46-475
WOOD, GEORGE                           MA-14-84-257
WOOD, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-91-84
WOOD, GRINDALL                         MA-14-59-109
WOOD, HANNAH                           MA-14-20-503
WOOD, HANNAH                           MA-14-52-586
WOOD, HANNAH P.                        MA-14-400A-298
WOOD, HATNAN                           MA-14-11-492
WOOD, HENRY                            MA-14-57-42
WOOD, HEZEKIAH                         MA-14-39-531
WOOD, HOLLIS B.                        MA-14-538-538
WOOD, HOWARD                           MA-14-84-556
WOOD, ISAAC W.                         MA-14-398-341
WOOD, JAMES E.                         MA-14-397-594
WOOD, JAMES E.                         MA-14-397-594
WOOD, JOHN                             MA-14-394-177
WOOD, JOHN C.                          MA-14-500-184
WOOD, JOHN W.                          MA-14-546-463
WOOD, JONATHAN                         MA-14-33-298
WOOD, JONATHAN                         MA-14-36-88
WOOD, JONATHAN                         MA-14-15-255
WOOD, JOSEPH                           MA-14-91-588
WOOD, JOSEPH                           MA-14-457-480
WOOD, JOSEPH                           MA-14-91-503
WOOD, JOSHUA                           MA-14-32-77
WOOD, KIMBALL                          MA-14-34-190
WOOD, LEVI P.                          MA-14-573-310
WOOD, LUCY                             MA-14-41-186
WOOD, LUCY                             MA-14-93-558
WOOD, LYDIA                            MA-14-86-260
WOOD, MARK                             MA-14-72-60
WOOD, MARY                             MA-14-16-469
WOOD, MARY                             MA-14-66-415
WOOD, MARY                             MA-14-29-493
WOOD, MARY E.                          MA-14-457-178
WOOD, MARY R.                          MA-14-457-423
WOOD, MARY S.                          MA-14-823-144
WOOD, MATTHEW                          MA-14-59-380
WOOD, MIRA                             MA-14-93-5
WOOD, MOSES                            MA-14-399-126
WOOD, MOSES                            MA-14-504-208
WOOD, NANCY M.                         MA-14-400A-483
WOOD, NANCY M.                         MA-14-400A-521
WOOD, NATHAN                           MA-14-91-117, 201
WOOD, OBADIAH                          MA-14-52-480
WOOD, OBADIAH                          MA-14-93-95
WOOD, PATIENCE                         MA-14-91-670
WOOD, PERRY                            MA-14-470-118
WOOD, PERRY G.                         MA-14-95-436
WOOD, PRUDENCE                         MA-14-97-266
WOOD, SALLY                            MA-14-97-156
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-541-54
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-66-471
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-50-367
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-36-318
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-86-227
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-84-352
WOOD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-457-286
WOOD, SAMUEL N.                        MA-14-500-388
WOOD, SARAH F.                         MA-14-95-471
WOOD, SETH                             MA-14-41-275
WOOD, SETH                             MA-14-86-147
WOOD, SOLOMON                          MA-14-56-532
WOOD, SOLOMON                          MA-14-16-144
WOOD, SOPHIA                           MA-14-59-492
WOOD, SOPHIA P.                        MA-14-516-218
WOOD, STEPHEN                          MA-14-397-149
WOOD, STPEHEN                          MA-14-75-468
WOOD, SUSAN A.                         MA-14-580-174
WOOD, SUSAN F.                         MA-14-531-48
WOOD, SYLVANUS                         MA-14-506-363
WOOD, TAMAR                            MA-14-39-80
WOOD, THEOPHILUS P.                    MA-14-86-353
WOOD, THOMAS                           MA-14-35-396
WOOD, THOMAS                           MA-14-75-605
WOOD, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-483-107
WOOD, WILLIAM                          MA-14-568-178
WOOD, WILLIAM                          MA-14-396-318
WOOD, ZEPHANIAH                        MA-14-75-464
WOODARD, ASA                           MA-14-89-24
WOODARD, DWIGHT S.                     MA-14-397-573
WOODARD, JONAS                         MA-14-34-362
WOODARD, NANCY L.                      MA-14-492-289
WOODBURN, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-516-241
WOODBURN, STEWART                      MA-14-521-451
WOODBURY, ANDREW C.                    MA-14-823-227
WOODBURY, ANNA                         MA-14-394-38
WOODBURY, BENAJAH                      MA-14-31-75
WOODBURY, CHARLES                      MA-14-395-446
WOODBURY, DANIEL                       MA-14-86-527
WOODBURY, ELIZA M.                     MA-14-480-522
WOODBURY, EZEKIEL                      MA-14-56-241
WOODBURY, GEORGE                       MA-14-516-509
WOODBURY, GEORGE F.                    MA-14-495-548
WOODBURY, GIDEON                       MA-14-18-374
WOODBURY, HUBBARD                      MA-14-395-285
WOODBURY, ISRAEL                       MA-14-89-381
WOODBURY, JACOB B.                     MA-14-80-607
WOODBURY, JAMES T.                     MA-14-395-125
WOODBURY, JOHN                         MA-14-400A-40
WOODBURY, JONATHAN                     MA-14-66-241
WOODBURY, JOSEPH                       MA-14-80-80
WOODBURY, LUCY                         MA-14-395-443
WOODBURY, LUTHER F.                    MA-14-400A-591
WOODBURY, MEHETABLE                    MA-14-399-107
WOODBURY, MOSES C.                     MA-14-458-253
WOODBURY, SAMUEL                       MA-14-52-15
WOODBURY, SAMUEL                       MA-14-46-9
WOODBURY, SAMUEL F.                    MA-14-535-533
WOODBURY, SARAH T.                     MA-14-500-179
WOODBURY, SOPHIA S.                    MA-14-398-144
WOODBURY, ZADOCK                       MA-14-97-236
WOODCOCK, EMILY                        MA-14-546-3
WOODCOCK, JENNIE A.                    MA-14-475-33
WOODCOCK, JOHN                         MA-14-43-350
WOODCOCK, JOHN                         MA-14-457-591
WOODCOCK, MARY A.                      MA-14-514-72
WOODCOCK, SUSIE J.                     MA-14-541-90
WOODCOCK, W. LESLIE                    MA-14-543-162
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM L.                   MA-14-538-490
WOODDELL, HENRY J.                     MA-14-555-407
WOODFORD, MARY E.                      MA-14-511-300
WOODHEAD, GEORGE                       MA-14-580-19
WOODIS, AMNIA                          MA-14-457-267
WOODIS, CYRENE                         MA-14-93-516
WOODIS, ERASTUS F.                     MA-14-457-595
WOODIS, LUCIUS S. SR.                  MA-14-566-15
WOODIS, LUTHER W.                      MA-14-546-42
WOODIS, NATHAN                         MA-14-75-379
WOODIS, NATHAN                         MA-14-396-518
WOODMAN, CHARLES C.                    MA-14-475-87
WOODMAN, DANA                          MA-14-492-252
WOODMANCY, HENRY F.                    MA-14-543-405
WOODRUFF, HENRY H.                     MA-14-495-179
WOODRUFF, LOUISA A.                    MA-14-560--351
WOODS, ASA                             MA-14-86-529
WOODS, DAVID                           MA-14-29-317
WOODS, DORCAS                          MA-14-398-421
WOODS, EMERY J.                        MA-14-521-456
WOODS, GEORGE                          MA-14-487-200
WOODS, HARDING P.                      MA-14-397-532
WOODS, JAMES                           MA-14-14-359
WOODS, JAMES                           MA-14-93-412
WOODS, JAMES                           MA-14-25-420
WOODS, JASON                           MA-14-396-167
WOODS, JOHN                            MA-14-72-350
WOODS, JOHN                            MA-14-66-469
WOODS, JUSTUS                          MA-14-89-278
WOODS, LUCINDA                         MA-14-75-377
WOODS, LYDIA                           MA-14-95-246
WOODS, MARTHA                          MA-14-52-4
WOODS, NOAH                            MA-14-543-95
WOODS, RUTH                            MA-14-28-315
WOODS, SARAH G.                        MA-14-495-145
WOODS, THOMAS                          MA-14-531-387
WOODS, THOMAS                          MA-14-29-561
WOODSIDE, SAMUEL                       MA-14-538-533
WOODWARD, DAVID                        MA-14-97-267
WOODWARD, ELISHA                       MA-14-39-132
WOODWARD, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-93-231
WOODWARD, HENRY J.                     MA-14-559-230
WOODWARD, HORACE S.                    MA-14-396-314
WOODWARD, ISAAC B.                     MA-14-399-148
WOODWARD, JASON                        MA-14-56-412
WOODWARD, JOHN F.                      MA-14-43-581
WOODWARD, JOHN F.                      MA-14-457-408
WOODWARD, JOHN G.                      MA-14-490-195
WOODWARD, JOHN JR.                     MA-14-15-300
WOODWARD, JOSEPH                       MA-14-80-475
WOODWARD, JOSHUA                       MA-14-29-20
WOODWARD, MARTHA                       MA-14-457-12
WOODWARD, MARY                         MA-14-93-356
WOODWARD, MARY                         MA-14-523-220
WOODWARD, PAMELIA                      MA-14-551-13
WOODWARD, THOMAS                       MA-14-93-571
WOODWARD, TOPSAIL                      MA-14-52-423
WOODWARD, WILLIAM A.                   MA-14-95-474
WOODWORTH, JOHN B.                     MA-14-497-166
WOOLCOTT, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-11-519
WOOLLEY, HANNAH                        MA-14-543-467
WOOLSON, PAUL                          MA-14-399-216
WOOLWORTH, ALFRED                      MA-14-396-518
WORCESTER, MARY B.                     MA-14-470-38
WORCESTER, SAMPSON                     MA-14-89-74
WORDIS, HARRIET E.                     MA-14-516-188
WORK, LUCY J.                          MA-14-97-269
WORK, OLIVER                           MA-14-25-86
WORK, ROBERT                           MA-14-6-149
WORKMAN, MARY L.                       MA-14-511-244
WORKS, DANIEL                          MA-14-398-499
WORKS, LUCY                            MA-14-80-77
WORSTER, JOHN                          MA-14-41-536
WRAY, CATHERINE                        MA-14-546-60
WRIGHT, ABBIE C.                       MA-14-823-233
WRIGHT, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-72-563
WRIGHT, ALPHONSE                       MA-14-548-542
WRIGHT, AMANDA M.                      MA-14-566-96
WRIGHT, ARCHIBALD                      MA-14-457-169
WRIGHT, CORNELIA                       MA-14-572-99
WRIGHT, DORCAS W.                      MA-14-543-388
WRIGHT, EDWARD                         MA-14-394-37
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-457-300
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-478-50
WRIGHT, ELLA D.                        MA-14-554-122
WRIGHT, EMMA H.                        MA-14-492-517
WRIGHT, EMMA L.                        MA-14-535-215
WRIGHT, HENRY                          MA-14-580-104
WRIGHT, ISAAC C.                       MA-14-555-440
WRIGHT, ISABELLA H.                    MA-14-521-445
WRIGHT, JOEL                           MA-14-75-228
WRIGHT, JOHN F.                        MA-14-475-36
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                         MA-14-32-312
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                         MA-14-400A-421
WRIGHT, LABAN W.                       MA-14-533-458
WRIGHT, LUTHER                         MA-14-399-371
WRIGHT, MERIBAH                        MA-14-504-281
WRIGHT, OBADIAH                        MA-14-12-344
WRIGHT, RUFUS                          MA-14-50-198
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         MA-14-2-4
WRIGHT, SARAH                          MA-14-457-596
WRIGHT, SARAH                          MA-14-483-130
WRIGHT, SUSANNA                        MA-14-50-375
WRIGHT, THANKFUL                       MA-14-75-562
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         MA-14-97-412
WRIGHT, WALTER                         MA-14-400A-89
WRIN, CORNELIUS                        MA-14-399-356
WUORINEN, OSCAR                        MA-14-560--402
WYMAN, ABBY W.                         MA-14-504-483
WYMAN, ABIJAH                          MA-14-19-177
WYMAN, ALFRED                          MA-14-514-81
WYMAN, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-66-42
WYMAN, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH             MA-14-823-147
WYMAN, DAVID                           MA-14-80-632
WYMAN, EPHRAIM                         MA-14-16-35
WYMAN, FRANKLIN                        MA-14-495-519
WYMAN, HANNAH L.                       MA-14-546-397
WYMAN, HARRISON                        MA-14-95-335
WYMAN, HENRY S.                        MA-14-397-510
WYMAN, HENRY WARD                      MA-14-535-516
WYMAN, JOEL CUSHING                    MA-14-572-104
WYMAN, JONATHAN                        MA-14-400A-172
WYMAN, LUCY                            MA-14-400A-388
WYMAN, MARY A. P.                      MA-14-504-238
WYMAN, MARY R.                         MA-14-823-297
WYMAN, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-13-388
WYMAN, OLIVER                          MA-14-9-35
WYMAN, ROSS                            MA-14-36-282
WYMAN, RUTH                            MA-14-66-253
WYMAN, SARAH                           MA-14-93-125
WYMAN, SARAH M.                        MA-14-572-88

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