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OAKES, JEFFERSON G.                    MA-14-531-85
OAKMAN, AMOS                           MA-14-34-137
OAKS, ABRAHAM                          MA-14-97-45
OAKS, ELLEN E.                         MA-14-97-51
OARMETTE, CAMILLE L.                   MA-14-396-637
OATMAN, ALVAH B.                       MA-14-509-172
OBRIEN, ANN                            MA-14-543-419
OBRIEN, CAROLINE                       MA-14-458-117
OBRIEN, DANIEL                         MA-14-457-634
OBRIEN, MARGARET                       MA-14-552-222
OBRIEN, MARY                           MA-14-574-149
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                        MA-14-400A-616
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        MA-14-500-133
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        MA-14-500-438
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        MA-14-490-484
OBRIEN, WINIFRED                       MA-14-555-433
OCALLAGHAN, THOMAS A.                  MA-14-566-34
OCALLAHAN, ELLEN                       MA-14-533-101
OCONNELL, JAMES                        MA-14-823-107
OCONNELL, JAMES                        MA-14-523-187
OCONNELL, JOHANNA                      MA-14-457-5
OCONNELL, MARY                         MA-14-551-40
OCONNELL, SUSAN                        MA-14-400A-38
OCONNOR, CORNELIUS                     MA-14-398-518
OCONNOR, DANIEL J.                     MA-14-516-511
OCONNOR, JOHN                          MA-14-543-397
OCONNOR, JOHN H.                       MA-14-457-343
OCONNOR, MICHAEL                       MA-14-506-367
OCONNOR, PATRICK                       MA-14-504-250
OCONNOR, THOMAS H.                     MA-14-546-26
OCONNOR, WILLIAM                       MA-14-560--376
ODANIELS, MICHAEL                      MA-14-400A-190
ODAY,E DMOND                           MA-14-396-467
ODIAN, ABIGAIL H.                      MA-14-580-294
ODIAN, NATHANIEL H.                    MA-14-457-242
ODLUM, GEORGE                          MA-14-397-289
ODONNELL, ANN                          MA-14-580-492
ODONNELL, PATRICK                      MA-14-399-572
ODONNELL, ROSE                         MA-14-571-144
ODONOHUE, JOHN F.                      MA-14-400A-481
ODRISCOLL, MARY                        MA-14-473-274
OGARA, MARY A.                         MA-14-535-217
OGARA, THOMAS                          MA-14-506-424
OGOOD, JONATHAN                        MA-14-9-124
OGORMAN, ANN                           MA-14-580-51
OHANLON, CATHERINE                     MA-14-457-344
OHEARN, MARGARET                       MA-14-478-271
OHERNE, PATRICK                        MA-14-457-116
OHERRON, JAMES                         MA-14-485-454
OHLSON, GORAN                          MA-14-506-393
OKEEFE, ELLEN                          MA-14-514-25
OKEEFE, JOHN                           MA-14-514-53
OKEEFE, MARY E.                        MA-14-398-223
OLDFIELD, JOHN                         MA-14-577-91
OLDHAM, THOMAS                         MA-14-552-189
OLDS, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-80-37
OLDS, SARAH L.                         MA-14-89-599
OLDS, WILLIAM                          MA-14-26-420
OLEARY, CATHERINE                      MA-14-478-77
OLEARY, JOHN B.                        MA-14-531-99
OLIN, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-457-312
OLIPHANT, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-23-287
OLIVER, DAVID                          MA-14-56-1
OLIVER, GEORGE                         MA-14-86-69
OLIVER, JAMES                          MA-14-23-74
OLIVER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-97-150
OLIVER, LANSLET                        MA-14-17-160
OLIVER, LOIS S.                        MA-14-552-206
OLIVER, STEPHEN A.                     MA-14-504-239
OLIVER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-21-75
OLNEY, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-95-505
OLNEY, RICHARD                         MA-14-84-557
OLNEY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-543-441
OLSEN, MATHIAS                         MA-14-823-306
OLSON, CARRIE                          MA-14-560--359
OMALLEY, MICHAEL                       MA-14-398-244
OMALLEY, PATRICK                       MA-14-535-206
OMALLEY, THOMAS                        MA-14-559-207
OMARA, TIMOTHY                         MA-14-548-260
ONEAL, MARY                            MA-14-95-422
ONEIL, ELIZA                           MA-14-495-491
ONEIL, ELLEN                           MA-14-497-490
ONEIL, ELLEN                           MA-14-521-477
ONEIL, MICHAEL                         MA-14-531-23
ONEILL, JAMES                          MA-14-483-411
ONTHANK, JAMES                         MA-14-52-621
ONTHANK, JOSEPH                        MA-14-52-280
ONTHANK, SALLY                         MA-14-52-620
ONTHANK, WILLIAM                       MA-14-52-255
ONTHANK, WILLIAM                       MA-14-36-20
OQUINN, ANN L.                         MA-14-541-363
ORCUTT, ABNER G.                       MA-14-86-623
ORCUTT, MARY ANN                       MA-14-497-484
ORDWAY, ALFRED R.                      MA-14-580-365
ORDWAY, MARTHA B.                      MA-14-93-496
OREILLY, ANTHONY                       MA-14-457-660
OREILLY, JUDITH                        MA-14-560--403
ORIAN, JOEL                            MA-14-91-574
ORILEY, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-478-272
ORMSBEE, MARY ANN G.                   MA-14-84-306
ORR, JANET H.                          MA-14-575-452
OSBORN, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-91-510
OSBORN, EPHRAIM JR.                    MA-14-91-375
OSBORN, JOHN                           MA-14-24-214
OSBORN, LAURA E.                       MA-14-487-424
OSBORN, LEONAD                         MA-14-490-237
OSBORN, MARY                           MA-14-50-200
OSBORN, POLLY                          MA-14-399-214
OSBORN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-568-220
OSBORN, SILAS P.                       MA-14-478-315
OSBORN, STEPHEN                        MA-14-400A-467
OSBORN, THOMAS                         MA-14-39-290
OSBORNE, ABRAM                         MA-14-399-98
OSBORNE, AI                            MA-14-458-188
OSBORNE, ELIZABETH W.                  MA-14-492-232
OSBORNE, MARY E.                       MA-14-511-293
OSBORNE, SARAH A.                      MA-14-535-448
OSGOOD, ASAHEL                         MA-14-396-10
OSGOOD, CATHARINE                      MA-14-56-83
OSGOOD, CLARISSA NELSON                MA-14-580-10
OSGOOD, DAVID                          MA-14-11-335
OSGOOD, EPHRAIM                        MA-14-75-124
OSGOOD, EUNICE                         MA-14-458-56
OSGOOD, HARRIET J.                     MA-14-565-126
OSGOOD, HOOK                           MA-14-3-15
OSGOOD, HOOKER                         MA-14-8-505
OSGOOD, JOEL                           MA-14-56-257
OSGOOD, JOSEPH                         MA-14-28-19
OSGOOD, JOSEPH                         MA-14-5-117
OSGOOD, JOSHUA                         MA-14-6-449
OSGOOD, KATHARINE                      MA-14-50-595
OSGOOD, MANASSEH                       MA-14-72-59
OSGOOD, ORANGE                         MA-14-80-306
OSGOOD, RUTH                           MA-14-398-412
OSGOOD, SAMUEL                         MA-14-50-456
OSGOOD, SAMUEL H.                      MA-14-556-388
OSGOOD, SAMUEL W.                      MA-14-398-287
OSGOOD, TYLER P.                       MA-14-91-488
OSHEA, PATRICK                         MA-14-398-325
OSLAND, JOHN                           MA-14-11-315
OSLAND, JONATHAN                       MA-14-36-421
OSLAND, JONATHAN                       MA-14-9-271
OSLAND, MARY                           MA-14-39-143
OSLUND, SAMUEL                         MA-14-48-606
OSSENE, ALBERT J.                      MA-14-823-111
OSULLIVAN, JOHN                        MA-14-397-143
OSULLIVAN, PATRICK J.                  MA-14-572-76
OTIS, ANNIE R.                         MA-14-478-32
OTIS, FRANCES I.                       MA-14-577-10
OTOOLE, AUSTIN E.                      MA-14-823-462
OTOOLE, AUSTIN J.                      MA-14-504-510
OTOOLE, BRIDGET                        MA-14-560--363
OTOOLE, JEREMIAH                       MA-14-504-524
OTOOLE, JOHN A.                        MA-14-566-29
OTOOLE, MARY                           MA-14-500-178
OTOOLE, PATRICK                        MA-14-470-72
OTOOLE, PATRICK                        MA-14-548-256
OTTEN, CHRISTENE                       MA-14-557-383
OTTERSON, JOHN A.                      MA-14-398-208
OUIMETTE, JOSEPH                       MA-14-553-497
OVEREND, MARTHA                        MA-14-560--439
OWEN, EMILY W.                         MA-14-497-161

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