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HACKER, WILLIAM E.                     PHILADELPHIA, PA                        MA-14-394-45
HACKETT, DANIEL                        MA-14-470-425
HACKETT, ROSA                          MA-14-473-229
HACKETT, THOMAS                        MA-14-483-429
HADLE, JOSIAH                          MA-14-36-336
HADLEY, MARIA H.                       MA-14-572-101
HADLEY, MARTIN                         MA-14-572-102
HAGAN, ELIZABETH                       MA-14-572-56
HAGAN, JOHN                            MA-14-475-54
HAGAR, DAVID                           MA-14-66-547
HAGAR, JAMES L.                        MA-14-398-243
HAGAR, SAMUEL                          MA-14-13-87
HAGER, ABIGAIL P.                      MA-14-500-443
HAGER, AMY ANN                         MA-14-823-153
HAGER, JONATHAN                        MA-14-57-221
HAGER, MARY                            MA-14-18-291
HAGER, SAMUEL                          MA-14-554-57
HAGER, WASHINGTON                      MA-14-400A-391
HAGGERTY, JEREMIAH                     MA-14-566-42
HAGNEY, CATHERINE                      MA-14-523-195
HAIGHT, LYDIA                          MA-14-556-459
HAILD, HANNAH                          MA-14-394-453
HAINES, DANIEL R.                      MA-14-397-220
HALE, ADALINE                          MA-14-555-414
HALE, ADDIE                            MA-14-823-255
HALE, AMBROSE                          MA-14-9-342
HALE, ASA                              MA-14-93-305
HALE, BETSEY E.                        MA-14-566-82
HALE, BEZALEEL                         MA-14-516-528
HALE, CALVIN                           MA-14-84-538
HALE, CHARLES                          MA-14-93-87
HALE, DANIEL                           MA-14-396-325
HALE, DANIEL                           MA-14-398-68
HALE, ELISHA                           MA-14-39-28
HALE, ELISHA                           MA-14-397-267
HALE, EMMA M.                          MA-14-516-228
HALE, EZRA                             MA-14-31-285
HALE, FREDERICK A.                     MA-14-535-532
HALE, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-457-628
HALE, HENRY A.                         MA-14-556-414
HALE, HOBART L.                        MA-14-396-253
HALE, HOPA                             MA-14-97-403
HALE, JACOB                            MA-14-86-390
HALE, JACOB                            MA-14-72-397
HALE, JOHN M.                          BROOKLYN, NY                            MA-14-569-328
HALE, JONATHAN                         MA-14-10-259
HALE, JOSEPHINE MASON                  MA-14-485-71
HALE, MERIAM                           MA-14-86-639
HALE, MOSES                            MA-14-66-298
HALE, NATHANIEL W.                     MA-14-398-255
HALE, OLIVER                           MA-14-29-47
HALE, REUBEN                           MA-14-66-335
HALE, SAMUEL                           MA-14-43-141
HALE, SAMUEL                           MA-14-457-399
HALE, SAMUEL B.                        MA-14-396-453
HALE, SARAH G.                         MA-14-500-399
HALE, SILAS                            MA-14-72-458
HALE, STEPHEN                          MA-14-95-69
HALE, THOMAS                           MA-14-27-128A
HALE, THOMAS                           MA-14-75-91
HALE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-400A-573
HALE, WILLIAM B.                       MA-14-511-290
HALE, WILLIAM C.                       MA-14-93-318
HALE, WILLIAM S.                       MA-14-400A-352
HALEY, JOHN H.                         MA-14-565-98
HALEY, PATRICK                         MA-14-478-539
HALL, ALMARY C.                        MA-14-483-368
HALL, ANDREW                           MA-14-470-459
HALL, ANDREW                           MA-14-89-518
HALL, ARCHIBALD                        MA-14-559-188
HALL, BENJAMIN F.                      MA-14-490-474
HALL, CALVIN                           MA-14-400A-28
HALL, CATHERINE L. W.                  MA-14-577-87
HALL, CHARLES                          MA-14-396-484
HALL, CHARLES F.                       MA-14-543-451
HALL, CHARLES R.                       MA-14-394-88
HALL, CLARISSA D.                      MA-14-552-237
HALL, DANFORD                          MA-14-478-530
HALL, DANIEL S.                        MA-14-398-508
HALL, DAVID                            MA-14-22-79
HALL, DAVID                            MA-14-89-308
HALL, DAVID E.                         MA-14-400A-368
HALL, EDWARD                           MA-14-8-521
HALL, ELLEN M.                         MA-14-458-201
HALL, HENRY C.                         MA-14-572-51
HALL, HERMON                           MA-14-84-46
HALL, JAMES                            MA-14-400A-97
HALL, JAMES                            MA-14-59-305
HALL, JEAN                             MA-14-5-386
HALL, JOHN                             MA-14-97-219
HALL, JOHN C.                          MA-14-84-456
HALL, JONATHAN                         MA-14-13-452
HALL, JOSHUA                           MA-14-95-181
HALL, JOSIAH                           MA-14-84-89
HALL, JOSIAH G.                        MA-14-551-34
HALL, LUTHER                           MA-14-97-284
HALL, MARCUS M.                        MA-14-89-574
HALL, MARTHA B.                        MA-14-483-396
HALL, MARY A.                          MA-14-555-438
HALL, MARY M.                          MA-14-97-255
HALL, NANCY P.                         MA-14-497-494
HALL, NEHEMIAH                         MA-14-86-237
HALL, OLIVER                           MA-14-492-228
HALL, PARCIVAL                         MA-14-4-152
HALL, POLLY                            MA-14-396-265
HALL, SAMUEL                           MA-14-395-99
HALL, SARAH E.                         MA-14-504-497
HALL, STEPHEN                          MA-14-57-578
HALL, THADDEUS                         MA-14-93-37
HALL, THANKFUL                         MA-14-26-165
HALL, TIMOTHY                          MA-14-19-221
HALL, WILLIAM B.                       MA-14-93-6
HALL, ZACHEUS                          MA-14-12-160
HALLOCK, NANCY L.                      MA-14-470-102
HALLORAN, MARY                         MA-14-551-90
HALLVEAU, MARY                         MA-14-504-278
HALOW, WILLIAM                         MA-14-41-501
HAMANT, JOB                            MA-14-39-197
HAMANT, JULIA A.                       MA-14-551-7
HAMEL, JOSEPH                          MA-14-580-26
HAMER, ENOCH S.                        MA-14-504-434
HAMILTON, CHARLES A.                   MA-14-457-291
HAMILTON, CHARLES S.                   MA-14-556-395
HAMILTON, ELIPHALET                    MA-14-8-15
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-75-230
HAMILTON, GAVIN                        MA-14-569-374
HAMILTON, GEORGE                       MA-14-458-202
HAMILTON, HANNAH D.                    MA-14-470-437
HAMILTON, JAMES                        MA-14-1-161
HAMILTON, JOSEPH                       MA-14-2-575
HAMILTON, JOSIAH                       MA-14-36-427
HAMILTON, JUDE                         MA-14-28-295
HAMILTON, MARGARETT                    MA-14-52-229
HAMILTON, MERRITT                      MA-14-400A-321
HAMILTON, MICHAEL                      MA-14-31-216
HAMILTON, RUFUS                        MA-14-50-46
HAMILTON, SALLY                        MA-14-80-213
HAMILTON, SETH                         MA-14-8-18
HAMILTON, SQUIER                       MA-14-394-434
HAMILTON, SUSANNA                      MA-14-75-280
HAMILTON, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-12-143
HAMLETT, FREDERICK W.                  MA-14-531-437
HAMMELBACKER, JOHNC .                  MA-14-398-562
HAMMON, APRLEY                         MA-14-66-47
HAMMOND, AARON                         MA-14-86-347
HAMMOND, DAVID                         MA-14-41-581
HAMMOND, EBENEZER                      MA-14-56-34
HAMMOND, ELIJAH                        MA-14-46-317
HAMMOND, ELLEN C.                      MA-14-555-371
HAMMOND, ELMIRA                        MA-14-473-209
HAMMOND, JAMES                         MA-14-395-393
HAMMOND, JONAS                         MA-14-23-259
HAMMOND, JOSEPH P.                     MA-14-470-130
HAMMOND, LEVI                          MA-14-400A-205
HAMMOND, NATHAN                        MA-14-91-572
HAMMOND, OTIS S.                       MA-14-457-545
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                        MA-14-6-369
HAMMOND, SUSAN M.                      MA-14-457-485
HAMMOND, TIMOTHY W.                    MA-14-559-196
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                       MA-14-568-233
HANCOCK, ANSON                         MA-14-93-250
HANCOCK, NATHAN                        MA-14-397-359
HANCOCK, OZRO                          MA-14-478-266
HANCOCK, ROBERT T.                     MA-14-457-508
HANCOCK, SARAH A.                      MA-14-541-365
HANCOCK, WILLIAM                       MA-14-398-470
HANCOCK, WILLIAM                       MA-14-89-617
HANDLER, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-95-524
HANDY, ANN M.                          MA-14-566-15
HANDY, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-48-610
HANDY, MARGRETT                        MA-14-521-443
HANES, CHARLES                         MA-14-21-48
HANLEY, BRIDGET                        MA-14-538-111
HANLEY, PATRICK                        MA-14-497-164
HANLON, CATHARINE                      MA-14-516-214
HANLON, PATRICK                        MA-14-97-334
HANLON, THOMAS                         MA-14-457-615
HANNA, THOMAS                          MA-14-93-68
HANNAFORD, EUNICE B.                   MA-14-572-118
HANSON, JANE B.                        MA-14-533-483
HAPGOOD, ARTEMAS                       MA-14-89-251
HAPGOOD, ASA                           MA-14-23-182
HAPGOOD, CHARLES                       MA-14-535-515
HAPGOOD, DAVID                         MA-14-66-453
HAPGOOD, DAVID T.                      MA-14-86-364
HAPGOOD, ELIJAH                        MA-14-93-367
HAPGOOD, GEORGE                        MA-14-470-121
HAPGOOD, HUTCHINS                      MA-14-80-285
HAPGOOD, JOEL                          MA-14-95-241
HAPGOOD, JOHN                          MA-14-394-86
HAPGOOD, LEMUEL B.                     MA-14-823-18
HAPGOOD, LUCY                          MA-14-91-620
HAPGOOD, LUCY B.                       MA-14-480-500
HAPGOOD, LUCY E.                       MA-14-823-295
HAPGOOD, LUTHER M.                     MA-14-473-291
HAPGOOD, MARCY                         MA-14-13-139
HAPGOOD, MARY                          MA-14-397-383
HAPGOOD, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-5-536
HAPGOOD, OTIS W.                       MA-14-396-120
HAPGOOD, SETH                          MA-14-33-6
HAPGOOD, SETH                          MA-14-396-454
HAPGOOD, SHADRACH                      MA-14-50-117
HARBACK, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-457-575
HARBACK, THOMAS                        MA-14-23-330
HARBARDT, JOHN                         MA-14-514-401
HARBERT, JOSEPH                        MA-14-2-194
HARD, HARRIET N.                       MA-14-93-524
HARDING, ABIJAH                        MA-14-59-324
HARDING, AUGUSTA                       MA-14-457-550
HARDING, CHARLES H.                    MA-14-457-400
HARDING, DARIUS H.                     MA-14-396-235
HARDING, JABEZ                         MA-14-84-20
HARDING, JABEZ                         MA-14-29-381
HARDING, JANE M.                       MA-14-490-500
HARDING, JOSHUA                        MA-14-27-399
HARDING, LEWIS                         MA-14-395-294
HARDING, LUCY H. B.                    MA-14-541-347
HARDING, LUCY H.B.                     MA-14-538-540
HARDING, MIRIAM                        MA-14-490-501
HARDING, PALMER                        MA-14-457-657
HARDING, RALPH                         MA-14-93-526
HARDING, SARAH                         MA-14-84-361
HARDWIN, CHARLES                       MA-14-458-76
HARDY, ABNER H.                        MA-14-97-131
HARDY, CHARLES P.                      MA-14-574-151
HARDY, CLARA P.                        MA-14-483-408
HARDY, EMERSON C.                      MA-14-400A-489
HARDY, EPHRAIM B.                      MA-14-396-455
HARDY, LUCY B.                         MA-14-394-69
HARDY, PRUDENCE                        MA-14-84-548
HARDY, TABITHA                         MA-14-84-548
HARE, FRANCIS                          MA-14-97-506
HARGADON, MICHAEL                      MA-14-559-232
HARKNESS, ELISHA                       MA-14-89-69
HARKNESS, HANNAH                       MA-14-80-602
HARKNESS, JAMES                        MA-14-95-352
HARKNESS, SAMUEL                       MA-14-50-17
HARKNESS, SULLIVAN                     MA-14-400A-618
HARKNESS, THOMAS                       MA-14-5-263
HARLOW, ABNER                          MA-14-91-370
HARLOW, ARUNAH                         MA-14-91-122
HARLOW, ELMIRA                         MA-14-506-418
HARLOW, GEORGE H.                      MA-14-478-520
HARLOW, JEANNETTE BEMIS                MA-14-563-413
HARLOW, THOMAS                         MA-14-397-71
HARLOW, WILLIAM                        MA-14-91-681
HARLOW, WILLIAM T.                     MA-14-823-472
HARMON, ABIGAIL B.                     MA-14-568-218
HARNEY, ELLEN                          MA-14-553-448
HARNEY, MICHAEL                        MA-14-560--394
HARPER, AUGUSTUS                       MA-14-556-455
HARPER, AUGUSTUS                       MA-14-500-185
HARPER, GEORGE                         MA-14-14-371
HARPER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-13-156
HARPIN, AUGUSTUS                       MA-14-556-455
HARPIN, LEA                            MA-14-511-52
HARRI, ARAD                            MA-14-89-586
HARRIGAN, MICHAEL                      MA-14-559-232
HARRIMAN, BRIDGET                      MA-14-563-491
HARRIMAN, GEORGE M.                    MA-14-548-195
HARRIMAN, PATRICK                      MA-14-509-155
HARRINGOTN, DANIEL                     MA-14-89-60
HARRINGOTN, FORTUNATUS                 MA-14-84-345
HARRINGOTN, LEMUEL                     MA-14-72-524
HARRINGOTN, MARY A.                    MA-14-478-260
HARRINGOTN, NAHUM                      MA-14-89-594
HARRINGOTN, REUBIN                     MA-14-86-168
HARRINGOTN, SAMUEL                     MA-14-86-90
HARRINGOTN, SAMUEL                     MA-14-80-407
HARRINGOTN,ANGELINE A.                 MA-14-823-495
HARRINGTN, EBENEZER                    MA-14-56-325
HARRINGTON, ABIJAH                     MA-14-56-97
HARRINGTON, AMOS                       MA-14-95-477
HARRINGTON, AMY A.                     MA-14-823-365
HARRINGTON, ANNER                      MA-14-89-451
HARRINGTON, APPHIA                     MA-14-397-135
HARRINGTON, BENJAMIN                   MA-14-91-709
HARRINGTON, BETSEY                     MA-14-394-150
HARRINGTON, CALEB                      MA-14-57-259
HARRINGTON, CATHERINE                  MA-14-574-119
HARRINGTON, CHARLES A.                 MA-14-396-421
HARRINGTON, CLARA                      MA-14-478-13
HARRINGTON, DANIEL                     MA-14-565-123
HARRINGTON, DANIEL                     MA-14-396-216
HARRINGTON, EBENEZER                   MA-14-91-535
HARRINGTON, ELEANOR                    MA-14-89-268
HARRINGTON, ELIJAH                     MA-14-97-309
HARRINGTON, ELIJAH                     MA-14-50-146
HARRINGTON, ELIZABETH A.               MA-14-580-211
HARRINGTON, EMMA L.                    MA-14-554-140
HARRINGTON, EPHRAIM                    MA-14-25-187
HARRINGTON, ESTHER                     MA-14-91-153
HARRINGTON, FANNY                      MA-14-397-268
HARRINGTON, FRANCES J.                 MA-14-538-486
HARRINGTON, FRANK H.                   MA-14-531-79
HARRINGTON, FRANKLIN B.                MA-14-396-299
HARRINGTON, GEORGE                     MA-14-6-542
HARRINGTON, HANNAH                     MA-14-398-154
HARRINGTON, HANNAH                     MA-14-91-432
HARRINGTON, HARRIET C.                 MA-14-538-149
HARRINGTON, HENRY                      MA-14-458-280
HARRINGTON, HENRY W.                   MA-14-84-160
HARRINGTON, ISAAC                      MA-14-34-138
HARRINGTON, JAMES                      MA-14-89-419
HARRINGTON, JEREMIAH                   MA-14-75-240
HARRINGTON, JOHN B.                    MA-14-514-360
HARRINGTON, JOSEPH                     MA-14-50-289
HARRINGTON, JOSIAH                     MA-14-15-362
HARRINGTON, JULIA E.                   MA-14-823-44
HARRINGTON, LAURA A.                   MA-14-483-168
HARRINGTON, LEIJAH                     MA-14-39-366
HARRINGTON, LOAMMI                     MA-14-84-331
HARRINGTON, LOUESA F.                  MA-14-93-70
HARRINGTON, LOUISA A.                  MA-14-521-441
HARRINGTON, LUCETTA S.                 MA-14-516-175
HARRINGTON, LUCINDA                    MA-14-400A-392
HARRINGTON, LUCRETIA                   MA-14-86-319
HARRINGTON, LUCRETIA F.                MA-14-470-83
HARRINGTON, LYMAN                      MA-14-397-546
HARRINGTON, MARK                       MA-14-823-22
HARRINGTON, MARTIN                     MA-14-91-622
HARRINGTON, MARY A.                    MA-14-470-19
HARRINGTON, MARY B.                    MA-14-93-335
HARRINGTON, MASON A.                   MA-14-554-65
HARRINGTON, MOSES                      MA-14-19-111
HARRINGTON, MOSES                      MA-14-50-457
HARRINGTON, NANCY                      MA-14-533-93
HARRINGTON, NANCY                      MA-14-396-389
HARRINGTON, NATHAN                     MA-14-48-378
HARRINGTON, NATHAN S.                  MA-14-556-428
HARRINGTON, NEHEMIAH                   MA-14-66-120
HARRINGTON, OLIVER                     MA-14-95-258
HARRINGTON, REBECCA C.                 MA-14-457-68
HARRINGTON, RICHARD P.                 MA-14-555-465
HARRINGTON, ROXANNA M.                 MA-14-562-91
HARRINGTON, RUFUS                      MA-14-89-281
HARRINGTON, RUFUS                      MA-14-95-170
HARRINGTON, SALLY                      MA-14-93-319
HARRINGTON, SAMUEL                     MA-14-400A-108
HARRINGTON, SAMUEL                     MA-14-32-204
HARRINGTON, SAMUEL                     MA-14-75-360
HARRINGTON, SAMUEL                     MA-14-89-652
HARRINGTON, SAMUEL                     MA-14-457-465
HARRINGTON, SARAH                      MA-14-458-154
HARRINGTON, SARAH M.                   MA-14-396-234
HARRINGTON, SETH                       MA-14-46-524
HARRINGTON, SUMNER                     MA-14-457-496
HARRINGTON, THEODORE                   MA-14-551-77
HARRINGTON, THEODORE                   MA-14-470-31
HARRINGTON, THOMAS                     MA-14-23-287
HARRINGTON, THOMAS R.                  MA-14-457-431
HARRINGTON, TIMOTHY                    MA-14-26-472
HARRINGTON, TRYPHENA S.                MA-14-566-54
HARRINGTON, WAITTE C.                  MA-14-72-610
HARRIS, ALLEN                          MA-14-396-456
HARRIS, AMAZIAH                        MA-14-89-310
HARRIS, ARCHIBALD C.                   MA-14-509-217
HARRIS, ASA                            MA-14-52-86
HARRIS, DANIEL                         MA-14-80-551
HARRIS, DIANTHA B.                     MA-14-563-454
HARRIS, EBENEZER                       MA-14-11-56
HARRIS, ELIZA A.                       MA-14-551-21
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-75-298
HARRIS, EMILY C.                       MA-14-533-449
HARRIS, EMORY                          MA-14-80-579, 582, 642
HARRIS, GEORG ES.                      MA-14-398-100
HARRIS, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-487-196
HARRIS, HANNAH P.                      MA-14-478-473
HARRIS, HENRY                          MA-14-473-223
HARRIS, ISAAC                          MA-14-84-205
HARRIS, ISRAEL                         MA-14-41-110
HARRIS, JAMES                          MA-14-396-144
HARRIS, JOHN                           MA-14-1-432
HARRIS, JOHN L.                        MA-14-580-126
HARRIS, LINUS M.                       MA-14-497-524
HARRIS, LUCY                           MA-14-95-555
HARRIS, LUCY G.                        MA-14-458-79
HARRIS, MARTHA M.                      MA-14-523-214
HARRIS, MARY DIX (KNOWLTON)            MA-14-823-39
HARRIS, MARY HARRIETT                  MA-14-580-217
HARRIS, NATHAN                         MA-14-91-243
HARRIS, NOAH                           MA-14-33-198
HARRIS, OLIVER F.                      MA-14-487-138
HARRIS, ORANGE S.                      MA-14-541-403
HARRIS, RICHARD                        MA-14-28-396
HARRIS, RUFUS                          MA-14-72-540
HARRIS, SALLY K.                       MA-14-400A-413
HARRIS, SALLY W.                       MA-14-396-563
HARRIS, SAMUEL                         MA-14-28-337
HARRIS, SAMUEL                         MA-14-84-383
HARRIS, SAMUEL W.                      MA-14-396-327
HARRIS, SARAH                          MA-14-57-401
HARRIS, SIDNEY                         MA-14-395-272
HARRIS, SYLVANUS                       MA-14-457-451
HARRIS, THOMAS                         MA-14-397-306
HARRIS, THOMAS D.                      MA-14-548-508
HARRIS, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-13-502
HARRIS, WARREN D.                      MA-14-506-369
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-398-279
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-80-314
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        MA-14-84-74
HARRISON, NOAH                         MA-14-56-443
HARRITY, MICHAEL                       MA-14-580-255
HARROD, WILLIAM S.                     MA-14-541-335
HARSDEN, MARY                          MA-14-457-71
HART, BETSEY                           MA-14-394-54
HART, FRED                             MA-14-541-364
HART, ISABELLA                         MA-14-569-310
HART, JAMES                            MA-14-59-354
HART, JOHN                             MA-14-36-127
HART, JOHN H.                          MA-14-483-168
HART, MARGARET M.                      MA-14-580-457
HART, MARY O.                          MA-14-538-177
HART, SAMUEL                           MA-14-11-241
HART, THOMAS                           MA-14-48-564
HARTHAN, ANNA H.                       MA-14-483-154
HARTHAN, ANTIPAS S.                    MA-14-46-160
HARTLEY, ABBIE E. (MERRILE)            MA-14-511-56
HARTNESS, JOHN                         MA-14-470-483
HARTNETT, JOHANNA                      MA-14-535-161
HARTSHORN, HARVEY                      MA-14-397-500
HARTSHORN, JONAS                       MA-14-457-657
HARTSHORN, MARY C.                     MA-14-487-190
HARTWELL, ABIJAH                       MA-14-93-449
HARTWELL, ASAEL                        MA-14-32-351
HARTWELL, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-478-16
HARTWELL, BETSEY                       MA-14-398-577
HARTWELL, CAROLINE                     MA-14-93-652
HARTWELL, DAVID W.                     MA-14-566-44
HARTWELL, EDMUND                       MA-14-95-513
HARTWELL, ELIZA D.                     MA-14-497-231
HARTWELL, HARRIS C.                    MA-14-483-180
HARTWELL, ISAAC                        MA-14-72-200
HARTWELL, ISAAC                        MA-14-20-524
HARTWELL, ISAAC B.                     MA-14-535-189
HARTWELL, JAMES                        MA-14-396-328
HARTWELL, JONAS                        MA-14-52-429
HARTWELL, JOSEPH                       MA-14-35-444
HARTWELL, JOSEPH                       MA-14-400A-393
HARTWELL, LEONARD                      MA-14-506-395
HARTWELL, LEONARD B.                   MA-14-89-623
HARTWELL, LOUISA M.                    MA-14-509-216
HARTWELL, MARY                         MA-14-52-24
HARTWELL, NANCY                        MA-14-514-323
HARTWELL, OLIVE                        MA-14-396-590
HARTWELL, PHINEAS                      MA-14-31-498
HARTWELL, SALLY C.                     MA-14-565-82
HARTWELL, SALOME S.                    MA-14-823-536
HARTY, CORNELIUS                       MA-14-511-267
HARTY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-394-8
HARVEY, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-50-19
HARVEY, CATHARINE B. T.                MA-14-394-425
HARVEY, EMILIE W.                      MA-14-546-428
HARVEY, JONAH                          MA-14-91-309
HARVEY, JONATHAN                       MA-14-8-430
HARWOOD, ASA                           MA-14-93-661
HARWOOD, DAVID                         MA-14-93-272
HARWOOD, DAVID                         MA-14-18-192
HARWOOD, DAVID                         MA-14-36-304
HARWOOD, EBENEZER                      MA-14-6-208
HARWOOD, GERSHOM                       MA-14-59-325
HARWOOD, HARRISON                      MA-14-504-472
HARWOOD, JAMES                         MA-14-32-77
HARWOOD, JOHN                          MA-14-22-32
HARWOOD, JONAS                         MA-14-400A-533
HARWOOD, MARY                          MA-14-91-372
HARWOOD, PETER                         MA-14-89-335
HARWOOD, SARAH J.                      MA-14-556-429
HARWOOD, SIMOEN                        MA-14-91-682
HARWOOD, STEPHEN                       MA-14-75-477
HARWOOD, STEPHEN                       MA-14-84-366
HARWOOD, SUSANNAH                      MA-14-84-47
HARWOOD, THOMAS A.                     MA-14-457-451
HASKELL, ANDREW                        MA-14-26-533
HASKELL, ASA                           MA-14-97-310
HASKELL, ELIAS                         MA-14-41-101
HASKELL, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-396-98
HASKELL, EZEKIEL                       MA-14-15-351
HASKELL, HELEN M.                      MA-14-552-188
HASKELL, HENRY                         MA-14-1-384
HASKELL, JACOB                         MA-14-480-524
HASKELL, JACOB                         MA-14-93-466
HASKELL, JAMES                         MA-14-66-79
HASKELL, JAMES S.                      MA-14-580-433
HASKELL, JOHN                          MA-14-93-101
HASKELL, JOHN A.                       MA-14-394-280
HASKELL, JOSIAH                        MA-14-52-22
HASKELL, JUDITH B.                     MA-14-538-166
HASKELL, LEVI B.                       MA-14-396-267
HASKELL, MARY F.                       MA-14-514-30
HASKELL, MOSES                         MA-14-396-423
HASKELL, NANCY H.                      MA-14-511-299
HASKELL, PHINEAS                       MA-14-57-196
HASKELL, ROGER                         MA-14-43-229
HASKELL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-91-130
HASKELL, SAMUEL                        MA-14-52-553
HASKELL, SIMEON                        MA-14-89-312
HASKELL, STEPHEN                       MA-14-48-259
HASKELL, STEPHEN                       MA-14-89-298
HASKELL, THANKFULL                     MA-14-21-431
HASKELL, WILLIAM PAUL                  MA-14-478-47
HASKINS, ALMA                          MA-14-511-217
HASKINS, NELSON                        MA-14-492-282
HASSETT, PATRICK                       MA-14-569-329
HASTINGS, ALMYRA P.                    MA-14-457-196
HASTINGS, ANN MARIA                    MA-14-578-392
HASTINGS, BETSEY M.                    MA-14-400A-207
HASTINGS, CALEB                        MA-14-59-436
HASTINGS, CALVIN                       MA-14-97-60
HASTINGS, CHARLES                      MA-14-91-434
HASTINGS, CORDELIA                     MA-14-580-493
HASTINGS, DANIEL                       MA-14-35-167
HASTINGS, DANIEL                       MA-14-14-55
HASTINGS, DAVID                        MA-14-57-211
HASTINGS, DAVID P.                     MA-14-395-20
HASTINGS, DEBORAH A.                   MA-14-396-150
HASTINGS, DERBY                        MA-14-580-441
HASTINGS, ELIZA J.                     MA-14-580-218
HASTINGS, ENOCH P.                     MA-14-485-451
HASTINGS, ESTHER                       MA-14-28-22
HASTINGS, GEORGE W.                    MA-14-580-273
HASTINGS, JOHN                         MA-14-2-149
HASTINGS, JOHN                         MA-14-66-440
HASTINGS, JONAS                        MA-14-97-168
HASTINGS, JONATHAN                     MA-14-75-511
HASTINGS, JONATHAN                     MA-14-72-625
HASTINGS, JOSEPH                       MA-14-398-7
HASTINGS, JOSEPH                       MA-14-34-91
HASTINGS, JOSEPH JR.                   MA-14-27-97
HASTINGS, JOSEPH W.                    MA-14-514-392
HASTINGS, LOIS                         MA-14-72-358
HASTINGS, LOIS R.                      MA-14-538-519
HASTINGS, LUCRETIA                     MA-14-86-100
HASTINGS, LUCY P.                      MA-14-89-487
HASTINGS, MARIA                        MA-14-478-538
HASTINGS, MARSHALL H.                  MA-14-548-521
HASTINGS, MOSES                        MA-14-9-356
HASTINGS, NATHANIEL                    MA-14-52-556
HASTINGS, PRUSHIA ANN                  MA-14-514-333
HASTINGS, ROBERT                       MA-14-80-333
HASTINGS, SAMUEL                       MA-14-57-215
HASTINGS, SAMUEL                       MA-14-86-141
HASTINGS, SAMUEL W.                    MA-14-487-136
HASTINGS, SARAH E.                     MA-14-577-62
HASTINGS, SARAH R.                     MA-14-497-221
HASTINGS, SILENCE                      MA-14-395-405
HASTINGS, SUSAN W.                     MA-14-400A-27
HASTINGS, WASHINGTON                   MA-14-396-82
HASTINGS, WILLIAM                      MA-14-80-83
HASTON, ERASMUS                        MA-14-511-248
HATCH, CHENEY                          MA-14-457-1
HATCH, EMELINE                         MA-14-470-43
HATCH, GEORGE C.                       MA-14-554-131
HATCH, JOSHUA                          MA-14-52-442
HATCH, THOMAS                          MA-14-86-182
HATHAWAY, DANIEL                       MA-14-395-111
HATHAWAY, DEXTER B.                    MA-14-580-418
HATHAWAY, JEREMIAH                     MA-14-75-356
HATHAWAY, PEREZE M.                    MA-14-473-223
HATHAWAY, RUTH                         MA-14-394-67
HATHAWAY, SAMUEL                       MA-14-72-40
HATHAWAY, SOPHIA                       MA-14-397-586
HATHAWAY, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-91-95
HATHERLY, HESTER                       MA-14-72-602
HATHERLY, THOMAS                       MA-14-66-204
HATHORNE, OPHELIA B.                   MA-14-400A-98
HAUFF, JACOB                           MA-14-509-211
HAVEN, ABRAHAM                         MA-14-84-234
HAVEN, BETSEY F.                       MA-14-504-442
HAVEN, EBENEZER                        MA-14-86-228
HAVEN, ELKANAH                         MA-14-89-251
HAVEN, EMERSON                         MA-14-506-332
HAVEN, ERASTUS U.                      MA-14-823-53
HAVEN, EZRA                            MA-14-568-168
HAVEN, GEORGE H.                       MA-14-823-92
HAVEN, JOHN                            MA-14-91-48
HAVEN, JOHN                            MA-14-19-61
HAVEN, JOHN                            MA-14-490-223
HAVEN, JONAS                           MA-14-504-439
HAVEN, LOIS                            MA-14-568-221
HAVEN, LUANA C.                        MA-14-554-100
HAVEN, LUTHER                          MA-14-75-402
HAVEN, MARTHA M.                       MA-14-554-68
HAVEN, RICHARD                         MA-14-95-259
HAVEN, SAMUEL S.                       MA-14-500-167
HAVEN, SUMNER J.                       MA-14-543-373
HAVEN, SUSANNA                         MA-14-22-459
HAVEY, MARGARET                        MA-14-552-174
HAVEY, MARTIN                          MA-14-492-513
HAWES, BERIAH                          MA-14-29-144
HAWES, CHARLOTTE P.                    MA-14-398-9
HAWES, DAN                             MA-14-46-495
HAWES, EMILIE                          MA-14-398-543
HAWES, HIRAM                           MA-14-457-111
HAWES, JAMES                           MA-14-56-23
HAWES, JAMES JR.                       MA-14-41-616
HAWES, JASON                           MA-14-86-303
HAWES, NELSON                          MA-14-478-540
HAWES, PRESTON W.                      MA-14-396-460
HAWES, PRESTON W.                      MA-14-396-493
HAWES, RUSSELL L.                      MA-14-398-101
HAWES, SEWELL                          MA-14-394-262
HAWKES, CELIA                          MA-14-457-411
HAWKES, JOHN                           MA-14-89-425
HAWKINS, HANNAH                        MA-14-89-339
HAWKS, BENJAMIN                        MA-14-394-324
HAWLEY, HENRY A.                       MA-14-543-124
HAWS, AMOS                             MA-14-397-221
HAWS, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-86-650
HAWS, STOW F.                          MA-14-473-260
HAY, ROBERT                            MA-14-559-178
HAYARD, NATHAN                         MA-14-97-443
HAYDEN, ASA                            MA-14-457-352
HAYDEN, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-91-435
HAYDEN, CELIA                          MA-14-457-584
HAYDEN, E. FRANCES                     MA-14-487-431
HAYDEN, ELIAS                          MA-14-35-144
HAYDEN, FANNY                          MA-14-394-434
HAYDEN, HARRIET W.                     MA-14-492-202
HAYDEN, JAMES G.                       MA-14-475-57
HAYDEN, JOANNA                         MA-14-52-103
HAYDEN, JOHN                           MA-14-531-423
HAYDEN, JONATHAN                       MA-14-41-85
HAYDEN, MERCY                          MA-14-93-673
HAYDEN, SALLY                          MA-14-395-334
HAYES, ALMIRA                          MA-14-563-449
HAYES, MARGARET                        MA-14-458-261
HAYES, MARGARET                        MA-14-516-203
HAYNES, ALBERT                         MA-14-823-194
HAYNES, ALFRED W.                      MA-14-478-251
HAYNES, ASENATH                        MA-14-400A-284
HAYNES, DESIRE                         MA-14-91-24
HAYNES, ELNATHAN                       MA-14-396-88
HAYNES, HENRY                          MA-14-557-433
HAYNES, REBEKAH                        MA-14-95-416
HAYNES, REUBEN                         MA-14-84-391
HAYNES, REUBEN                         MA-14-400A-66
HAYNES, REUBEN                         MA-14-485-61
HAYNES, RUTH                           MA-14-396-234
HAYNES, SAMUEL                         MA-14-66-450
HAYNES, SARAH E. D.                    MA-14-573-297
HAYNES, SILAS                          MA-14-84-129
HAYNES, STILLMAN                       MA-14-569-386
HAYNES, THADDEUS                       MA-14-97-191
HAYWARD, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-26-42
HAYWARD, ASHEL                         MA-14-398-404
HAYWARD, BENONI                        MA-14-72-163
HAYWARD, GORDON N.                     MA-14-492-536
HAYWARD, HANNAH                        MA-14-26-101
HAYWARD, HARTWELL                      MA-14-97-492
HAYWARD, HULDAH J.                     MA-14-478-24
HAYWARD, JACOB                         MA-14-56-329
HAYWARD, JOHN                          MA-14-66-565
HAYWARD, JONATHAN                      MA-14-48-30
HAYWARD, JOSIAH                        MA-14-89-103
HAYWARD, JOSIAH                        MA-14-34-444
HAYWARD, JOTHAM                        MA-14-93-555
HAYWARD, LAURA A.                      MA-14-562-128
HAYWARD, LUCY P.                       MA-14-397-109
HAYWARD, LYDIA                         MA-14-57-391
HAYWARD, MARTHA                        MA-14-531-96
HAYWARD, MARY                          MA-14-80-139
HAYWARD, MARY M.                       MA-14-395-189
HAYWARD, RUTH ELLA                     MA-14-538-113
HAYWARD, SAMUEL P.                     MA-14-504-451
HAYWARD, SAMUEL W.                     MA-14-533-407
HAYWARD, SIMEON                        MA-14-27-335
HAYWARD, SUSAN B.                      MA-14-400A-285
HAYWARD, THOMAS                        MA-14-7-359
HAYWOOD, AMOS                          MA-14-24-107
HAYWOOD, JOHN                          MA-14-16-483
HAYWOOD, NATHAN                        MA-14-17-71
HAYWOOD, SIMEON                        MA-14-13-533
HAZARD, ALMIRA P.                      MA-14-509-213
HAZEEL, CHARLES                        MA-14-566-53
HAZELTINE, DANIEL                      MA-14-2-603
HAZELTINE, PARDON                      MA-14-86-498
HEAD, HANORA                           MA-14-554-76
HEAGNEY, JOHN                          MA-14-580-551
HEALD, ADA M.                          MA-14-543-374
HEALD, JONATHAN                        MA-14-10-540
HEALD, SIMON                           MA-14-29-558
HEALEY, ANN                            MA-14-483-98
HEALEY, ELLEN D.                       MA-14-485-9
HEALEY, JOHN                           MA-14-400A-478
HEALEY, JOSHUA                         MA-14-12-186
HEALEY, JULIA                          MA-14-580-447
HEALEY, NATHANEIL                      MA-14-50-50
HEALEY, RUTH                           MA-14-89-488
HEALEY, SAMUEL                         MA-14-50-83
HEALEY, SARAH J.                       MA-14-521-230
HEALY, ABIGAIL                         MA-14-66-372
HEALY, CHARLES                         MA-14-93-103
HEALY, DANIEL J.                       MA-14-554-114
HEALY, HAMMOND                         MA-14-397-488
HEALY, HAMMOND                         MA-14-397-595
HEALY, HANNAH                          MA-14-16-245
HEALY, MICHAEL                         MA-14-577-58
HEALY, MOSES                           MA-14-400A-122
HEAPHY, SARAH A.                       MA-14-504-490
HEARD, DINAH                           MA-14-89-559
HEARD, EUNICE                          MA-14-18-413
HEARD, NATHAN                          MA-14-59-115
HEARD, PRISCILLA                       MA-14-18-242
HEARSEY, DAVID                         MA-14-50-645
HEATH, JEROME A.                       MA-14-395-305
HEATH, JOHN B.                         MA-14-531-54
HEATH, JONATHAN                        MA-14-89-3
HEATH, NATHAN W.                       MA-14-458-80
HEATH, PHEBE H.                        MA-14-470-413
HEATON, ALICE                          MA-14-580-525
HEATON, MARIA A. R.                    MA-14-568-240
HEATON, WILLIAM                        MA-14-531-383
HEBARD, ELEAZER                        MA-14-72-48
HEBBERD, JONATHAN                      MA-14-4-227
HEDGE, WASHINGTON L.                   MA-14-458-268
HEDWALL, PER A.                        MA-14-823-387
HEIDEL, CARL H.                        MA-14-574-123
HELLYAR, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-535-449
HELLYAR, SAMUEL                        MA-14-396-391
HEMENWAY, AMOS                         MA-14-89-49
HEMENWAY, ARTEMAS P.                   MA-14-457-412
HEMENWAY, AUGUSTA                      MA-14-483-128
HEMENWAY, EDWARD H.                    MA-14-394-150
HEMENWAY, EMILY L.                     MA-14-492-247
HEMENWAY, HANNAH                       MA-14-485-463
HEMENWAY, JEFFREY                      MA-14-52-85
HEMENWAY, LEVI J.                      MA-14-548-494
HEMENWAY, MARY                         MA-14-31-141
HEMENWAY, SALLY                        MA-14-457-378
HEMINGWAY, ISAAC                       MA-14-1-396
HEMINGWAY, MARGARET                    MA-14-2-276
HEMINWAY, FRANCIS                      MA-14-66-219
HEMINWAY, JACOB                        MA-14-30-108
HEMMENWAY, RACHEL                      MA-14-95-97
HENDAL, ELIZA                          MA-14-580-460
HENDERSON, JAMES                       MA-14-13-307
HENDERSON, JOHN                        MA-14-56-90
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      MA-14-93-187
HENNESSEY, MARY                        MA-14-548-512
HENRY, AARON                           MA-14-97-335
HENRY, BRIDGET E.                      MA-14-490-258
HENRY, DAVID                           MA-14-39-66
HENRY, DEBORAH                         MA-14-457-280
HENRY, FRANCIS                         MA-14-395-110
HENRY, FRANKLIN                        MA-14-458-26
HENRY, GEORGE G.                       MA-14-538-129
HENRY, JANE                            MA-14-457-576
HENRY, JOHN                            MA-14-495-227
HENRY, JOHN J.                         MA-14-823-393
HENRY, JOHNSON                         MA-14-59-487
HENRY, LAWRENCE                        MA-14-823-151
HENRY, PAUL                            MA-14-568-230
HENRY, PETER                           MA-14-396-392
HENRY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-396-591
HENRY, WILLIAM                         MA-14-43-250
HENSHAW, ALMIRA                        MA-14-72-262
HENSHAW, ALVIN                         MA-14-400A-603
HENSHAW, BAXTER                        MA-14-400A-180
HENSHAW, DANIEL                        MA-14-23-464
HENSHAW, DANIEL                        MA-14-17-52
HENSHAW, DAVID                         MA-14-36-252
HENSHAW, DAVID                         MA-14-93-189
HENSHAW, DAVID                         MA-14-97-460
HENSHAW, DOROTHA                       MA-14-11-239
HENSHAW, ELI F.                        MA-14-514-399
HENSHAW, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-397-438
HENSHAW, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-36-156
HENSHAW, HORATIO G.                    MA-14-394-346
HENSHAW, JANE                          MA-14-478-304
HENSHAW, JOSEPH                        MA-14-25-482
HENSHAW, JOSHUA                        MA-14-93-674
HENSHAW, JOSHUA                        MA-14-95-40
HENSHAW, JOSHUA                        MA-14-57-113
HENSHAW, JOSIAH                        MA-14-400A-348
HENSHAW, LEONARD                       MA-14-398-386
HENSHAW, SARAH                         MA-14-56-280
HENSHAW, THOMAS                        MA-14-89-502
HENSHAW, WILLIAM                       MA-14-52-343
HEREDEEN, LEVI                         MA-14-397-470
HERENDEEN, RUTH                        MA-14-84-69
HERENDEEN, SIMON                       MA-14-93-621
HERLIHY, ELLEN                         MA-14-572-45
HERNEY, JOSEPH                         MA-14-535-182
HERR, ELLEN                            MA-14-554-124
HERRICK, OSGOOD                        MA-14-80-170
HERRON, JOHN                           MA-14-580-154
HERSEY, CHARLES                        MA-14-397-71
HERSEY, CHARLES                        MA-14-395-354
HERSEY, MARTIN                         MA-14-458-282
HERVEY, HANNAH R.                      MA-14-457-69
HERVEY, JAMES F.                       MA-14-497-483
HERVEY, NATHANIEL                      MA-14-95-527
HERVEY, PARNAL                         MA-14-91-340
HESSION, JOHN L.                       MA-14-541-352
HETCHELL, EMERY F.                     MA-14-823-80
HEWETT, ALMOND J.                      MA-14-511-82
HEWETT, BETSEY                         MA-14-395-401
HEWETT, HAMMOND                        MA-14-398-578
HEWETT, MARIA L.                       MA-14-823-454
HEWETT, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-562-103
HEWETT, WELCOME W.                     MA-14-475-77
HEWETT, WILLIAM                        MA-14-86-14
HEWITT, NANCY M.                       MA-14-458-15
HEWITT, PHILANDER                      MA-14-478-35
HEYWOOD, ABEL                          MA-14-56-91
HEYWOOD, ALPHEUS                       MA-14-30-306
HEYWOOD, BENJAMIN F.                   MA-14-86-287
HEYWOOD, CARLISLE                      MA-14-511-55
HEYWOOD, CLINTON                       MA-14-577-45
HEYWOOD, DANIEL                        MA-14-39-131
HEYWOOD, DANIEL                        MA-14-48-596
HEYWOOD, HENRY                         MA-14-400A-586
HEYWOOD, HITTY                         MA-14-84-49
HEYWOOD, JERUSHA                       MA-14-394-21
HEYWOOD, JOSEPH                        MA-14-80-5
HEYWOOD, LEVI                          MA-14-29-119
HEYWOOD, LINCOLN                       MA-14-398-280
HEYWOOD, LYDIA R.                      MA-14-531-395
HEYWOOD, MARIA E.                      MA-14-543-427
HEYWOOD, MARTHA M.                     MA-14-473-254
HEYWOOD, MEHTABEL                      MA-14-84-4
HEYWOOD, NATHANIEL                     MA-14-75-267
HEYWOOD, PATTY                         MA-14-34-288
HEYWOOD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-24-199
HEYWOOD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-84-428
HEYWOOD, SETH                          MA-14-59-656
HEYWOOD, SETH P.                       MA-14-511-232
HEYWOOD, SILAS                         MA-14-66-86
HEYWOOD, THADDEUS                      MA-14-36-75
HEYWOOD, THEODA                        MA-14-580-134
HEYWOOD, THEODA                        MA-14-580-142
HEYWOOD, TIMOTHY                       MA-14-89-243
HEYWOOD, WALTER                        MA-14-458-275
HEYWOOD, WILLIAM H.                    MA-14-531-29
HIBARD, ABIGAIL F.                     MA-14-478-296
HICKEY, JOSEPH H.                      MA-14-572-79
HICKEY, MICHAEL                        MA-14-490-242
HICKEY, THOMAS                         MA-14-458-114
HICKS, ELIJAH                          MA-14-97-110
HICKS, MARIA R.                        MA-14-563-445
HICKS, SUSAN A.                        MA-14-483-383
HIGGINS, ALVAH M.                      MA-14-475-309
HIGGINS, BRIDGET                       MA-14-400A-342
HIGGINS, ELON G.                       MA-14-580-283
HIGGINS, JOHN                          MA-14-457-43
HIGGINS, LAWRENCE                      MA-14-400A-286
HIGGINS, LUCY A.                       MA-14-89-292
HIGGINS, MARY                          MA-14-543-98
HIGGINS, RACHE                         MA-14-97-355
HIGLEY, SARAH W.                       MA-14-541-336
HIL, REBECCA                           MA-14-483-125
HILBROOK, LOWELL                       MA-14-395-431
HILBURN, JOSEPH                        MA-14-22-108
HILDRETH, ELIJAH                       MA-14-57-117
HILDRETH, GEORGE                       MA-14-95-383
HILDRETH, HEZEKIAH                     MA-14-396-154
HILDRETH, ISAAC JR.                    MA-14-9-155
HILDRETH, JAMES                        MA-14-485-407
HILDRETH, NANCY J.                     MA-14-541-432
HILDRETH, PAULINA C.                   MA-14-516-238
HILDRETH, SAMUEL E.                    MA-14-500-170
HILDRETH, SILAS F.                     MA-14-566-50
HILDRETH, TIMOTHY                      MA-14-48-460
HILL, AARON                            MA-14-91-731
HILL, AARON M.                         MA-14-475-38
HILL, ABIJAH                           MA-14-80-522A
HILL, ABRAHAM                          MA-14-21-357
HILL, AMY A.                           MA-14-543-125
HILL, ANNA                             MA-14-75-252
HILL, ASA                              MA-14-91-356
HILL, ASA                              MA-14-66-249
HILL, CALEB                            MA-14-504-234
HILL, CALEB                            MA-14-21-330
HILL, CATHARINE M.                     MA-14-395-96
HILL, CHARLES                          MA-14-89-138
HILL, DAN                              MA-14-396-424
HILL, DANIEL                           MA-14-93-393
HILL, DANIEL                           MA-14-43-509
HILL, EPHRAIM                          MA-14-26-215
HILL, FAULKNER                         MA-14-504-431
HILL, FRANCIS W.                       MA-14-487-203
HILL, GRACE F.                         MA-14-398-351
HILL, HANNAH                           MA-14-35-223
HILL, J. HENRY                         MA-14-470-133
HILL, JAMES D.                         MA-14-572-80
HILL, JESSE                            MA-14-66-28
HILL, JOHN                             MA-14-9-165
HILL, JOHN                             MA-14-398-387
HILL, JOHN                             MA-14-84-61
HILL, JOHN                             MA-14-13-181
HILL, JOHN                             MA-14-22-52
HILL, JOHN W.                          MA-14-470-85
HILL, JONAH                            MA-14-35-22
HILL, JOSHUA                           MA-14-395-439
HILL, KITTREDGE                        MA-14-394-237
HILL, LEWIS W.                         MA-14-500-387
HILL, LUTHER                           MA-14-580-114
HILL, LUTHER                           MA-14-546-9
HILL, MARY E.                          MA-14-580-498
HILL, MARY ESTHER                      MA-14-577-74
HILL, MARY P.                          MA-14-84-162
HILL, MICAH                            MA-14-75-613
HILL, MOSES                            MA-14-56-38
HILL, NANCY B.                         MA-14-473-242
HILL, NANCY E.                         MA-14-538-506
HILL, NATHAN                           MA-14-50-122
HILL, OLIVER                           MA-14-66-530
HILL, PETER                            MA-14-580-522
HILL, PHEBE                            MA-14-24-121
HILL, RACHEL F.                        MA-14-490-481
HILL, SAMUEL                           MA-14-28-17
HILL, SARAH                            MA-14-91-29
HILL, SARAH                            MA-14-66-475
HILL, SARAH                            MA-14-97-43
HILL, SARAH J.                         MA-14-554-109
HILL, SARAH P.                         MA-14-531-45
HILL, SILAS A.                         MA-14-511-71
HILL, WADE H.                          MA-14-485-19
HILL, WASHINGTON                       MA-14-400A-426
HILL, WILLINGTON                       MA-14-397-223
HILLAND, HEPSIBATH                     MA-14-75-216
HILLARD, ELIZA W.                      MA-14-560--395
HILLARD, JOHN                          MA-14-470-477
HILLER, JOSEPH                         MA-14-43-383
HILLIARD, SAMUEL                       MA-14-398-352
HILLMA, ALFRED C.                      MA-14-93-345
HILLS, GRACE E.                        MA-14-557-432
HILLS, JOSIAH J.                       MA-14-457-233
HILLS, REI                             MA-14-565-119
HILLS, REUBEN R.                       MA-14-495-177
HILLS, SARAH H.                        MA-14-457-413
HILLS, VOLNEY                          MA-14-470-85
HILTON, EDWARD                         MA-14-457-112
HILTON, MARY A.                        MA-14-541-407
HILTON, REBECCA                        MA-14-400A-197
HILTON, SAMUEL                         MA-14-5-19
HIMES, MATTHEW                         MA-14-478-7
HINCHER, RUTH                          MA-14-43-140
HINCHER, WILLIAM                       MA-14-30-361
HINCHLEY, ELEAZER                      MA-14-580-209
HINCKLEY, CHARLES E.                   MA-14-823-480
HINCKLEY, FREEMAN                      MA-14-538-153
HINCKLEY, JOB                          MA-14-4-202
HINCKLEY, MARY A.                      MA-14-569-383
HINDS, ABIJAH                          MA-14-398-375
HINDS, ABRAHAM                         MA-14-75-317
HINDS, CORNELIUS                       MA-14-500-355
HINDS, ELI                             MA-14-396-428
HINDS, ELLEN E.                        MA-14-516-163
HINDS, JOHN                            MA-14-2-694
HINDS, JOHN F.                         MA-14-504-511
HINDS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-93-251
HINDS, JOSEPH                          MA-14-75-331
HINDS, MARY                            MA-14-400A-275
HINDS, REBEKAH                         MA-14-394-55
HINDS, SOLON                           MA-14-543-104
HINDS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-57-623
HINKLEY, JOEL B.                       MA-14-554-83
HINKLEY, JUDAH                         MA-14-50-524
HINKLEY, SAMUEL                        MA-14-29-2
HINKLEY, SETH                          MA-14-27-297
HINKLEY, TIMOTHY R.                    MA-14-457-172
HISCOX, BENJAMIN W.                    MA-14-551-50
HITCHCOCK, ADALINE A.                  MA-14-543-433
HITCHCOCK, DANIEL                      MA-14-80-163
HITCHCOCK, DANIEL T.                   MA-14-395-19
HITCHCOCK, EMILY                       MA-14-475-313
HITCHCOCK, HANNAH                      MA-14-57-499
HITCHCOCK, JOHN                        MA-14-13-525
HITCHCOCK, JOHN                        MA-14-72-245
HITCHCOCK, JOSEPH F.                   MA-14-458-27
HITCHCOCK, MOSES                       MA-14-29-310
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM C.                  MA-14-506-397
HITCHHCOCK, DAVID                      MA-14-43-600
HIX, JOSIAH                            MA-14-59-446
HIXON, EDWARD                          MA-14-523-191
HOAR, CHARLES                          MA-14-91-37
HOAR, MAURICE                          MA-14-495-141
HOAR, OWEN                             MA-14-485-77
HOBARD, SHEBELEL                       MA-14-43-549
HOBART, ANSON L.                       MA-14-475-320
HOBART, CHARLOTTE                      MA-14-396-47
HOBART, JOHN                           MA-14-75-526
HOBART, SUSANNA                        MA-14-86-335
HOBART, THOMAS                         MA-14-84-337
HOBBS, CALVIN                          MA-14-538-170
HOBBS, CHARLES F.                      MA-14-397-360
HOBBS, ELMIRA                          MA-14-577-80
HOBBS, EMILY D.                        MA-14-562-75
HOBBS, HANNAH                          MA-14-95-357
HOBBS, JOHN                            MA-14-91-271
HOBBS, JOHN                            MA-14-14-376
HOBBS, LOIS                            MA-14-72-628
HOBBS, LOUISA                          MA-14-400A-287
HOBBS, LYDIA                           MA-14-50-45
HOBBS, MARTHA                          MA-14-823-168
HOBBS, MOSES                           MA-14-86-193
HOBBS, NANCY B.                        MA-14-398-433
HOBBS, NATHAN                          MA-14-41-600
HOBBS, RUTH                            MA-14-30-204
HOBBS, SAMUEL                          MA-14-57-115
HOBBS, SAMUEL H.                       MA-14-495-136
HOBBS, SAMUEL M.                       MA-14-396-503
HOBBS, WILLIAM                         MA-14-93-561
HODGDON, BENJAMIN F.                   MA-14-516-229
HODGE, ELIZA                           MA-14-470-478
HODGES, ABBY A.                        MA-14-497-195
HODGES, ADELAIDE M.                    MA-14-458-257
HODGES, ADOLPHUS                       MA-14-89-121
HODGES, DANIEL                         MA-14-66-505
HODGES, LEMUEL                         MA-14-394-190
HODGES, RACHEL                         MA-14-86-464
HODGINS, GEORGE WARREN                 MA-14-541-46
HODGKINS, DAVID W.                     MA-14-535-507
HODGKINS, HEZEKIAH                     MA-14-34-143
HODGMAN, SARAH A.                      MA-14-509-187
HODGSWON, ANN                          MA-14-573-301
HOFFMAN, ERNEST                        MA-14-553-446
HOGAN, EMILY                           MA-14-475-94
HOGAN, JOHN                            MA-14-398-510
HOGAN, JOHN                            MA-14-559-214
HOGAN, MARGARET                        MA-14-458-31
HOGAN, PATRICK T.                      MA-14-577-5
HOGAN, WILLIAM                         MA-14-396-65
HOGUE, JOSEPH                          MA-14-541-333
HOLBROOK, AMOS                         MA-14-546-450
HOLBROOK, AMY M.                       MA-14-538-160
HOLBROOK, ANNAH                        MA-14-396-617
HOLBROOK, ASA                          MA-14-86-169
HOLBROOK, CAROLINE M.                  MA-14-500-379
HOLBROOK, CEPHAS                       MA-14-396-300
HOLBROOK, CYRUS                        MA-14-93-492
HOLBROOK, DANIEL                       MA-14-394-455
HOLBROOK, DANIEL                       MA-14-66-137
HOLBROOK, DANIEL JR.                   MA-14-75-498
HOLBROOK, DANIEL S.                    MA-14-470-20
HOLBROOK, DAVID                        MA-14-66-296
HOLBROOK, EBENEZER                     MA-14-34-121
HOLBROOK, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-97-221
HOLBROOK, ERASMUS                      MA-14-89-618
HOLBROOK, GEORGE                       MA-14-398-354
HOLBROOK, GEORGE                       MA-14-400A-133
HOLBROOK, HANNAH                       MA-14-86-372
HOLBROOK, JANE M.                      MA-14-490-259
HOLBROOK, JOHN                         MA-14-13-114
HOLBROOK, JOHN                         MA-14-80-599
HOLBROOK, JOHN                         MA-14-5-80
HOLBROOK, JOHN                         MA-14-93-450
HOLBROOK, LEANDER SR.                  MA-14-475-237
HOLBROOK, MARIA T.                     MA-14-568-202
HOLBROOK, MELITA                       MA-14-66-433
HOLBROOK, MICAH                        MA-14-457-337
HOLBROOK, NANCY                        MA-14-400A-557
HOLBROOK, NATHAN                       MA-14-46-584
HOLBROOK, NELLA                        MA-14-398-282
HOLBROOK, PETER JR.                    MA-14-17-63
HOLBROOK, SAMUEL JR.                   MA-14-10-175
HOLBROOK, SARAH E.                     MA-14-475-256
HOLBROOK, SARAH T.                     MA-14-490-476
HOLBROOK, SEWELL                       MA-14-504-291
HOLBROOK, SILVESTER                    MA-14-46-140
HOLBROOK, SIMEON                       MA-14-43-536
HOLBROOK, STEPHEN                      MA-14-66-597
HOLBROOK, STEPHEN                      MA-14-91-311
HOLBROOK, SYLVIA                       MA-14-458-3
HOLBROOK, THERON                       MA-14-395-344
HOLCOMB, ABIGAIL                       MA-14-66-601
HOLCOMB, AUGUSTINE                     MA-14-80-227
HOLCOMB, REUBIN                        MA-14-66-1
HOLDEN, ABNER                          WSTMINSTER                              MA-14-57-440
HOLDEN, ABNER                          MA-14-34-250
HOLDEN, ALFRED                         MA-14-535-218
HOLDEN, CHARLES FREDRICK               MA-14-516-519
HOLDEN, CHARLES M.                     MA-14-485-353
HOLDEN, CLARA A.                       MA-14-514-63
HOLDEN, ELIAS                          MA-14-80-372
HOLDEN, EMELINE                        MA-14-566-46
HOLDEN, ETHAN                          MA-14-396-199
HOLDEN, HANDEL                         MA-14-514-75
HOLDEN, HIRAM                          MA-14-535-205
HOLDEN, HOWARD                         MA-14-500-126
HOLDEN, JOHN                           MA-14-396-151
HOLDEN, JONAH                          MA-14-97-485
HOLDEN, JOSEPH                         MA-14-27-366
HOLDEN, JOSIAH F.                      MA-14-95-556
HOLDEN, LUCY H.                        MA-14-556-390
HOLDEN, LYDIA B.                       MA-14-400A-490
HOLDEN, MARTHA W.                      MA-14-86-238
HOLDEN, MARY H.                        MA-14-458-15
HOLDEN, MOLLY                          MA-14-397-269
HOLDEN, MOSES                          MA-14-72-38
HOLDEN, ROBERT                         MA-14-84-501
HOLDEN, STEPHEN                        MA-14-26-65
HOLDER, DANIEL                         MA-14-396-270
HOLDER, HANNAH S.                      MA-14-551-64
HOLDER, PHEBE A.                       MA-14-580-377
HOLDER, THOMAS                         MA-14-66-551
HOLDIN, JAMES                          MA-14-9-242
HOLDSWORTH, DAVID                      MA-14-396-81
HOLGATE, JAMES                         MA-14-565-109
HOLLAND, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-546-375
HOLLAND, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-20-436
HOLLAND, HENRY                         MA-14-473-165
HOLLAND, JAMES                         MA-14-457-629
HOLLAND, JAMES F.                      MA-14-97-285
HOLLAND, JOHN                          MA-14-26-16
HOLLAND, JONAS                         MA-14-11-556
HOLLAND, LUTHER                        MA-14-56-134
HOLLAND, MARGARET A.                   MA-14-504-503
HOLLAND, MERRILL                       MA-14-565-43
HOLLAND, THOMAS                        MA-14-500-181
HOLLISTER, MYRA H.                     MA-14-556-386
HOLLOWAY, ADAM                         MA-14-1-93
HOLLOWAY, MARY                         MA-14-22-9
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM                      MA-14-6-337
HOLMAN, ABEL                           MA-14-46-586
HOLMAN, ABRAHAM                        MA-14-18-577
HOLMAN, AMORY F.                       MA-14-511-266
HOLMAN, CALVIN                         MA-14-535-211
HOLMAN, CHARLES A.                     MA-14-475-313
HOLMAN, CLARA P.                       MA-14-398-283
HOLMAN, CYNTHIA                        MA-14-548-251
HOLMAN, DAVID                          MA-14-43-60
HOLMAN, DAVID                          MA-14-458-129
HOLMAN, DAVID                          MA-14-397-588
HOLMAN, DAVID F.                       MA-14-531-110
HOLMAN, EDWARD                         MA-14-2-155
HOLMAN, ELIJAH                         MA-14-97-223
HOLMAN, ELIZA                          MA-14-395-323
HOLMAN, FRANCIS                        MA-14-84-539
HOLMAN, HANNAH                         MA-14-43-63
HOLMAN, JOHN                           MA-14-394-190
HOLMAN, JOHN                           MA-14-93-467
HOLMAN, JOHN JR.                       MA-14-5-126
HOLMAN, JOHN M.                        MA-14-521-465
HOLMAN, JONATHAN                       MA-14-43-363
HOLMAN, LUCY B.                        MA-14-559-184
HOLMAN, PARLEY                         MA-14-457-150
HOLMAN, RUFUS                          MA-14-93-468
HOLMAN, SALLY                          MA-14-59-40
HOLMAN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-89-495
HOLMAN, SAMUEL                         MA-14-84-488
HOLMAN, SARAH                          MA-14-394-9
HOLMAN, SARAH E. C.                    MA-14-580-468
HOLMAN, SETH                           MA-14-395-21
HOLMAN, SILAS W.                       MA-14-95-298
HOLMAN, SILENCE                        MA-14-394-191
HOLMAN, SIMEON                         MA-14-66-452
HOLMAN, SOLOMON                        MA-14-33-5
HOLMAN, SOLOMON O.                     MA-14-400A-466
HOLMAN, SUSANNA                        MA-14-89-607
HOLMBERG, CHRISTINA                    MA-14-569-352
HOLMES, ADAM                           MA-14-22-55
HOLMES, AURILLA                        MA-14-400A-479
HOLMES, CHESTER D.                     MA-14-398-10
HOLMES, ELIZA                          MA-14-397-136
HOLMES, GEORGE                         MA-14-569-393
HOLMES, GEORGE W.                      MA-14-95-247
HOLMES, JACOB                          MA-14-15-286
HOLMES, JAMES                          MA-14-57-25
HOLMES, JAMES W.                       MA-14-475-273
HOLMES, JANE                           MA-14-577-68
HOLMES, LUTHER                         MA-14-91-98
HOLMES, THANKFUL                       MA-14-395-486
HOLMES, WILLIAM                        MA-14-35-443
HOLT, ABEL                             MA-14-46-172
HOLT, ABIEL                            MA-14-397-58
HOLT, BARZILLAI                        MA-14-12-510
HOLT, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-395-151
HOLT, CATHARINE                        MA-14-84-384
HOLT, ELLEN S.                         MA-14-495-490
HOLT, EMELINE                          MA-14-91-528
HOLT, GEORGE F.                        MA-14-823-521
HOLT, HENRY                            MA-14-400A-322
HOLT, JONAS                            MA-14-93-275
HOLT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-4-427
HOLT, MARY W.                          MA-14-470-470
HOLT, OLIVE H.                         MA-14-497-153
HOLT, SARAH                            MA-14-93-622
HOLT, SARAH C.                         MA-14-89-519
HOLT, THOMAS                           MA-14-36-280
HOLTON, EBENEZER                       MA-14-9-190
HOLTON, MARY                           MA-14-580-144
HOLTON, QUARTUS                        MA-14-478-268
HOLTON, SAMUEL S.                      MA-14-566-31
HOMER, THOMAS                          MA-14-41-509
HONAN, NANCY A.                        MA-14-514-26
HOOD, BETSEY                           MA-14-470-6
HOOKER, CHARLES                        MA-14-487-469
HOOKER, DANIEL W.                      MA-14-397-384
HOOKER, HARRIET                        MA-14-91-327
HOOKER, LEMUEL                         MA-14-95-42
HOOKER, SIMEON                         MA-14-395-132
HOOLIHAN, MARY                         MA-14-490-507
HOOPER, CHARLES                        MA-14-553-437
HOOPER, WILLIAM R.                     MA-14-478-72
HOPKINS, JOHN                          MA-14-577-86
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                        MA-14-75-282
HOPKINS, THOMAS                        MA-14-400A-443
HOPKINS, WILLARD                       MA-14-458-156
HOPKINS, WILLIAM S. B.                 MA-14-553-450
HOPPIN, GEORGE S.                      MA-14-521-476
HOPWOOD, SALLY                         MA-14-397-183
HORAN, THOMAS                          MA-14-563-478
HORGEN, ELLEN                          MA-14-575-458
HORN, SAMUEL                           MA-14-22-45
HORR, SARAH P.                         MA-14-398-510
HORRIGAN, LAWRENCE                     MA-14-823-467
HORTON, ARTEMAS                        MA-14-43-229
HORTON, HERBERT G.                     MA-14-483-120
HORTON, JONATHAN                       MA-14-39-2
HORTON, LEVI                           MA-14-84-206
HORTON, LEWIS                          MA-14-24-420
HORTON, RUSSELL S.                     MA-14-580-287
HORTON, RUTH A.                        MA-14-533-476
HOSMER, ASA                            MA-14-89-269
HOSMER, JERUSHA G.                     MA-14-394-347
HOSMER, JOHN                           MA-14-97-463
HOSMER, JOSIAH                         MA-14-398-563
HOSMER, MARY                           MA-14-555-413
HOSMER, SILAS                          MA-14-483-115
HOTCHKISS, DAVID M.                    MA-14-521-473
HOUGHTON, ALBA                         MA-14-504-436
HOUGHTON, ALICE                        MA-14-457-159
HOUGHTON, APOLLOS                      MA-14-394-393
HOUGHTON, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-80-211
HOUGHTON, BENJAMIN                     MA-14-52-387
HOUGHTON, CALEB                        MA-14-57-224
HOUGHTON, CHARLES                      MA-14-400A-276
HOUGHTON, CHARLES C.                   MA-14-565-59
HOUGHTON, CHARLES S.                   MA-14-483-117
HOUGHTON, CYRUS                        MA-14-75-174
HOUGHTON, DANIEL W.                    MA-14-457-354
HOUGHTON, DAVID                        MA-14-398-32
HOUGHTON, EBENEZER                     MA-14-59-566
HOUGHTON, EBENEZER                     MA-14-22-282
HOUGHTON, ELEANOR                      MA-14-95-305
HOUGHTON, ELEAZER                      MA-14-22-284
HOUGHTON, ELEAZER                      MA-14-66-30
HOUGHTON, ELIJAH                       MA-14-72-630
HOUGHTON, ELIZA                        MA-14-475-238
HOUGHTON, EPHRAIM                      MA-14-14-53
HOUGHTON, FISK                         MA-14-80-335
HOUGHTON, GEORGE N.                    MA-14-497-545
HOUGHTON, GERSHOM                      MA-14-5-239
HOUGHTON, HANNIBAL HAMLIN              MA-14-541-65
HOUGHTON, HARRIET                      MA-14-457-142
HOUGHTON, HARRIET N.                   MA-14-514-372
HOUGHTON, HENRY                        MA-14-80-388
HOUGHTON, HEPZIBAH                     MA-14-35-441
HOUGHTON, HIRAM                        MA-14-93-221
HOUGHTON, JAAZANIAH                    MA-14-66-227
HOUGHTON, JAMES JR.                    MA-14-11-411
HOUGHTON, JOEL                         MA-14-490-520
HOUGHTON, JONAS                        MA-14-89-435
HOUGHTON, JONAS                        MA-14-30-428
HOUGHTON, JONATHAN                     MA-14-1-247
HOUGHTON, JOSEPH                       MA-14-89-410
HOUGHTON, JOSHUA                       MA-14-15-345
HOUGHTON, JUDITH                       MA-14-86-422
HOUGHTON, LEVI                         MA-14-457-577
HOUGHTON, LEVI                         MA-14-397-441
HOUGHTON, LEVINA B.                    MA-14-75-198
HOUGHTON, LOENZA                       MA-14-400A-161
HOUGHTON, LOUISA J.                    MA-14-473-171
HOUGHTON, LUCY                         MA-14-32-467
HOUGHTON, MARY                         MA-14-397-392
HOUGHTON, MARY A.                      MA-14-397-440
HOUGHTON, MARY B.                      MA-14-554-132
HOUGHTON, MARY F.                      MA-14-497-191
HOUGHTON, PETER                        MA-14-66-580
HOUGHTON, POLLY                        MA-14-86-423
HOUGHTON, REBEKAH                      MA-14-72-13
HOUGHTON, RICHARD W.                   MA-14-89-235
HOUGHTON, RUFUS                        MA-14-93-394
HOUGHTON, SALLY                        MA-14-400A-628
HOUGHTON, SAMUEL                       MA-14-398-33
HOUGHTON, SARAH                        MA-14-66-482
HOUGHTON, SARAH                        MA-14-91-653
HOUGHTON, SILAS                        MA-14-27-204
HOUGHTON, THOMAS                       MA-14-395-421
HOUGHTON, THOMAS                       MA-14-8-338
HOUGHTON, THOMAS D.                    MA-14-396-188
HOUGHTON, VESTA B.                     MA-14-95-441
HOUGHTON, WILLIAM A.                   MA-14-478-274
HOULE, ADELE                           MA-14-555-372
HOULE, JOHN                            MA-14-535-422
HOULE, LOUISA M.                       MA-14-580-101
HOULIHAN, CATHARINE M.                 MA-14-543-99
HOULIHAN, DANIEL M.                    MA-14-457-550
HOVEY, ABIJAH                          MA-14-26-196
HOVEY, DANIEL                          MA-14-5-522
HOVEY, JAMES                           MA-14-4-49
HOVEY, JOSEPH F.                       MA-14-86-36
HOVEY, PRUDENCE A.                     MA-14-400A-535
HOW, ABRAHAM                           MA-14-39-211
HOW, ADONIJAH                          MA-14-30-57
HOW, ANTIPAS                           MA-14-66-201
HOW, BEZALEEL                          MA-14-14-353
HOW, CALVIN                            MA-14-89-680
HOW, DANIEL                            MA-14-39-172
HOW, DANIEL                            MA-14-10-281
HOW, DAVID                             MA-14-31-113
HOW, DENNIS                            MA-14-36-49
HOW, EBENEZER                          MA-14-4-194
HOW, EBENEZER                          MA-14-36-322
HOW, ELIJAH                            MA-14-36-155
HOW, EPHRAIM                           MA-14-26-287
HOW, EZEKIEL                           MA-14-30-55
HOW, FRANCIS                           MA-14-6-19
HOW, GIDEON                            MA-14-46-163
HOW, ICHABOD                           MA-14-9-230
HOW, JAAZANIAH                         MA-14-7-568
HOW, JEDEDIAH                          MA-14-9-126
HOW, JOEL                              MA-14-31-73
HOW, JONAS                             MA-14-43-23
HOW, JONATHAN                          MA-14-56-182
HOW, JONATHAN                          MA-14-21-412
HOW, JOTHAM                            MA-14-33-304
HOW, LUCINDA                           MA-14-56-14
HOW, MOSES                             MA-14-3-424
HOW, NATHAN                            MA-14-16-443
HOW, NOAH                              MA-14-6-348
HOW, PHINEAS                           MA-14-30-120
HOW, SILVANUS                          MA-14-31-72
HOWARD, ABISHAR                        MA-14-86-640
HOWARD, ALBERT W.                      MA-14-483-379
HOWARD, ASA L.                         MA-14-398-244
HOWARD, ASA W.                         MA-14-72-527
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                       MA-14-458-232
HOWARD, CAROLINE                       MA-14-580-414
HOWARD, CECIL T.                       MA-14-458-234
HOWARD, DAMARIS                        MA-14-473-205
HOWARD, EBENEZER                       MA-14-93-581
HOWARD, EDGAR E.                       MA-14-538-184
HOWARD, ELIHU                          MA-14-35-327
HOWARD, ELLA L.                        MA-14-543-154
HOWARD, EMREY                          MA-14-492-498
HOWARD, GEORGE                         MA-14-475-325
HOWARD, GEORGE                         MA-14-394-326
HOWARD, GEORGE C.                      MA-14-478-17
HOWARD, HANNAH                         MA-14-89-452
HOWARD, HULDAH                         MA-14-457-255
HOWARD, ISAAC                          MA-14-514-335
HOWARD, JACOB                          MA-14-398-104
HOWARD, JAMES                          MA-14-84-1
HOWARD, JOB                            MA-14-86-622
HOWARD, JOEL                           MA-14-66-359
HOWARD, JOHN                           MA-14-43-552
HOWARD, JOHN                           MA-14-457-645
HOWARD, JOSEPH                         MA-14-80-74
HOWARD, JOSEPH                         MA-14-398-11
HOWARD, LARKIN                         MA-14-394-85
HOWARD, LORENZO                        MA-14-457-143
HOWARD, LYMAN                          MA-14-396-302
HOWARD, MARTHA A.                      MA-14-535-424
HOWARD, MARTIN                         MA-14-521-221
HOWARD, MARY WILDER                    MA-14-543-68
HOWARD, MURTY                          MA-14-546-8
HOWARD, SALLY .                        MA-14-395-420
HOWARD, SAMUEL                         MA-14-533-462
HOWARD, SARAH P.                       MA-14-580-535
HOWARD, SIDNEY                         MA-14-394-348
HOWARD, SIMEON                         MA-14-397-393
HOWARD, SUSAN T.                       MA-14-580-334
HOWARD, SYLVIA                         MA-14-400A-123
HOWARD, THOMAS                         MA-14-395-243
HOWARD, TIMOTHY                        MA-14-89-199
HOWARD, TRYAL                          MA-14-59-188
HOWARD, WILLIAM                        MA-14-84-321
HOWARD, WILLIAM E.                     MA-14-470-98
HOWARD, ZURIEL                         MA-14-91-623
HOWARTH, JOHN                          MA-14-396-592
HOWE, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-59-356
HOWE, ABIGAIL                          MA-14-59-304
HOWE, ABIGAIL F.                       MA-14-497-243
HOWE, ABRAHAM                          MA-14-23-65
HOWE, ABRAHAM P.                       MA-14-566-16
HOWE, ALBERT J.                        MA-14-95-177
HOWE, ALOTHINA                         MA-14-487-193
HOWE, AMOS                             MA-14-66-347
HOWE, ANDREW J.                        MA-14-487-427
HOWE, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-41-4
HOWE, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-29-563
HOWE, ARTEMAS                          MA-14-93-676
HOWE, ASHBEL                           MA-14-483-438
HOWE, BARNEY                           MA-14-394-393
HOWE, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-72-642
HOWE, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-21-452
HOWE, BENJAMIN G.                      MA-14-487-424
HOWE, BETSEY K.                        MA-14-458-28
HOWE, CALVIN G.                        MA-14-398-319
HOWE, CATHERINE E.                     MA-14-546-27
HOWE, CHARLES S.                       MA-14-487-451
HOWE, CURTIS                           MA-14-93-700
HOWE, DAVID                            MA-14-398-590
HOWE, EBENEZER D.                      MA-14-80-147
HOWE, EDMUND                           MA-14-30-113
HOWE, EDSON H.                         MA-14-396-618
HOWE, EDWARD                           MA-14-400A-162
HOWE, ELI                              MA-14-33-183
HOWE, ELIPHALET                        MA-14-97-49
HOWE, ELIZA ANN                        MA-14-514-340
HOWE, ELIZABETH HAMILTON               MA-14-457-432
HOWE, ELSIE                            MA-14-470-415
HOWE, ESTHER                           MA-14-397-325
HOWE, ESTHER                           MA-14-397-501
HOWE, EZEKIEL                          MA-14-86-16
HOWE, FANNY B.                         MA-14-397-307
HOWE, FRANCIS                          MA-14-457-85
HOWE, FREDERIC                         MA-14-95-118
HOWE, FREDERICK                        MA-14-89-561
HOWE, GEORGE                           MA-14-89-110
HOWE, GEORGE R.                        MA-14-500-432
HOWE, GEORGE S.                        MA-14-546-86
HOWE, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-506-346
HOWE, HARRIET M.                       MA-14-400A-363
HOWE, HIRAM                            MA-14-572-69
HOWE, HORATIO B.                       MA-14-490-219
HOWE, ISRAEL                           MA-14-395-98
HOWE, JOEL                             MA-14-500-108
HOWE, JOEL H.                          MA-14-396-266
HOWE, JOHN                             MA-14-397-544
HOWE, JONAH                            MA-14-59-518
HOWE, JONAH                            MA-14-487-423
HOWE, JONAS E.                         MA-14-485-448
HOWE, JONATHAN                         MA-14-75-375
HOWE, JOSEPH                           MA-14-396-504
HOWE, JOSEPH P.                        MA-14-478-10
HOWE, JOSIAH                           MA-14-86-225
HOWE, JOTHAM                           MA-14-395-274
HOWE, JOTHAM                           MA-14-398-12
HOWE, JULIA A.                         MA-14-487-442
HOWE, LAURY                            MA-14-458-4
HOWE, LEMUEL                           MA-14-396-152
HOWE, LEVI                             MA-14-84-250
HOWE, LOVISA                           MA-14-59-633
HOWE, LYDIA                            MA-14-86-450
HOWE, LYMAN                            MA-14-72-631
HOWE, LYMAN                            MA-14-93-470
HOWE, MARIA A.                         MA-14-485-387
HOWE, MARY                             MA-14-91-747
HOWE, MARY A.                          MA-14-571-149
HOWE, MARY E.                          MA-14-485-356
HOWE, MARY L.                          MA-14-395-494
HOWE, MARY S.                          MA-14-565-38
HOWE, MARY S.                          MA-14-470-9
HOWE, MEDORA E.                        MA-14-521-263
HOWE, MIRCY                            MA-14-80-336
HOWE, MOLLY                            MA-14-91-573
HOWE, NANCY M.                         MA-14-457-113
HOWE, NATHAN                           MA-14-91-437
HOWE, PERSIS                           MA-14-400A-493
HOWE, PERSIS K.                        MA-14-521-237
HOWE, PETER P.                         MA-14-400A-29
HOWE, SALLY                            MA-14-59-357
HOWE, SARAH                            MA-14-66-152
HOWE, SARAH R.                         MA-14-400A-445
HOWE, SILAS                            MA-14-50-48
HOWE, SILAS                            MA-14-483-89
HOWE, SILAS                            MA-14-398-105
HOWE, SILAS JR.                        MA-14-396-363
HOWE, SIMEON                           MA-14-492-266
HOWE, SOLOMON                          MA-14-66-594
HOWE, STEPHEN                          MA-14-80-348
HOWE, SUSANNA                          MA-14-93-195
HOWE, SUSANNAH                         MA-14-396-364
HOWE, VILETTE B.                       MA-14-93-451
HOWE, WASHINGTON                       MA-14-95-144
HOWE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-575-428
HOWE, WILLIAM                          MA-14-397-283
HOWE, ZEPHANIAH S. M.                  MA-14-565-96
HOWE,LEANDER                           MA-14-568-182
HOWELL, RICHARD                        MA-14-52-291
HOWES, ISAAC                           MA-14-511-272
HOWES, URSULA W.                       MA-14-397-470
HOWLAND, GEORGE C.                     MA-14-557-346
HOWLAND, JOHN                          MA-14-39-83
HOWLAND, MARY M.                       MA-14-470-78
HOWLAND, RACHEL                        MA-14-66-439
HOWLAND, RUTH ANN                      MA-14-495-500
HOWLAND, THOMAS                        MA-14-48-138
HOWLAND, WILBER                        MA-14-458-101
HOWRD, CHARLES                         MA-14-89-379
HOYLE, MARGARET                        MA-14-483-97
HOYT, GEORGE                           MA-14-397-489
HOYT, MARGARET                         MA-14-75-155
HOYT, MOSES                            MA-14-823-114
HRRIS, HEPZIBAH                        MA-14-12-401
HUBBARD, ABRAM H.                      MA-14-563-450
HUBBARD, ADAM                          MA-14-457-281
HUBBARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-14-31-78
HUBBARD, BETSY                         MA-14-531-103
HUBBARD, BILLA                         MA-14-396-269
HUBBARD, CHARLES E.                    MA-14-823-525
HUBBARD, CHLOE B.                      MA-14-89-361
HUBBARD, CYRUS K.                      MA-14-555-415
HUBBARD, DANIEL F.                     MA-14-516-246
HUBBARD, ELI                           MA-14-569-318
HUBBARD, ELISHA                        MA-14-43-522
HUBBARD, ELIZA W.                      MA-14-97-66
HUBBARD, ELIZABETH                     MA-14-394-372
HUBBARD, EPHRAIM                       MA-14-23-290
HUBBARD, HAMMOND W.                    MA-14-574-152
HUBBARD, HARRY                         MA-14-400A-448
HUBBARD, JAMES                         MA-14-400A-641
HUBBARD, JOEL                          MA-14-93-321
HUBBARD, JOHN                          MA-14-7-273
HUBBARD, JOHN W.                       MA-14-59-223
HUBBARD, JONATHAN                      MA-14-72-476
HUBBARD, JONATHAN                      MA-14-80-291
HUBBARD, LUCY                          MA-14-59-22
HUBBARD, LUCY D.                       MA-14-580-20
HUBBARD, OLIVE                         MA-14-396-97
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-57-165
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-80-73
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                        MA-14-18-643
HUBBARD, SAMUEL W.                     MA-14-91-384
HUBBARD, SILAS M.                      MA-14-396-365
HUBBARD, SIMON                         MA-14-84-338
HUBBARD, STILLMAN                      MA-14-397-394
HUBBARD, WILLARD M.                    MA-14-84-50
HUBBARD, WILLIAM W.                    MA-14-580-11
HUBON, PETER E.                        MA-14-457-413
HUDSON, BETSEY                         MA-14-398-511
HUDSON, CATHARINE F.                   MA-14-514-73
HUDSON, CHARLES HARRISON               MA-14-478-252
HUDSON, FREDERICK W.                   MA-14-533-104
HUDSON, JOHN                           MA-14-9-120
HUDSON, LEONARD R.                     MA-14-483-173
HUDSON, LYCIA L.                       MA-14-483-399
HUDSON, MARY                           MA-14-93-276
HUDSON, SAMUEL                         MA-14-56-3
HUGHES, JAMES                          MA-14-573-333
HUGHES, MICHAEL                        MA-14-458-102
HUGHES, THOMAS                         MA-14-457-466
HULL, ARATIUS B.                       MA-14-59-469
HULL, ELIAS                            MA-14-400A-324
HULL, ELIAS                            MA-14-400A-323
HULL, GEORGE                           MA-14-400A-324
HULL, JAMES                            MA-14-6-322
HULL, JENNIE E.                        MA-14-578-349
HULLETTE, CELESTINE                    MA-14-823-152
HUMES, ADELIA R.                       MA-14-475-241
HUMES, NICHOLAS                        MA-14-7-517
HUMES, OLIVE                           MA-14-580-14
HUMES, ROBERT                          MA-14-17-348
HUMPHREY, DANIEL H.                    MA-14-399-328
HUMPHREY, EBENEZER                     MA-14-487-138
HUMPHREY, EBENEZER                     MA-14-80-7
HUMPHREY, HARRIET M.                   MA-14-473-263
HUMPHREY, HORATIO D.                   MA-14-823-469
HUMPHREY, JAMES                        MA-14-27-40
HUMPHREY, JAMES                        MA-14-75-622
HUMPHREY, JOHN                         MA-14-80-183
HUMPHREY, JOHN H.                      MA-14-399-569
HUMPHREY, JOHN W.                      MA-14-66-397
HUMPHREY, LAWSON                       MA-14-397-198
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                       MA-14-485-59
HUMPHREYS, BETSEY                      MA-14-394-349
HUMPHREYS, JOHN F.                     MA-14-543-417
HUMPHREYS, JOHN W.                     MA-14-89-45
HUNKINS, THOMAS                        MA-14-7-473
HUNSTABLE, SAMUEL L.                   MA-14-80-268
HUNT, ADAM                             MA-14-398-535
HUNT, ANDERSON                         MA-14-497-211
HUNT, DANIEL                           MA-14-30-164
HUNT, DANIEL                           MA-14-39-475
HUNT, DOROTHY                          MA-14-89-252
HUNT, EDMUND Z.                        MA-14-543-135
HUNT, EZEKIEL                          MA-14-32-33
HUNT, EZRA                             MA-14-580-25
HUNT, FREDERICK S.                     MA-14-397-3
HUNT, GEORGE E.                        MA-14-823-541
HUNT, GEORGE W.                        MA-14-487-418
HUNT, HARLAN P.                        MA-14-535-425
HUNT, JAMES W.                         MA-14-535-201
HUNT, JOHN                             MA-14-457-97
HUNT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-396-564
HUNT, JOSEPH                           MA-14-84-71
HUNT, JOSEPH D.                        MA-14-495-530
HUNT, LYDIA F.                         MA-14-457-272
HUNT, MARY                             MA-14-394-415
HUNT, MARY                             MA-14-400A-109
HUNT, MARY L.                          MA-14-397-4
HUNT, MARY L.                          MA-14-397-546
HUNT, NANCY                            MA-14-457-454
HUNT, NATHANIEL                        MA-14-398-155
HUNT, ORSAMUS                          MA-14-396-461
HUNT, OTIS                             MA-14-395-39
HUNT, PATIENCE                         MA-14-20-446
HUNT, PETER                            MA-14-394-427
HUNT, PHILO                            MA-14-93-510
HUNT, SARAH L.                         MA-14-504-257
HUNT, STEPHEN                          MA-14-399-62
HUNT, WARREN                           MA-14-398-157
HUNT, ZACHARIAH                        MA-14-52-648
HUNTER, ABIGAIL H.                     MA-14-95-110
HUNTER, ABRAHAM                        MA-14-36-167
HUNTER, DANIEL                         MA-14-89-521
HUNTE,R HANNAH                         MA-14-395-363
HUNTER, JOHN                           MA-14-46-529
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        MA-14-394-192
HUNTING, AARON                         MA-14-396-537
HUNTING, CONVERSE                      MA-14-91-601
HUNTING, JOSEPH                        MA-14-59-459
HUNTING, MARY A.                       MA-14-553-504
HUNTING, STEPHEN                       MA-14-75-523
HUNTLEY, OSMAN L.                      MA-14-95-368
HUNTLING, JOSEPH                       MA-14-56-78
HUNTS, DOROTHY                         MA-14-16-224
HUNTTING, ELI                          MA-14-478-10
HUPFER, EBERHARD                       MA-14-490-220
HUPFER, MARGARET                       MA-14-533-143
HURD, EMILY B.                         MA-14-492-507
HURD, JOHN                             MA-14-397-442
HURD, JOSEPH                           MA-14-52-295
HURD, MARY B.                          MA-14-398-13
HURLEY, CORNELIUS                      MA-14-500-134
HURLEY, JAMES C.                       MA-14-538-523
HURLEY, JOHN                           MA-14-478-39
HUSE, ENOCH JR.                        MA-14-43-31
HUSE, JOHN D.                          MA-14-84-260
HUTCHINS, ELIZA E.                     MA-14-535-187
HUTCHINS, ELIZABETH                    MA-14-5-394
HUTCHINS, FRANCIS B.                   MA-14-483-378
HUTCHINS, JOSHUA                       MA-14-11-526
HUTCHINS, PHEBE P.                     MA-14-478-507
HUTCHINS, THOMAS                       MA-14-2-615
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM                      MA-14-12-52
HUTCHINSON, ABIGAIL A. B.              MA-14-551-96
HUTCHINSON, BARTHOLOMEW                MA-14-52-288
HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN                   MA-14-84-274
HUTCHINSON, EBENEZER                   MA-14-395-102
HUTCHINSON, EDWIN H.                   MA-14-475-282
HUTCHINSON, JOSHUA                     MA-14-93-548
HUTCHINSON, NATHANIEL                  MA-14-5-368
HUTCHINSON, SIMON                      MA-14-397-226
HUTCHINSON, STEPHEN                    MA-14-91-456
HYDE, ABIGAL                           MA-14-66-260
HYDE, ABRAHAM                          MA-14-533-408
HYDE, ALFRED                           MA-14-533-168
HYDE, BENJAMIN                         MA-14-28-72
HYDE, CHARLES                          MA-14-543-131
HYDE, DANIEL H.                        MA-14-506-402
HYDE, DWIGHT                           MA-14-457-552
HYDE, EUNICE                           MA-14-394-373
HYDE, EZRA                             MA-14-80-186
HYDE, ISAAC P.                         MA-14-533-86
HYDE, JOB                              MA-14-57-438
HYDE, JOEL                             MA-14-397-361
HYDE, JOHN                             MA-14-59-448
HYDE, JOHN M.                          MA-14-475-85
HYDE, JOSHUA                           MA-14-80-537
HYDE, LUCY H.                          MA-14-490-256
HYDE, LULU L.                          MA-14-514-375
HYDE, MARY J.                          MA-14-580-535
HYDE, REUBEN                           MA-14-399-487
HYLAND, ELIZABETH                      MA-14-559-247
HYNES, WILLIAM                         MA-14-548-236

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