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TABER, ABNER                           MA-14-399-205
TABER, CHARLOTTE A.                    MA-14-566-9
TAFT, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-91-647
TAFT, ABNER                            MA-14-95-316
TAFT, ABNER                            MA-14-36-426
TAFT, ALONZO J.                        MA-14-397-422
TAFT, AMEY                             MA-14-394-361
TAFT, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-11-156
TAFT, BEZALEEL                         MA-14-84-322
TAFT, BEZALEEL                         MA-14-89-222
TAFT, CALEB                            MA-14-18-421
TAFT, CALVIN                           MA-14-458-240
TAFT, CATHARINE                        MA-14-397-88
TAFT, CHENEY                           MA-14-84-131
TAFT, CUMMINGS                         MA-14-84-475
TAFT, DANIEL                           MA-14-7-320
TAFT, DARIUS                           MA-14-80-429
TAFT, DAVID                            MA-14-72-366
TAFT, DAVID                            MA-14-80-422
TAFT, DAVID A.                         MA-14-478-266
TAFT, EASMAN                           MA-14-66-423
TAFT, EBENEZER                         MA-14-80-194
TAFT, ELERY B.                         MA-14-500-379
TAFT, ELISHA                           MA-14-23-318
TAFT, ELLIS                            MA-14-398-494
TAFT, ELLIS                            MA-14-91-643
TAFT, ELLIS C.                         MA-14-521-253
TAFT, ELSIE J.                         MA-14-559-220
TAFT, EMMA S.                          MA-14-504-270
TAFT, ENOS                             MA-14-86-531
TAFT, EPHRAIM                          MA-14-84-549
TAFT, EXPERIENCE                       MA-14-48-501
TAFT, EZEKIEL                          MA-14-56-95
TAFT, EZRA                             MA-14-457-24
TAFT, FRANK EUGENE                     MA-14-546-10
TAFT, FREDERIC                         MA-14-89-160
TAFT, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-580-491
TAFT, GERSHOM                          MA-14-43-419
TAFT, GUILFORD H.                      MA-14-91-714
TAFT, H. G. OTIS                       MA-14-497-247
TAFT, HARRY                            MA-14-394-199
TAFT, HENRY L.                         MA-14-538-196
TAFT, ISAAC                            MA-14-9-290
TAFT, ISABELLA                         MA-14-487-176
TAFT, ISRAEL                           MA-14-4-242
TAFT, ISRAEL                           MA-14-86-74
TAFT, JACOB                            MA-14-492-548
TAFT, JEMIMA                           MA-14-397-293
TAFT, JOEL                             MA-14-72-404
TAFT, JOEL                             MA-14-543-75
TAFT, JOEL                             MA-14-457-588
TAFT, JOHN                             MA-14-56-157
TAFT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-31-411
TAFT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-66-310
TAFT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-7-373
TAFT, JOSHUA                           MA-14-11-430
TAFT, LEWIS S.                         MA-14-457-421
TAFT, LORIEN B.                        MA-14-523-181
TAFT, LUKE                             MA-14-396-92
TAFT, LUZERNE                          MA-14-399-106
TAFT, LYDIA                            MA-14-15-280
TAFT, LYDIA                            MA-14-394-241
TAFT, LYMAN                            MA-14-395-324
TAFT, MAIA                             MA-14-396-543
TAFT, MARTHA A.                        MA-14-823-43
TAFT, MARVEL                           MA-14-72-491
TAFT, MARY                             MA-14-89-543
TAFT, MARY                             MA-14-400A-357
TAFT, MARY D.                          MA-14-497-546
TAFT, MARY E.                          MA-14-560--354
TAFT, MOSES                            MA-14-492-276
TAFT, MOSES                            MA-14-89-590
TAFT, NANCY B.                         MA-14-89-565
TAFT, OLIVER                           MA-14-93-266
TAFT, ORMAN L.                         MA-14-823-493
TAFT, PARNA                            MA-14-43-429
TAFT, PAUL                             MA-14-32-343
TAFT, PHILENIA W.                      MA-14-485-54
TAFT, POLLEY B.                        MA-14-86-313
TAFT, PUTNAM                           MA-14-39-81
TAFT, ROBERT                           MA-14-3-13
TAFT, ROBERT                           MA-14-478-237
TAFT, ROBERT                           MA-14-13-385
TAFT, ROYAL                            MA-14-395-86
TAFT, RUTH S.                          MA-14-560--372
TAFT, SAMUEL                           MA-14-500-166
TAFT, SAMUEL                           MA-14-48-273
TAFT, SAMUEL N.                        MA-14-500-108
TAFT, SARAH A. F.                      MA-14-823-482
TAFT, SETH                             MA-14-25-522
TAFT, SETH                             MA-14-48-277
TAFT, SETH JR.                         MA-14-17-56
TAFT, SILENCE                          MA-14-91-58
TAFT, SOLOMON                          MA-14-75-80
TAFT, STEPHEN                          MA-14-395-219
TAFT, STEPHEN                          MA-14-89-256
TAFT, STEPHEN                          MA-14-11-157
TAFT, THADDEUS                         MA-14-72-233
TAFT, THOMAS                           MA-14-400A-589
TAFT, THOMAS                           MA-14-75-509
TAFT, VELVORNER                        MA-14-473-226
TAFT, WILLIAM T.                       MA-14-91-10
TAFT, WILLIS                           MA-14-84-551
TAFT, ZADOCK                           MA-14-86-457
TAGAN, WILIAM J.                       MA-14-560--356
TAGAN, WILLIAM                         MA-14-531-418
TAINTER, DANIEL                        MA-14-26-308
TAINTER, EDWIN B.                      MA-14-399-392
TAINTER, JOEL                          MA-14-56-541
TAINTER, SARAH E.                      MA-14-470-434
TAINTER, SIMON                         MA-14-9-303
TALBOT, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-84-312
TALBOT, GEORGE                         MA-14-80-190
TALBOT, RICHARD J.                     MA-14-495-478
TANNER, MARY B.                        MA-14-541-38
TANNER, WILLIAM H.                     MA-14-516-186
TANSEY, LOUGHLIN                       MA-14-399-179
TANSEY, MARTIN                         MA-14-399-531
TARBELL, JOHN                          MA-14-52-507
TARLTON, SARAH ANN                     MA-14-478-11
TARPEY, JOHN L.                        MA-14-497-158
TARPEY, MARGARET                       MA-14-572-68
TAT, ANDRE                             MA-14-91-259
TATE, DANIEL                           MA-14-394-225
TATMAN, JABEZ                          MA-14-36-50
TATMAN, JOHN                           MA-14-75-22
TATMAN, JOHN                           MA-14-399-412
TATMAN, JOHN                           MA-14-6-359
TATMAN, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-59-329
TATMAN, REUBIN                         MA-14-29-17
TATRO, MICHAEL                         MA-14-395-166
TATTERSON, JOHN                        MA-14-478-535
TAYLER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-13-270
TAYLOR, BETTY                          MA-14-30-414
TAYLOR, CALEB                          MA-14-66-192
TAYLOR, CAROLINE D.                    MA-14-490-180
TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE R.                   MA-14-577-16
TAYLOR, DAVID                          MA-14-23-46
TAYLOR, EBENEZER                       MA-14-400A-16
TAYLOR, EDWARD N.                      MA-14-509-171
TAYLOR, EMERY                          MA-14-514-338
TAYLOR, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-5-428
TAYLOR, EUNICE D.                      MA-14-571-141
TAYLOR, EZRA                           MA-14-75-272
TAYLOR, FRANK D.                       MA-14-470-482
TAYLOR, GEORGE P.                      MA-14-546-16
TAYLOR, GERTRUDE B.                    MA-14-556-387
TAYLOR, H. EMILIE                      MA-14-535-440
TAYLOR, HANNAH                         MA-14-84-76
TAYLOR, HANNAH                         MA-14-25-446
TAYLOR, HANNAH H.                      MA-14-541-116
TAYLOR, HUMPHREY                       MA-14-84-132
TAYLOR, JAMES                          MA-14-27-208
TAYLOR, JAMES MILLS                    MA-14-495-493
TAYLOR, JOHN                           MA-14-514-69
TAYLOR, JOHN                           MA-14-86-130
TAYLOR, JOHN                           MA-14-4-561
TAYLOR, JONATHAN C.                    MA-14-546-402
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         MA-14-398-463
TAYLOR, LAURETTA M.                    MA-14-535-204
TAYLOR, LUCY                           MA-14-93-455
TAYLOR, MARY J.                        MA-14-823-82
TAYLOR, MEHITABLE                      MA-14-580-413
TAYLOR, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-86-54
TAYLOR, OTHNIEL                        MA-14-15-228
TAYLOR, PERCIVAL                       MA-14-97-410
TAYLOR, REUBEN                         MA-14-490-479
TAYLOR, ROWLAND                        MA-14-9-183
TAYLOR, SALLY                          MA-14-97-37
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         MA-14-32-8
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         MA-14-398-329
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         MA-14-395-65
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         MA-14-396-544
TAYLOR, SARAH                          MA-14-57-200
TAYLOR, SETH                           MA-14-41-7
TAYLOR, SETH JR.                       MA-14-39-522
TAYLOR, SOLOMON                        MA-14-41-297
TAYLOR, SUBMIT                         MA-14-50-97
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        MA-14-36-270
TAYLOR,AURELIA C.                      MA-14-580-479
TEALE, JOHN                            MA-14-66-127
TEBO, TREFLY                           MA-14-485-380
TEHAN, JOHN                            MA-14-457-146
TEMPLE, ABNER                          MA-14-59-11
TEMPLE, CHARLES B.                     MA-14-394-226
TEMPLE, CHRISTOPHER C.                 MA-14-566-58
TEMPLE, DENNIS G.                      MA-14-487-206
TEMPLE, ELLEN                          MA-14-492-491
TEMPLE, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-22-38
TEMPLE, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-84-282
TEMPLE, ETHAN                          MA-14-394-318
TEMPLE, FRANKLIN S.                    MA-14-514-329
TEMPLE, HANNAH S.                      MA-14-80-597
TEMPLE, ISAAC                          MA-14-72-256
TEMPLE, ISAAC                          MA-14-23-328
TEMPLE, JOEL                           MA-14-399-233
TEMPLE, JOHN                           MA-14-84-515
TEMPLE, JONAS                          MA-14-46-514
TEMPLE, LEVI G.                        MA-14-490-241
TEMPLE, LUCY                           MA-14-75-101
TEMPLE, PERSIS F. B.                   MA-14-490-225
TEMPLE, RELIEF                         MA-14-398-263
TEMPLE, SARAH A.                       MA-14-398-228
TEMPLE, SARAH ANN                      MA-14-84-364
TEMPLE, SUBMIT                         MA-14-91-78
TEMPLE, SUSANNAH                       MA-14-457-146
TEMPLE, TABITHA                        MA-14-66-210
TEMPLE, THOMAS                         MA-14-6-298
TEMPLE, THOMAS                         MA-14-97-155
TEMPLE, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-33-144
TENNEY, BARTIMIUS                      MA-14-93-352
TENNEY, CHARLES                        MA-14-514-27
TENNEY, DANIEL                         MA-14-41-465
TENNEY, HANNAH                         MA-14-470-64
TENNEY, MARIETTE                       MA-14-475-275
TENNEY, MARY E.                        MA-14-543-109
TENNEY, MOSES                          MA-14-11-125
TENNEY, SIMON                          MA-14-95-429
TENNEY, SOLOMON                        MA-14-93-164
TENNEY, THOMAS                         MA-14-4-282
TENNEY, THOMAS C.                      MA-14-487-198
TENNEY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-396-139
TENNY, ISAAC                           MA-14-7-297
TENNY, PETER                           MA-14-75-387
TERRELL, ANNA                          MA-14-574-144
TERRY, JOHN                            MA-14-23-88
TETREAULT, JACQUES                     MA-14-823-210
THAYER, ALEXANDER                      MA-14-89-526
THAYER, ANDREW J.                      MA-14-580-12
THAYER, ANNER                          MA-14-72-175
THAYER, ASA                            MA-14-66-254
THAYER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-91-174
THAYER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-59-665
THAYER, BENJAMIN 2D                    MA-14-41-108
THAYER, BENJAMIN JR.                   MA-14-1-320
THAYER, CALEB                          MA-14-457-223
THAYER, CAROLINE C.                    MA-14-577-46
THAYER, CHARLOTTE                      MA-14-89-660
THAYER, CHLOE                          MA-14-399-393
THAYER, CLEMENTINE                     MA-14-457-8
THAYER, DANIEL                         MA-14-5-53
THAYER, DAVID                          MA-14-3-369
THAYER, DEBORAH                        MA-14-84-172
THAYER, DELIA                          MA-14-504-263
THAYER, DOLLY G.                       MA-14-535-237, 551-11
THAYER, ELIAS E.                       MA-14-72-217
THAYER, ELIJAH                         MA-14-59-668
THAYER, ELISHA C.                      MA-14-400A-314
THAYER, FANNIE                         MA-14-497-212
THAYER, HENRY                          MA-14-57-497
THAYER, HENRY B.                       MA-14-521-198
THAYER, HOPSTILL                       MA-14-396-165
THAYER, ICHABOD                        MA-14-52-352
THAYER, ISAAC                          MA-14-4-439
THAYER, JOHN                           MA-14-91-410
THAYER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-4-150
THAYER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-1-113
THAYER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-1-241
THAYER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-1-215
THAYER, JOTHAM                         MA-14-59-108
THAYER, JUDITH                         MA-14-86-469
THAYER, LUCINDA                        MA-14-400A-514
THAYER, MARY                           MA-14-2-428
THAYER, MARY                           MA-14-86-603
THAYER, MATILDSA                       MA-14-86-86
THAYER, MERCY                          MA-14-395-234
THAYER, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-84-227
THAYER, NICHOLAS                       MA-14-50-222
THAYER, NICHOLAS                       MA-14-52-200
THAYER, OLIVER H. P.                   MA-14-398-92
THAYER, OTIS                           MA-14-400A-262
THAYER, PARMENUS                       MA-14-84-553
THAYER, RACHEL                         MA-14-9-261
THAYER, REUBEN                         MA-14-396-577
THAYER, RUTH                           MA-14-457-177
THAYER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-8-425
THAYER, SARAH                          MA-14-399-224
THAYER, SARAH M.                       MA-14-72-532
THAYER, SEWALL                         MA-14-93-333
THAYER, SUMNER                         MA-14-580-27
THAYER, SUSANNA                        MA-14-52-306
THAYER, SYBIL                          MA-14-66-261
THAYER, THADDEUS                       MA-14-66-49
THAYER, THOMAS                         MA-14-1-306
THAYER, THOMAS                         MA-14-7-8
THAYER, THOMAS B.                      MA-14-458-263
THAYER, URANAH                         MA-14-394-199
THAYER, WELCOME                        MA-14-400A-230
THAYER, ZIBA                           MA-14-396-546
THENIUS, LOUISE                        MA-14-541-50
THERIAULT, JOSEPHINE                   MA-14-578-393
THING, JACOB G.                        MA-14-59-310
THISSELL, MARY B. F.                   MA-14-516-191
THOMAS, AARON                          MA-14-72-560
THOMAS, AMOS                           MA-14-4-387
THOMAS, BEALS                          MA-14-93-668
THOMAS, ENNIT                          MA-14-5-103
THOMAS, HANNAH                         MA-14-95-276
THOMAS, HANNAH J.                      MA-14-578-353
THOMAS, ISAIAH                         MA-14-72-62
THOMAS, ISAIAH                         MA-14-475-242
THOMAS, JAMES H.                       MA-14-559-152
THOMAS, JOSHUA                         MA-14-72-42
THOMAS, POLLY                          MA-14-497-528
THOMAS, RACHEL                         MA-14-495-146
THOMAS, SAMUEL                         MA-14-4-496
THOMAS, SAMUEL B.                      MA-14-84-196
THOMAS, SENECA                         MA-14-394-333
THOMPSON, BEJAMIN                      MA-14-26-501
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-3-298
THOMPSON, CELIA                        MA-14-538-118
THOMPSON, ELDREA E.                    MA-14-523-173
THOMPSON, ELIJAH                       MA-14-84-554
THOMPSON, ELISHA                       MA-14-50-20
THOMPSON, ELISHA                       MA-14-39-65
THOMPSON, ETHAN R.                     MA-14-470-452
THOMPSON, FRANCIS W.                   MA-14-541-123
THOMPSON, HANNAH                       MA-14-535-447
THOMPSON, HEZEKIAH                     MA-14-2-235
THOMPSON, ISAAC F.                     MA-14-559-182
THOMPSON, JAMES                        MA-14-399-545
THOMPSON, JAMES W.                     MA-14-396-183
THOMPSON, JANE                         MA-14-89-661
THOMPSON, JENNET                       MA-14-43-560
THOMPSON, JOEL                         MA-14-72-576
THOMPSON, JOHN                         MA-14-43-433
THOMPSON, JOHN                         MA-14-5-161
THOMPSON, JONAS                        MA-14-48-317
THOMPSON, JULIA ANN                    MA-14-490-472
THOMPSON, LAURA C.                     MA-14-487-433
THOMPSON, LAURA K.                     MA-14-521-195
THOMPSON, LEWIS                        MA-14-394-58
THOMPSON, LEWIS O.                     MA-14-475-318
THOMPSON, LINUS                        MA-14-398-212
THOMPSON, MARY                         MA-14-396-173
THOMPSON, MARY                         MA-14-552-245
THOMPSON, MIRIAM                       MA-14-95-155
THOMPSON, MOSES                        MA-14-485-92
THOMPSON, NATHAN                       MA-14-43-335
THOMPSON, PHEBE                        MA-14-457-347
THOMPSON, PRESCOTT A.                  MA-14-541-89
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       MA-14-396-581
THOMPSON, ROXILLANA B.                 MA-14-478-17
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-396-117
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-5-98
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-399-140
THOMPSON, SOPHRONIA W.                 MA-14-560--383
THOMPSON, STEPHEN C.                   MA-14-394-388
THOMPSON, SUSAN B.                     MA-14-559-158
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-12-130
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-13-416
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-41-90
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      MA-14-497-506
THOMPSON, WILLIAM M.                   MA-14-538-181
THOMSON, AMORY                         MA-14-59-556
THOMSON, ANN                           MA-14-36-82
THOMSON, CHARLES                       MA-14-32-46
THOMSON, EZRA                          MA-14-22-12
THOMSON, HENRY C.                      MA-14-541-128
THOMSON, HUGH                          MA-14-5-112
THOMSON, ISAAC                         MA-14-72-542
THOMSON, JAMES                         MA-14-59-327
THOMSON, JAMES                         MA-14-36-455
THOMSON, SAMUEL                        MA-14-21-1
THORNTON, MARY D.                      MA-14-531-415
THORNTON, SIMON                        MA-14-84-188
THORP, ELIPHALET                       MA-14-95-431
THORPE, RUTHY                          MA-14-395-460
THRASHER, DAVID                        MA-14-89-455
THRASHER, EDITHA                       MA-14-394-17
THRASHER, LUCY A.                      MA-14-562-126
THROOP, LUCY A.                        MA-14-490-531
THROWER, ABRAHAM L.                    MA-14-541-426
THURSTON, ABEL                         MA-14-396-548
THURSTON, DANIEL                       MA-14-396-100
THURSTON, DANIEL C.                    MA-14-398-330
THURSTON, DEBORAH B.                   MA-14-457-244
THURSTON, JOHN                         MA-14-80-577
THURSTON, JOHN                         MA-14-80-576
THURSTON, JOHN                         MA-14-43-381
THURSTON, JOHN                         MA-14-57-580
THURSTON, JOHN                         MA-14-36-101
THURSTON, JOHN F.                      MA-14-546-443
THURSTON, JOSEPH                       MA-14-97-176
THURSTON, LUCY B.                      MA-14-533-439
THURSTON, ROSANNA                      MA-14-91-1
THURSTON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-39-219
THURSTON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-35-8
THURSTON, SARA                         MA-14-91-577
THURSTON, SILAS                        MA-14-398-550
THWING, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-43-348
THWING, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-395-123
THWING, URANAH                         MA-14-506-415
TIDD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-72-331
TIDD, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-93-401
TIDD, EBENEZER                         MA-14-52-138
TIDD, EBENEZER                         MA-14-89-91
TIDD, HENRY                            MA-14-84-451
TIDD, HOLLIS                           MA-14-398-417
TIDD, MARY                             MA-14-86-145
TIDD, PASCHAL P.                       MA-14-89-493
TIDD, SALLY S.                         MA-14-473-260
TIDD, SAMUEL                           MA-14-398-568
TIDD, WILLIAM E.                       MA-14-470-73
TIEDEMAN, ANNIE M.                     MA-14-574-200
TIERNAN, CLARA F.                      MA-14-574-202
TIERNAN, MARTIN                        MA-14-523-212
TIFFANY, BELA                          MA-14-91-611
TIFFANY, P. DEXTER                     MA-14-395-67
TIGHE, JOHN                            MA-14-543-156
TILDEN, CHARLES H.                     MA-14-475-284
TILDEN, SAMUEL F.                      MA-14-531-72
TILL, LUCY E.                          MA-14-400A-482
TILLINGHAST, DANIEL                    MA-14-35-235
TILTON, CORNELIA A.                    MA-14-487-144
TILTON, JOSEPH                         MA-14-89-300
TILTON, NATHAN R.                      MA-14-397-387
TIMME, HENRIETTA                       MA-14-566-47
TIMON, JOHN                            MA-14-569-378
TIMSON, JOHN                           MA-14-396-632
TINGLEY, EDWIN S.                      MA-14-548-232
TIRRELL, CYRUS J.                      MA-14-580-210
TISDELLE, MARIE                        MA-14-823-230
TISDELLE, NORBERT                      MA-14-823-479
TITUS, JOHN                            MA-14-91-578
TITUS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-5-76
TOBEY, MARCHANT                        MA-14-84-31
TOBIN, MARY                            MA-14-458-18
TOBIN, THOMAS                          MA-14-398-332
TODD, S. ELIZABETH                     MA-14-560--445
TOLMAN, ADAIN                          MA-14-500-448
TOLMAN, ALBERT                         MA-14-483-108
TOLMAN, DESIRE                         MA-14-75-113
TOLMAN, EBTSEY H.                      MA-14-531-454
TOLMAN, GEORGE                         MA-14-492-538
TOLMAN, HENRY                          MA-14-91-499
TOLMAN, HUDSON                         MA-14-535-444
TOLMAN, JACOB                          MA-14-397-478
TOLMAN, LYDIA                          MA-14-97-411
TOLMAN, MARY H.                        MA-14-97-130
TOLMAN, STEPHEN                        MA-14-86-196
TOLMAN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-396-435
TOLMAN, WILLIAM                        MA-14-97-484
TOMBLEN, MARY F.                       MA-14-575-448
TOMBLEN, REBEKAH D.                    MA-14-531-92
TOMBLIN, ISAAC                         MA-14-39-361
TOMBLIN, ISAAC JR.                     MA-14-1-421
TOMBUN, JOHN                           MA-14-23-256
TOMLIN, ISAAC                          MA-14-2-384
TOMLINSON, DANIEL                      MA-14-86-197
TONER, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-490-468
TONER, MARGARET                        MA-14-457-637
TONOLI, PETER                          MA-14-531-416
TOOLE, OWEN                            MA-14-398-124
TOOMBS, BETSEY                         MA-14-400A-633
TOOMEY, CATHERINE                      MA-14-458-187
TOOMEY, DENNIS                         MA-14-473-253
TOOMEY, JOHANNA                        MA-14-516-217
TOOMEY, JULIA                          MA-14-575-440
TOOMEY, MICHEL                         MA-14-89-467
TORMEY, MARTHA J.                      MA-14-823-487
TORREY, ANN MARIA                      MA-14-509-205
TORREY, CALEB                          MA-14-36-157
TORREY, LUCY                           MA-14-72-289
TORREY, SARAH A.                       MA-14-553-444
TORREY, STEPHEN                        MA-14-41-511
TORREY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-50-22
TORREY, WILLIAM                        MA-14-15-129
TOTINGHAM, ELISHA                      MA-14-93-119
TOURTELLOT, DANIEL                     MA-14-86-592
TOURTELLOT, JESSE                      MA-14-91-158
TOURTELLOT, JOSHUA                     MA-14-80-509
TOURTELLOT, STEPHEN                    MA-14-95-232
TOURTELLOTTE, DANIEL C.                MA-14-487-169
TOURTELLOTTE, JACOB                    MA-14-457-168
TOWER, EMMELINE GOODNOW                MA-14-555-435
TOWER, GEORGE                          MA-14-572-109
TOWER, ISAAC                           MA-14-396-182
TOWER, LUKE                            MA-14-458-260
TOWER, ROSAMOND D.                     MA-14-531-397
TOWER, SALLY                           MA-14-546-5
TOWER, SAMUEL S.                       MA-14-548-243
TOWLE, LUCY A.                         MA-14-457-208
TOWN, ASA                              MA-14-46-531
TOWN, EDMUND                           MA-14-6-179
TOWN, ELI                              MA-14-30-31
TOWN, ICHABOD                          MA-14-25-515
TOWN, JOHN                             MA-14-4-436
TOWN, JOHN                             MA-14-2-31
TOWN, JONATHAN                         MA-14-11-480
TOWN, MARY                             MA-14-396-73
TOWN, SALEM                            MA-14-59-229
TOWN, SAMUEL                           MA-14-6-395
TOWN, SILVANUS                         MA-14-50-241
TOWNE, ALICE                           MA-14-394-59
TOWNE, AMELIA M.                       MA-14-566-89
TOWNE, ARIEL R.                        MA-14-531-454
TOWNE, EMMA J.                         MA-14-457-275
TOWNE, HARVLIN                         MA-14-399-150
TOWNE, JOHN S.                         MA-14-823-432
TOWNE, LUTHER                          MA-14-548-231
TOWNE, MARY A.                         MA-14-533-427
TOWNE, NABBY                           MA-14-395-256
TOWNE, PAMELIA                         MA-14-575-447
TOWNE, PRESTON D.                      MA-14-562-53
TOWNE, SAMUEL                          MA-14-395-259
TOWNE, THOMAS                          MA-14-394-227
TOWNE, WILLIAM B.                      MA-14-93-409
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-2-340
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-86-598
TOWNSEND, JAMES H.                     MA-14-533-134
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         MA-14-95-567
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         MA-14-394-118
TOWNSEND, JOSHUA                       MA-14-41-404
TOWNSEND, JOSHUA                       MA-14-22-170
TOWNSEND, MARY S.                      MA-14-396-34
TOWNSHEND, ROBERT                      MA-14-59-579
TOZER, SIMON                           MA-14-18-248
TRACY, JESSE                           MA-14-95-121
TRACY, THOMAS                          MA-14-470-1
TRACY, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-548-546
TRACY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-397-189
TRACY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-569-365
TRAFFORD, AMY M.                       MA-14-823-265
TRAINOR, JAMES                         MA-14-535-212
TRAINOR, SARAH                         MA-14-483-105
TRASK AZUBAH                           MA-14-89-211
TRASK, ELIJAH                          MA-14-395-379
TRASK, HENRY                           MA-14-514-17
TRASK, JONATHAN                        MA-14-84-408
TRASK, MARY A.                         MA-14-93-664
TRASK, RUTH F.                         MA-14-457-672
TRASK, STEPHEN                         MA-14-57-195
TRASK, WILLIAM P.                      MA-14-95-568
TRAVERS, JOHN                          MA-14-543-440
TRAVES, ELIJAH                         MA-14-93-629
TRAVIS, LUTHER                         MA-14-457-246
TRAVIS, SALLY                          MA-14-475-328
TREANOR, JOHN                          MA-14-399-333
TREMBLAY, JOHN B.                      MA-14-574-153
TROLLETT, MICHAEL                      MA-14-13-101
TROMBLY, CAROLINE                      MA-14-478-495
TROW, ISRAEL                           MA-14-35-191
TROW, ISRAEL                           MA-14-59-22
TROW, LUCIAN D.                        MA-14-483-162
TROW, ORIN                             MA-14-56-548
TROWBRIDGE, WILLIAM                    MA-14-75-42
TROY, BRIDGET E.                       MA-14-569-363
TROY, EMMA J.                          MA-14-531-406
TROY, MARY C.                          MA-14-511-78
TROY, MARY E.                          MA-14-823-481
TRUE, DANIEL E.                        MA-14-478-513
TRUE, MARIA L.                         MA-14-823-27
TRUESDALE, MARGARET                    MA-14-541-71
TRUESDELL, CHARLOTTE                   MA-14-400A-397
TRUESDELL, EBENEZER                    MA-14-3-341
TRUMBULL, EUNICE M.                    MA-14-511-19
TRUMBULL, GEORGE A.                    MA-14-398-570
TRUMBULL, JOHN                         MA-14-492-238
TRUMBULL, JOSEPH                       MA-14-11-113
TRUMBULL, JOSEPH                       MA-14-57-396
TRUMBULL, SUSAN H.                     MA-14-506-413
TRUMBULL, WILLIAM D.                   MA-14-514-394
TUCKER, ABBY F. C.                     MA-14-475-70
TUCKER, ADELINE T.                     MA-14-568-165
TUCKER, ALMIRA                         MA-14-457-285
TUCKER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-89-93
TUCKER, BENJAMIN P.                    MA-14-492-216
TUCKER, CARRIE M.                      MA-14-504-434
TUCKER, CHARLES                        MA-14-397-148
TUCKER, CHARLES                        MA-14-399-197
TUCKER, ELIZA N.                       MA-14-470-414
TUCKER, ENOS                           MA-14-56-447
TUCKER, ISAAC                          MA-14-397-294
TUCKER, JEDEDIAH                       MA-14-39-479
TUCKER, JOHN E.                        MA-14-400A-459
TUCKER, JOHN S.                        MA-14-497-522
TUCKER, JONAS                          MA-14-97-390
TUCKER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-22-164
TUCKER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-52-484
TUCKER, JOSEPH W.                      MA-14-574-164
TUCKER, JOSHUA                         MA-14-75-479
TUCKER, LARNED                         MA-14-89-94
TUCKER, LUCY M.                        MA-14-506-399
TUCKER, LYDIA                          MA-14-93-353
TUCKER, LYDIA M.                       MA-14-457-638
TUCKER, MARGARET S.                    MA-14-458-9
TUCKER, MERIBA                         MA-14-93-353
TUCKER, NANCY H.                       MA-14-521-252
TUCKER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-15-343
TUCKER, SETH                           MA-14-399-217
TUCKER, SUSAN E.                       MA-14-397-312
TUCKER, THOMAS                         MA-14-10-203
TUCKER, THOMAS                         MA-14-18-486
TUCKER, WEBSTER H.                     MA-14-400A-471
TUCKER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-46-134
TUCKEREZRA P.                          MA-14-538-193
TUCKERMAN, HENRY                       MA-14-546-464
TUFTS, AARON                           MA-14-86-408
TUFTS, ASA                             MA-14-399-512
TUFTS, GEORGE W.                       MA-14-580-155
TUFTS, JOHN                            MA-14-26-306
TUFTS, MARTHA                          MA-14-43-145
TUFTS, MARYC A.                        MA-14-395-42
TUFTS, PATTY                           MA-14-86-490
TUFTS, WASHINGTON                      MA-14-495-504
TUFTS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-86-583
TULLER, HEPSIBAH                       MA-14-91-501
TULLY, MICHAEL                         MA-14-823-540
TUOHY, MICHAEL                         MA-14-400A-191
TURNER, ABIGAL                         MA-14-86-594
TURNER, ASA                            MA-14-95-481
TURNER, BEZALEEL JR.                   MA-14-41-356
TURNER, CHARLES SALISBURY              MA-14-531-90
TURNER, CHARLOTTE L.                   MA-14-487-160
TURNER, DUNCAN                         MA-14-400A-385
TURNE,R EDWARD                         MA-14-487-188
TURNER, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-396-437
TURNER, FRANCES M.                     MA-14-580-167
TURNER, HANNAH                         MA-14-84-285
TURNER, HENRY A.                       MA-14-823-476
TURNER, JACOB                          MA-14-66-573
TURNER, JERATHMIEL                     MA-14-66-610
TURNER, JONAS.                         MA-14-509-203
TURNER, JOSHUA                         MA-14-72-346
TURNER, LEONARD E.                     MA-14-823-518
TURNER, LEONARD R.                     MA-14-89-236
TURNER, REUBEN                         MA-14-13-188
TURNER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-95-202
TURNER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-533-83
TURNER, SIMEON                         MA-14-31-387
TURNER, T. NEWELL                      MA-14-535-457
TURPIN, EDWARD                         MA-14-400A-75
TURTELLOT, JESSE                       MA-14-84-477
TUSON, ALIBERT                         MA-14-569-401
TUTTLE, EBENEZER B.                    MA-14-396-15
TUTTLE, HARRIET E.                     MA-14-543-461
TUTTLE, JANE A.                        MA-14-572-63
TUTTLE, JOHN B.                        MA-14-470-463
TUTTLE, WILLIAM G.                     MA-14-531-87
TWEED, JAMES                           MA-14-91-132
TWICHELL, ASA W.                       MA-14-95-468
TWICHELL, EMMONS                       MA-14-478-51
TWICHELL, ENOS                         MA-14-41-446
TWICHELL, FREDERIC L.                  MA-14-580-159
TWICHELL, HANNAH                       MA-14-93-123
TWICHELL, MUSYLVIA                     MA-14-400A-633
TWICHELL, SYLVENUS E.                  MA-14-396-633
TWISS, ALPHEUS                         MA-14-399-546
TWISS, ASA                             MA-14-95-245
TWISS, EBENEZER                        MA-14-72-422
TWISS, REBECCA P.                      MA-14-490-513
TWISS, RUTH                            MA-14-394-443, 449
TWITCHEL, SALLY                        MA-14-80-664
TWITCHEL, THOMAS                       MA-14-39-90
TWITCHELL, DILLE                       MA-14-72-15
TWITCHELL, JONAS                       MA-14-5-543
TWITCHELL, PHEBE B.                    MA-14-89-567
TWITCHELL, THOMAS                      MA-14-72-271
TWOMY, MARIA                           MA-14-511-270
TYLER, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-14-350
TYLER, ABNER                           MA-14-14-366
TYLER, AMOS                            MA-14-457-556
TYLER, ANNA                            MA-14-23-432
TYLER, BETSEY                          MA-14-396-53
TYLER, CHRISTINA C.                    MA-14-548-183
TYLER, CRAWFORD                        MA-14-91-283
TYLER, DANIEL                          MA-14-91-686
TYLER, DAVID R.                        MA-14-458-61
TYLER, DOLLEY L.                       MA-14-580-455
TYLER, GEORGE F.                       MA-14-500-371
TYLER, ISAAC                           MA-14-39-100
TYLER, J. AUGUSTUS                     MA-14-580-127
TYLER, JOHN                            MA-14-23-49
TYLER, JOHN                            MA-14-395-177
TYLER, JONAS R.                        MA-14-400A-333
TYLER, JOSEPH                          MA-14-15-266
TYLER, JOSHUA                          MA-14-59-66
TYLER, MARY B.                         MA-14-573-305
TYLER, MOSES                           MA-14-57-342
TYLER, MOSES                           MA-14-59-28
TYLER, MOSES                           MA-14-86-386
TYLER, NANCY B.                        MA-14-397-454
TYLER, NATHAN                          MA-14-24-396
TYLER, NATHAN                          MA-14-18-419
TYLER, NEWELL                          MA-14-478-533
TYLER, PITTS C.                        MA-14-553-439
TYLER, POLLY                           MA-14-395-66
TYLER, RACHEL                          MA-14-48-401
TYLER, REUBEN                          MA-14-394-406
TYLER, SETH P.                         MA-14-398-522
TYLER, SUSAN P.                        MA-14-400A-547
TYLER, WARREN                          MA-14-478-488
TYSON, JOHN                            MA-14-56-121

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