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PACKARD, ASA                           MA-14-86-261
PACKARD, ELIJAH                        MA-14-400A-167
PACKARD, ICHABOD                       MA-14-43-231
PACKARD, JAMES                         MA-14-546-7
PACKARD, JOB                           MA-14-80-15
PACKARD, JOHN                          MA-14-72-380
PACKARD, LEVI                          MA-14-394-73
PACKARD, LUCY                          MA-14-89-227
PACKARD, PARLEY                        MA-14-91-107
PADDOCK, CHARLES F.                    MA-14-574-216
PADDOCK, REUBEN                        MA-14-52-550
PAGE, BELA B.                          MA-14-492-539
PAGE, CAROLINE                         MA-14-551-29
PAGE, GEORG EB.                        MA-14-394-94
PAGE, GEORGE                           MA-14-511-264
PAGE, JOHN T.                          MA-14-398-44
PAGE, JONATHAN                         MA-14-11-21
PAGE, JONATHAN                         MA-14-43-481
PAGE, SAMUEL                           MA-14-548-491
PAGE, SAMUEL                           MA-14-2-655
PAGE, SUSAN L.                         MA-14-500-368
PAIGE, ANNA                            MA-14-89-50
PAIGE, BENJAMIN F.                     MA-14-548-476
PAIGE, CALVIN A.                       MA-14-554-101
PAIGE, CHARLES                         MA-14-93-329
PAIGE, CHRISTOPHER                     MA-14-12-545
PAIGE, DAVID                           MA-14-93-511
PAIGE, DAVID C.                        MA-14-457-553
PAIGE, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-95-375
PAIGE, ENOCH                           MA-14-487-175
PAIGE, ERASTUS W.                      MA-14-91-376
PAIGE, FANNY                           MA-14-397-418
PAIGE, FRAZIER                         MA-14-523-162
PAIGE, JAMES                           MA-14-48-396
PAIGE, JAMS                            MA-14-50-164
PAIGE, JESSE                           MA-14-50-294
PAIGE, JOHN                            MA-14-22-176
PAIGE, JOHN                            MA-14-80-30
PAIGE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-93-45
PAIGE, MARY                            MA-14-75-574
PAIGE, REBECCA R.                      MA-14-568-197
PAIGE, SOPHIA                          MA-14-395-250
PAIGE, STEPHEN W.                      MA-14-400A-129
PAIGE, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-56-246
PAIGE, WEALTHY K.                      MA-14-546-452
PAIGE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-22-272
PAINE, ABEL                            MA-14-48-160
PAINE, ABIEL W.                        MA-14-93-498
PAINE, ANN C.                          MA-14-485-14
PAINE, ANNA W.                         MA-14-535-455
PAINE, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-89-123
PAINE, CHLOE                           MA-14-394-307
PAINE, DAVID D.                        MA-14-95-25
PAINE, ELEANOR V.                      MA-14-569-317
PAINE, EMANUEL N.                      MA-14-395-29
PAINE, FREDERICK W.                    MA-14-399-215
PAINE, GIDEON                          MA-14-93-420
PAINE, HENRY                           MA-14-86-541
PAINE, JAMES                           MA-14-72-573
PAINE, JAMES S.                        MA-14-394-155
PAINE, JANE E.                         MA-14-548-232
PAINE, JOSHUA                          MA-14-29-292
PAINE, LEWIS W.                        MA-14-521-238
PAINE, LOUISA                          MA-14-400A-645
PAINE, LUCY S.                         MA-14-400A-500
PAINE, LYMAN                           MA-14-490-247
PAINE, MARGARET                        MA-14-80-192
PAINE, MARGARET W.                     MA-14-511-1
PAINE, MARY J.                         MA-14-490-223
PAINE, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-84-292
PAINE, SMITH                           MA-14-97-344
PAINE, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-25-177
PAINE, TYLER                           MA-14-396-574
PAINE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-72-552
PALM, JOHN                             MA-14-500-93
PALMER, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-52-165
PALMER, ELIZABETH T.                   MA-14-396-505
PALMER, FANNIE M.                      MA-14-578-337
PALMER, GEORGE K.                      MA-14-516-493
PALMER, HANNAH                         MA-14-50-526
PALMER, JOHN                           MA-14-35-294
PALMER, JOHN                           MA-14-516-242
PALMER, MARGARET                       MA-14-72-634
PALMER, MELISSA E.                     MA-14-89-186
PALMER, PARKER                         MA-14-80-605
PALMER, SALLY                          MA-14-395-280
PALMER, SARAH E.                       MA-14-93-586
PALMER, THOMAS                         MA-14-6-356
PALMER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-7-238
PAQUETTE, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-511-299
PAQUETTE, PIERRE L.                    MA-14-521-484
PARDOE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-823-63
PARDOE, MARY                           MA-14-823-47
PARISH, CHARLES T.                     MA-14-75-10
PARK, AGNES                            MA-14-97-71
PARK, ALANSON                          MA-14-399-559
PARK, JEAN                             MA-14-29-337
PARK, JOHN                             MA-14-10-250
PARK, JOHN                             MA-14-91-752
PARK, JOHN                             MA-14-26-535
PARK, JONATHAN                         MA-14-8-295
PARK, MOSES                            MA-14-86-19
PARK, THOMAS                           MA-14-35-225
PARK, WILLIAM                          MA-14-66-81
PARKER, AARON                          MA-14-56-583
PARKER, AARON                          MA-14-396-50
PARKER, ABNER                          MA-14-72-8
PARKER, ASENATH                        MA-14-72-285
PARKER, CELIA H.                       MA-14-516-209
PARKER, DANIEL                         MA-14-399-70
PARKER, DAVID                          MA-14-80-563
PARKER, DAVID F.                       MA-14-457-260
PARKER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-84-109
PARKER, EDITH                          MA-14-492-501
PARKER, EDWIN S.                       MA-14-546-391
PARKER, ELISHA                         MA-14-57-260
PARKER, ELIZABETH N.                   MA-14-497-503
PARKER, EUNICE F.                      MA-14-398-459
PARKER, GABRIEL                        MA-14-397-84
PARKER, GEORGE G.                      MA-14-485-384
PARKER, GEORGE G.                      MA-14-93-225
PARKER, GILMAN B.                      MA-14-398-72
PARKER, HANNAH                         MA-14-89-80
PARKER, HENRY B.                       MA-14-535-193
PARKER, HEPSIBAH R.                    MA-14-89-141
PARKER, HIRAM                          MA-14-399-259
PARKER, JAMES F.                       MA-14-470-37
PARKER, JEROBOAM                       MA-14-91-245
PARKER, JESSE                          MA-14-538-178
PARKER, JOEL                           MA-14-93-474
PARKER, JOHN                           MA-14-89-656
PARKER, JOHN B.                        MA-14-473-211
PARKER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-93-687
PARKER, JOTHAM                         MA-14-483-96
PARKER, LEVI M.                        MA-14-395-114
PARKER, LOIS P.                        MA-14-495-151
PARKER, MARY                           MA-14-95-442
PARKER, MARY                           MA-14-66-443
PARKER, MARY ISADORE                   MA-14-514-379
PARKER, MATILDA                        MA-14-394-459
PARKER, NEHEMIAH                       MA-14-30-334A
PARKER, PHILO                          MA-14-396-309
PARKER, SALLY                          MA-14-52-518
PARKER, SARAH C.                       MA-14-538-175
PARKER, SARAH F.                       MA-14-511-16
PARKER, SUMNER R.                      MA-14-470-132
PARKER, SWAIN                          MA-14-95-465
PARKER, THEODORE                       MA-14-823-434
PARKER, THOMAS                         MA-14-497-509
PARKER, THOMAS                         MA-14-46-505
PARKER, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-39-52
PARKER, WILLARD                        MA-14-66-82
PARKER, WILLARD                        MA-14-95-194
PARKER, WILLIAM W.                     MA-14-506-364
PARKER, ZARA                           MA-14-572-37
PARKHURST, ALEXANDER                   MA-14-52-410
PARKHURST, AMASA                       MA-14-483-372
PARKHURST, AMASA                       MA-14-66-15
PARKHURST, EBENEZER                    MA-14-26-368
PARKHURST, ELIZA M.                    MA-14-97-433
PARKHURST, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-80-324
PARKHURST, FANNY                       MA-14-397-418
PARKHURST, HARRIET                     MA-14-97-128
PARKHURST, JOEL                        MA-14-86-530
PARKHURST, JOHN                        MA-14-75-201
PARKHURST, NANCY                       MA-14-485-376
PARKHURST, NELSON                      MA-14-500-156
PARKHURST, PAUL K.                     MA-14-511-305
PARKHURST, PERSIS K.                   MA-14-457-261
PARKHURST, SARAH                       MA-14-57-565
PARKHURST, SILAS                       MA-14-46-5
PARKHURST, THEOPHILUS                  MA-14-66-187
PARKHURST, WARREN                      MA-14-394-385
PARKMAN, BRECK                         MA-14-57-665
PARKMAN, CHARLES                       MA-14-75-210
PARKMAN, CHAUNCEY JR.                  MA-14-396-507
PARKMAN, EBENEZER                      MA-14-511-77
PARKMAN, EBENEZER                      MA-14-18-324
PARKMAN, HARRIET                       MA-14-511-76
PARKMAN, ROBERT BRECK                  MA-14-95-113
PARKMAN, SARAH R.                      MA-14-399-242
PARKS, CAROLINE C.                     MA-14-400A-153
PARKS, ELEAZER                         MA-14-48-646
PARKS, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-84-512
PARKS, ELLIOT                          MA-14-89-322
PARKS, GEORGE S.                       MA-14-400A-219
PARKS, JOHN                            MA-14-91-414
PARKS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-22-13
PARKS, LOREN C.                        MA-14-473-179
PARKS, MARIA F.                        MA-14-563-476
PARKS, ROXANNA WESTON                  MA-14-492-531
PARKS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-457-355
PARLIN, DANIEL                         MA-14-86-21, 57
PARMENTER, EDWARD F.                   MA-14-823-429
PARMENTER, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-395-198
PARMENTER, ELIZABETH                   MA-14-56-569
PARMENTER, FRANCIS C.                  MA-14-497-500
PARMENTER, JOHN                        MA-14-48-484
PARMENTER, NANCY A.                    MA-14-523-221
PARMENTER, PHINEAS                     MA-14-93-97
PARMENTER, RUFUS                       MA-14-43-332
PARMENTER, RUTH                        MA-14-29-133
PARMENTER, SALLY                       MA-14-457-88
PARMENTER, SILAS                       MA-14-95-388
PARMENTER, SOLOMON                     MA-14-22-279
PARRETT, CATHERINE I.                  MA-14-562-110
PARSONS, ANN                           MA-14-398-413
PARSONS, GEORGE                        MA-14-43-178
PARSONS, ISRAEL                        MA-14-9-311
PARSONS, JAMES R.                      MA-14-492-535
PARSONS, JOHN                          MA-14-395-250
PARSONS, JOSEPH                        MA-14-11-267
PARSONS, MARY F.                       MA-14-458-107
PARSONS, RALSEMON                      MA-14-93-257
PARSONS, SOLOMON                       MA-14-72-145
PARSONS, THOMAS                        MA-14-5-415
PARTRIDGE, AARON                       MA-14-457-202
PARTRIDGE, ADAM                        MA-14-95-148
PARTRIDGE, ANN ELIZA                   MA-14-506-357
PARTRIDGE, CHARLOTTE C.                MA-14-497-485
PARTRIDGE, DANIEL W.                   MA-14-580-503
PARTRIDGE, ELBRIDGE G.                 MA-14-487-403
PARTRIDGE, EZEKIEL                     MA-14-59-362
PARTRIDGE, FREDERICK                   MA-14-506-394
PARTRIDGE, JESSE                       MA-14-80-486
PARTRIDGE, JESSE                       MA-14-93-259
PARTRIDGE, JOHN                        MA-14-31-79
PARTRIDGE, JOSIAH                      MA-14-14-335
PARTRIDGE, MOSES                       MA-14-34-177
PARTRIDGE, ORAN                        MA-14-497-492
PARTRIDGE, SARAH                       MA-14-56-566
PARTRIDGE, SENECA                      MA-14-457-215
PARTRIDGE, SILAS                       MA-14-52-183
PARTRIDGE, WARREN                      MA-14-93-198
PATCH, ANDREW                          MA-14-18-86
PATCH, ELMIRA B.                       MA-14-399-424
PATCH, EUNICE                          MA-14-43-51
PATCH, EUNICE                          MA-14-80-568
PATCH, HENRY                           MA-14-43-353
PATCH, JOHN A.                         MA-14-93-373
PATCH, JOSEPH                          MA-14-75-570
PATCH, LUCY                            MA-14-84-6
PATCH, NANCY B.                        MA-14-478-229
PATCH, NATHAN                          MA-14-36-248
PATCH, POLLY                           MA-14-95-15
PATCH, RALPH                           MA-14-395-425
PATCH, SAMUEL                          MA-14-91-755
PATON, BENJAMIN W.                     MA-14-823-109
PATON, WILLIAM R.                      MA-14-483-437
PATRICK, ASA                           MA-14-93-27
PATRICK, ASA                           MA-14-399-410
PATRICK, ISAAC                         MA-14-397-366
PATRICK, JOHN                          MA-14-97-316
PATRICK, JOHN                          MA-14-93-65
PATRICK, JOHN                          MA-14-80-165
PATRICK, JOSEPH W.                     MA-14-97-434
PATRICK, LYDIA                         MA-14-84-343
PATRICK, MARY ANN                      MA-14-475-4
PATRICK, MATTHEW                       MA-14-66-157
PATRICK, WILLIAM A.                    MA-14-483-409
PATRIDGE, JOSEPH A.                    MA-14-475-21
PATTEN, JAMES P.                       MA-14-395-33
PATTERSON, ARTE                        MA-14-91-683
PATTERSON, GEORGE                      MA-14-4-166
PATTERSON, JAMES                       MA-14-397-202
PATTERSON, JOHN                        MA-14-514-370
PATTERSON, JOSEPH                      MA-14-562-59
PATTERSON, LOVISA                      MA-14-394-441
PATTERSON, NELLIE S.                   MA-14-580-523
PATTESON, DAVID B.                     MA-14-490-525
PAUL, DENNIS                           MA-14-548-511
PAUL, MARIE F.                         MA-14-531-58
PAYNE, THOMAS                          MA-14-531-83
PAYSON, JAMES                          MA-14-41-62
PAYSON, JOHN                           MA-14-33-48
PAYSON, SMAUEL                         MA-14-8-169
PEABODY, JACOB                         MA-14-6-296
PEABODY, JOHN                          MA-14-91-462
PEABODY, THOMAS                        MA-14-14-340
PEABODY, TIMOTHY H.                    MA-14-546-57
PEABODY, WILLIAM                       MA-14-89-523
PEARCE, EARL D.                        MA-14-89-38
PEARCE, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-20-212
PEARD, HANNAH                          MA-14-552-204
PEARSON, ELIPHALET                     MA-14-59-640
PEARSON, SILAS                         MA-14-57-431
PEARSON, WILLIAM                       MA-14-543-401
PEASE, DOLLY                           MA-14-400A-631
PEASE, JOSIAH                          MA-14-43-541
PEASE, LEVI                            MA-14-57-339
PEASE, LUCY G.                         MA-14-506-422
PEASE, THEDA F.                        MA-14-555-388
PECK, AUGUSTUS E.                      MA-14-521-203
PECK, DANIEL                           MA-14-46-289
PECK, EZRA                             MA-14-89-106
PECK, HARRIET W.                       MA-14-457-563
PECK, LOUISA                           MA-14-478-542
PECK, LYMAN                            MA-14-396-12
PECK, MILTON                           MA-14-95-98
PECK, POMEROY                          MA-14-93-636
PECK, SOLOMON                          MA-14-25-486
PECK, WILLIAM D.                       MA-14-473-217
PECKER, B. DEXTER                      MA-14-565-122
PECKHAM, ANSON                         MA-14-400A-484
PECKHAM, JOHN                          MA-14-52-277
PECKHAM, JOHN                          MA-14-24-303
PECKHAM, SOPHIA G.                     MA-14-457-344
PEIRCE, AARON                          MA-14-95-178
PEIRCE, ABIJAH                         MA-14-56-366
PEIRCE, AMOS                           MA-14-89-31
PEIRCE, AMOS                           MA-14-59-554
PEIRCE, CALVIN                         MA-14-66-458
PEIRCE, CHARLES                        MA-14-559-228
PEIRCE, CHRISTOPHER C.                 MA-14-91-280
PEIRCE, DAVID                          MA-14-2-539
PEIRCE, DAVID                          MA-14-36-431
PEIRCE, EBENEZER                       MA-14-33-363
PEIRCE, ELISHA                         MA-14-97-487
PEIRCE, GAD                            MA-14-39-428
PEIRCE, ISRAEL                         MA-14-2-699
PEIRCE, JACOB                          MA-14-84-149
PEIRCE, JOHN                           MA-14-72-479
PEIRCE, JOHN JR.                       MA-14-84-266
PEIRCE, JONAS                          MA-14-57-337
PEIRCE, JONATHAN                       MA-14-395-396
PEIRCE, JONATHAN                       MA-14-66-186
PEIRCE, JONATHAN                       MA-14-80-524
PEIRCE, JONATHAN                       MA-14-36-290
PEIRCE, JONATHAN S.                    MA-14-66-444
PEIRCE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-75-393
PEIRCE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-24-191
PEIRCE, JOSHUA                         MA-14-66-327
PEIRCE, JOSHUA                         MA-14-91-155
PEIRCE, JOSIAH                         MA-14-35-299
PEIRCE, LEVI                           MA-14-398-121
PEIRCE, MARY                           MA-14-52-425
PEIRCE, MARY F.                        MA-14-478-528
PEIRCE, MOSES H.                       MA-14-89-220
PEIRCE, SETH                           MA-14-36-352
PEIRCE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-89-55
PEIRCE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-66-88
PEIRCE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-553-453
PEIRCE, WILLIAM N.                     MA-14-504-279
PEIRK, JOHN                            MA-14-33-111
PELKEY, PHILOMIN                       MA-14-470-23
PELLET, SALLY E.                       MA-14-457-516
PELLETT, GRACE DOUBLEDAY               MA-14-535-453
PELLETT, HENRY C.                      MA-14-506-423
PELLETT, NATHAN B.                     MA-14-396-599
PELOQUIN, NARCISE                      MA-14-548-190
PELOQUIN, NELSON                       MA-14-548-190
PENDERGAST, JAMES                      MA-14-548-197
PENDEXTER, JULIA ANN                   MA-14-511-3
PENETY, MARIA L.                       MA-14-543-84
PENNANT, ELIZA                         MA-14-521-254
PENNIMAN, ANDREW                       MA-14-75-199
PENNIMAN, DANIEL T.                    MA-14-398-288
PENNIMAN, HENRY                        MA-14-91-489
PENNIMAN, HENRY                        MA-14-39-44
PENNIMAN, HENRY                        MA-14-93-436
PENNIMAN, JOHN                         MA-14-48-167
PENNIMAN, JOSEPH                       MA-14-36-314
PENNIMAN, JOSIAH                       MA-14-46-19
PENNIMAN, LUCIUS S.                    MA-14-533-410
PENNIMAN, SAMUEL                       MA-14-50-99
PENNIMAN, SARAH                        MA-14-43-478
PENNIMAN, SERIL                        MA-14-48-262
PENNIMAN, WILLIAM                      MA-14-80-181
PENNINGTON, SELINA                     MA-14-533-479
PEPPER, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-506-347
PEPPER, HENRY A.                       MA-14-457-487
PEPPER, JACOB                          MA-14-72-329
PEPPER, JACOB                          MA-14-86-509
PEPPER, JACOB                          MA-14-41-379
PEPPER, PLINY                          MA-14-97-347
PERCIVAL, JAMES W.                     MA-14-475-20
PERGIN, BELINDA                        MA-14-535-426
PERIN, SAMUEL                          MA-14-2-291
PERKINS, ABEL                          MA-14-400A-468
PERKINS, ARIEL E. P.                   MA-14-548-180
PERKINS, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-91-67
PERKINS, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-75-233
PERKINS, EBENEZER                      MA-14-395-253
PERKINS, ELIJAH C.                     MA-14-400A-632
PERKINS, ENOCH                         MA-14-457-480
PERKINS, ENOCH                         MA-14-457-472
PERKINS, ESTHER                        MA-14-86-195
PERKINS, FRANCIS                       MA-14-394-169
PERKINS, FRANCIS                       MA-14-41-413
PERKINS, GEORGE W.                     MA-14-565-117
PERKINS, HANNAH                        MA-14-95-80
PERKINS, JAMES                         MA-14-89-107
PERKINS, JAMES                         MA-14-89-238
PERKINS, JONATHAN                      MA-14-72-399
PERKINS, JONATHAN                      MA-14-84-388
PERKINS, JOSEPH L.                     MA-14-475-288
PERKINS, JULIA A.                      MA-14-458-57
PERKINS, LAFAYETTE M.                  MA-14-487-454
PERKINS, PALAMEDIUS                    MA-14-43-29
PERKINS, SARAH                         MA-14-492-549
PERKINS, ZAVAN                         MA-14-394-178
PERLEY, ASA                            MA-14-397-309
PERLEY, ASA                            MA-14-398-224
PERLEY, BETSEY                         MA-14-91-46
PERLEY, SYLVIA                         MA-14-95-423
PERRAULT, ZEPHIRIN                     MA-14-500-125
PERREAULT, DELIMA                      MA-14-569-366
PERRIN, GEORGE                         MA-14-75-158
PERRIN, LUCY A. F.                     MA-14-563-414
PERRY, ABEL O.                         MA-14-535-464
PERRY, ABNE                            MA-14-80-596
PERRY, ABNER                           MA-14-396-370
PERRY, ADAMS                           MA-14-89-81
PERRY, ALPHEUS                         MA-14-398-45
PERRY, ANNA                            MA-14-91-281
PERRY, ASA                             MA-14-59-395
PERRY, BETHIAH M.                      MA-14-483-160
PERRY, CALEB                           MA-14-91-109
PERRY, CHARLES B.                      MA-14-823-363
PERRY, CYNTHIA                         MA-14-93-261
PERRY, DAVID                           MA-14-475-296
PERRY, DEXTER H.                       MA-14-400A-416
PERRY, DORCAS                          MA-14-394-116
PERRY, EBENEZER                        MA-14-17-75
PERRY, ELIHU                           MA-14-72-317
PERRY, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-396-30
PERRY, JAMES                           MA-14-52-82
PERRY, JOHN                            MA-14-35-333
PERRY, JOHN                            MA-14-7-357
PERRY, JOHN L.                         MA-14-399-231
PERRY, JOSEPH                          MA-14-26-339
PERRY, JOSEPH S.                       MA-14-578-352
PERRY, JOSHUA G.                       MA-14-541-60
PERRY, JOSIAH                          MA-14-46-559
PERRY, JOSIAH                          MA-14-39-261
PERRY, JULIA                           MA-14-565-84
PERRY, JULIA ANN                       MA-14-470-114
PERRY, MARTHA                          MA-14-86-244
PERRY, MARTHA                          MA-14-84-433
PERRY, MARY                            MA-14-397-232
PERRY, MARY D.                         MA-14-399-221
PERRY, MARY E.                         MA-14-516-497
PERRY, MARY J.                         MA-14-495-485
PERRY, MARY STONE                      MA-14-580-106
PERRY, MOSES                           MA-14-86-51
PERRY, NATHAN                          MA-14-80-325
PERRY, NATHAN                          MA-14-34-384
PERRY, PHINEHAS                        MA-14-27-119
PERRY, S. PAYSON                       MA-14-823-91
PERRY, SAAH A.                         MA-14-470-111
PERRY, SAMUEL                          MA-14-500-424
PERRY, SAMUEL                          MA-14-93-607
PERRY, SUSANNA                         MA-14-556-381
PERRY, THOMAS                          MA-14-400A-243
PERRY, TYLER                           MA-14-75-617
PERRY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-86-580
PERRY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-543-421
PERSONS, PHEBA                         MA-14-91-111
PETERS, ANDREW                         MA-14-56-296
PETERS, ASAHEL                         MA-14-17-60
PETERS, HANNAH P.                      MA-14-574-181
PETERS, LOVETT                         MA-14-396-371
PETERS, LUTHER                         MA-14-511-83
PETTINGILL, CHARLES B.                 MA-14-500-432
PETTS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-396-397
PEVEY, C. LIVONIA                      MA-14-580-538
PHEALAN, JOHANNA                       MA-14-470-106
PHELAN, DANIEL F.                      MA-14-458-206
PHELAN, JEFFREY                        MA-14-514-2
PHELAN, JOHN                           MA-14-458-207
PHELAN, MICHAEL                        MA-14-551-49
PHELAN, PATRICK                        MA-14-523-190
PHELPS, AZOR                           MA-14-80-174
PHELPS, AZOR R.                        MA-14-86-402
PHELPS, BARNEY S.                      MA-14-457-646
PHELPS, BENJAMIN D.                    MA-14-399-390
PHELPS, CLARISSA                       MA-14-97-373
PHELPS, EDWARD                         MA-14-3-137
PHELPS, EDWARD                         MA-14-531-386
PHELPS, FRANKLIN F.                    MA-14-535-173
PHELPS, JOHN                           MA-14-394-464
PHELPS, JOHN                           MA-14-394-94
PHELPS, JONAS                          MA-14-396-273
PHELPS, JOSEPH                         MA-14-80-619
PHELPS, JOSHUA                         MA-14-19-9
PHELPS, JULIA A.                       MA-14-475-282
PHELPS, LIBERTY                        MA-14-500-429
PHELPS, LUCEBA A.                      MA-14-580-481
PHELPS, LUCY                           MA-14-89-491
PHELPS, MARY ANN                       MA-14-84-307
PHELPS, MARY E.                        MA-14-89-453
PHELPS, POLLY                          MA-14-395-252
PHELPS, RUTH                           MA-14-31-407
PHELPS, SAMUEL M.                      MA-14-521-449
PHELPS, SIMON                          MA-14-21-268
PHELPS, SUMNER                         MA-14-97-44
PHELPS, SUSANNAH                       MA-14-89-531
PHELPS, WILLIS F.                      MA-14-553-443
PHETTEPLACE, EMILY A.                  MA-14-521-496
PHETTEPLACE, GEORGE MARBLE             MA-14-516-494
PHETTEPLACE, MARBLE                    MA-14-478-541
PHETTEPLACE, MARGARET                  MA-14-89-563
PHETTEPLACE, SIMON W.                  MA-14-548-533
PHIIPPS, JOHN                          MA-14-36-355
PHILBIN, PATRICK A.                    MA-14-559-152
PHILBRICK, GEORGE B.                   MA-14-560--398
PHILIPS, EBENEZER                      MA-14-2-511
PHILLIPS, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-395-116
PHILLIPS, ASIA                         MA-14-396-158
PHILLIPS, BARSHEBA                     MA-14-12-302
PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN L.                  MA-14-396-158
PHILLIPS, DANIEL                       MA-14-89-468
PHILLIPS, DANIEL                       MA-14-21-83
PHILLIPS, EBENEZER W.                  MA-14-457-475
PHILLIPS, EDWARD                       MA-14-399-271
PHILLIPS, ETHAN                        MA-14-24-419
PHILLIPS, FRANKLIN                     MA-14-475-88
PHILLIPS, HANNAH                       MA-14-52-2
PHILLIPS, ISRAEL                       MA-14-17-69
PHILLIPS, JAMES F.                     MA-14-504-465
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         MA-14-400A-405
PHILLIPS, JONATHAN                     MA-14-28-339
PHILLIPS, MARTIN L.                    MA-14-823-295
PHILLIPS, OSCAR                        MA-14-562-89
PHILLIPS, SALLY S.                     MA-14-400A-277
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                       MA-14-39-129
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                       MA-14-84-344
PHILLIPS, SARAH                        MA-14-93-680
PHILLIPS, WALDO                        MA-14-559-170
PHIPPS, HOLLIS                         MA-14-457-312
PHIPPS, MARTHA A.                      MA-14-398-256
PHIPPS, SYLVESTER                      MA-14-457-274
PICARD, REMI                           MA-14-568-181
PICKARD, JONATHAN                      MA-14-34-210
PICKARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-15-329
PICKARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-5-42
PICKARD, SAMUEL M.                     MA-14-398-474
PICKERING, ASA                         MA-14-36-397
PICKERING, ASA                         MA-14-95-443
PICKERING, BENJAMIN                    MA-14-31-312
PICKERING, BENJAMIN                    MA-14-398-357
PICKERING, BENJAMIN                    MA-14-86-562
PICKERING, HANNAH                      MA-14-72-382
PICKERING, LUCY A.                     MA-14-500-441
PICKERING, PHEBE                       MA-14-506-382
PICKETT, MARY                          MA-14-478-232
PICKETT, PATTY H.                      MA-14-399-261
PIERCE, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-397-367
PIERCE, AMOS                           MA-14-399-146
PIERCE, ANGELINE                       MA-14-490-461
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-89-173
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-93-8
PIERCE, BENJAMIN H.                    MA-14-457-175
PIERCE, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-535-462
PIERCE, CHARLES JR.                    MA-14-397-41
PIERCE, CHARLES L.                     MA-14-487-164
PIERCE, CHARLOTTE B.                   MA-14-495-144
PIERCE, CLEOPATRA B.                   MA-14-397-272
PIERCE, DAVID                          MA-14-80-564
PIERCE, DELANO                         MA-14-400A-85
PIERCE, EDWARD A.                      MA-14-497-213
PIERCE, EDWIN                          MA-14-495-473
PIERCE, ELCY D.                        MA-14-89-178
PIERCE, ELI WARREN                     MA-14-533-121
PIERCE, ELIZA J.                       MA-14-572-98
PIERCE, ELLEN L.                       MA-14-573-332
PIERCE, EMORY                          MA-14-89-564
PIERCE, FRED O.                        MA-14-543-71
PIERCE, FREDERICK A.                   MA-14-535-528
PIERCE, GEORGE M.                      MA-14-500-374
PIERCE, HARVEY L.                      MA-14-563-440
PIERCE, HIRAM                          MA-14-399-461
PIERCE, HULDAH                         MA-14-89-538
PIERCE, JAMES A.                       MA-14-485-404
PIERCE, JONATHAN G.                    MA-14-580-359
PIERCE, JOSIAH                         MA-14-533-396
PIERCE, LAMBERT                        MA-14-572-41
PIERCE, LYDIA                          MA-14-86-321
PIERCE, MADISON                        MA-14-497-217
PIERCE, MAHALA                         MA-14-557-360
PIERCE, MALINDA B.                     MA-14-543-439
PIERCE, MARY LEB.                      MA-14-509-179
PIERCE, NANCY                          MA-14-514-16
PIERCE, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-395-496
PIERCE, PETER                          MA-14-80-32
PIERCE, SABRINA B.                     MA-14-506-361
PIERCE, SALLY H.                       MA-14-457-264
PIERCE, SAMUEL                         MA-14-543-400
PIERCE, SERAPHINE A.                   MA-14-511-27
PIERCE, SHADARACK                      MA-14-36-131
PIERCE, SUSAN M.                       MA-14-478-87
PIERCE, SUSIE A.                       MA-14-823-193
PIERCE, THIRZAH                        MA-14-492-284
PIERCE, WILLIAM D.                     MA-14-533-469
PIGEON, JOHN                           MA-14-14-368
PIKE, AMOS                             MA-14-514-86
PIKE, ANN M.                           MA-14-511-234
PIKE, CLARK                            MA-14-395-309
PIKE, CYRIL                            MA-14-470-125
PIKE, DAVID                            MA-14-86-217
PIKE, EBENEZER                         MA-14-25-88
PIKE, JOHN                             MA-14-80-79
PIKE, JONATHAN                         MA-14-95-467
PIKE, MARSHALL S.                      MA-14-565-86
PIKE, SALLY                            MA-14-89-437
PIKE, SALLY S.                         MA-14-399-99
PIKE, SAMUEL                           MA-14-75-643
PIKE, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-48-323
PIKE, WILLIAM P.                       MA-14-487-425
PILLSBURY, LEVI                        MA-14-511-211
PINKHAM, JANE P.                       MA-14-565-41
PIPER, HORACE                          MA-14-543-434
PIPER, JOHN                            MA-14-487-428
PIPER, JONATHAN H.                     MA-14-470-52
PIPER, JOSIAH                          MA-14-57-501
PIPER, JOSIAH                          MA-14-80-277
PIPER, PETER S.                        MA-14-480-491
PIPER, WILLIAM                         MA-14-399-100
PITCHER, SYLVIA C.                     MA-14-541-355
PITT, EBENEZER                         MA-14-43-296
PITTS, ABNER                           MA-14-93-557
PITTS, HARRIET K.                      MA-14-566-18
PITTS, SIBBYL                          MA-14-57-262
PITTS, SUMNE W.                        MA-14-514-408
PLACE, ELIZABETH J.                    MA-14-563-444
PLACE, HANNAH D.                       MA-14-497-229
PLACE, NATHAN                          MA-14-89-643
PLACE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-398-305
PLATT, JAMES                           MA-14-12-124
PLATT,MARY                             MA-14-559-244
PLATTS, IRVIN E.                       MA-14-531-43
PLATTS, JOHN V.                        MA-14-543-402
PLIMPTON, CHESTER                      MA-14-93-134
PLIMPTON, ELIJAH                       MA-14-50-78
PLIMPTON, ESTHER                       MA-14-86-483
PLIMPTON, GEORGE                       MA-14-59-250
PLIMPTON, GERSHOM                      MA-14-57-40
PLIMPTON, HERVEY                       MA-14-399-391
PLIMPTON, JAMES                        MA-14-36-179
PLIMPTON, JONATHAN                     MA-14-57-393
PLIMPTON, JULIA A.                     MA-14-80-152
PLIMPTON, JULIA E.                     MA-14-521-466
PLIMPTON, LYDIA                        MA-14-91-723
PLIMPTON, LYDIA                        MA-14-396-539
PLIMPTON, MARY                         MA-14-84-492
PLIMPTON, NATHANIEL W.                 MA-14-399-171
PLIMPTON, OLIVER                       MA-14-72-401
PLIMPTON, OLIVER J.                    MA-14-823-466
PLIMPTON, PENNEL                       MA-14-535-220
PLIMPTON, SILAS                        MA-14-41-518
PLIMPTON, SIMON                        MA-14-398-378
PLIMPTON, WILLIAM H.                   MA-14-400A-220
PLIMPTON, WILSON SILAS                 MA-14-475-10
PLUMBLY, JOHN                          MA-14-2-34
PLUMMER, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-84-527
PLUMMER, EBENEZER                      MA-14-89-244
PLUNKETT, HELEN                        MA-14-571-145
PLUNKETT, THOMAS                       MA-14-483-448
PLYMPTON, JOHN                         MA-14-91-758
POHLEMANN, JOHN S.                     MA-14-483-384
POIGNAND, DAVID                        MA-14-66-623
POINTER, MOSES                         MA-14-2-490
POLAND, ELIZA G.                       MA-14-568-195
POLAND, EUNICE C.                      MA-14-398-414
POLAND, GEORGE E.                      MA-14-574-166
POLAND, HARRIET A.                     MA-14-546-41
POLAND, JAMES                          MA-14-568-257
POLAND, LUCY                           MA-14-97-493
POLAND, WILLIAM                        MA-14-394-155
POLARD, JONAS                          MA-14-9-273
POLARD, WALTER                         MA-14-23-62
POLLARD, AARON                         MA-14-93-262
POLLARD, ABEL                          MA-14-504-469
POLLARD, ABIGAIL B.                    MA-14-543-115
POLLARD, ABIJAH                        MA-14-46-557
POLLARD, AMORY                         MA-14-397-514
POLLARD, AMORY                         MA-14-86-625
POLLARD, ASENATH                       MA-14-396-468
POLLARD, DAVID                         MA-14-394-273
POLLARD, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-29-44
POLLARD, JOEL                          MA-14-59-82
POLLARD, JONAS                         MA-14-89-513
POLLARD, LUKE                          MA-14-492-220
POLLARD, OLIVER                        MA-14-41-442
POLLARD, PERSIS P.                     MA-14-473-265
POLLARD, PHEBE                         MA-14-457-476
POLLARD, THADDEUS                      MA-14-32-159
POLLARD, WILLIAM                       MA-14-66-628
POLLEY, ALVIN M.                       MA-14-457-585
POLLEY, AMOS S.                        MA-14-511-246
POLLEY, ELNATHAN                       MA-14-86-39
POLLEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-13-480
POLLEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-34-415
POLLEY, LUCY WHITNEY                   MA-14-514-318
POLLOCK, SUSAN C.                      MA-14-490-214
POLLOCK, THOMAS                        MA-14-487-172
POLLY, HIRAM                           MA-14-497-482
POLLY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-15-176
POMEROY, MARTHA                        MA-14-395-290
POMEROY, SIMEON G.                     MA-14-457-145
POMEROY, THEODORE B.                   MA-14-504-276
POND, ASA                              MA-14-39-266
POND, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-97-98
POND, EDGAR B.                         MA-14-580-357
POND, ELBRIDGE S.                      MA-14-458-36
POND, ELIHU                            MA-14-396-508
POND, FRANKLIN                         MA-14-490-533
POND, GEORGE H.                        MA-14-492-226
POND, JOSEPH                           MA-14-395-156
POND, JUDITH                           MA-14-398-133
POND, JULIA C.                         MA-14-573-300
POND, LUCIUS W.                        MA-14-470-109
POND, LUCRETIA                         MA-14-457-117
POND, MARY M. E.                       MA-14-555-378
POND, OTIS S.                          MA-14-574-169
POND, THOMAS                           MA-14-490-192
POOL, EDWARD G.                        MA-14-580-379
POOL, JAMES                            MA-14-35-4
POOLE, HORACE W.                       MA-14-573-338
POOR, DAVID                            MA-14-48-334
POOR, EDARD                            MA-14-17-112
POPE, EBENEZER                         MA-14-59-131
POPE, JOSEPH                           MA-14-36-44
POPE, JOSEPH                           MA-14-59-475
POPE, LUEN                             MA-14-29-159
POPE, SAMUEL O.                        MA-14-509-194
POPE, SYLVIA                           MA-14-400A-221
POROUTY, MILLENS F.                    MA-14-95-517
PORTER, BYRON                          MA-14-400A-111
PORTER, CAROINE P.                     MA-14-473-271
PORTER, CLARISSA                       MA-14-400A-646
PORTER, DAVID K.                       MA-14-398-488
PORTER, JENNIE M.                      MA-14-475-255
PORTER, JOHN                           MA-14-97-35
PORTER, MARY                           MA-14-575-513
PORTER, NANCY D.                       MA-14-396-113
PORTER, NATHAN                         MA-14-80-328
PORTER, NATHAN 2ND                     MA-14-59-477
PORTER, PATTY                          MA-14-396-398
PORTER, SAMUEL A.                      MA-14-483-425
PORTER, SARAH                          MA-14-394-156
POST, JOHN                             MA-14-6-155
POTTER, CHARLES                        MA-14-574-182
POTTER, CYRUS                          MA-14-514-332
POTTER, EDMUND                         MA-14-15-225
POTTER, ELLEN M.                       MA-14-823-160
POTTER, JOHN                           MA-14-535-231
POTTER, JOHN                           MA-14-28-49
POTTER, JOHN D.                        MA-14-533-432
POTTER, LUKE                           MA-14-41-461
POTTER, RHODA                          MA-14-86-322
POTTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-396-307
POTTER, SARAH I.                       MA-14-569-341
POTTER, TABITHA                        MA-14-75-117
POTTER, THEOPHILUS                     MA-14-43-598
POTTER, THOMAS M.                      MA-14-541-369
POTTER, THOMAS T.                      MA-14-495-165
POTTER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-21-54
POTTRE, RHOBE                          MA-14-86-95
POUTY, ABIJAH                          MA-14-91-575
POUTY, ELI                             MA-14-50-285
POWELL, MARTIN                         MA-14-478-29
POWELL, WILLIAM                        MA-14-399-193
POWER, JOHN J.                         MA-14-575-432
POWER, MARY                            MA-14-554-117
POWER, MICHAEL J.                      MA-14-521-482
POWER, OLIVER                          MA-14-394-96
POWER, WILLIAM                         MA-14-500-375
POWER, WILLIAM A.                      MA-14-580-135
POWERS, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-548-488
POWERS, ALBERT J.                      MA-14-823-142
POWERS, CAROLINE A.                    MA-14-823-143
POWERS, CHESTER                        MA-14-95-568
POWERS, CURTIS                         MA-14-95-325
POWERS, EDWARD                         MA-14-400A-539
POWERS, EDWARD                         MA-14-23-334
POWERS, EDWARD                         MA-14-66-607
POWERS, EDWARD                         MA-14-457-216
POWERS, HENRY                          MA-14-56-445
POWERS, JOHANNA                        MA-14-475-5
POWERS, JOSEPH W.                      MA-14-485-370
POWERS, LYSANDER                       MA-14-483-365
POWERS, MARGARET                       MA-14-572-67
POWERS, MARY                           MA-14-495-546
POWERS, MARY                           MA-14-516-527
POWERS, MARY                           MA-14-72-442
POWERS, PATRICK                        MA-14-552-243
POWERS, PHILENIA E.                    MA-14-521-236
POWERS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-398-73
POWES, PHINEHAS                        MA-14-20-144
PRAMBERG, PAUL INGROCH                 MA-14-823-486
PRATT, ABBY C.                         MA-14-521-209
PRATT, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-395-84
PRATT, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-66-220
PRATT, ABIGAIL A.                      MA-14-400A-540
PRATT, AMANDA H.                       MA-14-535-505
PRATT, CHARLES B.                      MA-14-535-475
PRATT, CORNELIA                        MA-14-91-358
PRATT, DANIEL L.                       MA-14-485-42
PRATT, DAVID                           MA-14-80-627
PRATT, EBENEZER                        MA-14-29-45
PRATT, ELIAS                           MA-14-95-17
PRATT, ELIAS                           MA-14-48-134
PRATT, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-86-485
PRATT, ELNATHAN                        MA-14-41-620
PRATT, EMILY J.                        MA-14-577-37
PRATT, ESTHER                          MA-14-52-96
PRATT, GEORGE L.                       MA-14-400A-244
PRATT, HARRIET P.                      MA-14-823-348
PRATT, HENRY                           MA-14-497-511
PRATT, HENRY B.                        MA-14-483-100
PRATT, HENRY J.                        MA-14-394-56
PRATT, ISAAC J.                        MA-14-97-472
PRATT, JEROME G.                       MA-14-580-453
PRATT, JOEL                            MA-14-398-518
PRATT, JOEL                            MA-14-89-8
PRATT, JOHN                            MA-14-490-246
PRATT, JOHN                            MA-14-75-178
PRATT, JOHN B.                         MA-14-516-230
PRATT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-21-371
PRATT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-46-90
PRATT, JONATHAN                        MA-14-6-345
PRATT, JOSEPH                          MA-14-30-82
PRATT, JOSEPH                          MA-14-27-166
PRATT, JOSEPH                          MA-14-394-170
PRATT, JOSEPH                          MA-14-80-409
PRATT, JULIA A.                        MA-14-84-430
PRATT, L. EMILY                        MA-14-400A-326
PRATT, LAURA                           MA-14-538-141
PRATT, LOUISA L.                       MA-14-566-24
PRATT, LUCY                            MA-14-396-469
PRATT, LUCY A.                         MA-14-514-37
PRATT, LUCY A.                         MA-14-511-93
PRATT, LYDIA                           MA-14-66-428
PRATT, LYMAN                           MA-14-399-244
PRATT, MARIA P.                        MA-14-93-92
PRATT, MARTHA G.                       MA-14-485-21
PRATT, MARY C.                         MA-14-548-497
PRATT, NAHUM                           MA-14-80-149
PRATT, NATHAN                          MA-14-89-363
PRATT, PHEBE                           MA-14-93-476
PRATT, RICHARD                         MA-14-17-355
PRATT, SAMUEL S.                       MA-14-548-490
PRATT, SARAH B.                        MA-14-504-457
PRATT, SETH                            MA-14-66-446
PRATT, SETH                            MA-14-89-412
PRATT, SHEPHERD                        MA-14-95-515
PRATT, THOMAS                          MA-14-7-495
PRATT, THOMAS D.                       MA-14-398-489
PRATT, WILLAM T.                       MA-14-562-105
PREECE, WILLIAM                        MA-14-514-14
PRENDERGAST, JAMES                     MA-14-568-216
PRENTICE, ALBERT F.                    MA-14-580-158
PRENTICE, BETSEY                       MA-14-473-208
PRENTICE, CALISTA                      MA-14-556-431
PRENTICE, CEPHAS                       MA-14-28-204
PRENTICE, CORIDON                      MA-14-399-444
PRENTICE, HARRIET W.                   MA-14-538-135
PRENTICE, JOHN                         MA-14-2-681
PRENTICE, JOSEPH                       MA-14-394-67
PRENTICE, JOSIAH S.                    MA-14-97-138
PRENTICE, LUANA H.                     MA-14-516-199
PRENTICE, SOLOMON                      MA-14-12-345
PRENTICE, STANTON                      MA-14-10-556
PRENTISE, HENRY                        MA-14-17-44
PRENTISS, ABNER                        MA-14-551-31
PRENTISS, AVESA F.                     MA-14-93-72
PRENTISS, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-399-432
PRENTISS, BETSY                        MA-14-399-542
PRENTISS, CAROLINE A.                  MA-14-511-307
PRENTISS, ELIZA (RICE)                 MA-14-511-253
PRENTISS, EMILY A. L.                  MA-14-399-464
PRENTISS, GEORGE M.                    MA-14-397-118
PRENTISS, JOHN                         MA-14-41-266
PRENTISS, SOPHIA                       MA-14-97-171
PRENTISS, WILLIAM S.                   MA-14-823-99
PRESCOT, JOHN                          MA-14-93-278
PRESCOTT, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-66-168
PRESCOTT, ANN M.                       MA-14-823-195
PRESCOTT, BRIGHAM                      MA-14-397-368
PRESCOTT, CHARLES H.                   MA-14-568-212
PRESCOTT, EBENEZER                     MA-14-8-207
PRESCOTT, EMERSON                      MA-14-399-543
PRESCOTT, EUNICE S.                    MA-14-483-179
PRESCOTT, JOHN                         MA-14-23-313
PRESCOTT, JOHN                         MA-14-3-234
PRESCOTT, JONATHAN                     MA-14-95-115
PRESCOTT, MARY A.                      MA-14-394-286
PRESCOTT, NATHAN                       MA-14-399-494
PRESCOTT, SAMUEL A.                    MA-14-555-432
PRESCOTT, SUSAN W.                     MA-14-396-575
PRESTON, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-66-171
PRESTON, GEORGE O.                     MA-14-823-14
PRICE, CHARLES H.                      MA-14-483-114
PRICE, SUSAN TRUMBULL                  MA-14-580-375
PRICHARD, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-398-537
PRICHARD, JOHN M.                      MA-14-500-381
PRIDE, WILLIAM M.                      MA-14-457-203
PRIEST, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-490-516
PRIEST, ANDREW                         MA-14-487-181
PRIEST, CHARLES                        MA-14-398-460
PRIEST, FRANKLIN F.                    MA-14-521-199
PRIEST, JACOB                          MA-14-80-98
PRIEST, JOSEPH                         MA-14-48-585
PRIEST, MARTHA C.                      MA-14-506-375
PRIEST, RHODA                          MA-14-89-479
PRIEST, SILAS H.                       MA-14-89-438
PRINCE, ASA                            MA-14-395-85
PRINCE, DAVID                          MA-14-1-251
PRINCE, FREEMAN                        MA-14-93-375
PRINCE, HORACE                         MA-14-400A-542
PRINCE, JOSEPH                         MA-14-66-349
PRINCE, OTIS                           MA-14-89-33
PRINCE, STEPHEN                        MA-14-89-341
PRINCE, THEOPHILE                      MA-14-485-442
PRINTER, AMMI                          MA-14-2-115
PROCTER, BENJAMIN S.                   MA-14-533-426
PROCTOR, AMOS                          MA-14-560--370
PROCTOR, AUGUSTUS H.                   MA-14-470-440
PROCTOR, CHARLES I.                    MA-14-551-42
PROCTOR, CLARENCE M.                   MA-14-557-361
PROCTOR, EDWARD                        MA-14-541-85
PROCTOR, MARY                          MA-14-397-205
PROCTOR, SULLIVAN G.                   MA-14-575-455
PROGIN, CYRUS                          MA-14-478-298
PROUT, BRIDGET                         MA-14-457-6
PROUT, EDWARD                          MA-14-565-39
PROUTY, ALMOND B.                      MA-14-93-563
PROUTY, ANNA                           MA-14-95-206
PROUTY, ANNIE M.                       MA-14-531-420
PROUTY, AVIS                           MA-14-48-183
PROUTY, BESSIE S.                      MA-14-535-511
PROUTY, DAVID                          MA-14-490-172
PROUTY, DAVID                          MA-14-89-73
PROUTY, DAVID                          MA-14-43-561
PROUTY, ELI                            MA-14-394-355
PROUTY, ELLIOT                         MA-14-91-464
PROUTY, ELSIE E.                       MA-14-823-548
PROUTY, GEORGE P.                      MA-14-535-464
PROUTY, ISAAC                          MA-14-34-89
PROUTY, ISAAC                          MA-14-91-760
PROUTY, ISAAC                          MA-14-66-289
PROUTY, JACOB                          MA-14-22-178
PROUTY, JAMES                          MA-14-43-192
PROUTY, JOHN                           MA-14-24-110
PROUTY, JOSEPH W.                      MA-14-72-558
PROUTY, LEWIS E.                       MA-14-398-161
PROUTY, LIBERTY                        MA-14-93-534
PROUTY, LOUISE                         MA-14-823-51
PROUTY, MARY R.                        MA-14-566-75
PROUTY, NANCY                          MA-14-80-457
PROUTY, NATHAN                         MA-14-89-4
PROUTY, OLIVE                          MA-14-57-310
PROUTY, PRISCILLA                      MA-14-13-554
PROUTY, REBEKAH                        MA-14-89-379
PROUTY, REUBEN                         MA-14-95-500
PROUTY, RUTH                           MA-14-397-506
PROUTY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-400A-258
PROVAN, THOMAS                         MA-14-555-454
PROVOST, FELANISE                      MA-14-562-81
PRUE, JOSEPHINE                        MA-14-563-475
PUFFER, CYRUS                          MA-14-565-100
PUFFER, HANNAH S.                      MA-14-473-236
PUFFER, JACOB                          MA-14-91-298
PUFFER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-35-125
PUFFER, MERRICK H.                     MA-14-563-428
PUFFER, PHEBE                          MA-14-95-311
PUFFER, REUBEN                         MA-14-66-425
PUFFER, STEPHEN                        MA-14-398-133
PURTELL, JAMES                         MA-14-580-506
PUTNAM, ABBY N.                        MA-14-556-405
PUTNAM, ADAH S.                        MA-14-574-158
PUTNAM, ALVAN W.                       MA-14-478-503
PUTNAM, AMOS                           MA-14-41-92
PUTNAM, ANDREW                         MA-14-89-228
PUTNAM, ANDREW                         MA-14-36-356
PUTNAM, ANN B.                         MA-14-457-325
PUTNAM, ARCHELAUS                      MA-14-93-535
PUTNAM, ASA                            MA-14-89-342
PUTNAM, BARTHOLOMEW                    MA-14-59-166
PUTNAM, C. PRESCOTT                    MA-14-487-476
PUTNAM, CALEB                          MA-14-59-474
PUTNAM, CALVIN                         MA-14-89-565
PUTNAM, CATHERINE                      MA-14-399-495
PUTNAM, CHARLES                        MA-14-511-275
PUTNAM, CHARLES V.                     MA-14-568-200
PUTNAM, CHARLOTTE                      MA-14-89-465
PUTNAM, CLARISSA G.                    MA-14-516-227
PUTNAM, CORNELIUS                      MA-14-7-178
PUTNAM, DANIEL                         MA-14-533-458
PUTNAM, DARIUS                         MA-14-80-492
PUTNAM, DENNY S.                       MA-14-485-443
PUTNAM, DORCAS                         MA-14-75-619
PUTNAM, EDARD                          MA-14-41-11
PUTNAM, ELIAS M.                       MA-14-516-197
PUTNAM, ELISHA                         MA-14-6-24
PUTNAM, ELISHA                         MA-14-2-387
PUTNAM, ELIZA A.                       MA-14-566-43
PUTNAM, EMERY                          MA-14-91-68
PUTNAM, FRANCIS                        MA-14-84-308
PUTNAM, GENEVIEVE                      MA-14-521-485
PUTNAM, GEORGE S.                      MA-14-399-465
PUTNAM, HARRIET A.                     MA-14-400A-222
PUTNAM, HARRIET JACKSON                MA-14-552-229
PUTNAM, HENRY S.                       MA-14-531-116
PUTNAM, ISAAC                          MA-14-3-550
PUTNAM, JACOB                          MA-14-95-326
PUTNAM, JAMES F.                       MA-14-473-285
PUTNAM, JANE A.                        MA-14-457-417
PUTNAM, JEPHTHAH                       MA-14-12-48
PUTNAM, JERUSHA                        MA-14-75-248
PUTNAM, JOHN                           MA-14-36-446
PUTNAM, JONATHAN                       MA-14-28-118
PUTNAM, JOSIAH                         MA-14-75-413
PUTNAM, JULIA ANN                      MA-14-511-221
PUTNAM, MARTHA                         MA-14-48-208
PUTNAM, MARY                           MA-14-95-488
PUTNAM, NANCY                          MA-14-398-475
PUTNAM, NANCY                          MA-14-457-383
PUTNAM, NATHAN                         MA-14-43-86
PUTNAM, NEHEMIAH                       MA-14-24-161
PUTNAM, PETER                          MA-14-394-222
PUTNAM, REUBEN                         MA-14-27-339
PUTNAM, RUFUS                          MA-14-89-294
PUTNAM, SALLY                          MA-14-396-541
PUTNAM, SAMUEL                         MA-14-395-222
PUTNAM, SARAH A.                       MA-14-551-41
PUTNAM, SARAH A.                       MA-14-504-479
PUTNAM, SARAH F.                       MA-14-823-127
PUTNAM, SILENCE                        MA-14-395-435
PUTNAM, SUBMIT                         MA-14-86-486
PUTNAM, SUSAN B.                       MA-14-504-527
PUTNAM, TAMMY                          MA-14-485-402
PUTNAM, TARRANT                        MA-14-26-135
PUTNAM, TYLER                          MA-14-91-32
PUTNAM, WALDO                          MA-14-538-115
PUTNAM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-36-42
PUTNAM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-554-87
PUTNAM, WILLIAM A.                     MA-14-473-194
PUTNAM, ZADOCK                         MA-14-52-184
PUTNEY, AMOS                           MA-14-57-528
PUTNEY, ANDREW                         MA-14-457-606
PUTNEY, CALISTA F.                     MA-14-473-203
PUTNEY, ELEAZER                        MA-14-36-411
PUTNEY, JONATHAN                       MA-14-43-437
PUTNEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-4-501
PUTNEY, JOSEPH M.                      MA-14-538-121
PUTNEY, SOPHIA                         MA-14-398-391
QUAILLE, PATRICK L.                    MA-14-580-477
QUAN, JAMES                            MA-14-497-521
QUICK, MICHAEL                         MA-14-400A-138
QUIGLEY, DENNIS                        MA-14-478-53
QUIGLEY, JOHN                          MA-14-485-434
QUIMBY, MICHAEL                        MA-14-97-524
QUINN, JOHN                            MA-14-478-42

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