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YARD, JOHN                              PA-51-E-248
YARD, JOSEPH                            PA-51-D-51
YARD, LEWIS                             PA-51-2-316
YARD, MARY                              PA-51-7-335
YARDLEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-B-287
YARDLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-B-291
YARNALL, HANNAH                         PA-51-7-518
YARNALL, NATHAN                         PA-51-7-416
YARNALL, PETER                          PA-51-X-702
YATES, ANN                              PA-51-4-300
YEAGER, CASPAR                          PA-51-S-191
YEAGER, JOHN                            PA-51-7-317
YEAKLE, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-O-282
YEAKLE, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-3-178
YEASLEY, JOHN                           PA-51-C-103
YELDALL, JANE                           PA-51-E-171
YELDALL, ROBERT                         PA-51-D-42
YELLIS, JOHN                            PA-51-R-312
YEOMAN, DAVID                           PA-51-U-465
YERBURY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-F-114
YERGER, JOHN                            PA-51-9-674
YERGER, MARTIN                          PA-51-S-29
YERGER, PETER                           PA-51-K-38
YERKE, EDWARD                           PA-51-R-534
YERKES, HERMAN                          PA-51-I-368
YESTERS, CHARLES                        PA-51-8-409
YHOST, EZEKIEL                          PA-51-10-166
YOACUM, PETER                           PA-51-O-50
YOCAM, JUDA                             PA-51-E-33
YOCKLEY, GEORGE                         PA-51-Y-284
YOCOM, PETER                            PA-51-K-90
YOCOM, PETER                            PA-51-K-75
YOCUM, CHARLES                          PA-51-F-209
YOCUM, JOHN                             PA-51-E-32
YOCUM, MOUNTS                           PA-51-D-300
YOCUM, PETER                            PA-51-P-344
YOCUM, PETER                            PA-51-B-206
YONKER, DANIEL                          PA-51-9-516
YOUNG, ANDREW                           PA-51-9-71
YOUNG, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-9-148
YOUNG, CATHARINE                        PA-51-9-76
YOUNG, ELINOR                           PA-51-#1-99
YOUNG, EVE                              PA-51-7-134
YOUNG, GEORGE                           PA-51-Y-99
YOUNG, JACOB                            PA-51-A-439
YOUNG, JACOB                            PA-51-2-227
YOUNG, JACOB                            PA-51-5-83
YOUNG, JAMES                            PA-51-9-1?
YOUNG, JAMES C.                         PA-51-7-121
YOUNG, JAMES ESQ.                       PA-51-R-226
YOUNG, JEREMIAH                         PA-51-9-72
YOUNG, JOANNA                           PA-51-U-534
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-51-X-681
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-51-S-61
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-51-N-139
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-7
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-51-6-447
YOUNG, JOHN HENRY                       PA-51-9-158
YOUNG, JOHN PETER                       PA-51-8-615
YOUNG, JOHN PETER                       PA-51-T-415
YOUNG, JOHN SR.                         PA-51-U-559
YOUNG, MARGARET                         PA-51-9-243
YOUNG, MICHAEL                          PA-51-7-591
YOUNG, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-Y-2
YOUNG, PETER                            PA-51-6-180
YOUNG, PETER                            PA-51-P-512
YOUNG, PETER                            PA-51-Q-531
YOUNG, PHILIP                           PA-51-#1-91
YOUNG, PHILIP                           PA-51-Y-726
YOUNG, SAMUEL SR.                       PA-51-4-53
YOUNG, THOMAS                           PA-51-6-607
YOUNG, WENDLE                           PA-51-R-295
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-322
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-51-T-130
YOUNG, WILLIAM JR.                      PA-51-T-162
YOUNGBLOOD, JOHN                        PA-51-Q-133
YOUNGMAN, DILDRICK                      PA-51-H-96
YOUNKER, YOST                           PA-51-5-255
YSERLO, OTTO                            PA-51-K-18
ZACHARY, JOHN                           PA-51-K-170
ZACHARY, LOYD (DR.)                     PA-51-K-483
ZAHRENS, ANTHONY                        PA-51-6-607
ZANE, JESSE                             PA-51-T-30
ZANE, JOEL                              PA-51-8-152
ZANE, JONATHAN                          PA-51-T-270
ZANE, MARY                              PA-51-U-234
ZANE, SARAH                             PA-51-7-288
ZEBLEY, JACOB                           PA-51-9-142
ZEHICHAEL                               PA-51-O-95
ZEIGENFOOS, JACOB                       PA-51-N-208
ZEIGLER, MARTHA BARBARA                 PA-51-K-381
ZEIGLER, MICHAEL SR.                    PA-51-N-454
ZEISS, DANIEL                           PA-51-10-141
ZELL, PHILIP                            PA-51-8-567
ZELLER, ANNA MARIA                      PA-51-W-17
ZELLER, JOHN                            PA-51-F-60
ZELLER, JOHN                            PA-51-R-127
ZELLER, PHILIP                          PA-51-7-439
ZELLEY, DANIEL                          PA-51-7-130
ZEPERNIAK, GODFREY                      PA-51-#1-201
ZIEGLER, JACOB                          PA-51-I-361
ZIGLER, JACOB                           PA-51-7-603
ZIMERMAN, JACOB                         PA-51-2-99
ZIMMERMAN, CATHARINE                    PA-51-2-240
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-I-313
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-51-S-146
ZIMMERMAN, JEMIMA                       PA-51-6-471
ZIMMERMAN, MARY MARGARET                PA-51-D-433
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL                      PA-51-F-197
ZIRKLE, LODWICK                         PA-51-H-207
ZOLLINGER, ALLERY                       PA-51-S-196
ZORNS, PHILIP                           PA-51-#1-361
ZUPER, JOHN                             PA-51-F-184
ZWITZER, JACOB                          PA-51-H-231

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