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EACKER, ANDREW                         WHITHAM                                 PA-51-I-36
EACLE, HENRY                           BEDMINSTER, BUCKS, PA                   PA-51-N-223
EADY, MARY                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-100
EAGLESFIELD, BERNARD                   PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-231
EAKIN, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-226
EARDLEY, WILLIAM                       NEW YORK CITY, NY                       PA-51-O-242
EASBY, JOHN WARD                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-39
EASTBOURN, ANN                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-149
EASTBURN, ESTHER                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-125
EASTBURN, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-51-Q-109
EASTBURN, JOHN                         UPPER MERION                            PA-51-P-302
EASTBURN, MARGARET                     NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-F-168
EASTBURN, ROBERT                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-361
EASTBURN, ROBERT                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-259
EASTLACK, ANN                          PHILADLEPHIA                            PA-51-5-246
EASTMAN, MARTIN                        GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-X-705
EATHERMAN, JOHN                        LOWER MERION                            PA-51-R-336
EATON, EDWARD                          ABINGTON                                PA-51-C-186
EATON, GEORGE SR.                      LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-N-165
EATON, JACOB                           MONTGOMERY                              PA-51-I-298
EATON, JANE                            DUBLIN                                  PA-51-D-402
EATON, JOSEPH                          MOUNT GOMEZY                            PA-51-I-116
EATTON, GEORGE                         DUBLIN                                  PA-51-C-41
EBERHARD, GEORGE                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-532
EBERT, JOST                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-248
EBLING, JOHN                           NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-#1-304
ECK, CATHARINE                         NTL                                     PA-51-#1-416
ECKART, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-293
ECKER, CHRISTOPHER                     NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-H-490
ECKLEY, SARAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-213
ECKSTEIN, JOHN                         GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-N-63
EDDLEMAN, GEORGE                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-687
EDDY, JAMES                            NTL                                     PA-51-O-410
EDDY, WILLIAM                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-391
EDEL, CHRISTIAN                        GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-P-174
EDELMAN, ISAAC                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-328
EDGAR, CHARLES                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-160
EDGAR, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-24
EDGE, ABIGAIL                          EAST CALN, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-S-13
EDGE, ANDREW                           NORTH LIBERTIES                         PA-51-I-1
EDGE, JOHN                             NETHER PROVIDENCE, CHESTER, PA          PA-51-C-247
EDGE, ROBERT                           NTL                                     PA-51-H-178
EDGECOME, NATHANIEL SR.                PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-70
EDGELL, REBECCA                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-281
EDGELL, SIMON                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-298
EDGELL, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-549
EDWARD, JOHN                           UPPER MERION                            PA-51-D-372
EDWARD, JOHN AP                        SEE: AP EDWARD, JOHN                    PA-51-A-37
EDWARD, JOHN AP                        NTL                                     PA-51-A-38
EDWARD, JOHN AP                        NTL                                     PA-51-B-270
EDWARD, PHILIP                         CHARLESTOWN, CHESTER, PA                PA-51-K-122
EDWARD, WILLIAM                        BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-D-25
EDWARDS, ALEXANDER                     OXFORD                                  PA-51-S-15
EDWARDS, ALEXANDER ESQ.                LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-R-66
EDWARDS, ALEXANDER SR.                 MONTGOMERY                              PA-51-C-298
EDWARDS, ENOCH                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-701
EDWARDS, JEMIMA                        LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-2-201
EDWARDS, JEMIMA                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-226
EDWARDS, JESSE                         OXFORD                                  PA-51-5-27
EDWARDS, JOHN                          MONTGOEMRY                              PA-51-G-240
EDWARDS, JOHN                          NTL, BUCKS, PA                          PA-51-K-296
EDWARDS, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-51-O-100
EDWARDS, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-51-K-387
EDWARDS, JOHN                          HORSAM                                  PA-51-I-207
EDWARDS, JOHN                          NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-O-159
EDWARDS, MARGARET                      PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-277
EDWARDS, MARSHALL                      BYBERRY                                 PA-51-R-177
EDWARDS, MARTHA                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-490
EDWARDS, MARY                          OXFORD                                  PA-51-P-143
EDWARDS, MARY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-209
EDWARDS, MORRIS                        NTL                                     PA-51-H-120
EDWARDS, MOSES                         WILLISTOWN, CHESTER, PA                 PA-51-D-333
EDWARDS, PHILIP                        NETHER PROVIDENCE, DELAWARE, PA         PA-51-2-61
EDWARDS, ROBERT                        NEW BRISTOL, BUCKS, PA                  PA-51-C-277
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       LOWER MILFORD                           PA-51-N-219
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       LOWER DUBLIN                            PA-51-W-56
EGAN, MICHAEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-294
EGBERT, GEORGE                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-265
EGG, JOSEPH                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-166
EGGES, NICOLAUS                        SPRINGFIELD, BUCKS, PA                  PA-51-U-511
EHRHARD, PHILLIP                       NTL                                     PA-51-F-152
EHRLICK, GEORGE                        NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-467
EIGELBERGER, BASTIAN                   NEW HANOVER                             PA-51-R-43
EISENBREY, JOHN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-607
EISENRING, GEORGE                      NTL                                     PA-51-3-552
EISINBRY, PETER                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-R-159
ELCHNER, GEORGE                        OLY                                     PA-51-I-243
ELDER, JAMES                           ARMY                                    PA-51-Q-526
ELFRETH, HANNAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-136
ELFRETH, JEREMIAH SR.                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-340
ELFRETH, JOSIAH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-541
ELFRITH, RACHEL                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-45
ELINGER, JACOB                         UPPER SALFORD                           PA-51-R-515
ELIOT, MARY                            CROYDON, SURRY, ENGLAND                 PA-51-5-181
ELKENTON, THOMAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-345
ELLEN, ALRICK                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-18
ELLETT, JOHN                           KINGSESS                                PA-51-E-312
ELLETT, PETER                          CARCUSKOOKE                             PA-51-A-96
ELLING, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-375
ELLIOT, JOHN                           PLYMOUTH                                PA-51-P-228
ELLIOT, PETER                          NTL                                     PA-51-O-431
ELLIOTT, CHRISOTPHER                   KINGSESS                                PA-51-T-447
ELLIOTT, GEORGE                        PETERSBURG, NTL, VA                     PA-51-S-136
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-199
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-247
ELLIS, BENJAMIN                        NTL, KENT, MD                           PA-51-D-207
ELLIS, CATHERINE                       GWYNEAD                                 PA-51-O-430
ELLIS, ELLIS                           UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-K-238
ELLIS, ELLIS                           HAVERFORD, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-C-28
ELLIS, HUMPHREY                        WHIFPAIN                                PA-51-G-264
ELLIS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-292
ELLIS, JOSEPH                          PLYMOUTH                                PA-51-H-522
ELLIS, MARGRET                         RADNOR, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-N-473
ELLIS, RACHEL                          HAVERFORD, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-D-76
ELLIS, REUBEN                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-93
ELLIS, THEODORE                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-F-66
ELLISON, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-301
ELLISS, ELLIEN                         HAVERFORD                               PA-51-A-223
ELTON, SUSANNAH                        NTL                                     PA-51-B-261
ELTON, WILLIAM                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-B-258
EMERICK, DEWALT                        KENSINGTON                              PA-51-4-101
EMERSON, CALEB                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-43
EMES, WORSELY                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-718
EMLEN, CALEB                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-613
EMLEN, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-C-235
EMLEN, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-213
EMLEN, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-242
EMLEN, JOSHUA                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Q-303
EMLEN, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-305
EMLEN, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-265
EMLIN, CALEB                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-20
EMLIN, MARY                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-119
EMMERT, HENRY                          MANHEIM, LANCASTER, PA                  PA-51-#1-341
EMPSON, WILLIAM                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-534
EMRICK, JOHAN MICHAEL                  TULPEHOKIN, LANCASTER, PA               PA-51-G-134
EMRIGH, PETER                          GWYNEDD                                 PA-51-P-295
EMRY, JOHN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-109
ENDT, JOHN THEOBALD                    NTL                                     PA-51-O-171
ENES, ALEXANDER                        BENTON                                  PA-51-C-153
ENGAR, PHILIP                          UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-P-441
ENGELFRIED, WILLIAM                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-42
ENGERS, JACOB                          NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-K-39
ENGERS, JOHN                           NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-H-285
ENGLAND, JANE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-126
ENGLAND, JOSEPH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-E-214
ENGLAND, THOMAS                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-83
ENGLAND, WILLIAM                       BLOCKLEY                                PA-51-Y-158
ENGLE, ANN                             SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-2-243
ENGLE, ARCHIBALD                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-480
ENGLE, CATHARINE                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-420
ENGLE, CHARLES                         GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-2-487
ENGLE, CORNELIUS                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Q-188
ENGLE, JACO                            NTL                                     PA-51-O-327
ENGLE, JACOB                           GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-Y-139
ENGLE, JACOB                           WORCESTER                               PA-51-G-81
ENGLE, JESSE                           GEMANTOWN                               PA-51-Y-391
ENGLE, JOHN                            GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-X-299
ENGLE, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-523
ENGLE, PAUL                            GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-W-333
ENGLE, PAUL SR.                        GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-O-447
ENGLE, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER                               PA-51-I-489
ENGLEHARD, NICHOLAS ADAM               OLEY                                    PA-51-G-155
ENGLEHART, LUDWIG                      GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-S-326
ENGLER, SILAS                          SOUTHWARK                               PA-51-#1-295
ENGLISH, HANNAH                        NTL                                     PA-51-F-31
ENOCH, HERMAN                          NTL                                     PA-51-O-369
ENSWORTH, EPHRAIM                      SHIP, BENNETT                           PA-51-S-230
ENT, JOHN                              GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-X-156
ENT, THEOBALD                          GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-X-50
EPPLE, ANDREAS                         SALFORD                                 PA-51-G-62
EPPLE, FREDERICK                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-518
ERB, LAWRENCE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-I-244
ERBEN, ADAM                            NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-R-437
ERHARD, DEITER                         NTL                                     PA-51-O-501
ERRINGER, PHILIP                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-Y-311
ERSKINE, WILLIAM                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-54
ERTSBERGER, JACOB                      NTL, LANCASTER, PA                      PA-51-H-22
ERVIN, MARGARET                        PASOYUNK                                PA-51-W-51
ERWIN, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-9
ERWIN, JAMES                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-529
ERWIN, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-406
ERWIN, ROBERT                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-410
ERWIN, SAMUEL                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-333
ESLING, NICHOLAS                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-158
ESLING, PAUL                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-38
ESSER, ANNA ELIZABETH                  PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-261
ESWINE, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-O-224
ETERIS, JOHN                           WHITEMARSH                              PA-51-T-60
ETTRIS, DOROTHY                        WHITPAIN, MONTGOMERY, PA                PA-51-W-29
ETTWEIN, JACOB                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-245
EVAN, ANN                              LYMERICK                                PA-51-D-160
EVAN, DAVID                            RADNOR, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-C-206
EVAN, DAVID                            HAVERFORD, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-C-29
EVAN, OWEN                             GWYNEDD                                 PA-51-D-375
EVAN, ROBERT                           NTL                                     PA-51-Q-69
EVAN, ROBERT                           NTL                                     PA-51-H-156
EVAN, THOMAS JOHN                      RADNOR, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-C-59
EVAN, WILLIAM                          TREDYFRYN, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-E-314
EVANS, ANN                             ABINGTON                                PA-51-K-138
EVANS, BENJAMIN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-342
EVANS, CADWALLADER                     PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-434
EVANS, CALEB                           NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-H-109
EVANS, DANIEL                          NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-Q-216
EVANS, DAVID                           TREDYFUN, CHESTER, PA                   PA-51-I-461
EVANS, DAVID                           NTL                                     PA-51-H-80
EVANS, DAVID                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-S-467
EVANS, DAVID                           TREDYFRIN, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-P-123
EVANS, EDARD                           ABINGTON                                PA-51-E-2
EVANS, ELIZABETH                       PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-117
EVANS, ELIZABETH                       GERMANTOWN                              PA-51-4-250
EVANS, EVAN                            GWYNEAD                                 PA-51-H-287
EVANS, EVAN                            GWYNEDD                                 PA-51-E-89
EVANS, EVAN                            TREDYFIRN, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-P-356
EVANS, GEORGE                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-356
EVANS, GRIFFITH                        NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-O-212
EVANS, GRIFFITH                        NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-Q-75
EVANS, HANNAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-508
EVANS, HENRY                           HORSHAM                                 PA-51-F-117
EVANS, HUGH                            GWYNEDD                                 PA-51-E-300
EVANS, HUGH                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-P-277
EVANS, ISAAC                           NORRITON                                PA-51-P-452
EVANS, ISAIAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-241
EVANS, ISSACHER                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-U-460
EVANS, JACOB                           PHILADELPHIA (FORGED WILL)              PA-51-B-73
EVANS, JANE                            LIMERICK                                PA-51-N-493
EVANS, JENKIN                          MONTGOMERY                              PA-51-P-10
EVANS, JOHN                            GWNEADD                                 PA-51-K-548
EVANS, JOHN                            RADNOR, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-C-65
EVANS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-G-322
EVANS, JOHN                            RADNOR, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-C-119
EVANS, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-274
EVANS, JOHN ESQ.                       LONDON BRITTAIN, CHESTER, ENGLAND       PA-51-S-475
EVANS, JONATHAN                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-187
EVANS, JOSHUA                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-610
EVANS, LEWIS                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-420
EVANS, LEWIS                           TREDYFRYN, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-E-237
EVANS, MARY                            GWYNEDE                                 PA-51-O-387
EVANS, MARY                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-140
EVANS, METHUSLEM                       UPPER DUBLIN                            PA-51-R-248
EVANS, MORDECAI                        LIMERICK                                PA-51-S-436
EVANS, OWEN                            LIMERICK                                PA-51-K-128
EVANS, OWEN                            GWYNNED                                 PA-51-K-527
EVANS, PETER                           NTL                                     PA-51-H-15
EVANS, PHILLIS                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-39
EVANS, REBECCA                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-T-535
EVANS, RICHARD                         NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-K-236
EVANS, ROBERT                          MERION                                  PA-51-K-137
EVANS, ROBERT                          HILLTOWN, BUCKS, PA                     PA-51-H-476
EVANS, ROBERT                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-2-515
EVANS, SAMUEL                          NORTHERN LIBERTIES                      PA-51-S-160
EVANS, SAMUEL                          NORRITON                                PA-51-Q-16
EVANS, SARAH                           MONTGOMERY                              PA-51-O-165
EVANS, SARAH                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-4-145
EVANS, STEPHEN                         NTL, CHESTER, PA                        PA-51-K-181
EVANS, SUSANNA                         PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-5-49
EVANS, THOMAS                          FREDYFRUN, CHESTER, PA                  PA-51-G-266
EVANS, THOMAS                          GWYNEDD                                 PA-51-T-13
EVANS, THOMAS                          UPPER PROVIDENCE                        PA-51-C-217
EVANS, WILLIAM                         WILLIS, CHESTER, PA                     PA-51-G-255
EVELEIGH, NICHOLAS ESQ.                PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-W-122
EVENS, THOMAS                          BRIG. HELKER                            PA-51-S-106
EVERETT, JOSEPH                        PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-D-143
EVERHART, CHARLOTTE                    PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-3-317
EVERHART, GEORGE DAVID                 PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-306
EVERLY, JOHN                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-92
EVERLY, SARAH                          PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Y-349
EVERNDON, NATHANIEL                    WICACOE                                 PA-51-D-169
EWALT, HENRY                           NEW PROVIDENCE                          PA-51-R-480
EWER, JOHN                             LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              PA-51-S-303
EWER, ROBERT                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-A-370
EWING, AMELIA                          LAMBERTON, NJ                           PA-51-4-136
EWING, WILLIAM                         BRISTOL, BUCKS, PA                      PA-51-3-285
EXLEY, JOHN                            PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-#1-156
EYRE, BENJAMIN GEORGE                  KENSINGTON                              PA-51-U-313
EYRE, GEORGE                           PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-511
EYRE, JEHU                             KENSINGTON                              PA-51-S-3
EYRE, JOHN                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-K-367
EYRE, MANUEL                           KENSINGTON                              PA-51-#1-398
EYRE, MARY                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-X-241
EYRE, MARY                             PHILADELPHIA                            PA-51-Q-416

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