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ABBOTT, ELIZABETH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-266
ABEL, CONRAD                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-144
ABEL, MAGDALEN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-128
ABERDEEN, BARBARA                      NTL                                     PA-51-O-410
ABINGTON, SUSANNA PENEOPE              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-286
ABRAHAM, ENOCH                         RADNOR, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-P-549
ABRAHAM, JAMES                         UPPER MERION                            PA-51-H-415
ACKER, HENRY                           NTL                                     PA-51-K-20
ACKLEY, DAVID                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-256
ACKLEY, ELEANOR                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-677
ACOWMAN, ATTWOOD                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-6
ADAM, HARTMAN                          GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Q-203
ADAMS, ELZIABETH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-631
ADAMS, JACOB                           GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Q-437
ADAMS, JAMES                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-403
ADAMS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-413
ADAMS, PETER                           ROXBOROUGH                              PA-51-5-283
ADAMS, PETER                           US FRIGATE PRESIDENT                    PA-51-5-39
ADAMS, ROBERT                          OXFORD                                  PA-51-D-123
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     PA-51-Q-35
ADDAMS, ALSE                           NTL                                     PA-51-O-454
ADDIS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-205
ADDIS, THOMAS                          FREDERICK                               PA-51-E-181
ADES, RICHARD                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-255
ADIE, PATRICK                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-459
ADUDDLE, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-51-O-285
AFFLECK, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-210
AITKEN, ROBERT                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-708
AKER, CONRAD                           LIMERICK                                PA-51-R-45
AKERMAN, SAMUEL                        PHILADLEPHIA                            PA-51-#1-324
ALBANY, JOHN                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             PA-51-T-363
ALBER, GEORGE                          GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-I-245
ALBERSON, WILLIAM                      BUCKS                                   PA-51-C-189
ALBERT, HENRY                          NTL                                     PA-51-5-173
ALBERTI, PHILIP                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-438
ALBERTSON, AVES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-71
ALBERTSON, SUSANNAH                    ABINGTON, MONTGOMERY, PA                PA-51-3-351
ALBUGER, CHRISTIAN                     NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-3
ALDEBURGH, RICHARD                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-403
ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER                   NTL                                     PA-51-Q-341
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-121
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-176
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-197
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NORRINTON                               PA-51-Q-347
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        ABINGTON                                PA-51-O-425
ALEXANDER, REBECCA                     ABINGTON                                PA-51-O-426
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              PA-51-E-16
ALISON, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     PA-51-S-184
ALISON, FRANCIS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-316
ALLAIRE, ALEXANDER                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-614
ALLAN, ANN                             MOYAMENSING                             PA-51-#1-47
ALLEBACH, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     PA-51-H-151
ALLEN, ANTHONY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-318
ALLEN, HANNAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-254
ALLEN, HANNAH                          SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-T-172
ALLEN, JAMES                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-95
ALLEN, JANE                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-129
ALLEN, JOHN                            NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       PA-51-3-296
ALLEN, JOHN                            GUINEA                                  PA-51-N-375
ALLEN, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-681
ALLEN, JOHN                            NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-W-48
ALLEN, JOHN E.                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-42
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-191
ALLEN, NATHANIELL                      NTL                                     PA-51-A-219
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-558
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-376
ALLEN, PATRICK                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-129
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-T-386
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-429
ALLEN, WILLIAM ESQ.                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-448
ALLIBONE, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-573
ALLIN, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-226
ALLINSON, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-482
ALLISON, GRACE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-159
ALLISON, ROBERT                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-579
ALLISON, SARAH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-382
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-230
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-505
ALLMAN, HANNAH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-164
ALLMAN, LAWRENCE                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-162
ALLOWAY, JOHN                          ROXBOROUGH                              PA-51-#1-64
ALLOWAY, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-532
ALSENTZ, JOHN GEORGE                   GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-O-168
ALT, JOHANNES                          NTL                                     PA-51-O-197
ALTHOUS, WILLIAM                       FRANCONY                                PA-51-R-485
ALTMORE, ISAAC                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-349
AMBLER, EDWARD                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-550
AMBLER, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-246
ANDAULLE, ANTHONY                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-222
ANDERSON, ANDREW                       NTL                                     PA-51-A-15
ANDERSON, DANIEL                       KENSINGTON                              PA-51-2-382
ANDERSON, JOHN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-520
ANDERSON, LAWRENCE                     NTL                                     PA-51-K-291
ANDERSON, LAWRENCE                     SHAKAMASON                              PA-51-A-150
ANDERSON, MARY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-45
ANDERSON, MARY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-433
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-X-208
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-509
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-389
ANDREW, NICHOLAUS                      KEMPTOWN                                PA-51-U-507
ANDREWS, ELIZABETH                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-112
ANDREWS, JEDIDIAH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-273
ANDREWS, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-276
ANDREWS, MARY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-163
ANDREWS, MATTHEW                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-85
ANDREWS, MICHAEL                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-143
ANDREWS, RUDOLPH                       UPPER MILFORD, BUCKS, PA                PA-51-I-205
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-397
ANDREWS, WINDLE                        AMITY                                   PA-51-G-354
ANGLEY, HYPOLITE                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-618
ANLES, HENRY                           NTL                                     PA-51-K-346
ANNAND, ALEXANDER                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-197
ANNIS, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-299
ANTES, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     PA-51-H-191
ANTHONY, ELIZABETH                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-145
ANTHONY, JACOB                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-#1-283
ANTHONY, JOSEPH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-114
ANTHONY, JOSIAH HEWES                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-427
ANTHONY, RICHARD                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-49
AP EDWARD, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-51-A-37
AP EDWARD, JOHN                        SEE: EDWARD, JOHN AP                    PA-51-B-270
AP HUGH, EVAN                          SEE: HUGH, EVAN AP                      PA-51-B-352
APPEL, MARTIN                          NTL, NORTHAMPTON, PA                    PA-51-O-491
APPLE, JOHANNES                        NTL                                     PA-51-O-530
APPLETON, JOSIAH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-67
APPLETON, MARY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-230
ARBUCLE, RACHEL                        LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-Q-196
ARDEINS, PETER                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-174
ARETS, LENARD                          GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-D-16
ARMAT, ELIZABETH                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-2-443
ARMBRUSTER, PETER                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-93
ARMISTEAD, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-134
ARMIT, ANN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-548
ARMITAGE, BENJAMIN                     BRISTOL                                 PA-51-S-52
ARMITAGE, BENJAMIN                     BRISTOL                                 PA-51-E-354
ARMITAGE, JOSEPH                       BRISTOL                                 PA-51-T-214
ARMITT, ELIZABETH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-679
ARMITT, ELIZABETH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-302
ARMITT, JOSEPH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-284
ARMITT, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-98
ARMITT, RICHARD                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-313
ARMITT, SARAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-530
ARMITT, STEPHEN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-475
ARMITT, THOMAS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-4
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-494
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     PA-51-Y-535
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH                      NORRITON                                PA-51-O-38
ARNELL, JANE                           SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-520
ARNET, JACOB                           SALFORD                                 PA-51-K-134
ARNOLD, ANDREW                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-Y-504
ARNOLD, BARROT                         NTL                                     PA-51-H-99
ARNOLD, CATHERINE                      SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-P-415
ARNOLD, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-164
ARNOLD, JANE                           SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-520
ARNOLD, JOHN                           SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-#1-150
ARNOLD, SARAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-624
ARNT, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     PA-51-K-372
ARPART, ANDREW                         ROXBOROUGH                              PA-51-T-342
ARPART, MARGRET                        ROXBORROW                               PA-51-X-40
ARPHUT, CHRISTOPHER                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-165
ARROWSMITH, SARAH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-352
ARSE, JOHN                             NTL                                     PA-51-A-325
ARTER, WILLIAM                         GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-481
ARTHUR, JOSEPH JR.                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-540
ASH, ABIGAIL                           SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-4-9
ASH, CALEB                             SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-X-631
ASH, REBECCA                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-155
ASH, THOMAS                            PASSYUNK                                PA-51-I-149
ASHBURN, MARTIN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-113
ASHCROFT, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-40
ASHMAN, ABRAHAM                        OLEY                                    PA-51-I-193
ASHMEAD, JOHN                          GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-I-294
ASHMEAD, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-51-F-318
ASHMEAD, SAMUEL ESQ.                   GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-X-59
ASHTON, BENJAMIN SR.                   NTL                                     PA-51-F-318
ASHTON, ISAAC                          NTL                                     PA-51-3-32
ASHTON, ISAAC                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-468
ASHTON, JOSEPH                         DUBLIN                                  PA-51-C-117
ASHTON, JOSEPH                         LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-I-392
ASHTON, JOSEPH                         LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-T-323
ASHTON, MARY                           LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-O-509
ASHTON, WILLIAM                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-418
ASHTON, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-219
ASPDEN, MATHIAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-385
ASSHERTON, WILLIAM                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-542
ASSHETON, SUSANNA                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-187
ASSON, THOMAS                          OXFORD                                  PA-51-C-323
ATCHLEY, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-321
ATKINS, JOHN                           OXFORD                                  PA-51-I-480
ATKINSON, BARBARA                      SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-423
ATKINSON, HANNAH                       NTL                                     PA-51-C-367
ATKINSON, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-252
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-112
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-K-240
ATMORE, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-374
ATTMORE, ANNE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-280
ATTMORE, CALEB                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-114
ATTMORE, CALEB JR.                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-141
ATTWOOD, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-185
AUBIN, JAMES                           NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-W-530
AUBREY, LATITIA                        LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              PA-51-T-530
AUGUSTUS, SUSANNA                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-356
AUKERMAN, GEORGE STEPHEN               NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-O-512
AUMOULCEAU, DUBOURY                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-362
AUSBACH, BALTHASER                     TULPEHOCKEN, LANCASTER, PA              PA-51-I-34
AUSPACK, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-417
AUSTIN, ISAAC                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-569
AUSTIN, JANE                           PHILADELPHAI                            PA-51-E-309
AUSTIN, JSOEPH                         ABINGTON                                PA-51-S-447
AUSTIN, NICHOLAS                       ABINGTON                                PA-51-O-455
AUSTIN, SAMUEL                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-162
AX, CONRAD                             FRANKFORD                               PA-51-#1-179
AX, JOHN FREDERICK                     NTL                                     PA-51-O-206
AXLEY, JOHN                            ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOS                   PA-51-4-252

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