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LABAR, PHILIP                           PA-51-G-259
LABE, GEORGE                            PA-51-#1-23
LABOYTEAUX, JOHN                        PA-51-R-407
LACHLER, ANTHONY                        PA-51-W-424
LACKEY, JAMES                           PA-51-6-485
LACOMBE, PETER                          PA-51-10-609
LACONFOURGUE, STEPHEN                   PA-51-X-443
LACY, JOHN                              PA-51-F-80
LACY, THOMAS                            PA-51-K-269
LAFITTE, PETER                          PA-51-Y-636
LAFORCADE, AUGUSTE                      PA-51-3-489
LAICON, NEELES                          PA-51-D-206
LAING, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-76
LAKE, JOHN                              PA-51-8-51
LAKE, THOMAS                            PA-51-R-164
LAKE, THOMAS JOHN                       PA-51-T-206
LAKE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-N-418
LAMAR, MARY                             PA-51-Y-87
LAMB, JOHN                              PA-51-I-253
LAMB, JOHN                              PA-51-9-657
LAMB, MARY                              PA-51-10-240
LAMBERT, HANNAH                         PA-51-D-149
LAMBERT, JOHN                           PA-51-W-609
LAMBERT, THOMAS                         PA-51-A-276
LAMBETH, CATHARINE                      PA-51-6-648
LAMPARTER, JOHN                         PA-51-U-356
LAMPATER, CATHARINE                     PA-51-6-524
LAMPATER, GEORGE                        PA-51-7-179
LAMY, CATHERINE                         PA-51-O-403
LANCASTER, JOHN                         PA-51-E-337
LANCASTER, SARAH                        PA-51-N-106
LANCASTER, SARAH                        PA-51-#1-15
LAND, JOSEPH                            PA-51-H-135
LANDENBERGER, JACOB                     PA-51-W-199
LANDENBERGER, MATTHIAS                  PA-51-U-177
LANDER, ANDREW                          PA-51-I-557
LANDIS, DANIEL                          PA-51-P-548
LANDIS, JACOB SR.                       PA-51-R-28
LANDIS, SAMUEL                          PA-51-P-59
LANDRATH, CUTHBERT                      PA-51-9-186
LANDY, DAVID                            PA-51-K-479
LANE, EDWARD                            PA-51-C-200
LANE, ISAAC                             PA-51-X-43
LANE, JONATHAN                          PA-51-S-108
LANE, SAMUEL                            PA-51-P-221
LANE, WILLIAM                           PA-51-E-216
LANFESTY, MARTHA                        PA-51-9-85
LANG, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-I-1
LANG, THOMAS                            PA-51-W-383
LANGDALE, ALICE                         PA-51-T-504
LANGDALE, JOHN JR.                      PA-51-N-511
LANGDALE, JOSIAH                        PA-51-D-359
LANGDALE, MARGARET                      PA-51-Y-68
LANGDON, THOMAS                         PA-51-P-347
LANGEAY, ANTHONY                        PA-51-2-385
LANGHAM, ROBERT                         PA-51-C-84
LANGSTON, THOMAS                        PA-51-B-475
LANGWORTHY, JOHN                        PA-51-D-441
LANK, ANDREAS                           PA-51-N-396
LANNEHAN, WILLIAM                       PA-51-G-124
LAPERCHE, MARIA THERESE                 PA-51-Y-698
LAPP, ADAM                              PA-51-T-359
LAPP, JOHN                              PA-51-6-611
LARDNER, CATHARINE                      PA-51-U-305
LARDNER, FRANCIS                        PA-51-#1-108
LARDNER, JOHN                           PA-51-8-402
LARDNER, LYNFORD                        PA-51-Q-56
LARDNER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-89
LARE, JOHN                              PA-51-5-286
LAREMORE, JANE                          PA-51-6-473
LARGE, DOROTHY                          PA-51-10-466
LARGE, EBENEZER                         PA-51-3-289
LARGE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-E-80
LARGE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-C-170
LARRANCE, JANE                          PA-51-E-346
LARSON, NILES                           PA-51-A-145
LASHER, JACOB                           PA-51-3-234
LASKEY, CATHARINE                       PA-51-3-333
LASKEY, EDWARD                          PA-51-Y-346
LASSARADE, JOSEPH                       PA-51-2-76
LASSELL, JOHN                           PA-51-K-254
LASSELL, MARY                           PA-51-H-167
LASSELL, THOMAS                         PA-51-C-218
LASSELL, THOMAS                         PA-51-N-22
LASSLEY, HENRY                          PA-51-9-115
LATHIM, JAMES                           PA-51-N-509
LATIMER, GEORGE                         PA-51-8-430
LATIMER, JANE                           PA-51-6-520
LATIMER, THOMAS                         PA-51-10-630
LAUCK, ANN MARTHA                       PA-51-5-36
LAUCK, DAVID                            PA-51-3-133
LAUDER, HANNAH                          PA-51-5-72
LAUGHTON, JAMES                         PA-51-9-98
LAUMAN, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-398
LAUNDENBERGER, MOLLY                    PA-51-X-362
LAVAND, G.                              PA-51-Y-175
LAVERGNE, LETTICAI                      PA-51-#1-37
LAVERSWYLER, THOMAS                     PA-51-T-411
LAWDER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-70
LAWERSWILER, BERNARD                    PA-51-Q-175
LAWERSWYLER, ELIZA                      PA-51-7-284
LAWERSWYLER, JACOB                      PA-51-3-242
LAWERSWYLER, JACOB                      PA-51-#1-117
LAWLER, MATTHEW                         PA-51-10-142
LAWLESS, MARY                           PA-51-5-213
LAWLEY, JAMES                           PA-51-8-190
LAWRENCE, ALEXANDER SR.                 PA-51-W-520
LAWRENCE, CHARLES                       PA-51-R-257
LAWRENCE, DAVID                         PA-51-K-554
LAWRENCE, DAVID                         PA-51-A-449
LAWRENCE, EDWARD                        PA-51-6-22
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-Y-552
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-6-452
LAWRENCE, JACOB                         PA-51-6-630
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-103
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-517
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          PA-51-X-756
LAWRENCE, JOSHUA                        PA-51-G-62
LAWRENCE, MARY                          PA-51-3-562
LAWRENCE, RACHEL                        PA-51-O-205
LAWRENCE, SIMON                         PA-51-T-261
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        PA-51-Q-103
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        PA-51-3-512
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        PA-51-K-168
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        PA-51-Y-644
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       PA-51-T-101
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       PA-51-#1-345
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       PA-51-E-208
LAWRENSON, PETER                        PA-51-S-190
LAWS, CLEMENT                           PA-51-7-17
LAWS, ELIJAH                            PA-51-9-214
LAWS, LUDOWICK                          PA-51-7-355
LAWS, STEPHEN                           PA-51-5-235
LAWS, WILLIAM                           PA-51-7-496
LAWSON, CATHARINE                       PA-51-7-545
LAWSON, JOHN                            PA-51-5-298
LAWSON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-2-147
LAWTON, GEORGE R.                       PA-51-#1-294
LAWYER, CHRISITAN                       PA-51-#1-313
LAYCOCK, GODFREY                        PA-51-O-236
LAYCOCK, HANNAH                         PA-51-T-4
LEA, THOMAS                             PA-51-W-581
LEA, WILLIAM                            PA-51-C-268
LEADRAFF, JOHANES                       PA-51-I-10
LEAK, THOMAS                            PA-51-D-391
LEAKIN, ANN                             PA-51-A-390
LEAMAN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-I-100
LEAMING, FURMAN                         PA-51-10-279
LEAMING, PRISCILLA                      PA-51-9-207
LEAMING, THOMAS                         PA-51-X-638
LEAMY, MATHIAS                          PA-51-O-28
LEANDER, ISAAC                          PA-51-D-143
LEARY, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-163
LEATH, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-G-292
LEBLANC, JOSEPH                         PA-51-W-539
LEBLANC, LEWIS                          PA-51-7-601
LEBOU, ANTHONY                          PA-51-7-558
LEBRETON, ETIENNE                       PA-51-X-758
LECAMPIAN, FRANCIS                      PA-51-8-473
LECHLER, ADAM                           PA-51-10-639
LECHLER, GEORGE                         PA-51-#1-144
LEDER, JOHN CHRISTIAN                   PA-51-R-528
LEDERMAN, FRANCIS                       PA-51-X-189
LEDLIE, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-208
LEE, ALEXANDER                          PA-51-Y-565
LEE, CHARLES                            PA-51-A-27
LEE, HONOR                              PA-51-U-369
LEE, JOHN                               PA-51-K-488
LEE, JOHN                               PA-51-8-74
LEE, JOSEPH                             PA-51-W-465
LEE, LAWRENCE                           PA-51-A-497
LEE, ROBERT                             PA-51-X-751
LEE, WILLIAM                            PA-51-C-268
LEECH, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-T-525
LEECH, DAVID                            PA-51-S-355
LEECH, DUNCAN                           PA-51-X-566
LEECH, HENRY                            PA-51-9-681
LEECH, ISAAC                            PA-51-G-165
LEECH, JANE                             PA-51-6-517
LEECH, JOHN                             PA-51-H-90
LEECH, JOHN JR.                         PA-51-Y-598
LEECH, JONATHAN                         PA-51-8-418
LEECH, JOSEPH                           PA-51-#1-323
LEECH, MARGARET                         PA-51-W-228
LEECH, MARY                             PA-51-Q-561
LEECH, MAXIMILIAN                       PA-51-6-204
LEECH, TOBY                             PA-51-E-10
LEECH, TOBY                             PA-51-D-462
LEECH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-N-133
LEEDS, MARGARET                         PA-51-B-443
LEER, MARY                              PA-51-2-362
LEES, JOSEPH                            PA-51-S-338
LEES, JOSEPH                            PA-51-10-238
LEES, WILLIAM                           PA-51-X-129
LEFEVER, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-E-251
LEFEVER, JOHN SR.                       PA-51-R-229
LEFEVRE, JOHN FELIX                     PA-51-5-67
LEFRERE, PHILIP ALEXANDER               PA-51-#1-313
LEGARE, ANN                             PA-51-6-73
LEGAY, ANN                              PA-51-P-363
LEGAY, JACOB                            PA-51-I-455
LEGROM, JOHANNES                        PA-51-F-64
LEGUIN, LEWIS                           PA-51-9-390
LEHMAN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-Q-201
LEHMAN, GODFREY                         PA-51-K-473
LEHMAN, LUDWIG                          PA-51-P-339
LEHMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-X-375
LEHMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-308
LEHNMANN, PHILLIP TH.                   PA-51-A-72
LEHRE, RUDOLPH                          PA-51-R-552
LEHRIN, MARIA ELIZABETH                 PA-51-P-358
LEIB, GEORGE                            PA-51-Y-15
LEIB, MICHAEL                           PA-51-7-590
LEIBERT, PETER                          PA-51-4-148
LEIBERT, PETER                          PA-51-4-149
LEIBRANDT, JOHN A.                      PA-51-8-540
LEIFE, GEORGE                           PA-51-F-231
LEIGHTON, EDMUND GROVER                 PA-51-W-397
LEIPER, ELIZABETH C.                    PA-51-9-347
LEIPER, JAMES                           PA-51-P-182
LEIPER, THOMAS                          PA-51-8-435
LEIST, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-51-O-386
LEITBECKER, CASPER                      PA-51-F-73
LEITGEB, GODFRYD                        PA-51-I-150
LELVETON, A. F.                         PA-51-10-277
LEMAGRE, PETER                          PA-51-X-122
LEMAN, JACOB                            PA-51-F-325
LEMERLE, JOHN PETER                     PA-51-X-530
LENDERMAN, WILLIAM                      PA-51-G-202
LENNARD, RICHARD                        PA-51-X-741
LENNOX, HUGH                            PA-51-2-117
LENNOX, SARAH                           PA-51-7-13
LENOIR, ISAAC                           PA-51-D-369
LENOX, DAVID                            PA-51-9-171
LENTNER, ADAM                           PA-51-10-51
LENTNER, CONRAD                         PA-51-S-145
LENTZ, BARBARA                          PA-51-7-280
LENTZ, HENRY                            PA-51-X-446
LENTZ, JACOB                            PA-51-10-459
LENTZ, JOHN                             PA-51-6-514
LEONARD, MICHAEL                        PA-51-T-136
LEPIERRE, JOHN                          PA-51-D-170
LEPPER, THOMAS                          PA-51-W-350
LEPPEY, HENRY                           PA-51-7-92
LEROY, PIERRE BATH                      PA-51-X-470
LESER, JOHN SMITH                       PA-51-7-78
LESH, ZACHARIAH                         PA-51-Y-672
LESHAR, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-G-180
LESHER, ANNA MARIA                      PA-51-3-104
LESHER, CATHRINE                        PA-51-6-102
LESHER, GEORGE                          PA-51-X-351
LESHER, JOHN                            PA-51-W-325
LESHER, PHILIP JACOB                    PA-51-X-752
LESHER,JACOB                            PA-51-2-86
LESHIER, HENRY                          PA-51-R-506
LESLEY, CATHARINE                       PA-51-10-508
LESLEY, PETER                           PA-51-6-258
LESSLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-P-117
LESTER, GEORGE                          PA-51-A-331
LESTER, JOHN                            PA-51-P-56
LESTER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-329
LETTERMAN, JACOB                        PA-51-O-326
LEVAN, MARY                             PA-51-6-270
LEVERING, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-#1-279
LEVERING, ANTHONY                       PA-51-6-593
LEVERING, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-#1-188
LEVERING, DANIEL                        PA-51-Q-313
LEVERING, HENRY                         PA-51-Q-394
LEVERING, JACOB                         PA-51-K-114
LEVERING, JOHN                          PA-51-10-361
LEVERING, NATHAN                        PA-51-4-157
LEVERING, SAMUEL                        PA-51-8-123
LEVERING, WICHERT                       PA-51-G-162
LEVERING, WIGARD                        PA-51-S-147
LEVERING, WILLIAM                       PA-51-H-165
LEVERING, WILLIAM                       PA-51-P-552
LEVERING, WILLIAM                       PA-51-#1-532
LEVIE, BARNED ABRAHAM                   PA-51-X-26
LEVY, ASHER                             PA-51-T-183
LEVY, ISAAC                             PA-51-R-1
LEVY, MARTHA                            PA-51-2-78
LEVY, MORDECAI                          PA-51-T-414
LEVY, MOSES                             PA-51-8-586
LEVY, SAMSON                            PA-51-R-544
LEVY, SAMSON                            PA-51-10-188
LEVY, THOMAS                            PA-51-R-252
LEWELLIN, MORRIS                        PA-51-I-173
LEWELLIN, MORRIS                        PA-51-E-141
LEWIS, AMOS                             PA-51-G-128
LEWIS, ANN                              PA-51-8-400
LEWIS, ANN                              PA-51-8-381
LEWIS, ANN                              PA-51-E-170
LEWIS, ANNE                             PA-51-K-480
LEWIS, CADWALLADER                      PA-51-A-248
LEWIS, DAVID                            PA-51-D-366
LEWIS, DAVID                            PA-51-D-40
LEWIS, DAVID                            PA-51-I-491
LEWIS, ELLIS                            PA-51-K-108
LEWIS, ELLIS                            PA-51-S-482
LEWIS, ELLIS                            PA-51-Q-330
LEWIS, EMANUEL                          PA-51-W-134
LEWIS, FRANCIS                          PA-51-I-123
LEWIS, GEORGE                           PA-51-K-27
LEWIS, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-453
LEWIS, HANNAH                           PA-51-6-297
LEWIS, HARRY                            PA-51-B-94
LEWIS, HARRY                            PA-51-B-169
LEWIS, HENRY                            PA-51-E-178
LEWIS, HENRY                            PA-51-I-287
LEWIS, HENRY                            PA-51-A-180
LEWIS, ISAAC                            PA-51-W-356
LEWIS, JACOB                            PA-51-P-552
LEWIS, JAMES                            PA-51-O-502
LEWIS, JAMES                            PA-51-G-90
LEWIS, JENKIN                           PA-51-H-517
LEWIS, JENKIN                           PA-51-G-308
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-P-168
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-F-164
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-F-35
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-E-204
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-E-282
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-B-392
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-X-90
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-51-B-145
LEWIS, JOHN ANDREW PHILIP               PA-51-#1-115
LEWIS, LEWIS                            PA-51-#1-531
LEWIS, MARGARET                         PA-51-Y-279
LEWIS, MARY                             PA-51-X-107
LEWIS, MORRIS                           PA-51-G-241
LEWIS, PATIENCE                         PA-51-Q-187
LEWIS, RALPH                            PA-51-N-344
LEWIS, REBECCA                          PA-51-G-280
LEWIS, RICHARD                          PA-51-D-399
LEWIS, RICHARD                          PA-51-F-198
LEWIS, ROBERT                           PA-51-X-339
LEWIS, ROBERT                           PA-51-W-5
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           PA-51-W-698
LEWIS, SARAH                            PA-51-X-286
LEWIS, THOMAS                           PA-51-D-158
LEWIS, THOMAS                           PA-51-D-362
LEWIS, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-530
LEWIS, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-313
LEWIS, WALTER                           PA-51-G-78
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-77
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-485
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-46
LEWIS,MORDECAI                          PA-51-Y-151
LEX, ANDREW                             PA-51-7-484
LEX, CHARLES                            PA-51-10-461
LEX, MARIE M.                           PA-51-8-537
LEX, PETER                              PA-51-9-691
LEY, JACOB                              PA-51-Q-179
LEYBURN, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-R-254
LIBGREAVES, SUSANNA                     PA-51-2-323
LICKFOLD, WILILAM                       PA-51-C-376
LIDDLE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-284
LIDDON, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-3-239
LIDYARD, JOHN                           PA-51-G-256
LIEBERT, WILLIAM B.                     PA-51-8-195
LIESZ, HENRY                            PA-51-3-428
LIEZEY, SARAH                           PA-51-U-463
LIGHTFOOT, MICHAEL                      PA-51-K-229
LIGHTFOOT, THOMAS                       PA-51-B-208
LIGHTS, ANN                             PA-51-W-74
LIKENS, NEWBERRY                        PA-51-4-166
LINAHAN, PATRICK                        PA-51-#1-444
LINCH, JOHN                             PA-51-O-156
LINCOLN, ELLISH                         PA-51-A-22
LINCOLN, JACOB SR.                      PA-51-7-534
LINCON, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-G-194
LINDERMAN, JOHN                         PA-51-D-191
LINDERMAN, SAMUEL                       PA-51-I-320
LINDSAY, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-E-114
LINDSAY, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-6-74
LINDSAY, THOMAS                         PA-51-T-112
LINDSEY, SUSANNA                        PA-51-W-592
LINDSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-6-610
LINEHAN, MARGARETTA                     PA-51-6-541
LINGARD, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-268
LINGFELTER, ANDREW                      PA-51-8-7
LINGLOW, ISAAC                          PA-51-G-71
LINLEY, JOHN                            PA-51-U-239
LINNINGTON, MARIA                       PA-51-4-346
LINTENBARIGER, JOHN                     PA-51-6-296
LINTON, JOHN                            PA-51-I-195
LINTON, JOHN                            PA-51-C-224
LINTS, MATHIAS                          PA-51-Q-277
LIPPICH, HENRY                          PA-51-R-326
LIPPINCOTT, JOSEPH                      PA-51-7-387
LIPPINCOTT, NATHANIEL                   PA-51-3-310
LIPPINCOTT, SARAH                       PA-51-6-287
LISLE, HENRY                            PA-51-2-120
LIST, CATHARINE                         PA-51-X-678
LISTER, ADAM                            PA-51-I-343
LITHGOW, EDWARD                         PA-51-6-610
LITHGOW, ELIABETH                       PA-51-8-242
LITHGOW, HANNAH                         PA-51-R-284
LITHGOW, PATRICK                        PA-51-G-106
LITLE, JANE                             PA-51-W-311
LITTELL, PRUDENCE                       PA-51-9-169
LITTLE, DEBORAH                         PA-51-P-121
LITTLE, HANNAH                          PA-51-7-464
LITTLE, JOHN                            PA-51-W-407
LITTLE, JOHN                            PA-51-W-704
LITTLE, JOHN                            PA-51-K-132
LITTLE, THOMAS                          PA-51-7-354
LIVEZEY, DAVID                          PA-51-I-301
LIVEZEY, ESTHER                         PA-51-U-132
LIVEZEY, JOHN                           PA-51-7-581
LIVEZEY, JOHN SR.                       PA-51-8-633
LIVEZEY, JONATHAN                       PA-51-7-593
LIVEZEY, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Y-278
LIVEZEY, MARTHA                         PA-51-X-671
LIVEZEY, NATHAN                         PA-51-8-29
LIVEZEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-A-226
LIVEZEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-W-8
LIVZEY, JONATHAN                        PA-51-A-429
LKUTTS, MARY                            PA-51-2-153
LLEWLIN, GRIFFITH                       PA-51-K-16
LLOYD, ADAM                             PA-51-10-236
LLOYD, ANN                              PA-51-9-694
LLOYD, CHARLES                          PA-51-H-130
LLOYD, DIANNA                           PA-51-9-242
LLOYD, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-I-59
LLOYD, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-S-4
LLOYD, EVAN                             PA-51-F-208
LLOYD, EVAN                             PA-51-H-175
LLOYD, GWEN                             PA-51-S-409
LLOYD, HANNAH                           PA-51-T-441
LLOYD, ISAAC                            PA-51-Y-19
LLOYD, JANE                             PA-51-R-238
LLOYD, JOHN                             PA-51-E-361
LLOYD, JOHN                             PA-51-E-203
LLOYD, JOHN                             PA-51-E-45
LLOYD, JOHN                             PA-51-O-539
LLOYD, LEWIS                            PA-51-P-24
LLOYD, MARY                             PA-51-Q-206
LLOYD, PATIENCE                         PA-51-D-394
LLOYD, PETER                            PA-51-G-169
LLOYD, REESE                            PA-51-G-47
LLOYD, REESE                            PA-51-Y-573
LLOYD, ROBERT                           PA-51-D-12
LLOYD, ROBERT                           PA-51-O-322
LLOYD, ROBERT                           PA-51-4-317
LLOYD, SARAH                            PA-51-Q-227
LLOYD, SUSANNA                          PA-51-7-29
LLOYD, THOMAS                           PA-51-S-62
LLOYD, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-176
LLOYD, THOMAS                           PA-51-N-324
LLOYD, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-267
LLOYD, WILLIAM                          PA-51-O-210
LOAG, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-348
LOARDON, ELINOR                         PA-51-S-206
LOBDELL, ISAAC                          PA-51-P-449
LOBDELL, SAMUEL                         PA-51-W-546
LOBLE, GEORGE                           PA-51-R-95
LOCHMAN, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-X-323
LOCHNER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-Y-6
LOCIER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-B-346
LOCK, LEONARD                           PA-51-C-234
LOCKE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-2-318
LOCKHART, ROBERT                        PA-51-P-337
LOCKIE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-570
LOCKYER, SUSANNA                        PA-51-Y-8
LODER, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-8-270
LODWICK, PHILIP                         PA-51-O-393
LOESER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-Q-169
LOFBOROW, JOHN                          PA-51-7-245
LOFLAND, PARNELL                        PA-51-8-426
LOFTIN, SAMUEL                          PA-51-Q-231
LOFTUS, ANN                             PA-51-F-44
LOFTUS, JOHN                            PA-51-A-324
LOFTUS, LEESON                          PA-51-D-393
LOGAN, ADAM                             PA-51-#1-381
LOGAN, GEORGE                           PA-51-N-518
LOGAN, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-323
LOGAN, HANNAH                           PA-51-Q-395
LOGAN, JAMES                            PA-51-#1-137
LOGAN, JAMES                            PA-51-#1-320
LOGAN, JAMES                            PA-51-I-510
LOGAN, JAMES                            PA-51-#1-187
LOGAN, JOHN                             PA-51-P-422
LOGAN, PRISCILLA                        PA-51-8-266
LOGAN, SARAH                            PA-51-K-186
LOGAN, SARAH                            PA-51-X-728
LOGAN, THOMAS                           PA-51-3-445
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Q-378
LOGUE, DOROTHY                          PA-51-2-126
LOGUE, MARY                             PA-51-5-27
LOHMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-W-635
LOISLEUR, WILLIAM                       PA-51-X-515
LOLLER, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-4-165
LOLLER, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-4-180
LOMBAERT, HERMAN JOSEPH                 PA-51-W-624
LOMPARTER, SARAH                        PA-51-X-74
LONDON, PETER                           PA-51-5-118
LONDSDALE, MARGARET                     PA-51-B-8
LONG, BRIDGET                           PA-51-3-368
LONG, ELIAS                             PA-51-N-168
LONG, JOHN WILLIAMSON                   PA-51-W-567
LONG, PETER                             PA-51-S-8
LONG, PETER                             PA-51-Q-265
LONG, RACHEL                            PA-51-3-484
LONG, STEPHEN                           PA-51-F-83
LONGACRE, ANDREW                        PA-51-D-107
LONGACRE, DAVID                         PA-51-Q-332
LONGACRE, GABRIEL                       PA-51-N-363
LONGACRE, JOHN                          PA-51-H-44
LONGSTRETH, JOSEPH                      PA-51-2-83
LONGSTRETH, MARTHA                      PA-51-10-595
LONGSTRETH, SUSANNA                     PA-51-5-321
LOOFBOOROW, NATHANIEL                   PA-51-F-165
LOPEZ, JOSEPH                           PA-51-W-543
LORAIN, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-6-529
LORE, HEZEKIAH                          PA-51-Y-628
LOREMAN, PETER                          PA-51-I-172
LOREY, ROBERT                           PA-51-E-311
LORT, ISAAC                             PA-51-6-617
LORT, MARY                              PA-51-9-206
LOSCH, GEORGE                           PA-51-U-301
LOSFICIAL, JEAN                         PA-51-X-117
LOSH, JACOB                             PA-51-W-314
LOTT, HENRY                             PA-51-9-170
LOTT, HENRY                             PA-51-4-188
LOUDERBACK, MATTHIAS                    PA-51-9-260
LOUGHDEN, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-W-419
LOUGHEAD, JAMES                         PA-51-6-136
LOUGHERY, JOHN                          PA-51-6-573
LOUNES, SARAH                           PA-51-S-22
LOURCH, ANN                             PA-51-8-158
LOVE, BENJAMIN                          PA-51-7-297
LOVE, JAMES                             PA-51-9-693
LOVE, RICHARD                           PA-51-B-448
LOVEDAY, MARY                           PA-51-Q-211
LOVETT, WILLIAM                         PA-51-8-305
LOWDON, CONSTANCE                       PA-51-D-455
LOWDON, HUGH                            PA-51-D-355
LOWER, HENRY                            PA-51-6-353
LOWERY, JOHN                            PA-51-7-513
LOWNER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-142
LOWNES, DAVID                           PA-51-3-285
LOWNES, JOSEPH                          PA-51-S-296
LOWNES, JOSEPH                          PA-51-S-48
LOWNES, JOSIAH H.                       PA-51-8-85
LOWNSBURY, JOHN                         PA-51-W-266
LOWREY, MARGARET                        PA-51-2-182
LOWREY, SAMUEL                          PA-51-W-148
LOWRY, LAZARUS                          PA-51-K-264
LOXLEY, CATHARINE                       PA-51-7-254
LOYD, JAMES                             PA-51-9-665
LOYD, MARY                              PA-51-N-82
LOYD, MARY                              PA-51-4-46
LUCAS, ESTHER                           PA-51-10-276
LUCAS, ROBERT                           PA-51-B-330
LUCH, THOMAS                            PA-51-8-374
LUCKEN, DERICK                          PA-51-R-230
LUCKEN, JOHN                            PA-51-G-157
LUCKEN, JOHN                            PA-51-R-286
LUCKEN, MATHIAS                         PA-51-F-280
LUCKENS, PETER                          PA-51-F-227
LUCKIN, JOHN JR.                        PA-51-F-32
LUDIG, JACOBINE                         PA-51-R-303
LUDLUM, GEORE                           PA-51-9-50
LUDRE, MARTIN                           PA-51-8-231
LUDWICK, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-Y-527
LUDWICK, JOHN                           PA-51-6-372
LUDWICK, MARY                           PA-51-8-609
LUDWIG, GEORGE                          PA-51-O-357
LUDWIG, SOPHIA                          PA-51-9-197
LUFF, EDWARD                            PA-51-A-94
LUFFE, JOHN                             PA-51-A-20
LUGAR, BARBARA                          PA-51-9-311
LUGAR, JACOB                            PA-51-6-104
LUGAR, JOHN                             PA-51-2-135
LUKEN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-F-152
LUKENS, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-Q-299
LUKENS, HANNAH                          PA-51-Y-82
LUKENS, JOHN                            PA-51-U-380
LUKENS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-R-139
LUKENS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-97
LUKENS, MATHIAS                         PA-51-S-379
LUKENS, THOMAS                          PA-51-6-146
LUKINS, REBECCA                         PA-51-9-466
LUNAN, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-O-533
LUNN, THOMAS                            PA-51-2-25
LUSH, PHILIP                            PA-51-7-444
LUTZ, ADAM                              PA-51-Y-209
LUTZ, FREDERICK                         PA-51-6-543
LUTZ, JACOB                             PA-51-S-36
LUTZ, SUSANNA                           PA-51-10-266
LYBRAND, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-9-12
LYBRAND, CONRAD                         PA-51-W-332
LYBRAND, DOROTHY                        PA-51-8-537
LYCAN, ANDREW                           PA-51-6-471
LYCAN, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-22
LYLE, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-#1-36
LYLE, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-Q-459
LYLE, JAMES                             PA-51-8-618
LYMAN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-3-417
LYNAM, JOHN                             PA-51-A-386
LYNCH, DENNIS                           PA-51-R-293
LYNCH, SARAH                            PA-51-2-381
LYNDALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-6-592
LYNDALL, JOSEPH W.                      PA-51-8-238
LYNN, ANN                               PA-51-8-380
LYNN, JOHN MORRIS                       PA-51-9-53
LYNN, JOSEPH                            PA-51-G-6
LYNN, JOSEPH MORRIS                     PA-51-9-141
LYON, ANN                               PA-51-#1-141
LYON, CHARLES                           PA-51-T-201
LYON, JACOB                             PA-51-S-21
LYON, JOHN                              PA-51-5-339
LYON, PATRICK                           PA-51-9-312
LYONS, JACOB                            PA-51-10-65
LYONS, SOLOMON                          PA-51-4-122
LYONS, THOMAS                           PA-51-T-31
LYTELL, PETER                           PA-51-A-352
LYTHGO, THOMAS                          PA-51-5-118

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