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KAIGHN, JULIA A.                       MA-14-580-472
KAIGHN, PELEG                          MA-14-535-214
KALLACKEY, CATHERINE                   MA-14-535-230
KANE, ANN                              MA-14-495-503
KANE, ANNE E.                          MA-14-823-126
KANE, OWEN                             MA-14-478-507
KANE, TERRANCE                         MA-14-458-29
KANEY, BRIDGET                         MA-14-487-471
KANZ, JOSEPH                           MA-14-555-385
KEALY, JAMES 2ND                       MA-14-97-127
KEAN, MARY                             MA-14-514-98
KEANE, JOHN                            MA-14-400A-399
KEARNEY, MARGARET                      MA-14-475-302
KEARNS, CATHARINE                      MA-14-516-520
KEATING, JAMES F.                      MA-14-509-176
KEATING, MARY                          MA-14-568-174
KEATING, PETER                         MA-14-566-26
KEDALL, ALMIRA G.                      MA-14-497-480
KEELAN, CATHERINE                      MA-14-551-74
KEELER, JOSEPH A.                      MA-14-538-491
KEENAN, EDWARD J.                      MA-14-566-40
KEENAN, MICHAEL                        MA-14-473-200
KEENE, FANNIE S.                       MA-14-531-61
KEEP, AVERY                            MA-14-400A-494
KEEP, FRANCIS                          MA-14-548-227
KEEP, JABEZ                            MA-14-13-112
KEEP, JOSIAH O.                        MA-14-514-352
KEERAN, ELLEN                          MA-14-495-538
KEHOE, PATRICK                         MA-14-487-137
KEIGHTLEY, GILBERT                     MA-14-578-373
KEITH, ANNA H.                         MA-14-457-86
KEITH, CHARLES                         MA-14-97-6
KEITH, DAVID                           MA-14-15-298
KEITH, DEBORAH P.                      MA-14-516-183
KEITH, GEORGE                          MA-14-12-508
KEITH, GERSHOM                         MA-14-11-83
KEITH, HANNAH                          MA-14-46-493
KEITH, HENRY L.                        MA-14-563-483
KEITH, JAMES                           MA-14-11-242
KEITH, JOANNA                          MA-14-396-6
KEITH, JOSEPH                          MA-14-46-133
KEITH, LUCY                            MA-14-93-432
KEITH, MARY                            MA-14-400A-427
KEITH, MARY                            MA-14-21-85
KEITH, MARY A.                         MA-14-565-112
KEITH, NATHAN                          MA-14-35-328
KEITH, NATHAN                          MA-14-95-344
KEITH, NOAH                            MA-14-30-88
KEITH, PHEBE                           MA-14-541-76
KEITH, ROYAL                           MA-14-97-428
KEITH, ROYAL                           MA-14-490-190
KEITH, RUTH                            MA-14-16-202
KEITH, SUSANNA                         MA-14-75-411
KEITH, SYLVESTER G.                    MA-14-533-400
KEITH, WILLIAM J.                      MA-14-552-186
KELEY, RICHARD                         MA-14-43-69
KELLEHER, THOMAS J.                    MA-14-559-217
KELLEY, ABNER                          MA-14-511-297
KELLEY, ALPHA                          MA-14-492-526
KELLEY, ANNA                           MA-14-97-337
KELLEY, ASA                            MA-14-93-39
KELLEY, ELLEN                          MA-14-543-157
KELLEY, ELLEN                          MA-14-538-510
KELLEY, ELLEN                          MA-14-506-384
KELLEY, FRANK H.                       MA-14-475-65
KELLEY, HANNAH                         MA-14-580-540
KELLEY, HENRY                          MA-14-59-189
KELLEY, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-95-558
KELLEY, JOEL                           MA-14-91-515
KELLEY, JOHANNA                        MA-14-497-157
KELLEY, JOHN                           MA-14-397-502
KELLEY, JOHN T.                        MA-14-568-229
KELLEY, LUCRETIA                       MA-14-394-375
KELLEY, LYDIA C.                       MA-14-396-463
KELLEY, MARY                           MA-14-458-5
KELLEY, PATRICK                        MA-14-548-513
KELLEY, REBECCAH                       MA-14-93-339
KELLEY, ROBERT                         MA-14-18-438
KELLEY, SALLY                          MA-14-396-272
KELLEY, SETH                           MA-14-91-431
KELLEY, THOMAS                         MA-14-395-333
KELLEY, THOMAS                         MA-14-823-311
KELLEY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-475-260
KELLIHER, ANASTASIA                    MA-14-543-127
KELLY, ANN                             MA-14-580-171
KELLY, DAVID                           MA-14-394-330
KELLY, DORCAS                          MA-14-72-589
KELLY, JAMES                           MA-14-95-262
KELLY, JOHN                            MA-14-569-316
KELLY, JOHN                            MA-14-457-361
KELLY, JOHN                            MA-14-514-44
KELLY, MARY J.                         MA-14-823-517
KELLY, PETER                           MA-14-457-70
KELLY, SETH                            MA-14-29-70
KELLY, STRICKLAND                      MA-14-399-532
KELSEY, ALVAH                          MA-14-398-579
KELSHER, PETER                         MA-14-497-165
KELSO, HUGH                            MA-14-1-254
KELTON, ANGELINE                       MA-14-483-126
KELTON, CALVIN                         MA-14-398-580
KELTON, CALVIN                         MA-14-86-153
KELTON, CHARLES H.                     MA-14-398-581
KELTON, DAVID                          MA-14-569-324
KELTON, DELIA B.                       MA-14-560--368
KELTON, ELECTA                         MA-14-490-492
KELTON, JAMES                          MA-14-66-515
KELTON, NABBY                          MA-14-84-467
KELTY, MICHAEL                         MA-14-473-194
KEMP, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-48-330
KEMP, JOSEPHINE H.                     MA-14-490-482
KEMPTON, JOHN                          MA-14-21-165
KEMPTON, MARTIN V.                     MA-14-396-29
KEMPTON, NANCY                         MA-14-543-140
KENDAL, JESSE                          MA-14-50-80
KENDALL, ADMONITION                    MA-14-22-172
KENDALL, ANDREW                        MA-14-66-429
KENDALL, EDMOND                        MA-14-89-505
KENDALL, EDWARD                        MA-14-89-174
KENDALL, EDWARD                        MA-14-470-20
KENDALL, ENOCH                         MA-14-72-486
KENDALL, EVERETT                       MA-14-823-524
KENDALL, EZRA                          MA-14-490-518
KENDALL, HEMAN                         MA-14-97-135
KENDALL, HENRY E.                      MA-14-546-69
KENDALL, HORACE                        MA-14-400A-182
KENDALL, JAMES                         MA-14-27-165
KENDALL, JOEL                          MA-14-91-272
KENDALL, JOHN                          MA-14-565-48
KENDALL, JOHN                          MA-14-84-181
KENDALL, JOHN                          MA-14-91-551
KENDALL, JOHN                          MA-14-56-368
KENDALL, JONAS                         MA-14-29-289
KENDALL, JONAS H.                      MA-14-395-355
KENDALL, JONATHAN                      MA-14-48-642
KENDALL, JOSEPH                        MA-14-75-308
KENDALL, JOSHUA                        MA-14-10-45
KENDALL, JOSIAH                        MA-14-59-552
KENDALL, JOSIAH                        MA-14-394-264
KENDALL, JSOIAH                        MA-14-46-553
KENDALL, LYDIA                         MA-14-95-487
KENDALL, MARGARET                      MA-14-400A-210
KENDALL, MARY T.                       MA-14-580-469
KENDALL, MARY W.                       MA-14-555-377
KENDALL, MELORA H. R.                  MA-14-560--446
KENDALL, MILES                         MA-14-48-241
KENDALL, NOAH                          MA-14-89-139
KENDALL, PAUL                          MA-14-72-359
KENDALL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-569-379
KENDALL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-3-247
KENDALL, SARAH A.                      MA-14-580-288
KENDALL, SARAH O.                      MA-14-543-114
KENDALL, THOMAS E.                     MA-14-475-21
KENDALL, THOMAS H.                     MA-14-457-132
KENDALL, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-16-325
KENDALL, WILLIAM F.                    MA-14-399-416
KENDLAL, HENRY J.                      MA-14-492-239
KENDLAL, JONATHAN JR.                  MA-14-14-357
KENDRICK, ABIGAIL                      MA-14-397-446
KENEFICK, ANNIE                        MA-14-538-535
KENERSON, VIRGIL D. P.                 MA-14-566-60
KENNEALLY, BRIDGET                     MA-14-514-334
KENNEDY, DANIEL S.                     MA-14-538-487
KENNEDY, JOHN                          MA-14-458-116
KENNEDY, JOHN J.                       MA-14-535-468
KENNEDY, JULIA                         MA-14-470-21
KENNEDY, MARY                          MA-14-485-87
KENNEDY, PATRICK                       MA-14-490-228
KENNEY, EDWARD                         MA-14-397-490
KENNEY, JOHN                           MA-14-504-248
KENNEY, MARY A.                        MA-14-480-519
KENNEY, MARY F.                        MA-14-396-394
KENNEY, MOSES                          MA-14-30-19
KENNEY, SUMNER                         MA-14-574-203
KENNY, HENRY                           MA-14-1-48
KENNY, JONATHAN                        MA-14-1-8
KENNY, LUKE                            MA-14-399-368
KENT, ABIGAIL B.                       MA-14-478-477
KENT, DANIEL                           MA-14-89-653
KENT, DOLLY                            MA-14-400A-151
KENT, EBENEZER                         MA-14-20-295
KENT, EZRA                             MA-14-478-478
KENT, JACOB                            MA-14-59-219
KENT, JACOB                            MA-14-89-386
KENT, LOUISA B.                        MA-14-483-424
KENT, MARY E. A.                       MA-14-523-203
KENT, SARAH                            MA-14-27-277
KEOUGH, JAMES                          MA-14-400A-325
KERBER, CATHARINE                      MA-14-580-147
KERIG, JOHN                            MA-14-563-485
KERIGAN, MARTIN                        MA-14-504-259
KERNE, BRIDGET (FLAHERTY)              MA-14-531-85
KERRIGAN, JAMES                        MA-14-554-90
KERSHAW, MARYETTE C.                   MA-14-577-94
KESTER, BERTHA A.                      MA-14-574-209
KESTER, WILHELM L.                     MA-14-511-262
KEYES, ANNA                            MA-14-89-562
KEYES, ANNAH                           MA-14-97-112
KEYES, ASA                             MA-14-91-421
KEYES, BENJAMIN F.                     MA-14-400A-5
KEYES, CYNTHIA                         MA-14-398-319
KEYES, CYPRIAN                         MA-14-31-154
KEYES, DANFORTH                        MA-14-59-635
KEYES, DANFORTH                        MA-14-533-461
KEYES, DOLLY                           MA-14-91-186
KEYES, ELISHA                          MA-14-39-352
KEYES, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-25-80
KEYES, FANNY M.                        MA-14-555-389
KEYES, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-485-402
KEYES, HENRY                           MA-14-5-105
KEYES, ISRAEL                          MA-14-84-489
KEYES, JAMES                           MA-14-2-519
KEYES, JAMES                           MA-14-8-202
KEYES, JOHN                            MA-14-10-171
KEYES, JOHN                            MA-14-4-254
KEYES, JOTHAM                          MA-14-400A-84
KEYES, PARDON                          MA-14-395-220
KEYES, ROBERT                          MA-14-26-217
KEYES, SARAH                           MA-14-72-190
KEYES, SIMEON                          MA-14-17-115
KEYES, SIMEON                          MA-14-17-172
KEYES, SOLOMON                         MA-14-36-215
KEYES, SOPHRONIA C.                    MA-14-580-191
KEYES, SUSAN J.                        MA-14-458-203
KEYES, THOMAS                          MA-14-478-490
KEYES, THOMAS                          MA-14-43-92
KIBLINGER, JOHN                        MA-14-13-554
KICKHAM, WILLIAM                       MA-14-535-209
KIDDER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-32-406
KIDDER, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-396-67
KIDDER, CYRUS                          MA-14-483-102
KIDDER, JOHN                           MA-14-93-140
KIDDER, MARTHA W.                      MA-14-559-181
KIDDER, MARY                           MA-14-48-427
KIDDER, MOSES                          MA-14-509-210
KIDDER, PETER                          MA-14-574-201
KIDDER, PLINY                          MA-14-394-435
KIDDER, RICHARD                        MA-14-12-300
KIDDER, RUTH                           MA-14-395-402
KIELTY, CATHERINE                      MA-14-569-371
KIELTY, JOHN D.                        MA-14-569-373
KIERNAN, BRIDGET                       MA-14-572-84
KIES, SAMUEL                           MA-14-57-664
KILBOURNE, SUSAN                       MA-14-395-57
KILBURN, ABIGAIL B.                    MA-14-478-312
KILBURN, CALVIN                        MA-14-91-720
KILBURN, CHENEY                        MA-14-509-182
KILBURN, ELI                           MA-14-470-136
KILBURN, JANE H.                       MA-14-492-494
KILBURN, JONATHAN                      MA-14-35-227
KILBURN, MILTON                        MA-14-97-147
KILBURN, POLLY                         MA-14-514-320
KILBURN, SARAH J.                      MA-14-490-503
KILBURN, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-80-584
KILBURN, VANDA L. W.                   MA-14-399-64
KILCOYNE, ANTHONY                      MA-14-823-73
KILEY, MICHAEL                         MA-14-458-31
KILEY, PATRICK                         MA-14-398-388
KILGORE, JOHN C.                       MA-14-535-529
KILLELEA, THOMAS                       MA-14-521-244
KILNER, WILLIAM G.                     MA-14-396-429
KILTON, MARGARET                       MA-14-50-120
KILTON, REBECCA S.                     MA-14-531-113
KIMBALL, AARON                         MA-14-86-427
KIMBALL, AARON                         MA-14-72-647
KIMBALL, AARON                         MA-14-36-110
KIMBALL, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-21-244
KIMBALL, ADDISON                       MA-14-497-180
KIMBALL, ALONZO S.                     MA-14-533-142
KIMBALL, AMASA                         MA-14-395-400
KIMBALL, AMOS                          MA-14-12-276
KIMBALL, BETSEY                        MA-14-86-596
KIMBALL, CHARLES E.                    MA-14-458-35
KIMBALL, CHARLOTTE M.                  MA-14-458-81
KIMBALL, ELIJAH                        MA-14-398-320
KIMBALL, ELIZA A.                      MA-14-475-267
KIMBALL, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-59-148
KIMBALL, GEORGE                        MA-14-23-132
KIMBALL, HIRAM                         MA-14-93-662
KIMBALL, JAMES                         MA-14-395-247
KIMBALL, JAMES M.                      MA-14-470-14
KIMBALL, JANE E.                       MA-14-398-39
KIMBALL, JEFFERSON                     MA-14-457-161
KIMBALL, JOHN                          MA-14-93-113
KIMBALL, JULIETTE W.                   MA-14-523-154
KIMBALL, MARTHA S.                     MA-14-571-163
KIMBALL, MARY ANN                      MA-14-396-621
KIMBALL, MARY ELLEN                    MA-14-541-107
KIMBALL, SAMUEL G.                     MA-14-394-376
KIMBALL, THOMAS                        MA-14-3-65
KIMBALL, THOMAS                        MA-14-22-38
KIMBERLY, THOMPSON JR.                 MA-14-89-549
KIMMENS, DINAH                         MA-14-400A-356
KIMMENS, JOHN                          MA-14-93-71
KINDERS, NANCY                         MA-14-514-76
KINDERS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-514-77
KING, ANTHONY                          MA-14-543-120
KING, DANIEL                           MA-14-75-157
KING, ELIZABETH                        MA-14-97-7
KING, FERRIS E.                        MA-14-483-141
KING, FRANK J.                         MA-14-535-424
KING, HANNAH                           MA-14-546-441
KING, JAMES S.                         MA-14-470-127
KING, JANE                             MA-14-475-58
KING, JOHN                             MA-14-97-404
KING, JOHN                             MA-14-485-389
KING, JOHN                             MA-14-396-272
KING, JOSIAH                           MA-14-36-71
KING, LEWIS D.                         MA-14-457-355
KING, MARY                             MA-14-395-480
KING, MARY J.                          MA-14-97-508
KING, MARY W.                          MA-14-400A-308
KING, MICHAEL                          MA-14-394-394
KING, OLIVER                           MA-14-492-251
KING, S. MARIA                         MA-14-487-429
KING, THOMAS                           MA-14-556-408
KING, WILLIAM                          MA-14-59-260
KING, WILLIAM                          MA-14-39-186
KING, WILLIAM                          MA-14-2-280
KINGMAN, EBENEZER                      MA-14-21-332
KINGMAN,D AVIS                         MA-14-398-108
KINGSBURY, AMASA                       MA-14-39-16
KINGSBURY, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-57-30
KINGSBURY, JAMES H.                    MA-14-97-288
KINGSBURY, JEREMIAH                    MA-14-86-26
KINGSBURY, JEREMIAH                    MA-14-48-147
KINGSBURY, JOSEPH                      MA-14-46-123
KINGSBURY, JOSEPH                      MA-14-86-211
KINGSBURY, JOSIAH                      MA-14-13-43
KINGSBURY, JOSIAH                      MA-14-52-78
KINGSBURY, SALLY B.                    MA-14-395-57
KINGSBURY, STEPHEN                     MA-14-398-434
KINGSBURY, SUSAN M.                    MA-14-485-455
KINGSLEY, LUTHER                       MA-14-395-246
KINGSLEY, PELEG                        MA-14-25-3
KINNERY, MARY                          MA-14-541-380
KINNEY, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-22-151
KINNEY, TIMOTHY P.                     MA-14-533-401
KINNICUTT, AMEY W.                     MA-14-80-417
KINNICUTT, AMY                         MA-14-548-472
KINNICUTT, CAROLINE B.                 MA-14-470-22
KINNICUTT, CATHARINE A.                MA-14-72-502
KINNICUTT, ELIZA BURLING               MA-14-546-51
KINNICUTT, ELIZABETH W.                MA-14-478-275
KINNICUTT, HARRIET BURLING             MA-14-475-301
KINNICUTT, JULIA A.                    MA-14-457-234
KINNICUTT, THOMAS                      MA-14-97-258
KINNICUTT, WILLIAM                     MA-14-400A-562
KINNIERY, THOMAS                       MA-14-504-273
KINSEY, EBENEZER A.                    MA-14-521-181
KINSMAN, ABIGAIL F.                    MA-14-483-390
KINSMAN, ETHAN                         MA-14-555-394
KINSMAN, LYDIA                         MA-14-97-149
KINSMAN, MARY                          MA-14-394-57
KINSMAN, SALLY                         MA-14-396-303
KINSMAN, SAMUEL                        MA-14-396-236
KIPPER, JOHN G.                        MA-14-535-436
KIRBY, EDWARD                          MA-14-457-257
KIRSCHTEN, PAULINE                     MA-14-470-108
KITHEDGE, JACOB                        MA-14-86-492
KITHREDGE, A. MALVINA                  MA-14-97-194
KITTREDGE, ANN                         MA-14-457-659
KITTREDGE, ANN M.                      MA-14-566-1
KITTREDGE, ELIJAH                      MA-14-66-339
KITTREDGE, ELIZABETH P.                MA-14-487-203
KITTREDGE, MARY ANN                    MA-14-457-466
KITTREDGE, PATRICK                     MA-14-399-169
KITTREDGE, REBECCA                     MA-14-50-357
KITTRIDGE, LUCETTA C.                  MA-14-400A-449
KLEBART, MINNIE M.                     MA-14-485-70
KNAP, JOB                              MA-14-19-515
KNAPP, ANNA                            MA-14-66-17
KNAPP, CHRISTOPHER C.                  MA-14-97-9
KNAPP, EDWARD B.                       MA-14-97-429
KNAPP, ENOCK                           MA-14-46-592
KNAPP, FANNY                           MA-14-504-265
KNAPP, FANNY J.                        MA-14-580-15
KNAPP, JOEL                            MA-14-475-266
KNAPP, JOHN                            MA-14-36-445
KNAPP, LIZZIE S.                       MA-14-516-196
KNAPP, MOSES                           MA-14-398-423
KNAPP, OLLA                            MA-14-473-202
KNAPS, JOB                             MA-14-56-321
KNEELAND, ANDREW                       MA-14-397-447
KNEELAND, JAMES H.                     MA-14-478-494
KNEELAND, JOHN                         MA-14-475-51
KNEELAND, JOHN                         MA-14-91-231
KNEELAND, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-50-264
KNEHN, ELISE                           MA-14-497-204
KNIGHT, AINSWORTH                      MA-14-495-198
KNIGHT, AINSWORTH                      MA-14-495-163
KNIGHT, AMANDA                         MA-14-458-6
KNIGHT, AMOS                           MA-14-6-2
KNIGHT, AMOS F.                        MA-14-546-18
KNIGHT, CALEB                          MA-14-86-82
KNIGHT, CHARLES E.                     MA-14-397-7
KNIGHT, CYRUS                          MA-14-504-456
KNIGHT, CYRUS L.                       MA-14-478-2
KNIGHT, DANIEL                         MA-14-59-283
KNIGHT, DANIEL                         MA-14-18-246
KNIGHT, DANIEL W.                      MA-14-483-369
KNIGHT, EBENEZER                       MA-14-13-248
KNIGHT, EDWARD                         MA-14-52-153
KNIGHT, EDWARD                         MA-14-13-184
KNIGHT, EDWARD                         MA-14-7-544
KNIGHT, ELIJAH                         MA-14-86-359
KNIGHT, EUNICE                         MA-14-397-287
KNIGHT, FRANCIS                        MA-14-29-146
KNIGHT, JONATHAN                       MA-14-48-140
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                         MA-14-30-244
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                         MA-14-35-1
KNIGHT, MANASSAH                       MA-14-46-7
KNIGHT, MARY F.                        MA-14-514-397
KNIGHT, NATHAN                         MA-14-34-154
KNIGHT, PHYLINDA C.                    MA-14-580-437
KNIGHT, PRENTICE                       MA-14-574-211
KNIGHT, RACHEL B.                      MA-14-485-72
KNIGHT, REBECCA                        MA-14-504-290
KNIGHT, SAMUEL                         MA-14-72-191
KNIGHT, SAMUEL P.                      MA-14-395-423
KNIGHT, SILAS                          MA-14-86-158
KNIGHT, THEOPHILUS                     MA-14-86-508
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                        MA-14-50-300
KNIGHTS, NANCY B.                      MA-14-398-428
KNIGT, JOHN                            MA-14-86-295
KNOWER, THOMAS                         MA-14-59-244
KNOWLES, ELISHA M.                     MA-14-457-578
KNOWLES, FRANCIS B.                    MA-14-473-153
KNOWLES, SIMEON                        MA-14-394-395
KNOWLES, WILLIAM                       MA-14-580-474
KNOWLTON, ABRAHAM                      MA-14-10-241
KNOWLTON, AMASA                        MA-14-399-534
KNOWLTON, ASAHEL                       MA-14-555-374
KNOWLTON, AUGUSTUS                     MA-14-514-84
KNOWLTON, CHARLES                      MA-14-398-353
KNOWLTON, CHARLES                      MA-14-66-12
KNOWLTON, CHARLES A.                   MA-14-56-456
KNOWLTON, CHARLES C.                   MA-14-566-20
KNOWLTON, DANA                         MA-14-397-326
KNOWLTON, DANIEL                       MA-14-394-456
KNOWLTON, EDWIN F.                     MA-14-546-382
KNOWLTON, ELIZABETH S.                 MA-14-521-491
KNOWLTON, EMILY                        MA-14-86-642
KNOWLTON, EMORY                        MA-14-95-561
KNOWLTON, EZEKIEL                      MA-14-12-553
KNOWLTON, FRANSISS D.                  MA-14-458-132
KNOWLTON, HARRIET M.                   MA-14-580-354
KNOWLTON, JOSEPH                       MA-14-6-494
KNOWLTON, JOSEPH F.                    MA-14-523-201
KNOWLTON, LEANDER                      MA-14-500-180
KNOWLTON, LYDIA                        MA-14-36-267
KNOWLTON, LYMAN                        MA-14-560--400
KNOWLTON, MARTHA                       MA-14-29-224
KNOWLTON, MARY F.                      MA-14-552-183
KNOWLTON, NORMAN                       MA-14-97-41
KNOWLTON, OLIVER                       MA-14-93-605
KNOWLTON, SUSAN A.                     MA-14-470-128
KNOWLTON, THANKFUL                     MA-14-400A-163
KNOWLTON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-52-521
KNOX, ELIZA T.                         MA-14-59-471
KNOX, JOSEPH                           MA-14-91-529
KNWOTLON, JOSEPH                       MA-14-84-145
KOHNLE, FRIEDRICH                      MA-14-396-636
KOZLOWSKI, JOHN                        MA-14-546-395
KRAFT, JOSEPH E.                       MA-14-473-188
KRAMER, CATHERINE                      MA-14-823-238
KRAMER, JOHN                           MA-14-548-237
KRAMER, SOPHIA                         MA-14-572-96
KREP, JULIA M.                         MA-14-533-435
KRETZ, JOSEPH                          MA-14-551-13
KROUSE, WILHELM F.                     MA-14-823-150
KUBLEAR, JACOB                         MA-14-27-186
KUHN, CHRISTIAN                        MA-14-395-23

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