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JACKMAN, THOMAS                         PA-51-I-259
JACKSON, DAVID                          PA-51-Y-575
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-9-367
JACKSON, JOHN                           PA-51-N-111
JACKSON, JOHN                           PA-51-K-71
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         PA-51-3-249
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         PA-51-S-84
JACKSON, JOSIAH                         PA-51-Y-113
JACKSON, MARY                           PA-51-H-21
JACKSON, MARY                           PA-51-P-472
JACKSON, MARY                           PA-51-T-385
JACKSON, MATTHEW                        PA-51-T-180
JACKSON, RALPH                          PA-51-D-440
JACKSON, RICHARD                        PA-51-10-213
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-6-381
JACKSON, STEPHEN                        PA-51-F-225
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-288
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-R-580
JACOB, CALEB                            PA-51-D-391
JACOB, GEORGE                           PA-51-E-213
JACOB, JOHN SR.                         PA-51-E-180
JACOB, JOSEPH                           PA-51-9-252
JACOB, MARY                             PA-51-O-435
JACOBS, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-Q-121
JACOBS, CHARLES                         PA-51-5-33
JACOBS, ISRAEL                          PA-51-3-177
JACOBS, JAMES                           PA-51-3-114
JACOBS, JOHN                            PA-51-P-420
JACOBS, JOHN                            PA-51-6-578
JACOBS, MARY                            PA-51-S-392
JACOBS, RICHARD                         PA-51-O-76
JACOBS, ROBERT                          PA-51-C-366
JACOBSON, HENDRICK                      PA-51-B-359
JACOBY, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-T-404
JACOBY, MARGARETTA                      PA-51-10-233
JACQUES, TOUSSAINT JR.                  PA-51-X-701
JACQUIES, JOSEPH                        PA-51-R-534
JAFRAY, THOMAS                          PA-51-H-98
JAGERS, JOHN                            PA-51-6-485
JAMES, ABEL                             PA-51-W-25
JAMES, ANN                              PA-51-T-91
JAMES, DAVID                            PA-51-F-118
JAMES, DAVID JR.                        PA-51-6-362
JAMES, EDWARD                           PA-51-D-28
JAMES, ELEANOR                          PA-51-X-126
JAMES, GEORGE                           PA-51-S-14
JAMES, GEORGE                           PA-51-H-145
JAMES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-N-449
JAMES, HENRY                            PA-51-E-128
JAMES, HUGH                             PA-51-R-477
JAMES, HUGH                             PA-51-X-699
JAMES, JAMES                            PA-51-C-124
JAMES, JAMES                            PA-51-K-30
JAMES, JANE                             PA-51-I-348
JAMES, JOHN                             PA-51-W-145
JAMES, JOSEPH                           PA-51-H-68
JAMES, MARTHA                           PA-51-6-634
JAMES, MARY                             PA-51-7-77
JAMES, MESHICK                          PA-51-R-253
JAMES, PHILIP                           PA-51-B-200
JAMES, PHILLIP                          PA-51-D-396
JAMES, THOMAS                           PA-51-7-570
JAMES, THOMAS                           PA-51-I-334
JAMES, THOMAS                           PA-51-G-353
JAMISON, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-314
JANDUS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-2-149
JANEN, CUNRAD                           PA-51-D-91
JANES, ISAAC                            PA-51-K-564
JANNEY, CHARLES                         PA-51-10-617
JANNEY, JACOB                           PA-51-C-137
JANNEY, LEWIS                           PA-51-3-533
JANNEY, RANDOLPH                        PA-51-D-39
JANSEN, DIRK SR.                        PA-51-C-187
JANSEN, REINER                          PA-51-C-22
JANUS, GEORGE                           PA-51-X-405
JANVIER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Q-64
JARDEN, SAMUEL                          PA-51-6-489
JAROSSAY, RENE DAVID                    PA-51-Y-295
JAUDON, ANN                             PA-51-#1-195
JAUDON, DANIEL                          PA-51-8-611
JEANES, LEVI                            PA-51-2-183
JEANES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-H-332
JEANS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-T-237
JEANS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-O-174
JEEKELL, GEORGE                         PA-51-F-310
JEFFERS, JAMES                          PA-51-5-224
JEFFES, MARY                            PA-51-C-192
JEFFRIES, BARBARA                       PA-51-9-646
JEFFRIES, EDWARD                        PA-51-6-321
JEFFRIES, PAMELIA                       PA-51-Y-672
JELLIS, JAMES                           PA-51-H-41
JELSON, JANE                            PA-51-H-154
JENINGS, JACOB JR.                      PA-51-W-615
JENKEN, THOMAS                          PA-51-N-193
JENKIN, GRIFFITH                        PA-51-E-356
JENKINS, AARON                          PA-51-O-163
JENKINS, AARON                          PA-51-N-246
JENKINS, CHARLES                        PA-51-O-214
JENKINS, CHARLES                        PA-51-Q-184
JENKINS, EBENEZER                       PA-51-G-289
JENKINS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-10-22
JENKINS, EVAN                           PA-51-K-486
JENKINS, ISRAEL                         PA-51-Q-60
JENKINS, JENKIN                         PA-51-H-53
JENKINS, MARY                           PA-51-X-599
JENKINS, MARY                           PA-51-N-470
JENKINS, MATHEW                         PA-51-E-235
JENKINS, PETER                          PA-51-9-24
JENKINS, SARAH                          PA-51-7-451
JENKINS, SISSILY                        PA-51-K-187
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-S-365
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-C-311
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-R-196
JENNER, MARGARET                        PA-51-B-129
JENNETT, BRIDGET                        PA-51-C-288
JENNETT, JOHN                           PA-51-B-1
JENNINGS, JOHN                          PA-51-10-352
JENNINGS, JOHN                          PA-51-A-121
JENNINGS, JOHN                          PA-51-D-164
JEORGER, ANDREW SR.                     PA-51-Q-42
JEPSON, ROBERT                          PA-51-T-198
JERMAN, MARGARET                        PA-51-F-218
JERMAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-207
JEROM, JOSEPH                           PA-51-G-72
JERVIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-3-56
JERVIS, MARTIN                          PA-51-F-294
JERVIS, SARAH                           PA-51-5-336
JESTISS, CATHERN                        PA-51-E-40
JEWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-51-5-261
JEWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-51-S-471
JEWELL, ROBERT                          PA-51-R-525
JEYES, FRANCIS                          PA-51-R-445
JOAD, JOHN                              PA-51-7-5
JOB, JACOB                              PA-51-R-181
JOBSON, CHARLES                         PA-51-6-595
JOBSON, MICHAEL                         PA-51-C-231
JOBSON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-10-24
JODDER, JOHN                            PA-51-F-268
JODDER, JOST                            PA-51-F-267
JOENS, ESTHER                           PA-51-P-389
JOHE, ADAM                              PA-51-T-160
JOHN, DAVID                             PA-51-K-464
JOHN, GRIFFITH                          PA-51-D-378
JOHN, GRIFFITH                          PA-51-C-69
JOHN, JAMES                             PA-51-I-218
JOHN, MARGARET                          PA-51-O-175
JOHN, PHILIP                            PA-51-F-328
JOHN, REES                              PA-51-H-24
JOHN, THOMAS                            PA-51-F-266
JOHN, WILLIAM                           PA-51-C-321
JOHN, WILLIAM                           PA-51-H-520
JOHNS, MARY                             PA-51-10-538
JOHNS, MATTHEW                          PA-51-R-145
JOHNS, MATTHEW                          PA-51-Y-439
JOHNS, MATTHEW                          PA-51-3-386
JOHNS, PHILIP                           PA-51-G-40
JOHNS, RICHARD                          PA-51-9-191
JOHNS, RICHARD                          PA-51-Y-29
JOHNSEN, MARY                           PA-51-T-437
JOHNSON, ANTHONY                        PA-51-8-59
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-X-627
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-7-455
JOHNSON, CHRISTIANA                     PA-51-10-169
JOHNSON, CLOSS                          PA-51-7-551
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         PA-51-P-301
JOHNSON, ELIAS                          PA-51-5-248
JOHNSON, FRANCIS                        PA-51-I-74
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          PA-51-9-674
JOHNSON, JACOB                          PA-51-W-192
JOHNSON, JACOB                          PA-51-8-149
JOHNSON, JACOB                          PA-51-7-64
JOHNSON, JACOB                          PA-51-8-92
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-A-35
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-X-45
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-R-19
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-6-565
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-U-533
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-110
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-51-8-523
JOHNSON, KLAWS                          PA-51-H-68
JOHNSON, LYDIA                          PA-51-5-6
JOHNSON, MARGARET                       PA-51-P-325
JOHNSON, MARY                           PA-51-4-60
JOHNSON, MARY ANN                       PA-51-9-85
JOHNSON, MATHIAS                        PA-51-I-310
JOHNSON, MOSES (FREE BLACK)             PA-51-3-575
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-S-90
JOHNSON, PETER                          PA-51-H-50
JOHNSON, PETER                          PA-51-7-570
JOHNSON, PETER                          PA-51-8-396
JOHNSON, RACHEL                         PA-51-6-562
JOHNSON, RACHEL                         PA-51-W-118
JOHNSON, RICHARDS                       PA-51-8-400
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-K-326
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-Y-601
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-P-262
JOHNSON, SARAH                          PA-51-2-31
JOHNSON, SARAH                          PA-51-10-178
JOHNSON, SOPHIA                         PA-51-10-136
JOHNSON, WENYFRED                       PA-51-4-234
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-20
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-1
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Y-371
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-345
JOHNSTON, ALICE                         PA-51-7-113
JOHNSTON, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-10-294
JOHNSTON, HANNAH                        PA-51-9-253
JOHNSTON, JACOB                         PA-51-6-646
JOHNSTON, JACOB C.                      PA-51-7-77
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-51-Y-480
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-51-7-493
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-51-8-11
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-51-2-397
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-51-P-529
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-51-5-208
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-51-X-250
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH                        PA-51-2-331
JOHNSTON, MARY                          PA-51-P-188
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        PA-51-7-219
JOHRAUS, GEORGE ADAM                    PA-51-2-284
JOLLEY, ANDREW                          PA-51-K-93
JOLLEY, LEWIS                           PA-51-D-419
JOLLY, CHARLES                          PA-51-N-334
JOLLY, CHARLES                          PA-51-O-62
JONASON, ANDREW                         PA-51-F-79
JONASSON, NEELS                         PA-51-E-317
JONES, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-R-574
JONES, ABSALOM                          PA-51-6-560
JONES, AGUILA                           PA-51-U-242
JONES, ANDREW                           PA-51-E-93
JONES, ANN                              PA-51-E-273
JONES, AQUILLA                          PA-51-Y-364
JONES, ARRABELLA                        PA-51-9-647
JONES, ARTHUR                           PA-51-G-186
JONES, BARBARA                          PA-51-H-135
JONES, BARNEY J.                        PA-51-#1-106
JONES, CATHARINE                        PA-51-2-409
JONES, CATHERINE                        PA-51-O-179
JONES, CATHERINE                        PA-51-N-409
JONES, CATHRINE                         PA-51-I-278
JONES, CHARITY                          PA-51-X-528
JONES, CHARLES                          PA-51-Q-100
JONES, DAGWORTHY                        PA-51-Y-229
JONES, DANIEL                           PA-51-G-59
JONES, DANIEL                           PA-51-P-526
JONES, DANIEL H.                        PA-51-6-503
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-Q-205
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-E-239
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-T-107
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-5-171
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-D-430
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-3-201
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-10-594
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-D-147
JONES, DAVID                            PA-51-P-113
JONES, EDWARD                           PA-51-T-554
JONES, EDWARD                           PA-51-E-9
JONES, EDWARD                           PA-51-N-320
JONES, EDWARD                           PA-51-Q-363
JONES, EDWARD                           PA-51-6-499
JONES, EDWARD JR.                       PA-51-E-193
JONES, ELIZA                            PA-51-6-476
JONES, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-Q-198
JONES, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-6-531
JONES, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-38
JONES, ELIZABETH (GARRETT)              PA-51-8-65
JONES, ELIZABETH JR.                    PA-51-10-317
JONES, ELLIN                            PA-51-K-349
JONES, ELLIS                            PA-51-E-60
JONES, EVAN                             PA-51-G-311
JONES, EVAN                             PA-51-C-310
JONES, EVAN                             A-51-E-102
JONES, EVAN                             PA-51-C-129
JONES, EZRA                             PA-51-T-301
JONES, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-412
JONES, GEORGE                           PA-51-I-404
JONES, GEORGE                           PA-51-G-119
JONES, GEORGE RICE                      PA-51-F-172
JONES, GIBBS                            PA-51-E-379
JONES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-I-355
JONES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-C-318
JONES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-D-165
JONES, GRIFFITH                         PA-51-H-533
JONES, HANNAH                           PA-51-7-467
JONES, HANNAH                           PA-51-Q-410
JONES, HENRY                            PA-51-E-211
JONES, HENRY                            PA-51-A-83
JONES, HENRY                            PA-51-A-71
JONES, HENRY                            PA-51-E-30
JONES, HUGH                             PA-51-G-297
JONES, HUGH                             PA-51-F-122
JONES, HUGH                             PA-51-E-74
JONES, HUGH                             PA-51-E-307
JONES, HUMPHREY                         PA-51-G-207
JONES, ISAAC                            PA-51-R-376
JONES, ISRAEL                           PA-51-5-124
JONES, JACOB                            PA-51-O-275
JONES, JAMES                            PA-51-8-562
JONES, JAMES                            PA-51-W-107
JONES, JAMES                            PA-51-3-220
JONES, JAMES                            PA-51-6-219
JONES, JANE                             PA-51-F-300
JONES, JANE                             PA-51-E-204
JONES, JEMIMA                           PA-51-O-360
JONES, JESSE                            PA-51-3-126
JONES, JESSE                            PA-51-7-274
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-G-236
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-W-141
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-2-95
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-146
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-C-105
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-D-390
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-F-308
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-G-107
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-G-282
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-H-201
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-U-272
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-Q-136
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-G-231
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-I-90
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-K-157
JONES, JOHN                             PA-51-9-149
JONES, JOHN JUNR.                       PA-51-P-324
JONES, JOHN SR.                         PA-51-K-295
JONES, JONATHAN                         PA-51-O-546
JONES, JONATHAN                         PA-51-G-296
JONES, JONATHAN JR.                     PA-51-H-418
JONES, JOSEPH                           PA-51-R-520
JONES, JOSHUA                           PA-51-K-258
JONES, JOSHUA                           PA-51-S-46
JONES, LEWIS                            PA-51-R-234
JONES, MALACHI                          PA-51-K-237
JONES, MALACHI                          PA-51-E-106
JONES, MARKON                           PA-51-8-458
JONES, MARTHA                           PA-51-W-328
JONES, MARTHA                           PA-51-9-488
JONES, MARY                             PA-51-T-306
JONES, MARY                             PA-51-R-172
JONES, MARY                             PA-51-9-104
JONES, MARY                             PA-51-3-73
JONES, MARY                             PA-51-8-151
JONES, MARY                             PA-51-X-184
JONES, MOUNS                            PA-51-E-41
JONES, NATHAN                           PA-51-9-457
JONES, NEELS                            PA-51-T-15
JONES, NORRIS                           PA-51-U-537
JONES, OWEN                             PA-51-H-470
JONES, OWEN                             PA-51-W-670
JONES, PENELOPE                         PA-51-Y-663
JONES, PETER                            PA-51-F-121
JONES, PETER                            PA-51-H-390
JONES, PETER SR.                        PA-51-H-412
JONES, REBECCA                          PA-51-X-96
JONES, REBECCA                          PA-51-6-577
JONES, RICHARD C.                       PA-51-2-422
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-P-436
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-A-463
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-N-266
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-H-161
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-H-52
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-E-207
JONES, ROBERT                           PA-51-O-490
JONES, RUTH                             PA-51-N-401
JONES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-R-483
JONES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-U-76
JONES, SARAH                            PA-51-D-185
JONES, SARAH                            PA-51-Y-647
JONES, SOMERSETT ESQ.                   PA-51-P-53
JONES, SWAN                             PA-51-E-167
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-51-T-473
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-51-G-227
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-51-U-119
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-385
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-10-124
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Q-65
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-S-25
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-179
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-#1-39
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-172
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-A-34
JONES,LEAR                              PA-51-2-285
JONETT, PHENIX                          PA-51-U-165
JONSTON, NATHANIEL                      PA-51-G-162
JORDAN, JOHN                            PA-51-C-55
JORDAN, JOSEPH                          PA-51-4-143
JORDAN, ROBERT                          PA-51-X-661
JORDAN, ROBERT                          PA-51-F-322
JORDON, FELIX                           PA-51-S-144
JOSEPH, JOHN                            PA-51-8-546
JOSEPHSON, MANUEL                       PA-51-X-401
JOSIAH, JAMES                           PA-51-7-190
JOUDON, WILLIAM L.                      PA-51-10-493
JOURDAN, JEAN JOSEPH                    PA-51-2-222
JOURNEL, JOHN VICTOR                    PA-51-X-625
JOY, ABNER                              PA-51-Y-498
JOY, DANIEL                             PA-51-T-33
JOYCE, MICHAEL                          PA-51-W-266
JUDD, ANSON                             PA-51-7-529
JUNGKURTH, FREDERICK                    PA-51-6-244
JUSTA, SWAN                             PA-51-D-347
JUSTEA, JUSTEA                          PA-51-D-208
JUSTICE, ANDREW                         PA-51-K-545
JUSTICE, ANN                            PA-51-Q-115
JUSTICE, CHRISTIANA                     PA-51-W-63
JUSTICE, GEORGE                         PA-51-8-423
JUSTICE, JOHN                           PA-51-P-517
JUSTICE, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-57
JUSTICE, JOHN                           PA-51-S-374
JUSTIS, ANDREW                          PA-51-N-459
JUSTIS, CHARLES                         PA-51-U-213
JUSTIS, JOHN                            PA-51-R-178
JUSTIS, MOUNCE                          PA-51-I-190
JUSTIS, PEDRO                           PA-51-6-534
JUSTUS, GEORGE                          PA-51-W-174

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