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VAIL, WILLIAM H.                        PA-51-8-59
VALKEEN, MATTHIAS                       PA-51-2-71
VALLANCE, MARY                          PA-51-8-480
VALLANCE, NICHOLAS                      PA-51-X-754
VALLICOT, WILLIAM                       PA-51-B-78
VANAKEN, HENRY                          PA-51-K-60
VANAMRINGE, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-7-163
VANBEUREN, ABRAHAM                      PA-51-8-63
VANCE, MARY                             PA-51-3-43
VANCOURT, DANIEL                        PA-51-T-308
VANCOURT, MOSES                         PA-51-Q-486
VANDENHEWVELL, JOHN JONAS               PA-51-S-318
VANDEREN, JOHN                          PA-51-U-103
VANDEREN, SUSANA                        PA-51-6-617
VANDERGRIFT, BERNARD                    PA-51-X-350
VANDERSLICE, ANTHONY                    PA-51-I-478
VANDERSLICE, FRANCES                    PA-51-F-296
VANDERSLUYSE, REGNIER                   PA-51-C-350
VANDERSPIEGEL, WILLIAM                  PA-51-O-271
VANDIKE, AARON                          PA-51-Y-240
VANDIKE, DAVID                          PA-51-6-578
VANDIKE, ELENOR                         PA-51-4-199
VANDIKE, HENRY                          PA-51-8-408
VANDIKE, JESSE                          PA-51-8-605
VANDUSEN, LYDIA                         PA-51-5-356
VANDUSEN, MATTHEW                       PA-51-4-217
VANDYKE, JAMES                          PA-51-Q-122
VANEMBURG, MARY                         PA-51-8-138
VANFOSSEN, ADAM                         PA-51-P-179
VANFOSSEN, ANDREW                       PA-51-O-484
VANFOSSEN, CUNROD                       PA-51-R-76
VANFOSSEN, MARGRET                      PA-51-P-445
VANHORN, JOHN                           PA-51-U-348
VANHORN, REBECKAH                       PA-51-T-193
VANKIRK, JOHN                           PA-51-X-515
VANLAER, JOHN                           PA-51-D-309
VANLEER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-107
VANLOUWENING, MARY                      PA-51-K-199
VANREED, JACOB                          PA-51-8-39
VANSANDT, REBECCA                       PA-51-2-425
VANSANT, GARRET                         PA-51-X-571
VANSCIVER, JACOB                        PA-51-X-708
VANSOLINGIN, GODARDUS                   PA-51-R-283
VARMOST, ISAAC                          PA-51-T-278
VARNER, PHILIP                          PA-51-#1-206
VARNEY, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-4
VASTALL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-164
VASTINE, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-T-219
VAUGHAN, JEREMIAH                       PA-51-#1-142
VAUGHAN, JOHN                           PA-51-C-314
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-6-595
VAUGHN, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-406
VAUNNECHI, LUIGI AMERIGO                PA-51-W-360
VAUX, RICHARD                           PA-51-W-32
VELDALL, ROBERT                         PA-51-D-42
VELKER, JOHN                            PA-51-G-292
VENABLES, REBECCA                       PA-51-T-8
VENABLES, THOMAS                        PA-51-I-382
VENICOMB, HANNAH                        PA-51-#1-8
VERBINNEN, PETER                        PA-51-C-197
VERCINES, JOSEPH                        PA-51-S-421
VERDIER, JOHNBAPTISTE                   PA-51-2-311
VERREE, ROBERT                          PA-51-Y-223
VIAN, MADELAINE                         PA-51-6-420
VIARRD, JACQUES                         PA-51-X-157
VICARY, JOHN                            PA-51-T-35
VICKERS, JAMES                          PA-51-8-618
VICKERS, THOMAS BISHOP                  PA-51-O-520
VIDAL, STEPHEN                          PA-51-K-268
VIGNON, PETER                           PA-51-#1-7
VILLARD, MARY ANNE                      PA-51-6-165
VINCENT, FRANCIS                        PA-51-X-240
VINCENT, JOHN                           PA-51-6-539
VINIE, SEBASTIAN                        PA-51-U-329
VINING, DANIEL                          PA-51-E-99
VINING, MARY                            PA-51-9-471
VINING, WILIAM H.                       PA-51-9-701
VINSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-D-358
VOGEL, FREDERICK                        PA-51-#1-34
VOIGT, HENRY                            PA-51-5-222
VOLAUS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-421
VOLLMER, FREDERICK                      PA-51-8-491
VONDERWEYD, JACOB                       PA-51-I-168
VONDERWIGHT, PETER                      PA-51-7-313
VONWEILER, ANDREW                       PA-51-#1-164
VORNHOFF, JOHN CHRISTIAN                PA-51-9-653
VOS, ANDREW                             PA-51-2-17
VOWLSLAYER, NANCY                       PA-51-Y-215

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