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KABEL, PETER                            PA-51-Q-277
KAHMER, REINHARD JR.                    PA-51-W-344
KAIGHN, JOHN                            PA-51-5-347
KAITLE, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-369
KALWINE, PHILIP                         PA-51-E-363
KAMM, CASPER                            PA-51-I-477
KAMMERER, JOSEPH R.                     PA-51-4-173
KAMMERER, MARY                          PA-51-6-574
KANE, THOMAS                            PA-51-S-121
KAPP, FREDERICK                         PA-51-I-112
KARMER, JAMES                           PA-51-Q-247
KARR, JAMES (OR KERR)                   PA-51-3-192
KARRELL, TIMOTHY                        PA-51-T-423
KARST, GEORGE                           PA-51-O-19
KASNER, JACOB                           PA-51-O-91
KASONGEN, SIMON FOULK                   PA-51-W-138
KASSLE, HUBBART                         PA-51-H-57
KASTNER, GEORGE                         PA-51-Q-361
KASTNER, PAUL                           PA-51-D-79
KATCHUM, MARGARET                       PA-51-N-122
KATZ, CATHERINE                         PA-51-6-432
KAUFMAN, ANNE                           PA-51-F-173
KAY, CHARLES                            PA-51-7-109
KAY, CHARLES                            PA-51-7-109
KAY, JOHN                               PA-51-G-57
KAY, JOSEPH                             PA-51-8-608
KEAMER, GEORGE                          PA-51-P-170
KEAN, JOHN                              PA-51-4-120
KEAN, SARAH                             PA-51-8-49
KEARKPATRICK, ELIZABETH                 PA-51-Y-547
KEARNEY, JOANN                          PA-51-N-332
KEARNEY, JOANNA                         PA-51-O-57
KEARNS, MARY MAGDALINE                  PA-51-O-320
KEARSLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-P-210
KEARSLEY, MARGARET                      PA-51-S-479
KEASLEY, JOHN                           PA-51-T-454
KEATES, GEORGE                          PA-51-5-383
KEATES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-101
KEATING, JEROME                         PA-51-10-532
KEATING, WILLIAM                        PA-51-10-135
KEATS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-R-345
KEBLE, JOHN                             PA-51-2-176
KEBLER, MARIA                           PA-51-6-608
KEEFE, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-159
KEEGAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-6-559
KEEHMELE, GEORGE                        PA-51-T-354
KEEHMLE, JOHN GEORGE                    PA-51-P-479
KEEHMLE, LEONARD                        PA-51-5-119
KEELE, VALLINTINE                       PA-51-P-104
KEELER, JACOB                           PA-51-F-120
KEEN, HENRIETTA                         PA-51-10-173
KEEN, JACOB                             PA-51-3-355
KEEN, JANE GARRETT                      PA-51-9-76
KEEN, JOHN                              PA-51-2-299
KEEN, JOSEPH                            PA-51-7-307
KEEN, JOSEPH                            PA-51-7-307
KEEN, MARY                              PA-51-6-229
KEEN, MATTHIAS                          PA-51-X-610
KEEN, MATTHIAS VAL                      PA-51-2-71
KEEN, PETER                             PA-51-N-433
KEEN, REYNOLD                           PA-51-Y-393
KEEN, SAMUEL W.                         PA-51-8-531
KEEN, SARAH                             PA-51-9-453
KEENAN, JOHN                            PA-51-W-479
KEENE, LAURENCE                         PA-51-U-316
KEEON, ELEANOR                          PA-51-9-26
KEFFER, MARTIN                          PA-51-5-55
KEHR, JOHN G.                           PA-51-7-573
KEHRBACK, JOHN                          PA-51-P-291
KEIFFER, JACOB                          PA-51-P-312
KEIGHLY, MARY                           PA-51-P-82
KEIM, JOHN                              PA-51-T-299
KEIM, WILLIAM                           PA-51-7-413
KEIR, CHARLES                           PA-51-2-398
KEISEL, HERMAN                          PA-51-W-239
KEITH, THOMASINA                        PA-51-I-177
KEITH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-#1-474
KELLER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-Y-255
KELLER, GEORGE                          PA-51-P-158
KELLEY, HANNAH                          PA-51-F-112
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-D-135
KELLOGH, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-486
KELLY, ANN                              PA-51-U-407
KELLY, DANIEL                           PA-51-R-261
KELLY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-X-403
KELLY, JAMES                            PA-51-6-614
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-51-8-608
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-51-7-261
KELLY, MARY                             PA-51-8-401
KELLY, PATRICK                          PA-51-X-365
KELLY, PHILIP                           PA-51-8-631
KELLY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-445
KELM, DANIEL                            PA-51-U-70
KELSALL, JOHN                           PA-51-P-284
KELTON, DAVID M.                        PA-51-6-583
KEMB, JACOB                             PA-51-E-335
KEMBLE, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-3
KEMP, GEORGE                            PA-51-8-539
KEMPHER, JOHANNES                       PA-51-K-365
KENARD, JOHN                            PA-51-I-86
KENDAL, MARY                            PA-51-O-318
KENDALL, JOHN                           PA-51-G-174
KENDALL, JOSEPH                         PA-51-T-102
KENDERDINE, JOSEPH                      PA-51-R-215
KENDERDINE, RICHARD                     PA-51-E-242
KENDERDINE, THOMAS                      PA-51-R-323
KENENDY, ANTHONY                        PA-51-9-246
KENISON, JAMES                          PA-51-C-316
KENNARD, GEORGE                         PA-51-4-197
KENNEDY, ANDREW                         PA-51-3-537
KENNEDY, ANDREW                         PA-51-Y-335
KENNEDY, DAVID                          PA-51-3-191
KENNEDY, DAVID                          PA-51-9-67
KENNEDY, DAVID                          PA-51-R-536
KENNEDY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-7-70
KENNEDY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-#1-468
KENNEDY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-7-70
KENNEDY, GEORGE                         PA-51-S-239
KENNEDY, HENRY HAMILTON                 PA-51-8-81
KENNEDY, JOHN GORMAN                    PA-51-2-511
KENNEDY, MARGARET                       PA-51-Q-261
KENNEDY, MARY                           PA-51-3-29
KENNEDY, MAURICE                        PA-51-2-137
KENNERSLEY, WILLIAM                     PA-51-T-141
KENNEY, PATRICK                         PA-51-T-136
KENSLY, CONRAD                          PA-51-P-14
KENT, ROBERT                            PA-51-A-129
KENTNER, JOHN GEORGE                    PA-51-K-521
KENTON, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-121
KENTON, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-121
KENTON, HANNAH                          PA-51-W-681
KENTON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-6-254
KENTON, MIRIAM                          PA-51-N-159
KENTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-O-86
KENTZINGER, GEORGE                      PA-51-6-396
KEPLINGER, MARTIN                       PA-51-I-109
KEPPELE, GEORGE                         PA-51-Y-29
KEPPELE, HENRY                          PA-51-X-593
KEPPELE, HENRY JR.                      PA-51-S-170
KEPPELL, CATHARINE                      PA-51-W-687
KEPPLER, ANDREW                         PA-51-N-508
KER, ADAM                               PA-51-W-354
KER, SUSANNA                            PA-51-5-21
KERLIN, SARAH                           PA-51-6-28
KERLIN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-W-254
KERN, ANTHONY                           PA-51-8-139
KERN, FREDERICK                         PA-51-P-62
KERN, FREDERICK                         PA-51-P-300
KERN, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-I-120
KERNEY, JOHN                            PA-51-X-725
KERNS, JOHN                             PA-51-H-127
KERNS, ROBERT                           PA-51-W-183
KERPER, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-S-161
KERPER, FREDERICK                       PA-51-9-251
KERPER, VALENTINE                       PA-51-9-585
KERR, JAMES                             PA-51-K-364
KERR, JOSEPH                            PA-51-R-78
KERR, OLIVER                            PA-51-10-106
KERR, ROBERT                            PA-51-#1-67
KERR, ROBERT                            PA-51-Q-32
KERR, THOMAS                            PA-51-G-143
KERR, WALTER                            PA-51-N-507
KERSEN, JOHN HENRY                      PA-51-D-444
KERSON, JOHN                            PA-51-F-131
KERSSONER, JOHANNES                     PA-51-F-324
KESLER, ELEANOR                         PA-51-X-161
KESLER, FREDERICK                       PA-51-3-280
KESPER, JULIUS                          PA-51-Y-587
KESSLER, LEONARD                        PA-51-#1-176
KESSLER, MARY                           PA-51-8-506
KETTLER, ANDREW                         PA-51-I-248
KEUKEN, KLAAS                           PA-51-2-302
KEYSER, ANDREW                          PA-51-Q-236
KEYSER, CATHERINE                       PA-51-3-449
KEYSER, DIRCK JR.                       PA-51-D-54
KEYSER, DIRICK                          PA-51-K-375
KEYSER, JACOB                           PA-51-T-381
KEYSER, JACOB                           PA-51-S-9
KEYSER, JACOB                           PA-51-P-528
KEYSER, JOHN                            PA-51-6-44
KEYSER, JOHN                            PA-51-4-341
KEYSER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-W-554
KEYSER, MARY                            PA-51-5-170
KEYSER, MATHEW                          PA-51-O-43
KEYSER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-8-492
KEYSER, PAUL                            PA-51-P-120
KEYSER, PETER                           PA-51-6-572
KEYSER, PETER                           PA-51-D-405
KEYSER, PETER                           PA-51-K-466
KEYSER, RACHEL                          PA-51-9-61
KEYSER, REBECCA                         PA-51-U-65
KEYSER, WILLIAM JR.                     PA-51-8-414
KIDD, WILLIAM                           PA-51-P-477
KIENNER, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-183
KIETE, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-G-350
KIGER, JACOB                            PA-51-P-392
KIGHTON, WILLAM                         PA-51-N-345
KILBY, TURPIN                           PA-51-4-48
KILLHOWER, MARTIN                       PA-51-4-268
KILLPATRICK, JOSEPH                     PA-51-G-277
KILMER, CONRAD                          PA-51-P-244
KIMBER, THOMAS                          PA-51-D-343
KIMMEY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-6-256
KIN, MATHIAS                            PA-51-8-396
KINDY, MARTIN                           PA-51-N-9
KING, DANIEL                            PA-51-#1-465
KING, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-7-402
KING, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-7-402
KING, GILBERT                           PA-51-R-555
KING, JAMES                             PA-51-10-510
KING, JOHN                              PA-51-B-347
KING, JOHN                              PA-51-#1-191
KING, JOHN                              PA-51-A-393
KING, JOSEPH                            PA-51-P-416
KING, NATHANIEL                         PA-51-N-342
KING, SAUL                              PA-51-10-310
KING, THOMAS                            PA-51-Q-6
KING, THOMAS                            PA-51-C-47
KINGSTON, SIMON                         PA-51-8-457
KINNARD, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-W-258
KINNERSLEY, SARAH                       PA-51-#1-128
KINNESTLEY, EBENEZER                    PA-51-R-123
KINSEY, GAYNER                          PA-51-6-548
KINSEY, THOMAS                          PA-51-#1-563
KINSING, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-I-133
KINSLER, BALTHASER                      PA-51-X-716
KINTZING, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-#1-428
KINYON, STEPHEN                         PA-51-5-32
KIRBOH, JACOB                           PA-51-S-233
KIRK, JOHN                              PA-51-C-16
KIRK, ROBERT W.                         PA-51-3-362
KIRK, SAMUEL                            PA-51-D-209
KIRK, THOMAS                            PA-51-I-540
KIRKBRIDE, MATTHEW                      PA-51-B-425
KIRKE, MARY                             PA-51-S-133
KIRKHAM, CHARLES                        PA-51-3-219
KIRKHAM, DEBORAH                        PA-51-5-293
KIRKNER, JACOB                          PA-51-5-31
KIRKWOOD, ROBERT                        PA-51-E-40
KIRLE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-B-384
KIRPER, JOHN                            PA-51-8-288
KIRSHER, JOHANNES                       PA-51-F-324
KITCHEN, JAMES                          PA-51-9-206
KITCHIN, THOMAS                         PA-51-C-37
KITCHING, THOMAS                        PA-51-C-37
KITE, HANNAH                            PA-51-W-403
KITE, HANNAH                            PA-51-W-403
KITE, JAMES                             PA-51-C-372
KITTINGER, SARAH                        PA-51-8-252
KITTS, GEORGE                           PA-51-X-740
KITTS, JOHN                             PA-51-W-221
KLAMPFFER, ADAM                         PA-51-K-392
KLEIN, JOHN ISAAC                       PA-51-Q-82
KLEINERD, JOHN                          PA-51-I-535
KLETT, CATHARINE                        PA-51-7-132
KLETT, CATHARINE                        PA-51-7-132
KLEYN, JOHN NICHOLAS                    PA-51-Q-128
KLIEN, MARY ELIZABETH                   PA-51-P-357
KLINCKEN, ARET                          PA-51-C-71
KLINE, ANN SYBILLA                      PA-51-Q-134
KLINE, GEORE                            PA-51-7-433
KLINE, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-433
KLING, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-4-119
KLING, JOHN                             PA-51-3-301
KLINGEL, GEORGE                         PA-51-W-653
KLINGLE, ANDREW                         PA-51-9-185
KNAPP, FREDERICK                        PA-51-U-181
KNAUS, PETER                            PA-51-I-88
KNEBEL, CHRISITAN                       PA-51-X-296
KNEESSEL, NICHOLAS                      PA-51-R-47
KNEPPER, KONRAD                         PA-51-P-74
KNIGHT, ALEXNDER                        PA-51-9-94
KNIGHT, DANIEL                          PA-51-7-287
KNIGHT, DANIEL                          PA-51-7-287
KNIGHT, ENGLISH                         PA-51-8-220
KNIGHT, GILES                           PA-51-Q-520
KNIGHT, ISAAC                           PA-51-I-261
KNIGHT, JESSE                           PA-51-9-473
KNIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-2-399
KNIGHT, JOHN                            PA-51-W-86
KNIGHT, JOHN NICHOLAS                   PA-51-D-353
KNIGHT, JONAHAN                         PA-51-H-25
KNIGHT, JONATHAN                        PA-51-Y-698
KNIGHT, JONATHAN                        PA-51-9-566
KNIGHT, MARGARET                        PA-51-H-1
KNIGHT, MARTHA                          PA-51-6-227
KNIGHT, MARY                            PA-51-E-197
KNIGHT, PETER                           PA-51-Y-657
KNIGHT, RACHEL                          PA-51-8-99
KNIGHT, THOMAS                          PA-51-I-33
KNIGHT, THOMAS                          PA-51-2-14
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-51-K-131
KNIGHTS, GIELS                          PA-51-E-6
KNILL, ROBERT                           PA-51-I-280
KNITTLE, JOSEPH                         PA-51-R-578
KNOLL, LUDWICK                          PA-51-N-91
KNOODLE, FREDERICK                      PA-51-I-135
KNOPE, GEORGE                           PA-51-R-260
KNORR, JACOB                            PA-51-#1-297
KNORR, JACOB K.                         PA-51-4-189
KNORR, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-240
KNORR, MATTHIAS                         PA-51-8-433
KNOSZ, JACOB                            PA-51-7-220
KNOSZ, JACOB                            PA-51-7-220
KNOUS, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-W-31
KNOWLES, ANN                            PA-51-I-318
KNOWLES, FRANCIS                        PA-51-F-143
KNOWLES, JOHN                           PA-51-G-189
KNOWLES, JOHN                           PA-51-#1-220
KNOWLES, JOHN                           PA-51-G-93
KNOWLES, JOSEPH                         PA-51-H-33
KNOWS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-6-186
KNOX, DAVID                             PA-51-R-356
KNOX, ELIZABTEH                         PA-51-4-195
KNOX, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-167
KNOX, REBECCA                           PA-51-5-389
KNOX, ROBERT ESQ.                       PA-51-T-47
KNOX, SAMUEL                            PA-51-R-400
KNURR, PETER                            PA-51-P-142
KOBEL, JACOB                            PA-51-E-184
KOBER, MARIA BARBARA                    PA-51-6-584
KOBER, PAUL                             PA-51-X-103
KOCH, JACOB                             PA-51-O-216
KOCH, JOHN (OR COOK)                    PA-51-5-174
KOCHENDERFER, PETER                     PA-51-P-164
KOCKERSPERBER, MARTIN                   PA-51-7-552
KOEPKE, GARLER                          PA-51-U-321
KOHLHOFFER, FREDERICK                   PA-51-R-484
KOHNE, FREDERICK                        PA-51-9-324
KOITE, JAMES                            PA-51-C-372
KOLB, DIETMAN                           PA-51-K-522
KOLB, HENRY                             PA-51-E-134
KOLB, ISAAC                             PA-51-Y-724
KOLB, ISAAC                             PA-51-Q-325
KOLB, JACOB                             PA-51-F-141
KOLB, MICHAEL                           PA-51-O-515
KOLLOCK, JACOB                          PA-51-D-182
KOLP, LODWICK                           PA-51-S-150
KONIG, FRANS CHRISTIAN                  PA-51-Y-80
KONIGMACHER, ADAM                       PA-51-7-249
KONIGMACHER, ADAM                       PA-51-7-249
KOOKERT, DANIEL                         PA-51-P-404
KOPLIN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-N-514
KOPLIN, MATHIAS                         PA-51-Q-87
KOSTER, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-O-21
KOSTER, RACHEL                          PA-51-O-152
KOYLE, MICHAEL                          PA-51-I-167
KRAFFT, MICHAEL                         PA-51-U-202
KRAFT, ANDREW                           PA-51-H-74
KRAFT, PETER                            PA-51-2-179
KRAMB, CHARLES                          PA-51-O-90
KRAMER, ARNOLDUS                        PA-51-S-186
KRATZ, VALENTINE SR.                    PA-51-S-182
KRAUSS, JOHN HENRY                      PA-51-N-537
KREAMER, HENRY                          PA-51-5-245
KREBS, ANNA MARIA                       PA-51-T-282
KREBS, GEORGE                           PA-51-8-4
KREBS, MICHAEL                          PA-51-G-108
KREBS, PHILIP                           PA-51-X-371
KRECKER, JOHN PHILIP                    PA-51-10-167
KREEMER, GEORGE                         PA-51-8-281
KREESER, FREDERICK                      PA-51-P-67
KREIDER, GEORGE                         PA-51-8-548
KRESMAN, HENRY                          PA-51-I-130
KRESS, CHARLES                          PA-51-N-328
KRESS, HENRY                            PA-51-P-64
KRESSMAN, JOHN NICHOLAS                 PA-51-K-246
KREY, JOHN                              PA-51-D-148
KREYDER, MARTIN                         PA-51-P-469
KREYMBERG, JOHN B.                      PA-51-10-642
KRIGMIRE, HENRY                         PA-51-7-100
KRIGMIRE, HENRY                         PA-51-7-100
KRIMMEL, GEORGE F.                      PA-51-9-592
KRIPNER, SUSANNA                        PA-51-W-620
KROCKS, JOHN                            PA-51-9-528
KROESEN, FRANCIS                        PA-51-K-435
KROUSKEEP, GEORGE                       PA-51-S-473
KRUNZEN, MICHAEL                        PA-51-I-111
KUCHER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-W-610
KUEMYL, CATRAINE                        PA-51-9-551
KUGLER, CATHARINE                       PA-51-9-461
KUHL, CONRAD                            PA-51-3-140
KUHL, FREDERICK                         PA-51-2-472
KUHL, FREDERICK                         PA-51-5-94
KUHL, MARK                              PA-51-N-249
KUHN, CATHARINE                         PA-51-10-54
KUHN, CATHARINE                         PA-51-3-35
KUHN, JOHN                              PA-51-5-50
KUHN, MICHAEL                           PA-51-#1-163
KULBUSCH, PETER                         PA-51-O-231
KULP, DILLMAN                           PA-51-10-454
KULP, ISAAC                             PA-51-8-57
KULP, MARTIN                            PA-51-N-293
KUNCKEL, CATHARINE                      PA-51-8-416
KUNCKEL,JOHN                            PA-51-W-418
KUNCKLE, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-5-10
KUNCKLE, JOHN                           PA-51-5-90
KUNDERS, THOMAS                         PA-51-E-121
KUNTZ, JACOB                            PA-51-P-190
KUNTZ, MICHAEL                          PA-51-R-194
KUPLER, JACOB                           PA-51-X-707
KURSASS, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-P-328
KURTZ, ADAM                             PA-51-O-475
KURTZ, ERNST                            PA-51-N-479
KURTZ, EVE BARBARA                      PA-51-X-445
KURTZ, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-530
KURTZ, HENRY                            PA-51-6-402
KURTZ, JOHN                             PA-51-7-269
KURTZ, PETER                            PA-51-6-266
KUSTER, PAUL                            PA-51-C-72
KUSTER, PETER                           PA-51-O-278
KYNASTON, JOHN                          PA-51-Q-544
LABE, MARY                              PA-51-10-489

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