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ICKES, NICHOLAS                        LIMERICK                                PA-51-N-292
IDDINGS, SARRA                         NAMELL, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-E-59
IDDINGS, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-51-F-160
IDEN, ELIZABETH                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-236
IDEN, JOHN                             ABINGTON                                PA-51-K-259
ILER, PHILIP                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-560
INESON, ROBERT                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-384
INGELS, GEORGE                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-449
INGERSULL, CATHARINE                   PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-554
INGLES, SUSANNAH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-186
INGLIS, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-200
INGLIS, MATTHEW                        GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-H-482
INGLISS, SAMUEL                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-316
INGRAHAM, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-343
INGRAM, EVAN                           MONTGOMERY                              PA-51-G-182
INGRAM, ISAAC                          GARTON, SURRY, ENGLAND                  PA-51-A-11
INGRAM, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-291
INGRAM, MARY                           CHEAPSIDE,LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-51-5-189
INGRAM, MATHEW                         OXFORD                                  PA-51-W-398
INGS, DAVID                            UNIONTOWN, FAYETTE, PA                  PA-51-5-326
INSKEEP, JOSEPH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-524
IRASON, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-52
IRELAND, HENRY                         NTL                                     PA-51-Q-52
IRESON, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-144
IRISH, JOSEPH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-456
IRONMONGER, JOHN                       HILLTOWN                                PA-51-D-8
IRONMONGER, SARAH                      SPRINGFIELD                             PA-51-E-153
IRVINE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     PA-51-#1-237
ISRAEL, WILLIAM HEWITT                 NTL                                     PA-51-4-44
IVES, JOHN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-433

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