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FACEY, JOHN                             PA-51-S-10
FACK, PHILIP                            PA-51-Q-53
FAGAN, ROBERT                           PA-51-U-273
FAHRMAN, JACOB                          PA-51-K-182
FAIRMAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-F-149
FAIRMAN, RICHARD                        PA-51-7-420
FAIRMAN, THOMAS                         PA-51-D-17
FALCONER, MARY                          PA-51-5-267
FALCONER, NATHANIEL                     PA-51-2-20
FALCONER, SARAH                         PA-51-6-54
FALCONER, WILLIAM                       PA-51-3-231
FALKNER, THOMAS                         PA-51-I-542
FALKNER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-321
FALLER, CASPER                          PA-51-7-45
FANNING, JAMES                          PA-51-Y-363
FANNING, JOHN                           PA-51-T-557
FANNING, JOSHUA                         PA-51-R-269
FANSS, HENRY                            PA-51-2-115
FARLEY, JAMES                           PA-51-P-460
FARLEY, REBECCA                         PA-51-8-627
FARMAR, EDWARD                          PA-51-H-71
FARMAR, MARY                            PA-51-A-45
FARMER, HANNAH                          PA-51-N-295
FARMER, JAMES                           PA-51-2-9
FARMER, JASPER (MAJ.)                   PA-51-A-25
FARMER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-415
FARMER, MARGARET                        PA-51-7-149
FARMER, RICHARD                         PA-51-W-69
FARQUHAR, GEORGE (DR)                   PA-51-5-17
FARRA, SAMUEL                           PA-51-P-78
FARTHING, DAVID                         PA-51-6-209
FASS, JOHANNES                          PA-51-H-370
FAUCIT, WALTER                          PA-51-B-378
FAUCITT, NATHAN                         PA-51-C-116
FAULKNER, LESTER                        PA-51-O-16
FAUZER, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-135
FAW, JOHN                               PA-51-X-547
FAYSOVUX, FRANCES SARAH                 PA-51-X-560
FAYSSOUX, MARY                          PA-51-#1-228
FEARING, ZENOS                          PA-51-8-180
FEARISS, FRANCIS                        PA-51-Y-199
FEARNE, JOSHUA                          PA-51-A-249
FEAST, BASIL                            PA-51-K-453
FEATHERER, CATHARINE                    PA-51-X-663
FEBIGER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-X-492
FECK, PETER                             PA-51-I-68
FEELS, CHARLES                          PA-51-T-326
FEINEUR, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Y-392
FELLES, MARGARET                        PA-51-Y-380
FELLOWS, JOHN                           PA-51-A-266
FELTEN, THOMAS                          PA-51-X-25
FELTEY, ERNST                           PA-51-8-88
FELTON, PHIIP                           PA-51-8-425
FEND, FREDERICK                         PA-51-K-445
FENNER, FELIX                           PA-51-W-434
FENTON, ENOCH                           PA-51-8-136
FERAND, JEAN ANDRE                      PA-51-Y-302
FERGUESON, ROBERT                       PA-51-O-524
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-5-122
FERGUSON, SARAH                         PA-51-8-218
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-Y-537
FERRAN, PATRICK                         PA-51-7-510
FESHER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-258
FETER, JOHANA BARBARA                   PA-51-2-165
FETTER, CASPAR                          PA-51-R-300
FETTER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-614
FEW, JOSEPH                             PA-51-W-278
FEW, RICHARD                            PA-51-A-134
FICHTER, JOHN LEONARD                   PA-51-X-744
FIELD, CHRISTIANNA                      PA-51-8-570
FIELD, DEBORAH                          PA-51-#1-48
FIELD, JOHN                             PA-51-8-526
FIELD, PETER                            PA-51-10-589
FIELD, THOMAS                           PA-51-S-103
FIELDING, JOSHUA                        PA-51-E-306
FIELDING, WILLIAM                       PA-51-K-10
FIGHT, ANDREW                           PA-51-2-106
FIHRHELLER, EVA CATHARINE               PA-51-7-122
FILL, RUDOLPH                           PA-51-S-214
FINCH, ALLICE                           PA-51-Q-471
FINCHER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-169
FINDLEY, HUGH                           PA-51-R-233
FINK, JACOB                             PA-51-8-235
FINLEY, ANN                             PA-51-2-228
FINLEY, FRANCIS                         PA-51-W-488
FINNEY, CHARLES                         PA-51-I-290
FINNEY, CHARLES                         PA-51-10-314
FINNEY, HENRY                           PA-51-G-150
FINNEY, REBECCA                         PA-51-K-268
FINNEY, RICHARD                         PA-51-O-415
FINNEY, SAMUEL                          PA-51-K-83
FINNEY, SAMUEL                          PA-51-C-300
FINNEY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-I-390
FIRSMAN, CASPER                         PA-51-F-155
FIRTH, JOHN                             PA-51-2-237
FISBOURN, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-C-178
FISHBOURN, HANNAH                       PA-51-10-545
FISHBOURN, RALPH                        PA-51-C-135
FISHBOURN, WILLIAM                      PA-51-G-21
FISHER, ANN ELIZA                       PA-51-7-429
FISHER, CALEB                           PA-51-G-73
FISHER, CATHARINE                       PA-51-7-157
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-Y-571
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-367
FISHER, ESTHER                          PA-51-X-202
FISHER, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-235
FISHER, GRACE                           PA-51-U-107
FISHER, HANSE H.                        PA-51-8-479
FISHER, HENRY                           PA-51-S-420
FISHER, JACOB                           PA-51-T-335
FISHER, JAMES                           PA-51-X-377
FISHER, JAMES LOGAN                     PA-51-5-323
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-51-4-179
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-431
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-51-I-51
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-51-K-288
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-51-F-154
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-66
FISHER, JOHN PHILIP                     PA-51-Y-466
FISHER, JONATHAN                        PA-51-7-405
FISHER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-D-24
FISHER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-D-89
FISHER, JOSEPH COLEMAN                  PA-51-X-621
FISHER, JOSHUA                          PA-51-S-222
FISHER, MARGARETH                       PA-51-S-77
FISHER, MARY                            PA-51-7-12
FISHER, MARY                            PA-51-H-30
FISHER, MICHAEL                         PA-51-10-107
FISHER, MICHAEL JR.                     PA-51-P-157
FISHER, MIERS                           PA-51-6-640
FISHER, REBECCA                         PA-51-8-342
FISHER, SAMUEL                          PA-51-W-48I3
FISHER, TABITHA                         PA-51-5-234
FISHER, THOMAS                          PA-51-3-263
FISHER, THOMAS                          PA-51-2-129
FISHER, THOMAS                          PA-51-O-170
FISHER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-T-477
FISHER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-254
FISHER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-E-293
FISHER, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-51-E-86
FISHER,JOSHUA                           PA-51-2-9
FISHER,MARY                             PA-51-8-306
FISS, ANN                               PA-51-7-131
FISS, JACOB                             PA-51-Y-697
FISS, MARTIN                            PA-51-X-473
FISS, MARY                              PA-51-Y-666
FISS, PETER                             PA-51-Y-78
FITE, RICHARD                           PA-51-3-200
FITMORE, HARTMAN                        PA-51-N-303
FITZGERALD, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-8-50
FITZGERALD, ROBERT                      PA-51-5-114
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      PA-51-N-309
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      PA-51-7-600
FITZHUGH, BENONI                        PA-51-O-232
FITZPATRICK, KEIRAN                     PA-51-Y-258
FITZRANDOLPH, ISAAC                     PA-51-7-249
FITZRANDOLPH, ISAAC                     PA-51-#1-249
FITZRANDOLPH, STEPHEN                   PA-51-N-295
FITZSIMMONS, PHILIP                     PA-51-O-499
FITZWATER, GEORGE                       PA-51-I-263
FITZWATER, THOAMS                       PA-51-B-5
FITZWATER, THOMAS                       PA-51-G-340
FLAGG, FRANCIS                          PA-51-7-293
FLAHAVEN, JOHN                          PA-51-T-348
FLAHAVEN, THOMAS                        PA-51-2-223
FLAHERTY, DANIEL                        PA-51-6-160
FLAHERTY, EDWARD                        PA-51-Q-397
FLANAGAN, STEPHEN                       PA-51-10-434
FLANNEY, JACOB                          PA-51-7-180
FLAXNEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-E-234
FLECKNE, JOHN                           PA-51-A-442
FLEESOW, PLUNKET ESQ.                   PA-51-W-163
FLEET, THOMAS                           PA-51-D-38
FLEGLER, VALENTINE                      PA-51-7-112
FLEMING, ANN                            PA-51-P-485
FLEMING, FRANCIS                        PA-51-W-615
FLEMING, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-460
FLEMING, JOSEPH HALL                    PA-51-10-141
FLEMING, PATRICK                        PA-51-C-332
FLEMMING, JOSEPH                        PA-51-8-461
FLEMMING, ROBERT                        PA-51-T-267
FLETCHER, JOHN                          PA-51-Q-391
FLETCHER, MARY                          PA-51-E-264
FLETCHER, ROBERT                        PA-51-E-17
FLETCHER, SAMUEL                        PA-51-X-23
FLETCHER, THOMAS                        PA-51-U-1
FLICK, CONRAD                           PA-51-O-117
FLICK, PHILIP                           PA-51-S-438
FLINN, RICHARD                          PA-51-5-226
FLINT, ANN                              PA-51-W-629
FLINTHAM, JOHN                          PA-51-2-387
FLOOD, MAURICE                          PA-51-Y-399
FLOUR, AARON                            PA-51-8-250
FLOWER, ANN                             PA-51-X-379
FLOWER, ANN                             PA-51-Q-138
FLOWER, BENJAMIN ESQ.                   PA-51-R-545
FLOWER, EDWARD                          PA-51-E-187
FLOWER, ENOCH                           PA-51-A-17
FLOWER, ENOCH                           PA-51-P-354
FLOWER, HENRY                           PA-51-E-366
FLOWER, JOHN                            PA-51-U-268
FLOWER, JOHN                            PA-51-6-184
FLOWER, JOHN                            PA-51-8-477
FLOWER, SETH                            PA-51-E-102
FLOWER, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-565
FLOWERS, GEORGE                         PA-51-7-33
FLUCK, ADAM                             PA-51-7-67
FLUCK, JOHANNES                         PA-51-P-90
FOGELSGESONG, BARBARA                   PA-51-X-468
FOGLY, GEORGE                           PA-51-K-88
FOLKROD, PHILIP                         PA-51-T-194
FOLKRODE, JACOB                         PA-51-Y-376
FOLLER, CHRISTIANA                      PA-51-10-237
FOLWELL, RUTH                           PA-51-4-203
FOLWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Q-305
FONTANGES, BUSSSY                       PA-51-#1-260
FOOKS, PAUL                             PA-51-R-541
FORBES, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-I-474
FORBES, HUGH                            PA-51-P-60
FORBES, JAMES                           PA-51-T-492
FORBES, MARY                            PA-51-6-397
FORD, PARTHENIA                         PA-51-N-506
FORDE, ANN                              PA-51-6-608
FORDE, SARAH                            PA-51-10-390
FORDE, STANDISH                         PA-51-#1-487
FORDHAM, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-D-94
FOREPAUGH, GEORGE                       PA-51-6-544
FORRAGE, STEPHEN                        PA-51-S-238
FORREST, JOAN                           PA-51-E-190
FORREST, MARY                           PA-51-T-108
FORREST, SARAH                          PA-51-S-60
FORREST, WALTER                         PA-51-A-198
FORREST, WILLIAM                        PA-51-D-22
FORRESTER, SUSANNAH                     PA-51-T-212
FORRINGTON, GEORGE                      PA-51-E-69
FORSTER, ALICE                          PA-51-Q-219
FORSTER, ALICE                          PA-51-R-205
FORSTER, CHARLES                        PA-51-T-117
FORSTER, JOHANN MARTIN                  PA-51-P-345
FORSTER, MOSES                          PA-51-Q-142
FORSTER, THOMAS                         PA-51-O-184
FORSTER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-X-710
FORSYTH, DAVID                          PA-51-S-425
FORSYTH, DAVID                          PA-51-#1-344
FORSYTH, GEOREG                         PA-51-Q-496
FORSYTHE, JAMES                         PA-51-7-178
FORTEN, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-443
FORTUNE, ANTHONY                        PA-51-R-289
FORTUNE, PATRICK                        PA-51-6-408
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-Y-225
FOSTER, ALLEN                           PA-51-D-428
FOSTER, AMELIA                          PA-51-7-563
FOSTER, JOHN                            PA-51-K-353
FOSTER, JOSIAH                          PA-51-8-71
FOSTER, MARY                            PA-51-8-413
FOSTER, THOMAS                          PA-51-I-365
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-254
FOTHERGILL, ANTHONY (M.D.)              PA-51-5-96
FOULKE, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-207
FOULKE, JACOB                           PA-51-2-35
FOULKE, JANE                            PA-51-6-195
FOULKE, JOHN                            PA-51-X-500
FOULKE, JUDAH                           PA-51-S-185
FOULKE, MARGARET                        PA-51-S-16
FOULKE, MARY                            PA-51-X-725
FOULKE, MARY                            PA-51-2-93
FOULKE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-219
FOULKROD, MICHAEL                       PA-51-7-101
FOUST, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-R-538
FOWLER, ISAAC                           PA-51-O-424
FOWLER, SUSANNAH                        PA-51-W-19
FOX, BENJAMIN                           PA-51-D-121
FOX, ELIZABETH                          PA-51-B-211
FOX, EMANUEL                            PA-51-10-554
FOX, GEORGE                             PA-51-A-474
FOX, JACOB                              PA-51-O-433
FOX, JAMES                              PA-51-B-479
FOX, JAMES                              PA-51-A-525
FOX, JAMES                              PA-51-B-98
FOX, JOHN                               PA-51-R-379
FOX, JOHN                               PA-51-I-194
FOX, JOHN                               PA-51-#1-87
FOX, JOSEPH                             PA-51-3-553
FOX, JOSEPH                             PA-51-R-353
FOX, MARY                               PA-51-U-162
FOX, MATTHIAS                           PA-51-S-243
FOX, MICHAEL                            PA-51-Y-667
FOX, SAMUEL MICKLE                      PA-51-2-295
FOX, SERECK                             PA-51-8-606
FOX, SUSANNA                            PA-51-P-124
FOX, THOMAS                             PA-51-A-477
FOX, WILLIAM                            PA-51-Q-34
FRAILEY, JACOB                          PA-51-X-41
FRALEY, FREDERICK                       PA-51-8-560
FRALEY, HENRY                           PA-51-7-361
FRALEY, JOSEPH                          PA-51-8-530
FRALEY, REBECCA                         PA-51-10-227
FRAME, SESSIX                           PA-51-Q-301
FRAMPTON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-A-41
FRANCES, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Q-23
FRANCIS, ANN                            PA-51-4-40
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-U-31
FRANCIS, FRANCIS H.                     PA-51-7-158
FRANCIS, SARAH                          PA-51-3-279
FRANCIS, TENCH                          PA-51-Y-342
FRANCIS, THOMAS                         PA-51-N-420
FRANCIS, THOMAS                         PA-51-S-106
FRANCIS, THOMAS                         PA-51-3-66
FRANCIS, TURBUTT                        PA-51-R-413
FRANCIS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-#1-37
FRANK, JACOB                            PA-51-8-329
FRANKFORD, JOHN                         PA-51-2-404
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-U-471
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                        PA-51-X-539
FRANKLIN, WILLAM                        PA-51-Y-464
FRANKS, GEORGE                          PA-51-F-30
FRANKS, JONATHAN                        PA-51-K-341
FRANTZ, JACOB                           PA-51-Y-50
FRASER, ANDREW                          PA-51-8-89
FRASER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-8-576
FRASER, SARAH                           PA-51-7-187
FRAUNCIS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-X-348
FRAYLEY, CATHARINE                      PA-51-10-298
FRAZER, JOHN                            PA-51-S-113
FRAZER, THOMAS                          PA-51-7-190
FRAZIER, NALBRO                         PA-51-3-532
FREALEY, LEONARD                        PA-51-U-260
FREAM, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-1
FREAS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-6-205
FREDERICK, GEORGE                       PA-51-10-368
FREDERICK, GEORGE WILHELM               PA-51-T-387
FREDERICK, HENRY                        PA-51-K-490
FREDS, PAUL SR.                         PA-51-G-42
FREE, BERNARD                           PA-51-E-354
FREE, GEORGE                            PA-51-I-346
FREED, JACOB                            PA-51-#1-154
FREEDS, JOHN                            PA-51-G-160
FREELAND, WILLIAM                       PA-51-A-376
FREEMAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-7-206
FREEMAN, JACOB                          PA-51-10-257
FREEMAN, MARK                           PA-51-R-428
FREEMAN, TACY                           PA-51-8-476
FREEME, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-224
FREKS, JOHN                             PA-51-D-170
FRELICH, JACOB                          PA-51-P-307
FRENCH, ANDREW                          PA-51-10-399
FRENCH, CHARLES                         PA-51-2-469
FRENCH, JOHN                            PA-51-G-259
FRENCH, MICHAEL                         PA-51-U-78
FRETWELL, EDWARD                        PA-51-F-277
FRETZ, JOHN                             PA-51-P-226
FREUND, JOHN HENRY                      PA-51-X-410
FREY, JACOB                             PA-51-K-562
FREY, JOHN                              PA-51-O-45
FREY, WILLIAM                           PA-51-O-268
FREYER, JOHN JOST                       PA-51-I-65
FREYMUTH, JOHN                          PA-51-W-197
FREYMUTH, WILLIAM                       PA-51-6-520
FRICK, FREDERICK                        PA-51-10-588
FRIEBELE, URBAN                         PA-51-W-349
FRIEL, JOHN                             PA-51-6-262
FRIEND, ISAAC F.                        PA-51-10-345
FRIES, JOHN                             PA-51-8-307
FRIETZ, PETER                           PA-51-X-295
FRISBY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-C-99
FRITEZ, SARAH                           PA-51-8-475
FRITZ, JOHN                             PA-51-X-42
FRITZ, MICHAEL                          PA-51-P-467
FRITZ, SEBASTIAN                        PA-51-R-83
FROGG, JOHN                             PA-51-C-378
FROGLY, HENRY                           PA-51-D-373
FROMMAN, CONRAD                         PA-51-W-72
FROUNFELT, FRONY                        PA-51-N-15
FRY, ELLIS                              PA-51-7-426
FRY, GEORGE                             PA-51-R-148
FRY, JOHN                               PA-51-5-255
FRY, JOHN                               PA-51-10-271
FRYBURG, JOHN                           PA-51-4-170
FRYE, EVE                               PA-51-R-151
FRYELAG, JOHN GEORGE                    PA-51-X-70
FRYER, EVE                              PA-51-10-57
FRYHOFFER, ULRICH                       PA-51-S-192
FULLER, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-Y-246
FULLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-5-220
FULLER, JOHN                            PA-51-A-188
FULLER, JOHN                            PA-51-O-177
FULLERTON, ELEANOR                      PA-51-10-237
FULLERTON, ESTHER                       PA-51-2-520
FULLERTON, ESTHER JR.                   PA-51-#1-261
FULLERTON, GEORGE                       PA-51-Q-334
FULLERTON, HENRY                        PA-51-7-247
FULLERTON, JOHN                         PA-51-Q-503
FULMER, JOHN                            PA-51-8-277
FULTON, ROBERT                          PA-51-R-470
FULWEILER, HANS JACOB                   PA-51-D-36
FUNCK, JACOB                            PA-51-K-407
FUNCK, MARTIN                           PA-51-N-490
FUNCK, OSEPH                            PA-51-R-111
FUNK, HENRY                             PA-51-Y-187
FURLONG, ROBERT                         PA-51-G-129
FURNIS, HENRY                           PA-51-B-179
FURNIS, THOMAS                          PA-51-D-67
FYAN, JOHN                              PA-51-6-265

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