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FAGAN, JOHN                            MA-14-514-354
FAGAN, JOHN                            MA-14-396-210
FAGERSTROM, ERIC G.                    MA-14-555-400
FAGERSTROM, JOHN                       MA-14-555-400
FAHEY, ROSANNA                         MA-14-485-46
FAHY, ELIZA                            MA-14-485-431
FAHY, JANE E.                          MA-14-555-458
FAHY, MARTIN                           MA-14-475-240
FAIRBANK, ABIJAH                       MA-14-50-376
FAIRBANK, AMOS                         MA-14-56-207
FAIRBANK, AMOS                         MA-14-394-4
FAIRBANK, ANDREW                       MA-14-553-489
FAIRBANK, ANN                          MA-14-56-197
FAIRBANK, ANN A.                       MA-14-470-422
FAIRBANK, ASENATH                      MA-14-75-263
FAIRBANK, ELIJAH                       MA-14-39-319
FAIRBANK, EPHRAIM                      MA-14-490-265
FAIRBANK, ESTHER                       MA-14-400A-195
FAIRBANK, HANNAH                       MA-14-91-40
FAIRBANK, JABEZ                        MA-14-72-198
FAIRBANK, JABEZ                        MA-14-13-95
FAIRBANK, JABEZ                        MA-14-56-550
FAIRBANK, JABEZ                        MA-14-26-460
FAIRBANK, JACOB                        MA-14-91-70
FAIRBANK, JONAS                        MA-14-66-478
FAIRBANK, JONATHAN                     MA-14-84-258
FAIRBANK, JOSEPH                       MA-14-31-117
FAIRBANK, JOSHUA                       MA-14-80-592
FAIRBANK, JOSHUA                       MA-14-20-210
FAIRBANK, LEVI                         MA-14-89-67
FAIRBANK, LYDIA                        MA-14-396-252
FAIRBANK, MANASSAH                     MA-14-34-412
FAIRBANK, MATILDA                      MA-14-89-486
FAIRBANK, NOAH                         MA-14-93-16
FAIRBANK, PERSIS                       MA-14-80-225
FAIRBANK, PHINEAS                      MA-14-30-242
FAIRBANK, RUTH A.                      MA-14-397-196
FAIRBANK, SAMUEL                       MA-14-59-99
FAIRBANK, SAMUEL                       MA-14-23-226
FAIRBANK, SUSAN S.                     MA-14-490-266
FAIRBANKS, AMOS                        MA-14-36-373
FAIRBANKS, ARRATUS                     MA-14-91-143
FAIRBANKS, BENJAMIN                    MA-14-91-64
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES                     MA-14-483-377
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES F.                  MA-14-531-407
FAIRBANKS, CHARLOTTE                   MA-14-95-67
FAIRBANKS, CHARLOTTE E.                MA-14-580-456
FAIRBANKS, CHARLOTTE L.                MA-14-560--365
FAIRBANKS, CYRUS                       MA-14-75-425
FAIRBANKS, DAVID                       MA-14-84-137
FAIRBANKS, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-397-132
FAIRBANKS, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-89-1
FAIRBANKS, EPHRAIM                     MA-14-29-269
FAIRBANKS, HENRY M.                    MA-14-395-187
FAIRBANKS, ISAIAH                      MA-14-72-388
FAIRBANKS, JACOB H.                    MA-14-577-66
FAIRBANKS, JAMES H.                    MA-14-535-169
FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN                    MA-14-91-782
FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN                    MA-14-28-333
FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH                      MA-14-12-222
FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH                      MA-14-43-88
FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH JR.                  MA-14-19-53
FAIRBANKS, LEONARD                     MA-14-506-341
FAIRBANKS, LEVI                        MA-14-396-417
FAIRBANKS, LEWIS T.                    MA-14-495-538
FAIRBANKS, MARTHA J.                   MA-14-823-173
FAIRBANKS, OLIVER                      MA-14-97-442
FAIRBANKS, PHINEAS J.                  MA-14-457-667
FAIRBANKS, SARDIS                      MA-14-516-220
FAIRBANKS, SOPHIA E.                   MA-14-497-192
FAIRBANKS, TIMOTHY J.                  MA-14-457-109
FAIRBANKS, WALTER                      MA-14-458-216
FAIRBANKS, WELTHY A.                   MA-14-551-24
FAIRBANSK, MARY B.                     MA-14-495-226
FAIRFIELD, REUBEN                      MA-14-398-507
FAIRFIELD, SIMON                       MA-14-89-517
FALARDEAU, PETER                       MA-14-543-463
FALES, ALBERT                          MA-14-538-188
FALES, EMERSON                         MA-14-398-254
FALES, EMERSON                         MA-14-398-371
FALES, FANNIE C.                       MA-14-473-258
FALES, GEORGE H.                       MA-14-580-451
FALES, HARVEY                          MA-14-75-565
FALES, JAMES                           MA-14-39-179
FALES, JEREMIAH                        MA-14-89-478
FALES, JOSEPH EVERETT                  MA-14-572-28
FALES, LEANDER                         MA-14-400A-507
FALES, LEMUEL                          MA-14-59-352
FALES, SARAH A.                        MA-14-538-521
FALES, SARAH A.                        MA-14-497-478
FALES, SOPHIA T.                       MA-14-497-225
FALIS, JAMES                           MA-14-84-521
FALIS, JOHN H.                         MA-14-48-380
FALIS, JOSEPH S.                       MA-14-478-95
FALLASS, WILLIAM                       MA-14-30-217
FALLOW,ELLEN                           MA-14-457-666
FALREY, JOHN A.                        MA-14-457-305
FANEUF, GEORGE                         MA-14-555-411
FANEUF, HAZER                          MA-14-580-148
FANEUZ, MARY J.                        MA-14-485-91
FANNING, ROSEMOND H.                   MA-14-573-299
FANSWORTH, WILLIAM                     MA-14-66-331
FARLEY, BENJAMIN F.                    MA-14-483-450
FARLEY, GEORGE F.                      MA-14-457-130
FARLEY, JAMES G.                       MA-14-399-349
FARNSWORTH, ASA                        MA-14-398-298
FARNSWORTH, ASA                        MA-14-66-588
FARNSWORTH, ASAHEL                     MA-14-397-465
FARNSWORTH, BENJAMIN F.                MA-14-492-254
FARNSWORTH, BENJAMIN S.                MA-14-543-374
FARNSWORTH, BETSEY                     MA-14-396-418
FARNSWORTH, CYNTHIA E.                 MA-14-562-131
FARNSWORTH, ELMIRA                     MA-14-400A-624
FARNSWORTH, HENRY G.                   MA-14-91-381
FARNSWORTH, IRA                        MA-14-394-188
FARNSWORTH, ISABELLA L.                MA-14-552-244
FARNSWORTH, JOHN                       MA-14-5-215
FARNSWORTH, JOSEPH                     MA-14-91-382
FARNSWORTH, JOSHUA                     MA-14-2-561
FARNSWORTH, LYDIA                      MA-14-396-191
FARNSWORTH, LYDIA B.                   MA-14-504-492
FARNSWORTH, MARY A.                    MA-14-470-4
FARNSWORTH, MARY A.                    MA-14-580-187
FARNSWORTH, NATHANIEL                  MA-14-41-97
FARNSWORTH, OLIVER                     MA-14-80-25
FARNSWORTH, PHINEHAS                   MA-14-4-65
FARNSWORTH, SARAH                      MA-14-72-184
FARNSWORTH, SARAH W.                   MA-14-400A-531
FARNSWORTH, SIMON                      MA-14-399-165
FARNUM, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-12-424
FARNUM, ALICE TAFT                     MA-14-565-33
FARNUM, DANIEL                         MA-14-75-18
FARNUM, DAVID                          MA-14-21-327
FARNUM, JOHN                           MA-14-3-227
FARNUM, JOHN                           MA-14-16-410
FARNUM, JONATHAN                       MA-14-14-344
FARNUM, JONATHAN                       MA-14-399-507
FARNUM, JONATHAN                       MA-14-14-333
FARNUM, MARY                           MA-14-97-501
FARNUM, MOSES                          MA-14-16-150
FARNUM, MOSES                          MA-14-11-196
FARNUM, OTIS                           MA-14-490-508
FARNUM, PETER                          MA-14-72-378
FARNUM, THOMAS                         MA-14-9-160
FARNUM, URANAH                         MA-14-15-331
FARON, MARY                            MA-14-538-523
FARQUHAR, WILLIAM R.                   MA-14-458-197
FARR, CHARLES                          MA-14-400A-55
FARR, CYNTHIA P.                       MA-14-457-320
FARR, HOLLM                            MA-14-571-159
FARR, JOSEPH                           MA-14-4-476
FARR, JULIA T.                         MA-14-531-84
FARR, LUCIA E.                         MA-14-470-97
FARR, WILLIAM T.                       MA-14-399-201
FARRAR, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-36-14
FARRAR, CLARK                          MA-14-397-433
FARRAR, DANIEL                         MA-14-395-353
FARRAR, DEBORAH                        MA-14-41-155
FARRAR, HENRY T.                       MA-14-535-463
FARRAR, REUEL                          MA-14-93-364
FARRELL, BRIDGET                       MA-14-566-30
FARRELL, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-492-516
FARRELL, MICHAEL                       MA-14-457-333
FARRELL, PATRICK                       MA-14-97-503
FARRELL, THOMAS                        MA-14-531-440
FARRELL, VALENTINE                     MA-14-555-412
FARRELLY, EDWARD                       MA-14-97-164
FARRER, DAVID                          MA-14-2-169
FARRER, NATHAN                         MA-14-2-167
FARRINGOTN, JOHN O.                    MA-14-531-405
FARRINGTON, FANNIE A.                  MA-14-551-93
FARWELL, ABEL                          MA-14-93-599
FARWELL, ABRAHAM                       MA-14-66-473
FARWELL, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-395-298
FARWELL, CHARLES                       MA-14-495-551
FARWELL, HEPZIBAH                      MA-14-41-37
FARWELL, JAMES EDWIN                   MA-14-562-106
FARWELL, JOHN                          MA-14-35-6
FARWELL, JOHN                          MA-14-46-266
FARWELL, JOHN E.                       MA-14-394-28
FARWELL, JOSEPH                        MA-14-75-232
FARWELL, LEVI                          MA-14-395-465
FARWELL, LEVI D.                       MA-14-572-27
FARWELL, LUTHER                        MA-14-95-526
FASSETT, JONATHAN                      MA-14-75-170
FAUBERT, DELIA                         MA-14-580-139
FAULKNER, AMMI                         MA-14-89-113
FAULKNER, BATHSHEBA                    MA-14-487-216
FAULKNER, CHARLES H.                   MA-14-521-275
FAULKNER, EMELINE                      MA-14-483-182
FAULKNER, EUNICE                       MA-14-89-326
FAULKNER, WINTHROP                     MA-14-473-245
FAWCETT, LUCINDA                       MA-14-95-340
FAY, ALBERT E.                         MA-14-473-213
FAY, ALPHEUS                           MA-14-72-2
FAY, BENJAMIN                          MA-14-91-597
FAY, BETHIAH                           MA-14-72-547
FAY, BETSEY C.                         MA-14-95-297
FAY, BETSEY M.                         MA-14-399-565
FAY, BRIGHAM                           MA-14-93-693
FAY, BROOKSEY W.                       MA-14-514-4
FAY, CHARLES B.                        MA-14-543-83
FAY, CHARLES M.                        MA-14-398-576
FAY, CYRUS                             MA-14-80-82
FAY, DAVID                             MA-14-95-257
FAY, DAVID                             MA-14-34-414
FAY, DAVID                             MA-14-39-268
FAY, EDMUND                            MA-14-66-148
FAY, ELISHA                            MA-14-52-19
FAY, ELIZABETH                         MA-14-19-7
FAY, ELIZABETH                         MA-14-396-480
FAY, ELMIRA                            MA-14-531-100
FAY, EUNICE A.                         MA-14-400A-626
FAY, FANNY                             MA-14-91-618
FAY, GEORGE                            MA-14-95-185
FAY, GEORGE F.                         MA-14-514-30
FAY, GRACE A. S.                       MA-14-538-168
FAY, GRANT                             MA-14-398-384
FAY, HEZEKIAH                          MA-14-29-328
FAY, ISABELLA U.                       MA-14-457-543
FAY, JAMES                             MA-14-511-298
FAY, JAMES                             MA-14-14-58
FAY, JAMES S.                          MA-14-97-4
FAY, JEDIDIAH                          MA-14-84-104
FAY, JEDUTHAN                          MA-14-20-490
FAY, JOANNA                            MA-14-59-392
FAY, JOEL                              MA-14-66-533
FAY, JOHN                              MA-14-396-447
FAY, JOHN                              MA-14-89-44
FAY, JOHN                              MA-14-22-48
FAY, JOHN                              MA-14-80-320
FAY, JOHN F.                           MA-14-396-147
FAY, JONATHAN W.                       MA-14-487-142
FAY, JOSEPH                            MA-14-93-216
FAY, JOSIAH                            MA-14-75-131
FAY, JOSIAH C.                         MA-14-514-18
FAY, JULIA A.                          MA-14-559-227
FAY, LEBBEUS                           MA-14-495-129
FAY, LEWIS                             MA-14-457-462
FAY, LOVINA                            MA-14-394-217
FAY, LUCIE A.                          MA-14-500-161
FAY, LUCIUS N.                         MA-14-470-468
FAY, MARTHA                            MA-14-531-424
FAY, MARY                              MA-14-95-217
FAY, MARY                              MA-14-97-251
FAY, MARY J.                           MA-14-396-5
FAY, MARY R.                           MA-14-480-516
FAY, MEHETABLE B.                      MA-14-93-464
FAY, MOSES                             MA-14-95-255
FAY, NAHUM                             MA-14-84-523
FAY, NANCY                             MA-14-397-29
FAY, NANCY                             MA-14-580-534
FAY, NATHAN                            MA-14-72-46
FAY, NATHAN                            MA-14-93-553
FAY, NATHANIEL                         MA-14-41-425
FAY, PATIENCE                          MA-14-84-371
FAY, PETER                             MA-14-72-534
FAY, REUBEN                            MA-14-41-128
FAY, SAMUEL                            MA-14-568-208
FAY, SARAH                             MA-14-33-147
FAY, SARAH                             MA-14-95-459
FAY, SARAH A.                          MA-14-543-161
FAY, SOPHIA                            MA-14-398-66
FAY, STEPHEN                           MA-14-394-147
FAY, STPEHEN                           MA-14-66-236
FAY, SULLIVAN                          MA-14-397-381
FAY, SUSAN                             MA-14-397-519
FAY, SUSAN                             MA-14-41-541
FAY, SUSAN J. M.                       MA-14-497-171
FAY, SYLVESTER                         MA-14-91-355
FAY, TIMOTHY                           MA-14-400A-473
FAY, TIMOTHY                           MA-14-31-114
FAY, VISA                              MA-14-91-550
FAY, WARREN                            MA-14-396-448
FAY, WARREN GOODELL                    MA-14-492-487
FAY, WILLIAM                           MA-14-17-7
FAYERWEATHER, JOHN                     MA-14-59-389
FAYERWEATHER, JOHN A.                  MA-14-563-411
FAYERWEATHER, JOHN L.                  MA-14-490-210
FEARIN, DANIEL                         MA-14-533-109
FEEHAN, JOHN                           MA-14-563-417
FEELEY, MARY                           MA-14-457-522
FEELEY, MARY E.                        MA-14-580-519
FEISTEL, ANNA M.                       MA-14-559-190
FELCH, EMMA J.                         MA-14-521-248
FELCH, WALTON                          MA-14-400A-464
FELLOWS, JOHN                          MA-14-48-10
FELTON, ABIGAIL H.                     MA-14-457-410
FELTON, DAVID                          MA-14-13-455
FELTON, LANDSFORD B.                   MA-14-457-449
FELTON, SHELTON                        MA-14-3-164
FELTON, SILENCE                        MA-14-72-55
FELTON, SKELTON                        MA-14-75-471
FENNESSEY, MICHAEL                     MA-14-504-522
FENNEY, JOSEPH A.                      MA-14-457-365
FENNO, SALLY                           MA-14-396-62
FENTEN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-4-373
FERGUSON, JAMES                        MA-14-580-207
FERGUSON, JOHN                         MA-14-485-390
FERGUSON, PATRICK                      MA-14-457-668
FERIGO, LOUIS                          MA-14-535-437
FERRARI, CARLO                         MA-14-543-134
FERRIN, ESTHER M.                      MA-14-485-406
FERRIS, SUSAN AMELIA                   MA-14-497-174
FERRIS,R OBERT J.                      MA-14-572-23
FERRUCCI, PASQUALE                     MA-14-823-479
FERRY, GEORGE WASHINGTON               MA-14-580-254
FERRY, GEORGE WASHINGTON               MA-14-580-284
FESSENDEN, EUNICE                      MA-14-84-203
FESSENDEN, JOHN                        MA-14-36-181
FESSENDEN, JOHN                        MA-14-75-582
FESSENDEN, NANCY B.                    MA-14-458-225
FESSENDNE, SETH W.                     MA-14-400A-158
FIELD, AUSTIN CAREY                    MA-14-470-55
FIELD, CALEB C.                        MA-14-458-291
FIELD, CHARLOTTE P.                    MA-14-397-251
FIELD, DAVID M.                        MA-14-580-123
FIELD, EDWARD P.                       MA-14-563-415
FIELD, EDWIN G.                        MA-14-548-464
FIELD, EUNICE W.                       MA-14-457-398
FIELD, GEORGE                          MA-14-59-530
FIELD, JOSEPH                          MA-14-46-322
FIELD, MARY                            MA-14-72-325
FIELD, OLIVER S.                       MA-14-457-59
FIELD, REBECCA L.                      MA-14-565-68
FIELD, SPENCER                         MA-14-30-427
FIELDING, ANN                          MA-14-538-165
FIELDING, GRACE                        MA-14-580-181
FIELDING, GRACE                        MA-14-66-424
FILAN, KATE                            MA-14-823-293
FILMORE, GEORGE                        MA-14-72-472
FINCH, MORDECAI L.                     MA-14-478-8
FINN, AVIS                             MA-14-514-385
FINN, ELIZA                            MA-14-514-313
FINN, PATRICK J.                       MA-14-521-270
FINNEGAN, ANN                          MA-14-562-125
FINNERAN, PATRICK                      MA-14-490-487
FINNERTY,MICHAEL                       MA-14-457-307
FINNIGAN, SARAH                        MA-14-552-202
FIRTH, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-397-215
FIRTH, JOHN                            MA-14-397-102
FISH, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-12-319
FISH, DELIA A.                         MA-14-397-513
FISH, ELISHA                           MA-14-26-341
FISH, EUNICE E.                        MA-14-552-165
FISH, GEORGE F.                        MA-14-823-350
FISH, HANNAH                           MA-14-80-323
FISH, HENRY                            MA-14-91-239
FISH, HENRY                            MA-14-397-31
FISH, JONATHAN                         MA-14-492-260
FISH, RUFUS A.                         MA-14-500-142
FISH, SAMUEL                           MA-14-396-46
FISH, STEPHEN                          MA-14-9-158
FISH, THOMAS                           MA-14-17-114
FISHER, AMASA H.                       MA-14-395-453
FISHER, ANNA A.                        MA-14-548-240
FISHER, CAROLINE M.                    MA-14-400A-508
FISHER, CHARLES                        MA-14-396-500
FISHER, CHARLES F.                     MA-14-397-180
FISHER, CHARLES P.                     MA-14-487-189
FISHER, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-554-73
FISHER, HORACE                         MA-14-470-418
FISHER, JAMES B.                       MA-14-475-72
FISHER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-548-204
FISHER, LOIS                           MA-14-91-146
FISHER, LOUISA B.                      MA-14-490-493
FISHER, LUCY J.                        MA-14-538-194
FISHER, LUCY P.                        MA-14-478-92
FISHER, MARTHA B.                      MA-14-516-223
FISHER, MARY                           MA-14-400A-438
FISHER, NAHUM                          MA-14-458-100
FISHER, NAHUM                          MA-14-397-133
FISHER, NATHANIEL E.                   MA-14-457-93
FISHER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-72-12
FISHER, SAMUEL D.                      MA-14-575-420
FISHER, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-72-473
FISHER, WATERMAN A.                    MA-14-458-217
FISHLOCK, THOMAS                       MA-14-504-233
FISK, ABIJAH                           MA-14-36-12
FISK, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-34-156
FISK, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-52-548
FISK, BETSEY                           MA-14-548-470
FISK, BEZALEEL                         MA-14-91-210
FISK, CATHARINE S.                     MA-14-487-417
FISK, DANIEL                           MA-14-84-193
FISK, DANIEL                           MA-14-4-292
FISK, DANIEL                           MA-14-14-343
FISK, EUNICE                           MA-14-41-304
FISK, HARVEY                           MA-14-395-94
FISK, HENRY                            MA-14-22-270
FISK, HEPZIBAH                         MA-14-84-86
FISK, JERUSHA                          MA-14-495-131
FISK, JOHN                             MA-14-6-32
FISK, JOHN                             MA-14-12-50
FISK, JOHN M.                          MA-14-95-36
FISK, JONAS                            MA-14-29-237
FISK, JONATHAN S.                      MA-14-400A-439
FISK, LEMUEL                           MA-14-93-2
FISK, LUTHER B.                        MA-14-473-221
FISK, LYDIA                            MA-14-396-109
FISK, MARTHA A.                        MA-14-823-454
FISK, NAHUM                            MA-14-32-222
FISK, NATHANIEL                        MA-14-15-270
FISKE, AMY                             MA-14-394-259
FISKE, CLARA                           MA-14-395-469
FISKE, DANIEL                          MA-14-394-260
FISKE, DAVID                           MA-14-48-580
FISKE, EDWIN                           MA-14-457-449
FISKE, ELISHA B.                       MA-14-399-300
FISKE, ELIZA                           MA-14-89-360
FISKE, ELIZA R.                        MA-14-560--354
FISKE, HORACE S.                       MA-14-398-200
FISKE, JAMES                           MA-14-398-484
FISKE, JOHN                            MA-14-95-94
FISKE, LEVENS M.                       MA-14-457-42
FISKE, LYDIA D.                        MA-14-559-169
FISKE, MARTHA A.                       MA-14-473-167
FISKE, MATILDA                         MA-14-458-199
FISKE, MOSES                           MA-14-97-111
FISKE, SIMEON                          MA-14-84-138
FITCH, ABBIE A.                        MA-14-504-507
FITCH, AUGUSTA P.                      MA-14-470-74
FITCH, CHARLES H.                      MA-14-75-221
FITCH, CHARLES S.                      MA-14-509-185
FITCH, EBENEZER                        MA-14-59-533
FITCH, GEORGE                          MA-14-95-56
FITCH, JAMES W.                        MA-14-495-155
FITCH, JULIAETTE                       MA-14-554-61
FITCH, SUSAN                           MA-14-395-331
FITCH, SUSAN                           MA-14-91-195
FITCH, SUSAN H.                        MA-14-555-380
FITCH, SUSAN K.                        MA-14-80-54
FITCHGERALD, CATHERINE                 MA-14-394-189
FITMAN, ANN                            MA-14-546-14
FITTON, EDWARD                         MA-14-475-277
FITTON, HANNAH SHAW                    MA-14-541-97
FITTS, ABIGAIL LEARNED                 MA-14-396-565
FITTS, DANIEL                          MA-14-80-146
FITTS, HOMER L.                        MA-14-514-344
FITTS, JEROME                          MA-14-546-468
FITTS, JONATHAN                        MA-14-24-410
FITTS, PETER                           MA-14-84-16
FITTS, ROBERT                          MA-14-4-402
FITTS, ROBERT                          MA-14-4-218
FITTS, ROBERT                          MA-14-72-307
FITTS, RUSSELL                         MA-14-457-231
FITTS, SILAS                           MA-14-398-299
FITZGERALD, JAMES                      MA-14-563-400
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       MA-14-580-497
FITZGERALD, MARGARET L.                MA-14-497-176
FITZGERALD, MARY                       MA-14-398-371
FITZGERALD, PATRICK                    MA-14-485-79
FITZGERALD, PATRICK A.                 MA-14-492-488
FITZMAURICE, THOMAS                    MA-14-457-655
FITZPATRICK, JAMES                     MA-14-548-230
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                      MA-14-562-123
FITZPATRICK, JOHN B.                   MA-14-397-535
FITZPATRICK, JOHN C. S.                MA-14-400A-56
FITZPATRICK, THOMAS                    MA-14-541-113
FITZPATRICK, TIMOTHY                   MA-14-573-336
FLAGG, AARON                           MA-14-80-93
FLAGG, ABIGJAH                         MA-14-91-424
FLAGG, ALBERT D.                       MA-14-574-141
FLAGG, ALMIRA L.                       MA-14-574-177
FLAGG, AMOS                            MA-14-50-85
FLAGG, AUGUSTUS                        MA-14-563-455
FLAGG, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-72-277
FLAGG, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-50-429
FLAGG, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-41-624
FLAGG, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-3-497
FLAGG, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-97-397
FLAGG, BETSEY                          MA-14-66-95
FLAGG, CHARLES                         MA-14-497-190
FLAGG, CHARLES                         MA-14-509-141
FLAGG, DANIEL                          MA-14-39-89
FLAGG, DAVID                           MA-14-93-78
FLAGG, DAVID W.                        MA-14-399-113
FLAGG, DOLY                            MA-14-57-360
FLAGG, ELEAZER                         MA-14-11-505
FLAGG, ELIJAH                          MA-14-397-57
FLAGG, ELISHA                          MA-14-32-432
FLAGG, ELLEN M.                        MA-14-552-213
FLAGG, ELMIRA                          MA-14-458-72
FLAGG, ENOCH                           MA-14-95-378
FLAGG, GEORGE                          MA-14-399-324
FLAGG, GEORGE E.                       MA-14-400A-147
FLAGG, HANNAH B.                       MA-14-577-6
FLAGG, HARRIET S.                      MA-14-559-149
FLAGG, JAMES F.                        MA-14-396-482
FLAGG, JOSEPH                          MA-14-398-374
FLAGG, JOSHUA                          MA-14-394-261
FLAGG, JOSIAH                          MA-14-398-385
FLAGG, JOSIAH                          MA-14-13-31
FLAGG, JOTHAM                          MA-14-59-388
FLAGG, LEVI                            MA-14-89-408
FLAGG, LEVI                            MA-14-398-372
FLAGG, LUCRETIA                        MA-14-80-62
FLAGG, LYDIA                           MA-14-57-576
FLAGG, LYMAN                           MA-14-97-332
FLAGG, MARY                            MA-14-95-461
FLAGG, MARY A.                         MA-14-400A-584
FLAGG, MARY B.                         MA-14-394-163
FLAGG, MARY P.                         MA-14-399-566
FLAGG, MEHITABLE                       MA-14-41-159
FLAGG, MURRAY                          MA-14-575-466
FLAGG, NATHANIEL                       MA-14-39-194
FLAGG, PERSIS                          MA-14-89-648
FLAGG, PHINEAS                         MA-14-23-410
FLAGG, REBECCA                         MA-14-35-440
FLAGG, REBECKAH B.                     MA-14-89-18
FLAGG, RUTH                            MA-14-89-480
FLAGG, SALLY                           MA-14-91-12
FLAGG, SAMUEL                          MA-14-52-146
FLAGG, SAMUEL                          MA-14-46-501
FLAGG, SAMUEL                          MA-14-56-538
FLAGG, SAMUEL                          MA-14-59-1
FLAGG, SAMUEL C.                       MA-14-95-239
FLAGG, SAMUEL W.                       MA-14-400A-238
FLAGG, SARAH                           MA-14-399-522
FLAGG, SOLON G.                        MA-14-398-117
FLAGG, STEPHEN                         MA-14-46-142
FLAGG, WILLIAM                         MA-14-89-614
FLAGG, ZEBEDIAH                        MA-14-89-408
FLAHERTY, CATHERINE                    MA-14-504-289
FLAHERTY, CATHERINE                    MA-14-495-512
FLAHERTY, PATRICK                      MA-14-572-26
FLAHERTY, PATRICK W.                   MA-14-492-552
FLAHERTY, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-475-83
FLAHETY, MARY                          MA-14-531-382
FLANIGAN, HENRY                        MA-14-552-203
FLANIGAN, NICHOLAS                     MA-14-397-467
FLANNAGAN, JOHN                        MA-14-504-206
FLEMING, JOHN D.                       MA-14-504-474
FLETCHER, ALANSON                      MA-14-89-351
FLETCHER, ASA                          MA-14-56-615
FLETCHER, BETSEY                       MA-14-399-281
FLETCHER, CHARLES THORNTON             MA-14-552-198
FLETCHER, ELEAZER                      MA-14-11-28
FLETCHER, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-495-180
FLETCHER, EZRA W.                      MA-14-97-398
FLETCHER, GILBERT H.                   MA-14-400A-304
FLETCHER, HEZEKIAH                     MA-14-394-391
FLETCHER, HEZEKIAH                     MA-14-20-220
FLETCHER, JAMES                        MA-14-75-289
FLETCHER, JOEL                         MA-14-59-86
FLETCHER, JOHN                         MA-14-23-468
FLETCHER, LUCY                         MA-14-400A-149
FLETCHER, MARGARET ANN                 MA-14-533-428
FLETCHER, MARTIN                       MA-14-97-55
FLETCHER, MARY                         MA-14-97-18
FLETCHER, MARY A.                      MA-14-398-315
FLETCHER, NOAH                         MA-14-573-309
FLETCHER, PERLEY                       MA-14-394-243
FLETCHER, SALLY S.                     MA-14-487-421
FLETCHER, SAMUEL                       MA-14-398-87
FLETCHER, SARAH                        MA-14-84-289
FLETCHER, STACY                        MA-14-72-231
FLETCHER, TAMMA D.                     MA-14-485-23
FLINT, AUSTIN                          MA-14-91-306
FLINT, CHARLES F.                      MA-14-823-98
FLINT, CHARLES I.                      MA-14-551-86
FLINT, DANIEL                          MA-14-91-45
FLINT, DAVID B.                        MA-14-400A-373
FLINT, EDWARD                          MA-14-50-462
FLINT, EDWARD                          MA-14-457-507
FLINT, EZEKIEL                         MA-14-66-295
FLINT, GEORGE S.                       MA-14-396-452
FLINT, HARRIET                         MA-14-478-492
FLINT, HARRIET M.                      MA-14-400A-305
FLINT, HELEN M.                        MA-14-394-232
FLINT, JOHN                            MA-14-56-546
FLINT, JOSIAH                          MA-14-400A-196
FLINT, LAURA                           MA-14-398-97
FLINT, REBECCA                         MA-14-31-442
FLINT, SARAH                           MA-14-577-76
FLUET, PETER                           MA-14-557-378
FLYNN, ELIZABETH M.                    MA-14-541-419
FLYNN, JOHANNA                         MA-14-571-157
FLYNN, JOHN J.                         MA-14-533-150
FLYNN, KATIE T.                        MA-14-478-3
FLYNN, LAWRENCE                        MA-14-473-201
FLYNN, MARY A.                         MA-14-563-474
FLYNN, MICHAEL                         MA-14-523-160
FLYNN, PATRICK                         MA-14-397-583
FLYNN, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-487-448
FOBES, JOSEPH                          MA-14-66-54
FOBES, P. AMES                         MA-14-397-584
FOBES, PEREZ                           MA-14-91-745
FOBES, RICHARD                         MA-14-478-41
FOGARTY, CATHARINE                     MA-14-572-73
FOGARTY, MICHAEL                       MA-14-93-139
FOGERTY, JOHN                          MA-14-572-21
FOGG, MARTHA A.                        MA-14-400A-440
FOLEY, HANNAH C.                       MA-14-487-147
FOLEY, JOHANNA                         MA-14-487-182
FOLEY, MARTIN                          MA-14-546-455
FOLEY, MAURICE                         MA-14-562-115
FOLEY, PATRICK                         MA-14-400A-532
FOLLANSBEE, FRANCIS                    MA-14-28-20
FOLLETT, CURTIS M.                     MA-14-554-81
FOLLETT, ELLEN F.                      MA-14-555-431
FOLLETT, ROBERT P.                     MA-14-470-481
FOLLETT, SAMUEL W.                     MA-14-89-611
FOLLOMSBEE, SAMUEL                     MA-14-485-345
FOLOZER, HEPSEYBETH A.                 MA-14-580-8
FONTAINE,MARC                          MA-14-823-154
FOOT, JOSEPH I.                        MA-14-89-104
FORBERT, CHARLES                       MA-14-533-464
FORBES, ABIGAIL                        MA-14-89-372
FORBES, BAXTER                         MA-14-400A-59
FORBES, DANIEL                         MA-14-16-38
FORBES, DANIEL                         MA-14-398-560
FORBES, DANIEL H.                      MA-14-93-582
FORBES, DAVID                          MA-14-46-300
FORBES, DAVID                          MA-14-89-331
FORBES, EDWARDS E.                     MA-14-500-409
FORBES, ELI                            MA-14-89-266
FORBES, ELIAS                          MA-14-395-492
FORBES, ELIJAH                         MA-14-89-467
FORBES, EPHRAIM T.                     MA-14-396-209
FORBES, FOREST W.                      MA-14-562-87
FORBES, JAMES                          MA-14-50-616
FORBES, JANE                           MA-14-93-507
FORBES, JOHN W.                        MA-14-396-609
FORBES, JONATHAN                       MA-14-395-53
FORBES, JONATHAN                       MA-14-34-115
FORBES, MARIAN                         MA-14-457-191
FORBES, MARTHA                         MA-14-457-131
FORBES, REBECCA                        MA-14-31-182
FORBES, ROBERT                         MA-14-28-493
FORBES, SARAH                          MA-14-57-522
FORBES, STEPHEN                        MA-14-396-4
FORBES, WILLIAM                        MA-14-21-265
FORBUSH, AARON                         MA-14-4-120
FORBUSH, BETSEY                        MA-14-41-151
FORBUSH, CATHERINE                     MA-14-89-398
FORBUSH, CHARLES A.                    MA-14-551-84
FORBUSH, COOLIDGE                      MA-14-72-310
FORBUSH, D. CHAUNCY                    MA-14-492-540
FORBUSH, DAVID                         MA-14-21-282
FORBUSH, JAMES                         MA-14-8-226
FORBUSH, JOEL                          MA-14-396-251
FORBUSH, JOHN                          MA-14-91-23
FORBUSH, JONAH                         MA-14-39-20
FORBUSH, JONATHAN                      MA-14-5-145
FORBUSH, JOSEPH W.                     MA-14-543-453
FORBUSH, LEANDER P.                    MA-14-574-124
FORBUSH, LOIS                          MA-14-48-333
FORBUSH, LUCY                          MA-14-56-578
FORBUSH, LUCY                          MA-14-72-408
FORBUSH, MANASSEH S.                   MA-14-399-27
FORBUSH, MOLLY                         MA-14-56-526
FORBUSH, ORESTUS                       MA-14-89-215
FORBUSH, RACHEL                        MA-14-36-149
FORBUSH, RHODA G.                      MA-14-457-158
FORBUSH, RUTH M.                       MA-14-514-80
FORBUSH, SAMUEL                        MA-14-50-302
FORBUSH, SAMUEL                        MA-14-9-482
FORBUSH, SILAS A.                      MA-14-572-75
FORBUSH, SOPHIA                        MA-14-399-380
FORBUSH, SUSAN B.                      MA-14-93-650
FORBUSH, THOMAS                        MA-14-1-326
FORBUSH, THOMAS S.                     MA-14-95-47
FORBUSH, WILLIAM H.                    MA-14-458-34
FORCE, LUCINDA                         MA-14-89-483
FORD, ABSALOM P.                       MA-14-397-558
FORD, ARYENIS B.                       MA-14-823-353
FORD, ELLEN                            MA-14-514-5
FORD, MARY H.                          MA-14-457-431
FORD, MIRANDA P.                       MA-14-398-373
FORD, THOMAS S.                        MA-14-399-306
FOREST, WILLIAM                        MA-14-394-329
FORESTAL, EDWARD                       MA-14-398-542
FORRISTALL, CHARLES WALTER             MA-14-514-48
FORTIN, ANDREW                         MA-14-458-74
FOSGATE, EUNICE C.                     MA-14-580-13
FOSGATE, GEORGE W.                     MA-14-483-375
FOSGATE, JOEL                          MA-14-57-417
FOSGATE, LILLA F.                      MA-14-543-407
FOSGATE, OLIVER                        MA-14-399-483
FOSKET, JONATHAN                       MA-14-9-90
FOSKETT, ASA                           MA-14-91-299
FOSKETT, DANIEL                        MA-14-95-190
FOSKETT, ELIZA                         MA-14-580-264
FOSKETT, HARRIET E.                    MA-14-562-70
FOSKETT, JOHN                          MA-14-27-61
FOSKETT, MILLIA A.                     MA-14-823-521
FOSKETT, RUTH                          MA-14-97-59
FOSKETT, THOMAS                        MA-14-43-501
FOSKETT, WILLARD                       MA-14-398-317
FOSKETT, WILLIAM                       MA-14-396-208, 278
FOSS, CHARLES H.                       MA-14-535-474
FOSTER, ALPHEUS                        MA-14-535-200
FOSTER, BARNES                         MA-14-473-272
FOSTER, CALVIN                         MA-14-541-410
FOSTER, CHARLES                        MA-14-399-145
FOSTER, CHARLES T.                     MA-14-823-5
FOSTER, DANIEL                         MA-14-4-29
FOSTER, DANIEL                         MA-14-397-561
FOSTER, DWIGHT                         MA-14-57-32
FOSTER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-39-483
FOSTER, EBENEZER                       MA-14-487-198
FOSTER, EDWARD                         MA-14-13-178
FOSTER, ELISHA                         MA-14-93-20
FOSTER, ELISHA                         MA-14-28-335
FOSTER, ELROY D.                       MA-14-823-229
FOSTER, EMREY B.                       MA-14-492-219
FOSTER, HENRY                          MA-14-531-91
FOSTER, ISAAC                          MA-14-59-75
FOSTER, ISAAC                          MA-14-397-304
FOSTER, JAMES                          MA-14-21-182
FOSTER, JEROME W.                      MA-14-400A-121
FOSTER, JOHN P.                        MA-14-91-525
FOSTER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-2-403
FOSTER, MARIA M.                       MA-14-533-106
FOSTER, NANCY M.                       MA-14-553-440
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-57-28
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-33-159
FOSTER, POLLY                          MA-14-93-218
FOSTER, RACHEL                         MA-14-80-601
FOSTER, RACHEL                         MA-14-32-313
FOSTER, ROBERT                         MA-14-823-286
FOSTER, RUTH                           MA-14-91-211
FOSTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-554-44
FOSTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-396-321
FOSTER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-25-84
FOSTER, SAMUEL B.                      MA-14-91-369
FOSTER, SAMUEL J.                      MA-14-571-148
FOSTER, SARAH E.                       MA-14-497-475
FOSTER, SMITH W.                       MA-14-483-438
FOSTER, SOLOMON                        MA-14-26-100
FOSTER, SUSAN                          MA-14-574-134
FOSTER, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-26-288
FOURNIER, FRANK E.                     MA-14-580-5
FOWELR, GEORGE D.                      MA-14-478-254
FOWLE, CURTIS                          MA-14-59-3
FOWLE, JACOB                           MA-14-12-522
FOWLE, JOHN                            MA-14-29-200
FOWLE, SUSANNA                         MA-14-394-314
FOWLE, SUSANNA                         MA-14-59-130
FOWLE, WILLIAM                         MA-14-93-566
FOWLER, ADOLPHUS                       MA-14-97-216
FOWLER, EZEKIEL                        MA-14-84-486
FOWLER, HANNAH                         MA-14-400A-160
FOWLER, JOHN                           MA-14-84-140
FOWLER, SAMUEL                         MA-14-50-620
FOX, ANNIE R. S.                       MA-14-400A-559
FOX, GEORGE                            MA-14-400A-561
FOX, HANNAH                            MA-14-556-413
FOX, JOSEPH                            MA-14-56-640
FOX, JOSEPH JR.                        MA-14-27-443
FOX, OLIVER                            MA-14-72-410
FOXCROFT, JOHN                         MA-14-57-492
FOY, SUSAN (BARRETT)                   MA-14-578-380
FRANCIS, EMERLINE M.                   MA-14-495-531
FRANCKE, SAMUEL F.                     MA-14-823-532
FRANKLIN, ALICE                        MA-14-504-488
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN H.                  MA-14-497-508
FRANKLIN, RECORD                       MA-14-36-294
FREDETTE,ALBERT                        MA-14-580-270
FREEBORN, ESTHER                       MA-14-36-113
FREELAND, JAMES C.                     MA-14-400A-150
FREEMAN, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-35-87
FREEMAN, ELI                           MA-14-48-181
FREEMAN, HASKELL                       MA-14-56-41
FREEMAN, HENRY V.                      MA-14-521-266
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                        MA-14-48-247
FREEMAN, JOSHUA                        MA-14-84-127
FREEMAN, MARY E.                       MA-14-523-187
FREEMAN, MARY M.                       MA-14-556-391
FREEMAN, SARAH                         MA-14-93-25
FREEMAN, SILAS M.                      MA-14-457-643
FRENCH, ABIEL                          MA-14-22-163
FRENCH, CATHARINE D.                   MA-14-84-360
FRENCH, ISAAC                          MA-14-59-629
FRENCH, JOHN                           MA-14-13-423
FRENCH, JOHN                           MA-14-57-207
FRENCH, LIPHA                          MA-14-89-136
FRENCH, LUCY H.                        MA-14-580-266
FRENCH, MARY                           MA-14-398-485
FRENCH, MARY D.                        MA-14-823-197
FRENCH, MICAH                          MA-14-29-196
FRENCH, SALLY                          MA-14-548-502
FRENCH, SAMUEL                         MA-14-23-275
FRENCH, SARAH                          MA-14-80-637
FRENCH, WILLIAM                        MA-14-31-121
FRENEY, JOSEPH D.                      MA-14-492-253
FRINK, JOHN                            MA-14-80-613
FRINK, JOHN                            MA-14-34-189
FRISSELL, WILLIAM B.                   MA-14-497-216
FROST, AMARIAH                         MA-14-24-104
FROST, DANA                            MA-14-89-571
FROST, EBEN H.                         MA-14-398-60
FROST, EBEN H.                         MA-14-397-541
FROST, EDWARD E.                       MA-14-823-440
FROST, ELIZABETH L.                    MA-14-823-83
FROST, J. MILTON                       MA-14-398-532
FROST, JONATHAN                        MA-14-57-313
FROST, JOSIAH D.                       MA-14-580-16
FROST, SCRIPTURE                       MA-14-57-517
FROST, SELIM                           MA-14-97-480
FROST, SETH                            MA-14-80-432
FROST, STPEHEN                         MA-14-66-284
FROST, SYLVESTER                       MA-14-395-271
FRST, EBENEZER                         MA-14-21-86
FRY, EBENEZER                          MA-14-72-391
FRY, JAMES N.                          MA-14-399-38
FRY, JOHN                              MA-14-48-462
FRY, THOMAS                            MA-14-80-648
FRYE, JOHN                             MA-14-397-382
FUCHS, FRIEDERICK AUGUST               MA-14-580-341
FULLAM, JACOB                          MA-14-75-15
FULLAM, LEMUEL                         MA-14-500-135
FULLAM, WILLIAM                        MA-14-500-168
FULLER, AMOS                           MA-14-30-403
FULLER, AMOS W.                        MA-14-580-216
FULLER, ANDREW L.                      MA-14-398-238
FULLER, ARABELL A.                     MA-14-543-132
FULLER, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-80-386
FULLER, CALEB S.                       MA-14-394-315
FULLER, CATHARINE                      MA-14-398-347
FULLER, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-511-273
FULLER, DAVID T.                       MA-14-487-409
FULLER, EDWARD                         MA-14-18-414
FULLER, EDWARD                         MA-14-31-348
FULLER, EDWARD                         MA-14-75-219
FULLER, ELISHA                         MA-14-394-218
FULLER, FANNIE J.                      MA-14-533-122
FULLER, JAMES                          MA-14-72-221
FULLER, JAMES                          MA-14-457-110
FULLER, JAMES E.                       MA-14-569-333
FULLER, JAMES E.                       MA-14-569-333
FULLER, JOHN                           MA-14-30-246
FULLER, JONATHAN                       MA-14-6-8
FULLER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-397-305
FULLER, LEVI                           MA-14-43-556
FULLER, MANSON                         MA-14-395-129
FULLER, MARTHA A.                      MA-14-506-365
FULLER, MERRILL D.                     MA-14-521-199
FULLER, NEHEMIAH                       MA-14-35-439
FULLER, PHEBE                          MA-14-457-495
FULLER, SARAH                          MA-14-6-534
FULLER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-15-302
FULLER, WILLIAM W.                     MA-14-91-82
FULLERTON, SAMUEL                      MA-14-66-532
FULLUM, ABEL                           MA-14-514-96
FULLUM, CAROLINE                       MA-14-485-4
FULLUM, MARY ANN                       MA-14-485-5
FYFE, MARY                             MA-14-538-123
FYFE, MARY J.                          MA-14-823-253
FYFE, WILLIAM E.                       MA-14-548-191

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