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CABOS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-144
CADIER, CHARLOTTE                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-454
CADMAN, HENRY                          UPPER PROVIDENCE, CHESTER, PA           PA-51-B-38
CADWALADER, ELIZABETH                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-760
CADWALADER, JOHN                       WARMINSTER, BUCKS, PA                   PA-51-G-53
CADWALADER, JOHN                       NTL, KENT, MD                           PA-51-W-317
CADWALLDER, MARY                       NTL                                     PA-51-H-39
CAIN, ABEL                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-261
CALB, MARTIN                           NTL                                     PA-51-Q-120
CALDWELL, ANDREW                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-51
CALDWELL, ANDREW                       NEW YORK CITY, NY                       PA-51-X-734
CALDWELL, ANDREW                       WATERFORD, GLOUCESTER, NJ               PA-51-#1-528
CALDWELL, ISABELLA                     SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-#1-136
CALDWELL, JAMES                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-4-164
CALFREY, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-282
CALLANAN, MICHAEL                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-96
CALLANAN, THOMAS                       LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              PA-51-S-278
CALLENDER, ANN                         ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOS                   PA-51-4-253
CALLOW, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-83
CALVERT, GEORGE                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-426
CALVERT, MARY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-242
CALVET, THOMAS                         NTL                                     PA-51-A-30
CAMBRIDGE, GYLES                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-104
CAMILORE, JOHN FREDERIC                NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-138
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-W-276
CAMPBELL, EDWARD                       N LIBERTIES                             PA-51-Y-589
CAMPBELL, GEORGE ESQ.                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-339
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        PLYMOUTH                                PA-51-S-174
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-663
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-130
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-501
CAMPBELL, MARY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-278
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       SHIPPENSBURG                            PA-51-Y-409
CAMPBELL, WALTER                       AMITY                                   PA-51-G-198
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-677
CAMPER, HENRY                          BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-#1-561
CAMPER, MICHAEL                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-561
CANBY, ANN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-90
CANBY, THOMAS                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-632
CANNON, ANN                            NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-549
CANNON, JAMES                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-70
CANNON, JOSEPH                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-U-185
CANNON, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-27
CANNON, THOMAS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-194
CAPE, ANDREW                           NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-T-84
CAPLER, MARTIN                         BATHEL                                  PA-51-I-96
CAPPIS, CATHRINE                       VINCENT, CEHSTER, PA                    PA-51-N-106A
CARAYON, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-51-2-548
CARBY, WILLIAM                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-N-102
CARET, ANDREW                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-4-213
CAREY, HENRY                           ABINGTON                                PA-51-I-29
CAREY, RICHARD                         NTL                                     PA-51-5-113
CARLISLE, THOMAS                       SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-458
CARMALT, HANNAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-349
CARMALT, JONATHAN                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-533
CARMALT, THOMAS SAY                    NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-3-448
CARMICK, ANNA CHRISTIANA               PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-730
CARMICK, PETER                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-294
CARMICK, STEPHEN                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-28
CARPENTER, ABRAHAM                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-87
CARPENTER, CEASOR                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-693
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                   PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-118
CARPENTER, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-61
CARPENTER, JOSHUA                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-325
CARPENTER, JOSHUA                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-179
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-1
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-72
CARPENTER, STEPHEN                     OXFORD                                  PA-51-U-440
CARPENTER, THOMAS                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-239
CARPENTER, TOBIAS                      NTL                                     PA-51-2-368
CARR, JOHN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-351
CARR, PATRICK                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-534
CARR, WILLIAM                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-322
CARRYL, THOMAS                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-S-216
CARSON, BARBARA                        ELK RIVER, NTL, MD                      PA-51-S-441
CARSON, CHARLES                        NTL                                     PA-51-4-208
CARSON, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-142
CARSON, JOHN                           PAXTON, LANCASTER, PA                   PA-51-N-242
CARSON, JOSEPH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-127
CARSON, SAMUEL                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-211
CARSON, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-300
CART, JOSHUA                           BRISTOL, ENGLAND                        PA-51-U-540
CART, SAMUEL                           ABINGTON                                PA-51-C-271
CART, SAMUEL                           ANGLOW                                  PA-51-N-312
CARTER, ELIZABETH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-145
CARTER, HENRY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-159
CARTER, JAMES                          ABINGTON, MONTGOMERY, PA                PA-51-X-313
CARTER, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-51-Q-347
CARTER, JOHN                           NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-C-204
CARTER, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-39
CARTER, THOMAS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-88
CARTER, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-220
CARTER, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-108
CARTLIDGE, EDMUND                      DARBY, CHESTER, PA                      PA-51-B-304
CARTWRIGHT, JONATHAN                   USS CONSTELLATION                       PA-51-#1-96
CARUS, THOMAS                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-163
CARVEL, THOMAS                         CHELTENHAM                              PA-51-E-97
CARVER, GRACE                          NTL                                     PA-51-F-42
CARVER, ISAAC                          BYBURY                                  PA-51-T-470
CARVER, JOHN                           BYBERRY                                 PA-51-D-9
CARVER, JOHN                           BYBERRY                                 PA-51-W-184
CARVER, RACHEL                         BYBERRY                                 PA-51-3-476
CARVER, RICHARD                        ABINGTON                                PA-51-E-35
CARVER, SAMUEL                         BYBERRY                                 PA-51-T-12
CARVER, WILLIAM                        BIBERRY                                 PA-51-E-369
CARWEL, RICHARD                        NTL                                     PA-51-Q-119
CARYE, ANN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-501
CASDORP, HENRY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-450
CASDORP, HERMAN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-388
CASELBARY, CATHERINE                   NTL                                     PA-51-O-186
CASH, CALEB                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-33
CASH, CALEB                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-378
CASH, CYNTHIA                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-95
CASH, MARY                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-556
CASH, THOMAS                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-185
CASKEY, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-303
CASPERSON, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-183
CASSEL, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     PA-51-Q-270
CASSEL, JOHN                           BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-E-67
CASSELBERRY, DERRICK                   PROVIDENCE                              PA-51-N-261
CASSELBERRY, HENRY                     NTL                                     PA-51-E-110
CASSELBERRY, PAUL                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-233
CASSIN, DAVID                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-182
CASSIN, JOSEPH                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-X-67
CASTELL, EDMOND DU                     SEE: DUCASTELL, EDMOND                  PA-51-C-373
CASTELLO, JORDON                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-S-10
CASTER, GEOGE                          OXFORD                                  PA-51-3-429
CASTER, GEORGE                         OXFORD                                  PA-51-X-685
CASTLE, CHRISTIAN DU                   SEE: DUCASTLE, CHRISTIAN                PA-51-D-13
CASTOR, HENRY                          OXFORD                                  PA-51-5-370
CATHCART, WILLIAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-524
CATHNALL, SARAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-354
CATHRALL, BENJAMIN                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-348
CATHRALL, HANNAH JR.                   PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-30
CATLEBERRY, PAUL                       NEW PROVIDENCE                          PA-51-G-246
CATTON, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-365
CAUFFMAN, CHARLOTTE                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-11
CAUFFMAN, JOSEPH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-65
CAY, DAVID                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-498
CHADS, FRANCIS                         BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, PA                 PA-51-C-341
CHAFIN, JOHN                           LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-E-219
CHALKLEY, MARTHA                       FRANKFORD                               PA-51-I-161
CHALKLEY, THOMAS                       NTL                                     PA-51-F-282
CHALMERS, GEORGE                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-117
CHALON, JOSEPH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-412
CHAMBERS, HESTER                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-323
CHANCELLOR, WILLIAM                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-35
CHANCELLOR, WILLIAM                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-227
CHANDLER, JOHN                         CHICHESTER, CHESTER, PA                 PA-51-B-476
CHANDLER, JOHN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-65
CHANDLER, JOHN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-16
CHANNEL, SAMUEL                        GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-I-95
CHANNELL, ESTHER                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-345
CHANNELL, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-182
CHAPMAN, ISAAC                         WRIGHTS TOWN, BUCKS, PA                 PA-51-P-7
CHAPMAN, MARY                          SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-494
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-75
CHARLES, BARBARA                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-164
CHARLES, NICHOALS                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-452
CHARLESWORTH, BENJAMIN                 WHITEMARSH                              PA-51-G-283
CHARLESWORTH, JAMES                    UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-G-334
CHARLESWORTH, JOHN                     NTL                                     PA-51-O-417
CHARLESWORTH, JOSEPH                   UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-G-332
CHARLTON, THOMAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-102
CHASE, THOMAS                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-297
CHATHAM, JOSEPH                        N LIBERTIES                             PA-51-Y-79
CHAUBARD, JEAN BAPTISTE                PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-210
CHAVE, BENJAMIN                        PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES        PA-51-D-8
CHEALIER, JANE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-392
CHEESEMAN, BENJAMIN                    NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-16
CHEESEMAN, SAMUEL                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-553
CHEESMAN, MARY                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-289
CHEESMAN, SARAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-463
CHEETAM, ANNE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-68
CHEETAM, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-55
CHESNUT, SARA                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-518
CHEVALIER, ELEANOR                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-211
CHEVALIER, PETER                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-190
CHEW, BENJAMIN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-86
CHICK, JAMES                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-537
CHICKE, DAMARIS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-334
CHIENE, MARGARETTA                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-384
CHILD, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-560
CHILD, MARY                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-745
CHISWELL, ANTHONY                      NTL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES               PA-51-B-197
CHODKENSCHZ, LEWIS                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-519
CHOVET, ABRAHAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-466
CHRIST, ELIZABETH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-266
CHRISTIAN, ANTHONY                     NTL                                     PA-51-#1-554
CHRISTIAN, RUDOLPH                     COLEBROOK                               PA-51-H-458
CHRISTIE, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-93
CHRISTINE, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-51-#1-128
CHRISTLER, LENARD                      FRANCONIA                               PA-51-I-27
CHRISTY, JAMES                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-533
CHRYSTIE, THOMAS                       NTL, LUZERNE, PA                        PA-51-X-58
CHRYSTLER, JACOB                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-537
CHUBB, MATTHEW                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-559
CHURCH, JENNET                         CONCORD, CHESTER, PA                    PA-51-T-203
CHURCH, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-172
CHURCH, MARY                           SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-Y-1
CHURLEY, JOSEPH                        , BUCKS, PA                             PA-51-B-355
CINNING, CHARLES                       KENSINGTON                              PA-51-P-397
CLAESEN, CORNELIS                      NTL                                     PA-51-C-139
CLAGNE, RACHEL                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-13
CLAPHAMSON, MARGARET                   BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-5-289
CLAPHAMSON, SAMUEL                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-346
CLARE, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-473
CLARE, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-262
CLARE, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-514
CLAREY, JAMES                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-695
CLARK, BENJAMIN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-92
CLARK, BEULAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-309
CLARK, BRIDGET                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-X-86
CLARK, DAVID                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-317
CLARK, GUB COPEN                       JAMAICA, WEST INDIES                    PA-51-N-425
CLARK, JAMES                           NTL                                     PA-51-Q-534
CLARK, JANE                            NTL                                     PA-51-4-199
CLARK, JEFFREY                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-S-90
CLARK, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-603
CLARK, JOSEPH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-540
CLARK, MARY                            NTL                                     PA-51-4-119
CLARK, RACHAEL                         WARMINSTER, BUCKS, PA                   PA-51-S-504
CLARK, RACHEL                          NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-Q-473
CLARK, WESTON                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-138
CLARKE, ANNE                           NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-A-6
CLARKE, ARTHUR                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-630
CLARKE, EDWARD                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-Y-301
CLARKE, ELIZABETH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-680
CLARKE, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-51-A-21
CLARKE, RICHARD                        ST MICHAELS, BARBADOES                  PA-51-G-4
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        NESHAMPANESSE CREEK                     PA-51-A-5
CLARKSON, ANTONY                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-306
CLARKSON, JUDE                         NTL                                     PA-51-F-117
CLASS, ALEXANDER                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-425
CLAY, CURTIS                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-541
CLAY, ROBERT                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-181
CLAY, WILLIAM                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-37
CLAYPOOLE, ABRAHAM                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-370
CLAYPOOLE, DEBORAH                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-150
CLAYPOOLE, GEORGE                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-145
CLAYPOOLE, GEORGE                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-512
CLAYPOOLE, GEORGE                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-463
CLAYPOOLE, JAMES                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-67
CLAYPOOLE, JOSEPH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-110
CLAYTON, RICHARD                       MORELAND                                PA-51-P-31
CLAYTON, SUSANNAH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-267
CLEAVE, JOHN                           SEE: JONES, JOHN                        PA-51-U-272
CLEAVER, PETER                         BRISTOL                                 PA-51-E-72
CLEAVER, PETER                         UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-Q-292
CLEAVER, PHILIP                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-#1-331
CLECKNER, CASPER                       PASOYUNK                                PA-51-W-97
CLELAN, JAMES                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-257
CLELAND, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-136
CLEMENS, ABRAHAM                       LOWER SALFORD                           PA-51-Q-295
CLEMENS, JACOB                         LOWER SALFORD                           PA-51-S-197
CLEMENT, ADELAIDE                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-116
CLEMMER, JACOB                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-438
CLEMSON, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-156
CLEMSON, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-98
CLEMSON, JOAN                          PHILADELPHAI                            PA-51-E-105
CLEST, MARTHA                          OXFORD                                  PA-51-D-62
CLEVER, JOHN                           BRISTOL                                 PA-51-P-478
CLIFFORD, ANNA                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-151
CLIFFORD, THOMAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-268
CLIFFORD, THOMASINE                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-678
CLIFFTON, WILLIAM                      SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-Y-656
CLIFORD, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-696
CLIFT, SAMUEL                          NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-A-7
CLIFTON, ANNA MARIA                    NTL                                     PA-51-3-380
CLIFTON, HENRY                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-218
CLIFTON, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-325
CLIME, MICHAEL                         WHITHAM                                 PA-51-I-330
CLINE, GEORGE                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-S-168
CLINE, HENRY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-74
CLINE, JOSEPH                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-3-487
CLININ, ANNE                           DOUGLASS                                PA-51-R-82
CLINTON, CHURCH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-593
CLOSE, DEWALT                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-X-540
CLOSS, SIMON                           NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-X-452
CLOSSON, ANN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-113
CLOUD, CHARLES F.                      NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-4-57
CLOUD, WILLIAM SR.                     CONCORD, CHESTER, PA                    PA-51-B-244
CLOVET, JOSEPH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-213
CLOWARD, GEORGE                        NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-H-523
CLOWES, HIRAM                          GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-5-172
CLUB, JANE                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-673
CLUBB, ISABELLA                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-364
CLUBB, JOHN                            OXFORD                                  PA-51-D-60
CLULOW, THOMAS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-280
CLWES, JOSEPH                          MACCLESFIELD, BUCKS, PA                 PA-51-C-281
CLYMER, ANDREW                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-710
CLYMER, ANN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-115
CLYMER, BATTIS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-628
CLYMER, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-236
CLYMER, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-35
CLYMER, MARGARET                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-401
CLYMER, RICHARD                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-294
CLYMER, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-393
COATAM, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-180
COATE, JAMES                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-B-414
COATES, BEULAH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-223
COATES, DANIEL                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-238
COATES, ENOCH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-146
COATES, ISAAC                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-T-366
COATES, ISAAC                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-U-491
COATES, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-51-Q-251
COATES, JOSIAH LANGDALE                PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-10
COATES, MARGARET                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-383
COATES, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-13
COATES, SUSANNAH                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-R-542
COATES, THOMSA                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-12
COATES, WARWICK (THE ELDER)            SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-S-72
COATES, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-463
COATES, WILLIAM                        SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-S-383
COATS, ABRAHAM                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-#1-185
COATS, ABRAHAM                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-N-151
COATS, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-65
COATS, JOHN                            SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-#1-321
COATS, MARTHA                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-W-420
COATS, RACHEL                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-P-408
COATS, ROSE                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-40
COATS, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-14
COATS, SARAH                           FRANKFORD                               PA-51-2-60
COATS, THOMAS                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-131
COATS, THOMAS                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-252
COATS, WILLIAM                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-R-329
COATS, WILLIAM JR.                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-101
COBB, JOHN                             NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-21
COBB, MARY                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-179
COBB, THOMAS                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-478
COBURN, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-428
COBY, REBECCA                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-253
COCHRAN, ELIZABETH                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-263
COCHRANE, JAEMS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-290
COCK, LAWRENCE                         PASSYUNK                                PA-51-B-28
COCK, PETER                            KIPHA                                   PA-51-A-126
COCKFIELD, JOSHUA                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-76
COCKLEY, MARY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-623
COCKS, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-231
COCKSHAW, JONATHAN                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-117
CODD, MARY                             NTL, SUSSEX, DE                         PA-51-E-304
COEBURNE, THOMAS                       MIDDLETOWN, CHESTER, PA                 PA-51-A-444
COFFIN, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     PA-51-O-54
COFFMAN, JOHN                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-S-58
COHEN, ABRAHAM ELIZER                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-286
COHEN, JACOB                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-559
COKER, EDWARD                          ST. JOHN, BARBADOES                     PA-51-P-322
COLBERT, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-508
COLDY, FRANCIS                         WHITEMARSH                              PA-51-G-155
COLE, REBECCA                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-107
COLE, SOLOMON                          NTL                                     PA-51-H-245
COLE, THOMAS                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-87
COLE, WILLIAM                          NOTTINGHAM, CHESTER, PA                 PA-51-C-210
COLEMAN, DOROTHY                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-536
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-367
COLEMAN, STEPHEN                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-460
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPH                              PA-51-O-315
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-51-O-317
COLES, DANIEL                          EXETER                                  PA-51-I-208
COLHOUN, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-138
COLLET, RICHARD                        BYBERRY                                 PA-51-D-68
COLLETT, CRISPIN                       BIBURY                                  PA-51-K-104
COLLEY, ALEXANDER                      PLYMOUTH                                PA-51-S-263
COLLINGS, ABRAHAM                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-379
COLLINGS, EDWARD                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-267
COLLINGS, ROBERT                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-282
COLLINS, CHALKLEY                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-287
COLLINS, CHARLES                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-178
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-X-378
COLLINS, JEEMIAH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-172
COLLINS, MARGARET                      NTL                                     PA-51-F-26
COLLINS, NATHAN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-34
COLLINS, RALPH                         SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-T-537
COLLINS, SARAH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-221
COLLINS, SARAH                         BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-#1-236
COLLINS, STEPHEN                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-140
COLLINS, SUSANNAH                      SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-U-254
COLLINS, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-114
COLLOM, CLEMENT                        ABINGTON, MONTGOMERY, PA                PA-51-#1-175
COLLY, EDWARD                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-471
COLLYER, EDWARD                        NTL                                     PA-51-A-98
COLMAN, ANN                            GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-G-323
COMLEY, AGNES                          MOORELAND                               PA-51-G-172
COMLEY, HENRY                          MOORLAND                                PA-51-E-43
COMLY, HENRY                           MOORLAND                                PA-51-P-313
COMLY, RACHEL                          MOORLAND                                PA-51-Y-575
COMLY, ROBERT                          NTL                                     PA-51-O-481
COMMAN, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-81
COMRON, ABRAHAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-243
CONCHY, JAMES                          SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-4-238
CONCKY, JOHN                           SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-535
CONDERN, MARTIN                        USS SARATOGA                            PA-51-U-75
CONDY, BENJAMIN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-96
CONNALLY, THOMAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-384
CONNER, CHARLES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-94
CONNOLLY, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-136
CONNOLLY, SARAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-256
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM                      FRIGATE RANDOLPH                        PA-51-R-251
CONNOR, CHARLES                        NTL                                     PA-51-H-189
CONRAD, ANTHONY                        WORCESTER                               PA-51-H-509
CONRAD, CORNELIUS                      NTL                                     PA-51-O-535
CONRAD, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-43
CONRAD, PHILIP                         GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-235
CONRADE, DENNIS                        MOYAMENSING                             PA-51-2-234
CONRADS, CONRAD                        WORCESTER                               PA-51-H-495
CONRADS, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-424
CONRD, ELIZABETH                       LOWER MERION                            PA-51-P-414
CONRY, DANIEL                          SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-Y-683
CONSER, GEORGE                         MC CALLS MANOR                          PA-51-I-389
COOK, ANDREW                           CHARLESTON, NTL, SC                     PA-51-S-474
COOK, ARTHUR                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-513
COOK, DAVID                            USS UNITED STATES                       PA-51-Y-353
COOK, ISAAC                            ROXBURY                                 PA-51-P-402
COOK, NIEL                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-94
COOK, PETER                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-174
COOK, SAMUEL                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-82
COOKE, DANIEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-492
COOKE, FRANCIS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-14
COOKE, LAURENCE                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-154
COOKE, MARGARET                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-326
COOKE, MARY                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-54
COOKE, NATHAN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-579
COOMBE, MOSES                          PESTAUK UPON SUSQUEHANNA                PA-51-D-401
COON, GEORGE                           NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-K-277
COON, JOHN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-69
COOPER, EDUARD                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-157
COOPER, FRANCIS                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-U-551
COOPER, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-107
COOPER, HENRY                          NEWTOWN, BUCKS, PA                      PA-51-C-209
COOPER, JACOB                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-439
COOPER, JAMES                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-481
COOPER, JAMES                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-219
COOPER, MARY                           BIBERRY                                 PA-51-P-290
COOPER, SAMUEL                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-118
COOPER, SAMUEL                         MORLAND                                 PA-51-I-322
COOPER, THOMAS                         ABINGTON                                PA-51-P-312
COOPER, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-109
COOPER, WILLIAM                        ISLAND OF ANTIGUA                       PA-51-O-557
COOPER, WILLIAM                        BUCKINGHAM                              PA-51-C-195
COPE, OLIVER                           NTL, NEW CASTLE, DE                     PA-51-A-357
CORCORAN, FRANCIS                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-131
CORDEIL, ETIENNE LOUIS                 PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-717
CORDERY, HUGH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-411
CORDREY, DEBORAH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-391
COREN, ISAAC                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-30
CORKER, JOSEPH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-122
CORKER, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-200
CORLEY, NICHOLAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-456
CORNELIUS, ANTHONY                     NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-X-727
CORNELL, SIMEON                        LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-T-36
CORNISH, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-51-B-328
CORNMAN, FREDERICK                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-232
CORREY, JANE                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-281
CORREY, MARY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-435
CORREY, ROBERT                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-442
CORRIE, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-177
CORRY, MARY                            SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-U-81
CORRY, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-506
CORYELL, JOSEPH                        BRISTOL                                 PA-51-3-408
COSTELLO, JAMES                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-618
COTTEY, ABEL                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-313
COTTINGER, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-574
COTTMAN, BENJAMIN                      LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-4-175
COUCH, SARAH                           GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-P-520
COUCH, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-173
COUCH, WILLIAM                         BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-N-29
COUGHLIN, DENNIS                       NTL                                     PA-51-H-126
COULSTON, HENRY                        NEW HANOVER                             PA-51-S-470
COULSTON, JONATHAN                     NORRITON                                PA-51-P-165
COULSTON, WILLIAM                      WHITHAM                                 PA-51-E-100
COULTAS, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-200
COULTER, JOSEPH                        BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-S-93
COULTON, WILLIAM                       BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-Q-19
COUPER, BELFOUR                        SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-4-49
COW, JOHN                              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-209
COWAN, THOMAS                          NTL                                     PA-51-Q-358
COWPER, HENRY                          SEE: COOPER, HENRY                      PA-51-C-209
COWPERTHWAIT, JOSEPH                   NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-2-543
COWPERTHWAITE, SAMUEL                  SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-Y-70
COWPLAND, JONATHAN                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-275
COWSLER, ELIZABETH                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-103
COWSLER, JACOB                         KENSINGTON                              PA-51-Y-634
COX, ABRAHAM                           NTL                                     PA-51-A-418
COX, ABRAHAM                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-320
COX, ANDREW                            NTL                                     PA-51-O-511
COX, ANDREW JR.                        NTL                                     PA-51-O-286
COX, ANN                               PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-B-107
COX, ANN                               PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-502
COX, CATHERINE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-9
COX, CATHERINE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-62
COX, ESTHER                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-202
COX, HANNAH                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-491
COX, ISAAC                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-244
COX, JACOB                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-99
COX, JOHN                              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-82
COX, JOHN                              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-465
COX, JOHN                              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-574
COX, JOHN                              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-386
COX, JOHN                              LONDON, ENGLAND                         PA-51-#1-507
COX, JOHN                              PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-237
COX, JOHN T.                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-332
COX, MARGARET                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-362
COX, MOSES                             PASSYUNK                                PA-51-E-191
COX, MOSES                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-310
COX, OTTER                             KINSESS                                 PA-51-G-105
COX, PETER                             PASSYUNK                                PA-51-I-347
COX, SARAH                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-518
COX, THOMAS R.                         GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-3-515
COX, WILLIAM                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-404
COYNE, BARTHOLOMEW                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-503
CRADDOCK, JANE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-N-478
CRAIG, JAMES                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-659
CRAIG, JANEAT                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-185
CRAIG, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-114
CRAIG, MARGARET                        NTL                                     PA-51-5-177
CRAIG, MARGARET                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-613
CRAIG, THOMAS                          SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-3-17
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-518
CRAIG, WILLIAM ESQ                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-230
CRAMER, CASPAR                         NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-K-25
CRAMP, JOHN                            KENSINGTON                              PA-51-R-264
CRANE, RICHARD                         BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-W-638
CRAP, CHRISTIANA                       PHILADLEPHIA                            PA-51-5-126
CRAP, JOSEPH                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-338
CRAPP, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-51-C-323
CRAPP, REBECCA                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-26
CRAWFORD, HUGH                         RUXBURROW                               PA-51-Q-480
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-455
CREBS, MARGARETA BARBARA               HANOVER                                 PA-51-I-460
CREED, WILLIAM                         CLERKENWELL, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND         PA-51-X-134
CREPNER, PAUL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-278
CRESS, HENRY                           GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-T-514
CRESSMAN, GEORGE                       ROXBOROUGH                              PA-51-X-105
CRESSMAN, JOHN GEORGE                  NTL                                     PA-51-O-238
CRESSON, EBENEZER                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-401
CRESSON, JACOB                         NTL                                     PA-51-Q-104
CRESSON, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-126
CRESSON, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-202
CRESSON, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-130
CRESSON, JOSHUA                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-602
CRESSON, MARY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-225
CRESSON, SARAH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-90
CRESSON, SARAH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-6
CRESSON, SOLOMON                       NTL                                     PA-51-H-179
CREWS, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-314
CRIM, GARRETT                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-531
CRIM, JULIANA                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-526
CRIMLY, SOLOMON                        UPPER SALFORTH                          PA-51-I-307
CRIPS, TABITHA                         MOORELAND, MONTGOMERY, PA               PA-51-T-62
CRISMAN, JOHN                          SOUTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-188
CRISPIN, SILAS                         DUBLIN                                  PA-51-C-246
CRISPIN, SILAS                         LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-Y-275
CRISPIN, THOMAS                        LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-I-121
CROCKER, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-534
CROCKET, ANN                           MOORELAND                               PA-51-T-145
CROCKET, WALTER                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-P-224
CROGHAN, GEORGE                        PASSYUNK                                PA-51-S-164
CROKER, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-457
CROMMEL, MARY                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-X-519
CROMWLEY, HENRY                        PASSYUNK                                PA-51-2-15
CRONAN, CATHERINE                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-234
CRONE, NCIHOLAS                        NORTH LIBERTIES                         PA-51-G-229
CRONE, NICHOLAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-312
CRONK, JOHN                            PRIVATEER SACHEM                        PA-51-R-205
CROOKSHANKS, ALEXANDER                 PARSION                                 PA-51-A-251
CROSBY, JOSHUA                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-335
CROSBY, SAMPSON                        SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-3-346
CROSLEY, JESSE                         NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-W-274
CROSS, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-484
CROSS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-563
CROSS, JOSEPH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-363
CROSS, MARY                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-124
CROSS, ROBERT                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-11
CROSS, ROBERT RICHARD                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-90
CROSS, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-130
CROSSE, THOMAS                         NTL                                     PA-51-A-399
CROSSLEY, CHARLES                      NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Q-389
CROSSLY, JOHN SR.                      HATBOROUGH                              PA-51-O-368
CROSTHWAIT, WILLIAM                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-H-480
CROSTON, ANN                           NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-S-245
CROSTON, ANN                           NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-X-38
CROSWHITT, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-40
CROTO, HENRY                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-171
CROUCH, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-89
CROUT, JOHN                            GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-719
CROUT, THOMAS                          SEE: CRUTE, THOMAS                      PA-51-B-412
CROWSE, JOHN                           PASSAYUNK                               PA-51-Y-230
CROZER, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-8
CROZET, J. B. M.                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-568
CRUIKSHANK, ALEXANDER                  LOWER MERION                            PA-51-Q-366
CRUMBIE, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-516
CRUTCHMOR, GODFRIED                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-126
CRUTE, THOMAS                          NTL                                     PA-51-B-412
CUBIN, JOHN                            SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-3-292
CUBLER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-302
CUENOT, JOHN ANTHONY                   NTL, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND                 PA-51-O-261
CUFF, PETER                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-288
CULCOPP, ELIZABETH                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-B-17
CUMMIN, RICHARD                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-124
CUMMING, DAVID                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-711
CUMMING, SUSANNAH                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-113
CUMMINGS, ARCHIBALD                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-210
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-267
CUNARDS, DENNIS                        GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-E-121
CUNDIT, WILLIAM                        LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-D-186
CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-112
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-17
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-R-570
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                       SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-3-215
CUNRAD, JOHN                           UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-N-285
CUNRADE, MATTHIAS                      GERMAN                                  PA-51-D-454
CUNRADT, HANS                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-314
CURREN, NATHANIEL                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-162
CURTAIN, JAMES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-562
CURTAM, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-391
CURWEN, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-157
CUSTER, RINEAR                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-557
CUTBUSH, EDWARD                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-U-530
CUTHBERT, JOHN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-33
CUTHBERT, THOMAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-504
CYROUS, ABRAHAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-546

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