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PACKER, EDWARD                          PA-51-9-389
PADMORE, GEORGE                         PA-51-X-531
PAGE, ANN                               PA-51-10-417
PAGE, DAVID                             PA-51-9-729
PAGE, DAVID                             PA-51-4-235
PAGE, JAMES                             PA-51-5-254
PAGE, ROBERT N.                         PA-51-5-66
PAINE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-5-288
PAINTER, GEORGE                         PA-51-D-336
PAINTER, HENRY                          PA-51-2-282
PAINTER JOHN                            PA-51-2-208
PAINTER, JOHN                           PA-51-O-270
PAINTER, MARGARET                       PA-51-6-141
PAINTER, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-T-488
PAINTER, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-Y-171
PALESKE, CHARLES GOTTFRIED              PA-51-6-271
PALETHORP, ROBERT                       PA-51-8-610
PALETHORP, ROBERT JR.                   PA-51-7-450
PALMER, ANN                             PA-51-E-246
PALMER, ANTHONY                         PA-51-I-131
PALMER, GEORGE                          PA-51-N-343
PALMER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-477
PALMER, JOHN                            PA-51-C-203
PALMER, JOHN SR.                        PA-51-X-565
PALMER, RICHARD                         PA-51-U-438
PALMER, THOMAS                          PA-51-G-224
PALMER, THOMAS                          PA-51-4-96
PALMER, THOMAS                          PA-51-X-598
PALMER, THOMAS                          PA-51-9-218
PALMER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-H-394
PALMER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-O-471
PANCOAST, HANNAH                        PA-51-6-175
PANDERGAST, THOMAS                      PA-51-7-614
PANNEBAKER, JACOB                       PA-51-I-545
PAPEN, HYVERT                           PA-51-C-70
PAPLEY, SUSANNAH                        PA-51-2-86
PARE, JOHN                              PA-51-P-387
PARHAM, JOSEPH                          PA-51-8-568
PARHAM, SUSANNA                         PA-51-R-280
PARIS, AUSTIN                           PA-51-E-128
PARIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-F-237
PARIS, PETER                            PA-51-S-262
PARIS, SARAH                            PA-51-X-608
PARISH, JOHN                            PA-51-2-217
PARK, SAMUEL                            PA-51-T-422
PARKE, JACOB                            PA-51-6-414
PARKE, SOLOMON                          PA-51-7-482
PARKEN, LASSEY                          PA-51-C-24
PARKER, BEULAH                          PA-51-10-119
PARKER, GEORGE                          PA-51-9-287
PARKER, HENRY                           PA-51-A-82
PARKER, JEREMIAH                        PA-51-9-147
PARKER, JOHN                            PA-51-K-235
PARKER, JOHN                            PA-51-9-179
PARKER, JOHN                            PA-51-D-117
PARKER, JOSEPH G.                       PA-51-9-91
PARKER, MARTHA                          PA-51-2-308
PARKER, MOSES                           PA-51-D-92
PARKER, RICHARD                         PA-51-P-206
PARKER, RICHARD                         PA-51-G-126
PARKER, RICHARD                         PA-51-S-266
PARKER, THOMAS                          PA-51-6-71
PARKER, THOMAS                          PA-51-7-410
PARKER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-F-28
PARKER, WILLIAM                         PA-51-K-525
PARKINSON, MARY H.                      PA-51-6-394
PARKINSON, ROBERT                       PA-51-6-322
PARKS, FOSTER                           PA-51-I-206
PARLE, JAMES                            PA-51-F-240
PARMENTIER, CHARLES                     PA-51-8-62
PARR, SAMUEL                            PA-51-I-338
PARRAT, JOHN                            PA-51-I-238
PARRENNE, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-4-115
PARREY, THOMAS                          PA-51-I-127
PARRISH, ISAAC                          PA-51-8-536
PARRISH, SAMUEL                         PA-51-4-59
PARROCK, JAMES                          PA-51-K-247
PARROCK, JOHN                           PA-51-W-120
PARROCK, MARY                           PA-51-R-349
PARROCK, SARAH                          PA-51-Q-305
PARRY, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-51-H-265
PARRY, DAVID                            PA-51-H-526
PARRY, EDWARD                           PA-51-E-22
PARRY, EVAN                             PA-51-X-500
PARRY, HUGH                             PA-51-E-161
PARRY, JONATHAN                         PA-51-3-63
PARRY, MARGARET                         PA-51-2-224
PARRY, MARTHA                           PA-51-H-472
PARRY, ROWLAND                          PA-51-F-46
PARRY, SILAS                            PA-51-Y-628
PARRY, STEPHEN                          PA-51-N-6
PARRY, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-171
PARSONS, ANN                            PA-51-C-331
PARSONS, HUGH                           PA-51-D-152
PARSONS, JOHANNA                        PA-51-R-235
PARSONS, JOHN                           PA-51-C-3
PARSONS, ROBERT                         PA-51-C-136
PARSONS, STEVEN                         PA-51-Y-707
PARSONS, SUSANNA                        PA-51-G-220
PARSONS, THOMAS                         PA-51-D-193
PASCALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-6-594
PASCHALL, ANN                           PA-51-7-441
PASCHALL, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-T-197
PASCHALL, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-E-150
PASCHALL, BEULAH                        PA-51-W-351
PASCHALL, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-O-277
PASCHALL, ISAAC                         PA-51-P-502
PASCHALL, JONATHAN                      PA-51-S-74
PASCHALL, JOSEPH                        PA-51-X-209
PASCHALL, MARY                          PA-51-9-256
PASCHALL, MARY                          PA-51-E-289
PASCHALL, PATIENCE                      PA-51-Q-10
PASCHALL, STEPHEN                       PA-51-Y-459
PASCHALL, STEPHEN JR.                   PA-51-U-564
PASCHALL, THOMAS                        PA-51-G-38
PASCHALL, THOMAS                        PA-51-X-423
PASCHALL, THOMAS                        PA-51-D-101
PASCHALL, THOMAS J.                     PA-51-6-639
PASCHALL, WILLIAM                       PA-51-A-337
PASCHELL, JOSEPH                        PA-51-F-270
PASCHO, THOMAS SAUNDERS                 PA-51-R-253
PASHASHEE, GEORGE                       PA-51-I-487
PASS, PETER                             PA-51-9-486
PASSMORE, WILLIAM                       PA-51-E-167
PAST, LAWRENCE                          PA-51-P-360
PASTORIES, SAMUEL                       PA-51-I-70
PASTORIOUS, JOHN                        PA-51-I-209
PASTORIUS, DANIEL                       PA-51-9-698
PASTORIUS, DANIEL                       PA-51-K-234
PASTORIUS, FRANCIS DANIEL               PA-51-D-144
PASTORIUS, FRANCIS DANIEL               PA-51-Y-686
PASTORIUS, JOHN SAMUEL                  PA-51-D-312
PATERSON, DEPHANE                       PA-51-8-47
PATRULLO, GERARDO                       PA-51-10-418?
PATTERSON, CATHARINE                    PA-51-10-323
PATTERSON, EADY                         PA-51-10-239
PATTERSON, GEORGE                       PA-51-5-377
PATTERSON, JAMES                        PA-51-X-651
PATTERSON, JAMES                        PA-51-W-683
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-51-7-55
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-51-Y-590
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-51-9-59
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-51-S-166
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-51-U-230
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-51-8-241
PATTON, ROBERT                          PA-51-5-164
PAUL, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-6-288
PAUL, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-T-523
PAUL, ANDREW                            PA-51-7-562
PAUL, FELIX                             PA-51-9-219
PAUL, HANNAH                            PA-51-10-528
PAUL, JACOB                             PA-51-5-386
PAUL, JEREMIAH                          PA-51-7-58
PAUL, JOHN                              PA-51-S-455
PAUL, JOHN                              PA-51-T-398
PAUL, JOHN                              PA-51-D-303
PAUL, JOSEPH                            PA-51-H-83
PAUL, JOSEPH M.                         PA-51-9-375
PAUL, MARY                              PA-51-X-533
PAUL, MARY                              PA-51-9-258
PAUL, REBECCA                           PA-51-9-448
PAUL, SAMJUEL                           PA-51-9-373
PAUL, THOMAS                            PA-51-7-598
PAUL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-6-364
PAULIN, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-R-436
PAULL, JOSEPH                           PA-51-D-78
PAULL, WILLIAM                          PA-51-I-492
PAULUS, ADAM                            PA-51-7-274
PAUTER, GEORGE                          PA-51-Q-126
PAWLING, JOHN                           PA-51-E-243
PAXON, ISAAC                            PA-51-6-319
PAXON, RUTH                             PA-51-7-445
PAXSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-C-193
PAXTON, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-E-189
PAXTON, JANE                            PA-51-P-334
PAXTON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-N-281
PAYNE, JAMES                            PA-51-S-94
PAYNE, JOHN                             PA-51-10-618
PAYNE, JOHN                             PA-51-X-387
PAYNE, THOMAS                           PA-51-H-95
PAYNTER, HENRY                          PA-51-B-276
PEACE, ISAAC                            PA-51-6-628
PEACE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-8-572
PEACK, JAMES                            PA-51-X-55
PEACOCK, RALPH                          PA-51-6-578
PEARCE, HENRY WARD                      PA-51-2-440
PEARCE, MARGARET                        PA-51-4-109
PEARCE, MARY                            PA-51-10-587
PEARCE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-E-39
PEARLE, RICHARD                         PA-51-A-270
PEARSALL, EDWARD                        PA-51-D-77
PEARSALL, ROBERT                        PA-51-9-126
PEARSE, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-C-181
PEARSON, ANTHONY                        PA-51-X-713
PEARSON, JAMES                          PA-51-F-243
PEARSON, JAMES                          PA-51-5-44
PEARSON, JOHN                           PA-51-C-154
PEARSON, JOHN                           PA-51-U-304
PEARSON, JOSHUA                         PA-51-6-549
PEARSON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-6-352
PEARSON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-S-327
PEART, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-F-303
PEART, JANE                             PA-51-C-182
PEART, JANE                             PA-51-#1-229
PEART, MARY                             PA-51-6-325
PEART, RACHEL                           PA-51-P-81
PEART, THOMAS                           PA-51-D-414
PEART, THOMAS                           PA-51-X-301
PEASLEY, JONATHAN                       PA-51-G-147
PEATHERBRIDGE, MARY                     PA-51-10-145
PECHIN, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-R-296
PECK, CATHERINE                         PA-51-X-18
PECK, JOHN                              PA-51-Y-130
PEDDLE, GEORGE                          PA-51-3-1
PEEKY, CATHARINE                        PA-51-Y-60
PEEL, ANTHONY                           PA-51-F-125
PEEL, ANTHONY                           PA-51-F-118
PEEL, LYDIA                             PA-51-S-418
PEEL, OSWALD                            PA-51-N-274
PEET, JOHN                              PA-51-K-132
PEGG, DANIEL                            PA-51-E-235
PEGG, DANIEL                            PA-51-B-296
PEIFFER, JACOB                          PA-51-10-229
PEIRCE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Y-122
PEKEY, RUDOLPH                          PA-51-W-396
PELTS, SIMON                            PA-51-K-89
PELTZ, MARY                             PA-51-3-435
PELTZ, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-292
PEMBER, EDWARD                          PA-51-3-215
PEMBERTON, ANN                          PA-51-X-720
PEMBERTON, CHARLES                      PA-51-P-270
PEMBERTON, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-N-339
PEMBERTON, ESTHER                       PA-51-Q-358
PEMBERTON, HANNAH                       PA-51-3-461
PEMBERTON, ISRAEL                       PA-51-K-143
PEMBERTON, JAMES                        PA-51-2-446
PEMBERTON, JOHN                         PA-51-X-283
PEMBERTON, PHEBE                        PA-51-4-183
PEMBERTON, PHILADELPHIA                 PA-51-7-57
PEMBERTON, PHINEAS                      PA-51-B-183
PEMBERTON, RACHEL                       PA-51-N-284
PENEBACKER, PETER                       PA-51-O-543
PENINGTON, EDWARD                       PA-51-X-495
PENINGTON, SARAH                        PA-51-X-654
PENLER, JACOB                           PA-51-K-457
PENLY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-F-61
PENMAN, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-W-658
PENN, JOHN                              PA-51-H-295
PENN, JOHN SR                           PA-51-X-197
PENN, MARY                              PA-51-10-7
PENN, POMPY                             PA-51-Y-102
PENN, SPRINGETT                         PA-51-T-185
PENN, THOMAS                            PA-51-Q-154
PENN, WILLIAM                           PA-51-H-329
PENN, WILLIAM ESQ.                      PA-51-#1-238
PENNEGAR, MARGARET                      PA-51-5-305
PENNELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-X-469
PENNINGTON, MILES                       PA-51-R-144
PENNINGTON, THOMAS                      PA-51-Q-393
PENNINGTON, THOMAS                      PA-51-X-485
PENNOCK, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-B-114
PENNOCK, SMAUEL                         PA-51-K-205
PENROSE, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-51-C-285
PENROSE, CESER                          PA-51-10-364
PENROSE, HARRIET                        PA-51-Y-493
PENROSE, ISAAC                          PA-51-Q-440
PENROSE, JAMES                          PA-51-P-134
PENROSE, JONATHAN                       PA-51-Y-505
PENROSE, JOSEPH                         PA-51-#1-550
PENROSE, ROBERT                         PA-51-P-558
PENROSE, THOMAS                         PA-51-6-191
PENROSE, THOMAS JR.                     PA-51-X-119
PENSILL, DOROTHY                        PA-51-I-9
PENTON, ANNA MAGDALENA                  PA-51-Q-8
PEOPLES, DAVID                          PA-51-X-62
PEPER, JAMES                            PA-51-E-14
PEPPER, HENRY                           PA-51-2-254
PEPPER, MARTHA                          PA-51-X-470
PEPPER, PHIIP H.                        PA-51-7-525
PEPPER, PHILIP                          PA-51-Y-424
PERES, MARYMMAGDALENE                   PA-51-E-203
PERES, PETER                            PA-51-8-463
PERES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-D-146
PERHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-51-X-75
PERKINS, EBENEZER                       PA-51-B-456
PERKINS, MARY                           PA-51-5-284
PERKINS, SUSAN                          PA-51-7-539
PERKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-X-467
PERKS, EDMUND                           PA-51-E-216
PERNOT, JEAN BAPTISTE JR.               PA-51-X-512
PERREIN, DENIS                          PA-51-Y-449
PERRET, ROSETTE                         PA-51-Y-300
PERRIN, JOHN JOSEPH                     PA-51-W-509
PERRY, CHARLES                          PA-51-7-548
PERRY, JAMES                            PA-51-H-264
PERRY, ROBERT                           PA-51-F-89
PERRY, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-329
PERRYMAN, JOHN                          PA-51-T-431
PERSEN, AARON                           PA-51-7-124
PESOA, ISAAC SR.                        PA-51-3-47
PETER, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-X-31
PETER, JACOB                            PA-51-W-487
PETER, JOHN                             PA-51-W-596
PETER, SARAH                            PA-51-W-658
PETERS, CATHERINE                       PA-51-W-226
PETERS, ENOS                            PA-51-T-287
PETERS, EVAN                            PA-51-R-293
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-O-555
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-N-161
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-S-489
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-10-412
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-10-343
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-9-638
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-51-8-91
PETERS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-5-54
PETERS, MARY                            PA-51-X-218
PETERS, MARY                            PA-51-5-79
PETERS, MOSES                           PA-51-T-69
PETERS, REES                            PA-51-K-123
PETERS, REES                            PA-51-E-25
PETERS, RICHARD                         PA-51-Q-315
PETERS, RICHARD ESQ.                    PA-51-9-212
PETERS, SUSANNA                         PA-51-9-359
PETERSON, ADAM                          PA-51-B-279
PETERSON, HENRY                         PA-51-X-106
PETERSON, JACOB                         PA-51-7-181
PETERSON, JACOB                         PA-51-8-503
PETERSON, NICHOLAS                      PA-51-5-51
PETES, THOMAS SR.                       PA-51-D-417
PETIT, ADIEU                            PA-51-Y-125
PEUSCH, JACOB                           PA-51-9-706
PFAFF, GEORGE                           PA-51-8-234
PFEIFFER, GEORGE                        PA-51-#1-225
PFEIFFER, JOSEPH                        PA-51-#1-199
PFINGSTAG, JACOB                        PA-51-P-205
PFLAUME, FRANCIS                        PA-51-6-71
PFLEAGER, FREDERICK                     PA-51-2-39
PHEIFFER, HENRY                         PA-51-X-174
PHENIX, TELAMON                         PA-51-O-392
PHENY, SAMUEL (FREE NEGRO)              PA-51-G-274
PHERIS, JOHN                            PA-51-I-457
PHILE, JOHN                             PA-51-7-71
PHILIP, DAVID                           PA-51-H-423
PHILIP, HENRY                           PA-51-I-282
PHILIPPUS, MARY                         PA-51-K-167
PHILIPS, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-5-355
PHILIPS, CONRAD                         PA-51-2-94
PHILIPS, JOHN                           PA-51-G-152
PHILIPS, MERCY                          PA-51-E-266
PHILIPS, OWEN                           PA-51-I-401
PHILIPS, ROBERT                         PA-51-H-227
PHILIPS, VALENTINE                      PA-51-O-550
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-#1-272
PHILLIPS, EVAN                          PA-51-E-192
PHILLIPS, GEORGE                        PA-51-F-180
PHILLIPS, HENRY                         PA-51-6-17
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          PA-51-E-48
PHILLIPS, JONAS                         PA-51-#1-76
PHILLIPS, LEVY                          PA-51-10-232
PHILLIPS, LEWIS                         PA-51-C-374
PHILLIPS, MATTHEW                       PA-51-E-297
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                        PA-51-K-350
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                        PA-51-G-99
PHILLIPS, WILLCOX                       PA-51-W-416
PHILLRE, ANDREW                         PA-51-9-402
PHILPOT, MARY                           PA-51-I-309
PHILPOT, THOMS                          PA-51-8-642
PHILPOTT, WILLIAM                       PA-51-I-104
PHILSON, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-6-528
PHIM, THOMAS                            PA-51-Q-204
PHIPPPS, SQUIRE                         PA-51-9-195
PHIPPS, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-P-127
PHIPPS, ISAAC                           PA-51-2-128
PHIPPS, ISAAC                           PA-51-3-434
PHIPPS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-D-59
PHIPPS, STEPHEN                         PA-51-#1-356
PHIPPS, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-207
PHIPPS, THOMAS                          PA-51-10-350
PHISTER, GEORGE ADAM                    PA-51-W-474
PHOEN, CHRISTINA                        PA-51-P-247
PICKANDS, THOMAS                        PA-51-3-518
PICKERING, CHARLES                      PA-51-I-184
PICKERING, CHARLES                      PA-51-A-263
PICKERING, JAMES                        PA-51-X-88
PICKLES, JOHN                           PA-51-E-16
PICKLES, WILLIAM                        PA-51-C-35
PICKLES, WILLIAM                        PA-51-S-462
PIDGEON, JOSEPH                         PA-51-C-357
PIDGEON, RICHARD                        PA-51-K-95
PIERCE, HANNAH                          PA-51-10-680
PIERCE, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-52
PIERRE, JOHN                            PA-51-O-105
PIGLIN, MARY BARBARA                    PA-51-K-46
PIGOTT, ROBERT                          PA-51-N-235
PIKE, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-N-369
PIKE, JOSEPH                            PA-51-O-2
PILE, SAMUEL                            PA-51-3-544
PILE, SAMUEL                            PA-51-#1-211
PILKINTON, THOMAS                       PA-51-U-79
PILMORE, JOSEPH D. D.                   PA-51-8-454
PINE, LAZARUS                           PA-51-R-326
PINE, ROBERT EDGE                       PA-51-U-357
PINKERTON, LYDIA                        PA-51-4-16
PINTARD, ABIGAIL                        PA-51-7-98
PINYARD, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Q-223
PINYARD, MATTHIAS                       PA-51-#1-81
PIPER, IMICHAEL                         PA-51-R-373
PIPER, MICHEL                           PA-51-5-360
PIPER, PETER                            PA-51-Y-244
PISSELY, ROBERT                         PA-51-R-499
PITT, MARY                              PA-51-P-304
PITT, THOMAS                            PA-51-X-446
PITTS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Q-398
PLANKINHORN, JACOB                      PA-51-8-286
PLATT, WILLIAM                          PA-51-8-645
PLEADWELL, EDWARD                       PA-51-I-164
PLEASANTS, MARY                         PA-51-7-292
PLEASANTS, SAMUEL                       PA-51-2-207
PLIM, GEORGE                            PA-51-Q-40
PLIM, GEORGE                            PA-51-P-451
PLUM, JULY ANN                          PA-51-10-406
PLUMLEY, CHARLES                        PA-51-C-147
PLUMLY, GEORGE                          PA-51-K-140
PLUMLY, JAMES                           PA-51-B-228
PLUMSTEAD, CLEMENT                      PA-51-G-211
PLUMSTED, MARY                          PA-51-Y-241
PLUMSTED, MARY                          PA-51-K-256
PLUMSTED, WILLIAM                       PA-51-O-335
PLUNKET, JAMES                          PA-51-P-439
PLUNKETT, ROBERT                        PA-51-R-180
POACAN, VALENTINE                       PA-51-X-652
POCK, ARCHIBALD                         PA-51-I-395
POHT, HENRY                             PA-51-5-162
POINCY, PETER                           PA-51-6-196
POKE, ALLEN                             PA-51-O-105
POLDWINE, JEREMIAH                      PA-51-O-214
POLE, ANN                               PA-51-#1-196
POLE, JOHN                              PA-51-K-245
POLGREEN, THOMAS                        PA-51-E-143
POLLK, JEHOSAPHAT                       PA-51-Y-545
POLLOCK, JOHN                           PA-51-6-445
POLLOCK, LUCETTA                        PA-51-#1-258
POMMINS, PATRICK                        PA-51-Q-386
POND, MARY                              PA-51-10-134
POOL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-C-339
POOLE, LAWRENCE                         PA-51-I-13
POPE, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-2-433
POPE, JOHN                              PA-51-10-116
PORTENS, IVIE                           PA-51-U-88
PORTER, CATHARINE                       PA-51-4-39
PORTER, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-471
PORTER, MARY                            PA-51-X-244
PORTER, ROBERT                          PA-51-T-128
PORTER, THOMAS                          PA-51-F-245
PORTER, THOMAS C.                       PA-51-4-121
PORTERFIELD, RACHEL                     PA-51-7-588
PORTNES, JAMES                          PA-51-F-24
POSENSKE, WILLIAM                       PA-51-8-160
POST, JULIANA                           PA-51-W-361
POSTLETHWAITE, JOHN                     PA-51-I-139
POTE, MATTHIAS                          PA-51-6-584
POTH, CONRAD                            PA-51-9-114
POTH, JOHN                              PA-51-S-492
POTTER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-6-358
POTTER, RICHARD C.                      PA-51-9-335
POTTER, WILLIAM W.                      PA-51-10-357
POTTS, ANNA                             PA-51-7-311
POTTS, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-7-529
POTTS, DAVID                            PA-51-E-142
POTTS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-8-404
POTTS, JAMES                            PA-51-7-214
POTTS, JOHN                             PA-51-O-245
POTTS, JOHN                             PA-51-O-29
POTTS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-#1-186
POTTS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-O-497
POTTS, MERIAM                           PA-51-Q-24
POTTS, NATHAN                           PA-51-K-201
POTTS, SARAH                            PA-51-9-24
POTTS, STACY                            PA-51-9-716
POTTS, SUSAN                            PA-51-9-67
POTTS, THOMAS                           PA-51-D-133
POTTS, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-36
POTTS, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-8
POULTNEY, THOMAS JR.                    PA-51-Y-711
POUND, GEORGE MICHAEL                   PA-51-10-82
POUND, JACOB                            PA-51-T-213
POUND, JOHN                             PA-51-D-95
POUND, ROBERT                           PA-51-C-211
POWELL, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-9-422
POWELL, EVAN                            PA-51-H-341
POWELL, HOWELL                          PA-51-E-182
POWELL, MARTHA                          PA-51-9-106
POWELL, MARY                            PA-51-D-110
POWELL, SAMUEL                          PA-51-K-422
POWELL, SAMUEL                          PA-51-I-231
POWELL, SAMUEL                          PA-51-W-569
POWELL, SAMUELJ R.                      PA-51-H-396
POWELL, SARAH                           PA-51-2-367
POWELL, THOMAS                          PA-51-G-237
POWELL, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-14
POWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-7-81
POWELL, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-51-E-214
POWER, AUGUSTINE                        PA-51-S-116
POWER, EDWARD                           PA-51-Q-454
POWERS, EDMOND                          PA-51-2-547
POYNTELL, WILLIAM                       PA-51-3-519
PRADDEL, JEAN BAPTISTE                  PA-51-10-21
PRAHL, LEWIS                            PA-51-2-288
PRAHL, SARAH                            PA-51-7-513
PRAHL, SOPHIA                           PA-51-6-385
PRATCHETT, ANN                          PA-51-4-3
PRATT, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-C-185
PRATT, JOHN                             PA-51-D-6
PRATT, MARGARET                         PA-51-Y-440
PREAS, RICHARD                          PA-51-D-98
PRENTZELL, CHARLES SAMUEL               PA-51-9-112
PRESLOR, GEORGE                         PA-51-6-574
PRESLY, JOHN                            PA-51-R-175
PRESOTN, JAMES                          PA-51-3-366
PRESOTN, RICHARD                        PA-51-E-120
PRESS, REES                             PA-51-B-50
PRESTON, ANN                            PA-51-E-198
PRESTON, PAUL                           PA-51-E-198
PRESTON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-G-68
PRESTON, SARAH                          PA-51-#1-68
PRESTON, THOMAS                         PA-51-Q-232
PRESTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-7-197
PRESTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-K-41
PRESTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-F-194
PRESTON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-D-80
PRESTON, WILLIAM JR.                    PA-51-7-67
PREVOST, CATHARINE                      PA-51-6-225
PREVOST, HENRY M.                       PA-51-7-35
PRICE, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-N-494
PRICE, EDWARD                           PA-51-3-421
PRICE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-2-461
PRICE, GEORGE                           PA-51-U-490
PRICE, HANNAH                           PA-51-7-475
PRICE, ISAAC                            PA-51-C-51
PRICE, ISAAC                            PA-51-F-68
PRICE, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-134
PRICE, JOHN                             PA-51-F-135
PRICE, JOSEPH                           PA-51-R-498
PRICE, MARGARET                         PA-51-F-71
PRICE, PHILIP                           PA-51-D-175
PRICE, REBECCA                          PA-51-7-627
PRICE, REBECCA                          PA-51-7-363
PRICE, REESE                            PA-51-Q-536
PRICE, RICHARD                          PA-51-7-491
PRICE, SARAH                            PA-51-O-160
PRICE, SARAH                            PA-51-6-573
PRICE, SARAH ANN                        PA-51-10-635
PRICE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-N-390
PRICE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-G-200
PRICE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-Y-450
PRICHARD, BARBARA                       PA-51-B-32
PRICHARD, GRIFFITH                      PA-51-H-459
PRICHARD, RICHARD                       PA-51-O-373
PRICHARD, THOMAS                        PA-51-A-419
PRICHETT, ANN CATHARINE                 PA-51-8-124
PRICHETT, ELIZABETH B.                  PA-51-10-403
PRICHETT, ROWLAND                       PA-51-R-558
PRICHETT, THOMAS                        PA-51-6-555
PRICHETT, WILLIAM B.                    PA-51-10-116
PRICKETT, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-51-X-192
PRIEST, JOHN                            PA-51-W-12
PRIEST, SARAH                           PA-51-X-675
PRIGG, RICHAD                           PA-51-D-130
PRILLEN, AMY                            PA-51-G-61
PRINCE, MICHAEL                         PA-51-E-373
PRINGLE, ROBERT                         PA-51-Q-207
PROUD, ROBERT                           PA-51-5-291
PROVENCHERE, PETER                      PA-51-9-689
PROWELL, JOSEPH                         PA-51-#1-315
PROWELL, THOMAS                         PA-51-N-431
PRUNER, JOHN                            PA-51-P-413
PRYOR, LATITIA                          PA-51-Y-317
PRYOR, THOMAS                           PA-51-Y-519
PUCKLE, NATHANIEL                       PA-51-C-43
PUDVINE, JAMES                          PA-51-5-228
PUFF, VALENTIN                          PA-51-Q-14
PUGH, CATHARINE                         PA-51-2-469
PUGH, CATHARINE                         PA-51-F-58
PUGH, DAVID                             PA-51-F-74
PUGH, ELLIS                             PA-51-D-116
PUGH, EVAN                              PA-51-E-90
PUGH, HENRY                             PA-51-F-306
PUGH, HENRY                             PA-51-E-154
PUGH, HUGH                              PA-51-I-119
PUGH, JOHN                              PA-51-K-165
PUGH, MICHAEL                           PA-51-P-330
PUGH, RICHARD                           PA-51-D-37
PUGH, THOMAS                            PA-51-D-368
PUGH, WILLIAM                           PA-51-C-120
PULLAN, FRANCIS                         PA-51-F-334
PULLINGER, JACOB                        PA-51-4-241
PURNELL, LAMBERT                        PA-51-S-122
PURVES, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-695
PURVIS, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-9-72
PURVIS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-189
PURVIS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-9-5
PUTT, FRANCIS                           PA-51-9-79
PYEWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-O-354

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