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BABCOCK, SAMUEL                         PA-51-10-100
BABE, CATHERINE                         PA-51-9-590
BABE, GEORGE                            PA-51-8-11
BABE, GEORGE                            PA-51-8-11
BACH, GEORGE DANIEL                     PA-51-F-62
BACH, JOHN                              PA-51-7-544
BACHE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN                PA-51-Y-35
BACHE, RICHARD                          PA-51-3-468
BACHMAN, GEORGE                         PA-51-K-179
BACKHOUSE, ANN                          PA-51-9-199
BACKHOUSE, JOHN                         PA-51-T-297
BACON, DAVID                            PA-51-2-509
BACON, JOB                              PA-51-Y-567
BACON, JOSEPH                           PA-51-9-292
BACON, REBECCA                          PA-51-6-540
BADCOCK, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-D-334
BADCOCK, HENRY                          PA-51-E-352
BADCOCK, MARY                           PA-51-E-57
BADCOCK, THOMAS                         PA-51-C-76
BAER, BERNHARD                          PA-51-O-498
BAGGS, LUKE                             PA-51-Y-492
BAILERD, VINCENTS                       PA-51-I-97
BAILEY, CATHARINE                       PA-51-9-577
BAILEY, HUGH                            PA-51-7-24
BAILLET, FRANCIS                        PA-51-#1-414
BAILY, JOHN                             PA-51-D-10
BAILY, ROBERT                           PA-51-X-381
BAIRD, ISAAC                            PA-51-9-348
BAIRD, JAMES                            PA-51-W-338
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          PA-51-3-274
BAISCH, JACOB                           PA-51-4-266
BAKER, BENJAMIN F.                      PA-51-9-157
BAKER, CHRISOTPHER                      PA-51-5-78
BAKER, CONRAD                           PA-51-2-366
BAKER, ELEANOR                          PA-51-7-350
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-7-428
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-W-268
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-441
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-603
BAKER, FREDERICK                        PA-51-K-559
BAKER, FREDERICK                        PA-51-9-154
BAKER, GEORGE                           PA-51-Q-308
BAKER, GEORGE A.                        PA-51-8-90
BAKER, GEORGE ADAM                      PA-51-6-371
BAKER, HENRY                            PA-51-2-237
BAKER, HENRY                            PA-51-B-427
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-51-N-283
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-51-S-91
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-51-4-104
BAKER, JACOB ESQ.                       PA-51-7-164
BAKER, JEREMIAH                         PA-51-S-505
BAKER, JEREMIAH                         PA-51-O-95
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-F-130
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-R-228
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-B-436
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-A-19
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-E-301
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-7-246
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-51-9-524
BAKER, JOHN H. C.                       PA-51-7-157
BAKER, JOHN HEAD                        PA-51-W-182
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-51-Y-199
BAKER, LEWIS                            PA-51-8-621
BAKER, PETER                            PA-51-8-134
BAKER, REBECCA                          PA-51-R-199
BAKER, RICHARD                          PA-51-3-584
BAKER, RICHARD MACE                     PA-51-6-587
BAKER, RUTH                             PA-51-#1-483
BALDESGUY, JAMES JOSEPH                 PA-51-10-258
BALDESQUI, ANN                          PA-51-X-465
BALDWIN, JOHN                           PA-51-E-186
BALDWIN, JOHN                           PA-51-S-120
BALDWIN, JOSIAH                         PA-51-2-110
BALL, JOHN                              PA-51-E-132
BALL, JOHN                              PA-51-T-371
BALL, JOSEPH                            PA-51-8-469
BALL, MARY                              PA-51-O-234
BALL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-F-177
BALL, WILLIAM ESQ.                      PA-51-3-193
BALLANTINE, T.                          PA-51-X-13
BALLARD, LEBRU                          PA-51-8-55
BALLARD, MOSES                          PA-51-10-527
BALLENTINE, JAMES                       PA-51-8-354
BALLIE, PETER                           PA-51-G-37
BALLINGER, LEWIS                        PA-51-10-456
BALLINGER, THOMAS                       PA-51-#1-23
BALT, MATTHIAS                          PA-51-Y-37
BAMBERG, HENRY                          PA-51-O-107
BAMBERGER, ARNOLD                       PA-51-I-63
BAMBERGER, LAWRENCE                     PA-51-P-34
BAMENT, HANNAH                          PA-51-4-350
BAMENT, JOHN                            PA-51-X-96
BANE, MORDECAI                          PA-51-H-336
BANETSON, ANDREW                        PA-51-C-38
BANFIELD, JOHN                          PA-51-G-249
BANKS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-352
BANKSON, ANDREW                         PA-51-T-303
BANKSON, JACOB                          PA-51-O-83
BANKSON, JACOB                          PA-51-U-95
BANKSON, JACOB JR.                      PA-51-K-557
BANKSON, JOHN                           PA-51-O-479
BANKSON, JOHN                           PA-51-F-128
BANKSON, KATHARINE                      PA-51-C-237
BANKSON, MARY                           PA-51-P-306
BANKSON, PETER                          PA-51-O-26
BANTLEON, GEORGE                        PA-51-6-354
BANTON, MOSES                           PA-51-3-546
BARAND, PETER                           PA-51-O-433
BARBAR, ROBERT                          PA-51-C-130
BARBER, JOHN                            PA-51-A-10
BARBINSON, JOHN                         PA-51-2-287
BARCLAY, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-P-38
BARCLAY, JAMES                          PA-51-4-31
BARCLAY, JOHN                           PA-51-8-299
BARCLAY, MARGARET                       PA-51-6-514
BARCLAY, REBECCA                        PA-51-Q-474
BARCLAY, SAMUEL                         PA-51-8-108
BARCLAY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-S-366
BARDEN,MICHAEL                          PA-51-#1-11
BARDON, LUKE                            PA-51-3-382
BARDON, MOSES                           PA-51-3-381
BARDON, STEPHEN                         PA-51-#1-198
BARDSLEY, EDMUND                        PA-51-10-388
BARENDALLER, DANIEL                     PA-51-R-508
BARENDT, JOHN MICHAEL                   PA-51-R-466
BARGE, JACOB                            PA-51-2-355
BARGE, JOHN                             PA-51-K-330
BARGER, MARGET                          PA-51-N-177
BARINGTON, JONATHAN                     PA-51-U-111
BARKER, GEORGE                          PA-51-3-210
BARKER, THOMAS                          PA-51-C-379
BARKLEY, JOHN                           PA-51-H-448
BARKLEY, MARY                           PA-51-Q-427
BARLOW, JOSEPH                          PA-51-B-368
BARNARD, JACOB                          PA-51-K-155
BARNARD, JOHN                           PA-51-8-428
BARNARD, JOHN G.                        PA-51-10-104
BARNER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-282
BARNES, BARNABY                         PA-51-7-160
BARNES, JOHN                            PA-51-R-61
BARNES, JOHN                            PA-51-C-240
BARNES, JOSEPH                          PA-51-U-25
BARNES, JOSEPH                          PA-51-9-645
BARNES, MARY BROWN                      PA-51-9-196
BARNES, ROBERT                          PA-51-8-412
BARNES, SUSANNA                         PA-51-8-564
BARNES, THOMAS                          PA-51-8-56
BARNES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-121
BARNET, MARTHA                          PA-51-6-150
BARNETT, EDWARD                         PA-51-9-451
BARNEY, VOLINTINE                       PA-51-H-508
BARNHILL, JOHN REDMAN                   PA-51-6-377
BARNIER, PIERRE                         PA-51-O-199
BARNS, JOHN                             PA-51-F-249
BARNS, PAUL                             PA-51-X-617
BARNSLEY, THOMAS                        PA-51-P-184
BARR, JACOB                             PA-51-Q-117
BARR, MARTHA                            PA-51-X-200
BARR, THOMAS                            PA-51-Q-508
BARRABRINS, NICHOLAS                    PA-51-2-196
BARRETT, JACOB                          PA-51-S-108
BARRETT, JOHN                           PA-51-X-731
BARRETT, TOBIAS                         PA-51-6-587
BARRINGTON, EDWARD                      PA-51-W-471
BARRON, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-#1-263
BARROW, THOMAS                          PA-51-C-347
BARRY, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-9-2
BARRY, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-138
BARRY, JOSEPH                           PA-51-R-253
BARTHE, DOMINICK                        PA-51-6-606
BARTHELEMY, JEAN BAPTISTE               PA-51-#1-460
BARTHING, CHRISTLEIB                    PA-51-9-157
BARTHOLOMEW, ANDREW                     PA-51-K-196
BARTHOLOMEW, AUSTIN                     PA-51-N-263
BARTHOLOMEW, BENJAMIN                   PA-51-7-476
BARTHOLOMEW, BENJAMIN                   PA-51-Q-79
BARTHOLOMEW, EDWARD                     PA-51-#1-70
BARTHOLOMEW, GEORGE                     PA-51-O-290
BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN                       PA-51-K-480
BARTHOLOMEW, JOSEPH                     PA-51-K-222
BARTHOLOMEW, MARY                       PA-51-X-483
BARTHOLOMEW, THOMAS                     PA-51-N-518
BARTHOLOMEW, THOMAS                     PA-51-N-475
BARTLE, JACOB                           PA-51-R-87
BARTLESON, BARTLE                       PA-51-R-80
BARTLESON, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-S-343
BARTLESON, EUSEBIUS                     PA-51-D-45
BARTLESON, NICHOLAS                     PA-51-R-156
BARTLETT, ANNE                          PA-51-10-192
BARTON, ADAM B.                         PA-51-7-263
BARTON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-C-276
BARTON, MATHIAS                         PA-51-2-424
BARTON, SASRAH PENNINGTON               PA-51-6-385
BARTON, THOAMS                          PA-51-P-275
BARTOW, THOMAS                          PA-51-W-345
BARTRAM, HANNAH                         PA-51-Y-230
BARTRAM, ISAAC                          PA-51-C-82
BARTRAM, ISAAC                          PA-51-Y-541
BARTRAM, JAMES                          PA-51-8-246
BARTRAM, JOHN                           PA-51-4-219
BARTRAM, JOHN                           PA-51-R-277
BARTRAM, MOSES                          PA-51-3-51
BARTRAM, THOMAS SAY                     PA-51-#1-88
BARTRAM, WILLIAM                        PA-51-C-335
BARWELL, JOHN                           PA-51-W-459
BARWICK, RICHARD                        PA-51-G-208
BARWICK, SIMON                          PA-51-E-259
BASAN, JACOB                            PA-51-6-364
BASLER, ULRICH                          PA-51-Q-317
BASON, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-3-244
BASS, JOHN                              PA-51-D-121
BASSNETT, RICHAD                        PA-51-A-268
BAST, HERMAN                            PA-51-K-218
BAST, LAWRENCE                          PA-51-P-360
BAST, MARY MARGARET                     PA-51-R-310
BASTAIN, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-K-260
BASTER, JAMES                           PA-51-U-236
BASTIAN, GEORGE                         PA-51-7-510
BATCHELOR, THOMAS                       PA-51-U-25
BATE, ANN                               PA-51-F-109
BATE, HUMPHREY                          PA-51-E-61
BATE, JOSEPH                            PA-51-F-251
BATE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-W-686
BATEMAN, ROBERT                         PA-51-G-115
BATHO, CHARLES                          PA-51-P-150
BATHO, JOHN                             PA-51-6-185
BATSON, CATHARINE                       PA-51-#1-536
BATT, ANCILLA                           PA-51-2-320
BATTAR, ANN                             PA-51-#1-218
BATTEIGER, VALENTINE                    PA-51-6-525
BATTIE, PETER                           PA-51-G-37
BAUER, ERHARD                           PA-51-P-427
BAUER, HANS                             PA-51-H-252
BAUGHMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-51-8-163
BAULISON, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-W-116
BAUMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-6-648
BAXTER, JAMES                           PA-51-6-622
BAXTER, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-530
BAYANT, ROBERT                          PA-51-B-160
BAYARD, AGNESS                          PA-51-Q-224
BAYARD, ANDREW                          PA-51-10-333
BAYER, ELIZABETH MARGARET               PA-51-U-149
BAYLEY, JAMES                           PA-51-D-395
BAYLEY, RICHARD                         PA-51-2-353
BAYLY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-49
BAYNE, ROBERT                           PA-51-6-31
BAYNTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-X-213
BAYNTON, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-255
BAYTON, PETER                           PA-51-C-221
BAZEAU, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-313
BAZELEE, JOHN JR.                       PA-51-R-92
BEACH, EDMUND                           PA-51-T-474
BEACH, EDMUND                           PA-51-R-124
BEAK, ADAM                              PA-51-#1-346
BEAKES, JOHN                            PA-51-S-159
BEAKES, STEPHEN                         PA-51-B-110
BEAKIN, HENRY ESQ.                      PA-51-U-216
BEAKS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-O-114
BEALERT, JACOB SR.                      PA-51-Q-234
BEAM, EZEKIEL                           PA-51-9-217
BEAN, JOHANNES                          PA-51-H-248
BEAN, SAMUEL                            PA-51-R-241
BEARD, GEORGE                           PA-51-#1-271
BEARD, MARY                             PA-51-6-523
BEARDSLEY, MARGARET                     PA-51-B-101
BEARDSLY, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-A-365
BEARNS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-365
BEARS, CATHARINE                        PA-51-#1-551
BEAT, GEORGE                            PA-51-K-73
BEATES, BARBARA                         PA-51-6-257
BEATES, CONRAD                          PA-51-3-340
BEATY, JOHN                             PA-51-H-164
BEATY, JOHN                             PA-51-9-483
BEAUCHAMP, JAMES                        PA-51-Y-35
BEBEE, ANN CATHERINE                    PA-51-7-572
BECHTEL, DANIEL                         PA-51-N-548
BECHTEL, JACOB                          PA-51-9-346
BECHTEL, JOHN                           PA-51-9-718
BECHTELL, HANS JACOB                    PA-51-F-156
BECHTLEY, GEORGE                        PA-51-O-221
BECK, BAULTIS                           PA-51-7-218
BECK, BLASIUS                           PA-51-N-11
BECK, CATHERINE                         PA-51-X-18
BECK, GRACE                             PA-51-8-473
BECK, HENRY                             PA-51-#1-85
BECK, JACOB                             PA-51-#1-553
BECK, JACOB SR.                         PA-51-9-106
BECK, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-117
BECK, JOHN                              PA-51-8-19
BECK, JOHN DIELMAN                      PA-51-U-282
BECK, MARGARET                          PA-51-7-617
BECK, WILLIAM C.                        PA-51-9-200
BECKER, JOHANNES                        PA-51-P-345
BECKER, JOHN                            PA-51-4-74
BECKER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-4-122
BECKETT, MARY                           PA-51-9-393
BECKLEY, HENRY                          PA-51-2-207
BECKMAN, ANDREW                         PA-51-R-181
BEDDOME, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-I-236
BEDFORD, ANN                            PA-51-9-404
BEDFORD, ELEANOR                        PA-51-O-396
BEDFORD, GUNNING                        PA-51-Y-670
BEDFORD, JOSEPH ATKINSON                PA-51-5-362
BEDFORD, LUCY                           PA-51-6-599
BEDWARD, JANE                           PA-51-H-107
BEDWORTH, WILLIAM                       PA-51-W-190
BEE, AMOS                               PA-51-U-320
BEEKMAN, GERARD W.                      PA-51-S-67
BEENDT, BARBARA                         PA-51-X-634
BEERE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-G-97
BEERE, JONATHAN                         PA-51-T-227
BEERE, MARY                             PA-51-#1-230
BEESTON, FRANCIS                        PA-51-10-108
BEETY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-F-15
BEIDEMAN, CATHARINE A.                  PA-51-9-81
BEIDEMAN, DANIEL                        PA-51-3-554
BEIDERMAN, JON                          PA-51-8-416
BEITLER, JOHANNES                       PA-51-Q-116
BELCHER, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-416
BELE, MARY                              PA-51-#1-248
BELEW, ANN                              PA-51-K-49
BELIN, LOUIS                            PA-51-6-553
BELITZ, LORENTZ                         PA-51-N-389
BELL, CHARLES                           PA-51-D-437
BELL, DAVID                             PA-51-Y-180
BELL, HENRY                             PA-51-G-225
BELL, HENRY                             PA-51-9-385
BELL, ISAIAH                            PA-51-Q-509
BELL, JOHN                              PA-51-P-409
BELL, JOSEPH                            PA-51-N-373
BELL, MARGARET                          PA-51-S-355
BELL, MARGARET                          PA-51-S-380
BELL, MARY                              PA-51-I-215
BELL, MARY                              PA-51-4-248
BELL, PETER                             PA-51-8-78
BELL, RICHARD                           PA-51-I-227
BELL, ROBERT                            PA-51-P-336
BELL, SAMUEL                            PA-51-R-331
BELL, SARAH                             PA-51-8-641
BELL, THOMAS                            PA-51-#1-402
BELL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-H-116
BELL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-G-177
BELL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-6-198
BELL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-6-282
BELL, WILLIAM JR.                       PA-51-10-555
BELLERS, JOHN                           PA-51-5-193
BELLINGER, MICHAEL                      PA-51-K-438
BELLIS, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-C-283
BELLOT, AMAND                           PA-51-9-493
BELLOWS, MATTHIAS                       PA-51-C-283
BELLUE, JACOB                           PA-51-H-401
BELONG, JOHN                            PA-51-S-130
BELSTERLING, JACOB                      PA-51-6-139
BELTZ, CROFT                            PA-51-5-260
BELWOOD, WILLIAM                        PA-51-10-476
BEMIS, JOHN BAPTIST                     PA-51-Y-472
BENBRIDGE, JAMES                        PA-51-I-413
BENDER, BARBARA                         PA-51-Q-562
BENDER, CHRISTINA                       PA-51-P-453
BENDER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-X-709
BENDER, DANIEL                          PA-51-#1-535
BENDER, DANIEL                          PA-51-T-412
BENDER, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-393
BENDER, GODFREY                         PA-51-7-541
BENDER, JACOB                           PA-51-Q-417
BENDER, LEWIS                           PA-51-2-169
BENDER, MATHIAS                         PA-51-G-164
BENEZET, ANTHONY                        PA-51-Q-482
BENEZET, JOHN                           PA-51-X-170
BENEZET, JOHN STEVEN                    PA-51-I-403
BENEZET, JUDITH                         PA-51-N-411
BENEZET, PHILIP                         PA-51-W-186
BENINGHOVE, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-9-487
BENIT, HENRY                            PA-51-D-15
BENNER, DANIEL                          PA-51-O-166
BENNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-2-498
BENNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-302
BENNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-T-144
BENNER, HERMAN                          PA-51-N-414
BENNER, ISAAC                           PA-51-8-64
BENNER, JACOB                           PA-51-W-473
BENNER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-338
BENNER, JOHN                            PA-51-7-82
BENNER, JOHN                            PA-51-6-190
BENNER, JOHN                            PA-51-X-520
BENNER, JOHN SR.                        PA-51-Q-291
BENNERS, JACOB                          PA-51-6-579
BENNET, JOHN                            PA-51-8-28
BENNET, MARGARET                        PA-51-O-259
BENNET, MARIA                           PA-51-8-461
BENNET, MARY                            PA-51-9-216
BENNET, REUBEN                          PA-51-8-108
BENNETT, EDMOND                         PA-51-A-210
BENNETT, JAMES                          PA-51-2-398
BENNETT, JOHN                           PA-51-C-164
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        PA-51-I-81
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        PA-51-7-217
BENNING, WILLIAM                        PA-51-O-407
BENNINGHOVE, JACOB                      PA-51-3-11
BENNY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-F-229
BENSAKEN, SAMUEL                        PA-51-7-247
BENSEL, ANNA BARBARA                    PA-51-P-448
BENSEL, GEORGE                          PA-51-N-60
BENSELL, ENGLE                          PA-51-#1-340
BENSELL, GEORGE                         PA-51-9-133
BENSELL, GEORGE L.                      PA-51-2-31
BENSELL, SARAH                          PA-51-Y-411
BENTLY, JOHN                            PA-51-8-69
BENTON, MARY                            PA-51-8-82
BENZAKEN, ISAAC                         PA-51-Y-158
BENZEL, CONRAD                          PA-51-G-315
BERETH, BALTHAS                         PA-51-H-35
BERGENDOLLAR, CATHARINE                 PA-51-3-254
BERGENHOFF, MARGARET                    PA-51-#1-235
BERGMAN, JOHN B.                        PA-51-9-601
BERGMEYER, DANIEL                       PA-51-7-324
BERIET, MARTIN                          PA-51-X-581
BERINGER, CHRISTOPHER CARL              PA-51-#1-555
BERINGER, MARGARET                      PA-51-7-598
BERISH, MARTIN                          PA-51-Y-602
BERKLEBACH, JOST                        PA-51-7-539
BERKLEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-G-56
BERKMAN, GEORGE                         PA-51-O-34
BERNARD, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-X-337
BERNARD, GEORGE                         PA-51-10-189
BERNARD, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-U-263
BERNDOLLER, NICHOLAS                    PA-51-X-383
BERNER, ANDREW                          PA-51-5-332
BERNHARD, JOHN HENRY                    PA-51-P-74
BERNHORT, LODWICK                       PA-51-#1-361
BERNT, HENRY                            PA-51-H-501
BERTOLET, PETER                         PA-51-E-291
BERTSCH, ANDREW                         PA-51-Y-196
BERWICK, MARGARET                       PA-51-N-323
BESSE, JOHN BAPTISTE                    PA-51-9-725
BEST, MARY                              PA-51-A-333
BETHELL, JOHN                           PA-51-C-74
BETSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-32
BETTERTON, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-T-315
BETTERTON, JACOB H.                     PA-51-X-368
BETTERTON, MARY                         PA-51-O-106
BETTLE, JOHN                            PA-51-I-284
BETTLE, JOHN                            PA-51-D-31
BETTLE, LYDIA                           PA-51-Q-21
BETTLE, SAMUEL                          PA-51-O-323
BETTLE, SARAH                           PA-51-S-135
BETTLE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-P-393
BETTON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-3-104
BETTON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-3-294
BETZ, CHRISTIAN                         PA-51-3-568
BEUSHLAR, NICHOLAS                      PA-51-O-528
BEVAN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-E-293
BEVAN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-47
BEVERIDGE, MARY                         PA-51-7-191
BEWLEY, GEORGE                          PA-51-X-30
BEWLEY, ISAAC                           PA-51-P-380
BEWLY, NATHAN                           PA-51-N-491
BEYER, ANDREW                           PA-51-P-405
BEYER, GABRIEL                          PA-51-N-544
BEYLLE, JOSEPH                          PA-51-10-446
BEZER, JOHN                             PA-51-A-18
BIAYS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-6-28
BIBB, THOMAS                            PA-51-D-172
BICKERTON, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-Y-537
BICKERTON, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-10-398
BICKERTON, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-5-240
BICKHAM, CALEB                          PA-51-3-376
BICKHAM, GEORGE                         PA-51-4-69
BICKHAM, JANE                           PA-51-X-714
BICKHAM, JOSHUA                         PA-51-6-472
BICKING, FREDERICK                      PA-51-3-21
BICKLEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-D-446
BICKLEY, ANN                            PA-51-W-664
BICKLEY, DANIEL                         PA-51-10-369
BICKLEY, JACOB                          PA-51-3-74
BICKLEY, MARY                           PA-51-4-260
BICKLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-51-I-143
BIDDIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-3-467
BIDDIS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-N-457
BIDDLE, CHARLES                         PA-51-7-294
BIDDLE, CLEMENT                         PA-51-5-302
BIDDLE, GEORGE WASHNGTON                PA-51-4-132
BIDDLE, HANNAH                          PA-51-8-351
BIDDLE, JAMES ESQ.                      PA-51-X-591
BIDDLE, JOHN                            PA-51-W-22
BIDDLE, JOHN G.                         PA-51-9-26
BIDDLE, OWEN                            PA-51-#1-509
BIDDLE, OWEN                            PA-51-Y-155
BIDDLE, REBEKAH                         PA-51-10-170
BIDDLE, SAMUEL                          PA-51-8-566
BIEGLER, PHILIP                         PA-51-3-57
BIGALOW,JOSIAH                          PA-51-Y-116
BIGAR, ANN                              PA-51-9-104
BIGAR, JOHN                             PA-51-7-193
BIGONEY, JOHN                           PA-51-W-384
BIGONY, JOHN                            PA-51-2-406
BILLS, JOHN                             PA-51-9-557
BILLSLAND, ANN                          PA-51-9-283
BILTON, ROBERT                          PA-51-9-53
BILTON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-D-63
BINDER, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-199
BINDER, JACOB                           PA-51-#1-194
BINES, ELIZA                            PA-51-6-214
BINGHAM, ANN                            PA-51-R-490
BINGHAM, JAMES                          PA-51-H-347
BINGHAM, JAMES                          PA-51-X-696
BINGHAM, JAMES                          PA-51-F-54
BINGHAM, JAMES                          PA-51-D-30
BINGHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-365
BINGHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-51-O-332
BINGLEY, MARY                           PA-51-S-199
BINKES, JOHN ENGEL                      PA-51-P-535
BINNEY, BARNABAS                        PA-51-T-545
BION, JOHN MARIE                        PA-51-5-218
BIRCHALL, CALEB                         PA-51-6-386
BIRCHALL, CALEB                         PA-51-F-258
BIRD, ANN                               PA-51-D-207
BIRD, GEORGE                            PA-51-D-416
BIRKETT, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-T-292
BISBING, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-208
BISHOP, LUCIA                           PA-51-N-68
BISHOP, MARGARET SUSANNAH               PA-51-P-316
BISHOP, THOMAS                          PA-51-X-449
BISHOPBERGER, JACOB                     PA-51-4-299
BISOMAN, EVE                            PA-51-X-479
BISPHAM, THOMAS                         PA-51-O-523
BISSELL, JOHN                           PA-51-#1-334
BISSELL, MARGARET                       PA-51-2-522
BISSELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-K-552
BISTER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-7
BITTEL, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-Q-268
BITTING, LUDWIG                         PA-51-Q-257
BLACK, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-2-483
BLACK, EBENEZER                         PA-51-7-347
BLACK, FRANCIS                          PA-51-8-417
BLACK, FREDERICK                        PA-51-T-438
BLACK, MATTHEW                          PA-51-7-576
BLACK, ROBERT                           PA-51-X-13
BLACK, ROBERT                           PA-51-6-355
BLACK, WILLIAM                          PA-51-6-637
BLACK, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-158
BLACKBURN, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-51-D-329
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                      PA-51-2-400
BLACKHAM, RICHARD                       PA-51-W-429
BLACKISTON, PRESLEY                     PA-51-6-647
BLACKLEDGE, JOHN                        PA-51-T-174
BLACKLEY, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-T-328
BLACKSTON, JOHN                         PA-51-9-165
BLACKWELL, HANNAH                       PA-51-6-206
BLACKWELL, HUGH                         PA-51-K-413
BLACKWELL, JACOB                        PA-51-6-595
BLACKWELL, ROBERT (REV.)                PA-51-9-711
BLACKWOOD, HUGH                         PA-51-#1-301
BLACKWOOD, JANE                         PA-51-O-240
BLACKWOOD, SARAH                        PA-51-X-702
BLAIR, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-186
BLAIR, JOHN                             PA-51-S-78
BLAIR, ROBERT                           PA-51-6-48
BLAIR, SAMUEL                           PA-51-6-606
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          PA-51-3-118
BLAKE, JOHN SR.                         PA-51-9-382
BLAKE, JONATHAN                         PA-51-6-49
BLAKE, TIMOTHY                          PA-51-7-278
BLAKELEY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-8-372
BLAKEY, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-457
BLANKLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-S-344
BLAYNEY, KATHERINE                      PA-51-C-253
BLEAKLEY, DAVID                         PA-51-8-367
BLEAKLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-O-370
BLEAKLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-728
BLEAKLY, DAVID                          PA-51-10-172
BLECKER, PETER                          PA-51-7-310
BLEWER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-U-344
BLEWER, SARAH                           PA-51-Y-506
BLEY, HENRY AUGUST                      PA-51-#1-205
BLINSTONE, ISAAC                        PA-51-A-16
BLISS, THOMAS                           PA-51-S-89
BLOCKLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-U-372
BLOCKLEY, WILLIAM WARNER                PA-51-O-25
BLODGETT, WILLIAM HENRY                 PA-51-4-105
BLOER, ROBERT                           PA-51-2-462
BLOOM, LODWIK                           PA-51-I-381
BLOOMFIELD, ELISHA                      PA-51-#1-535
BLOVAC, SIMON                           PA-51-T-410
BLOYD, DAVID                            PA-51-W-137
BLUM, GEORGE                            PA-51-X-733
BLUNSTON, SAMUEL                        PA-51-H-62
BLYTH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-O-338
BLYTH, JOHN                             PA-51-D-442
BLYTH, MARY                             PA-51-O-258
BOARDMAN, MARY                          PA-51-7-257
BOARDMAN, ROBERT                        PA-51-7-253
BOATE, THOMAS                           PA-51-9-37
BOCK, LEONARD                           PA-51-G-250
BOCKENOGEN, JAN WILLIMSE                PA-51-A-203
BOCKIUS, GEORGE                         PA-51-7-239
BOCKIUS, GODFRIED                       PA-51-R-346
BOCKIUS, PETER                          PA-51-8-8
BODENSTINE, ANDREW                      PA-51-4-106
BODIN, LOUIS                            PA-51-8-42
BODLY, THOMAS                           PA-51-6-50
BODMER, ULRICK                          PA-51-P-494
BOEHM, PHILIP                           PA-51-W-13
BOGART, MARY                            PA-51-T-105
BOGER, PAUL                             PA-51-N-245
BOGGS, ARCHIBALD                        PA-51-2-185
BOGGS, HANNAH                           PA-51-9-34
BOHL, ADAM                              PA-51-X-10
BOHNER, JOHANNES                        PA-51-G-276
BOLICK, GEORGE                          PA-51-R-100
BOLLER, MARY                            PA-51-2-513
BOLLMAN, ANDREW                         PA-51-#1-194
BOLT, JOHN                              PA-51-B-89
BOLTON, EVERARD                         PA-51-E-27
BOLTON, EVERARD JR.                     PA-51-D-50
BONACKER, JACOB                         PA-51-6-30
BOND, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-P-463
BOND, FRANCES                           PA-51-X-528
BOND, PHINEAS ESQ.                      PA-51-6-162
BOND, REBECCA                           PA-51-7-175
BOND, SARAH                             PA-51-K-402
BOND, SARAH                             PA-51-Q-436
BOND, THOMAS                            PA-51-Q-413
BOND, WILLIAM                           PA-51-9-706
BOND, WILLIAMINA                        PA-51-2-495
BONDY, ANDRAES                          PA-51-F-254
BONHAM, SUSANNAH                        PA-51-X-21
BONNELL, HANNAH                         PA-51-2-393
BONNELL, PIERRE NOE                     PA-51-X-504
BONNELL, SAMUEL                         PA-51-O-103
BONNELL, SARAH                          PA-51-X-699
BONNELL, THOMAS                         PA-51-Q-539
BONNER, JAMES                           PA-51-6-620
BONNER, RUDOLPH                         PA-51-T-56
BONSALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-I-482
BONSALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-O-444
BONSALL, EDWARD                         PA-51-8-580
BONSALL, ISAAC                          PA-51-10-161
BONSALL, JAMES                          PA-51-K-298
BONSALL, RICHARD                        PA-51-A-500
BOOD, JOHN                              PA-51-H-487
BOOH, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-2-504
BOOKCHOP, JOHN GEORGE                   PA-51-3-320
BOOKER, THOMAS                          PA-51-T-124
BOON, ANDREW                            PA-51-E-175
BOON, ANN                               PA-51-C-337
BOON, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-F-63
BOON, WILLIAM                           PA-51-D-21
BOONE, ANDRES SWANSON                   PA-51-A-339
BOONE, ANDREW                           PA-51-10-319
BOONE, JANE                             PA-51-K-29
BOONE, SAMUEL                           PA-51-H-32
BOONE, SAMUEL SCOTT                     PA-51-T-4
BOORE, ANDREW                           A-51-N-252
BOORE, JOSEPH                           A-51-G-328
BOORE, LAWRENCE                         PA-51-P-473
BOORE, LAWRENCE                         PA-51-H-142
BOORE, LAWRENCE                         PA-51-T-221
BOORE, LAWRENCE SR                      PA-51-C-152
BOORE, PRISCILLA                        PA-51-N-59
BOORMAN, JAMES                          PA-51-E-212
BOOTH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-6-535
BOOTH, JOHN                             PA-51-7-488
BOOTH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-10-477
BORDLEY, JOHN BEALE                     PA-51-#1-165
BORDLEY, SARAH                          PA-51-6-379
BORE, FREDERICK                         PA-51-R-386
BORELAND, SAMUEL                        PA-51-F-160
BORGER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-9-555
BORNEMAN, DANIEL                        PA-51-N-515
BOSHALL, JOSEPH                         PA-51-C-101
BOSHART, ANDREW                         PA-51-X-395
BOSHART, ANDREW JR.                     PA-51-W-634
BOSHART, CONRAD                         PA-51-7-262
BOSS, JAMES                             PA-51-X-478
BOSTICK, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-408
BOSTON, CHARLES                         PA-51-#1-453
BOSWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-6-525
BOUCHE, GABRIEL RENE                    PA-51-X-589
BOUCHIER, FRANCIS                       PA-51-Q-99
BOUCK, JACOB                            PA-51-K-390
BOUDE, GRIMSTON                         PA-51-D-47
BOUDE, SAMUEL                           PA-51-E-240
BOUGHMAN, AARON                         PA-51-4-314
BOULDING, WILLIAM                       PA-51-D-83
BOULLAY, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-6-302
BOULLON, HENRY                          PA-51-K-397
BOUQUET, HENRY                          PA-51-N-465
BOURDETT, PETER                         PA-51-A-426
BOURDON, JEAN                           PA-51-X-722
BOURKE, HUGH                            PA-51-9-87
BOURKE, THEOBALD                        PA-51-Y-503
BOURNE, ALICE                           PA-51-I-416
BOURNE, STEPHEN                         PA-51-8-450
BOURNE, THOMAS                          PA-51-S-63
BOUTCHER, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-T-332
BOUTCHER, JOHN                          PA-51-S-385
BOUVIER, DANIEL                         PA-51-8-406
BOWATER, JOHN                           PA-51-C-10
BOWD, FERDINANDO                        PA-51-N-260
BOWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-E-20
BOWELS, HENRY                           PA-51-X-505
BOWEN, JOHN                             PA-51-W-701
BOWEN, JOHN                             PA-51-A-379
BOWEN, JOHN                             PA-51-D-33
BOWEN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-5-17
BOWEN, NORTH                            PA-51-C-49
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-607
BOWER, CHARLES                          PA-51-2-60
BOWER, HANS                             PA-51-I-77
BOWER, JOSEPH                           PA-51-X-651
BOWER, MICHAEL                          PA-51-Q-429
BOWER, PAUL                             PA-51-S-133
BOWERS, ANDREW                          PA-51-Y-434
BOWERS, LONDON                          PA-51-Y-131
BOWERS,JACOB                            PA-51-4-24
BOWES, CHARLOTT                         PA-51-Y-722
BOWES, FRANCIS                          PA-51-I-203
BOWES, HUGH                             PA-51-Q-238
BOWIE, JAMES                            PA-51-X-499
BOWLBY, THOMAS                          PA-51-U-359
BOWMAN, CHARLES                         PA-51-Y-509
BOWMAN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-E-358
BOWMAN, JACOB                           PA-51-G-271
BOWMAN, JACOB                           PA-51-X-689
BOWMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-228
BOWMAN, MARY                            PA-51-2-375
BOWMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-10-463
BOWNE, CORNELIUS                        PA-51-P-368
BOWS, JOHN SR.                          PA-51-R-359
BOWYER, JOHN                            PA-51-E-220
BOWYER, SARAH                           PA-51-K-550
BOWYER, STEPHEN                         PA-51-Q-139
BOYAR, JOHN                             PA-51-R-109
BOYCE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-K-252
BOYCE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-686
BOYD, ANDREW                            PA-51-4-105
BOYD, CATHARINE                         PA-51-2-242
BOYD, HANNAH                            PA-51-S-158
BOYD, JAMES                             PA-51-X-250
BOYD, MARGARET                          PA-51-7-291
BOYD, PARKES                            PA-51-7-76
BOYDEN, JAMES                           PA-51-B-26
BOYDEN, JAMES                           PA-51-H-406
BOYDEN, JAMES                           PA-51-D-6
BOYDEN, MERIAM                          PA-51-D-73
BOYDON, MARGARET                        PA-51-B-96
BOYDT, WILLIAM                          PA-51-G-345
BOYE, HIMAN                             PA-51-9-678
BOYER, ANDREW                           PA-51-R-102
BOYER, BLAIZE                           PA-51-T-233
BOYER, DAVID                            PA-51-9-85
BOYER, GABRIEL                          PA-51-9-84
BOYER, GEROGE FREDERICK                 PA-51-T-1
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-51-O-343
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-51-W-680
BOYER, JOHANNES                         PA-51-G-27
BOYER, JOHN                             PA-51-5-388
BOYER, VALENTINE                        PA-51-9-235
BOYLAN, JAMES                           PA-51-X-214
BOYLE, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-3-96
BOYLE, JOHN                             PA-51-X-751
BOYLE, JOHN                             PA-51-7-138
BOYNTON, SUSANNAH                       PA-51-9-101
BOYS, ELIAS                             PA-51-W-302
BOYS, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-93
BOYS, NATHAN                            PA-51-#1-65
BOYS, RUDY                              PA-51-7-294
BRACHBELL, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-G-284
BRADES, PETER                           PA-51-10-122
BRADFORD, ANDREW                        PA-51-G-28
BRADFORD, CORNELIA                      PA-51-K-345
BRADFORD, THOMAS                        PA-51-D-349
BRADFORD, WILLIAM JR.                   PA-51-X-325
BRADLEY, EDWARD                         PA-51-G-104
BRADLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-10-643
BRADLEY, GEORGE                         PA-51-10-597
BRADLEY, JAMES                          PA-51-7-15
BRADY, JAMES                            PA-51-10-659
BRADY, JOHN                             PA-51-6-626
BRADY, MARGARET                         PA-51-5-253
BRADY, MARGARET                         PA-51-6-632
BRAENTIGAM, DANIEL                      PA-51-9-491
BRAKEWELL, THOMAS                       PA-51-#1-423
BRAND, MARTHA G.                        PA-51-5-233
BRAND, PHILIP                           PA-51-G-160
BRANDON, MARY                           PA-51-7-270
BRANDON, NATHANIEL                      PA-51-#1-478
BRANDT, AIME                            PA-51-10-379
BRANDT, ALBERTUS                        PA-51-B-177
BRANHAM, EBENEZER                       PA-51-4-65
BRANNEMAN, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-N-131
BRANNON, ANN (JONES)                    PA-51-4-211
BRANSON, SARAH                          PA-51-I-18
BRANU, ROBERT PETER                     PA-51-9-617
BRASSIC, THOMAS                         PA-51-A-182
BRAUER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-P-175
BRAXTON, WILLIAM F.                     PA-51-7-248
BRAY, LAWRENCE                          PA-51-G-205
BREADY, MARTHA                          PA-51-7-349
BRECHELL, ANDREW                        PA-51-O-56
BRECK, SAMUEL                           PA-51-2-496
BREIENHART, GEORGE                      PA-51-9-634
BREINTNALL, DAVID                       PA-51-E-207
BREINTNELL, HANNAH                      PA-51-O-541
BRENAN, EDWARD                          PA-51-10-378
BRENTNALL, JOSEPH                       PA-51-T-236
BRET, JOSEPH                            PA-51-W-650
BRETON, PAUL GASPARD                    PA-51-2-22
BREUIL, FRANCIS                         PA-51-9-48
BREWER, RICHARD                         PA-51-B-126
BREWSTER, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-2-380
BRICE, JOHN (CAPT.)                     PA-51-6-159
BRICE, SACHA                            PA-51-W-272
BRICE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-H-253
BRICKERTON, JAMES                       PA-51-#1-79
BRICKNALL, SAMUEL                       PA-51-F-39
BRIDGES, CATHERINE                      PA-51-P-296
BRIDGES, CORNELIA                       PA-51-T-109
BRIDGES, EDWARD                         PA-51-F-241
BRIDGES, ROBERT                         PA-51-Y-281
BRIGGS, FRANCIS                         PA-51-2-425
BRIGGS, MARY                            PA-51-6-131
BRIGGS, RALPH                           PA-51-10-109
BRIGHT, ANTHONY                         PA-51-I-156
BRIGHT, JACOB                           PA-51-2-384
BRIGHT, JAMES                           PA-51-O-345
BRIGHT, JANE                            PA-51-I-433
BRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-I-356
BRIGHT, STEPHEN                         PA-51-H-427
BRIGHTWELL, MARY                        PA-51-#1-131
BRILL, CORNELIUS                        PA-51-F-146
BRINDLE, JAMES                          PA-51-10-649
BRINEY, MARY                            PA-51-10-302
BRINGHAM, GEORGE                        PA-51-H-524
BRINGHURST, ANN                         PA-51-9-254
BRINGHURST, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-W-94
BRINGHURST, GEORGE                      PA-51-I-503
BRINGHURST, GEORGE                      PA-51-X-567
BRINGHURST, JAMES                       PA-51-3-162
BRINGHURST, JOHN                        PA-51-U-405
BRINGHURST, JOHN                        PA-51-X-221
BRINGHURST, JOHN                        PA-51-I-358
BRINGHURST, JOSEPH                      PA-51-3-493
BRINGHURST, ROBERT                      PA-51-10-452
BRINGHURST, SAMUEL                      PA-51-6-586
BRINGHURST, SARAH                       PA-51-10-176
BRINTNALL, JOHN                         PA-51-H-280
BRINTON, JOHN H.                        PA-51-9-62
BRINTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-82
BRISTOL, DANIEL                         PA-51-O-494
BRISTOL, HANNAH                         PA-51-R-167
BRISTOLL, THOMAS                        PA-51-#1-26
BRISTOW, JOHN                           PA-51-A-283
BRITSON, THOMAS                         PA-51-R-576
BRITTAIN, PETER                         PA-51-C-278
BRITTIN, EVE                            PA-51-X-694
BRITTIN, JOHN                           PA-51-X-344
BRITTIN, LIONEL                         PA-51-D-203
BRITTIN, RACHEL                         PA-51-O-119
BRITTIN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-272
BRITTON, ANN                            PA-51-2-189
BRITTON, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-S-178
BRITTON, EDWARD                         PA-51-6-646
BRITTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-F-272
BRITTON, JOHN SR.                       PA-51-6-251
BRITTON, MARGARET                       PA-51-2-84
BRITTON, MARY H.                        PA-51-10-685
BRITTON, SALTER                         PA-51-7-185
BRITWEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-A-267
BROCAS, FRANCIS HYACINTH                PA-51-X-76
BROCK, THOMAS                           PA-51-C-188
BROCKDEN, RICHARD                       PA-51-K-410
BROCKER, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-W-142
BRODGATE, THOMAS                        PA-51-I-52
BRONGER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-7-177
BROOK, JONATHAN                         PA-51-E-170
BROOK, THOMAS                           PA-51-#1-455
BROOKE, JAMES                           PA-51-D-153
BROOKE, MATTHEW                         PA-51-D-161
BROOKER, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-10-61
BROOKES, JOHN                           PA-51-B-72
BROOKS, EDWARD                          PA-51-W-708
BROOKS, HENRY                           PA-51-F-44
BROOKS, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-228
BROOKS, JOHN                            PA-51-E-119
BROOKS, ROBERT                          PA-51-7-406
BROOM, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-51-8-178
BROOM, THOMAS                           PA-51-6-551
BROSIUS, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-N-484
BROUGHTON, SARAH                        PA-51-T-28
BROUS, HENRY                            PA-51-7-409
BROUSS, ANDREW                          PA-51-Q-464
BROWN, ABIA                             PA-51-#1-233
BROWN, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-W-166
BROWN, ANN                              PA-51-10-241
BROWN, BARBARA                          PA-51-W-445
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-2-481
BROWN, CATHARINE                        PA-51-10-99
BROWN, CHARITY                          PA-51-F-132
BROWN, CHARLES                          PA-51-9-96
BROWN, CLAUS                            PA-51-F-302
BROWN, ELIJAH                           PA-51-W-181
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-6-69
BROWN, GEORGE FREDERICK                 PA-51-W-634
BROWN, HANNAH                           PA-51-10-111
BROWN, ISABELLA                         PA-51-9-86
BROWN, JACOB JR.                        PA-51-X-78
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-51-4-28
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-51-C-213
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-51-6-386
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-51-Y-633
BROWN, JANE                             PA-51-#1-450
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         PA-51-I-289
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-6-362
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-9-641
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-F-19
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-525
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-4-121
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-P-390
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-8-515
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-555
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-7-205
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-X-172
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-51-7-172
BROWN, JOHN E.                          PA-51-#1-119
BROWN, JOHN FREDERICK                   PA-51-O-419
BROWN, JOHN MICHAEL (DR.)               PA-51-I-332
BROWN, JOHN WILLIAM                     PA-51-R-163
BROWN, JONATHAN                         PA-51-T-129
BROWN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-6-592
BROWN, MARGARET                         PA-51-X-592
BROWN, MARTHA                           PA-51-8-191
BROWN, MARY                             PA-51-Y-147
BROWN, MARY                             PA-51-7-589
BROWN, MARY                             PA-51-T-288
BROWN, MARY                             PA-51-8-451
BROWN, MARY                             PA-51-6-360
BROWN, MICHAEL                          PA-51-I-387
BROWN, NATHANIEL                        PA-51-E-79
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-G-74
BROWN, PATRICK                          PA-51-H-353
BROWN, PETER                            PA-51-I-107
BROWN, RACHEL                           PA-51-O-131
BROWN, REBECCA                          PA-51-7-528
BROWN, ROBERT                           PA-51-6-509
BROWN, SAMUEL                           PA-51-R-118
BROWN, SARAH                            PA-51-N-103
BROWN, SETH                             PA-51-6-127
BROWN, STEVEN                           PA-51-Q-368
BROWN, THOAMS                           PA-51-T-476
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-547
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-51-W-510
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-216
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-479
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-4-214
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-6-621
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-S-71
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-2-171
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-T-199
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-S-86
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-294
BROWNE, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-#1-63
BROWNE, JOHN                            PA-51-D-165
BROWNE, JOHN (N.L.)                     PA-51-8-431
BROWNE, JOHN C.                         PA-51-10-365
BROWNE, LOUISA                          PA-51-#1-51
BROWNE, NATHANIEL                       PA-51-Y-396
BROWNE, PETER                           PA-51-3-318
BROWNE, SAMUEL                          PA-51-Y-28
BROWNE, THOMAS                          PA-51-6-272
BROWNE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-189
BROWNE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-159
BROWNE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-R-149
BRUDENELL, JOHN                         PA-51-G-79
BRUER, ROBERT                           PA-51-A-528
BRUNER, HENRY                           PA-51-9-232
BRUNER, PAUL                            PA-51-I-398
BRUNEY, MARGARET                        PA-51-X-223
BRUSSTAR, PETER                         PA-51-9-47
BRUSSTER, SAMUEL                        PA-51-8-264
BRUSTAR, HENRY                          PA-51-#1-447
BRYAN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-#1-212
BRYAN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-R-88
BRYAN, GEORGE W.                        PA-51-Y-441
BRYAN, GUY                              PA-51-9-304
BRYAN, JESSE                            PA-51-6-279
BRYAN, JOHN                             PA-51-O-225
BRYAN, MARTHA                           PA-51-9-4
BRYAN, SAMUEL                           PA-51-Q-197
BRYAN, THOMAS                           PA-51-Y-190
BRYANT, JOHN                            PA-51-E-288
BRYCE, JOHN                             PA-51-2-90
BRYON, JOHN                             PA-51-T-490
BRYSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-X-705
BUCHANAN, ANDREW                        PA-51-7-139
BUCHANAN, ANDREW                        PA-51-N-186
BUCHANNEN, RACHEL                       PA-51-3-122
BUCHER, CONRAD                          PA-51-O-124
BUCHER, JACOB                           PA-51-2-542
BUCK, BENJAMIN                          PA-51-8-334
BUCK, GEORGE                            PA-51-6-429
BUCK, HANNAH                            PA-51-2-408
BUCKER, JACOB                           PA-51-Y-112
BUCKIAS, HANA                           PA-51-U-44
BUCKINGHAM, JOHN                        PA-51-10-316
BUCKINS, JOHN                           PA-51-S-309
BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-Y-715
BUCKLEY, PHINEAS                        PA-51-9-11
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-6-360
BUDD, ELIZABETH COBURN                  PA-51-2-404
BUDD, GEORGE                            PA-51-6-545
BUDD, JAMES                             PA-51-Y-496
BUDD, JOHN                              PA-51-B-394
BUDD, JOHN COBURN                       PA-51-Y-243
BUDD, LEVI                              PA-51-W-155
BUDD, THOMAS                            PA-51-A-384
BUDD, THOMAS                            PA-51-A-511
BUDD, THOMAS                            PA-51-R-334
BUDDEN, FRANCES                         PA-51-X-710
BUDDEN, RICHARD                         PA-51-O-146
BUDDIN, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-Y-705
BUGGENMEYER, ERASIMUS                   PA-51-G-239
BUGLASE, CALEB                          PA-51-2-46
BUGLASS, RALPH                          PA-51-T-556
BUGNIARD, CHARLES                       PA-51-X-706
BUJAC MATHEW                            PA-51-9-544
BULD, JOHANNES                          PA-51-P-450
BULL, JOHN                              PA-51-5-354
BULL, JOHN                              PA-51-F-20
BULL, THOMAS                            PA-51-G-263
BULLARD, HOPIN                          PA-51-D-413
BULLARD, RICHARD                        PA-51-D-341
BULLIGER, FRANEY                        PA-51-I-188
BULLOCK, CATHERINE                      PA-51-P-442
BULLOCK, ROBERT                         PA-51-Q-189
BULLOCK, THOMAS                         PA-51-E-34
BULLUS, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-318
BUMM, JACOB                             PA-51-R-378
BUN, PETER                              PA-51-H-20
BUNCE, JARED                            PA-51-10-334
BUNNER, ANDREW                          PA-51-W-198
BUNNER, URSULA                          PA-51-W-139
BUNNOR, SARAH                           PA-51-7-516
BUNTING, CHRISTIANA                     PA-51-2-112
BUNTING, HANNAH S.                      PA-51-10-330
BUNTING, JOB                            PA-51-B-285
BUNTING, PHILIP S.                      PA-51-8-643
BUNTING, SAMUEL                         PA-51-O-440
BURCHELL, SARAH                         PA-51-R-232
BURD, MARGARET                          PA-51-2-386
BURDEN, HANNAH                          PA-51-9-237
BURDEN, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-A-178
BURDETT, MATHEW                         PA-51-A-470
BURGARD, CATHARINE                      PA-51-#1-171
BURGEOIS, MARY DINAH                    PA-51-6-507
BURGES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-H-14
BURGESS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-B-87
BURGESS, THOMAS                         PA-51-I-257
BURK, EDWARD SR.                        PA-51-Q-364
BURK, HUSE                              PA-51-I-222
BURK, JOHN                              PA-51-H-436
BURKARD, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-X-521
BURKE, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-238
BURKE, RICHARD                          PA-51-7-191
BURKELLOW, ISAAC                        PA-51-10-49
BURKELOW, JACOB                         PA-51-#1-413
BURKERT, GEORGE                         PA-51-S-401
BURKET, JACOB                           PA-51-3-190
BURKIT, JOJN                            PA-51-3-348
BURLING, JOHN                           PA-51-B-246
BURN, JAMES                             PA-51-9-720
BURN, JOHN                              PA-51-2-476
BURNETT, ROBERT                         PA-51-R-474
BURNHAM, JAMES                          PA-51-6-309
BURNS, ANDREW                           PA-51-K-289
BURNS, CATHERINE                        PA-51-7-38
BURNS, HELEN                            PA-51-6-497
BURNS, HELEN                            PA-51-6-497
BURNS, HUGH                             PA-51-4-218
BURR, SARAH D.                          PA-51-7-296
BURRIDGE, MARY                          PA-51-9-737
BURROUGHS, JOHN                         PA-51-E-179
BURROWES, STEPHEN                       PA-51-#1-389
BURROWS, ANN                            PA-51-7-504
BURROWS, ARTHER                         PA-51-Q-85
BURROWS, JOHN                           PA-51-3-339
BURSON, GEORGE                          PA-51-D-61
BURTON, ANTHONY                         PA-51-D-102
BUSBY, ISAAC                            PA-51-U-86
BUSBY, ISAAC                            PA-51-9-7
BUSBY, JAMES                            PA-51-N-271
BUSBY, JOHN                             PA-51-7-471
BUSBY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-285
BUSH, SOL                               PA-51-X-297
BUSHALL, JOSEPH                         PA-51-C-101
BUSSEL, JACOB                           PA-51-F-263
BUSSEY, MOSES                           PA-51-W-695
BUSSIER, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-51-6-154
BUSTI, PAUL                             PA-51-8-244
BUSTILL, CYRUS                          PA-51-#1-476
BUTCHER, JOB                            PA-51-6-635
BUTCHER, JOHN                           PA-51-C-57
BUTCHER, JOSHUA                         PA-51-2-265
BUTLER, CHARLES                         PA-51-A-322
BUTLER, JOHN                            PA-51-P-462
BUTLER, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-10-573
BUTLER, PIERCE                          PA-51-8-42
BUTLER, RICHARD                         PA-51-2-360
BUTLER, SARAH                           PA-51-8-48
BUTT, ANN                               PA-51-9-278
BUTTER, ELLERT JOHNSON                  PA-51-Y-467
BUTTER, RICHARD                         PA-51-A-23
BUTTERFOSS, MATTHIAS                    PA-51-I-128
BUTTFIELD, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-7-473
BUTTON, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-34
BUYERS, MARGARET                        PA-51-9-69
BUZBEY, RICHARD                         PA-51-H-441
BUZBY, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-8-605
BUZBY, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-5-116
BUZBY, EDWARD                           PA-51-E-1
BUZBY, HANNAH                           PA-51-2-383
BUZBY, JOHN                             PA-51-A-535
BUZBY, SARAH                            PA-51-9-555
BUZBY, SARAH                            PA-51-F-15
BUZBY, SUSANNAH                         PA-51-E-152
BUZBY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-64
BYER, PHILIP                            PA-51-K-79
BYERLY, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-7-621
BYERLY, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-9-66
BYLES, DANIEL                           PA-51-K-503
BYLES, THOMAS                           PA-51-P-105
BYMER, GEORGE                           PA-51-Y-669
BYRNE, JAMES                            PA-51-X-319
BYRNE, JAMES MURPHY                     PA-51-6-403
BYRNE, JOHN                             PA-51-6-561
BYRNE, PATRICK                          PA-51-5-209
BYRNE, PATRICK                          PA-51-2-334
BYRNE, PATRICK J.                       PA-51-9-441
BYRNE, REDMOND                          PA-51-7-145
BYRON, JOSHUA                           PA-51-7-4
BYRTH, JOSHUA                           PA-51-E-120
BYWATER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-O-330

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