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WACHSMUTH, JOHN G.                      PA-51-9-135
WACKERLY, WOLLERG                       PA-51-9-614
WADDY, HENRY                            PA-51-A-293
WADE, JOSEPH                            PA-51-T-422
WADE, LYDIA                             PA-51-B-141
WADE, ROBERT                            PA-51-A-412
WADE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-A-12
WADMAN, PEACE                           PA-51-6-430
WAGANER, PHILIP                         PA-51-5-373
WAGER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-228
WAGER, PHILIP                           PA-51-4-337
WAGER, WILLIAM                          PA-51-10-90
WAGGONER, ADAM                          PA-51-#1-259
WAGGONER, JANE                          PA-51-N-398
WAGNER, ANNA                            PA-51-7-266
WAGNER, BASTIAN                         PA-51-P-92
WAGNER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-Y-165
WAGNER, GRACE                           PA-51-9-310
WAGNER, JACOB (THE ELDER)               PA-51-W-46
WAGNER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-530
WAGNER, JOHN                            PA-51-9-596
WAGNER, JOHN                            PA-51-10-253
WAGNER, JOHN NICHOLAS                   PA-51-#1-100
WAGNER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-G-112
WAGNER, PETER                           PA-51-P-289
WAGSTAFF, HUGH                          PA-51-8-71
WAINWRIGHT, JONATHAN                    PA-51-W-288
WAINWRIGHT, SAMUEL                      PA-51-E-119
WAIT, JOHN                              PA-51-D-458
WAITE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-D-166
WAITE, MARTHA                           PA-51-D-180
WAITE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-191
WAITEFORD, SARAH                        PA-51-8-589
WAKELING, SAMUEL                        PA-51-7-535
WALBANK, EDWARD                         PA-51-E-253
WALDER, JACOB                           PA-51-I-486
WALHAIMER, PHILLIP                      PA-51-U-390
WALKER, BEULAH                          PA-51-8-143
WALKER, DANIEL                          PA-51-P-233
WALKER, DAVID                           PA-51-9-348
WALKER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-A-361
WALKER, EMANUEL                         PA-51-E-76
WALKER, EMANUEL                         PA-51-X-17
WALKER, GEORGE                          PA-51-B-465
WALKER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-195
WALKER, JOHN JUSTUS                     PA-51-Y-232
WALKER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-4-318
WALKER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-A-363
WALKER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-N-94
WALKER LEWIS                            PA-51-E-98
WALKER, LYDIA                           PA-51-P-522
WALKER, MARGARET                        PA-51-B-226
WALKER, MARY                            PA-51-H-512
WALKER, REBECCA                         PA-51-10-153
WALKER, SAMUEL                          PA-51-S-82
WALKER, SAMUEL                          PA-51-8-324
WALKER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-356
WALKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-K-340
WALL, GEORGE                            PA-51-8-517
WALL, HENRY                             PA-51-8-79
WALL, JUSTINIA                          PA-51-10-194
WALL, RICHARD                           PA-51-A-306
WALL, RICHARD                           PA-51-B-174
WALLACE, JAMES                          PA-51-6-605
WALLACE, JOSHUA M. JR.                  PA-51-7-277
WALLACE, MARY                           PA-51-X-739
WALLACE, ROBERT                         PA-51-4-107
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         PA-51-T-90
WALLACE, SARAH                          PA-51-6-222
WALLACE, THOMAS                         PA-51-Y-368
WALLACE, THOMAS                         PA-51-9-576
WALLACE, THOMAS E.                      PA-51-Q-141
WALLACE, WILIAM SR.                     PA-51-8-626
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Y-344
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-144
WALLACE, WILLIAM (DR.0                  PA-51-3-253
WALLBORN, HERMANUS                      PA-51-H-220
WALLEY, THOMAS                          PA-51-X-664
WALLING, THOMAS                         PA-51-H-439
WALLINGTON, EDWARD                      PA-51-10-47
WALLIS, EDWARD                          PA-51-S-429
WALLIS, JUDITH                          PA-51-X-389
WALLIS, ROBERT                          PA-51-E-57
WALLTON, DANIEL                         PA-51-D-119
WALLWORK, JOSHUA                        PA-51-10-360
WALMSLEY, ISRAEL                        PA-51-7-633
WALMSLEY, REBECCA                       PA-51-10-19
WALMSLEY, SILAS                         PA-51-8-25
WALMSLEY, THOMAS                        PA-51-K-212
WALMSLEY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-P-423
WALMSLEY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-6-628
WALN, MARY                              PA-51-K-415
WALN, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-G-140
WALN, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-D-304
WALN, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-5-77
WALN, REBECCA                           PA-51-Y-72
WALN, RICHARD                           PA-51-2-505
WALN, RICHARD                           PA-51-K-409
WALN, RICHARD                           PA-51-N-182
WALN, ROBERT                            PA-51-T-23
WALPPER, JOHN DAVID                     PA-51-X-582
WALSBY, HENRIETTA                       PA-51-9-125
WALSH, FRANCIS                          PA-51-R-288
WALSH, MARY                             PA-51-9-290
WALSH, ROGER                            PA-51-7-135
WALSMLEY, ABYGAL                        PA-51-7-215
WALTER, JACOB                           PA-51-Q-275
WALTER, JACOB                           PA-51-9-132
WALTER, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-Y-475
WALTER, PETER                           PA-51-4-315
WALTER, PHILIP PETER                    PA-51-T-319
WALTER, RICHARD                         PA-51-C-257
WALTER, WALTER                          PA-51-T-58
WALTERS, DOROTHY                        PA-51-O-458
WALTERS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-G-337
WALTHERON, ANN BARBARA                  PA-51-H-430
WALTMAN, MICHAEL                        PA-51-3-451
WALTON, ALBERTSON                       PA-51-7-389
WALTON, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-K-126
WALTON, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-F-50
WALTON, DANIEL                          PA-51-Q-372
WALTON, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-T-483
WALTON, ELIZABETH S.                    PA-51-10-469
WALTON, HANNAH                          PA-51-6-503
WALTON, JACOB                           PA-51-Q-506
WALTON, JOSHUA                          PA-51-P-396
WALTON, MARTHA                          PA-51-F-247
WALTON, MATHEW                          PA-51-Q-356
WALTON, MICHAEL                         PA-51-E-262
WALTON, NATHANIEL                       PA-51-S-497
WALTON, NATHANIEL                       PA-51-E-232
WALTON, PHEBE                           PA-51-P-455
WALTON, RICHARD                         PA-51-Q-353
WALTON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-8-101
WALTON, SARAH                           PA-51-9-527
WALTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-2-167
WALTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-O-506
WALTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-F-27
WALTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-719
WALTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-360
WALTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-226
WANHUP, MARGARET                        PA-51-#1-86
WANNEMAKER, CONRAD                      PA-51-P-261
WANSELL, RICHARD                        PA-51-E-82
WAPLES, LYDIA LEIB                      PA-51-9-131
WARD, HENRY                             PA-51-C-157
WARD, JOHN                              PA-51-T-469
WARD, JOHN                              PA-51-7-550
WARD, JOSEPH                            PA-51-B-272
WARD, PATRICK GEORGE                    PA-51-2-22
WARD, RALPH                             PA-51-C-254
WARD, SUSANNA                           PA-51-Y-276
WARD, WILLIAM                           PA-51-C-341
WARDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-433
WARDER, ANN                             PA-51-9-277
WARDER, JEREMIAH                        PA-51-S-248
WARDER, JOHN                            PA-51-K-529
WARDER, JOHN                            PA-51-C-267
WARDER, JOHN                            PA-51-9-181
WARDER, LYDIA                           PA-51-O-98
WARDER, WILLIAM S.                      PA-51-10-219
WARDER, WILOLOUGHBY                     PA-51-D-424
WARE, DAVID                             PA-51-7-25
WARE, HENRIETTA                         PA-51-7-152
WAREN, JOHN                             PA-51-E-290
WARING, WILLIAM                         PA-51-W-666
WARMAR, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-O-300
WARMER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-E-156
WARNE, ELISHA                           PA-51-10-457
WARNER, ANN                             PA-51-K-206
WARNER, ANN                             PA-51-#1-349
WARNER, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-7-371
WARNER, EDWARD                          PA-51-K-219
WARNER, FREDERICK                       PA-51-3-263
WARNER, ISAAC                           PA-51-D-445
WARNER, ISAAC                           PA-51-E-42
WARNER, ISAAC                           PA-51-X-155
WARNER, JOHN                            PA-51-6-369
WARNER, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-40
WARNER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-72
WARNER, JONATHAN                        PA-51-W-694
WARNER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-398
WARNER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-R-478
WARNER, LYDIA                           PA-51-Y-272
WARNER, MARGARET                        PA-51-X-693
WARNER, MARGERY                         PA-51-#1-276
WARNER, MARY                            PA-51-8-485
WARNER, THOMAS                          PA-51-S-215
WARNER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-C-61
WARNER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-5-80
WARREN, EDWARD                          PA-51-C-226
WARREN, ISAAC                           PA-51-10-494
WARREN, JACOB                           PA-51-D-98
WARTENBY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-E-270
WARTHMAN, ADAM                          PA-51-P-79
WARWICK, THOMS                          PA-51-8-73
WASSER, DIETRICK MARCUS                 PA-51-T-460
WATER, SOLOMON DE                       PA-51-2-16
WATERHOUSE, JEREMIAH                    PA-51-9-245
WATERMAN, DANIEL                        PA-51-O-31
WATERMAN, MARY                          PA-51-7-592
WATERMAN, THOMAS                        PA-51-4-146
WATERS, ESTHER                          PA-51-10-654
WATERS, GEORGE                          PA-51-10-168
WATERS, JOHN                            PA-51-8-204
WATKIN, ROBERT                          PA-51-9-301
WATKIN, WILLAM                          PA-51-2-195
WATKINS, ANDREW                         PA-51-F-333
WATKINS, HESTER                         PA-51-I-62
WATKINS, JOHN                           PA-51-6-427
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Q-266
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         PA-51-2-414
WATKINS, NOAH                           PA-51-C-144
WATKINS, THOMAS                         PA-51-H-113
WATMOUGH, ANNA                          PA-51-9-94
WATMOUGH, JAMES HORATIO                 PA-51-9-98
WATS, STEPHEN                           PA-51-U-140
WATSON, ANDREW                          PA-51-G-116
WATSON, ANDREW                          PA-51-G-184
WATSON, ISAAC                           PA-51-4-17
WATSON, JAMES                           PA-51-X-557
WATSON, JAMES                           PA-51-F-142
WATSON, JOHN                            PA-51-E-122
WATSON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-419
WATSON, NATHANIEL                       PA-51-A-95
WATSON, RICHARD                         PA-51-Q-134
WATSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-510
WATSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-U-333
WATTERMAN, HANNAH                       PA-51-T-121
WATTERMAN, JOSEPH                       PA-51-G-74
WATTKINS, ROBERT                        PA-51-K-94
WATTS, ELIZABETH T.                     PA-51-10-593
WATTS, GEORE                            PA-51-#1-24
WATTS, HESTER                           PA-51-A-416
WATTS, JOHN                             PA-51-5-34
WATTS, JOHN                             PA-51-A-392
WAY, GEORGE                             PA-51-7-16
WAY, JAMES                              PA-51-8-424
WAYNAND, GEORGE                         PA-51-Q-449
WAYNE, ANTHONY (MAJ. GEN.)              PA-51-X-545
WAYNE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-106
WEAR, ANN                               PA-51-10-243
WEAR, JOHN                              PA-51-P-189
WEARIN, JUSTINA                         PA-51-E-174
WEART, WILLIAM                          PA-51-N-225
WEATHERBY, JOSEPH                       PA-51-6-339
WEAVER, ANN                             PA-51-8-626
WEAVER, ANNA MARIA                      PA-51-6-546
WEAVER, BARNARD                         PA-51-6-598
WEAVER, CHRISTINA                       PA-51-2-333
WEAVER, HANS                            PA-51-D-434
WEAVER, HENRY                           PA-51-6-411
WEAVER, HENRY                           PA-51-3-415
WEAVER, HENRY                           PA-51-N-299
WEAVER, JACOB                           PA-51-Q-108
WEAVER, JACOB                           PA-51-Y-149
WEAVER, JOHN                            PA-51-P-159
WEAVER, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-545
WEAVER, JOHN                            PA-51-5-86
WEAVER, JOHN                            PA-51-7-627
WEAVER, JOHN                            PA-51-10-99
WEAVER, MARTIN                          PA-51-8-195
WEAVER, MATHEW                          PA-51-9-716
WEAVER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-R-2
WEAVER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-H-48
WEAVER, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-Y-299
WEAVER, PHILIP                          PA-51-X-343
WEAVE,R PHILIP                          PA-51-8-181
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-631
WEBB, JOHN                              PA-51-2-361
WEBB, JOHN                              PA-51-D-44
WEBB, JOHN                              PA-51-Q-224
WEBB, MARGARET                          PA-51-7-113
WEBB, SAMUEL P.                         PA-51-4-220
WEBER, ANNA CATHARINE                   PA-51-U-335
WEBER, BLAZE                            PA-51-Q-66
WEBER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-R-134
WEBER, GEORGE                           PA-51-9-82
WEBSTER, ANN                            PA-51-9-578
WEBSTER, GEORGE                         PA-51-2-293
WEBSTER, MARY                           PA-51-9-636
WEBSTER, PELATIAH                       PA-51-X-327
WEBSTER, ROBERT                         PA-51-6-419
WEBSTER, THOMAS                         PA-51-2-537
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-P-430
WECKERLY, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-R-471
WECKERLY, GEORGE                        PA-51-X-558
WECKERLY, ULERY                         PA-51-X-607
WEDGE, SARAH                            PA-51-8-257
WEED, ELIJAH                            PA-51-W-576
WEEGER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-H-131
WEEK, BALTES                            PA-51-P-475
WEERRBROOK, ANDREW                      PA-51-W-280
WEGER, PETER                            PA-51-I-319
WEGMAN, MARGARET                        PA-51-4-305
WEIDNER, CATHEIRNA                      PA-51-G-91
WEIGNER, JOHN                           PA-51-O-176
WEIR, DAVID                             PA-51-Y-686
WEIR, EDWARD                            PA-51-W-522
WEIR, JOHN                              PA-51-C-12
WEIRMAN, HANS                           PA-51-H-207
WEISEL, MICHAEL                         PA-51-N-335
WEISER, PETER                           PA-51-F-82
WEISMAN, GEORGE PHILIP                  PA-51-U-256
WEISS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-7-450
WEISS, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-561
WEISS, JACOB                            PA-51-U-166
WEITMORE, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-K-495
WELCH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-P-7
WELCH, SARAH                            PA-51-C-18
WELFONG, SEBASTIAN                      PA-51-Y-213
WELLS, ARTHUR                           PA-51-E-211
WELLS, ARTHUR                           PA-51-B-209
WELLS, HENRY                            PA-51-E-269
WELLS, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-250
WELLS, SAMUEL                           PA-51-R-174
WELLS, THOMAS                           PA-51-I-327
WELLS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-X-418
WELMICK, HENRY                          PA-51-X-266
WELSH, EPHRAIM                          PA-51-4-190
WELSH, JAMES                            PA-51-5-379
WELSH, JAMES                            PA-51-X-200
WELSH, JAMES                            PA-51-8-645
WELSH, LYDIA                            PA-51-3-416
WELSH, MARTIN                           PA-51-G-127
WELSH, MARY                             PA-51-8-168
WELSH,D AVID                            PA-51-N-85
WENDISH, CASPAR                         PA-51-X-532
WENGER, PETER                           PA-51-P-242
WENT, TURONIKEN                         PA-51-8-388
WENTLING, MARY                          PA-51-9-272
WENTZ, PETER                            PA-51-I-196
WENTZ, PHILIP SR.                       PA-51-R-526
WENTZER, JOHN                           PA-51-7-181
WERCKHEUSER, NICOLAUS                   PA-51-N-496
WERNER, CONRAD                          PA-51-X-680
WERT, JOSEPH                            PA-51-U-375
WERTMULLER, ADOLPH ULRICK               PA-51-3-571
WESCOT, GEORGE                          PA-51-S-11
WESCOTT, GEORGE                         PA-51-#1-251
WESCOTT, HENRY                          PA-51-#1-294
WESSELS, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-E-303
WEST, BENJAMIN                          PA-51-9-33
WEST, BENJAMIN                          PA-51-10-263
WEST, CATHARINE                         PA-51-10-95
WEST, CHARLES                           PA-51-X-226
WEST, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-8-490
WEST, HANNAH                            PA-51-5-127
WEST, HENRY                             PA-51-6-187
WEST, JAMES                             PA-51-N-402
WEST, JOHN                              PA-51-C-329
WEST, JOHN                              PA-51-H-317
WEST, JOHN                              PA-51-O-63
WEST, JOSEPH                            PA-51-R-529
WEST, MARY                              PA-51-T-220
WEST, PRUDENCE                          PA-51-B-203
WEST, REBECCA K.                        PA-51-7-391
WEST, SAMUEL                            PA-51-6-60
WEST, SARAH                             PA-51-P-230
WEST, SARAH                             PA-51-3-39
WEST, THOMAS                            PA-51-O-440
WEST, WILLIAM                           PA-51-S-217
WEST, WILLIAM                           PA-51-W-712
WEST, WILLIAM                           PA-51-N-303
WEST, WILLIAM HODGE                     PA-51-W-409
WESTENBARGER, JOHN                      PA-51-7-568
WETHERED, JOHN                          PA-51-W-248
WETHERHEAD, ESTER                       PA-51-4-103
WETHERILL, JOSEPH                       PA-51-7-95
WETHERILL, MARTHA                       PA-51-9-469
WETHERILL, SAMUEL                       PA-51-U-425
WETHERILL, SAMUEL                       PA-51-6-33
WETHERILL, SAMUEL                       PA-51-9-366
WETHERSPOON, THOMAS                     PA-51-7-302
WETHERSTINE, ADAM                       PA-51-9-512
WEVILL, RICHARD                         PA-51-#1-133
WEYANT, JOHN                            PA-51-9-559
WEYANT, MARY                            PA-51-10-531
WEYGELL, MICHAEL                        PA-51-P-5
WHALEY, THOMAS                          PA-51-#1-387
WHARTENBY, RICHARD                      PA-51-W-287
WHARTENBY, ROBERT                       PA-51-N-486
WHARTNALLY, ANN                         PA-51-F-256
WHARTON, CARPENTER                      PA-51-R-363
WHARTON, CHAMLESS                       PA-51-#1-18
WHARTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-6-248
WHARTON, HANNAH                         PA-51-W-65
WHARTON, ISAAC                          PA-51-2-285
WHARTON, JAMES                          PA-51-T-120
WHARTON, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-232
WHARTON, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Q-321
WHARTON, MARTHA                         PA-51-U-117
WHARTON, MARY                           PA-51-6-120
WHARTON, RACHEL                         PA-51-2-320
WHARTON, RACHEL                         PA-51-H-271
WHARTON, REBECCA                        PA-51-5-375
WHARTON, REBECCA W.                     PA-51-10-616
WHARTON, ROBERT OWEN                    PA-51-10-358
WHARTON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-Y-306
WHARTON, THOMAS                         PA-51-E-123
WHARTON, THOMAS                         PA-51-Q-498
WHARTON, THOMAS                         PA-51-D-100
WHARTON, THOMAS JR. ESQ.                PA-51-R-137
WHARTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-286
WHEATLY, JOHN                           PA-51-I-552
WHEATON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-36
WHEELER, ANDREW                         PA-51-D-174
WHEELER, CAORLINE                       PA-51-9-241
WHEELER, GILBERT                        PA-51-B-294
WHEELER, MARY                           PA-51-6-263
WHEELER, SAMUEL                         PA-51-9-77
WHEELER, THOMAS                         PA-51-F-278
WHELAN, JAMES JR.                       PA-51-9-160
WHILAND, MARY L.                        PA-51-7-365
WHILTON, THOMAS                         PA-51-Q-7
WHITACRE, SAMUEL                        PA-51-F-151
WHITALL, JOSEPH P.                      PA-51-R-430
WHITBY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-3-545
WHITE, BENJAMIN C.                      PA-51-8-546
WHITE, BRIDGE                           PA-51-Y-430
WHITE, CATHERINE                        PA-51-Q-472
WHITE, CHARLES                          PA-51-G-119
WHITE, EDWARD                           PA-51-H-363
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-B-13
WHITE, ESTHER                           PA-51-W-58
WHITE, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-9
WHITE, GEORGE                           PA-51-W-354
WHITE, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-384
WHITE, HANNAH                           PA-51-7-68
WHITE, JABIZ SR.                        PA-51-Q-514
WHITE, JAMES                            PA-51-R-152
WHITE, JAMES                            PA-51-S-259
WHITE, JAMES                            PA-51-O-473
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-51-B-335
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-51-A-253
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-51-7-328
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-51-10-67
WHITE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-9-63
WHITE, MARY                             PA-51-C-287
WHITE, MARY                             PA-51-8-622
WHITE, RUDOLPH                          PA-51-7-523
WHITE, SARAH                            PA-51-3-582
WHITE, SOLOMON                          PA-51-3-4
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-51-N-547
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-51-I-352
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-51-Y-129
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-51-R-415
WHITE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-P-201
WHITE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-B-445
WHITEALL, HESTOR                        PA-51-6-419
WHITEALL, JAMES                         PA-51-Y-436
WHITEBREAD, WILLIAM                     PA-51-7-360
WHITECAR, THOMAS                        PA-51-7-536
WHITEHEAD, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-A-374
WHITEHEAD, CHARLES OGLESBY              PA-51-8-267
WHITEHEAD, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-7-444
WHITEHEAD, JAMES                        PA-51-Q-250
WHITEHEAD, JAMES                        PA-51-R-579
WHITEHEAD, MARGARET                     PA-51-9-208
WHITEHEAD, RICHARD                      PA-51-#1-451
WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM                      PA-51-U-527
WHITEHEAD,JAMES                         PA-51-9-266
WHITEHOUSE, JOHN                        PA-51-9-196
WHITELL, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-G-159
WHITEMAN, HENRY                         PA-51-7-132
WHITEMAN, PETER                         PA-51-9-282
WHITEMARSH, SAMUEL JONES                PA-51-O-130
WHITESIDE, JOHN                         PA-51-D-109
WHITESIDE, JOHN                         PA-51-9-227
WHITESIDE, WILLIAM                      PA-51-W-466
WHITESIDES, ALEXANDER                   PA-51-10-684
WHITESIDES, PETER                       PA-51-9-410
WHITLY, MICHAEL                         PA-51-R-193
WHITMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-O-281
WHITMAN, JACOB                          PA-51-X-697
WHITMAN, RICHARD                        PA-51-T-312
WHITNEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-O-292
WHITPAIN, CHARLES KRESS                 PA-51-O-47
WHITPAIN, DERICK VANPELT                PA-51-O-108
WHITPAIN, ROBERT PORTER                 PA-51-O-536
WHITPAINE, JOHN                         PA-51-D-102
WHITPAINE, JOHN                         PA-51-A-351
WHITSETT, JOSEPH                        PA-51-F-337
WHITTESEY, CHAUNCEY                     PA-51-2-394
WHITTLE, ANN                            PA-51-10-602
WHITTLE, ROBERT                         PA-51-3-367
WHITTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-#1-273
WHITTON, JAMES                          PA-51-S-187
WHITTON, RICHARD                        A-51-G-82
WHITTON, ROBERT                         PA-51-#1-351
WHITTON, ROBERT JR.                     PA-51-T-373
WHITTON, THOMAS                         PA-51-O-294
WHYLEY, JAMES                           PA-51-P-338
WICE, SARAH                             PA-51-W-298
WICKHAM, JAMES                          PA-51-4-124
WIDDES, CHARLES                         PA-51-8-532
WIDDIFIELD, JOHN                        PA-51-D-179
WIDDIFIELD, WILLIAM                     PA-51-7-542
WIDNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-N-116
WIEMAN, ZACHARIAS                       PA-51-U-252
WIESSENBACH, HENRY                      PA-51-6-619
WIGGINS, THOMAS                         PA-51-6-156
WIGGLESWORTH, JOHN                      PA-51-#1-120
WIGGLESWORTH, JOHN                      PA-51-Y-608
WIGGLESWORTH, WILLIAM                   PA-51-5-381
WIGMORE, THOMAS                         PA-51-#1-135
WIKOFF, HENRY                           PA-51-8-541
WIKOFF, PETER                           PA-51-#1-216
WILCOCKS, ALEXANDER ESQ                 PA-51-Y-550
WILCOCKS, JOHN                          PA-51-X-618
WILCOX, ANN                             PA-51-E-295
WILD, FREDERICK                         PA-51-5-121
WILDNAGER, MATHIAS                      PA-51-O-307
WILDRIDGE, SUSANNAH                     PA-51-O-154
WILEN, CONRAD                           PA-51-9-22
WILEN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-10-614
WILEY, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-F-261
WILEY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-651
WILEY, GRCE                             PA-51-W-96
WILEY, JOHN                             PA-51-9-460
WILEY, JOSEPH                           PA-51-I-303
WILEY, PAUL                             PA-51-8-352
WILEY, ROBERT                           PA-51-9-241
WILHELM, JACOB                          PA-51-G-98
WILKINS, CALEB                          PA-51-6-455
WILKINS, GEORGE                         PA-51-9-408
WILKINS, THOMAS                         PA-51-4-79
WILKINSON, ANN                          PA-51-9-135
WILKINSON, BRYAN                        PA-51-X-128
WILKINSON, DEBORAH                      PA-51-T-264
WILKINSON, GABRIEL                      PA-51-E-221
WILKINSON, GABRIEL                      PA-51-I-293
WILKINSON, JOHN                         PA-51-2-135
WILKINSON, SARAH                        PA-51-Q-355
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-6-234
WILL, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-T-502
WILLAR, ANTHONY                         PA-51-R-37
WILLARD, GEORGE                         PA-51-C-25
WILLARD, RICHARD                        PA-51-7-546
WILLCOCKS, ROBERT                       PA-51-N-96
WILLCOCKX, JOHN                         PA-51-P-329
WILLCOX, GEORGE                         PA-51-A-274
WILLCOX, SARAH                          PA-51-A-216
WILLHELM, JOHN                          PA-51-K-439
WILLHOVER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-P-116
WILLIAM, DAVID                          PA-51-D-17
WILLIAM, DAVID                          PA-51-Y-555
WILLIAM, HUGH                           PA-51-E-30
WILLIAM, JOHN                           PA-51-E-377
WILLIAM, JOHN REES                      PA-51-B-282
WILLIAM, REES JOHN                      PA-51-B-282
WILLIAMS, ANTHONY                       PA-51-W-437
WILLIAMS, ARON                          PA-51-Y-714
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-Q-14
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     PA-51-I-48
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     PA-51-7-59
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       PA-51-F-174
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       PA-51-O-85
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        PA-51-R-567
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        PA-51-X-616
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        PA-51-X-162
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        PA-51-9-575
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         PA-51-Y-354
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         PA-51-E-266
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         PA-51-E-156
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         PA-51-E-141
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        PA-51-G-279
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        PA-51-A-312
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        PA-51-I-225
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        PA-51-#1-226
WILLIAMS, ELEANOR                       PA-51-I-431
WILLIAMS, ELINOR                        PA-51-H-343
WILLIAMS, ENNION                        PA-51-9-456
WILLIAMS, EVAN                          PA-51-Q-144
WILLIAMS, EVAN                          PA-51-D-42
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        PA-51-N-147
WILLIAMS, GRIFFITH                      PA-51-7-631
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                        PA-51-9-13
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         PA-51-D-363
WILLIAMS, HEZEKIAH                      PA-51-2-200
WILLIAMS, HUMPHREY                      PA-51-T-344
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         PA-51-E-348
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         PA-51-O-266
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         PA-51-Q-470
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         PA-51-C-3
WILLIAMS, JANE                          PA-51-O-365
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-51-K-11
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-51-F-170
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-51-F-6
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-51-E-7
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-51-9-189
WILLIAMS, JOHN ADOM                     PA-51-S-44
WILLIAMS, JONATHAN                      PA-51-8-471
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        PA-51-8-527
WILLIAMS, JOSHUA                        PA-51-E-365
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         PA-51-E-23
WILLIAMS, LUMLEY                        PA-51-D-46
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                      PA-51-Q-39
WILLIAMS, MARY                          PA-51-3-283
WILLIAMS, MARY                          PA-51-O-182
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                        PA-51-I-248
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                        PA-51-7-22
WILLIAMS, PETER                         PA-51-U-365
WILLIAMS, PETER                         PA-51-3-181
WILLIAMS, PHEBE                         PA-51-N-361
WILLIAMS, REBECCA                       PA-51-C-49
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        PA-51-Q-226
WILLIAMS, ROGER                         PA-51-D-14
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-Y-357
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-2-259
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-9-162
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL H.                     PA-51-7-530
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         PA-51-F-328
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         PA-51-O-383
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         PA-51-#1-129
WILLIAMS, THEOPHILUS                    PA-51-N-446
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-51-P-416
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-51-S-373
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-51-O-380
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-51-F-256
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-51-6-522
WILLIAMS, THOMAS D.                     PA-51-4-21
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-Y-664
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-F-310
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-O-38
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-10-74
WILLIAMS,M ARY                          PA-51-#1-5
WILLIAMSON, DUNK                        PA-51-B-462
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                      PA-51-6-443
WILLIAMSON, SARAH                       PA-51-W-295
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     PA-51-Y-123
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     PA-51-E-364
WILLING, ABIGAIL                        PA-51-W-167
WILLING, ANN                            PA-51-W-170
WILLING, CHARLES                        PA-51-U-98
WILLING, CHARLES                        PA-51-K-231
WILLING, JAMES                          PA-51-4-8
WILLING, JANE                           PA-51-8-12
WILLING, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-229
WILLING, THOMAS M.                      PA-51-7-553
WILLIS, JEREMIAH                        PA-51-O-93
WILLS, GEORGE                           PA-51-S-312
WILLS, JAMES                            PA-51-8-353
WILLS, JAMES SR.                        PA-51-8-13
WILLS, MICHAEL                          PA-51-I-11
WILLS, THOMAS                           PA-51-9-682
WILLSON, GEORGE                         PA-51-U-403
WILLSON, HUGH                           PA-51-G-325
WILLSON, JOHN                           PA-51-T-44
WILLSON, MARGARET                       PA-51-8-270
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-58
WILMER, JOHN                            PA-51-8-459
WILMER, LAMBERT                         PA-51-8-401
WILMERTON, JOHN                         PA-51-D-368
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-5-64
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-6-631
WILSON, ANN                             PA-51-10-638
WILSON, ARCHIBALD                       PA-51-6-490
WILSON, ASAPH                           PA-51-R-63
WILSON, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-U-198
WILSON, BENJAMIN B.                     PA-51-9-152
WILSON, CATHARINE                       PA-51-9-586
WILSON, DOROTHY                         PA-51-2-100
WILSON, ELEANOR                         PA-51-10-341
WILSON, ESTHER                          PA-51-C-199
WILSON, FRANCIS                         PA-51-S-156
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-312
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-59
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-51-I-46
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-195
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-527
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-51-#1-280
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-51-5-351
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-51-W-313
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-51-G-117
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-51-W-421
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-51-10-123
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-E-19
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-W-305
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-T-446
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-U-538
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-D-74
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-8-631
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-9-122
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-51-10-653
WILSON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-6-105
WILSON, MARGARET                        PA-51-T-305
WILSON, MARY                            PA-51-X-217
WILSON, MARY                            PA-51-#1-521
WILSON, MARY                            PA-51-7-392
WILSON, MARY                            PA-51-8-317
WILSON, PHILIP JR.                      PA-51-4-139
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-51-6-564
WILSON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-5-158
WILSON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-X-243
WILSON, SAMUEL L.                       PA-51-6-602
WILSON, SARAH                           PA-51-O-140
WILSON, SARAH                           PA-51-6-83
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-D-82
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-U-190
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-H-159
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-B-22
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-10-407
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-9-438
WILSON, THOMAS J.                       PA-51-9-371
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-352
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-6-282
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-361
WILSTACK, HANNAH                        PA-51-8-278
WILT, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-7-348
WILT, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-N-277
WILTBERGER, GEORGE                      PA-51-9-572
WIMEMORE, PHILIP                        PA-51-Q-423
WINCHESTER, ELHANAN                     PA-51-X-576
WINCHESTER, JAMES                       PA-51-Q-469
WINCKLES, JOHN                          PA-51-G-321
WINDOR, EDMUND                          PA-51-R-120
WINEMORE, JACOB                         PA-51-7-213
WINEMORE, PHILIP                        PA-51-4-38
WINEY, JACOB                            PA-51-X-245
WINNEMORE, PHILIP                       PA-51-9-27
WINNIG, GEORGE                          PA-51-N-150
WINTER, JAMES                           PA-51-E-187
WINTERGARST, MARGARET                   PA-51-9-60
WINTERS, PADRICK                        PA-51-2-432
WINTON, MARY                            PA-51-6-496
WIRCHERER, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-Y-648
WIRE, THOMAS                            PA-51-O-451
WIRSCHAM, CASPER                        PA-51-2-412
WIRSCHAM, MARIA                         PA-51-8-152
WIRTZ, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-4-297
WISE, WINNERD                           PA-51-U-152
WISEHEART, PETER                        PA-51-F-251
WISHART, ANN                            PA-51-O-459
WISHART, ANN                            PA-51-#1-108
WISHART, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-202
WISLEY, MARGARET                        PA-51-4-21
WISTAR, BARTHOLOMEW                     PA-51-X-535
WISTAR, CATHERINE                       PA-51-T-426
WISTAR, JOHN                            PA-51-9-661
WISTAR, RICHARD                         PA-51-U-52
WISTAR, RICHARD                         PA-51-7-314
WISTAR, SARAH                           PA-51-6-90
WISTER, CASPER                          PA-51-I-493
WISTER, JOHN                            PA-51-U-218
WISTER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Y-557
WITCHELL, SAMUEL                        PA-51-8-243
WITHAM, ARCHIBALD                       PA-51-10-242
WITMER, JACOB                           PA-51-K-266
WITNER, CATHERINE                       PA-51-Y-289
WITTBERGER, CATHARINE                   PA-51-S-15
WOELPPER, FREDERICK                     PA-51-6-553
WOELPPER, GEORGE GODFRIED               PA-51-7-171
WOELPPER, JOHN FREDERICK                PA-51-#1-231
WOGLAM, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-7-396
WOGLOM, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-508
WOGLOM, PETER                           PA-51-2-180
WOLF, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-X-524
WOLF, PAUL                              PA-51-C-149
WOLFF, PETER                            PA-51-10-586
WOLFINGTON, CATHARINE                   PA-51-7-637
WOLLIN, JOSEPH                          PA-51-F-139
WOMBOLT, GEORGE                         PA-51-R-432
WONDERLY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-6-590
WONSETLER, GEORGE                       PA-51-P-391
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-S-202
WOOD, ANDREW                            PA-51-4-156
WOOD, ANN                               PA-51-D-386
WOOD, ANN                               PA-51-9-31
WOOD, GEORGE                            PA-51-C-37
WOOD, GEORGE                            PA-51-6-617
WOOD, JAMES                             PA-51-G-275
WOOD, JAMES                             PA-51-8-230
WOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-6-326
WOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-S-500
WOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-W-565
WOOD, JOSIAH                            PA-51-F-134
WOOD, RICHARD                           PA-51-P-437
WOOD, RUTH                              PA-51-#1-286
WOOD, SARAH                             PA-51-5-5
WOOD, THOMAS                            PA-51-S-184
WOOD, THOMAS                            PA-51-O-352
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-51-X-332
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-51-Y-11
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-51-O-97
WOOD, ZACHARIAH                         PA-51-2-91
WOODBY, EMANUEL                         PA-51-P-403
WOODBY, JANE                            PA-51-P-471
WOODLAND, MARY                          PA-51-6-435
WOODLAND, MICHAEL                       PA-51-2-364
WOODLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-G-36
WOODMAN, CONSTANT                       PA-51-8-360
WOODROP, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-F-323
WOODROW, HENRY                          PA-51-R-142
WOODROW, HESTER                         PA-51-5-283
WOODROW, SUSANNAH                       PA-51-4-1
WOODS, ANN                              PA-51-I-114
WOODS, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-R-291
WOODS, FRANCIS                          PA-51-H-70
WOODS, HANNAH                           PA-51-6-589
WOODS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-185
WOODVILLE, JOHN                         PA-51-Q-217
WOODWARD, JACOB                         PA-51-3-347
WOODWARD, RICHARD                       PA-51-C-45
WOOLF, JOHN                             PA-51-P-454
WOOLLEY, EDMUND                         PA-51-P-152
WOOLSLARE, GEORGE                       PA-51-Y-231
WOOLSLAYER, JACOB                       PA-51-T-63
WOOLSTON, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-10-237
WOOLSTON, SARAH                         PA-51-7-531
WORD, JAMES                             PA-51-Q-345
WORELL, RICHARD                         PA-51-D-139
WORELL, RICHARD                         PA-51-D-339
WORKMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-51-6-580
WORKMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-333
WORKNOT, MARTIN                         PA-51-#1-121
WORMLEY, HENRY                          PA-51-F-244
WORN, JOHN                              PA-51-10-40
WORNER, FRANZIS                         PA-51-U-170
WORRALL, ISAIAH                         PA-51-X-743
WORRALL, JOHN                           PA-51-2-72
WORRALL, JOHN                           PA-51-F-311
WORRALL PETER                           PA-51-D-56
WORRALL, PETER                          PA-51-B-430
WORRALL, SARAH                          PA-51-K-335
WORREL, JOHN                            PA-51-G-66
WORRELL, FRANCIS                        PA-51-R-130
WORRELL, ISAAC                          PA-51-F-147
WORRELL, ISAAC GENERAL                  PA-51-8-413
WORRELL, ISAIAH                         PA-51-6-598
WORRELL, PETER                          PA-51-D-332
WORRELL, REBECCA                        PA-51-9-337
WORRELL, SARAH                          PA-51-8-384
WORRELL, SUSANNAH                       PA-51-Q-515
WORRELL, SUSANNAH                       PA-51-E-238
WORRILAW, SUSANNAH                      PA-51-C-214
WORRILAW, THOMAS                        PA-51-C-183
WORRILL, HANNAH                         PA-51-3-119
WORRILL, JONATHAN                       PA-51-7-42
WORRILL, ROBERT                         PA-51-U-373
WORSTAL, JAMES                          PA-51-W-570
WORTHINGOTN, MARY                       PA-51-T-238
WORTHINGTON, BENJAMIN                   PA-51-4-287
WORTHINGTON, JOHN                       PA-51-R-4
WRAN, MARYAN                            PA-51-5-125
WRIGHT, ANTHONY                         PA-51-Y-271
WRIGHT, BARBARA                         PA-51-D-75
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-C-249
WRIGHT, EDMUND                          PA-51-9-202
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-A-427
WRIGHT, FRANCIS                         PA-51-Y-407
WRIGHT, HANNAH                          PA-51-3-94
WRIGHT, HANNAH                          PA-51-10-91
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-7-422
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-W-245
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-S-53
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-R-57
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-P-40
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-G-114
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-9-189
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-D-60
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-O-376
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-10
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-10-239
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-10-254?
WRIGHT, RACHEL                          PA-51-Y-630
WRIGHT, RACHEL                          PA-51-10-552
WRIGHT, REBECCA                         PA-51-4-313
WRIGHT, REBECCA                         PA-51-9-113
WRIGHT, RICHARD JR.                     PA-51-I-75
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-328
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-51-4-307
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-639
WRIGHT, WILLIAM E.                      PA-51-9-41
WUNDER, VALENTINE                       PA-51-9-252
WYERMAN, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-O-1
WYNCOOP, JACOB                          PA-51-T-76
WYNKOOP, PHILLIP                        PA-51-P-118
WYNN, ANN                               PA-51-W-3
WYNN, JOHN                              PA-51-T-517
WYNNE, JONATHAN                         PA-51-D-190
WYNNE, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-200

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