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RABENSTOCK, DERICK                      PA-51-H-76
RABENSTOCK, JOHN                        PA-51-H-37
RABJOHN, GEORGE                         PA-51-10-50
RABJOHN, JOHN                           PA-51-8-44
RABOE, MARY                             PA-51-2-440
RABSOM, GEORE                           PA-51-#1-334
RABSOM, JACOB                           PA-51-Y-369
RABSON, HANNAH                          PA-51-W-641
RACK, JOHN                              PA-51-6-142
RADLEY, DANIEL                          PA-51-H-9
RADLEY, JOHN                            PA-51-B-311
RADWITZER, JOHN                         PA-51-F-185
RAFIELD, JOHN                           PA-51-8-545
RAGEN, JOHN                             PA-51-G-245
RAGUET, CLAUDIUS PAUL                   PA-51-W-348
RAHESTRAW, WILLIAM                      PA-51-D-113
RAINEY, WILLIAM H.                      PA-51-8-362
RAKESTRAW, JOSEPH                       PA-51-X-73
RAKESTRAW, JOSEPH                       PA-51-I-295
RAKESTRAW, JOSEPH JR.                   PA-51-W-309
RAKESTRAW, REBECCA                      PA-51-9-74
RAKESTRAW, WILLIAM                      PA-51-P-319
RAKESTRAW, WILLIAM                      PA-51-F-13
RAMBO, ANDREW                           PA-51-K-359
RAMBO, ANDREW                           PA-51-K-262
RAMBO, BRETA                            PA-51-F-161
RAMBO, BRIDGET                          PA-51-X-547
RAMBO, ELIAS                            PA-51-N-520
RAMBO, ELIEAS                           PA-51-I-305
RAMBO, GUNNAR                           PA-51-D-388
RAMBO, JACOB                            PA-51-O-412
RAMBO, JOHN                             PA-51-D-71
RAMBO, JOHN                             PA-51-O-84
RAMBO, JOHN                             PA-51-H-225
RAMBO, JONAS                            PA-51-O-436
RAMBO, MARGARET                         PA-51-H-392
RAMBO, MARTHA                           PA-51-9-63
RAMBO, MOUNCE                           PA-51-S-195
RAMBO, PETER                            PA-51-F-110
RAMBO, PETER                            PA-51-K-34
RAMBO, PETER                            PA-51-E-133
RAMBO, PETER                            PA-51-O-141
RAMBO, PETER SR.                        PA-51-A-423
RAMBO, SAMUEL                           PA-51-8-511
RAMBORGER, ELIZA M.                     PA-51-7-304
RAMER, JOHN                             PA-51-8-410
RAMSEY, JOHN                            PA-51-X-747
RANBERRY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-E-123
RANBURY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-315
RANDALL, JAMES                          PA-51-8-5
RANDALL, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-#1-207
RANGONE, LOUIS                          PA-51-Y-10
RANKIN, GEORGE                          PA-51-S-481
RANSTED, CALEB                          PA-51-K-508
RAPINE, JOHN                            PA-51-8-258
RAPINE, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-7-489
RAPP, JOHN                              PA-51-7-443
RAPP, MARTIN                            PA-51-Q-546
RAPP, SARAH                             PA-51-8-77
RAQUET, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-U-346
RASER, BALTES                           PA-51-N-340
RASER, MARY                             PA-51-3-107
RASH, CATHERINE                         PA-51-Y-290
RASPER, PETER                           PA-51-O-364
RATSTONE, JOHN SR.                      PA-51-K-549
RAVELY, MARGARET                        PA-51-9-233
RAWLE, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-T-73
RAWLE, FRANCIS                          PA-51-R-276
RAWLE, SARAH C.                         PA-51-9-1
RAWLE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-F-264
RAWLINSON, HANNAH                       PA-51-U-366
RAWLINSON, ROBERT                       PA-51-K-382
RAWORTH, JOHN                           PA-51-R-110
RAWSON, SUSANNA                         PA-51-G-179
RAY, AGNES                              PA-51-6-421
RAY, ANDREW                             PA-51-6-12
RAYBOLD, MARY                           PA-51-6-461
RAZER, FREDERICK                        PA-51-N-476
RAZOR, JOHN                             PA-51-W-442
REA, JOHN SR.                           PA-51-10-451
REA, MATTHEW                            PA-51-X-390
READ, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-2-104
READ, AMY                               PA-51-C-13
READ, ASMUEL                            PA-51-9-488
READ, CHARLES                           PA-51-C-4
READ, COMFORT                           PA-51-6-626
READ, JAMES                             PA-51-R-254
READ, JAMES                             PA-51-7-594
READ, JOHN                              PA-51-D-398
REAL, ADOLPH                            PA-51-O-443
REAP, BARNARD                           PA-51-5-244
REARDAN, DENNIS                         PA-51-2-444
REARDON, JOHN                           PA-51-K-301
REAVER, HENRY                           PA-51-4-84
RECKS, THOMAS                           PA-51-H-386
REDDEN, PATRICK                         PA-51-9-87
REDDICK, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-Y-700
REDDIN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-U-331
REDDINGER, JOHN                         PA-51-6-500
REDDOCK, SAMUEL                         PA-51-9-188
REDENBURGH, ESTHER                      PA-51-3-221
REDINGER, FREDERICK                     PA-51-9-113
REDMAN, BARNABAS                        PA-51-10-558
REDMAN, CHRISTIANA                      PA-51-W-663
REDMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-2-278
REDMAN, JOHN                            PA-51-C-370
REDMAN, JOSEPH                          PA-51-O-255
REDMAN, JOSEPH                          PA-51-D-330
REDMAN, MARTHA                          PA-51-X-737
REDMAN, MARTHA                          PA-51-2-396
REDMAN, REBECCA                         PA-51-7-26
REDMAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-D-411
REDMAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-9-449
REDWOOD, SAMUEL HOLMES                  PA-51-U-556
REECE, DAVID                            PA-51-C-26
REECE, THOMAS                           PA-51-C-356
REED, HENRY                             PA-51-W-647
REED, HENRY                             PA-51-W-711
REED, JOSEPH                            PA-51-T-122
REED, MARGARET                          PA-51-K-380
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-51-N-280
REEDLE, JOHN                            PA-51-W-560
REES, ABRAHAM EDWARD                    PA-51-D-384
REES, ANN                               PA-51-N-221
REES, DIETERICH                         PA-51-Q-192
REES, EDARD                             PA-51-E-91
REES, EDWARD                            PA-51-F-112
REES, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-P-200
REES, EVAN                              PA-51-K-1
REES, HANNAH                            PA-51-K-134
REES, HARRY                             PA-51-C-1
REES, HENRY (THE YOUNGER)               PA-51-2-228
REES, JACOB                             PA-51-Q-90
REES, JACOB                             PA-51-10-18
REES, JANET                             PA-51-S-449
REES, JOHN GEORGE                       PA-51-O-476
REES, MARGARET                          PA-51-O-413
REES, MARY                              PA-51-F-330
REES, MICHAEL                           PA-51-K-399
REES, REBECCA                           PA-51-E-264
REES, THOMAS                            PA-51-N-279
REES, THOMAS                            PA-51-G-30
REES, THOMAS                            PA-51-F-167
REES, THOMAS                            PA-51-F-274
REES, THOMAS                            PA-51-K-446
REES, WILLIAM                           PA-51-K-405
REESE, JOHN                             PA-51-K-118
REESE, PATIENCE                         PA-51-5-366
REESSE, SUSANNA                         PA-51-9-164
REETZ, MARIA LOUISA                     PA-51-10-388
REEVE, PETER                            PA-51-Y-422
REGNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-R-33
REHN, GEORGE                            PA-51-W-526
REICHEL, AUGUSTUS FREDERICK             PA-51-#1-189
REICHERT, RUDOLPH                       PA-51-O-456
REIDY, CASPAR                           PA-51-R-495
REIDY, CHARLOTTE                        PA-51-Y-515
REIF, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-N-78
REIF, CATHERIN                          PA-51-P-519
REIFENACK, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-7-513
REIFF, JOHN GEORGE                      PA-51-E-14
REIHL, JOHN                             PA-51-8-529
REILLY, MARY                            PA-51-7-253
REILY, JOHN                             PA-51-N-528
REIMEL, JOHN                            PA-51-7-541
REIMER, GODFREY                         PA-51-S-19
REINARD, MARY                           PA-51-C-225
REINDOLLER, JACOB                       PA-51-Q-125
REINHARD, JOHN                          PA-51-6-153
REINHART, GEORGE                        PA-51-W-648
REINHART, GEORGE V.                     PA-51-7-449
REINHART, MARTIN                        PA-51-R-122
REININGER, MARK                         PA-51-P-331
REINSEIMER, MAGDALENA                   PA-51-5-15
REISINGER, GODLIEB                      PA-51-Q-293
REISS, GEORGE                           PA-51-O-153
REMELY, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-F-90
REMIAN, JACOB                           PA-51-H-229
REMINGTON, CLEMENT                      PA-51-10-607
REMSHARDT, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-2-426
RENAUDET, ADRIAN                        PA-51-T-262
RENN, MICHAEL                           PA-51-O-123
RENNALDS, ROBERT                        PA-51-E-88
RENNELS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-129
RENNER, JACOB                           PA-51-O-28
RENSHAW, ISABELLA                       PA-51-X-165
RENSHAW, JOHN                           PA-51-O-224
RENSHAW, RICHARD                        PA-51-Y-153
RENSHAW, THOMAS                         PA-51-T-187
REPPERT, JOHN                           PA-51-5-279
RESDELL, PRISCILLA                      PA-51-8-623
RESER, BALTES                           PA-51-P-444
RESIDE, ROBERT                          PA-51-X-225
RETTENHOUSEN, PETER                     PA-51-G-336
REVRY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-G-301
REX, ANNA                               PA-51-8-389
REX, ENOCK                              PA-51-10-278
REX, JOHN SR.                           PA-51-Y-640
REX, LEVI                               PA-51-9-229
REX, WILLIAM                            PA-51-4-178
REYBOLD, JOSHUA                         PA-51-9-397
REYDE, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-538
REYNELL, JOHN                           PA-51-T-18
REYNER, HENRY                           PA-51-I-170
REYNOLD, MARY                           PA-51-6-461
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         PA-51-P-45
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         PA-51-R-42
REYNOLDS, JOHN HOOKER                   PA-51-7-303
REYNOLDS, LAURENCE                      PA-51-F-47
REYNOLDS, MARY                          PA-51-2-230
REYNOLDS, PETER                         PA-51-6-548
RHEIL, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-Y-651
RHEINER, PETER                          PA-51-2-330
RHOADS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-8-388
RHOADS, SARAH                           PA-51-3-303
RHOAS, ANN                              PA-51-X-33
RHOR, ANN MARY                          PA-51-X-224
RHOR, MARIA MARGARET                    PA-51-#1-342
RHSON, CARSON                           PA-51-C-112
RIABEL, JOHN                            PA-51-10-109
RIBAUD, JOSEPH                          PA-51-Y-580
RICARDS, THOMAS                         PA-51-6-427
RICE, ANN                               PA-51-7-483
RICE, CHARLES                           PA-51-C-140
RICE, GEORGE                            PA-51-2-128
RICE, HENRY                             PA-51-#1-243
RICE, JAMES                             PA-51-H-258
RICE, JOHN                              PA-51-3-81
RICE, JOSEPH                            PA-51-10-51?
RICE, MARIA                             PA-51-3-69
RICE, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-8-386
RICE, SARAH                             PA-51-10-226
RICH, JOHN                              PA-51-Q-343
RICHARD, JOHN                           PA-51-K-133
RICHARD, JOHN                           PA-51-W-715
RICHARD, JOHN FREDERICK                 PA-51-I-17
RICHARD, MARY                           PA-51-K-398
RICHARD, RICHARD                        PA-51-H-169
RICHARD, ROWLAND                        PA-51-D-178
RICHARD, WILLIAM                        PA-51-I-534
RICHARDS, ANN                           PA-51-6-604
RICHARDS, DANIEL                        PA-51-W-517
RICHARDS, EDWARD                        PA-51-I-440
RICHARDS, ISAAC                         PA-51-S-8
RICHARDS, JOHN                          PA-51-R-268
RICHARDS, JOHN                          PA-51-X-408
RICHARDS, JOHN                          PA-51-C-290
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        PA-51-C-234
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        PA-51-H-243
RICHARDS, JOSHUA                        PA-51-P-101
RICHARDS, MARY                          PA-51-A-521
RICHARDS, MATHIAS                       PA-51-Q-127
RICHARDS, NATHANIEL                     PA-51-B-80
RICHARDS, NATHANIEL                     PA-51-#1-208
RICHARDS, PHILIP                        PA-51-A-421
RICHARDS, RACHEL                        PA-51-8-332
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-6-417
RICHARDSON, ANN                         PA-51-8-84
RICHARDSON, AUBREY                      PA-51-I-399
RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-#1-248
RICHARDSON, FRANCIS                     PA-51-E-111
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        PA-51-7-408
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        PA-51-G-49
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                      PA-51-P-39
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                      PA-51-I-468
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                      PA-51-Q-407
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                      PA-51-10-42
RICHARDSON, JOSHUA                      PA-51-E-92
RICHARDSON, MARY                        PA-51-P-18
RICHARDSON, MARY                        PA-51-U-33
RICHARDSON, NATHANIEL                   PA-51-9-79
RICHARDSON, OHN                         PA-51-C-339
RICHARDSON, REBECCA                     PA-51-9-9
RICHARDSON, ROSS B.                     PA-51-10-64
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                      PA-51-D-125
RICHEY, JOHN                            PA-51-K-26
RICHEY, JOHN                            PA-51-P-83
RICHIE, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-181
RICHMOND, CHRISTIAN B.                  PA-51-8-468
RICHMOND, JOHN                          PA-51-F-253
RICKERT, MARIA CATHERINA                PA-51-Q-18
RICKETTS, JOHN                          PA-51-C-327
RICKEY, JAMES                           PA-51-Q-176
RICKLEY, JOHN                           PA-51-F-325
RIDDLE, EDWARD                          PA-51-U-142
RIDDLE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-6-7
RIDEN, REBECCA                          PA-51-#1-420
RIDERPOUGH, MICHAEL                     PA-51-S-347
RIDGE, DANIEL                           PA-51-E-4
RIDGE, MARTHA                           PA-51-F-296
RIDGE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-#1-510
RIDGENS, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-Y-454
RIDGWAY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-5-254
RIDLE, THOMAS                           PA-51-R-506
RIDLEY, JOHN                            PA-51-2-74
RIEB, NICHOLAS                          PA-51-#1-116
RIEGER, JACOB                           PA-51-4-132
RIEGER, RUDOLPH                         PA-51-#1-539
RIEGLER, STEPHEN                        PA-51-U-431
RIEM, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-6-374
RIEM, MICHAEL                           PA-51-2-464
RIESS, MARTIN                           PA-51-R-357
RIFFERT, PHILIP                         PA-51-3-243
RIFFETT, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-R-404
RIFFETTS, EDWARD                        PA-51-Y-81
RIFRIG, WILLIAM                         PA-51-G-301
RIGBY, HENRY                            PA-51-O-254
RIGBY, HENRY                            PA-51-8-29
RIGBY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-X-385
RIGDEN, THOMAS                          PA-51-#1-303
RIGDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-T-442
RIGGS, ANN                              PA-51-A-170
RIGHTER, BARTLE                         PA-51-H-45
RIGHTER, GEORGE                         PA-51-3-226
RIGHTER, JOHN                           PA-51-U-436
RIGHTER, MICHAEL                        PA-51-7-50
RIGHTER, MICHAEL                        PA-51-T-345
RIGHTER, PETER                          PA-51-Q-240
RIGHTER, PETER                          PA-51-7-30
RIGHTON, SARAH                          PA-51-E-359
RIGHTON, SARAH                          PA-51-H-194
RIGHTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-223
RIGLER, MARY                            PA-51-7-579
RIGWAY, ASA                             PA-51-6-643
RIGWAY, EDWARD                          PA-51-I-363
RIHL, JACOB                             PA-51-6-570
RILEY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-3-372
RILEY, JAMES                            PA-51-8-32
RILEY, JOHN                             PA-51-7-471
RILEY, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-468
RILEY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-6-240
RIMER, THOMAS                           PA-51-9-210
RINCKER, HENRY                          PA-51-I-186
RINEDOLLAR, JACOB                       PA-51-8-484
RINK, MARGARET                          PA-51-10-416
RINK, MARY                              PA-51-W-271
RINK, MARY                              PA-51-6-318
RINK, SEBASTIAN                         PA-51-10-415
RINKER, JACOB                           PA-51-Q-183
RISBERG, GUSTAVUS                       PA-51-2-353
RISK, CHARLES                           PA-51-X-158
RITCHIE, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-X-122
RITCHIE, MARY                           PA-51-U-124
RITER, GEORGE                           PA-51-X-150
RITH, GEORGE                            PA-51-F-220
RITH, LEONHARD                          PA-51-H-251
RITT, CHRISTIAN                         PA-51-8-142
RITTENHAUSEN, GERARD                    PA-51-G-33
RITTENHOUSE, DAVID ESQ.                 PA-51-X-475
RITTENHOUSE, GARRAT                     PA-51-7-428
RITTENHOUSE, HANNAH                     PA-51-Y-236
RITTENHOUSE, HENRY                      PA-51-6-449
RITTENHOUSE, HENRY                      PA-51-O-340
RITTENHOUSE, HENRY                      PA-51-Q-367
RITTENHOUSE, ISAAC                      PA-51-X-190
RITTENHOUSE, JACOB                      PA-51-3-455
RITTENHOUSE, JOHN                       PA-51-X-415
RITTENHOUSE, MARY                       PA-51-X-669
RITTENHOUSE, MATTHIAS                   PA-51-R-308
RITTENHOUSE, MICHAEL                    PA-51-7-311
RITTENHOUSE, NICHOLAS                   PA-51-U-161
RITTENHOUSE, NICHOLAS                   PA-51-R-21
RITTENHOUSE, PETER                      PA-51-S-99
RITTER, HENRY                           PA-51-Y-42
RITTINGHAUSEN, CLAUS                    PA-51-E-280
RITZIN, APOLONIA                        PA-51-O-155
RIVEL, CATHARINE                        PA-51-Y-59
RIVERS, SHADLOCK                        PA-51-E-76
RIZER, JOSEPH                           PA-51-#1-431
RIZER, MARTIN                           PA-51-Y-178
ROAD, JOHN                              PA-51-O-533
ROADERMEL, DANIEL                       PA-51-N-451
ROADES, JOHN                            PA-51-B-151
ROADES, SAMUEL                          PA-51-S-399
ROADS, ANN                              PA-51-2-510
ROADS, SAMUEL                           PA-51-Q-500
ROAK, EDWARD                            PA-51-9-477
ROAT, CHRISTIAN                         PA-51-R-540
ROAT, JACOB                             PA-51-R-51
ROBBINS, MARY                           PA-51-I-183
ROBBISON, JOHN                          PA-51-O-203
ROBERDEAU, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-Y-157
ROBERDES, BLANCH                        PA-51-Q-212
ROBERDES, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-K-103
ROBERT, HUGH                            PA-51-B-265
ROBERT, JOHN                            PA-51-B-251
ROBERT, ROGER                           PA-51-D-164
ROBERTS, AARON                          PA-51-W-617
ROBERTS, ABEL                           PA-51-H-506
ROBERTS, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-X-667
ROBERTS, ANN                            PA-51-K-91
ROBERTS, ANN                            PA-51-F-123
ROBERTS, ANN                            PA-51-H-119
ROBERTS, ANNE                           PA-51-I-277
ROBERTS, ARON                           PA-51-G-287
ROBERTS, AUBREY                         PA-51-I-373
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-6-274
ROBERTS, CATHERINE                      PA-51-O-36
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         PA-51-R-216
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         PA-51-K-32
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         PA-51-T-89
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         PA-51-F-214
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         PA-51-I-216
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         PA-51-O-313
ROBERTS, ELEANOR                        PA-51-D-436
ROBERTS, ELLIS                          PA-51-E-3
ROBERTS, ELLIS                          PA-51-Q-92
ROBERTS, ELLIS                          PA-51-D-58
ROBERTS, GEORGE                         PA-51-2-459
ROBERTS, GEORGE                         PA-51-Y-581
ROBERTS, HUGH                           PA-51-T-351
ROBERTS, ISAAC                          PA-51-S-56
ROBERTS, JAMES                          PA-51-X-513
ROBERTS, JANE                           PA-51-A-177
ROBERTS, JANE                           PA-51-H-38
ROBERTS, JANE                           PA-51-P-348
ROBERTS, JASHER                         PA-51-Q-385
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-719
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-P-407
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-249
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-R-491
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-H-505
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-E-160
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-D-435
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-E-333
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-P-308
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-H-420
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-E-247
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-D-187
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-B-343
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-K-493
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-51-D-397
ROBERTS, JONATHAN                       PA-51-4-155
ROBERTS, JONATHAN                       PA-51-10-245
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                         PA-51-N-142
ROBERTS, LEVI                           PA-51-O-194
ROBERTS, MARTHA                         PA-51-Y-650
ROBERTS, MARTHA                         PA-51-6-621
ROBERTS, MARY                           PA-51-6-406
ROBERTS, MARY                           PA-51-G-314
ROBERTS, MARY                           PA-51-P-145
ROBERTS, MATHEW                         PA-51-G-305
ROBERTS, MICHAEL                        PA-51-#1-257
ROBERTS, MOSES                          PA-51-D-41
ROBERTS, OWEN                           PA-51-D-308
ROBERTS, OWEN                           PA-51-E-226
ROBERTS, OWEN                           PA-51-6-259
ROBERTS, OWEN                           PA-51-D-438
ROBERTS, PHINEAS                        PA-51-Y-491
ROBERTS, RACHEL                         PA-51-N-199
ROBERTS, RACHEL                         PA-51-I-388
ROBERTS, REBECCA                        PA-51-X-393
ROBERTS, REBECCA                        PA-51-8-514
ROBERTS, REBEKAH                        PA-51-R-322
ROBERTS, ROBERT                         PA-51-O-218
ROBERTS, ROBERT                         PA-51-P-16
ROBERTS, ROWLAND                        PA-51-I-176
ROBERTS, RUTH                           PA-51-T-522
ROBERTS, SARAH                          PA-51-7-526
ROBERTS, TACY                           PA-51-9-194
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-216
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         PA-51-E-202
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         PA-51-6-291
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         PA-51-I-134
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         PA-51-O-138
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         PA-51-K-450
ROBERTS, THOMASIN                       PA-51-8-316
ROBERTS, TIMOTHY                        PA-51-T-418
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-D-134
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-296
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-H-497
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-H-377
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-325
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-I-239
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-225
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-X-84
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-R-493
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-51-I-386
ROBERTSON, ANN                          PA-51-3-128
ROBERTSON, JAMES                        PA-51-3-209
ROBERTSON, JAMES                        PA-51-S-213
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         PA-51-X-213
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         PA-51-T-406
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         PA-51-8-309
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-X-626
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-8-277
ROBESON, ANDREW                         PA-51-A-286
ROBESON, ANDREW                         PA-51-U-232
ROBESON, ANDREW                         PA-51-D-145
ROBESON, DAVID                          PA-51-N-296
ROBESON, JAMES                          PA-51-K-274
ROBESON, JONATHAN                       PA-51-N-502
ROBESON, JONATHAN                       PA-51-S-460
ROBESON, JONATHAN                       PA-51-Y-217
ROBESON, MAGDALINE                      PA-51-O-355
ROBESON, RUDEMAN                        PA-51-3-431
ROBESON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-A-539
ROBESON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-#1-519
ROBESON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-7-626
ROBESON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-B-52
ROBESON, SAMUEL JR.                     PA-51-W-150
ROBESON, THOMAS                         PA-51-N-36
ROBESON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-H-117
ROBETS, GEORGE                          PA-51-9-355
ROBETS, LEWIS                           PA-51-G-261
ROBEY, THOMAS                           PA-51-N-88
ROBINEAUDEBOUGON, JOHN V. M.            PA-51-3-370
ROBINS, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-P-18
ROBINSON, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-W-545
ROBINSON, AIMEY                         PA-51-W-23
ROBINSON, DANIEL                        PA-51-Y-138
ROBINSON, EDWARD                        PA-51-B-467
ROBINSON, EDWARD                        PA-51-O-324
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-B-341
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-7-419
ROBINSON, HANNAH                        PA-51-8-493
ROBINSON, HENRY                         PA-51-Q-132
ROBINSON, HUGH                          PA-51-2-325
ROBINSON, ISAAC                         PA-51-Q-8
ROBINSON, ISAIAH                        PA-51-S-16
ROBINSON, JAMES                         PA-51-Y-85
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-51-6-378
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-51-6-8
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-51-O-17
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-51-N-75
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-51-8-633
ROBINSON, MARGARET                      PA-51-10-574
ROBINSON, MATTHEW                       PA-51-G-39
ROBINSON, MICHAEL                       PA-51-R-186
ROBINSON, RICHARD                       PA-51-H-4
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        PA-51-Q-81
ROBINSON, SEPTIMUS                      PA-51-O-156
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        PA-51-Q-25
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        PA-51-O-287
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        PA-51-10-58
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-K-327
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-E-152
ROBINST, ALLEN SR.                      PA-51-B-216
ROBLENETT, JOSEPH                       PA-51-Q-507
ROBSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-477
ROCK, THOMAS                            PA-51-Y-662
RODES, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-E-157
RODES, RICHARD                          PA-51-E-364
RODGERS, THOMAS                         PA-51-P-293
RODGERS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-I-148
RODNEY, JOHN                            PA-51-A-279
RODNEY, SUSANNA                         PA-51-2-546
RODRIGUE, VICTOR                        PA-51-X-406
RODRIGUEZ, GREGORIO                     PA-51-2-317
RODT, JOHN JACOB                        PA-51-H-105
ROE, DAVID                              PA-51-P-337
ROE, JESSE                              PA-51-5-212
ROE, MCDERMOT MICHAL M.                 PA-51-5-65
ROE, URIAH                              PA-51-4-127
ROGER, ROBERT                           PA-51-P-385
ROGERS, CHARLES                         PA-51-E-87
ROGERS, ELIZA                           PA-51-9-155
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-4-204
ROGERS, GEORGE N.                       PA-51-10-605
ROGERS, JOHN                            PA-51-8-572
ROGERS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-8-115
ROGERS, MAURICE                         PA-51-R-214
ROGERS, THOMAS                          PA-51-U-340
ROGERSON, JOHN                          PA-51-O-438
ROGES, CHARLES                          PA-51-8-564
ROGIERS, HORATIO H.                     PA-51-5-215
ROHR, CHARLES H.                        PA-51-9-604
ROHR, JACOB                             PA-51-O-390
ROHR, JOHN A.                           PA-51-5-231
ROHR, JOHN ANDREW                       PA-51-#1-125
ROHRMAN, CONRAD                         PA-51-Y-267
ROLFE, JOSIAH                           PA-51-G-46
ROLL, ANNA                              PA-51-P-236
ROLL, BARBARA                           PA-51-Y-269
ROLL, GOTTLIP                           PA-51-U-122
ROLLS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-B-217
ROMAN, JOHN CORNELIUS                   PA-51-P-327
ROMAN, PHILIP                           PA-51-E-139
ROODRIGUEZ, ISAAC                       PA-51-6-358
ROOKE, BARTHOLOMEW                      PA-51-U-454
ROOP, BARNIT                            PA-51-P-266
ROOP, GILLIAN                           PA-51-T-396
ROOP, JOHN                              PA-51-W-176
ROOT, ANDREW                            PA-51-6-549
RORER, HENRY                            PA-51-R-351
ROSE, ANNE                              PA-51-8-405
ROSE, AQUILA                            PA-51-D-367
ROSE, CROPLEY                           PA-51-#1-178
ROSE, DAVID SR.                         PA-51-X-754
ROSE, JOHN                              PA-51-#1-359
ROSE, JOHN                              PA-51-9-143
ROSE, PETER                             PA-51-#1-174
ROSE, THOMAS                            PA-51-T-210
ROSEMAN, JACOB                          PA-51-K-470
ROSENBERGER, DANIEL                     PA-51-P-140
ROSINE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-X-481
ROSITER, THOMAS                         PA-51-G-268
ROSS, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-G-100
ROSS, CATHARINE                         PA-51-Y-141
ROSS, CLEMENTINE                        PA-51-9-257
ROSS, GEORGE                            PA-51-R-278
ROSS, JAMES                             PA-51-6-388
ROSS, JAMES                             PA-51-9-68
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-324
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-51-Q-289
ROSS, MARY L.                           PA-51-10-478
ROSS, ROLLEN                            PA-51-Y-627
ROSS, WILLIAM                           PA-51-9-452
ROSSELL, FRANCIS                        PA-51-A-288
ROSSENBERGER, MARTIN                    PA-51-R-571
ROSSETER, JOHN (CAPT.)                  PA-51-3-246
ROTE, PETER                             PA-51-9-29
ROTHENWALDER, NICHOLAS                  PA-51-4-168
ROTHERS, JOHN M.                        PA-51-6-609
ROURTIDGE, WILLIAM                      PA-51-E-78
ROUSE, JOHN                             PA-51-T-432
ROUSH, CONRAD                           PA-51-R-310
ROUSS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-Y-462
ROUTH, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-51-F-67
ROUTIE, JEAN                            PA-51-X-149
ROUVERT, EDMOND                         PA-51-9-600
ROVER, JOHN                             PA-51-8-318
ROW, JANE                               PA-51-N-488
ROW, JOHN MARTIN                        PA-51-6-387
ROW, PETER                              PA-51-2-200
ROWAN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-3-365
ROWAN, MARGARET                         PA-51-P-99
ROWAN, MOSES                            PA-51-Y-214
ROWE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-A-452
ROWLAND, THOMAS                         PA-51-C-143
ROYAL, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-393
ROYDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-U-417
ROYDON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-300
ROYER, MICHAEL                          PA-51-P-202
RUBBER, MARTHA                          PA-51-#1-243
RUBICAM, DANIEL                         PA-51-10-251
RUCHLY, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-F-176
RUCKSTUHL, SOLOMON                      PA-51-O-464
RUCKSTUHL, ULRICK                       PA-51-7-613
RUDMAN, ANDREW                          PA-51-C-139
RUDOLPH, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Y-261
RUDULPH, ESTHER                         PA-51-5-91
RUDULPH, MARTHA                         PA-51-X-677
RUE, JOHN                               PA-51-9-319
RUFF, WILLIAM                           PA-51-O-188
RUHLE, JOHN SIGMUND                     PA-51-4-161
RUMFORD, JOHN                           PA-51-F-88
RUMMEL, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-3
RUMNER, JOHN                            PA-51-6-573
RUMSEY, JAMES                           PA-51-W-355
RUMSEY, RACHEL                          PA-51-4-56
RUNCKEL, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-100
RUNCKLE, JEREMIAH                       PA-51-O-75
RUNDLE, DANIEL                          PA-51-X-256
RUNDLE, RICHARD                         PA-51-8-591
RUPART, WILLIAM                         PA-51-2-431
RUPER, SARAH                            PA-51-T-364
RUPP, JOHN                              PA-51-2-462
RUSH, BENJAMIN (M.D.)                   PA-51-4-330
RUSH, DANIEL                            PA-51-7-499
RUSH, GEORGE                            PA-51-Q-389
RUSH, JACOB                             PA-51-7-94
RUSH, JOHN                              PA-51-I-420
RUSH, JOSEPH                            PA-51-Y-127
RUSH, JOSEPH                            PA-51-T-274
RUSH, MARY                              PA-51-X-206
RUSH, PHOEBE                            PA-51-8-40
RUSH, WILLIAM                           PA-51-H-88
RUSH, WILLIAM                           PA-51-W-202
RUSH, WILLIAM                           PA-51-3-144
RUSH, WILLIAM SR.                       PA-51-10-530
RUSHTON, EDWARD                         PA-51-8-223
RUSSEL, JOSEPH                          PA-51-8-26
RUSSEL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-50
RUSSELL, ANN                            PA-51-#1-307
RUSSELL, GEORGE                         PA-51-7-580
RUSSELL, JAMES                          PA-51-K-203
RUSSELL, JOHN                           PA-51-N-86
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Y-488
RUSSELL, MARY                           PA-51-C-41
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-G-272
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-H-139
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-8-412
RUSTON, EDITH                           PA-51-Y-296
RUTH, CHRISITAN                         PA-51-Q-177
RUTH, HENRY                             PA-51-N-276
RUTHERFORD, AGNES                       PA-51-2-539
RUTHERFORD, JOHN                        PA-51-U-67
RUTTER, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-377
RUTTER, JOHN                            PA-51-E-351
RUTTER, JOHN                            PA-51-3-76
RUTTER, JOHN JACOB                      PA-51-5-22
RUTTER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-E-185
RUTTER, SARAH                           PA-51-9-583
RUTTER, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-285
RUTTER, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-127
RYAN, DANIEL                            PA-51-#1-325
RYAN, JANE                              PA-51-5-314
RYAN, LEWIS JR.                         PA-51-9-170
RYMEL, JACOB                            PA-51-9-405
RYNEAR, DANIEL                          PA-51-S-371
RYNICK, JOHN                            PA-51-7-559
RYSE, THOMAS                            PA-51-C-356

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