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NACE, JACOB                             PA-51-3-290
NACE, SARAH                             PA-51-7-613
NAGLE, GEORGE                           PA-51-O-363
NAGLE, HENRY                            PA-51-X-457
NAGLE, HENRY                            PA-51-X-463
NAGLEE, CATHARINE                       PA-51-P-505
NAGLEE, CATHARINE                       PA-51-8-76
NAGLEE, HENRY                           PA-51-X-569
NAINN, ROBERT                           PA-51-O-194
NANNE, MARGARET                         PA-51-I-16
NAPIER, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-6-624
NAPIER, ANN                             PA-51-7-330
NAPIER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-242
NARAGONG, DANIEL                        PA-51-8-78
NASH, ANN                               PA-51-K-273
NASH, JAMES                             PA-51-I-224
NASH, JOSEPH                            PA-51-O-209
NASH, WILLIAM                           PA-51-W-507
NASSE, MATHIAS                          PA-51-F-276
NASSH, JOHN                             PA-51-E-37
NATHANS, MARIA                          PA-51-7-164
NAUGLE, JACOB                           PA-51-F-81
NAW, PETER                              PA-51-5-238
NAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-51-H-82
NAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-51-H-195
NAYLOR, MARY                            PA-51-I-437
NAYLOR, RICHARD                         PA-51-I-93
NAYLOR, ROBERT                          PA-51-D-71
NAYLOR, THOMAS                          PA-51-B-139
NEALE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-5-358
NEALLSON, PETER                         PA-51-A-352
NEAT, WILLIAM                           PA-51-Q-166
NEAVE, RICHARD                          PA-51-2-458
NEAVE, SAMUEL                           PA-51-Q-37
NEDROW, THOMAS                          PA-51-W-209
NEELSON, ONLY                           PA-51-A-205
NEELSON, RICHARD                        PA-51-C-61
NEELY, ARCHIBALD                        PA-51-7-606
NEERING, JOHN WILLIAMS                  PA-51-O-384
NEESLEY, ULRICK                         PA-51-P-514
NEFF, JACOB                             PA-51-X-78
NEFF, JACOB                             PA-51-Q-462
NEFF, SEBASTIAN                         PA-51-K-396
NEGARGEL, ISAAC                         PA-51-8-27
NEGLEE, JOHN                            PA-51-H-282
NEGLEE, JOHN                            PA-51-I-432
NEIDERMARK, MAHIAS                      PA-51-K-342
NEILL, SARAH                            PA-51-W-267
NEIMAN, CHRISTOPHAL                     PA-51-R-98
NEIMAN, MICHAEL                         PA-51-R-532
NEIMAND, JOHN                           PA-51-O-230
NEISSER, GEORGE                         PA-51-Q-529
NEITT, GEORGE                           PA-51-H-208
NELSON, ANDREW                          PA-51-7-119
NELSON, CATHARINE                       PA-51-8-153
NELSON, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-N-12
NELSON, JOHN                            PA-51-S-118
NELSON, JOHN                            PA-51-8-470
NELSON, JOHN                            PA-51-9-302
NELSON, JONAS                           PA-51-A-245
NELSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-9-389
NERAUD, FRANCIS                         PA-51-7-100
NERBACK, JACOB                          PA-51-3-460
NESBITT, JOHN MAXWELL                   PA-51-Y-636
NESMOS, JOHN H.                         PA-51-7-381
NESMOZ, JOHN BAPTISTE                   PA-51-X-159
NESWANGER, SAMUEL                       PA-51-#1-319
NEUSS, JOHN                             PA-51-D-138
NEVELL, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-135
NEVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-7-41
NEW, JAMES                              PA-51-E-67
NEW, THOMAS                             PA-51-E-75
NEWARK, THOMAS                          PA-51-T-424
NEWBERRY, DAVID                         PA-51-F-227
NEWBERRY, DOROTHY                       PA-51-E-163
NEWBERRY, RICHARD                       PA-51-E-132
NEWBOLD, HANNAH D.                      PA-51-9-148
NEWBOLD, MICHAEL                        PA-51-8-448
NEWBURY, JOHN                           PA-51-E-299
NEWBY, THOMAS                           PA-51-X-590
NEWCOMB, JOHN                           PA-51-T-90
NEWELL, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-3-27
NEWELL, REBECCA                         PA-51-10-578
NEWELL, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-51-7-198
NEWHOUSE, JOHN                          PA-51-K-453
NEWHOUSE, MARY                          PA-51-N-81
NEWLAND, EDWARD                         PA-51-R-427
NEWLAND, GEORGE                         PA-51-R-473
NEWLIN, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-A-446
NEWMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-D-35
NEWMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-F-301
NEWMAN, MARGARET                        PA-51-F-129
NEWMAN, MARY                            PA-51-3-384
NEWMAN, MARY                            PA-51-8-647
NEWPORT, DAVID                          PA-51-10-561
NEWPORT, STEPHEN                        PA-51-O-404
NICE, CHARLES                           PA-51-10-525
NICE, CHARLES ESQ                       PA-51-7-267
NICE, GEORGE                            PA-51-6-215
NICE, GEORGE                            PA-51-7-105
NICE, JACOB                             PA-51-R-141
NICE, JOHN                              PA-51-X-36
NICE, JOHN                              PA-51-#1-558
NICE, JOHN ADAM                         PA-51-8-611
NICE, MARGARET                          PA-51-10-405
NICE, MARY                              PA-51-#1-215
NICE, SUSANNA                           PA-51-X-98
NICE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-S-104
NICE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-S-339
NICE, WINARD                            PA-51-Y-727
NICHOLAS, ANTHONY                       PA-51-I-422
NICHOLAS, CHARLES                       PA-51-2-220
NICHOLAS, EDWARD                        PA-51-H-239
NICHOLAS, JANE                          PA-51-P-497
NICHOLAS, JOHN                          PA-51-K-378
NICHOLAS, MARGARET                      PA-51-G-44
NICHOLAS, MARY                          PA-51-6-607
NICHOLAS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-E-306
NICHOLAS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-C-162
NICHOLAS, THOMAS                        PA-51-I-445
NICHOLAS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-F-37
NICHOLLS, JOHN                          PA-51-H-185
NICHOLLS, OWEN                          PA-51-F-329
NICHOLS, JOSHUA                         PA-51-D-36
NICHOLS, MARGARET                       PA-51-2-326
NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-9-572
NICHOLSON, GEORGE                       PA-51-Y-426
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-7-264
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM JR.                  PA-51-5-364
NICKESON, SARAH                         PA-51-R-13
NICOLLS, PATRICK                        PA-51-I-324
NIEL, CATHARINE                         PA-51-W-179
NIEL, PATRICK                           PA-51-2-445
NILE, TOBIAS                            PA-51-D-192
NILL, CASPAR                            PA-51-X-368
NILL, CONRADE                           PA-51-5-304
NILSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-342
NIPPES, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-4-247
NISBIT, WILLIAM CHARLES                 PA-51-2-44
NIXON, JAMES                            PA-51-10-612
NIXON, JOHN                             PA-51-2-415
NIXON, RICHARD                          PA-51-B-30
NIXON, THOMAS                           PA-51-I-152
NIXON, WILLIAM                          PA-51-G-243
NOAILLES, LOUIS DE                      PA-51-#1-195
NOARTH, GEORGE                          PA-51-P-93
NOBLE, ANTONY                           PA-51-H-137
NOBLE, JOHN                             PA-51-G-84
NOBLE, LYDIA                            PA-51-6-151
NOBLE, REBECCA                          PA-51-6-635
NOBLE, RICHARD                          PA-51-8-271
NOBLE, SAMUEL                           PA-51-T-509
NOBLE, SAMUEL                           PA-51-8-396
NOLL, MARTIN                            PA-51-S-142
NONEWILER, MATTHIAS                     PA-51-7-118
NONNATER, CHARLES H.                    PA-51-8-568
NONNATER, PETER                         PA-51-8-338
NORBACK, DANIEL                         PA-51-#1-379
NORBECK, HENRY                          PA-51-Y-169
NORBURY, THOMAS                         PA-51-B-274
NORCROSS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-B-275
NORKEY, JOHN                            PA-51-3-105
NORMAND, JOSEPH                         PA-51-X-448
NORQUE, JOHN                            PA-51-3-105
NORRIS, DEBBY LOGAN                     PA-51-7-436
NORRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-R-393
NORRIS, ISAAC                           PA-51-E-337
NORRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-W-224
NORRIS, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-5
NORRIS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-8-571
NORRIS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-P-246
NORRIS, MARY                            PA-51-Y-261
NORRIS, MARY                            PA-51-G-316
NORTH, JAMES                            PA-51-2-348
NORTH, JOSEPH                           PA-51-3-359
NORTH, SARAH                            PA-51-7-543
NORTHROP, GEORGE                        PA-51-R-499
NORTHROP, GEORGE                        PA-51-C-54
NORTHROP, JEREMIAH                      PA-51-T-94
NORTHROP, MARY                          PA-51-4-100
NORTON, HANNAH                          PA-51-X-486
NORTON, SARAH                           PA-51-W-556
NORTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-2-327
NORTON, THOMAS                          PA-51-7-251
NORWAY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-194
NORWOOD, JOHN                           PA-51-K-24
NOTTNAGELL, LEOPOLD                     PA-51-5-138
NUGENT, EDMUND                          PA-51-#1-549
NUGENT, MARY                            PA-51-G-1
NUGENT, RICHARD                         PA-51-#1-326
NUNCARROW, SUSANNAH                     PA-51-9-155
NUNEMAKER, WILLIAM                      PA-51-10-354
NUNGESSER, CATHARINE                    PA-51-9-88
NUNGESSER, JOHN                         PA-51-4-174
NUNGESSON, VALENTINE                    PA-51-O-173
NUSHAG, CHARLES WILLIAM                 PA-51-#1-83
NUSS, JACOB                             PA-51-G-86
NUTT, CHARITY                           PA-51-K-306
NUTTER, HENRY                           PA-51-R-185
NUTTER, JOHN                            PA-51-W-118
NUTTER, MARY                            PA-51-5-160
NUTTLE, MARY                            PA-51-S-172
NUTTLE, SAMUEL                          PA-51-Q-292
NUTZ, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-R-337
NYCE, JEAN                              PA-51-F-315
NYCE, JOHN                              PA-51-G-55

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