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UBER, LODWICKE                          PA-51-Q-148
UDRE, MARY                              PA-51-K-156
UHL, JOHN                               PA-51-6-532
UHLER, ANDREW                           PA-51-Y-86
ULLER, JOHN                             PA-51-X-361
ULRICH, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-10-229
ULRICH, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-9-229
ULRICK, CASPER                          PA-51-I-451
ULRICK, VALENTINE                       PA-51-#1-177
UMSTAT, KERMAN                          PA-51-O-227
UNGER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-8-158
UNGER, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-562
UNGER, JOHN                             PA-51-I-45
UNRICH, GEORGE                          PA-51-H-493
UNROD, JACOB                            PA-51-4-269
UNRUH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-8-51
UNRUHS, MICHAEL                         PA-51-#1-207
UNSWORTH, JOHN                          PA-51-3-478
UNVERSAGT, JOHN                         PA-51-P-435
UPDENGRAFF, JACOB                       PA-51-I-302
UPDERGRAFE, ABRAHAM                     PA-51-F-158
UPFOLD, JANE                            PA-51-D-115
UPLIGHTER, JACOB                        PA-51-W-84
URING, HANCE                            PA-51-N-348
URNER, MARTIN                           PA-51-K-284
USHER, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-T-189
USHER, JAMES                            PA-51-F-292
USHER, MATHEW                           PA-51-K-99

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