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OADE, JOSEPH                            PA-51-D-401
OAKFORD, CHARLES                        PA-51-6-381
OAKFORD,SAMUEL                          PA-51-8-92
OAKMAN, ISAAC                           PA-51-#1-397
OASTLER, ROBERT                         PA-51-8-244
OBERDORFF, JACOB                        PA-51-Q-190
OBERHOLTZER, HENRY                      PA-51-S-389
OBIRN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-617
OBLIEGER, CLAUS                         PA-51-E-135
OBORN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-Q-131
OBRIAN, BARBARY                         PA-51-W-83
OBRIEN, JOSEPH WATSON                   PA-51-9-493
OBRIEN, MICHAEL MORGAN                  PA-51-#1-412
OCONNOR, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-7-137
ODENHEIMER, PHILIP                      PA-51-6-328
ODLIN, PETER                            PA-51-Y-408
ODONNELL, JAMES                         PA-51-8-219
ODONNELL, JOHN                          PA-51-6-390
ODONNELL, MARY                          PA-51-10-218
OFARRELL, APTRICK                       PA-51-R-282
OFFLEY, DANIEL                          PA-51-U-250
OFFLEY, RACHEL                          PA-51-#1-22
OGALBE, JAMES                           PA-51-X-523
OGDEN, DAVID                            PA-51-C-14
OGDEN, JOHN                             PA-51-G-31
OGDEN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-I-211
OGDEN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-#1-298
OGDEN, SARAH M.                         PA-51-10-336
OGG, JAMES                              PA-51-S-451
OGILBE, HESTER                          PA-51-10-344
OGILBY, JAMES                           PA-51-10-337
OGILBY, JOSEPH                          PA-51-2-528
OGLE, ANN                               PA-51-7-273
OGLE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-6-423
OHARA, THOMAS                           PA-51-W-684
OHL, MARIA CHRISTINA                    PA-51-W-416
OKILL, ANN                              PA-51-R-162
OKILL, GEORGE                           PA-51-K-497
OLASH, HUGH                             PA-51-C-175
OLASH, HUGH                             PA-51-C-150
OLD, THOMASIN                           PA-51-5-83
OLDEN, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-7-557
OLDEN, ELIZABETH H.                     PA-51-9-88
OLDEN, EPHRAIM                          PA-51-Y-132
OLDEN, JAMES                            PA-51-6-303
OLDMAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-D-400
OLDMAN, JOSEPH                          PA-51-K-305
OLDMAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-274
OLDMAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-D-29
OLEARY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-227
OLIPHANT, WILLIAM                       PA-51-U-468
OLIVER, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-S-59
OLIVER, ANDREW                          PA-51-9-728
OLIVER, DEMMING                         PA-51-R-439
OLIVER, MATHILDA                        PA-51-H-193
OLIVER, SAMUEL                          PA-51-Y-721
OLIVER, THOMAS                          PA-51-S-56
OLIVER, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-155
OLLINGER, CHARLES                       PA-51-K-175
OLTON, JANE                             PA-51-9-353
OMAIN, CHARLES                          PA-51-G-193
OMULLEN, MANUS                          PA-51-G-285
ONEAL, DANIEL                           PA-51-U-457
ONEILL, HENRY                           PA-51-7-59
ONEILL, ISABELLA                        PA-51-9-680
ONEILL, JAMES                           PA-51-W-71
ONEILL, JOHN                            PA-51-X-427
ONES, EWEN                              PA-51-8-419
ONLY, LUCY                              PA-51-9-632
OPMAN, LAWRENCE                         PA-51-Q-20
ORD, GEORGE                             PA-51-2-5
ORD, REBECCA                            PA-51-8-36
ORELEY, MARY                            PA-51-H-144
ORLANDY, MARY                           PA-51-3-117
ORMES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-O-169
ORPEN, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-I-242
ORPWOOD, EDMUND                         PA-51-E-98
ORR, ARTHUR                             PA-51-6-610
ORR, JOHN                               PA-51-6-557
ORR, ROBERT                             PA-51-4-295
ORR, WILLIAM                            PA-51-Y-516
ORTON, JOHN                             PA-51-F-5
OSBORN, JANE                            PA-51-#1-246
OSBORN, MARTHA                          PA-51-10-535
OSBORN, RANDALL                         PA-51-P-48
OSBORNE, CHARLES                        PA-51-#1-204
OSBORNE, MARIA                          PA-51-10-397
OSBORNE, ROBERT JONATHAN                PA-51-F-10
OSMON, JOHN                             PA-51-6-558
OSMOND, DANIEL                          PA-51-8-563
OSWALD, JAMES                           PA-51-F-303
OTLIGER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-7-240
OTLINGER, BARBARA                       PA-51-7-355
OTT, ANNA MARIA                         PA-51-Q-446
OTT, DAVID                              PA-51-2-493
OTT, JACOB                              PA-51-8-137
OTT, PETER                              PA-51-8-260
OTTER, JOHN                             PA-51-C-180
OTTERSON, OTTER                         PA-51-D-108
OTTEY, JOHN                             PA-51-D-205
OTTINGER, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-51-G-351
OTTO, BODO JR                           PA-51-6-616
OTTO, DANIEL B.                         PA-51-4-20
OTTO, MICHEL                            PA-51-O-101
OTTWAY, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-330
OURAM, HENRY                            PA-51-6-144
OURNER, JACOB                           PA-51-G-144
OUTOUT, SARAH                           PA-51-B-321
OVENS, LOUIA                            PA-51-8-559
OVEREND, THOMAS                         PA-51-N-156
OVERHOLS, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-P-367
OVERHOLSER, JACOB                       PA-51-P-94
OVERHOLSER, JOHN                        PA-51-Q-269
OVERHOLTZ, SUSANNAH                     PA-51-R-32
OVERINGTON, JOHN                        PA-51-2-552
OVERINGTON, JOHN                        PA-51-3-307
OWEN, ALBERT                            PA-51-10-111
OWEN, DAVID                             PA-51-O-427
OWEN, EDWARD                            PA-51-2-361
OWEN, EDWARD                            PA-51-E-116
OWEN, EVAN                              PA-51-G-156
OWEN, EVAN                              PA-51-8-284
OWEN, GEORGE                            PA-51-N-190
OWEN, GRIFFITH                          PA-51-D-90
OWEN, GRIFFITH                          PA-51-F-279
OWEN, JANE                              PA-51-9-330
OWEN, JOHN                              PA-51-O-504
OWEN, MAGDALEN                          PA-51-E-262
OWEN, OWEN                              PA-51-F-243
OWEN, OWEN                              PA-51-F-232
OWEN, OWEN                              PA-51-E-136
OWEN, PATRICK                           PA-51-6-98
OWEN, PHILIS                            PA-51-7-326
OWEN, ROBERT                            PA-51-B-422
OWEN, SAMUEL                            PA-51-F-180
OWEN, SARAH                             PA-51-E-252
OWEN, SARAH                             PA-51-10-472
OWEN, THOMAS                            PA-51-D-176
OWEN, THOMAS                            PA-51-E-254
OWNER, SAMUEL                           PA-51-9-83
OX, ADAM                                PA-51-K-441
OX, MATHIAS                             PA-51-P-395
OXENER, PETER                           PA-51-6-59
OXLEY, JOHN                             PA-51-4-256
OXLEY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-91
OXLEY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-4-257
OXLY, EDWARD                            PA-51-Q-492
OYSTERHAVEN, LEONARD                    PA-51-B-10
OZEAS, PETER                            PA-51-8-209

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