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GABNEY, JOHN                            PA-51-S-368
GADSDEN, MARTHA                         PA-51-7-263
GALBRAITH, ANDREW                       PA-51-4-98
GALBRAITH, JOSEPH                       PA-51-N-306
GALBRAITH, JOSEPH                       PA-51-X-325
GALBREATH, JOHN                         PA-51-N-504
GALE, JONAS                             PA-51-P-525
GALLAGHER, ANNA M.                      PA-51-3-516
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        PA-51-#1-11
GALLAGHER, MICHAEL                      PA-51-7-360
GALLAGHER, PHILIP                       PA-51-9-313
GALLAHER, MARGARET                      PA-51-9-42
GALLE, FREDERICK                        PA-51-7-84
GALLER, JOHN ADAM                       PA-51-O-147
GALLOWAY, ANN                           PA-51-K-255
GALLOWAY, GRACE                         PA-51-S-311
GALLOWAY, JOHN                          PA-51-R-343
GALLOWAY, JOSEPH                        PA-51-9-684
GALLY, JOSEPH                           PA-51-2-205
GAMBAGH, JOHN                           PA-51-I-192
GAMBER, MARY                            PA-51-3-345
GAMBLE, ARCHIBALD                       PA-51-T-71
GAMBLE, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-461
GANKLER, HENRY                          PA-51-10-252
GANTZ, JOHN                             PA-51-F-18
GARDEN, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-340
GARDINER, JOHN                          PA-51-7-93
GARDINER, SARAH                         PA-51-P-285
GARDINER, WILLIAM                       PA-51-N-306
GARDNER, ARCHIBALD                      PA-51-X-519
GARDNER, JOHN                           PA-51-X-63
GARDNER, JOHN FREDERICK                 PA-51-K-461
GARDNER, JOHN JACOB                     PA-51-3-277
GARDNER, JOHN JR.                       PA-51-9-413
GARDNER, MARY MAGDELEN                  PA-51-7-204
GARDNER, SEBASTIAN                      PA-51-8-389
GARDNER, THEOPHILUS                     PA-51-W-37
GARDNER, VALENTINE                      PA-51-6-626
GARDWOOD, WILLIAM                       PA-51-S-38
GARESCHI, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-#1-154
GARLAND, BERNARD                        PA-51-R-254
GARLAND, RUTH                           PA-51-#1-376
GARLICK, JOSEPH                         PA-51-7-380
GARRATT, WILLIAM                        PA-51-D-409
GARRAUD, JACOB                          PA-51-5-368
GARRET, JAMES                           PA-51-F-7
GARRET, LAWRENCE                        PA-51-R-160
GARRET, MORTON                          PA-51-I-376
GARRET, MORTON                          PA-51-5-39
GARRETS, GARRET                         PA-51-E-195
GARRETSON, LYDIA                        PA-51-6-633
GARRETT, ANN                            PA-51-7-537
GARRETT, ELIZABETH (JONES)              PA-51-8-65
GARRETT, LVI                            PA-51-10-544
GARRETT, MORTON                         PA-51-R-153
GARRETT, ROSANNA MARGARET               PA-51-T-355
GARRETT, SAMUEL                         PA-51-7-566
GARRETT, WILLIAM                        PA-51-P-461
GARRETY, RICHARD                        PA-51-P-133
GARRIGUES, FRANCIS                      PA-51-S-271
GARRIGUES, ISAAC                        PA-51-T-104
GARRIGUES, SAMUEL                       PA-51-S-346
GARRISON, ANN                           PA-51-9-717
GARRITTS, JOHN                          PA-51-O-397
GARRSON, JOSEPH G.                      PA-51-7-356
GARVIN, JOHN                            PA-51-T-327
GARWOOD, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-167
GARWOOD, JOHN                           PA-51-R-79
GARWOOD, MARTHA                         PA-51-S-390
GARWOOD, WILLIAM                        PA-51-5-334
GASS, JOHN                              PA-51-Q-178
GASS, WILLIAM                           PA-51-Q-469
GASSER, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-P-321
GASSER, JOHN                            PA-51-N-472
GATCHELL, CATHERINE                     PA-51-E-48
GATCHELL, JEREMIAH                      PA-51-D-173
GATHER, CATHERINE                       PA-51-Q-426
GATTEAU, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-E-53
GATTER, MARTIN                          PA-51-Q-434
GAUL, FREDERICK                         PA-51-10-86
GAUL, GILBERT                           PA-51-8-207
GAUL, JOHN                              PA-51-O-320
GAUL, VALENTINE                         PA-51-8-120
GAUNT,ELIZABETH BISPHAM                 PA-51-Y-194
GAVEN, JOHN                             PA-51-8-569
GAZAN, AMBROISE                         PA-51-T-317
GEARHART, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-R-49
GEARICH, MARGARETH                      PA-51-Q-239
GEARY, GEORGE                           PA-51-S-206
GEBHART, MELCHIOR                       PA-51-T-137
GED, MARGARY                            PA-51-6-340
GEDDEN, HENRY                           PA-51-7-33
GEDDES, MARGARET                        PA-51-#1-142
GEE, JOHN                               PA-51-D-327
GEE, JOHN                               PA-51-C-380
GEEL, HENRY                             PA-51-S-87
GEENAN, MARTHA                          PA-51-8-355
GEHRING, MICHAEL                        PA-51-7-104
GEIG, ADAM                              PA-51-Q-319
GEIGER, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-273
GEIGER, JACOB                           PA-51-P-278
GEISER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-Q-12
GEISSE, EVA                             PA-51-7-261
GEISSE, RACHEL                          PA-51-5-62
GEISSE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-365
GEISSLER, DANIEL                        PA-51-H-17
GELEY, PETER                            PA-51-6-222
GENSEL, MATHIAS                         PA-51-#1-461
GENSELL, JACOB                          PA-51-N-69
GENSILL, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-497
GEOGHAGAN, BARTHOLOMW                   PA-51-8-171
GEOGHAGAN, EDWARD                       PA-51-F-254
GEORGE, EDUARD                          PA-51-I-124
GEORGE, EDWARD                          PA-51-F-51
GEORGE, ESTHER                          PA-51-Q-386
GEORGE, EVAN                            PA-51-K-504
GEORGE, JESSE                           PA-51-W-104
GEORGE, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-310
GEORGE, MARGARET                        PA-51-Q-298
GEORGE, MARY                            PA-51-3-99
GEORGE, RICHARD                         PA-51-P-192
GEORGE, THOMAS                          PA-51-2-246
GEORGE, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-110
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-R-155
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-N-19
GERGAS, JOHN                            PA-51-S-44
GERGOS, MARGARETH                       PA-51-N-300
GERHARD, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-8-81
GERHART, LEONARD                        PA-51-P-282
GERLACH, JOHN                           PA-51-R-42
GERNON, PATRICK                         PA-51-9-129
GERRARD, MARY                           PA-51-O-495
GERRISH, LEVI                           PA-51-9-276
GERRIT, ADAM                            PA-51-T-408
GERRY, MARY                             PA-51-T-518
GESSELL, PETER                          PA-51-P-333
GETCHELL, ELISHA SR.                    PA-51-K-153
GETHINS, MARK                           PA-51-E-361
GETZ, JOHN                              PA-51-9-333
GEYER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-Y-137
GEYER, ELIZABTEH                        PA-51-4-116
GEYER, JOHN                             PA-51-10-183
GEYER, SARAH                            PA-51-8-12
GHISELIN, CESAR                         PA-51-E-272
GIBBINS, HENRY                          PA-51-B-172
GIBBONS, JAMES                          PA-51-Y-210
GIBBS, DOROTHY                          PA-51-H-375
GIBBS, JAMES                            PA-51-9-163
GIBBS, JOHN                             PA-51-9-58
GIBBS, JOHN                             PA-51-E-331
GIBLER, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-9-87
GIBSON, JOHN ESQ.                       PA-51-S-143
GIBSON, MATHEW                          PA-51-K-506
GIDEON, GEORGE                          PA-51-8-637
GIESE, MATTHIAS                         PA-51-#1-106
GIFFING, DAVID                          PA-51-D-81
GIFFING, KATHERIN                       PA-51-E-60
GIFFORD, MARY                           PA-51-10-294
GIGER, ANTHONY                          PA-51-K-71
GIGER, GEORGE                           PA-51-H-432
GILBERT, CALEB                          PA-51-9-167
GILBERT, CONRAD                         PA-51-9-100
GILBERT, GEORGE SR.                     PA-51-O-34
GILBERT, HANNAH                         PA-51-8-415
GILBERT, JOHN                           PA-51-C-280
GILBERT, JOHN                           PA-51-#1-450
GILBERT, JOHN JR.                       PA-51-U-38
GILBERT, JOSEPH                         PA-51-N-380
GILBERT, JOSEPH                         PA-51-C-219
GILBERT, JOSHUA                         PA-51-C-256
GILBERT, JOSHUA                         PA-51-10-678
GILBERT, MARGARET                       PA-51-E-140
GILBERT, MARY                           PA-51-6-566
GILBERT, MATTHIAS                       PA-51-8-53
GILBERT, MICHAEL                        PA-51-W-548
GILBERT, PHEBE                          PA-51-10-197
GILBERT, PRINCE (FREE NEGRO)            PA-51-U-77
GILBERT, SARAH                          PA-51-R-446
GILBERT, THOMAS                         PA-51-P-544
GILBERT, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-400
GILCHRIST, CHARLES                      PA-51-#1-107
GILES, JACOB                            PA-51-S-330
GILES, JACOB JR.                        PA-51-S-298
GILES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-476
GILFORY, MATTHEW                        PA-51-2-106
GILKEY, SAMUEL                          PA-51-O-60
GILL, HARRIET H.                        PA-51-9-548
GILL, PETER                             PA-51-X-683
GILLASPY, SAMUEL                        PA-51-Y-425
GILLCHRIST, LUCRETIA                    PA-51-6-376
GILLICHAN, GEORGE                       PA-51-6-630
GILLICHAN, MARY                         PA-51-7-12
GILLIN, HENRY                           PA-51-10-214
GILLINGHAM, GEORGE                      PA-51-9-10
GILLINGHAM, MARY                        PA-51-E-63
GILLINGHAM, YEAMANS                     PA-51-D-324
GILLINGHAM, YEAMANS                     PA-51-8-514
GILLIS, JOHN                            PA-51-9-700
GILLISON, THOMAS                        PA-51-8-365
GILLMAN, ADOLPH                         PA-51-R-332
GILLMER, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-6-281
GILPIN, SARAH                           PA-51-#1-69
GILPIN, THOMAS                          PA-51-S-226
GILZEAN, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-Y-278
GIRARD, STEPHEN                         PA-51-10-198
GIRKUS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-K-68
GIVEN, E. J.                            PA-51-7-623
GLASCOW, JAMES                          PA-51-I-189
GLASS, SAMUEL                           PA-51-8-616
GLENN, JAMES                            PA-51-9-70
GLENN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-439
GLENTWORTH, GEORGE                      PA-51-W-312
GLENTWORTH, PETER SOUMANS               PA-51-W-668
GLOSS, JOHN JACOB                       PA-51-P-232
GLOVER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-144
GLOVER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-5-264
GMELIN, MATHIAS                         PA-51-K-400
GNEBLE, RACHAEL                         PA-51-#1-558
GOADBY, JOHN                            PA-51-D-361
GOATSCHALK, FREDRICK                    PA-51-I-4
GODDARD, GEORGE                         PA-51-8-640
GODFREY, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-H-128
GODFREY, CESAR                          PA-51-K-92
GODFREY, JAMES                          PA-51-N-35
GODFREY, JEAN                           PA-51-P-72
GODFREY, JOSEPH                         PA-51-B-417
GODFREY, THOMAS                         PA-51-D-5
GODFREY, THOMAS                         PA-51-K-458
GODON, ISABELLA (DAVIDSON)              PA-51-S-50
GODSALL, GEORGE                         PA-51-B-54
GODSHALK, ROSINE                        PA-51-Q-279
GODSHALK, WILLIAM                       PA-51-S-35
GOETZ, MICHAEL                          PA-51-4-186
GOFF, MARY                              PA-51-C-213
GOFF, REBECCA                           PA-51-W-584
GOFORTH, AARON                          PA-51-E-362
GOFORTH, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-F-184
GOLDEN, CHARLES                         PA-51-#1-411
GOLDMAN, CONRAD                         PA-51-G-150
GOODMAN, DANIEL                         PA-51-W-44
GOODMAN, JOHN RYNEAR                    PA-51-7-488
GOODMAN, MARTHA                         PA-51-K-244
GOODMAN, STEPHEN                        PA-51-R-221
GOODMAN, WALTER                         PA-51-S-204
GOODSON, CICELY                         PA-51-F-41
GOODSON, JOB                            PA-51-F-308
GOODWIN, JAMES                          PA-51-Q-96
GOODWIN, JOHN                           PA-51-N-248
GOODWIN, MARIA                          PA-51-9-660
GOODWIN, THOMAS                         PA-51-9-145
GOODWIN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-104
GORDON, ANN                             PA-51-7-577
GORDON, JAMES                           PA-51-7-477
GORDON, JOHN                            PA-51-3-96
GORDON, MARY                            PA-51-R-256
GORDON, PATRICK                         PA-51-R-516
GORDON, REBECCA                         PA-51-3-146
GORDON, ROBERT                          PA-51-2-470
GORDON, THOMAS                          PA-51-P-280
GORDON, THOMAS                          PA-51-7-19
GORE, REBECCA                           PA-51-6-556
GORGAS, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-7-397
GORGAS, JOHN                            PA-51-F-221
GORGAS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-O-85
GORGAS, JULIANNA                        PA-51-10-528
GORGAS, RACHEL                          PA-51-8-462
GORMAN, EDWARD                          PA-51-#1-396
GOSNER, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-581
GOSNER, PETER                           PA-51-S-117
GOSS, CHARLES                           PA-51-A-378
GOSS, GEORGE                            PA-51-S-361
GOSTELOWE, JONATHAN                     PA-51-X-196
GOSTNER, HENRY                          PA-51-#1-410
GOTT, GEORGE                            PA-51-G-113
GOTTSHICK, GEORGE                       PA-51-E-131
GOUGH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-107
GOUKLER, JOHN                           PA-51-7-276
GOUKLER, KYLIAN                         PA-51-N-393
GOURLEY, JOHN                           PA-51-6-533
GOVE, RICHARD                           PA-51-C-223
GOVETT, EDITH N.                        PA-51-10-474
GOVETT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-314
GOZELL, JOHN                            PA-51-K-225
GRABA, JOHN FREDERICK                   PA-51-#1-520
GRACE, ROBERT                           PA-51-O-10
GRAEFFLY, JOHN GEORGE                   PA-51-2-107
GRAEME, THOMAS ESQ.                     PA-51-P-298
GRAFF, CASPAR                           PA-51-X-340
GRAFF, GEORGE                           PA-51-H-20
GRAFF, GEORGE                           PA-51-G-222
GRAFF, HENRY                            PA-51-8-177
GRAFF, JOHN                             PA-51-9-477
GRAFF, JOSEPH                           PA-51-7-607
GRAFF, JOSEPH                           PA-51-K-42
GRAFTON, MARY                           PA-51-K-173
GRAFTON, WOODBRIDGE                     PA-51-8-533
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-#1-327
GRAHAM, GEORGE                          PA-51-X-741
GRAHAM, HUGH                            PA-51-#1-69
GRAHAM, JAMES                           PA-51-7-535
GRAHAM, MARY                            PA-51-Y-577
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          PA-51-R-242
GRAHAM, THOMAS                          PA-51-C-212
GRAHAM, WILLAM                          PA-51-Y-282
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-51-F-58
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-635
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-51-W-362
GRAISBERRY, JOSEPH                      PA-51-X-506
GRAISBERY, JAMES                        PA-51-B-116
GRAMBLE, MARY                           PA-51-7-253
GRAMBO, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-7-25
GRANDOM, JOHN                           PA-51-8-480
GRANDOM, JOHN                           PA-51-9-149
GRANSBACK, JACOB                        PA-51-9-200
GRANT, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-6-570
GRANT, ARCHIBALD                        PA-51-U-402
GRANT, FRANCIS                          PA-51-7-253
GRANT, LEWIS                            PA-51-T-205
GRANT, RICHARD                          PA-51-H-278
GRANT, WILLIAM                          PA-51-K-468
GRANTHAM, JACOB                         PA-51-U-63
GRASSKOPF, JACOB                        PA-51-I-312
GRASSLER, ANNA SOPHIA                   PA-51-3-60
GRASSLER, JOHN FREDERICK                PA-51-T-330
GRAUEL, JOHN                            PA-51-7-144
GRAVELLE, LOISA MORELLE                 PA-51-9-598
GRAVENSTINE, JOHN                       PA-51-W-259
GRAVES, THOMAS                          PA-51-D-57
GRAVES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-D-335
GRAVIER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-6-613
GRAVY, HENRY                            PA-51-6-394
GRAY, CALEB                             PA-51-9-274
GRAY, GEORE                             PA-51-10-435
GRAY, GEORGE                            PA-51-I-54
GRAY, JAMES                             PA-51-10-672
GRAY, JEREMIAH                          PA-51-D-24
GRAY, JOHN                              PA-51-6-97
GRAY, JOSEPH                            PA-51-7-286
GRAY, JOSEPH                            PA-51-P-351
GRAY, JOSEPH                            PA-51-K-360
GRAY, ROBERT                            PA-51-Y-692
GRAY, THOMAS                            PA-51-10-676
GRAY, WILLIAM                           PA-51-Y-378
GRAY, WILLIAM                           PA-51-3-450
GRAY,MARY                               PA-51-X-579
GREAR, ANN                              PA-51-U-73
GREATON, JOSEPH                         PA-51-K-93
GREBLE, GEORGE                          PA-51-3-547
GREDER, PAUL                            PA-51-O-273
GREEN, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-51-I-509
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-C-99
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-51-A-313
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-51-K-366
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-51-C-257
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-51-E-233
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-51-9-579
GREEN, MARGARET                         PA-51-C-134
GREEN, MARTHA                           PA-51-P-66
GREEN, MARTHA                           PA-51-Y-457
GREEN, MARY                             PA-51-10-127
GREEN, PATRICK                          PA-51-S-58
GREEN, PETER                            PA-51-6-200
GREEN, STEPHEN                          PA-51-9-616
GREEN, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-63
GREEN, THOMAS                           PA-51-N-342
GREEN, THOMAS                           PA-51-#1-147
GREEN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-10-684
GREEN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-36
GREENE, DANIEL                          PA-51-B-3
GREENLEAF, CATHARINE                    PA-51-#1-431
GREENLEAFE, ISAAC                       PA-51-P-169
GREENLSAFE, CATHARINE JR.               PA-51-T-499
GREEN,MICHAEL                           PA-51-X-124
GREENWAY, JOSEPH                        PA-51-U-562
GREENWAY, JOSEPH                        PA-51-#1-75
GREENWAY, ROBERT                        PA-51-N-25
GREENWAY, WILLIAM                       PA-51-X-365
GREER, MARTHA                           PA-51-5-300
GREER, MARY                             PA-51-R-292
GREEVES, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-35
GREGORY, JOHN                           PA-51-W-20
GREGORY, SARAH ANN                      PA-51-8-239
GREGORY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-357
GREINER, FREDERICK                      PA-51-Y-706
GREINER, JACOB                          PA-51-Y-251
GREINER, SARAH                          PA-51-3-559
GREINER, SUSANNA                        PA-51-6-181
GREISS, JOHN CHARLES                    PA-51-E-202
GRESS, CHRISTIAN                        PA-51-R-14
GRESS, JOHANNES                         PA-51-K-19
GREW, RACHEL                            PA-51-6-449
GRIES, JACOB                            PA-51-P-350
GRIFFIN, AARON                          PA-51-8-201
GRIFFIN, GEORGE                         PA-51-X-388
GRIFFING, JOSEPH CARSON                 PA-51-4-244
GRIFFITH, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-8-84
GRIFFITH, ALICE                         PA-51-K-263
GRIFFITH, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-O-279
GRIFFITH, EINON                         PA-51-E-138
GRIFFITH, GEORGE                        PA-51-X-422
GRIFFITH, GRIFFITH                      PA-51-K-192
GRIFFITH, HENRY                         PA-51-H-530
GRIFFITH, ISAAC                         PA-51-6-522
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          PA-51-G-87
GRIFFITH, JONATHAN                      PA-51-O-149
GRIFFITH, KATHERINE                     PA-51-I-283
GRIFFITH, MICHAEL                       PA-51-N-305
GRIFFITH, PHILLIP                       PA-51-H-368
GRIFFITH, ROBERT                        PA-51-E-103
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL                        PA-51-8-262
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL                        PA-51-7-374
GRIFFITH, SARAH                         PA-51-7-606
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-51-2-205
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-51-H-203
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-51-E-21
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-51-W-486
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-51-T-290
GRIFFITHS, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-4-167
GRIFFITHS, GRIFFITH                     PA-51-G-236
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM                      PA-51-X-120
GRIFFITTS, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-6-629
GRIFFITTS, HANNAH                       PA-51-6-505
GRIFFITTS, MARY                         PA-51-I-230
GRIFFITTS, SAMUEL POWELL                PA-51-8-584
GRIFFITTS, SARAH                        PA-51-P-387
GRIGG, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-C-151
GRIGGS, PHILLIP                         PA-51-Q-194
GRIM, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-7-437
GRIMES, ANDREW                          PA-51-Y-673
GRIMES, MARK                            PA-51-R-105
GRIMSDITCH, SAMUEL                      PA-51-C-336
GRISCOM, ANDREW                         PA-51-A-261
GRISCOM, RACHEL                         PA-51-8-524
GRISCOM, SAMUEL                         PA-51-X-8
GROAF, ADAM                             PA-51-W-155
GROB, JACOB                             PA-51-P-101
GROER, MARTHA                           PA-51-3-115
GROOB, HENRY                            PA-51-S-73
GROOM, THOMAS                           PA-51-F-22
GROOTHOUSE, HENRY                       PA-51-G-170
GROOTTEN, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-2-339
GROSSCUP, JACOB                         PA-51-5-129
GROTHAUSEN, HARMAN                      PA-51-G-76
GROTZ, GEORGE                           PA-51-W-292
GROVER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-T-281
GROVER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-225
GROVER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-W-123
GROVER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-#1-1
GROVES, JOHN                            PA-51-O-242
GROVES, MICHAEL                         PA-51-X-534
GROWDEN, HANNAH                         PA-51-S-443
GROWDON, JOSEPH                         PA-51-F-82
GRUB, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-Y-62
GRUB, GEORGE                            PA-51-K-116
GRUBB, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-O-430
GRUBB, ADAM                             PA-51-X-544
GRUBB, HNRY                             PA-51-E-20
GRUBB, JOHN                             PA-51-C-81
GRUBB, JOHN                             PA-51-P-272
GRUBLE, ANDREW                          PA-51-W-177
GUARIQUES, WILLIAM                      PA-51-10-190
GUENAT, JOHN B.                         PA-51-6-642
GUENNSTEAU, JOSEPH                      PA-51-2-332
GUERIN,JEAN                             PA-51-X-656
GUEST, ALICE                            PA-51-C-7
GUEST, AMELIA                           PA-51-10-628
GUEST, JOHN                             PA-51-C-113
GUICKE, HENRY                           PA-51-#1-21
GUIER, ADAM                             PA-51-U-391
GUIER, JOHN                             PA-51-10-307
GUILBERT, JAMES                         PA-51-#1-109
GUIREY, DANIEL                          PA-51-7-582
GULLEN, JOHN                            PA-51-9-707
GUMRE, JOHN                             PA-51-F-70
GURNEY, FRANCIS                         PA-51-6-64
GURNEY, HENRY                           PA-51-6-167
GURNEY, HENRY                           PA-51-W-236
GUSANBURY, ESICK                        PA-51-D-418
GUTHMAN, GEORGE MICHAEL                 PA-51-W-124
GUY, JOHN                               PA-51-2-187
GUY, THOMAS                             PA-51-P-151
GUYER, CASPAR                           PA-51-7-168
GUYER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-#1-470

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