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MAAG, HENRY                             PA-51-T-434
MAAG, JACOB                             PA-51-O-120
MACALESTER, CHARLES                     PA-51-10-385
MACCUBBIN, JAMES                        PA-51-Q-46
MACK, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-#1-93
MACKCLUER, ANTONY                       PA-51-E-260
MACKEMSON, GEORGE                       PA-51-2-220
MACKENZIE, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-Y-69
MACKNET, MARY MAGDALENE                 PA-51-X-605
MACKY, ELLINOR                          PA-51-O-23
MACLASKY, PATRICK                       PA-51-8-507
MACPHERSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-10-164
MACPHERSON, MARGARET                    PA-51-W-239
MADDOX, MARY                            PA-51-S-288
MADDOX, THOMAS                          PA-51-C-166
MAFADEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-G-111
MAFFET, HENRY                           PA-51-H-255
MAFFETTE, JAMES                         PA-51-8-159
MAFFITT, JOHN                           PA-51-R-197
MAGAVOUKE, PATRICK                      PA-51-R-163
MAGAW, MARTHA                           PA-51-2-401
MAGEE, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-O-9
MAGHEE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-475
MAGOFFIN, JOSEPH                        PA-51-#1-472
MAGRATH, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-9-167
MAGUIRE, PHILIP                         PA-51-4-259
MAHAFFY, JAMES                          PA-51-Y-7
MAHONY, CORNELIUS                       PA-51-A-454
MAHONY, FRANCIS                         PA-51-#1-485
MAIDON, MARY                            PA-51-X-22
MAINGAULT, PETER BENJAMIN               PA-51-X-175
MAISON, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-5-318
MAJOR, ELIN                             PA-51-D-314
MAKINET, BLAZIUS DANIEL                 PA-51-Q-180
MALIN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-A-339
MALLAN, CATHARINE                       PA-51-8-232
MALLANE, MATHIAS                        PA-51-K-57
MALLOWS, HENRY                          PA-51-C-349
MALLOWS, SARAH                          PA-51-D-376
MALONE, JOHN                            PA-51-S-345
MALONE, PATRICK                         PA-51-4-26
MALONE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-10-569
MALONEY, CATHARINE (QUINTUI)            PA-51-8-471
MALTBY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-B-7
MANASMITH, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-H-155
MANGNALL, JOHN                          PA-51-2-133
MANIGAULT, MARGARET J.                  PA-51-8-223
MANKIN, EDWARD                          PA-51-D-159
MANLOVE, WILLIAM                        PA-51-8-509
MANLY, JAMES                            PA-51-X-312
MANN, JOHN                              PA-51-R-272
MANN, JOHN                              PA-51-8-604
MANN, JOHN                              PA-51-8-203
MANN, PETER                             PA-51-S-45
MANNA, SARAH                            PA-51-4-236
MAPOTHER, ANN                           PA-51-2-92
MARDON, JACOB                           PA-51-O-418
MARDON, RACHEL                          PA-51-#1-150
MARES, JEAN                             PA-51-X-689
MARGAN, HENRY                           PA-51-H-316
MARIN, JOACHIM JOSEPH                   PA-51-Y-148
MARITN, ISAACK                          PA-51-A-2
MARK, JAMES                             PA-51-F-316
MARK, JOHN                              PA-51-8-111
MARKER, ANDREW                          PA-51-3-124
MARKER, GEORGE                          PA-51-8-17
MARKER, JACOB                           PA-51-5-361
MARKHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-364
MARKLE, GEORGE                          PA-51-O-356
MARKLE, JOHN                            PA-51-8-6
MARKLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-8-9
MARKOE, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-X-213
MARKS, SOLOMON JR.                      PA-51-9-195
MARKS, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-590
MARL, THOMAS                            PA-51-D-168
MARLE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-N-283
MARLES, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-48
MAROLFF, RUDOLPH                        PA-51-I-26
MARONEY, MICHAEL                        PA-51-Y-73
MAROT, DAVENPORT                        PA-51-10-41
MARPLE, DAVID                           PA-51-R-457
MARPLE, DAVID                           PA-51-S-41
MARPLE, DAVID                           PA-51-F-137
MARPLE, JESSE                           PA-51-4-343
MARPLE, JOHN                            PA-51-S-162
MARPLE, THOMAS                          PA-51-P-57
MARPOLE, ISAAC                          PA-51-S-158
MARRIOT, ISAAC                          PA-51-D-375
MARRIOTT, JOSEPH                        PA-51-S-163
MARSH, JOSEPH                           PA-51-9-17
MARSH, ROBERT                           PA-51-A-142
MARSH, THOMAS                           PA-51-Q-553
MARSHALL, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-T-119
MARSHALL, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-51-X-577
MARSHALL, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-51-2-47
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-Y-352
MARSHALL, ISAAC R.                      PA-51-4-223
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-51-S-486
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        PA-51-W-327
MARSHALL, MARGARET                      PA-51-5-306
MARSHALL, MARY                          PA-51-Y-646
MARSHALL, MARY G.                       PA-51-10-264
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        PA-51-C-196
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        PA-51-#1-477
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       PA-51-P-358
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       PA-51-N-109
MARSHALL,ELIZABETH                      PA-51-Y-514
MARSINGER, JOHN                         PA-51-U-85
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-Q-94
MARTIN, ANDRE                           PA-51-D-141
MARTIN, CHARLES                         PA-51-5-153
MARTIN, DANIEL                          PA-51-5-372
MARTIN, ISAAC                           PA-51-#1-415
MARTIN, JAMES                           PA-51-2-105
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-233
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-51-H-79
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-51-B-249
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-522
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-51-X-137
MARTIN, MARY                            PA-51-E-152
MARTIN, MATHIAS                         PA-51-F-260
MARTIN, PETER                           PA-51-#1-434
MARTIN, RICHARD                         PA-51-H-27
MARTIN, RICHARD                         PA-51-E-47
MARTIN, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-371
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-H-461
MARVIREAU, NICHOLAS                     PA-51-#1-219
MASNFIELD, JOSEPH                       PA-51-Y-13
MASON, ABRAHAM CHAPMAN                  PA-51-W-506
MASON, ADAM                             PA-51-10-303
MASON, ANNA (MOWER)                     PA-51-Y-690
MASON, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-R-219
MASON, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-W-400
MASON, CATHARINE                        PA-51-2-434
MASON, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-51-10-307, 686
MASON, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-Y-632
MASON, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-98
MASON, RICHARD                          PA-51-D-25
MASON, RICHARD ESQ.                     PA-51-W-555
MASON, ROBERT                           PA-51-F-148
MASON, SUSANNA                          PA-51-S-49
MASON, THOMAS                           PA-51-X-487
MASON, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-183
MASON, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-147
MASSEY, CHARLES                         PA-51-3-295
MASSEY, SARAH                           PA-51-Q-455
MASSEY, THOMAS                          PA-51-C-145
MASSON, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-U-158
MASSON, ELEANOR                         PA-51-#1-164
MASSY, SAMUEL                           PA-51-D-167
MASTERS, MARY                           PA-51-2-512
MASTERS, THOMAS                         PA-51-D-380
MASTOES, THOMAS                         PA-51-F-199
MATHER, RICHARD                         PA-51-Q-336
MATHEWS, ANN                            PA-51-T-142
MATHIAS, EDWARD                         PA-51-D-155
MATHIAS, JOHN                           PA-51-H-503
MATHISON, HENRY                         PA-51-K-404
MATISON, MARY                           PA-51-O-341
MATLACK, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-#1-18
MATLACK, HANNAH                         PA-51-X-92
MATLACK, JOSEPH                         PA-51-W-525
MATLACK, JOSIAH                         PA-51-W-160
MATLACK, MARTHA                         PA-51-N-422
MATLACK, TIMOTHY                        PA-51-K-22
MATSON, PETER                           PA-51-R-207
MATTERN, ANDREW                         PA-51-5-347
MATTHEWS, JAMES                         PA-51-4-135
MATTHEWS, ROBERT                        PA-51-G-281
MATTHEWS, THOMAS                        PA-51-10-409
MATTISON, BRADWAY                       PA-51-R-39
MAUGER, FRADRICK                        PA-51-Q-51
MAULE, LYDIA                            PA-51-8-10
MAULE, MARTHA                           PA-51-9-93
MAULE, THOMAS                           PA-51-N-403
MAULSBY, JOHN                           PA-51-2-113
MAULSBY, MERCHANT                       PA-51-T-229
MAULSBY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Q-230
MAURE, ANNE                             PA-51-X-320
MAUREL, FRANCIS                         PA-51-X-260
MAURICE, SAMUEL                         PA-51-I-232
MAUS, FREDERICK SR.                     PA-51-T-329
MAXIM, WILLAM                           PA-51-X-550
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-3-131
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-199
MAY, JACOB                              PA-51-D-103
MAY, JAMES                              PA-51-I-384
MAY, PETER                              PA-51-T-17
MAY, ROBERT                             PA-51-I-250
MAYBERY, RICHARD                        PA-51-2-318
MAYDER, GEORGE                          PA-51-W-152
MAYER, JACOB                            PA-51-I-85
MAYER, JACOB                            PA-51-Y-694
MAYER, JACOB                            PA-51-H-360
MAYER, JOHAN VINCENT                    PA-51-F-76
MAYER, JOHN                             PA-51-O-164
MAYER, MICHAEL                          PA-51-K-478
MAYERS, JOHN                            PA-51-T-7
MAYFIELD, JOHN                          PA-51-D-354
MAYLEIGH, THOMAS                        PA-51-K-309
MAYNARD, SAMUEL                         PA-51-E-169
MAYNE, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-F-16
MAYOS, EDWARD                           PA-51-C-158
MCADAMS, MARY W.                        PA-51-10-270
MCALLISTER, ALEXANDER                   PA-51-#1-322
MCAVEY, EDWARD                          PA-51-9-148
MCBURNEY, JOHN                          PA-51-W-173
MCCAFFERTY, JAMES                       PA-51-9-116
MCCAFREY, JAMES                         PA-51-9-188
MCCALL, ANN                             PA-51-H-89
MCCALL, ELEONOR                         PA-51-10-66
MCCALL, GEORGE                          PA-51-F-188
MCCALL, GEORGE                          PA-51-K-443
MCCALL, LYDIA                           PA-51-X-289
MCCALL, MARGARET                        PA-51-8-182
MCCALL, MICHAEL                         PA-51-P-241
MCCALL, RICAHRD                         PA-51-10-130
MCCALL, WILLIAM C.                      PA-51-10-183
MCCALLA, ROSSINIA                       PA-51-3-49
MCCALLMONT, ARTHUR                      PA-51-#1-107
MCCALMOUNT, JOHN                        PA-51-P-542
MCCARTER, DAVID                         PA-51-10-384
MCCARTHY, DENNIS                        PA-51-R-252
MCCARTY, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-5-272
MCCARTY, CHARLES                        PA-51-H-367
MCCARTY, THOMAS                         PA-51-E-129
MCCASTLETON, SAMUEL                     PA-51-Q-419
MCCATTA, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-294
MCCAULEY, ANDREW                        PA-51-5-37
MCCAVER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Y-350
MCCLARKE, JAMES                         PA-51-#1-245
MCCLATCHEY, GEORGE                      PA-51-X-253
MCCLEAN, ARCHIBALD ESQ                  PA-51-P-500
MCCLEAN, MECUM                          PA-51-H-263
MCCLELLAND, THOMAS                      PA-51-Q-27
MCCLENACHAN, BLAIR                      PA-51-4-133
MCCLENTO, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-U-489
MCCLINTOCK, RACHEL                      PA-51-10-643
MCCLOSKEY, BERNARD                      PA-51-#1-407
MCCLOUD, MALCOLM                        PA-51-X-244
MCCLUGHAN, WILLIAM                      PA-51-Q-186
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                         PA-51-U-183
MCCOHN, JAMES                           PA-51-Y-243
MCCOLLOM, JOHN                          PA-51-#1-162
MCCOMB, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-D-370
MCCOMBE, MARY                           PA-51-O-507
MCCOMBS, JOHN                           PA-51-K-357
MCCONNEL, JOHN                          PA-51-X-459
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        PA-51-Y-177
MCCONOMY, MICHAEL                       PA-51-10-340
MCCORD, ISAIAH                          PA-51-W-78
MCCORD, JAMES                           PA-51-S-81
MCCORMACK, PATRICK                      PA-51-Y-562
MCCORMIC, JAMES                         PA-51-2-203
MCCORMICK, ALEXANDER                    PA-51-F-276
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         PA-51-#1-197
MCCORMICK, THOMAS                       PA-51-W-543
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                      PA-51-N-37
MCCOY, JANE                             PA-51-9-71
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-51-R-59
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-51-R-78
MCCRACKIN, JAMES                        PA-51-O-395
MCCREA, JAMES                           PA-51-5-341
MCCROHON, MARGARET                      PA-51-S-51
MCCRORIE, JEAN                          PA-51-O-407
MCCULLAM, JOHN                          PA-51-T-116
MCCULLOCH, ADAM                         PA-51-P-525
MCCULLOCH, JOHN                         PA-51-8-296
MCCULLOCH, RACHEL                       PA-51-W-171
MCCULLOCH, WILLIAM                      PA-51-S-259
MCCULLOCK, HUGH                         PA-51-2-157
MCCULLOCK, JOHN                         PA-51-G-77
MCCULLOH, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-337
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                     PA-51-W-180
MCCURDY, JAMES                          PA-51-3-251
MCCURDY, JOHN                           PA-51-3-233
MCCURRACH, JAMES                        PA-51-3-354
MCDANIEL, JOHN                          PA-51-H-171
MCDANIEL, JOHN                          PA-51-W-218
MCDEED, PATRICK                         PA-51-5-315
MCDERMITT,CHARLES                       PA-51-5-137
MCDERMOT, ARCHIBALD                     PA-51-S-348
MCDONALD, JAMES                         PA-51-10-634
MCDONALD, JOHN                          PA-51-T-273
MCDONALD, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-425
MCDONOUGH, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-5-154
MCDOUGAL, JOHN                          PA-51-3-401
MCDOWELL, ALEXANDER SR.                 PA-51-P-49
MCDOWELL, JAMES                         PA-51-#1-283
MCDOWELL, PETER                         PA-51-O-472
MCDOWELL, ROBERT                        PA-51-R-375
MCDOWELL, SUSANNA                       PA-51-X-727
MCELROY, JOHN                           PA-51-5-378
MCFADDEN, SARAH                         PA-51-10-327
MCFARLAND, JOHN                         PA-51-Q-328
MCFEE, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-280
MCFEE, MARY                             PA-51-Y-461
MCGANDY, HENRY                          PA-51-3-361
MCGANNON, MICHAEL                       PA-51-W-227
MCGILL, ELEAZER                         PA-51-2-535
MCGINLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-#1-487
MCGINNESS, PATRICK                      PA-51-O-505
MCGLACH, WILLIAM                        PA-51-H-112
MCGLAUGHLIN, JOHN SR.                   PA-51-S-214
MCGLOUGHLIN, FELIX                      PA-51-T-82
MCGONIGALL, WILLIAM                     PA-51-R-187
MCGOWEN, JOHN                           PA-51-2-283
MCGRADY, SAMUEL                         PA-51-N-482
MCGRATH, DANIEL                         PA-51-W-581
MCGUIGAN, MARY                          PA-51-8-135
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-539
MCGUIRE, PATRICK                        PA-51-Y-406
MCILVAINE, WILLIAM                      PA-51-P-1
MCINTIRE, WILLIAM B.                    PA-51-9-180
MCKAY, ADAM                             PA-51-I-311
MCKEAN, GEORGE                          PA-51-R-351
MCKEARNER, PHILEMON                     PA-51-T-39
MCKEE, GIBBS                            PA-51-S-102
MCKEE, ROBERT                           PA-51-I-344
MCKEEVER, PETER                         PA-51-9-69
MCKEEVER, ROGER                         PA-51-10-342
MCKENNY, BERNARD                        PA-51-R-537
MCKENZIE, CHARLES                       PA-51-10-54
MCKENZIE, HECTOR                        PA-51-U-165
MCKERNON, THOMAS                        PA-51-X-465
MCKINLEY, HUGH                          PA-51-10-274
MCKINLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-X-35
MCKINZEY, MARY                          PA-51-4-32
MCKIRGIN, DANIEL                        PA-51-8-380
MCKNIGHT, MARTHA                        PA-51-Q-369
MCKNIGHT, ROBERT                        PA-51-8-286
MCKOUINE, DAVID                         PA-51-A-297
MCKOWEN, GRACE                          PA-51-3-75
MCKRUSKER, FARRELL                      PA-51-Y-524
MCLACHLAN, JAMES                        PA-51-O-266
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        PA-51-Y-84
MCLAUGHLIN, RACHEL                      PA-51-2-7
MCLEANE, ALLEN                          PA-51-Q-287
MCMANUS, JOHN                           PA-51-10-627
MCMULLAN, WILLIAM                       PA-51-2-377
MCMULLIN, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-9-23
MCMULLIN, MICHEL                        PA-51-2-464
MCNACHLANE, JOHN                        PA-51-T-163
MCNAMARA, JAMES                         PA-51-H-260
MCNAMEE, THOMAS                         PA-51-R-247
MCNEAL, ROBERT                          PA-51-S-38
MCNEAL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-O-291
MCNUTT, ROBERT                          PA-51-Y-122
MCPHAIL, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-Y-713
MCPHERSON, SARAH                        PA-51-8-559
MCSHEA, JAMES                           PA-51-Y-222
MCSWEENEY, COLLEN                       PA-51-R-7
MCVAGLE, EDWARD                         PA-51-F-138
MCVAUGH, JAMES                          PA-51-K-287
MCVEAGH, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-T-389
MCVEAGH, EDMUND                         PA-51-R-237
MCVEAGH, REBECCAH                       PA-51-Q-320
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                        PA-51-D-162
MEAD, MARY                              PA-51-4-194
MEADE, RICHARD W.                       PA-51-9-198
MEADE, ROBERT                           PA-51-K-189
MEALES, SAMUEL                          PA-51-C-371
MEANS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-S-89
MEARING, THOMAS                         PA-51-#1-506
MEARNS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-H-381
MEAS, JAMES                             PA-51-N-268
MEASAM, GEORGE                          PA-51-R-560
MEASE, JAMES                            PA-51-T-148
MEASE, JOHN                             PA-51-O-190
MEASE, LETTICE                          PA-51-O-142
MEASE, SARAH                            PA-51-10-155
MECHLIN, JACOB                          PA-51-T-165
MECHLIN, JACOB                          PA-51-8-170
MECHLIN,D AVOLD                         PA-51-N-290
MECIKEN, CATHARINE                      PA-51-8-323
MECUM, G. W.                            PA-51-#1-153
MEDAR, HENRY                            PA-51-H-177
MEDFORD, JOHN                           PA-51-A-147
MEDLICOTT, DANIEL                       PA-51-A-382
MEGLETHRY, MATHEW                       PA-51-G-327
MEHL, FREDERICK                         PA-51-T-451
MEISER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-O-445
MEISER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-G-188
MELCHER, ISAAC                          PA-51-U-542
MELCHER, LEONARD                        PA-51-R-10
MELIZEH, FRANCIS                        PA-51-8-70
MELTON, SARAH                           PA-51-X-152
MEMMINGER, THEODORE                     PA-51-Q-196
MENCKEN, JOHN HENRY                     PA-51-P-392
MENG, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-T-217
MENG, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-5-385
MENG, MELCHOIR                          PA-51-4-193
MENGEN, CATHARINE                       PA-51-X-263
MENGEN, JOHN                            PA-51-U-508
MENTZ, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-5-243
MERCLE, MARTIN                          PA-51-H-277
MEREDITH, CHARLES                       PA-51-S-212
MEREDITH, EVAN                          PA-51-W-394
MEREDITH, ILLIS                         PA-51-E-87
MEREDITH, JOHN                          PA-51-O-349
MEREDITH, JOHN                          PA-51-F-34
MEREDITH, JONATHAN                      PA-51-3-486
MEREDITH, JOSEPH                        PA-51-#1-114
MEREDITH, MARY                          PA-51-2-507
MEREDITH, OWEN                          PA-51-E-298
MEREDITH, REESE                         PA-51-R-225
MEREDITH, SARAH                         PA-51-#1-285
MEREDITH, SIMON                         PA-51-H-6
MEREDITH, SUSANNAH                      PA-51-W-589
MEREDITH, WALTER                        PA-51-Y-526
MEREFIELD, EDWARD                       PA-51-O-52
MERIAM, MARY                            PA-51-Q-209
MERICK, WILLIAM                         PA-51-D-79
MERIWEATHER, MARY                       PA-51-B-381
MERKEL, FREDERICK                       PA-51-N-294
MERRICK, JOHN                           PA-51-E-205
MERRICK, ROBERT                         PA-51-Y-513
MERRIL, MANNING                         PA-51-T-123
MERRYMAN, JOHN                          PA-51-Q-512
MERRYWEATHER, JAMES                     PA-51-F-326
MERVINE, GEORGE                         PA-51-4-51
MESSAR, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-O-452
MESTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-T-112
METCALFE, JAMES                         PA-51-A-436
METZGER, FRANZ ANTON                    PA-51-W-527
METZKE, FREDERICK                       PA-51-Y-716
MEURIS, MATHIAS                         PA-51-H-195
MEYER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-T-87
MEYER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-143
MEYER, ESTHER                           PA-51-Y-510
MEYER, HENRY                            PA-51-Y-173
MEYER, JACOB                            PA-51-Y-34
MEYER, JOHAN VINCENT                    PA-51-F-76
MEYER, JOSEPH                           PA-51-R-291
MEYER, LUDWIG                           PA-51-G-358
MEYER, MATHIAS                          PA-51-Q-143
MEYER, SAMUEL                           PA-51-O-59
MEYER, SAMUEL                           PA-51-N-17
MEYER, SAMUEL                           PA-51-N-333
MEYER, TABITHA                          PA-51-T-171
MEYER, THOMAS                           PA-51-Y-270
MEYER, ULRICK                           PA-51-F-286
MEYERS, JACOB                           PA-51-10-309
MICELMO, JOHN                           PA-51-I-337
MICHELSON, JOHN                         PA-51-2-421
MICHENER, JOHN                          PA-51-X-732
MICHINER, JOHN                          PA-51-N-483
MICKLE, SAMUEL                          PA-51-N-270
MIDDLETON, HANNAH                       PA-51-2-501
MIDDLETON, HANNAH                       PA-51-8-156
MIDDLETON, SARAH                        PA-51-W-637
MIDDLETON, THOMAS                       PA-51-P-106
MIDELLTON, ABAGAIL SWEZEY               PA-51-10-38
MIERCKEN, PETER                         PA-51-W-626
MIFFLIN, CHARLES                        PA-51-S-361
MIFFLIN, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-F-3
MIFFLIN, ESTHER                         PA-51-Q-357
MIFFLIN, JOHN                           PA-51-4-334
MIFFLIN, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-128
MIFFLIN, JOHN                           PA-51-D-4
MIFFLIN, JOHN SR.                       PA-51-D-57
MIFFLIN, JONATHAN                       PA-51-S-26
MIFFLIN, LEMUEL                         PA-51-8-261
MIFFLIN, MARTHA                         PA-51-W-378
MIFFLIN, MARY                           PA-51-T-313
MIFFLIN, SAMUEL                         PA-51-R-550
MIFFLIN, THOMAS                         PA-51-Y-274
MIGAIL, ANTHONY                         PA-51-2-254
MILER, ISAAC                            PA-51-C-301
MILES, EDWARD                           PA-51-9-161
MILES, GERRARD                          PA-51-S-92
MILES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-D-126
MILES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-E-51
MILES, ISAAC                            PA-51-T-72
MILES, JOHN                             PA-51-H-257
MILES, JOHN                             PA-51-2-307
MILES, JOSEPH                           PA-51-O-525
MILES, JOSEPH                           PA-51-Y-314
MILES, MARY                             PA-51-10-92
MILES, RICHARD                          PA-51-C-366
MILES, RICHARD                          PA-51-E-277
MILES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-C-94
MILES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-E-172
MILES, SARAH                            PA-51-K-448
MILES, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-365
MILLAR, PATRICK                         PA-51-Q-279
MILLEFELT, FREDERICK                    PA-51-Q-253
MILLER, ANN                             PA-51-8-14
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-N-13
MILLER, CONRAD                          PA-51-Q-111
MILLER, ELIJAH                          PA-51-#1-320
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-5-74
MILLER, FREDERICK                       PA-51-3-578
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-51-I-37
MILLER, GRACE                           PA-51-8-530
MILLER, HENRY                           PA-51-#1-327
MILLER, HENRY                           PA-51-#1-8
MILLER, HESTER                          PA-51-3-252
MILLER, ISAAC                           PA-51-C-301
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-51-5-315
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-51-K-369
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-51-K-283
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-51-#1-305
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-51-Q-67
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-51-N-55
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-260
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-51-G-48
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-51-N-302
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-51-5-343
MILLER, JOHN GEORGE                     PA-51-4-336
MILLER, JOHN WOLFGANG                   PA-51-E-130
MILLER, MAGNUS                          PA-51-2-216
MILLER, MARGARET                        PA-51-8-58
MILLER, MARY                            PA-51-#1-518
MILLER, PATRICK                         PA-51-I-462
MILLER, PETER                           PA-51-K-171
MILLER, PETER                           PA-51-9-27
MILLER, PETER ESQ.                      PA-51-X-27
MILLER, PHILIP                          PA-51-R-20
MILLER, RICHARD                         PA-51-O-13
MILLER, SARAH                           PA-51-8-322
MILLER, SEBASTIAN                       PA-51-W-677
MILLER, SIMON                           PA-51-#1-468
MILLER, THOMAS                          PA-51-A-255
MILLER, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-18
MILLER, THOMAS                          PA-51-I-446
MILLER, WIGARD                          PA-51-X-355
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-X-16
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-2-150
MILLER, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-51-8-496
MILLIGAN, MARGARET                      PA-51-X-212
MILLIS, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-26
MILLRE, DAVID                           PA-51-9-146
MILLS, JAMES                            PA-51-B-370
MILLS, JOHN                             PA-51-C-73
MILLS, JOHN                             PA-51-T-353
MILLS, MARY                             PA-51-X-363
MILLS, MARY                             PA-51-K-300
MILLS, WILLIAM MARCUS                   PA-51-#1-229
MILLWARD, WILLIAM                       PA-51-X-665
MILLY, THOMAS                           PA-51-#1-564
MILNER, EDWARD                          PA-51-#1-148
MILNER, ROBERT ESQ.                     PA-51-X-604
MILNOR, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-10-228
MILNOR, HANNAH                          PA-51-2-166
MILNOR, JOHN                            PA-51-U-49
MILNOR, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-U-131
MILNOR, WILLIAM                         PA-51-2-63
MILROY, JOHN                            PA-51-8-368
MILTENBERGER, GEORGE                    PA-51-O-367
MILTON, ROGER                           PA-51-C-243
MILTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-A-445
MINGATROYD, MARY                        PA-51-S-114
MINIER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-W-601
MINNICK, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-T-224
MINOWD, JOACHAM                         PA-51-10-363
MINSER, ADAM                            PA-51-T-148
MINTZ, BENEDICT                         PA-51-N-201
MINTZER, MARK                           PA-51-S-65
MINTZER, SARAH ELIZABETH                PA-51-X-490
MIRANDA, ISAAC                          PA-51-E-325
MISKEY, ANTHONY                         PA-51-10-640
MITCHEL, HANNAH                         PA-51-2-478
MITCHEL, THOMAS                         PA-51-X-64
MITCHELL, DEBORAH                       PA-51-5-88
MITCHELL, JAMES                         PA-51-H-445
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-51-K-470
MITCHELL, MARGARET                      PA-51-8-346
MITCHELL, MARY                          PA-51-4-274
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       PA-51-Q-327
MITMAN, PHILIP SR.                      PA-51-#1-259
MODE, HENRY                             PA-51-4-265
MOGAN, ABEL                             PA-51-D-345
MOHIMON, FRANCIS ANTHONY                PA-51-U-367
MOKS, JACOB                             PA-51-T-79
MOLHOLLOW, JOHN DENNY                   PA-51-X-359
MOLL, JOHN                              PA-51-B-134
MOLL, MICHAEL                           PA-51-O-485
MOLLESTON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-R-321
MOLYNEUX, ROBERT                        PA-51-2-504
MONCKTON, PHILIP                        PA-51-D-374
MONCKTON, RACHEL                        PA-51-E-249
MONCKTON, SAMUEL                        PA-51-D-171
MONEYER, JOHN                           PA-51-9-115
MONGES, JOHN A.                         PA-51-9-65?
MONINGTON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-K-84
MONKHOUSE, RICHARD                      PA-51-Y-96
MONNEL, JOHN LEWIS                      PA-51-X-333
MONSON, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-86
MONTAUE, PATRICK                        PA-51-10-377
MONTELIA, ANN                           PA-51-8-627
MONTFORD, THOMAS                        PA-51-E-172
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                       PA-51-8-384
MONTGOMERY, DORCAS                      PA-51-2-43
MONTGOMERY, HESTER                      PA-51-#1-241
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        PA-51-S-99
MONTGOMERY, RICHARD                     PA-51-I-158
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      PA-51-O-516
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      PA-51-3-13
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      PA-51-K-41
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                      PA-51-N-527
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     PA-51-10-32
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     PA-51-10-45
MOODY, ELANOR                           PA-51-2-136
MOODY, JOHN                             PA-51-C-169
MOORE, ABEL                             PA-51-S-502
MOORE, ALLEN                            PA-51-T-16
MOORE, ANTHONY                          PA-51-R-275
MOORE, CHARLES                          PA-51-R-212
MOORE, EASTER                           PA-51-K-50
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-K-239
MOORE, GAWIN                            PA-51-K-200
MOORE, GEORGE                           PA-51-D-100
MOORE, HANNAH                           PA-51-Y-142
MOORE, HANNAH                           PA-51-4-55
MOORE, HANNAH                           PA-51-Y-601
MOORE, HUGH                             PA-51-#1-83
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-51-#1-113
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-51-R-519
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-S-376
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-P-551
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-D-140
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-P-58
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-Q-550
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-F-301
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-51-E-201
MOORE, JOSHUA                           PA-51-R-104
MOORE, JUSTINA                          PA-51-F-336
MOORE, MARGARET                         PA-51-8-456
MOORE, MARY                             PA-51-U-237
MOORE, PRUDENCE                         PA-51-X-138
MOORE, RACHEL                           PA-51-X-471
MOORE, RICHARD                          PA-51-D-38
MOORE, SAMUEL PRESTON                   PA-51-T-178
MOORE, SAMYUEL                          PA-51-3-213
MOORE, SARAH                            PA-51-5-140
MOORE, SARAH                            PA-51-U-399
MOORE, SARAH                            PA-51-8-624
MOORE, SETH                             PA-51-O-15
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-51-Y-256
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-51-H-431
MOORE, WALTER                           PA-51-P-209
MOORE,ELIZABETH                         PA-51-8-411
MOOSE, JOHN                             PA-51-10-123
MORA, GILES                             PA-51-A-381
MORE, SAMUEL                            PA-51-A-281
MORELL, JAMES                           PA-51-10-234
MORGAN, ANNE                            PA-51-C-52
MORGAN, ANTHONY                         PA-51-E-196
MORGAN, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-G-293
MORGAN, CADDER (CADWALADER)             PA-51-C-259
MORGAN, DAVID                           PA-51-E-95
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-T-149
MORGAN, EVAN                            PA-51-G-355
MORGAN, EVAN                            PA-51-C-156
MORGAN, EVAN                            PA-51-Q-174
MORGAN, GEORGE                          PA-51-E-192
MORGAN, JACOB ESQ                       PA-51-Y-729
MORGAN, JAMES                           PA-51-9-10
MORGAN, JANE JOHN                       PA-51-A-177
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-51-O-487
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-51-U-377
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-51-G-153
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-51-X-622
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-51-9-64
MORGAN, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-E-181
MORGAN, MARY                            PA-51-P-109
MORGAN, MORGAN                          PA-51-E-38
MORGAN, OWEN                            PA-51-B-451
MORGAN, PETER                           PA-51-R-446
MORGAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-202
MORGAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-#1-212
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-15
MORGANS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-62
MORONY, THOMAS                          PA-51-W-244
MORRAY, HUMPHRY                         PA-51-E-344
MORRELL, JOHN                           PA-51-4-134
MORRELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-T-176
MORREY, RICHARD                         PA-51-K-141
MORREY, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-347
MORRIS, ANNA                            PA-51-W-301
MORRIS, ANTHONY                         PA-51-R-561
MORRIS, ANTHONY                         PA-51-N-42
MORRIS, ANTHONY JAEMS                   PA-51-10-70
MORRIS, ANTHONY SR.                     PA-51-D-199
MORRIS, CASPAR W.                       PA-51-9-153
MORRIS, DANIEL                          PA-51-A-489
MORRIS, DANIEL                          PA-51-K-491
MORRIS, DAVID                           PA-51-P-369
MORRIS, DEBORAH                         PA-51-W-367
MORRIS, EDWARD                          PA-51-E-134
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-O-113
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-8-403
MORRIS, ELIZABETH G.                    PA-51-10-418
MORRIS, GASPAR                          PA-51-H-47
MORRIS, GEORGE                          PA-51-W-592
MORRIS, HANNAH                          PA-51-F-240
MORRIS, HANNAH                          PA-51-W-232
MORRIS, HANNAH                          PA-51-U-37
MORRIS, ISAAC                           PA-51-E-331
MORRIS, ISAAC W.                        PA-51-10-76
MORRIS, ISRAEL                          PA-51-2-11
MORRIS, JAMES                           PA-51-E-12
MORRIS, JAMES                           PA-51-I-349
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-U-126
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-I-22
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-W-651
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-S-66
MORRIS, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-T-125
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-167
MORRIS, LUKE                            PA-51-W-654
MORRIS, LYDIA                           PA-51-T-316
MORRIS, MARY                            PA-51-#1-280
MORRIS, MARY                            PA-51-A-516
MORRIS, MARY                            PA-51-9-32
MORRIS, MORRIS                          PA-51-N-171
MORRIS, PHEBE                           PA-51-O-221
MORRIS, RICHARD                         PA-51-F-49
MORRIS, ROBERT                          PA-51-#1-498
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-4-152
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-I-232
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-S-128
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-H-93
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-P-25
MORRIS, SARAH                           PA-51-Q-220
MORRIS, SARAH                           PA-51-8-494
MORRIS, SUSANNA                         PA-51-9-29
MORRIS, THOMAS                          PA-51-2-553
MORRISON, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-2-313
MORRISON, GEORGE                        PA-51-W-275
MORRISON, JAMES                         PA-51-2-204
MORRISON, JOHN                          PA-51-W-663
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-9-68
MORRISS, RICHARD                        PA-51-A-196
MORROW, JOHN                            PA-51-2-10
MORROW, SAMUEL                          PA-51-10-89
MORRY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-I-423
MORSE, JOHN                             PA-51-O-57
MORTIMER, ROBERT                        PA-51-S-231
MORTON, ABIGAL                          PA-51-I-315
MORTON, ANDREW                          PA-51-G-295
MORTON, HANNAH                          PA-51-U-172
MORTON, JOHN                            PA-51-E-136
MORTON, JOHN                            PA-51-9-172
MORTON, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-4-178
MORTON, LAURENCE                        PA-51-N-347
MORTON, ROBERT                          PA-51-T-377
MORTON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-P-371
MORTON, SARAH                           PA-51-T-26
MORTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-T-184
MORTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-B-405
MORY, CHARLES                           PA-51-X-178
MOSER, PHILIP                           PA-51-S-351
MOSES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-N-33
MOSS, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-I-66
MOSS, JOSEPH                            PA-51-A-71
MOTT, EDWARD                            PA-51-8-315
MOUCH, JANE                             PA-51-Y-561
MOUCH, JEREMIAH                         PA-51-#1-381
MOULDER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-R-314
MOULDER, SARAH                          PA-51-W-175
MOULDER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Y-31
MOULSON, SARAH                          PA-51-10-568
MOUNT, TIMOTHY B.                       PA-51-10-559
MOUNTAYNE, WILLIAM                      PA-51-2-75
MOURE, JOHN                             PA-51-N-325
MOUTY, GEORGE                           PA-51-#1-82
MOWERER, JOHN                           PA-51-9-15
MOWRER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-U-299
MOWRY, JOHN                             PA-51-G-248
MOYER, CASPER                           PA-51-I-548
MOYER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-I-407
MOYER, GEORGE                           PA-51-Q-297
MOYER, GEORGE                           PA-51-W-238
MOYER, HENRY                            PA-51-2-173
MOYER, JOHN                             PA-51-O-531
MOYER, PETER                            PA-51-W-496
MOYES, JAMES                            PA-51-K-328
MOYLAN, JASPER                          PA-51-4-78
MSSEY, CHARLES JR.                      PA-51-Y-355
MUCH, CATHARINE                         PA-51-3-44
MUHLENBERG, PETER                       PA-51-2-180
MUIR, JAMES                             PA-51-5-261
MUIRHEAD, HENRY                         PA-51-B-470
MULCAHY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-108
MULHALL, JAMES                          PA-51-#1-469
MULLANY, JAMES                          PA-51-2-123
MULLEN, CHARLES                         PA-51-S-269
MULLEN, JANE                            PA-51-5-20
MULLEN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-179
MULLENS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-2-432
MULLER, GEORGE                          PA-51-D-142
MULLERY, EDMOND                         PA-51-W-544
MULLIN, KATHARINE                       PA-51-I-331
MUMFORD, CALEB                          PA-51-#1-189
MUMFORD, THOMAS                         PA-51-3-345
MUNBAUR, WILLIAM                        PA-51-I-262
MUNICH, GODFREY                         PA-51-X-458
MUNNS, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-378
MUNORE, JOHN                            PA-51-2-202
MUNSELS, DIETRICK                       PA-51-#1-386
MUNTZ, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-O-33
MURALROYD, JAMES                        PA-51-K-447
MURDOCH, JOHN                           PA-51-D-40
MURDOCH, THOMAS                         PA-51-R-339
MURDOCK, SAMUEL                         PA-51-#1-127
MURFEY, JOHN                            PA-51-O-97
MURGATRAUD, SARAH P.                    PA-51-8-183
MURGATROYD, MARY                        PA-51-3-235
MURPHY, JOHN                            PA-51-4-239
MURPHY, MARY                            PA-51-#1-221
MURPHY, PATRICK                         PA-51-G-185
MURPHY, PHILIP                          PA-51-N-27
MURPHY, SAMUEL                          PA-51-O-211
MURPHY, SARAH                           PA-51-9-199
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-W-468
MURRAY, ANN                             PA-51-3-432
MURRAY, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-182
MURRAY, JAMES                           PA-51-O-150
MURRAY, JOHN                            PA-51-P-384
MURRAY, JOHN                            PA-51-X-66
MURRAY, MARTIN                          PA-51-Y-221
MURRAY, THOMAS                          PA-51-S-231
MURRAY, WILIAM                          PA-51-W-718
MURREY, FRANCIS                         PA-51-O-35
MURREY, JAMES                           PA-51-P-287
MURREY, MARTHA                          PA-51-5-244
MURREY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-T-211
MURREY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-542
MURROW, GABRAEL                         PA-51-A-368
MURRY, CHARLES                          PA-51-2-122
MURSEN, BARNAHAS                        PA-51-K-487
MURSHAW, GIDEON                         PA-51-R-476
MURTAUGH,JAMES                          PA-51-2-84
MURY, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-#1-134
MUSELMAN, THOMAS                        PA-51-Q-375
MUSGRAVE, LYDIA                         PA-51-W-352
MUSGRAVE, THOMAS                        PA-51-B-120
MUSGROVE, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-N-266
MUSSEY, HUMPHREY                        PA-51-D-49
MUSSI, JOSEPH                           PA-51-10-219
MWEISS, ESTHER                          PA-51-X-117
MYER, GEORGE                            PA-51-4-75
MYER, HANES                             PA-51-F-41
MYERLE, FREDERICK                       PA-51-2-314
MYERS, LAWRENCE                         PA-51-2-28
MYERS, SEBASTIAN                        PA-51-S-113

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