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LABRIE, MARIE LOUISE                   MA-14-548-459
LACHAPELLE, EMILY                      MA-14-504-431
LACHAPELLE, MARK                       MA-14-577-63
LACHARITE, ATHANAISE                   MA-14-823-162
LACKEY, ALBERT                         MA-14-400A-31
LACKEY, ANNAH L.                       MA-14-560--448
LACKEY, JOSHUA                         MA-14-66-438
LACKEY, JUDITH                         MA-14-50-298
LACKEY, LOIS                           MA-14-72-130
LACKEY, LYDIA                          MA-14-546-445
LACKEY, MARY A.                        MA-14-89-619
LACKEY, MATHEW                         MA-14-39-42
LACKEY, PERSIS                         MA-14-86-119
LACROIX, CHARLES                       MA-14-485-405
LADD, ALFRED D.                        MA-14-483-464
LADD, GEORGE H.                        MA-14-394-193
LADD, LUCY C.                          MA-14-492-546
LAFAVERE, FRANK                        MA-14-580-353
LAFLIN, SALEM                          MA-14-86-120
LAIN, HENRIETTA                        MA-14-457-153
LAIN, LUTHER                           MA-14-86-151
LAING, FRANCIS                         MA-14-556-443
LAJOIE, DAMASE                         MA-14-538-152
LAJOIE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-823-268
LAJOIE, MELINA (AMELIA)                MA-14-560--389
LAJOIE, NAPOLEON F.                    MA-14-563-477
LAKIN, HANNAH                          MA-14-93-493
LAKIN, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-91-458
LALIBERTI, MAXIME                      MA-14-500-141
LALLY, JAMES                           MA-14-562-130
LAMB, ABIJAH                           MA-14-93-653
LAMB, ABIJAH                           MA-14-57-519
LAMB, ANNA                             MA-14-91-49
LAMB, AUSTIN                           MA-14-400A-69
LAMB, CHALRES                          MA-14-86-399
LAMB, CHARLES                          MA-14-490-212
LAMB, CHARLES C.                       MA-14-485-440
LAMB, DAVID                            MA-14-394-352
LAMB, DAVID                            MA-14-398-220
LAMB, DAVID F.                         MA-14-400A-511
LAMB, DAVIS R.                         MA-14-396-112
LAMB, EBENEZER                         MA-14-50-502
LAMB, ELI B.                           MA-14-475-75
LAMB, EMMA F.                          MA-14-514-396
LAMB, FRANKLIN T.                      MA-14-457-552
LAMB, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-398-537
LAMB, HANNAH                           MA-14-395-473
LAMB, HANNAH                           MA-14-396-56
LAMB, HANNAH                           MA-14-75-557
LAMB, ISAAC                            MA-14-93-322
LAMB, ISRAEL                           MA-14-59-449
LAMB, JAMES                            MA-14-400A-125
LAMB, JOHN                             MA-14-26-474
LAMB, JOHN                             MA-14-535-165
LAMB, JOHN G.                          MA-14-400A-575
LAMB, JOHN M.                          MA-14-396-484
LAMB, JONAS                            MA-14-66-179
LAMB, JONAS                            MA-14-86-38
LAMB, JOSHUA                           MA-14-398-544
LAMB, LAVINIA                          MA-14-398-514
LAMB, LEVI                             MA-14-32-219
LAMB, LIBERTY JR.                      MA-14-514-58
LAMB, LUCIUS D.                        MA-14-97-289
LAMB, MARY A.                          MA-14-457-339
LAMB, SUSANNA                          MA-14-91-275
LAMB, WALDO                            MA-14-399-136
LAMB, WILLIAM M.                       MA-14-511-209
LAMB, WILLIAM T.                       MA-14-483-376
LAMBERT, EDMUND                        MA-14-580-336
LAMBERT, MICHAEL                       MA-14-533-445
LAMBERT, ROBERT E.                     MA-14-457-236
LAMMLEIN, CARL                         MA-14-577-92
LAMOND, ARCHIBALD                      MA-14-11-401
LAMOND, ROBERT                         MA-14-4-506
LAMOTHE, AMADIE A.                     MA-14-473-249
LAMSON, JOHN                           MA-14-32-73
LAMSON, MARY                           MA-14-36-169
LAMSON, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-56-361
LAMSON, NATHANIEL JR.                  MA-14-48-604
LAMSON, TAMAR                          MA-14-395-233
LAMSON, THOMAS                         MA-14-5-141
LAMSON, WILLIAM                        MA-14-80-573
LANCASTER, WALTER M.                   MA-14-569-358
LANDERS, ELLEN                         MA-14-565-36
LANDERS, KATIE A.                      MA-14-478-483
LANDERS, WILLIAM J.                    MA-14-475-285
LANDREVILLE, JOHN                      MA-14-506-377
LANE, ABIGAIL R.                       MA-14-568-183
LANE, ABRAHAM L.                       MA-14-396-154
LANE, ANTHONY                          MA-14-399-268
LANE, ANTHONY                          MA-14-399-301
LANE, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-75-539
LANE, CAROLINE                         MA-14-470-62
LANE, ELEAZER                          MA-14-59-437
LANE, ELIAS                            MA-14-394-194
LANE, FRANKLIN T.                      MA-14-580-256
LANE, FREDERIC                         MA-14-509-195
LANE, GEORGE A.                        MA-14-565-67
LANE, JAMES                            MA-14-504-440
LANE, JOB                              MA-14-4-354
LANE, JOHN                             MA-14-97-448
LANE, JONAS                            MA-14-89-496
LANE, JULIA                            MA-14-506-403
LANE, LOVISA                           MA-14-397-76
LANE, LYDIA                            MA-14-395-329
LANE, MARY M.                          MA-14-397-184
LANE, SUSAN                            MA-14-457-294
LANE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-487-187
LANG, MICHAEL                          MA-14-580-464
LANGDON, JOHN                          MA-14-400A-641
LANGIN, JAMES                          MA-14-506-389
LANIHAN, JAMES H.                      MA-14-554-137
LANKIN, JOHN                           MA-14-89-352
LANMAN, BRIDGET                        MA-14-398-221
LANMAN, NAOMI                          MA-14-89-123
LANSON, CLINTON P.                     MA-14-504-266
LAPHAM, CHARLES                        MA-14-400A-566
LAPHAM, MOWRY                          MA-14-497-235
LAPLANTE, ANTOINE                      MA-14-823-122
LAPORTE, EDWARD                        MA-14-578-341
LAPRADE, ROSE D.                       MA-14-543-398
LARIVIERE, HENRY J.                    MA-14-490-220
LARKIN, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-33-305
LARKIN, EDMOND                         MA-14-30-85
LARKIN, JAMES                          MA-14-492-537
LARKIN, JOHN                           MA-14-84-419
LARKIN, JOHN                           MA-14-473-225
LARKIN, PATRICK                        MA-14-823-78
LARKIN, PETER                          MA-14-46-269
LARKIN, SOLOMON                        MA-14-397-447
LARKIN, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-504-491
LARNED, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-399-329
LARNED, ABISHA                         MA-14-93-584
LARNED, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-66-264
LARNED, BENJAMIN F.                    MA-14-580-361
LARNED, CYNTHIA                        MA-14-578-373
LARNED, DAVIS                          MA-14-91-553
LARNED, EBENEZER                       MA-14-66-322
LARNED, ELIZABETH R.                   MA-14-457-510
LARNED, HANNAH E.                      MA-14-575-472
LARNED, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-394-354
LARNED, JOHN                           MA-14-395-58
LARNED, JOHN                           MA-14-86-643
LARNED, MOSES                          MA-14-541-384
LARNED, PITTS A.                       MA-14-533-115
LARNED, RUFUS                          MA-14-399-203
LARNED, STEPHEN                        MA-14-66-163
LARNED, WILLIAM JR.                    MA-14-23-98
LASALL, JOSHUA                         MA-14-72-515
LASHURE, HOPYT D.                      MA-14-495-210
LASSELLE, JOHN                         MA-14-475-239
LATAILLE, DELINA                       MA-14-823-221
LATHAM, ORANGE SCOTT                   MA-14-575-418
LATHE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-75-364
LATHE, MARTIN                          MA-14-400A-371
LATHE, MARY AGNES                      MA-14-573-289
LATHE, ROBERT                          MA-14-93-634
LATHE, SARAH                           MA-14-86-539
LATHE, ZEPHANIAH                       MA-14-93-396
LATHROP, ABIHAIL                       MA-14-397-77
LATHROP, JAMES W.                      MA-14-514-316
LATKE, JABEZ                           MA-14-95-265
LATKE, ZEPHANIAH                       MA-14-95-119
LAUGHLIN, JOHN                         MA-14-546-77
LAUGHTON, ARTEMAS                      MA-14-59-71
LAUGHTON, JOHN                         MA-14-91-241
LAUGHTON, RACHEL                       MA-14-39-174
LAURENCE, ALETHON                      MA-14-86-121
LAVALLE, LOUIS                         MA-14-478-52
LAVALLEE, FRANCOIS                     MA-14-495-544
LAVALLEE, PIERRE                       MA-14-495-162
LAVELLE, WILLIAM                       MA-14-478-5
LAVERDIERE, JOSEPH                     MA-14-823-190
LAVIN, HANNAH                          MA-14-495-217
LAVIN, HANNAH                          MA-14-535-183
LAWIDA, THOMAS                         MA-14-823-417
LAWLER, ELIZA                          MA-14-514-38
LAWRENCE, A. ELMIRA                    MA-14-490-470
LAWRENCE, ALVARUS                      MA-14-480-511
LAWRENCE, ANNA                         MA-14-89-270
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-9-369
LAWRENCE, BETSEY                       MA-14-394-268
LAWRENCE, BEZALEEL                     MA-14-84-502
LAWRENCE, CHARLES S.                   MA-14-559-212
LAWRENCE, D. LORING                    MA-14-563-442
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-395-325
LAWRENCE, FREDERIKKE G.                MA-14-483-447
LAWRENCE, GEORGE A.                    MA-14-516-216
LAWRENCE, HANNAH                       MA-14-470-105
LAWRENCE, HANNAH                       MA-14-12-185
LAWRENCE, HARRIET C.                   MA-14-580-465
LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE V.                 MA-14-543-448
LAWRENCE, JOSHUA                       MA-14-13-512
LAWRENCE, LOUISA A.                    MA-14-500-429
LAWRENCE, MARY                         MA-14-485-48
LAWRENCE, MARY LOUISA                  MA-14-500-429
LAWRENCE, OMON H.                      MA-14-497-538
LAWRENCE, SARAH A.                     MA-14-574-137
LAWRENCE, SARAH F.                     MA-14-552-183
LAWRENCE, SARAH M.                     MA-14-559-231
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                       MA-14-89-608
LAWRENCE, THOMAS R.                    MA-14-490-232
LAWRENCE, VERNON                       MA-14-400A-183
LAWS, JAMES                            MA-14-56-129
LAWS, SAMUEL N.                        MA-14-521-269
LAWS, SILAS S.                         MA-14-395-360
LAWTON, ASA S.                         MA-14-552-241
LAWTON, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-514-346
LAWTON, CLARA R.                       MA-14-553-457
LAWTON, HANNAH W.                      MA-14-533-81
LAWTON, JAMES                          MA-14-21-179
LAWTON, JAMES                          MA-14-32-421
LAWTON, ROBERT                         MA-14-580-115
LEACH, FLAVEL                          MA-14-397-6
LEACH, HENRY                           MA-14-397-448
LEACH, JAMES                           MA-14-395-434
LEACH, MARY A.                         MA-14-548-541
LEACH, RISCILLA E.                     MA-14-497-516
LEACH, WILLIAM S.                      MA-14-400A-127
LEADBEATER, IDA H.                     MA-14-396-332
LEAHY, JOHN                            MA-14-397-589
LEAHY, MARY E.                         MA-14-546-1
LEAMY, ANNIE E.                        MA-14-823-20
LEARNED, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-396-565
LEARNED, BETSEY M.                     MA-14-399-524
LEARNED, EDWARD                        MA-14-23-331
LEARNED, JAMES                         MA-14-41-80
LEARNED, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-41-396
LEARNED, MIRIAM                        MA-14-31-440
LEARNED, SARAH H.                      MA-14-574-125
LEARNED, WILLIAM                       MA-14-398-160
LEARY, DANIEL                          MA-14-560--415
LEARY, JEREMIAH J.                     MA-14-573-340
LEARY, JOHANNAH                        MA-14-457-363
LEARY, MICHAEL                         MA-14-457-604
LEATHERS, HIRAM                        MA-14-457-60
LEAVENS, CAROLINE K.                   MA-14-93-528
LEAVENS, ELLEN M.                      MA-14-485-431
LEAVITT, MATILDA                       MA-14-577-29
LEAZER, MARIA                          MA-14-531-391
LEBARON, MARY                          MA-14-80-293
LEBBOSSIERE, LOUIS                     MA-14-541-45
LEBLANC, LUCIE                         MA-14-546-434
LECOURS, CHARLES                       MA-14-511-246
LEE, ABBIE A.                          MA-14-556-438
LEE, ARTEMAS                           MA-14-399-452
LEE, BENJAMIN                          MA-14-86-544
LEE, BENJAMIN                          MA-14-27-98
LEE, COMFORT                           MA-14-34-143
LEE, DAVID                             MA-14-395-197
LEE, EZEKIEL                           MA-14-33-259
LEE, HARRY O.                          MA-14-500-124
LEE, HELEN                             MA-14-823-69
LEE, ISAAC                             MA-14-41-417
LEE, JACOB                             MA-14-86-101
LEE, JAMES                             MA-14-400A-165
LEE, JAMES J.                          MA-14-485-394
LEE, JAMES M.                          MA-14-497-478
LEE, JOSEPH                            MA-14-50-609
LEE, JOSEPH                            MA-14-93-530
LEE, JSOHUA                            MA-14-72-186
LEE, LOUISE B.                         MA-14-533-73
LEE, LUCY                              MA-14-84-275
LEE, MARTHA                            MA-14-46-595
LEE, NEWELL J.                         MA-14-398-435
LEE, PARDON A.                         MA-14-487-478
LEE, PETER                             MA-14-400A-239
LEE, SAMUEL                            MA-14-84-94
LEE, SAMUEL                            MA-14-400A-32
LEE, SETH                              MA-14-84-348
LEE, WALTER                            MA-14-75-597
LEE, WILLIAM A.                        MA-14-66-489
LEE, WILLIAM D.                        MA-14-400A-363
LEERTOUWE, DIEDERICK                   MA-14-28-365
LEES, JAMES                            MA-14-93-104
LEGATE, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-89-169
LEGATE, EMILY J.                       MA-14-823-23
LEGATE, FRANCIS                        MA-14-400A-520
LEGATE, FRANKLIN                       MA-14-578-343
LEGATE, THOMAS                         MA-14-36-52
LEGEYT, WILLIAM E.                     MA-14-511-274
LEGG, AARON                            MA-14-30-421
LEGG, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-66-633
LEGG, ABIJAH                           MA-14-26-182
LEGG, DAVID                            MA-14-86-605
LEGG, DAVID                            MA-14-86-615
LEGG, DAVID                            MA-14-89-54
LEGG, JOHN                             MA-14-7-76
LEGG, JOHNSON                          MA-14-97-56
LEGG, JULIA                            MA-14-470-26
LEGG, LEVI                             MA-14-66-419
LEGG, MERCY                            MA-14-395-217
LEGG, NATHANIEL                        MA-14-66-92
LEGGE, CORA E.                         MA-14-823-171
LEGGE, LUCY                            MA-14-533-159
LEGGE, MARLEY                          MA-14-511-217
LEGGE, PETER                           MA-14-399-94
LEIGHTON, THOMAS                       MA-14-396-304
LELAND, AMASA                          MA-14-80-428
LELAND, BELARMIN                       MA-14-478-40
LELAND, CALEB                          MA-14-29-313
LELAND, CAROLINE                       MA-14-533-463
LELAND, CAROLINE                       MA-14-89-390
LELAND, DAVID                          MA-14-84-526
LELAND, DAVID W.                       MA-14-394-118
LELAND, DESIRE H. B.                   MA-14-478-44
LELAND, E. FRANK                       MA-14-457-162
LELAND, EBENEZER                       MA-14-394-167
LELAND, JOHN                           MA-14-75-74
LELAND, JOHN S.                        MA-14-97-136
LELAND, JOSEPH                         MA-14-399-535
LELAND, JOSEPH W.                      MA-14-572-120
LELAND, JOSHUA W.                      MA-14-395-310
LELAND, LEANDER                        MA-14-400A-485
LELAND, LEANDER                        MA-14-511-209
LELAND, LEMUEL                         MA-14-95-309
LELAND, LEVI N.                        MA-14-473-285
LELAND, LYDIA A.                       MA-14-562-69
LELAND, LYDIA G.                       MA-14-531-88
LELAND, LYMAN W.                       MA-14-575-442
LELAND, MARY                           MA-14-475-261
LELAND MARY E.                         MA-14-480-505
LELAND, OLIVE B.                       MA-14-541-41
LELAND, PATTY                          MA-14-396-621
LELAND, PHINEHAS                       MA-14-12-429
LELAND, PHINEHAS                       MA-14-52-436
LELAND, POLLY                          MA-14-398-41
LELAND, REUBEN P.                      MA-14-399-213
LELAND, RHODA                          MA-14-84-183
LELAND, SIMEON                         MA-14-57-241
LELAND, SIMEON A. K.                   MA-14-97-196
LELAND, SOLOMON                        MA-14-36-272
LELAND, THOMAS J.                      MA-14-580-113
LELAND, WILLIAM E.                     MA-14-580-371
LEMAY, LOUISA                          MA-14-458-234
LEMMON, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-19-219
LENNON, MARY                           MA-14-480-521
LENNON, THOMAS                         MA-14-470-42
LENOX, SARAH E.                        MA-14-533-135
LEONARD, ABBIE J.                      MA-14-492-490
LEONARD, BARNEY A.                     MA-14-89-505
LEONARD, BRIDGET                       MA-14-556-442
LEONARD, DENIS C.                      MA-14-569-357
LEONARD, ELIZA A.                      MA-14-504-235
LEONARD, JESSE                         MA-14-97-489
LEONARD, JOHN                          MA-14-457-560
LEONARD, JONAS                         MA-14-41-272
LEONARD, MARY F.                       MA-14-487-414
LEONARD, PAMELIA A.                    MA-14-580-175
LEONARD, SALLY                         MA-14-398-472
LEONARD, ZENAS L.                      MA-14-84-429
LEPORTE, MOSES                         MA-14-485-397
LEPRADD, MAXIME                        MA-14-487-142
LESAGE, JOSEPH P.                      MA-14-478-245
LESHNER, DAVID                         MA-14-84-210
LESHNER, MARY                          MA-14-397-567
LETENDRE, CHARLES                      MA-14-552-238
LEVENS, CAROLINE K.                    MA-14-93-528
LEVESQUE, ARTHEMISE                    MA-14-552-205
LEVESQUE, CHARLES                      MA-14-546-378
LEWERS, NANCY W.                       MA-14-500-191
LEWIS, AMELIA                          MA-14-543-86
LEWIS, ASA                             MA-14-97-95
LEWIS, BENJAMIN R.                     MA-14-500-373
LEWIS, EMERSON                         MA-14-93-531
LEWIS, FRANCES L.                      MA-14-573-339
LEWIS, HIRAM                           MA-14-497-166
LEWIS, JAMES L.                        MA-14-823-236
LEWIS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-46-517
LEWIS, JOSHUA                          MA-14-91-439
LEWIS, SARAH P.                        MA-14-398-486
LEWIS, THOMAS                          MA-14-72-187
LEWIS, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-48-268
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-66-483
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-10-474
LEYDEN, MARY                           MA-14-531-392
LEYDON, MARY                           MA-14-490-463
LIBBY, IDA                             MA-14-548-465
LIBBY, JAMES                           MA-14-568-262
LIGHT, ANGELICA F.                     MA-14-538-525
LILLEY, CLEMENTINA                     MA-14-95-529
LILLEY, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-86-373
LILLEY, HUGH H. V.                     MA-14-577-9
LILLEY, JONATHAN                       MA-14-14-364
LILLEY, MARION E.                      MA-14-490-529
LILLEY, SALOME M.                      MA-14-580-383
LILLIE, DAVID                          MA-14-12-496
LILLIE, HENRY                          MA-14-396-334
LINCOLN, ALONZO                        MA-14-509-192
LINCOLN, AMASA                         MA-14-394-378
LINCOLN, AMBROSE                       MA-14-397-199
LINCOLN, BURT                          MA-14-398-42
LINCOLN, CALEB                         MA-14-59-246
LINCOLN, EDWARD B.                     MA-14-574-198
LINCOLN, ELIZABETH B.                  MA-14-504-286
LINCOLN, ELIZABETH T.                  MA-14-554-126
LINCOLN, ENOS                          MA-14-50-606
LINCOLN, HEMAN                         MA-14-31-443
LINCOLN, HENRY                         MA-14-394-304
LINCOLN, ISAAC                         MA-14-398-321
LINCOLN, J. BRADFORD                   MA-14-396-623
LINCOLN, JAMES C.                      MA-14-86-361
LINCOLN, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-32-273
LINCOLN, JULIA S.                      MA-14-538-515
LINCOLN, LEVI                          MA-14-52-328
LINCOLN, LEVI                          MA-14-89-631
LINCOLN, LEVI                          MA-14-398-436
LINCOLN, LORING                        MA-14-20-521
LINCOLN, LUKE                          MA-14-11-12
LINCOLN, LUKE                          MA-14-400A-134
LINCOLN, MARK                          MA-14-28-434
LINCOLN, MARTHA                        MA-14-395-193
LINCOLN, MARTHA                        MA-14-66-230
LINCOLN, MARTHA B.                     MA-14-571-135
LINCOLN, MARTHA R.                     MA-14-91-66
LINCOLN, MORRIS                        MA-14-395-389
LINCOLN, NANCY                         MA-14-80-650
LINCOLN, NANCY M.                      MA-14-543-81
LINCOLN, PENELOPE W.                   MA-14-400A-453
LINCOLN, POLLY                         MA-14-97-67
LINCOLN, SARAH                         MA-14-75-336
LINCOLN, SARAH                         MA-14-397-326
LINCOLN, SARAH W.                      MA-14-562-76
LINCOLN, SETH                          MA-14-66-14
LINCOLN, STEPHEN                       MA-14-84-164
LINCOLN, SUSAN                         MA-14-396-8
LINCOLN, SUSAN                         MA-14-400A-165
LINCOLN, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-93-472
LINCOLN, WARREN                        MA-14-395-376
LINCOLN, WARREN P.                     MA-14-575-473
LINCOLN, WILLIAM                       MA-14-43-379
LINCOLN, WILLIAM                       MA-14-95-530
LINCOLN, WINSLOW S.                    MA-14-577-73
LINDLEY, CHARLOTTE S.                  MA-14-548-199
LINDLEY, HENRY                         MA-14-457-198
LINDLEY, JOHN                          MA-14-497-519
LINDSAY, IRA                           MA-14-397-32
LINDSEY, CHLOE                         MA-14-487-199
LINDSEY, MARSHAL L.                    MA-14-535-168
LINDSEY, SUMNER P.                     MA-14-394-10, 29
LINES, EDMUND                          MA-14-400A-99
LINETT, PETER                          MA-14-84-187
LINHARDT, AGNES                        MA-14-535-539
LINNEHAN, DENNIS                       MA-14-504-486
LINNELL, WALTER FRANCIS                MA-14-480-507
LINTEEN, BETSEY                        MA-14-516-187
LIPPE, HENRY                           MA-14-538-159
LIPPET, HARRIET                        MA-14-397-524
LIPPETT, EDWARD                        MA-14-97-451
LIPPITT, SUSAN H.                      MA-14-541-346
LISCOMB, NATHANIEL S.                  MA-14-543-85
LITCH, AARON K.                        MA-14-490-236
LITCH, ANNAH THERESA                   MA-14-533-146
LITCH, JAMES                           MA-14-4-366
LITCH, JOEL H.                         MA-14-495-134
LITCHFIELD, DANIEL H.                  MA-14-546-7
LITCHFIELD, EDWIN                      MA-14-457-340
LITCHFIELD, GEORGE E.                  MA-14-516-514
LITCHFIELD, PLINY                      MA-14-399-579
LITCHFIELD, PLINY                      MA-14-400A-152
LITCHFIELD, PLINY T.                   MA-14-470-423
LITCHFIELD, POLLY                      MA-14-398-545
LITCHFIELD, SYLVESTER P.               MA-14-533-425
LITTLE, JANE                           MA-14-18-476
LITTLE, SOPHIA F.                      MA-14-400A-374
LITTLE, THOMAS                         MA-14-9-266
LITTLEJOHN, TILLY                      MA-14-25-330
LIVERMORE, ABIGAIL                     MA-14-394-153
LIVERMORE, DANIEL                      MA-14-399-191
LIVERMORE, DAVID                       MA-14-50-471
LIVERMORE, DAVID BOND                  MA-14-485-398
LIVERMORE, ELIZA E.                    MA-14-521-202
LIVERMORE, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-521-233
LIVERMORE, GRATIA H.                   MA-14-400A-210
LIVERMORE, HARVEY                      MA-14-394-134
LIVERMORE, JONAS                       MA-14-59-6
LIVERMORE, JONAS                       MA-14-13-226
LIVERMORE, JONATHAN                    MA-14-30-216
LIVERMORE, JOSEPH S.                   MA-14-396-111
LIVERMORE, LAURA J.                    MA-14-506-325
LIVERMORE, LAVINIA                     MA-14-398-566
LIVERMORE, LORENZO                     MA-14-531-399
LIVERMORE, LUCY E.                     MA-14-483-170
LIVERMORE, LYDIA                       MA-14-490-181
LIVERMORE, MARY                        MA-14-395-191
LIVERMORE, MARY S.                     MA-14-523-183
LIVERMORE, MOSES                       MA-14-28-2
LIVERMORE, RUTH A.                     MA-14-470-51
LIVERMORE, SALEM                       MA-14-97-380
LIVERMORE, SAMUEL T.                   MA-14-487-139
LIVERMORE, SOPHRONIA                   MA-14-397-137
LIVERMORE, WALTON                      MA-14-75-460
LIVINSTON, ANGELIA H.                  MA-14-554-49
LOCK, JOHN JR.                         MA-14-14-349
LOCKE, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-397-395
LOCKE, EMMA H.                         MA-14-397-449
LOCKE, JONATHAN                        MA-14-80-593
LOGAN, DAVID                           MA-14-495-183
LOGAN, JAMES                           MA-14-483-403
LOGAN, MARGARET                        MA-14-574-204
LOGAN, SAMUEL B.                       MA-14-556-410
LOGEE, HANNAH                          MA-14-475-14
LOMBARD, ALANSON A.                    MA-14-458-225
LOMBARD, FANNY                         MA-14-396-155
LOMBARD, FRANCES L.                    MA-14-483-155
LOMBARD, JOSEPH B.                     MA-14-475-53
LOMBARD, JOSEPH B.                     MA-14-538-541
LOMBARD, LOUISA A.                     MA-14-457-380
LOMBARD, MARIA                         MA-14-541-47
LOMBARD, NATHAN A.                     MA-14-514-383
LOMBARD, RUSSELL                       MA-14-577-13
LOMBARD, TIRZAH                        MA-14-397-416
LONERGAN, SARAH                        MA-14-495-540
LONG, CATHARINE                        MA-14-546-465
LONG, DAVID                            MA-14-91-188
LONG, JAMES                            MA-14-22-285
LONG, JAMES                            MA-14-80-614
LONG, JULIA                            MA-14-500-364
LONG, LEMUEL E.                        MA-14-533-152
LONG, LUCY H.                          MA-14-565-57
LONG, SAMUEL L.                        MA-14-478-225
LONGLEY, ABEL W.                       MA-14-457-199
LONGLEY, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-89-489
LONGLEY, ASA                           MA-14-458-186
LONGLEY, CHARLES H.                    MA-14-541-59
LONGLEY, CHARLES I.                    MA-14-559-238
LONGLEY, IRA B.                        MA-14-72-437
LONGLEY, JAMES                         MA-14-80-110
LONGLEY, JAMES O.                      MA-14-478-288
LONGLEY, JONAS                         MA-14-397-363
LONGLEY, MARY J.                       MA-14-577-82
LONGLEY, ROBERT                        MA-14-33-114
LONGLEY, SUSAN                         MA-14-399-382
LONGTIN, LOUIS                         MA-14-514-28
LOODY, CATHERINE                       MA-14-565-56
LOOK, HERVEY D.                        MA-14-457-236
LOOK, JOSEPH A.                        MA-14-400A-241
LOOMIS, HENRY F.                       MA-14-457-512
LOOMIS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-86-348
LORD, ABSALOM                          MA-14-89-202
LORD, ALEXANDER                        MA-14-396-237
LORD, CLARISSA                         MA-14-397-450
LORD, JEREMIAH                         MA-14-400A-134
LORD, MIRIAM                           MA-14-396-566
LORD, N. KENDALL                       MA-14-511-34
LORD, NANCY                            MA-14-538-146
LORD, RUFUS M.                         MA-14-511-228
LORING, CHARLES H.                     MA-14-557-381
LORING, ELDORA E.                      MA-14-533-478
LORING, EMILY                          MA-14-80-359
LORING, HANNAH                         MA-14-400A-211
LORING, ISRAEL                         MA-14-95-221
LORING, JOHN                           MA-14-57-532
LORING, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-50-6
LORING, SARAH                          MA-14-59-4
LOTHROP, PHILIP                        MA-14-580-458
LOUD, EDWARD                           MA-14-399-351
LOUD, EDWARD                           MA-14-473-257
LOUGHLIN, MARGARET                     MA-14-470-419
LOURIE, GEORGE M.                      MA-14-514-317
LOURIE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-580-440
LOVE, ASA M.                           MA-14-458-222
LOVE, JOHN E.                          MA-14-457-114
LOVELL, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-86-241
LOVELL, ALDEN B.                       MA-14-497-536
LOVELL, AMOS                           MA-14-395-372
LOVELL, ASA                            MA-14-46-36
LOVELL, BETSEY P.                      MA-14-395-427
LOVELL, DAVID                          MA-14-396-67
LOVELL, DOROTHY G.                     MA-14-500-435
LOVELL, EBENEZER                       MA-14-50-89
LOVELL, EDWIN H.                       MA-14-538-164
LOVELL, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-533-98
LOVELL, HOPESTILL                      MA-14-28-414
LOVELL, JOHN D.                        MA-14-533-467
LOVELL, JOHN P.                        MA-14-473-164
LOVELL, JONATHAN                       MA-14-50-94
LOVELL, JONATHAN                       MA-14-25-7
LOVELL, OLIVER E.                      MA-14-91-214
LOVELL, WILLIAM F.                     MA-14-521-200
LOVERING, MARY A.                      MA-14-478-90
LOVETT, DANIEL                         MA-14-3-84
LOVETT, JAMES                          MA-14-46-14
LOVETT, LUCINDA C.                     MA-14-400A-213
LOVETT, PHINEHAS                       MA-14-97-452
LOVEWELL, BETSEY                       MA-14-458-82
LOVEWELL, LEANDER                      MA-14-487-223
LOW, ALMIRA                            MA-14-66-553
LOW, BETSEY                            MA-14-89-283
LOW, JABEZ B.                          MA-14-398-300
LOW, JOSEPH                            MA-14-50-193
LOW, MARY                              MA-14-35-2
LOW, NATHANIEL                         MA-14-66-101
LOWE, ABRAHAM                          MA-14-75-243
LOWE, ALBERT W.                        MA-14-559-200
LOWE, CHARLOTTE                        MA-14-84-421
LOWE, D. FLINT                         MA-14-397-327
LOWE, DANIEL                           MA-14-396-78
LOWE, DAVID                            MA-14-397-525
LOWE, EDWARD C.                        MA-14-485-29
LOWE, FRANCES C.                       MA-14-398-488
LOWE, JONATHAN                         MA-14-86-241
LOWE, JOSEPH                           MA-14-396-349
LOWELL, JOSEPH                         MA-14-509-169
LOWELL, MARY E.                        MA-14-556-436
LOWELL, REBECCA R.                     MA-14-400A-512
LOWELL, WILLIAM J.                     MA-14-548-238
LOZO, JOSEPH                           MA-14-400A-250
LUCAS, MATTHEW                         MA-14-84-351
LUCE, EXPERIENCE                       MA-14-43-506
LUCE, JOSIAH                           MA-14-72-21
LUCE, MARY                             MA-14-80-270
LUCIA, MICHAEL                         MA-14-565-40
LUDDEN, ENOCH                          MA-14-66-229
LUDDEN, ENOCH                          MA-14-89-575
LUMBARD, NATHAN                        MA-14-89-401
LUNDY, LIZZIE E.                       MA-14-511-92
LUTHER, CATHARINE                      MA-14-395-308
LUTHER, JOHN E.                        MA-14-95-417
LUTHER, RELIEF M.                      MA-14-483-133
LUTHER, ROBERT                         MA-14-66-454
LWELL, MARK                            MA-14-97-215
LYMAN, LOUISA W.                       MA-14-490-506
LYME, MARY A.                          MA-14-546-94
LYNCH, CHRISTOPHER A.                  MA-14-580-17
LYNCH, CLARENCE C.                     MA-14-546-437
LYNCH, DENNIS                          MA-14-580-141
LYNCH, ELLEN                           MA-14-823-378
LYNCH, ELLEN E.                        MA-14-823-207
LYNCH, JOHN                            MA-14-504-528
LYNCH, JOHN                            MA-14-397-386
LYNCH, JOHN                            MA-14-577-54
LYNCH, MARION M.                       MA-14-470-65
LYNCH, MARY                            MA-14-535-195
LYNDE, ANNA                            MA-14-66-522
LYNDE, EBENEZER B.                     MA-14-572-60
LYNDE, EUNICE P.                       MA-14-457-321
LYNDE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-21-423
LYNDE, JULIA                           MA-14-400A-629
LYNDE, MARY                            MA-14-28-455
LYNDE, NANCY                           MA-14-398-515
LYNDE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-397-111
LYNDE, WILLIAM S.                      MA-14-458-55
LYNDS, JOHN                            MA-14-3-364
LYON, ABNER                            MA-14-50-40
LYON, AMOS                             MA-14-95-463
LYON, BETSEY                           MA-14-80-230
LYON, CORBIN                           MA-14-95-146
LYON, EDARD                            MA-14-12-483
LYON, ELHANAN                          MA-14-11-123
LYON, EPHRAIM                          MA-14-52-336
LYON, GEORGE B.                        MA-14-574-175
LYON, HANNAH                           MA-14-555-449
LYON, JOHN                             MA-14-27-229
LYON, JONATHAN                         MA-14-396-77
LYON, JONATHAN                         MA-14-399-491
LYON, LORIN                            MA-14-398-43
LYON, LYDIA A.                         MA-14-396-168
LYON, MARY E.                          MA-14-557-398
LYON, MOSES G.                         MA-14-457-44
LYON, MOSES G.                         MA-14-457-70
LYON, REBECCA G.                       MA-14-400A-8
LYON, THOMAS                           MA-14-394-30
LYON, THOMAS                           MA-14-91-386
LYONS, EDWARD H.                       MA-14-457-497
LYONS, ELLEN                           MA-14-495-192
LYONS, MARGARET                        MA-14-823-329
LYONS, MARY                            MA-14-490-498
LYSUMB, SAMUEL                         MA-14-4-498

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