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GADY, DELIA E. A.                      MA-14-823-498
GAES, SIMON                            MA-14-89-593
GAFFENEY, JAMES                        MA-14-458-150
GAFFNEY, ABBIE J.                      MA-14-563-470
GAFFNEY, BRIDGET                       MA-14-509-209
GAFFNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-543-459
GAFFNEY, MILES                         MA-14-492-493
GAFNEY, JOHN                           MA-14-478-263
GAGE, CAROLINE L.                      MA-14-487-449
GAGE, EDMUND J.                        MA-14-497-237
GAGE, HANNAH B.                        MA-14-538-139
GAGE, MARY B.                          MA-14-568-210
GAGE, MERRILL                          MA-14-397-353
GAGE, MOSES                            MA-14-31-176
GAGE, MOSES M.                         MA-14-396-25
GAGE, RHODA ELIZABETH                  MA-14-547-82
GAGE, SAMUEL                           MA-14-91-636
GAGNON, MAXIME                         MA-14-485-450
GAILLOU, NANCY M. CASS                 MA-14-535-157
GALBRAITH, ALICE M.                    MA-14-546-58
GALE, ABEL                             MA-14-30-119
GALE, ABIJAH                           MA-14-33-96
GALE, BETSY                            MA-14-66-434
GALE, CYRUS                            MA-14-457-570
GALE, ELISHA                           MA-14-13-81
GALE, ENOCH                            MA-14-91-148
GALE, ESTHER                           MA-14-46-398
GALE, FREDERICK W.                     MA-14-93-696
GALE, GEORGE WINSLOW                   MA-14-475-330
GALE, HENRY C.                         MA-14-511-215
GALE, ISAAC                            MA-14-25-308
GALE, JAMES                            MA-14-500-449
GALE, JESSE                            MA-14-399-207
GALE, JONAS                            MA-14-19-109
GALE, JONAS JR.                        MA-14-46-93
GALE, JONATHAND .                      MA-14-398-67
GALE, LYDIA                            MA-14-26-198
GALE, OLIVER                           MA-14-57-599
GALE, OTIS                             MA-14-397-197
GALE, SUSAN                            MA-14-557-342
GALE, SYLVESTER                        MA-14-500-122
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                      MA-14-548-468
GALLIGAN, JOHN                         MA-14-504-258
GALLIVAN, WILLIAM                      MA-14-548-475
GALLOND, IRANA                         MA-14-91-150
GALLOND, JEREMIAH                      MA-14-91-514
GALLOND, JOHN L.                       MA-14-93-314
GALLUP, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-80-481
GALLUP, THOMAS 2ND                     MA-14-93-517
GALVIN, JOHN                           MA-14-575-465
GAMAGE, SARAH R.                       MA-14-457-333
GAMMEL, PETER                          MA-14-511-291
GANNON, MARGARET                       MA-14-500-111
GANNON, MARY                           MA-14-492-271
GARAHAN, WILLIAM                       MA-14-396-611
GARCEAU, ZOE                           MA-14-563-439
GARD, HENRY                            MA-14-533-454
GARDELLA, CARLO                        MA-14-504-512
GARDNER, BETSEY                        MA-14-399-575
GARDNER, CATHARINE                     MA-14-396-315
GARDNER, CHARLES                       MA-14-89-572
GARDNER, DAVID                         MA-14-66-600
GARDNER, ELECTA                        MA-14-93-698
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-89-615
GARDNER, ELIZABETH G.                  MA-14-397-562
GARDNER, MOSES                         MA-14-43-33
GARDNER, STEPHEN PARTRIDGE             MA-14-84-499
GARDNER, SUSANNA                       MA-14-93-161
GARDNER, THOMAS                        MA-14-400A-425
GARFIELD, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-72-117
GARFIELD, ALONA                        MA-14-554-82
GARFIELD, DANIEL                       MA-14-5-312
GARFIELD, EBENEZER                     MA-14-72-622
GARFIELD, EBENEZER                     MA-14-29-112
GARFIELD, ELIJAH                       MA-14-25-505
GARFIELD, ESTHER J.                    MA-14-575-450
GARFIELD, ESTHER W.                    MA-14-398-203
GARFIELD, GEORGE                       MA-14-80-108
GARFIELD, HIRAM B.                     MA-14-533-119
GARFIELD, JOEL                         MA-14-569-382
GARFIELD, JOHN                         MA-14-397-106
GARFIELD, MOSES                        MA-14-400A-83
GARFIELD, MOSES                        MA-14-86-259
GARFIELD, PAUL                         MA-14-397-467
GARFIELD, SILAS                        MA-14-562-96
GARNER, JOSEPH S.                      MA-14-569-391
GARRETT, JOSEPH                        MA-14-575-438
GARRITY, JENNIE                        MA-14-823-307
GARVEY, PATRICK                        MA-14-478-475
GARVEY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-93-337
GARY, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-5-116
GARY, JOSEPH                           MA-14-16-497
GARY, NATHAN                           MA-14-48-176
GARY, THOMAS                           MA-14-21-304
GASKELL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-7-322
GASKILL, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-50-268
GASKILL, DAVID M.                      MA-14-511-251
GASKILL, ELISHA                        MA-14-398-276
GASKILL, GEORGE                        MA-14-89-501
GASKILL, HANNAH                        MA-14-395-493
GASKILL, JOSEPH                        MA-14-19-522
GASKILL, LEBBEUS                       MA-14-396-64
GASKILL, NAUM                          MA-14-394-345
GASKILL, PETER                         MA-14-89-242
GASKILL, PETER                         MA-14-89-225
GASKILL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-562-45
GASKILL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-89-297
GASKILL, SUSAN                         MA-14-398-318
GASSETT, ANNA                          MA-14-89-208
GASSETT, HENRY                         MA-14-43-298
GATELY, CATHERINE                      MA-14-568-176
GATELY, MARGARET                       MA-14-492-287
GATELY, MARY                           MA-14-399-230
GATES, AARON                           MA-14-91-120
GATES, ABIEL                           MA-14-560--392
GATES, AMOS                            MA-14-33-295
GATES, ANNA E. E.                      MA-14-400A-509
GATES, ARTEMAS                         MA-14-394-302
GATES, CARTER                          MA-14-89-209
GATES, CHARLES                         MA-14-396-519
GATES, CHARLES E.                      MA-14-396-361
GATES, DANIEL                          MA-14-89-399
GATES, DENNIS                          MA-14-400A-64
GATES, EDWIN                           MA-14-580-373
GATES, ELIZA A.                        MA-14-566-385
GATES, EMMA C.                         MA-14-823-245
GATES, GEOGE W.                        MA-14-509-174
GATES, GEORGE                          MA-14-580-160
GATES, GEORGE A.                       MA-14-504-454
GATES, HARVLIN T.                      MA-14-823-156
GATES, HENRY                           MA-14-35-508
GATES, HEZEKIAH                        MA-14-14-14
GATES, JEREMIAH K.                     MA-14-89-77
GATES, JOHN                            MA-14-57-608
GATES, JOHND 2D                        MA-14-8-136
GATES, JONAS                           MA-14-84-19
GATES, JONATHAN                        MA-14-31-433
GATES, JONATHAN                        MA-14-5-41
GATES, JONATHAN                        MA-14-36-321
GATES, LEONARD                         MA-14-514-314
GATES, LEWIS                           MA-14-457-574
GATES, LORINDA                         MA-14-400A-177
GATES, LOUISA                          MA-14-396-388
GATES, LUCY ANN                        MA-14-457-310
GATES, MAKEPEACE                       MA-14-48-644
GATES, MARCY                           MA-14-5-23
GATES, MARTHA                          MA-14-395-388
GATES, MOLLY                           MA-14-41-634
GATES, NANCY                           MA-14-396-611
GATES, NANCY                           MA-14-398-132
GATES, REUBEN                          MA-14-21-269
GATES, SAMUEL                          MA-14-93-426
GATES, SAMUEL                          MA-14-22-287
GATES, SAMUEL S.                       MA-14-95-483
GATES, SARAH E.                        MA-14-91-152
GATES, SARAH N. B.                     MA-14-492-268
GATES, SIMON                           MA-14-13-535
GATES, SOLOMON                         MA-14-7-58
GATES, SOPHIA                          MA-14-56-472
GATES, STEPHEN                         MA-14-12-415
GATES, THOMAS                          MA-14-46-119
GATES, WILLIAM                         MA-14-41-26
GATES, ZADOCK                          MA-14-56-266
GATES, ZADOCK W.                       MA-14-396-149
GATES, ZAECHEUS                        MA-14-22-3
GAUDET, MOISE                          MA-14-565-52
GAULT, MATHEW                          MA-14-36-37
GAUTHIER, DELIA                        MA-14-475-270
GAUTHIER, FELIX                        MA-14-560--391
GAWLER, CAROLINE J.                    MA-14-533-170
GAY, ELIZABETH C.                      MA-14-396-220
GAY, EMELINE A.                        MA-14-562-79
GAY, GEORGE                            MA-14-72-482
GAY, GEORGE                            MA-14-93-3273
GAY, WILLIAM O.                        MA-14-521-259
GAYNOR, EUGENE C.                      MA-14-823-303
GEARY, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-23-333
GEER, EBENEZER                         MA-14-50-328
GEER, EBENEZER S.                      MA-14-89-26
GEER, JOSEPH                           MA-14-504-262
GENET, HARRIET H.                      MA-14-487-220
GENTESE, CAMILLE                       MA-14-580-527
GENTON, JOSEPH                         MA-14-487-467
GEORGE, HARRIET A.                     MA-14-554-69
GEORGE, MARY                           MA-14-483-122
GERALD, SARAH J.                       MA-14-562-97
GERE, ISAAC                            MA-14-41-519
GERELDS, SELA W.                       MA-14-399-254
GERMAIN, PAUL                          MA-14-400A-441
GEROULD, CHARLES                       MA-14-553-496
GEROULD, JAMES H.                      MA-14-400A-178
GEROULD, STEPHEN                       MA-14-19-440
GEROULD, SUSAN A.                      MA-14-533-443
GERRISH, RUTH                          MA-14-56-331
GERRY, ELBRIDGE                        MA-14-541-117
GERRY, ELIZABETH R.                    MA-14-86-397
GERRY, EVELINE MELINDA                 MA-14-497-207
GERRY, HEPIBAH                         MA-14-86-420
GERRY, SALLY                           MA-14-97-109
GERRY, SARAH B.                        MA-14-500-401
GERRY, WARD S.                         MA-14-458-75
GERSCH, ANDREW                         MA-14-521-183
GERVAIS, AMABLE                        MA-14-533-484
GERVAIS, PHILOMENE                     MA-14-543-93
GERVAIS, PIERRE                        MA-14-535-151
GERVAIS, SAUL                          MA-14-500-436
GETCHELL, ELLA                         MA-14-538-127
GETCHELL, WARREN E.                    MA-14-475-265
GETCHELL, WILLIAM                      MA-14-89-450
GETTY, LYDIA                           MA-14-89-219
GETTY, PHILIP                          MA-14-500-451
GIBBONS, MARGARET                      MA-14-516-208
GIBBONS, PATRICK D.                    MA-14-457-19
GIBBS, CATHERINE                       MA-14-43-253
GIBBS, DANIEL L.                       MA-14-458-53
GIBBS, ENOCH K.                        MA-14-543-163
GIBBS, GEORGE L.                       MA-14-478-485
GIBBS, HANNAH H.                       MA-14-398-204
GIBBS, HEZEKIAH                        MA-14-95-140
GIBBS, HEZEKIAH                        MA-14-25-28
GIBBS, JACOB                           MA-14-14-211
GIBBS, JAMES                           MA-14-27-466
GIBBS, JANE C.                         MA-14-492-263
GIBBS, JOHN                            MA-14-16-37
GIBBS, JOHN                            MA-14-6-447
GIBBS, JOHN C.                         MA-14-546-68
GIBBS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-89-548
GIBBS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-34-263
GIBBS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-580-7
GIBBS, JOSEPH S.                       MA-14-395-332
GIBBS, PHILENA P.                      MA-14-487-395
GIBBS, SAAH B.                         MA-14-97-126
GIBBS, WILLIAM H.                      MA-14-823-446
GIBSON, AMASA                          MA-14-397-216
GIBSON, ARRINGTON                      MA-14-396-381
GIBSON, ARTEMAS A.                     MA-14-823-70
GIBSON, BARKER                         MA-14-89-105
GIBSON, CAROLINE D.                    MA-14-509-195
GIBSON, EBER                           MA-14-475-315
GIBSON, ELLEN ELVIRA                   MA-14-565-74
GIBSON, ISRAEL                         MA-14-50-195
GIBSON, JAMES                          MA-14-93-554
GIBSON, JANE A.                        MA-14-575-456
GIBSON, JOHN                           MA-14-95-372
GIBSON, JOSEPH                         MA-14-59-655
GIBSON, LOIS H.                        MA-14-397-218
GIBSON, LUCINDA W.                     MA-14-457-376
GIBSON, REUBEN                         MA-14-29-531
GIBSON, REUBEN                         MA-14-75-592
GIBSON, SAMUEL                         MA-14-400A-274
GIBSON, SIMEON                         MA-14-91-746
GIBSON, THOMAS                         MA-14-470-469
GIBSON, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-72-483
GIDDINGS, CHANDLER                     MA-14-396-560
GIFFIN, CATHARINE                      MA-14-473-266
GIFFIN, CHARLES H.                     MA-14-543-139
GIFFIN, ERASTUS P.                     MA-14-395-132
GIFFIN, ISABEL                         MA-14-11-143
GIFFIN, LUCY G.                        MA-14-551-54
GIFFIN, ROBERT                         MA-14-11-144
GIFFORD, ANN                           MA-14-75-20
GIFFORD, ANNANIAS                      MA-14-13-478
GIFFORD, ANNANIAS                      MA-14-395-433
GIFFORD, CAROLINE AUGUSTA              MA-14-504-500
GIFFORD, DANIEL                        MA-14-400A-572
GIFFORD, ELIAS MANN                    MA-14-511-285
GIFFORD, FANNY                         MA-14-399-428
GIFFORD, JOANNA                        MA-14-399-30
GIFFORD, SARAH                         MA-14-396-230
GILBERT, ALPHEUS                       MA-14-80-266
GILBERT, AMOS                          MA-14-93-184
GILBERT, ARETAS D.                     MA-14-487-185
GILBERT, AUGUSTUS                      MA-14-543-416
GILBERT, CALIVN E.                     MA-14-541-360
GILBERT, CALVIN                        MA-14-86-383
GILBERT, DANIEL                        MA-14-57-450
GILBERT, DOLLY B.                      MA-14-86-538
GILBERT, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-473-195
GILBERT, ESTES                         MA-14-89-385
GILBERT, ESTHER                        MA-14-72-645
GILBERT, EZRA                          MA-14-89-649
GILBERT, FANNY                         MA-14-398-7
GILBERT, GERSHOM                       MA-14-66-285
GILBERT, HARVEY                        MA-14-89-58
GILBERT, HENRIETTA A.                  MA-14-399-558
GILBERT, HUMPHREY                      MA-14-48-12
GILBERT, JERUSHA M.                    MA-14-521-239
GILBERT, JERUSHA W.                    MA-14-531-22
GILBERT, JOEL                          MA-14-80-106
GILBERT, JOHN                          MA-14-457-289
GILBERT, JONATHAN                      MA-14-17-164
GILBERT, JOSEPH                        MA-14-89-171
GILBERT, JOSIAH                        MA-14-41-68
GILBERT, LUCY                          MA-14-95-374
GILBERT, LYMAN H.                      MA-14-396-613
GILBERT, MARY B.                       MA-14-458-127
GILBERT, NATHAN                        MA-14-59-376
GILBERT, PELATIAH                      MA-14-46-193
GILBERT, RUTH                          MA-14-84-378
GILBERT, RUTH                          MA-14-86-59
GILBERT, SALLY                         MA-14-93-186
GILBERT, SAMUEL                        MA-14-14-334
GILBERT, SAMUEL P.                     MA-14-398-486
GILBERT, SOLOMON                       MA-14-91-8
GILBERT, THOMAS                        MA-14-16-431
GILBERT, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-59-302
GILBERT, WILLARD                       MA-14-395-209
GILBURT, LUKE                          MA-14-11-402
GILBURT, THOMSA                        MA-14-4-209
GILCHREST, JAMES                       MA-14-80-561
GILCHREST, MARY JANE                   MA-14-521-206
GILCHRIST, CATHERINE                   MA-14-546-96
GILCHRIST, CHARLES S.                  MA-14-394-165
GILCHRIST, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-33-49
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM                     MA-14-27-75
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM                     MA-14-97-349
GILE, THOMAS W.                        MA-14-89-400
GILFORD, JOHN                          MA-14-43-435
GILFOYLE, MICHAEL                      MA-14-492-492
GILL, JOHN                             MA-14-33-255
GILL, MARY A.                          MA-14-541-415
GILL, MOSES                            MA-14-84-18
GILL, THOMAS                           MA-14-511-51
GILLEN, CATHERINE                      MA-14-398-178
GILLEN, GEORGE                         MA-14-397-252
GILLETT, JAMES                         MA-14-546-71
GILLIGAN, ELIZABETH F.                 MA-14-823-222
GILLIGAN, ROGER                        MA-14-523-215
GILLINGHAM, MARY A.                    MA-14-531-75
GILLMAN, WILLIAM C.                    MA-14-571-129
GILLMARTIN, CATHARINE                  MA-14-400A-306
GILLON, PATRICK                        MA-14-551-44
GILMAN, BETSEY                         MA-14-93-220
GILMAN, FRANKLIN                       MA-14-397-434
GILMAN, JOHN C.                        MA-14-97-166
GILMAN, SILENAS C.                     MA-14-470-82
GILMORE, BETSEY                        MA-14-397-436
GILMORE, CHARLES A.                    MA-14-397-564
GILMORE, ISABELL                       MA-14-4-487
GILMORE, MOSES                         MA-14-395-242
GILMORE, REBECCA A.                    MA-14-823-183
GILWEE, PATRICK                        MA-14-531-401
GIPSON, CHARLES                        MA-14-490-217
GIPSON, HENRY                          MA-14-397-487
GIPSON, HENRY                          MA-14-395-131
GIRARD, SOPHIA G.                      MA-14-533-145
GIRARDIN, MARE ALIXE                   MA-14-504-518
GIRD, ELIZABETH L.                     MA-14-563-416
GIRD, JOSEPH W.                        MA-14-396-562
GIRNEX, LOUIS                          MA-14-500-384
GLACKMEYER, HARRIET M.                 MA-14-580-219
GLASFORD, JENNETT                      MA-14-5-297
GLASGOW, EDWARD B.                     MA-14-823-388
GLASSON, HENRY                         MA-14-563-420
GLAZIE,R CATHERINE                     MA-14-490-259
GLAZIER, FREEMAN                       MA-14-566-406
GLAZIER, JOHN C.                       MA-14-395-39
GLAZIER, JOTHAM                        MA-14-395-203
GLAZIER, LEWIS                         MA-14-97-281
GLAZIER, MARIA H.                      MA-14-541-349
GLAZIER, WILLIAM W.                    MA-14-497-493
GLEASON, ABIJAH                        MA-14-95-142
GLEASON, BENAJMIN                      MA-14-50-424
GLEASON, CATHERINE                     MA-14-551-6
GLEASON, CHARLES                       MA-14-23-52
GLEASON, CHARLES H.                    MA-14-823-181
GLEASON, DAVID                         MA-14-72-584
GLEASON, DAVID B.                      MA-14-394-324
GLEASON, DAVID JR.                     MA-14-48-321
GLEASON, ELIJAH                        MA-14-91-184
GLEASON, ESTHER                        MA-14-398-31
GLEASON, EWDARD C.                     MA-14-395-480
GLEASON, EZRA                          MA-14-39-288
GLEASON, FRANCIS H.                    MA-14-533-112
GLEASON, HULDAH C.                     MA-14-399-219
GLEASON, ISAAC                         MA-14-91-325
GLEASON, ISAAC                         MA-14-15-296
GLEASON, JAMES                         MA-14-86-472
GLEASON, JOEL                          MA-14-86-449
GLEASON, JOHN                          MA-14-59-217
GLEASON, JOHN                          MA-14-89-48
GLEASON, JONATHAN                      MA-14-80-463
GLEASON, JONATHAN A.                   MA-14-394-414
GLEASON, JOSEPH                        MA-14-46-30
GLEASON, LEONARD                       MA-14-562-133
GLEASON, LUCY R.                       MA-14-504-429
GLEASON, LYDIA                         MA-14-89-196
GLEASON, LYMAN                         MA-14-578-334
GLEASON, MARY                          MA-14-396-232
GLEASON, MARY S.                       MA-14-543-146
GLEASON, NANCY A.                      MA-14-531-21
GLEASON, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-35-189
GLEASON, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-6-50
GLEASON, PHEBE T.                      MA-14-399-531
GLEASON, PHINEAS                       MA-14-75-153
GLEASON, PHINEAS                       MA-14-36-286
GLEASON, PHINEHAS                      MA-14-6-159
GLEASON, POLLY                         MA-14-66-430
GLEASON, ROBERT S.                     MA-14-399-441
GLEASON, SAMUEL B.                     MA-14-457-172
GLEASON, SARAH                         MA-14-66-99
GLEASON, SILAS                         MA-14-400A-518
GLEASON, SOPHIA B.                     MA-14-394-207
GLEASON, THOMAS                        MA-14-48-3351
GLEASON, THOMAS                        MA-14-535-194
GLEASON, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-84-405
GLEASON, UZZIAL                        MA-14-514-345
GLEAZEN, LUCY                          MA-14-84-536
GLEAZEN, SAMUEL                        MA-14-396-534
GLENNON, ELLEN                         MA-14-538-513
GLENNON, MICHAEL                       MA-14-485-3
GLEZEN, JONATHAN                       MA-14-66-118
GLOVER, HENRY                          MA-14-396-535
GODALE, AARON                          MA-14-84-319
GODARD, KEZIAH                         MA-14-89-545
GODDARD, ASA H.                        MA-14-514-395
GODDARD, ASENATH                       MA-14-95-552
GODDARD, ASHBEL                        MA-14-95-95
GODDARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-399-485
GODDARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-4-318
GODDARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-34-411
GODDARD, CALVIN                        MA-14-80-609
GODDARD, CHARLES                       MA-14-397-156
GODDARD, CHARLES A.                    MA-14-823-444
GODDARD, CZARINA W.                    MA-14-97-481
GODDARD, DANIEL                        MA-14-36-97
GODDARD, DANIEL JR.                    MA-14-26-396
GODDARD, DAVID                         MA-14-4-320
GODDARD, DAVID                         MA-14-89-280
GODDARD, DENNIS                        MA-14-572-24
GODDARD, EBENEZER                      MA-14-8-100
GODDARD, EDWARD                        MA-14-17-255
GODDARD, EDWARD F.                     MA-14-395-481
GODDARD, ELIJAH                        MA-14-93-567
GODDARD, ELISHA                        MA-14-18-582
GODDARD, EMERSON                       MA-14-506-414
GODDARD, EUGENIA D. C.                 MA-14-566-415
GODDARD, EUNICE                        MA-14-93-602
GODDARD, EZRA                          MA-14-398-349
GODDARD, FANNY A.                      MA-14-398-219
GODDARD, FRANCIS                       MA-14-399-87
GODDARD, HEPSIBAH                      MA-14-17-59
GODDARD, ISAAC                         MA-14-395-447
GODDARD, J. HENRY                      MA-14-511-256
GODDARD, JAMES                         MA-14-86-11, 254
GODDARD, JAMES                         MA-14-46-127
GODDARD, JOEL                          MA-14-400A-65
GODDARD, JOHN                          MA-14-20-46
GODDARD, JOHN                          MA-14-36-74
GODDARD, LAURA S.                      MA-14-500-124
GODDARD, LUCINDA P.                    MA-14-538-198
GODDARD, LUCRETIA                      MA-14-470-94
GODDARD, LUCRETIA                      MA-14-93-162
GODDARD, LUCY                          MA-14-95-162
GODDARD, LUCY                          MA-14-93-60
GODDARD, LUTHER                        MA-14-86-79
GODDARD, LUTHER                        MA-14-560--378
GODDARD, MARY                          MA-14-552-182
GODDARD, MARY A.                       MA-14-504-476
GODDARD, MASON                         MA-14-541-87
GODDARD, MEHETABLE                     MA-14-91-68
GODDARD, MEHITABLE                     MA-14-400A-412
GODDARD, NAHUM                         MA-14-97-505
GODDARD, OBADIAH W.                    MA-14-95-99
GODDARD, PARLEY                        MA-14-399-283
GODDARD, ROBERT                        MA-14-19-486
GODDARD, SALMON                        MA-14-84-389
GODDARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-32-78
GODDARD, SAMUEL B. F.                  MA-14-490-206
GODDARD, SARAH J.                      MA-14-563-481
GODDARD, SARAH KINGSBURY               MA-14-538-142
GODDARD, SILAS W.                      MA-14-566-45
GODDARD, SIMON                         MA-14-30-X
GODDARD, SIMON JR.                     MA-14-35-21
GODDARD, SLVIA                         MA-14-93-365
GODDARD, SOPHIA                        MA-14-470-441
GODDARD, SOPHIA D.                     MA-14-495-139
GODDARD, STEPHEN                       MA-14-398-179
GODDARD, STEPHEN D.                    MA-14-531-391
GODDARD, SUSANNAH                      MA-14-497-548
GODELL, LYMAN                          MA-14-399-364
GODFREY, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-56-534
GODFREY, DAVID S.                      MA-14-93-427
GODFREY, NANCY                         MA-14-395-95
GOFFE, ELIZA                           MA-14-394-53
GOLDSMITH, RICHARD                     MA-14-57-415
GOLDSMITH, THEODORE                    MA-14-394-62
GOLDTHWAIT, AGNES P.                   MA-14-504-489
GOLDTHWAIT, CHARLES                    MA-14-457-232
GOLDTHWAIT, MERRICK B.                 MA-14-580-439
GOLDTHWAIT, THOMAS                     MA-14-89-197
GOLDTHWAIT, ZADOCK                     MA-14-533-434
GOLDTHWAITE, ADALINE S.                MA-14-552-212
GOLDTHWAITE, MARY                      MA-14-93-390
GONDRICK, RICHARD                      MA-14-572-50
GOOCH, MARTHA A.                       MA-14-492-291
GOODALE, AARON                         MA-14-48-602
GOODALE, AARON                         MA-14-535-472
GOODALE, ANNIE C.                      MA-14-514-21
GOODALE, BETSEY D.                     MA-14-400A-442
GOODALE, CATHARINA S.                  MA-14-394-76
GOODALE, DAVID                         MA-14-72-537
GOODALE, DAVID JR.                     MA-14-59-564
GOODALE, ELIZA W.                      MA-14-551-35
GOODALE, JOHN                          MA-14-66-98
GOODALE, JOHN                          MA-14-57-68
GOODALE, JOSEPH H.                     MA-14-516-214
GOODALE, LEVI                          MA-14-93-707
GOODALE, MARY                          MA-14-59-38
GOODALE, MEHITTABLE                    MA-14-97-490
GOODALE, MOSES                         MA-14-46-170
GOODALE, PAUL                          MA-14-66-344
GOODALE, SOLOMON                       MA-14-2-305
GOODALE, WILLIAM                       MA-14-457-655
GOODALL, BETTY                         MA-14-80-278
GOODALL, WILLIAM D.                    MA-14-457-271
GOODARD, EDWARD                        MA-14-14-207
GOODARD, MARY                          MA-14-48-568
GOODARD, WILLIAM B.                    MA-14-495-190
GOODDARD, LYDIA                        MA-14-27-43
GOODELL, ABEL                          MA-14-93-447
GOODELL, ABRAHAM                       MA-14-75-329
GOODELL, AMOS                          MA-14-483-144
GOODELL, ASA                           MA-14-72-600
GOODELL, CLARINDA                      MA-14-485-380
GOODELL, DAVID H.                      MA-14-823-515
GOODELL, ELLEN J.                      MA-14-823-491
GOODELL, HANNAH                        MA-14-26-328
GOODELL, HANNAH L.                     MA-14-97-282
GOODELL, JANE RICE                     MA-14-492-269
GOODELL, JEDUTHUN                      MA-14-89-667
GOODELL, JOHN                          MA-14-50-283
GOODELL, LUCY H. P.                    MA-14-75-536
GOODELL, MEHITABLE G. W.               MA-14-483-462
GOODELL, NATHAN                        MA-14-8-13
GOODELL, ORRA                          MA-14-59-516
GOODELL, PERSIS                        MA-14-84-88
GOODELL, RELEAF                        MA-14-97-254
GOODELL, ROBERT B. T.                  MA-14-457-627
GOODELL, SARAH W.                      MA-14-97-402
GOODENOW, DAVID                        MA-14-15-269
GOODENOW, JONAS                        MA-14-41-88
GOODENOW, JOSIAH W.                    MA-14-56-127
GOODENOW, MUANCE                       MA-14-400A-411
GOODENOW, THOMAS                       MA-14-29-273
GOODFELLOW, HARRIET M.                 MA-14-823-349
GOODHUE, ELIZABETH S.                  MA-14-400A-320
GOODHUE JOSEPH F.                      MA-14-492-511
GOODHUE, MARY E.                       MA-14-543-114
GOODIER, SAMUEL                        MA-14-457-192
GOODNEY, PHOEBE                        MA-14-578-346
GOODNOW, ASA                           MA-14-43-358
GOODNOW, EDARD                         MA-14-95-48
GOODNOW, JOHN                          MA-14-399-567
GOODNOW, LOIS                          MA-14-86-34
GOODNOW, MARY                          MA-14-823-61
GOODNOW, OLIVER                        MA-14-555-402
GOODRICH, CYRUS                        MA-14-470-17
GOODRICH, DANIEL                       MA-14-399-190
GOODRICH, EDMUND                       MA-14-396-520
GOODRICH, ELIZABETH F.                 MA-14-580-521
GOODRICH, HEZEKIAH                     MA-14-41-204
GOODRICH, HIRAM A.                     MA-14-495-172
GOODRICH, JESSE W.                     MA-14-97-133
GOODRIDGE, ABIJAH                      MA-14-86-62
GOODRIDGE, DAVID                       MA-14-43-53
GOODRIDGE, DAVID                       MA-14-20-190
GOODRIDGE, JOHN C.                     MA-14-823-489
GOODRIDGE, JOSHUA                      MA-14-66-435
GOODRIDGE, JOSHUA                      MA-14-89-9
GOODRIDGE, JOSHUA                      MA-14-18-214
GOODRIDGE, LEVI                        MA-14-91-383
GOODRIDGE, PINEHAS                     MA-14-89-147
GOODRIDGE, SIMON                       MA-14-72-499
GOODSPEED, AMELIA                      MA-14-398-99
GOODSPEED, HEMAN                       MA-14-86-620
GOODSPEED, HENRY C.                    MA-14-535-196
GOODSPEED, ISAAC                       MA-14-91-662
GOODSPEED, ISAAC                       MA-14-29-380
GOODWIN, ISAAC                         MA-14-72-452
GOODWIN, JAMES                         MA-14-72-223
GOODWIN, JAMES                         MA-14-36-136
GOODWIN, MARTIN                        MA-14-397-585
GOOGIN, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-72-430
GOOGINS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-72-395
GORDON, LOUIS                          MA-14-490-484
GORE, ELIJAH                           MA-14-26-238
GORE, INDEPENDENCE                     MA-14-509-165
GORE, JOHN                             MA-14-86-35
GORE, JOHN                             MA-14-48-170
GORE, SALLY                            MA-14-93-316
GORE, SARAH H.                         MA-14-565-108
GORE, SYLVIA                           MA-14-399-32
GOREY, MARY                            MA-14-565-34
GORHAM, CAROLINE A.                    MA-14-399-429
GORHAM, CHARLES L.                     MA-14-535-229
GORHAM, ELIZABETH J.                   MA-14-511-279
GORHAM, JAMES A.                       MA-14-457-335
GORHAM, JASON                          MA-14-458-218
GORHAM, JOHN                           MA-14-89-334
GORHAM, MARY E.                        MA-14-574-161
GORHAM, MARY M.                        MA-14-478-497
GORHAM, MARYANN                        MA-14-566-95
GORHAM, SARAH R.                       MA-14-458-152
GORHAM, SARAH S.                       MA-14-514-363
GORMAN, CATHERINE                      MA-14-521-247
GORMAN, MARGARET                       MA-14-483-95
GORMAN, RICHARD                        MA-14-457-97
GORTON, CLARENCE A.                    MA-14-521-260
GORTON, JOHN                           MA-14-80-535
GOSS, ABBIE                            MA-14-487-479
GOSS, DANIEL                           MA-14-39-70
GOSS, DANIEL                           MA-14-457-140
GOSS, HENRY                            MA-14-95-553
GOSS, JOSIAH                           MA-14-97-304
GOSS, MARSYLVIA S.                     MA-14-569-344
GOSS, MARY                             MA-14-75-90
GOSS, SARAH                            MA-14-86-398
GOSS, THOMAS                           MA-14-16-372
GOSS, WILLIAM                          MA-14-396-502
GOSS, ZEBULON                          MA-14-56-104
GOUGH, ANN                             MA-14-483-150
GOUGH, ELLEN J.                        MA-14-500-398
GOUGH, MARY                            MA-14-516-508
GOUGH, MARY E.                         MA-14-478-308
GOULD, AARON                           MA-14-394-149
GOULD, AUSTIN K.                       MA-14-497-189
GOULD, CATHERINE W.                    MA-14-399-88
GOULD, CHARLES                         MA-14-400A-477
GOULD, CHARLOTTE E.                    MA-14-559-219
GOULD, CHRISTOPHER M.                  MA-14-823-8
GOULD, CURTIS                          MA-14-396-614
GOULD, ELIJAH                          MA-14-72-432
GOULD, ELIZA ANN                       MA-14-514-405
GOULD, ELIZER                          MA-14-34-82
GOULD, FANNIE L. A.                    MA-14-574-194
GOULD, GEORGE H.                       MA-14-548-487
GOULD, HAFFIELD                        MA-14-95-485
GOULD, IDA MAY                         MA-14-497-490
GOULD, JAMES P.                        MA-14-470-430
GOULD, JASON                           MA-14-59-663
GOULD, JEDEDIAH                        MA-14-59-241
GOULD, JOHN B.                         MA-14-475-297
GOULD, JONATHAN                        MA-14-84-487
GOULD, JUDSON                          MA-14-457-111
GOULD, LUCINDA J.                      MA-14-398-533
GOULD, MARTHA HAMILTON                 MA-14-555-425
GOULD, MARTIN C.                       MA-14-457-656
GOULD, MARY J.                         MA-14-504-280
GOULD, OLIVE                           MA-14-396-419
GOULD, SAMUEL                          MA-14-66-321
GOULD, THADDEUS ELMER                  MA-14-574-195
GOULD, THOMAS                          MA-14-10-214
GOULD, THOMAS                          MA-14-397-324
GOULD, THOMAS JR.                      MA-14-5-56
GOULD, WILLIAM                         MA-14-80-634
GOULD, WILLIAM                         MA-14-75-265
GOULD, WILLIAM J.                      MA-14-551-58
GOULD, WILLIAM R.                      MA-14-470-142
GOULDEN, BRIDGET                       MA-14-560--409
GOULDING, BRIDGET                      MA-14-560--409
GOULDING, EPHRAIM                      MA-14-80-369
GOULDING, EPHRAIM L.                   MA-14-580-50
GOULDING, FRANK P.                     MA-14-569-395
GOULDING, FREDERICK                    MA-14-492-201
GOULDING, HENRY                        MA-14-397-355
GOULDING, IGNATIUS                     MA-14-84-441
GOULDING, JONAH                        MA-14-59-483
GOULDING, MARGARET                     MA-14-487-401
GOULDING, SALLY                        MA-14-457-523
GOULDING, WILLIAM                      MA-14-66-313
GOULDING, WINDSOR                      MA-14-395-154
GOUSLAW, JULIA E. CREIGHTON            MA-14-509-157
GOVER, HENRY                           MA-14-521-256
GOW, JESSIE S.                         MA-14-546-69
GOWELL, CAROLINE P.                    MA-14-566-411
GOWIN, PHILIP                          MA-14-554-43
GRADON, WILLIAM                        MA-14-504-214
GRADY, BRIDGET                         MA-14-531-90
GRADY, KATHARINE                       MA-14-823-353
GRADY, MARGARET                        MA-14-485-373
GRADY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-400A-572
GRAHAM, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-13-383
GRAHAM, CHARLES R.                     MA-14-563-401
GRAHAM, JOHN                           MA-14-395-55
GRAHAM, MARY                           MA-14-457-43
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-8-407
GRAINGER, SAMUEL                       MA-14-19-254
GRANDFIELD, DELIA A.                   MA-14-457-336
GRANGER, HENRY H.                      MA-14-397-57
GRANGER, MARTIN                        MA-14-400A-465
GRANT, AARON                           MA-14-66-460
GRANT, AARON                           MA-14-89-176
GRANT, BILLINS                         MA-14-395-408
GRANT, ELIZA A.                        MA-14-574-165
GRANT, JAMES                           MA-14-97-443
GRANT, MARY                            MA-14-394-85
GRATON, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-395-188
GRATON, ALWINS.                        MA-14-566-67
GRATON, BECCA                          MA-14-97-153
GRATON, JOHN                           MA-14-66-56
GRATON, TRYPHENA                       MA-14-75-149
GRAVES, ABNER                          MA-14-66-560
GRAVES, ABNER                          MA-14-89-669
GRAVES, ASHLEY                         MA-14-504-274
GRAVES, ELIJAH                         MA-14-397-182
GRAVES, EVELINE                        MA-14-485-406
GRAVES, HARRY                          MA-14-397-107
GRAVES, HOMAS                          MA-14-5-5
GRAVES, MARGARET                       MA-14-541-103
GRAVES, MARY LOUISA                    MA-14-823-347
GRAY, JOHN M.                          MA-14-457-644
GRAY, MATHEW                           MA-14-18-369
GRAY, REUBEN                           MA-14-43-431
GRAY, ROBERT                           MA-14-9-117
GRAY, ROBERT                           MA-14-29-221
GRAY, ROBERT                           MA-14-20-471
GRAY, TILLSON                          MA-14-497-154
GRAZIADEA, MICHAEL                     MA-14-823-290
GREANY, HENRY                          MA-14-458-25
GREATON, SMYRNA                        MA-14-397-219
GREELEY, HENRY C.                      MA-14-573-313
GREEN, AARON                           MA-14-397-357
GREEN, AARON                           MA-14-397-358
GREEN, ABEL                            MA-14-86-372
GREEN, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-89-148
GREEN, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-4-271
GREEN, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-27-395
GREEN, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-400A-640
GREEN, CHARLES                         MA-14-395-318
GREEN, CHARLES F.                      MA-14-523-198
GREEN, EDWARD                          MA-14-399-114
GREEN, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-93-508
GREEN, ESEK                            MA-14-72-586
GREEN, EZRA                            MA-14-89-120
GREEN, GEORGE                          MA-14-560--426
GREEN, GEORGE F.                       MA-14-97-369
GREEN, HANNAH                          MA-14-396-110
GREEN, HANNAH                          MA-14-56-131
GREEN, HARRY                           MA-14-397-158
GREEN, HELEN J.                        MA-14-535-428
GREEN, HENRY                           MA-14-95-108
GREEN, HENRY A.                        MA-14-497-531
GREEN, HENRY R.                        MA-14-504-284
GREEN, JAMES D.                        MA-14-483-135
GREEN, JEDUTHAN                        MA-14-52-72
GREEN, JEDUTHUN                        MA-14-400A-107
GREEN, JOHN                            MA-14-2-312
GREEN, JOHN                            MA-14-397-253
GREEN, JOHN                            MA-14-36-265
GREEN, JOHN                            MA-14-475-290
GREEN, JOHN                            MA-14-2-160
GREEN, JOHN                            MA-14-2-696
GREEN, JOHN C.                         MA-14-400A-614
GREEN, JOHN D.                         MA-14-97-332
GREEN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-26-48
GREEN, JOSEPH                          MA-14-86-567
GREEN, JOSEPH J.                       MA-14-394-40
GREEN, LEMUEL                          MA-14-50-147
GREEN, LILLIAN M.                      MA-14-473-170
GREEN, LUCY                            MA-14-80-358
GREEN, LUCY                            MA-14-457-141
GREEN, LUCY A.                         MA-14-400A-204
GREEN, LUCY M.                         MA-14-495-224
GREEN, LYDIA                           MA-14-33-51
GREEN, MARGARET                        MA-14-57-328
GREEN, MARTHA S.                       MA-14-397-565
GREEN, MARY                            MA-14-555-428
GREEN, NAHANIEL                        MA-14-23-258
GREEN, NATHAN                          MA-14-56-579
GREEN, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-93-61
GREEN, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-396-382
GREEN, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-396-296
GREEN, OLIVER                          MA-14-75-150
GREEN, PRUDENCE                        MA-14-395-488
GREEN, RUTH                            MA-14-72-337
GREEN, RUTH                            MA-14-91-343
GREEN, SAMUELL                         MA-14-1-204
GREEN, SARAH                           MA-14-86-78
GREEN, SUSAN                           MA-14-89-52
GREEN, SUSAN J.                        MA-14-95-39
GREEN, THOMAS                          MA-14-41-217
GREEN, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-397-469
GREEN, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-26-134
GREEN, WILLIAM                         MA-14-2-435
GREEN, WILLIAM A.                      MA-14-535-185
GREEN, ZALMON                          MA-14-86-70
GREENE, ARABELLE F.                    MA-14-823-277
GREENE, BENEDICT A.                    MA-14-97-307
GREENE, EMMELINE NOYES                 MA-14-555-418
GREENE, HARRIET N.                     MA-14-458-226
GREENE, HENRY G.                       MA-14-575-467
GREENE, HOSEA                          MA-14-543-105
GREENE, JOHN                           MA-14-823-271
GREENE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-560--389
GREENE, MARSHALL S.                    MA-14-514-313
GREENE, MERRILL                        MA-14-509-183
GREENE, MILA F.                        MA-14-580-281
GREENE, ODILE                          MA-14-560--393
GREENE, STEPHEN C.                     MA-14-72-416
GREENLEAF, DANIEL                      MA-14-20-43
GREENLEAF, DANIEL (DR)                 MA-14-13-390
GREENLEAF, FREDERIC W.                 MA-14-91-291
GREENLEAF, WILLIAM                     MA-14-399-115
GREENMAN, AUSTIN                       MA-14-514-359
GREENMAN, JAMES H.                     MA-14-580-298
GREENWAY, BETSEY                       MA-14-400A-249
GREENWOOD, AARON                       MA-14-57-331
GREENWOOD, ABIJAH                      MA-14-43-286
GREENWOOD, ALVAN                       MA-14-56-243
GREENWOOD, ALVIN M.                    MA-14-84-144
GREENWOOD, ALVIN M.                    MA-14-487-438
GREENWOOD, DANIEL                      MA-14-75-173
GREENWOOD, ETHAN A.                    MA-14-95-382
GREENWOOD, EUNICE                      MA-14-511-225
GREENWOOD, FIDELIA                     MA-14-394-166
GREENWOOD, FRANCIS                     MA-14-546-435
GREENWOOD, HENRY                       MA-14-397-108
GREENWOOD, HOLLAND                     MA-14-93-85
GREENWOOD, HORACE                      MA-14-396-264
GREENWOOD, JAMES                       MA-14-97-218
GREENWOOD, JAMES                       MA-14-36-342
GREENWOOD, JOEL C.                     MA-14-93-484
GREENWOOD, JOHN L.                     MA-14-400A-60
GREENWOOD, JONATHAN                    MA-14-56-282
GREENWOOD, JOSEPH                      MA-14-13-497
GREENWOOD, JOSEPH E.                   MA-14-400A-585
GREENWOOD, OLIVER                      MA-14-89-606
GREENWOOD, OTIS                        MA-14-43-583
GREENWOOD, REBECAH PRENTISS            MA-14-568-247
GREENWOOD, ROBERT                      MA-14-565-103
GREENWOOD, RUTH H.                     MA-14-485-89
GREENWOOD, SILAS N.                    MA-14-543-148
GREENWOOD, THOMAS                      MA-14-59-444
GREGOIRE, MAGLOIRE                     MA-14-823-443
GREGORY, CEMANTHA                      MA-14-560--361
GREGORY, DANIEL                        MA-14-56-49
GREGORY, ELISHA                        MA-14-56-638
GREGORY, ELISHA                        MA-14-93-304
GREGORY, EUNICE                        MA-14-89-650
GREGORY, EUNICE H.                     MA-14-511-57
GREGORY, LUCY ANN                      MA-14-546-25
GREGORY, PHINEAS E.                    MA-14-516-161
GREGORY, PHINEHAS                      MA-14-56-529
GREGORY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-66-177
GRENIER, PHILOMENE                     MA-14-483-436
GRENON, JEAN BAPTISTE                  MA-14-399-567
GRENON, JOHN                           MA-14-399-567
GRESTY, GEORGE                         MA-14-533-487
GRIFFIN, BARTHOLOMEW B.                MA-14-514-70
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                        MA-14-457-311
GRIFFIN, ELLEN                         MA-14-557-347
GRIFFIN, JAMES                         MA-14-475-247
GRIFFIN, JAMES                         MA-14-10-541
GRIFFIN, JAMES J.                      MA-14-478-474
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          MA-14-7-211
GRIFFIN, MICHAEL                       MA-14-552-170
GRIGGS, JULIA A.                       MA-14-580-30
GRIGGS, LEWIS                          MA-14-541-67
GRIGGS, THOMAS T.                      MA-14-473-290
GRIMES, AARON                          MA-14-398-469
GRIMES, BILL                           MA-14-95-218
GRIMES, JOSEPH                         MA-14-26-87
GRIMES, JOSEPH                         MA-14-75-278
GRIMES, ROBERT                         MA-14-475-322
GRIMES, SEWELL                         MA-14-543-150
GRIMLEY, PETER                         MA-14-531-425
GRINNELL, ELIZABETH A.                 MA-14-514-405
GRINNELL, WILLIAM W.                   MA-14-483-387
GRISWOLD, MARCUS P.                    MA-14-478-226
GRISWOLD, SARAH W.                     MA-14-397-542
GROAT, CLARA F.                        MA-14-538-125
GRODEN, THOMAS J.                      MA-14-562-132
GROOM, JANE S.                         MA-14-495-205
GROSE, RAPHAEL                         MA-14-535-223
GROSS, MARGARETHA                      MA-14-533-430
GROSVENOR, DANIEL                      MA-14-75-187
GROSVENOR, DEBORAH                     MA-14-84-522
GROSVENOR, ELIZA A. H.                 MA-14-470-464
GROSVENOR, JONATHAN P.                 MA-14-93-671
GROSVENOR, JOSEPH W.                   MA-14-80-490
GROSVENOR, LUCY                        MA-14-86-108
GROSVENOR, MOSES G.                    MA-14-457-193
GROUARD, JEAN B.                       MA-14-574-131
GROUT, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-22-41
GROUT, CHARLES B.                      MA-14-823-108
GROUT, EDWIN                           MA-14-89-198
GROUT, FRANCIS                         MA-14-396-615
GROUT, HANNAH                          MA-14-399-409
GROUT, JEREMIAH                        MA-14-399-89
GROUT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-30-458
GROUT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-89-616
GROUT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-66-333
GROUT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-36-108
GROUT, MARCUS                          MA-14-395-411
GROUT, MARY                            MA-14-86-463
GROUT, MOSES                           MA-14-91-296
GROUT, PRISCILLA                       MA-14-12-491
GROUT, RHODA                           MA-14-80-206
GROUT, SUSAN                           MA-14-57-471
GROUT, SUSAN L.                        MA-14-490-231
GROUT, THOMAS                          MA-14-33-300
GROVER, HOSEA B.                       MA-14-521-255
GROVER, JOHN                           MA-14-397-283
GROVER, ZINA                           MA-14-531-51
GROW, SAMUEL                           MA-14-8-488
GUIGAN, JOHN J.                        MA-14-548-471
GUILD, EMILY B.                        MA-14-490-524
GUILFORD, ANN M.                       MA-14-580-289
GUILFORD, CLARISSA                     MA-14-470-18
GUILFORD, JONAS                        MA-14-397-499
GUILFORD, WILLIAM                      MA-14-39-384
GUNDERSON, CHRISTOPHER                 MA-14-400A-390
GUNN, JOHN                             MA-14-823-411
GUNNIFF, CATHERINE                     MA-14-566-8
GURNEY, HANNAH                         MA-14-29-222
GURRY, ANN                             MA-14-457-132
GUY, ELIZABETH C.                      MA-14-511-243

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