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HAARS, MARY                             PA-51-10-273
HAAS, ADAM                              PA-51-S-55
HAAS, JOHAN HENRY                       PA-51-I-366
HAAS, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-212
HAAS, MARIA                             PA-51-8-575
HAASS, GEORGE CONROD                    PA-51-7-302
HACKLY, THOMAS                          PA-51-S-7
HADDON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-C-347
HADOCK, HENRY                           PA-51-6-203
HAFFLEIN, JOHN                          PA-51-X-543
HAGAR, GEORGE FREDERICK                 PA-51-F-217
HAGEL, MICHAEL                          PA-51-7-563
HAGEMAN, JOHN ULRICK                    PA-51-K-242
HAGER,ANNE CATHARINE                    PA-51-X-660
HAGNER, VALENTINE                       PA-51-W-614
HAGUE, ANDREW                           PA-51-9-262
HAGY, SUSANNA                           PA-51-W-550
HAHN, CATHERINE                         PA-51-Q-374
HAHN, CHRISTIAN                         PA-51-#1-559
HAHN, PETER                             PA-51-R-322
HAILER, CHRISTIANA                      PA-51-6-563
HAILER, FREDERICK                       PA-51-6-4
HAINES, ANNA CATHARINE                  PA-51-3-125
HAINES, CASPAR W.                       PA-51-Y-520
HAINES, DANIEL                          PA-51-6-603
HAINES, GEORGE                          PA-51-9-275
HAINES, HENRY                           PA-51-S-426
HAINES, JOSIAH                          PA-51-X-254
HAINES, MARGARET                        PA-51-W-502
HAINES, MARGARET                        PA-51-3-121
HAINES, REUBEN                          PA-51-X-24
HAINES, REUBEN                          PA-51-W-460
HAINES, REUBEN                          PA-51-10-158
HAINS, HENRY                            PA-51-Y-20
HAINS, MARY                             PA-51-Y-576
HAKE, THOMAS                            PA-51-G-339
HALE, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-#1-471
HALEY, PENELOPE                         PA-51-W-631
HALFPENNY, JANE                         PA-51-6-483
HALL, ANN                               PA-51-Q-282
HALL, ANN                               PA-51-K-363
HALL, DANIEL                            PA-51-C-33
HALL, DAVID                             PA-51-P-364
HALL, HANNAH                            PA-51-T-538
HALL, JACOB                             PA-51-H-237
HALL, JACOB                             PA-51-B-75
HALL, JACOB                             PA-51-8-328
HALL, JOHN                              PA-51-W-80
HALL, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-469
HALL, JOSEPH                            PA-51-E-164
HALL, JOSEPH                            PA-51-2-239
HALL, MAHLON                            PA-51-7-48
HALL, MARGARET                          PA-51-8-498
HALL, MARTHA                            PA-51-3-480
HALL, MARY                              PA-51-5-346
HALL, RICHARD                           PA-51-E-159
HALL, RICHARD                           PA-51-G-63
HALL, ROBERT SHIELDS                    PA-51-9-289
HALL, SAMUEL                            PA-51-E-239
HALL, SOLOMAN                           PA-51-E-173
HALL, SUSANNA                           PA-51-U-355
HALL, THOMAS                            PA-51-K-358
HALL, THOMAS                            PA-51-9-68
HALL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-10-193
HALLAM, LEWIS                           PA-51-2-392
HALLARAN, JOHN                          PA-51-H-217
HALLETT, GEORGE                         PA-51-9-93
HALLING, MICHAEL                        PA-51-S-491
HALLOWELL, ISRAEL                       PA-51-W-34
HALLOWELL, JOHN                         PA-51-W-187
HALLOWELL, SAMUEL                       PA-51-Q-134
HALLOWELL, THOMAS                       PA-51-U-180
HALLOWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-51-7-222
HALLOWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-51-Y-637
HALLY, (MRS.)                           PA-51-W-701
HALZELL, MARY                           PA-51-9-180
HAMEL, JAME                             PA-51-2-165
HAMEL, ROSANNA                          PA-51-7-23
HAMER, ADAM                             PA-51-I-383
HAMER, ADAM                             PA-51-G-232
HAMER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-O-260
HAMER, JAMES                            PA-51-D-46
HAMER, JAMES                            PA-51-G-234
HAMER, JOHN                             PA-51-S-362
HAMER, MARGARET                         PA-51-D-404
HAMILTON, ANDREW                        PA-51-T-110
HAMILTON, ANDREW                        PA-51-F-234
HAMILTON, ANDREW                        PA-51-H-372
HAMILTON, ANDREW                        PA-51-8-370
HAMILTON, GAVIN                         PA-51-9-611
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-51-7-221
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-51-S-206
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-51-9-315
HAMILTON, JAMES ESQ.                    PA-51-S-281
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-51-R-240
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-51-R-281
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-51-10-68
HAMILTON, MARGARET                      PA-51-9-141
HAMILTON, MARY                          PA-51-W-542
HAMILTON, MARY                          PA-51-#1-143
HAMILTON, ROBERT                        PA-51-Y-272
HAMILTON, TALBOT                        PA-51-7-176
HAMILTON, THOMAS                        PA-51-H-351
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-W-586
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-S-79
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-5-13
HAMLIN, THOMAS                          PA-51-9-654
HAMMER, ADAM                            PA-51-G-232
HAMMER, JAMES                           PA-51-G-234
HAMMER, JEAN                            PA-51-H-132
HAMMER, JOHN                            PA-51-N-297
HAMMER, LEWIS                           PA-51-9-242
HAMMET, ANN                             PA-51-R-36
HAMMET, FRANCIS                         PA-51-Q-307
HAMMIL, JAMES JR.                       PA-51-X-409
HAMMITT, FRANCIS                        PA-51-3-282
HAMMOND, HANNAH                         PA-51-C-353
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        PA-51-F-84
HAMON, WILLIAM                          PA-51-6-346
HAMOND, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-A-89
HAMPTON, ANN                            PA-51-X-400
HAMPTON, DAVID                          PA-51-Y-5
HAMPTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-9-230
HAMPTON, JONATHAN                       PA-51-10-549
HAMS, HENRY                             PA-51-B-12
HANAKER, JOHN                           PA-51-W-657
HANCHELWOOD, MARY                       PA-51-W-135
HANCHMAN, JOHN                          PA-51-9-351
HANCOCK, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-#1-124
HAND, MARTIN                            PA-51-7-386
HANDBEST, PETER                         PA-51-S-200
HANDCOCK, WILLIAM                       PA-51-T-544
HANDEL, ADAM                            PA-51-Y-75
HANDEL, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-353
HANDEL, SYBILLA                         PA-51-7-353
HANDLEY, JAMES                          PA-51-9-507
HANDSHUH, JOHN FREDERICK                PA-51-N-214
HANES, JOHN                             PA-51-K-538
HANEY, JOHN                             PA-51-R-269
HANGARAS, GABRIEL                       PA-51-X-559
HANK, JOHN                              PA-51-E-158
HANNA, JACOB                            PA-51-K-15
HANNAN, JACOB                           PA-51-R-389
HANNES, ANDREW                          PA-51-8-223
HANNIS, ANDREW                          PA-51-Q-152
HANNIS, ANDREW                          PA-51-D-104
HANNIS, GEORGE                          PA-51-W-600
HANNIS, JOHN                            PA-51-I-145
HANNIS, JOHN                            PA-51-S-315
HANNIS, JOHN                            PA-51-T-314
HANNIS, MARY                            PA-51-T-471
HANNIS, MARY                            PA-51-X-674
HANNIS, SARAH                           PA-51-Y-1
HANNIS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-G-122
HANS, GEORGE                            PA-51-G-60
HANS, JOHN MICHAEL                      PA-51-H-358
HANSEL, BARNETT                         PA-51-2-555
HANSEL, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-85
HANSELL, BARBARA                        PA-51-9-717
HANSELL, JACOB                          PA-51-3-68
HANSELL, JOHN W.                        PA-51-10-29
HANSELL, PETER DAVID                    PA-51-T-421
HANSELL, SARAH                          PA-51-10-89
HANSEN, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-#1-87
HANSER, JACOB                           PA-51-6-605
HANSMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-4-35
HANSON, TIMOTHY                         PA-51-C-244
HANTO, GEORGE F. A.                     PA-51-8-359
HANZEY, HANNAH                          PA-51-9-53?
HARBESON, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-3-8
HARDIE, DAVID                           PA-51-10-302
HARDIE, ROBERT                          PA-51-Y-124
HARDIMAN, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-B-189
HARDIN, MILES                           PA-51-E-59
HARDING, JOHN                           PA-51-A-88
HARDING, MARGARET                       PA-51-X-510
HARDING, NATHANIEL                      PA-51-A-484
HARDING, ROBERT                         PA-51-P-309
HARDING, SARAH                          PA-51-T-140
HARDY, JOSEPH                           PA-51-#1-301
HARDY, MARY                             PA-51-Q-20
HARDY, THOMAS                           PA-51-5-271
HARDY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-35
HARE, CHARLES W.                        PA-51-9-51
HARE, MARGARET                          PA-51-6-625
HARE, MARY                              PA-51-4-210
HARE, ROBERT                            PA-51-3-363
HARGER, GEORGE                          PA-51-W-70
HARISON, JOHN                           PA-51-10-460
HARKER, ADAM                            PA-51-K-226
HARKER, HANNAH                          PA-51-9-420
HARKER, JOHN                            PA-51-K-292
HARKER, MARTHA                          PA-51-10-420
HARKHORNE, CATHARINE                    PA-51-2-478
HARKINS, THOMAS                         PA-51-F-233
HARKLEY, JAMES                          PA-51-#1-130
HARKLEY, MARY                           PA-51-Y-359
HARLAN, GEORGE                          PA-51-E-188
HARLAN, HANNAH                          PA-51-6-373
HARLAND, JOHN                           PA-51-9-138
HARLEY, BARBARA                         PA-51-O-56
HARLEY, BARBARA                         PA-51-N-331
HARLIN, EDWARD                          PA-51-7-184
HARMAN, EZEKIEL                         PA-51-10-92
HARMAN, MATHIAS                         PA-51-E-319
HARMAN, MICHAEL                         PA-51-#1-66
HARMAN, SARAH                           PA-51-Y-146
HARMER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-R-465
HARMER, GEORGE                          PA-51-E-210
HARMER, HONOUR                          PA-51-F-304
HARMER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-E-184
HARMON, JOHN                            PA-51-2-549
HARMON, ROBERT                          PA-51-Y-684
HARNER, MARY                            PA-51-U-212
HARPER, ANN                             PA-51-D-393
HARPER, ARTHUR                          PA-51-10-422
HARPER, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-Y-44
HARPER, CATHARINE ANN                   PA-51-9-46
HARPER, CHARLES                         PA-51-G-304
HARPER, JAMES                           PA-51-7-485
HARPER, JAMES T.                        PA-51-Y-254
HARPER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-50
HARPER, JOHN                            PA-51-R-250
HARPER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-7
HARPER, JOHN                            PA-51-5-12
HARPER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-H-199
HARPER, MARGARET                        PA-51-I-215
HARPER, MARY                            PA-51-Y-544
HARPER, MARY                            PA-51-10-437
HARPER, PETER                           PA-51-W-181
HARPER, RACHEL                          PA-51-10-355
HARPER, ROBERT                          PA-51-N-376
HARPER, ROBERT                          PA-51-9-201
HARPER, SARAH                           PA-51-Q-32
HARPER, THOMAS                          PA-51-U-553
HARR, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-3-228
HARRAR, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-198
HARRIOSN, WILLIAM                       PA-51-3-180
HARRIOTT, SAMUEL                        PA-51-E-257
HARRIS, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-H-60
HARRIS, ANDREW                          PA-51-K-158
HARRIS, CATHARINE                       PA-51-W-304
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-Y-707
HARRIS, GEORGE                          PA-51-E-101
HARRIS, HANNAH                          PA-51-4-272
HARRIS, HENRY                           PA-51-9-472
HARRIS, HUGH                            PA-51-C-126
HARRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-G-43
HARRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-6-23
HARRIS, RICHARD                         PA-51-G-238
HARRIS, SARAH                           PA-51-Q-232
HARRIS, SYBILL                          PA-51-E-162
HARRIS, THOMAS                          PA-51-8-287
HARRISON, DANIEL                        PA-51-O-274
HARRISON, HANNAH                        PA-51-Q-76
HARRISON, HENRY                         PA-51-7-174
HARRISON, HENRY                         PA-51-7-628
HARRISON, JOHN                          PA-51-C-91
HARRISON, JOSEPH                        PA-51-E-310
HARRISON, JOSEPH                        PA-51-9-369
HARRISON, MARY                          PA-51-D-20
HARRISON, MARY                          PA-51-#1-74
HARRISON, MATTHIAS                      PA-51-6-465
HARRISON, RICHARD                       PA-51-H-232
HARRISON, SUSANNAH                      PA-51-R-299
HARRISON, THOMAS                        PA-51-6-188
HARRISON, THOMAS                        PA-51-X-100
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-8-222
HARRISS, JOHN                           PA-51-E-233
HARRY, EVAN                             PA-51-G-319
HARRY, HANNAH                           -558
HART, CHAMLESS                          PA-51-U-175
HART, CHARLES                           PA-51-8-215
HART, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-10-222
HART, GEORGE                            PA-51-2-20
HART, JOHN                              PA-51-U-453
HART, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-106
HART, JOHN                              PA-51-I-213
HART, JOHN                              PA-51-#1-95
HART, MAPHTALI                          PA-51-9-255
HART, MARY                              PA-51-8-31
HART, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-7-331
HART, RACHEL                            PA-51-7-519
HART, SARAH                             PA-51-#1-296
HART, SEYMOUR                           PA-51-7-51
HART, THOMAS                            PA-51-I-165
HARTLEY, ANN                            PA-51-9-52
HARTLEY, CHARLES                        PA-51-G-301
HARTLEY, GEOGE                          PA-51-8-175
HARTLEY, JAMES                          PA-51-Y-591
HARTLEY, JOHN MARTIN                    PA-51-8-499
HARTLEY, MARGARET                       PA-51-10-254
HARTLY, ANTHONY                         PA-51-E-189
HARTMAN, HENRY                          PA-51-P-443
HARTMAN, PETER                          PA-51-7-375
HARTSTHORNE, PATTISON                   PA-51-9-178
HARTSTHORNE, SUSANNA                    PA-51-9-176
HARTUNG, DANIEL                         PA-51-Y-66
HARTUNG, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-97
HARTWELL, MARTHA                        PA-51-8-472
HARVEY, GRACE                           PA-51-T-552
HARVEY, JAMES                           PA-51-O-127
HARVEY, JOHN                            PA-51-R-198
HARVEY, MARGARET                        PA-51-4-264
HARVEY, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-C-43
HARVEY, SAMPSON                         PA-51-Y-478
HARWAGGON, PETER                        PA-51-10-635
HARWOOD, JOSEPH                         PA-51-C-317
HARWOOD, JOSEPH                         PA-51-E-195
HARWOOD, SIMEON                         PA-51-Q-355
HASELL, JANE                            PA-51-K-514
HASETT, WILLIAM                         PA-51-K-135
HASKINS, DANIEL                         PA-51-R-262
HASKINS, SARAH                          PA-51-#1-160
HASLEWOOD, WILLIAM                      PA-51-X-715
HASSELL, SAMUEL                         PA-51-I-408
HASSERT, ARENT                          PA-51-N-480
HASSERT, ARENT                          PA-51-K-511
HASTINGS, GRACE                         PA-51-7-125
HASTINGS, JOHN                          PA-51-F-23
HATFIELD, GEORGE                        PA-51-D-388
HATTON, JOHN                            PA-51-6-601
HATTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-248
HAUBT, SAMUEL                           PA-51-Q-516
HAUCK, JOHN                             PA-51-5-237
HAUG, PAUL                              PA-51-I-533
HAUS, SAMUEL                            PA-51-7-185
HAUSER, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-56
HAUSSLE, JOHN GEORGE                    PA-51-Q-25
HAUTZEL, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-R-315
HAVEN, JOSHUA                           PA-51-9-580
HAVERD, WILLIAM                         PA-51-G-265
HAW, GEORGE                             PA-51-G-223
HAWES, SOLOMON                          PA-51-N-84
HAWK, CHRISTIAN                         PA-51-7-495
HAWK, MICHAEL                           PA-51-R-29
HAWKES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-272
HAWKINS, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-U-209
HAWKINS, JAMES                          PA-51-K-270
HAWKINS, JANE                           PA-51-Q-334
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-D-420
HAWKS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-419
HAWKSWORTH, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-S-6
HAWS, MICHAEL                           PA-51-O-501
HAWTHORN, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-#1-157
HAWTHORN, JOHN                          PA-51-X-514
HAY, CHARLES                            PA-51-W-413
HAY, DANIEL                             PA-51-X-742
HAY, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS                 PA-51-6-536
HAY, JOHN                               PA-51-6-99
HAY, MARIA BARBARA                      PA-51-X-292
HAYCOCK, CHARLES                        PA-51-O-375
HAYDOCK, ANNJONES                       PA-51-8-297
HAYDORK, EDEN                           PA-51-Q-241
HAYES, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-F-292
HAYES, MARY                             PA-51-W-269
HAYES, MORRIS                           PA-51-O-89
HAYES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-W-684
HAYNE, JACOB                            PA-51-G-341
HAYNES, EDWARD                          PA-51-Y-676
HAYNES, JOHN                            PA-51-N-354
HAYS, ARCHIBALD                         PA-51-Q-405
HAYS, RICHARD                           PA-51-F-94
HAYS, RICHARD SR.                       PA-51-A-366
HAYS, WILLIAM                           PA-51-K-417
HAYSER, JOHN                            PA-51-I-79
HAYWOOD, JOHN                           PA-51-D-26
HAZARD, EBENEZER                        PA-51-6-458
HAZELWOOD, JOHN                         PA-51-Y-370
HEACOCK, JONATHAN                       PA-51-N-444
HEAD, JOHN                              PA-51-K-208
HEAD, JOHN                              PA-51-W-215
HEAD, JOSEPH A.                         PA-51-2-301
HEAD, MARY                              PA-51-#1-124
HEADLY, JOHN                            PA-51-C-205
HEAFLER, CHARLES                        PA-51-F-331
HEAP, ROBET                             PA-51-7-418
HEARBIN, JACOB                          PA-51-D-423
HEARD, WILLIAM                          PA-51-W-230
HEARN, ANTHONY                          PA-51-6-494
HEASELTON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-Q-36
HEATH, ANDREW                           PA-51-6-545
HEATH, JOHN                             PA-51-B-420
HEATH, RICHARD                          PA-51-C-264
HEATH, ROBERT                           PA-51-C-215
HEATHCOTE, GEORGE                       PA-51-C-277
HEATLY, CHARLES                         PA-51-5-215
HEATON, ANN                             PA-51-S-129
HEATON, ROBERT                          PA-51-N-127
HEAYES, JONATHAN                        PA-51-N-352
HEBERTON, GEORGE                        PA-51-8-593
HECK, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-K-165
HECKMAN, JOHN NICHOLAS                  PA-51-X-477
HEDELIUS, ANDREW                        PA-51-9-104
HEEBNER, GEORGE                         PA-51-P-487
HEFFERNAN, JOHN                         PA-51-3-292
HEFRISH, GULFRICH                       PA-51-2-130
HEFT, GEORGE                            PA-51-9-606
HEFT, WILLIAM                           PA-51-W-605
HEGUY, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-Y-321
HEIDRICH, GEORGE                        PA-51-N-408
HEIGH, JOHN                             PA-51-7-634
HEIGHT, GOMER                           PA-51-9-326
HEILIGH, HENRY                          PA-51-Q-149
HEILIGH, HENRY                          PA-51-N-517
HEILMAN, JOHANNES                       PA-51-G-342
HEIM, CHARLES ANTHONY                   PA-51-X-616
HEIMBERGER, FREDERICK                   PA-51-#1-421
HEIMBERGER, THOMAS                      PA-51-T-265
HEIMER, JOHN                            PA-51-7-189
HEINZ, FREDERICK                        PA-51-6-442
HEINZLEMAN, MATHIAS                     PA-51-K-386
HEISER, DOROTHEA                        PA-51-P-68
HEISER, JOHN ERNST                      PA-51-U-412
HEISLER, CATHARINE                      PA-51-#1-340
HEIST, PHILIP                           PA-51-R-171
HEISTER, CATHERINE                      PA-51-7-498
HEISTER, PETER                          PA-51-8-320
HEIT, PETER                             PA-51-6-46
HEITZEBERG, JOHN CHARLES                PA-51-W-533
HELER, CATHARINE                        PA-51-6-244
HELFRICK, JOHN                          PA-51-N-117
HELM, ADAM                              PA-51-6-550
HELM, ANDREW                            PA-51-U-265
HELM, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-4-137
HELM, JOHN                              PA-51-W-166
HELM, PETER                             PA-51-Y-277
HELT, HENRY                             PA-51-5-297
HELT, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-597
HELT, PETER                             PA-51-2-235
HEMMING, MARY                           PA-51-9-410
HEMPHILL, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-#1-251
HEMPHILL, JAMES                         PA-51-10-590
HEMPHILL, JANE                          PA-51-6-464
HEMPLE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-Y-495
HEMPLE, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-75
HEMSLEY, ANNA MARIA                     PA-51-6-382
HEN, GEORGE                             PA-51-H-111
HENCKEL, ANTONY                         PA-51-I-362
HENDEL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Y-104
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-51-P-87
HENDERSON, ANN                          PA-51-3-108
HENDERSON, CATHARINE                    PA-51-2-98
HENDERSON, CHARLOTTE P.                 PA-51-10-413
HENDERSON, JAMES                        PA-51-Y-299
HENDERSON, JANE                         PA-51-Q-225
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-51-O-493
HENDERSON, PETER                        PA-51-Q-444
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       PA-51-Y-595
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-#1-326
HENDRICK, ARENT                         PA-51-C-91
HENDRICKS, JOHN                         PA-51-K-303
HENDRICKS, JOSIAH                       PA-51-Y-629
HENDRICKS, LEONARD                      PA-51-Q-264
HENDRICKS, WILLIAM                      PA-51-Q-387
HENDSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-A-258
HENEDRICKS, PAUL                        PA-51-Q-114
HENERITZEY, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-51-W-43
HENERY, MARY                            PA-51-R-361
HENK, GEORGE D.                         PA-51-9-696
HENMASH, JOHN                           PA-51-F-242
HENNESEY, MICHAEL                       PA-51-8-56
HENRICH, WENDEL                         PA-51-N-543
HENRICK, LOWRENTZ                       PA-51-K-101
HENRIKEL, JACOB                         PA-51-6-434
HENRY, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-X-474
HENRY, MARIA                            PA-51-X-237
HENRY, MARY                             PA-51-W-343
HENRY, PATRICK                          PA-51-K-100
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-X-579
HENRY, WILLIAM ESQ.                     PA-51-7-328
HENRY,G EORGE                           PA-51-Y-444
HENSZEY, JOSEPH                         PA-51-X-508
HENTHORN, WILLIAM                       PA-51-8-133
HENTON, GEORGE                          PA-51-H-438
HERAULT, JEAN                           PA-51-X-420
HERBENDICK, LEVINE                      PA-51-D-205
HERBERT, JOHANNES                       PA-51-I-174
HERBERT, LAURENCE                       PA-51-#1-514
HERBERT, MARY                           PA-51-6-400
HERIOTT, THOMAS                         PA-51-A-4
HERKELBROD, LORENCE                     PA-51-G-163
HERKNESS, ADAM                          PA-51-10-313
HERMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-S-154
HERMAN, JOHN SR.                        PA-51-10-102
HERMAN, MARY                            PA-51-6-454
HERMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-570
HERNEISEN, JACOB                        PA-51-4-212
HERON, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-T-283
HERPIN, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-I-126
HERTZBACH, MARGARET                     PA-51-X-659
HERTZEL, JOHN ULRICH                    PA-51-P-71
HERTZOG, ANDREW                         PA-51-3-458
HERTZOG, EVE                            PA-51-3-218
HESS, CONRAD                            PA-51-S-83
HESS, DANIEL                            PA-51-R-311
HESS, GEORGE                            PA-51-Y-294
HESS, JEREMIAH                          PA-51-G-101
HESS, LEWIS                             PA-51-#1-268
HESS, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-X-68
HESS, SARAH                             PA-51-7-605
HESSELIUS, GUSTAVUS                     PA-51-K-304
HESSER, GEORGE                          PA-51-#1-270
HESSER, JOHN                            PA-51-W-283
HESTER, PHILIP CONRAD                   PA-51-U-26
HESTON, EDWARD                          PA-51-8-172
HEWES, JOSIAH                           PA-51-7-340
HEWITT, SHAMGAR                         PA-51-6-637
HEWLINGS, ANN                           PA-51-Y-269
HEWLINGS, JOSEPH                        PA-51-W-482
HEWSON, JOHN                            PA-51-7-382
HEWSON, MARY                            PA-51-X-352
HEY, HANS                               PA-51-F-261
HEYDE, JOHN                             PA-51-9-194
HEYDELL, LEONARD                        PA-51-6-590
HEYL, MARY                              PA-51-#1-358
HEYL, PHILIP                            PA-51-3-334
HEYLER, JOHN                            PA-51-7-397
HEYSER, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-2-358
HEYSHAM, ROBERT                         PA-51-7-580
HEYSHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-51-X-635
HEYSTAND, JACOB                         PA-51-O-378
HEYWOOD, JAMES ESQ.                     PA-51-W-716
HIBBARD, DANIEL                         PA-51-F-193
HIBBARD, SARAH                          PA-51-6-460
HIBBERD, AARON                          PA-51-S-487
HIBBERD, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-#1-148
HIBBERT, THOMAS                         PA-51-10-613
HIBBS, MAHLON                           PA-51-6-519
HIBBS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-198
HIBERD, JOHN                            PA-51-D-111
HIBY, PETER SR.                         PA-51-I-458
HICKEY, MARGARET                        PA-51-6-571
HICKMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-A-414
HICKMAN, FRANCIS                        PA-51-A-39
HICKMAN, FRANCIS                        PA-51-A-64
HICKS, JACOB JOHNSON ESQ.               PA-51-W-299
HICKS, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-#1-527
HICKS, RICHARD                          PA-51-W-481
HICKS, RICHARD PENN                     PA-51-W-61
HICKS, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-364
HICKS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-N-337
HIGERTY, JAMES                          PA-51-10-595
HIGGENS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-A-75
HIGGINS, FRANCIS                        PA-51-4-242
HIGGINS, HANNAH                         PA-51-10-542
HIGGINS, MARTHA                         PA-51-P-297
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-391
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-A-75
HIGGS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-313
HIGH, DANIEL                            PA-51-Q-122
HIGH, JACOB                             PA-51-O-329
HIGH, LEONARD                           PA-51-Y-440
HILL, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-G-132
HILL, HENRY                             PA-51-Y-52
HILL, HENRY                             PA-51-R-112
HILL, JACOB                             PA-51-W-271
HILL, JOSEPH                            PA-51-S-236
HILL, JOSIAS                            PA-51-D-379
HILL, MARGARET                          PA-51-4-290
HILL, MARY                              PA-51-I-326
HILL, MARY                              PA-51-9-337
HILL, MORDECAI                          PA-51-R-226
HILL, MOSES                             PA-51-3-135
HILL, PAUL                              PA-51-F-178
HILL, RICHARD                           PA-51-3-201
HILL, RICHARD                           PA-51-E-112
HILL, RICHARD JR.                       PA-51-K-355
HILL, THOMAS                            PA-51-E-86
HILL, THOMAS                            PA-51-G-56
HILL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-U-421
HILLBORN, AMOS                          PA-51-P-43
HILLBORN, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-6-233
HILLBORN, JANE                          PA-51-#1-239
HILLBORN, JOSEPH                        PA-51-#1-77
HILLBORN, RACHEL                        PA-51-S-350
HILLBORN, ROBERT                        PA-51-8-173
HILLBOURNE, JOHN                        PA-51-H-345
HILLEGAS, ADAM                          PA-51-R-244
HILLEGAS, FREDERICK                     PA-51-N-310
HILLER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-Q-340
HILLERD, RICHARD                        PA-51-A-241
HILLES, HUGH                            PA-51-K-463
HILLHOUSE, ROBERT                       PA-51-H-212
HILLIGRASS, MARGARET                    PA-51-O-551
HILLMAN, CORNELIUS                      PA-51-5-329
HILLORNE, THOMAS                        PA-51-N-522
HILLTON, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-86
HILSABECK, JOHN                         PA-51-D-359
HILTENBEITEL, ANNA MARY                 PA-51-T-41
HILTON, JAMES                           PA-51-F-164
HILTON, JOEL                            PA-51-H-357
HILTON, MICHAEL                         PA-51-O-256
HILYARD, EBER                           PA-51-7-609
HIMES, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-454
HINCKELL, CHRISTIAN                     PA-51-Q-118
HINCKLE, FREDERICK                      PA-51-7-363
HINCKLE, JOHN                           PA-51-5-69
HIND, JOHN                              PA-51-Q-130
HIND, ROBERT                            PA-51-H-205
HINDERSON, JOHN L.                      PA-51-9-338
HINKLE, DAVID                           PA-51-9-59
HINKLE, HENRY                           PA-51-9-9
HINKLE, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-77
HINKLE, PETER                           PA-51-Y-512
HINKLE, SUSANNA                         PA-51-6-395
HINKSON, ABEL                           PA-51-H-486
HINNE, JACOB                            PA-51-N-137
HINSEY, SUSAN                           PA-51-7-499
HINSHAW, MOSES                          PA-51-R-280
HINTERLEITER, CASPAR                    PA-51-R-487
HINTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-B-339
HIPPENSTET, JOHN K.                     PA-51-10-117
HIRNEISSEN, JOHN GEORGE                 PA-51-U-240
HIRST, WILLIAM G.                       PA-51-9-648
HITNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-R-218
HITNER, SARAH                           PA-51-3-261
HITTEL, PETER                           PA-51-N-99
HITTNER, GEORGE                         PA-51-O-308
HKENDRICK, FRANCIS                      PA-51-2-487
HOBART, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-325
HOBERT, ENOCH                           PA-51-S-171
HOCKER, LEONARD                         PA-51-Y-661
HOCKLEY, ELEANOR                        PA-51-6-322
HOCKLEY, ELEANOR                        PA-51-6-228
HOCKLEY, RICHARD                        PA-51-Q-44
HOCKLEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-#1-370
HODGE, ANDREW                           PA-51-U-287
HODGE, CEASER                           PA-51-N-251
HODGE, HANNAH                           PA-51-#1-416
HODGE, HANNAH                           PA-51-F-4
HODGE, HUGH                             PA-51-T-53
HODGE, JAMES                            PA-51-X-748
HODGE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-T-83
HODGES, THOMAS                          PA-51-C-83
HODGSKINSON, JOHN                       PA-51-A-409
HODGSON, DANIEL                         PA-51-C-155
HODGSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-W-379
HOE, BARBARA                            PA-51-6-504
HOE, JOHN                               PA-51-U-311
HOECKLEY, FREDERICK                     PA-51-8-61
HOENGEN, LUDOWICK                       PA-51-O-348
HOFF, CONRAD                            PA-51-W-273
HOFF, JOHN                              PA-51-6-311
HOFFMAN, GEORGE                         PA-51-R-260
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          PA-51-9-369
HOFFMAN, JOHN WILLIAM                   PA-51-Q-210
HOFFMAN, LYDIA M.                       PA-51-9-501
HOFFMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-51-8-595
HOFFMAN, SEBASTIAN                      PA-51-9-255
HOFFMAN, VALENTINE                      PA-51-4-76
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-K-467
HOFFMAN, WOLFGANG                       PA-51-6-32
HOFFNER, GEORGE                         PA-51-7-214
HOFFNER, HENRY                          PA-51-3-549
HOFFNER, PHILIP                         PA-51-W-558
HOFNER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-X-573
HOGA, GODFREY                           PA-51-8-356
HOGAN, CHARLOTTA                        PA-51-8-134?
HOGAN, DENIS                            PA-51-3-205
HOGAN, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-319
HOGBIN, RICHAD                          PA-51-B-214
HOGERMOOD, JOHN ADAM                    PA-51-Q-254
HOGGARD, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-Y-726
HOGHERMOOTE, ADAM                       PA-51-D-371
HOGMAN, HENRY                           PA-51-O-132
HOH, JOHN ADAM                          PA-51-T-118
HOHNE, JOHN                             PA-51-Q-190
HOLAHAN, DAVID                          PA-51-3-479
HOLDERNESS, EDWARD                      PA-51-7-379
HOLEBAUGH, GEORGE                       PA-51-E-378
HOLESAPPLE, HENRY                       PA-51-E-356
HOLGATE, JACOB                          PA-51-10-410
HOLL, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-K-166
HOLL, MATHEW                            PA-51-X-299
HOLL, SAMUEL                            PA-51-K-8
HOLLAND, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-9-12
HOLLAND, HANNAH                         PA-51-2-167
HOLLAND, JACOB                          PA-51-W-286
HOLLAND, THOMAS                         PA-51-K-351
HOLLEBUSH, CHRISITAN                    PA-51-R-236
HOLLINGSWORTH, LEVI                     PA-51-8-186
HOLLINSHEAD, CATHARINE                  PA-51-5-131
HOLLMAN, JOHN                           PA-51-R-131
HOLLOND, CHARLES                        PA-51-9-723
HOLLOWAY, GEORGE                        PA-51-Q-377
HOLLOWBUSH, JOST                        PA-51-8-20
HOLLTE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-N-534
HOLLWOAY, MARY                          PA-51-H-446
HOLME, JANE                             PA-51-W-404
HOLME, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-308
HOLME, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-595
HOLMES, JOHN                            PA-51-F-249
HOLMES, MOSES                           PA-51-10-445
HOLMES, SARAH                           PA-51-10-118
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-5-288
HOLMES, ZABULON                         PA-51-9-296
HOLSTEIN, JOHN                          PA-51-7-282
HOLSTEIN, MATHIAS                       PA-51-O-306
HOLSTEIN, MATTHIAS                      PA-51-C-97
HOLT, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-I-159
HOLT, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-U-68
HOLT, JOHN ADAM                         PA-51-U-43
HOLT, SAMUEL                            PA-51-E-282
HOLTON, ARTHUR                          PA-51-D-32
HOLTON, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-K-516
HOLTZ, GEORGE                           PA-51-K-356
HOLTZINGER, BARNET                      PA-51-P-286
HOMER, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-45
HOMILLER, HENRY                         PA-51-7-420
HONETER, ANDREAS SR.                    PA-51-R-73
HONEY, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-633
HONEY, PHILIP                           PA-51-G-329
HONEYCOMB, JOSEPH                       PA-51-2-258
HONEYEAR, MARKS                         PA-51-P-125
HONEYMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-51-P-539
HONEYMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-51-U-127
HONRER, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-8-1
HOOD, JAMES A.                          PA-51-2-9
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-Q-199
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-D-197
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-T-349
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-T-527
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-6-21
HOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-10-59
HOOD, JONATHAN                          PA-51-E-148
HOOD, JOSEPH                            PA-51-E-96
HOOD, PETER                             PA-51-F-298
HOOD, RICHARD                           PA-51-N-227
HOOD, SAMUEL                            PA-51-E-206
HOOD, THOMAS                            PA-51-K-534
HOOD, THOMAS                            PA-51-10-509
HOODK JOHN JR.                          PA-51-B-239
HOODT, CASPAR                           PA-51-E-224
HOODT, DANIEL                           PA-51-K-553
HOOK, JOHN SR.                          PA-51-4-127
HOOPER, SARAH                           PA-51-4-172
HOOPER, STEPHEN                         PA-51-D-315
HOOPS, ADAM                             PA-51-P-110
HOOPS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-S-149
HOOT, HESTER                            PA-51-O-545
HOOTON, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-W-289
HOOTON, OLIVER                          PA-51-A-208
HOOTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-A-237
HOOTON, THOMAS SR.                      PA-51-A-138
HOOVER, PAUL                            PA-51-R-154
HOPE, JACOB                             PA-51-F-279
HOPE, THOMAS                            PA-51-C-86
HOPE, THOMAS                            PA-51-8-633
HOPENSACK, JULIANA                      PA-51-T-541
HOPKINS, ANDREW                         PA-51-S-232
HOPKINS, CHARLOTTE                      PA-51-9-339
HOPKINS, JOHN                           PA-51-K-185
HOPKINS, ROBERT                         PA-51-U-451
HOPKINS, ROBERT                         PA-51-R-348
HOPKINS, ROBERT                         PA-51-9-246
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                         PA-51-6-595
HOPKINSON, FRANCIS ESQ.                 PA-51-W-128
HOPKINSON, MARY                         PA-51-#1-265
HOPKINSON, THOMAS                       PA-51-I-453
HOPP, GODFREY                           PA-51-5-358
HOPPECKER, PETER                        PA-51-H-224
HOPPEL, GEORE                           PA-51-#1-79
HOPPER, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-C-56
HOPPER, CORNELIUS                       PA-51-E-322
HOPPLE, MARY                            PA-51-R-271
HORN, CHRISTIANNA                       PA-51-7-240
HORN, JOHN                              PA-51-R-434
HORN, SARAH                             PA-51-10-116
HORNE, EDWARD                           PA-51-E-350
HORNECKER, ULRICK                       PA-51-O-136
HORNKETH, JEREMIAH                      PA-51-4-187
HORTON, AZARIAH                         PA-51-W-534
HORTON, DAVID                           PA-51-8-575
HORTTER, JACOB SR.                      PA-51-#1-541
HOSKINS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-B-319
HOSKINS, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Q-106
HOSKINS, RICHARD                        PA-51-B-314
HOSSMAN, STOCKLEY                       PA-51-U-118
HOUCK, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-6-480
HOUCK, JOHN GEORGE                      PA-51-G-286
HOUGH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-383
HOUGH, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-216
HOUGH, MARY                             PA-51-7-161
HOUGH, RICHARD                          PA-51-B-439
HOUGH, THOMAS                           PA-51-3-196
HOUGHTON, THOMAS                        PA-51-N-359
HOULDSTONE, JOHN                        PA-51-B-254
HOULGATE, MATHEW                        PA-51-O-469
HOULSTEEN, MATTHIAS                     PA-51-F-36
HOULTON, MARY                           PA-51-3-423
HOUMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-38
HOUMAN, MARY                            PA-51-6-62
HOUNSEL, PHILIP                         PA-51-C-123
HOUPT, SEBASTIAN                        PA-51-S-175
HOUSAR, JOHN                            PA-51-2-275
HOUSE, FRANCIS                          PA-51-B-270
HOUSE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-N-461
HOUSTON, GEORGE                         PA-51-S-65
HOUSTON, HENRY                          PA-51-Y-137
HOW, ANN                                PA-51-2-62
HOW, JEFFERY                            PA-51-3-246
HOW, JOHN                               PA-51-9-538
HOW, ROBERT                             PA-51-8-148
HOW, SARAH                              PA-51-10-377
HOW, THOMAS                             PA-51-R-252
HOWARD, DEBBY ANN                       -405
HOWARD, JOHN                            PA-51-2-523
HOWARD, MARGARET                        PA-51-5-73
HOWARD, PETER                           PA-51-#1-98
HOWARD, REBEKAH                         PA-51-2-245
HOWARD, THOMAS                          PA-51-I-30
HOWARD, THOMAS                          PA-51-6-37
HOWARD, THOMAS                          PA-51-7-117
HOWELL, ANN                             PA-51-X-58
HOWELL, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-Q-44
HOWELL, DANIEL                          PA-51-F-29
HOWELL, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-X-195
HOWELL, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-F-92
HOWELL, ELIZBAETH                       PA-51-9-190
HOWELL, EPHRAIM                         PA-51-8-336
HOWELL, FRANCIS                         PA-51-A-344
HOWELL, GEORGE                          PA-51-P-353
HOWELL, JACOB R.                        PA-51-W-662
HOWELL, JOB                             PA-51-G-218
HOWELL, JOHN                            PA-51-E-109
HOWELL, JOHN                            PA-51-B-307
HOWELL, JOHN                            PA-51-2-351
HOWELL, JOHN                            PA-51-H-115
HOWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-51-E-209
HOWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-51-W-92
HOWELL, JOSHUA                          PA-51-X-653
HOWELL, KATHERINE                       PA-51-A-324
HOWELL, MARGARET                        PA-51-A-341
HOWELL, MARGARETTA                      PA-51-7-479
HOWELL, PHILLIP                         PA-51-D-93
HOWELL, READING                         PA-51-9-117
HOWELL, REBECCA                         PA-51-6-535
HOWELL, SAMUEL                          PA-51-2-210
HOWELL, SAMUEL                          PA-51-R-462
HOWELL, SAMUEL                          PA-51-W-195
HOWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-C-202
HOWELL, WILLIAM W.                      PA-51-9-552
HOWEY, JOSEPH                           PA-51-I-98
HOWEY, SAMUEL                           PA-51-O-514
HOWLEL, ISAAC ESQ.                      PA-51-X-674
HOXWORTH, PETER                         PA-51-O-439
HOY, CORNELIUS                          PA-51-7-159
HUBBELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-6-566
HUBBER, JAMES S.                        PA-51-9-309
HUBBERT, MARK                           PA-51-F-93
HUBBS, CHARLES                          PA-51-O-23
HUBBS, CHARLES                          PA-51-H-221
HUBER, ISAAC                            PA-51-#1-240
HUBER, JACOB                            PA-51-P-318
HUBER, MICHAEL                          PA-51-R-188
HUBER, RUDOLPH                          PA-51-Q-145
HUBERT, ANTHONY                         PA-51-2-438
HUBLEY, ADAM                            PA-51-W-692
HUBLEY, BERNARD                         PA-51-3-149
HUDD, JOSEPH                            PA-51-C-270
HUDDEN, JOHN                            PA-51-D-400
HUDDLESTONE, HENRY                      PA-51-C-32
HUDSON, GILES                           PA-51-U-275
HUDSON, JANE                            PA-51-O-301
HUDSON, JOHN                            PA-51-N-304
HUDSON, MARY                            PA-51-X-316
HUDSON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-D-450
HUDSON, SUSANNA                         PA-51-6-487
HUDSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-P-70
HUDSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-G-19
HUEBNER, GEORGE                         PA-51-S-422
HUFLY, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-K-501
HUFTE, JOHN                             PA-51-I-240
HUFTY, JONATHAN                         PA-51-R-203
HUGER, CHARLES FRANCIS                  PA-51-X-332
HUGGEFORD, JOHN                         PA-51-D-443
HUGH, DAVID                             PA-51-B-484
HUGH, DAVID                             PA-51-C-160
HUGH, DAVID CADWALADER AP               PA-51-B-192
HUGH, EVAN AP                           PA-51-B-352
HUGH, HUGH                              PA-51-S-432
HUGH, MARY                              PA-51-K-540
HUGH, ROWLAND                           PA-51-I-541
HUGH, WILLIAM                           PA-51-W-497
HUGHE,S BENJAMIN                        PA-51-10-521
HUGHES, DANIEL                          PA-51-4-345
HUGHES, EDWARD                          PA-51-D-194
HUGHES, EDWARD                          PA-51-O-366
HUGHES, ELLIS                           PA-51-D-53
HUGHES, HUGH                            PA-51-K-436
HUGHES, ISAAC                           PA-51-S-100
HUGHES, JOHN                            PA-51-P-248
HUGHES, JOHN                            PA-51-P-489
HUGHES, MARGARET                        PA-51-6-518
HUGHES, MARTHA                          PA-51-X-444
HUGHES, MARY                            PA-51-8-28
HUGHES, SARAH                           PA-51-Q-74
HUGHES, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-164
HUGHES, THOMAS                          PA-51-6-550
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-10-533
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-X-220
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-B-242
HUGHS, CHARLES                          PA-51-C-295
HUGHS, EDWARD                           PA-51-D-155
HUGHS, HUMPHREY                         PA-51-N-229
HUGHS, JOHN                             PA-51-F-24
HUGHS, THOMAS                           PA-51-H-408
HUGLER, CHARLES                         PA-51-6-600
HUITT, JOSEPH                           PA-51-F-146
HUKEY, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-T-182
HUKILL, JEREMIAH                        PA-51-9-681
HULBART, THOMAS                         PA-51-C-220
HULHEART, PHILIP                        PA-51-O-400
HULINGS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-T-450
HULINGS, JOSEPH                         PA-51-S-319
HULINGS, MICHAEL                        PA-51-S-20
HULL, AGNESS                            PA-51-8-402
HULL, JANE                              PA-51-10-359
HULME, ROBERT                           PA-51-P-188
HULSECAMP, GARRET                       PA-51-4-113
HUME, THOMAS                            PA-51-5-224
HUMES, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-219
HUMMEL, DAVID                           PA-51-6-73
HUMMELL, CASPER                         PA-51-5-270
HUMPHREY, CHARLES                       PA-51-D-301
HUMPHREY, JOAN                          PA-51-D-397
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          PA-51-E-228
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          PA-51-B-65
HUMPHREY, JOHN JR.                      PA-51-W-60
HUMPHREY, JONATHAN                      PA-51-F-78
HUMPHREY, JOSHUA                        PA-51-G-290
HUMPHREY, RICHARD                       PA-51-A-221
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                        PA-51-F-8
HUMPHREY, THMAS                         PA-51-Q-84
HUMPHREYS, ABEL                         PA-51-2-294
HUMPHREYS, AMY                          PA-51-X-19
HUMPHREYS, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-X-94
HUMPHREYS, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-F-88
HUMPHREYS, CLEMENT                      PA-51-7-630
HUMPHREYS, CLEMENT                      PA-51-#1-435
HUMPHREYS, EDWARD                       PA-51-Q-286
HUMPHREYS, GEORGE JR.                   PA-51-Y-192
HUMPHREYS, HANNAH                       PA-51-5-211
HUMPHREYS, HANNAH                       PA-51-W-573
HUMPHREYS, JAMES                        PA-51-3-95
HUMPHREYS, JAMES                        PA-51-8-379
HUMPHREYS, JANE                         PA-51-7-377
HUMPHREYS, JOSHUA SR.                   PA-51-X-15
HUMPHREYS, MARGARET                     PA-51-7-373
HUMPHREYS, MARY                         PA-51-7-446
HUMPHREYS, MORRIS                       PA-51-7-395
HUMPHREYS, RICHARD                      PA-51-10-245
HUMPHREYS, RICHARD                      PA-51-W-552
HUMPHREYS, WHITEHEAD                    PA-51-T-383
HUMPHRY, DANIEL                         PA-51-E-327
HUMPHRYES, JOHN                         PA-51-E-110
HUMPHRYS, JONATHAN JR.                  PA-51-P-128
HUMPREYS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-S-1
HUNLOKE, SARAH                          PA-51-P-521
HUNN, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-E-138
HUNN, JOHN                              PA-51-E-137
HUNNEKER, JOSEPH                        PA-51-7-166
HUNSHBERGER, ABRAHAM                    PA-51-S-369
HUNSICKER, VALENTINE                    PA-51-P-95
HUNT, JAMES                             PA-51-G-70
HUNT, JAMES                             PA-51-D-69
HUNT, JOHN                              PA-51-R-115
HUNT, JOHN                              PA-51-C-141
HUNT, MARGARET                          PA-51-R-472
HUNT, RACHEL                            PA-51-#1-512
HUNT, WILLIAM                           PA-51-A-316
HUNTER, JAMES                           PA-51-X-412
HUNTER, JAMES                           PA-51-S-211
HUNTER, JAMES                           PA-51-9-242
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-51-10-637
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-51-R-12
HUNTER, JOHN GEORGE                     PA-51-K-354
HUNTER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-143
HUNTER, MARY                            PA-51-W-262
HUNTER, MARY                            PA-51-#1-179
HUNTER, ROBERT                          PA-51-Y-705
HUNTER, SUSAN                           PA-51-8-74
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Y-446
HUNTLEY, HENRY SR.                      PA-51-8-432
HUNTLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-C-85
HUNTSBERGER, JACOB                      PA-51-I-60
HUNTSPERGER, HANS                       PA-51-E-260
HURDITCH, SUSANNAH                      PA-51-R-239
HURFORD, SAMUEL                         PA-51-O-158
HURRY, SAMUEL                           PA-51-7-138
HURST, CHARLES                          PA-51-2-209
HURST, JONATHAN H.                      PA-51-9-306
HURST, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-186
HURTT, REBECCA                          PA-51-K-13
HUSE, ANN                               PA-51-7-74
HUSTON, CHARLES                         PA-51-S-173
HUSTON, JAMES                           PA-51-W-88
HUSTON, JOHN ESQ.                       PA-51-7-201
HUSTON, MATTHEW                         PA-51-2-538
HUTCHESON, GEORGE                       PA-51-A-400
HUTCHINS, JOSEPH                        PA-51-10-632
HUTCHINS, RICHARD                       PA-51-10-518
HUTCHINS, THOMAS                        PA-51-U-497
HUTCHINSON, JAMES                       PA-51-9-380
HUTCHINSON, NANCY                       PA-51-8-162
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT                      PA-51-O-264
HUTCHINSON, THOMAS                      PA-51-7-162
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM                     PA-51-Y-215
HUTT, JONATHAN                          PA-51-3-415
HUTTON, JAMES                           PA-51-9-291
HUTTON, JOHN                            PA-51-W-191
HUTTON, MARY                            PA-51-7-271
HUTTON, NEHEMIAH                        PA-51-F-212
HUTTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-10-577
HYATT, JOHN                             PA-51-H-382
HYDE, CATHARINE                         PA-51-3-557
HYDE, GEORGE                            PA-51-7-319
HYDE, JOHN                              PA-51-2-124
HYMAN, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-S-317
HYMENS, THOMAS                          PA-51-N-307
HYNEMAN, GEORGE                         PA-51-2-222
HYNEMAN, JOHN                           PA-51-2-197
HYNEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-14

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