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SADLER, CONRAD                          PA-51-I-56
SADLER, ELEANOR                         PA-51-8-571
SADLER, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-339
SADLER, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-X-721
SADOWSKY, ANTONY                        PA-51-E-372
SAGER, WILLIAM F.                       PA-51-8-515
SAGERS, JOSEPH                          PA-51-9-70
SAHLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-R-96
SAIDER, ADAM                            PA-51-F-16
SALAIGNAC, SEVERIN ANTONIE              PA-51-7-150
SALLOWO, RICHARD                        PA-51-F-272
SALOMON, JOHANNES                       PA-51-W-241
SALTAR, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-6-611
SALTAR, JOHN                            PA-51-3-352
SALTAR, SARAH                           PA-51-T-277
SALTAR, THOMAS                          PA-51-U-513
SALTER, ANNA                            PA-51-A-91
SALTER, JOHN                            PA-51-A-90
SALTER, LAWRENCE                        PA-51-#1-6
SALTER, LUCY                            PA-51-8-525
SALTEREICH, DAVID                       PA-51-#1-97
SALWAY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-A-302
SAMMS, NATHANIEL                        PA-51-X-491
SAMUEL, JOHN                            PA-51-P-254
SAMUEL, NICHOLAS                        PA-51-9-299
SANCHEZ, PHILIP                         PA-51-Y-482
SANDER, JOHN                            PA-51-R-90
SANDERS, EDWARD                         PA-51-C-351
SANDERS, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-C-34
SANDERS, GEORGE                         PA-51-7-213
SANDERS, JOHN                           PA-51-I-397
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-275
SANDES, CHARLES                         PA-51-A-544
SANDFORD, THOMAS HARRIS                 PA-51-8-391
SANDHAM, ELZIABETH                      PA-51-2-354
SANDIFORD, RALPH                        PA-51-E-241
SANDIFORD, ROWLAND                      PA-51-9-105
SANDS, JAMES                            PA-51-R-569
SANDS, RICHARDSON                       PA-51-S-234
SANDWITH, MARY                          PA-51-6-148
SANGER, RICHARD                         PA-51-E-13
SANKEY, CHARLES                         PA-51-7-149
SANSFELDER, PHILIP                      PA-51-O-129
SANSOM, JOSEPH                          PA-51-9-39
SANSOM, SAMUEL                          PA-51-9-234
SARGENT, JOHN SR.                       PA-51-W-490
SARGENT, WINTHROP                       PA-51-7-225
SASCKERS, JOHN                          PA-51-W-228
SAUNDERS, FRANCIS                       PA-51-3-399
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-18
SAUNDERS, JOSEPH                        PA-51-W-222
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                       PA-51-G-96
SAUNDERSON, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-51-N-252
SAVAGE, DARBY                           PA-51-R-463
SAVAGE, JOHN                            PA-51-R-482
SAVAGE, SAMUEL                          PA-51-D-163
SAVAGE, SAMUEL SR.                      PA-51-C-66
SAVERN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-224
SAVERY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-T-539
SAVIDGE, JOHN                           PA-51-8-415
SAVIDGE, MARY SALOME                    PA-51-7-387
SAVILLE, SAMUEL                         PA-51-Y-414
SAWER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-W-49
SAWYER, LEWDEN                          PA-51-6-580
SAXEY, FREDERICK                        PA-51-Q-63
SAXTON, CHARLES                         PA-51-5-301
SAXTON, CHARLES                         PA-51-10-163
SAY, BENJAMIN                           PA-51-5-56
SAY, THOMAS                             PA-51-X-429
SAY, WILLIAM                            PA-51-D-15
SAYLOR, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-W-650
SAYRE, DAVID                            PA-51-S-439
SCAIFE, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-#1-293
SCANTLING, CATHARINE                    PA-51-2-503
SCARR, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-46
SCARTH, TIMOTHY                         PA-51-K-286
SCATTERGOOD, REBECCA                    PA-51-Y-308
SCATTERGOOD, THOMAS                     PA-51-5-249
SCHAEFFER, GEORGE                       PA-51-6-639
SCHAFFER, DAVID                         PA-51-T-542
SCHAFFER, DAVID                         PA-51-T-494
SCHAFFER, JACOB                         PA-51-G-101
SCHARR, ANNA MARY                       PA-51-O-372
SCHEER, JOHN (CAPT.)                    PA-51-7-611
SCHELLINCK, JOHN                        PA-51-9-45
SCHENCK, GEORGE                         PA-51-R-36
SCHEPPACH, JOHNJACOB                    PA-51-6-604
SCHIESER, JOHN I.                       PA-51-10-475
SCHINCKLE, MARIA H.                     PA-51-9-65
SCHISSLER, ADAM                         PA-51-R-274
SCHIVELY, ANN                           92-85
SCHIVELY, JOHN                          PA-51-10-152
SCHIVELY, JOSHUA                        PA-51-9-561
SCHLAG, HENRY                           PA-51-9-61
SCHLALTER, MICHAEL                      PA-51-W-41
SCHLATTER, ESTHER                       PA-51-4-50
SCHLECHTER, ANDREW                      PA-51-8-482
SCHLEE, JOHN                            PA-51-G-204
SCHLEER, JOHANNES                       PA-51-I-193
SCHLEIGHER, GEORGE                      PA-51-W-501
SCHLENTZ, GEORGE                        PA-51-6-294
SCHLESSMAN, HENRY                       PA-51-#1-378
SCHLONECKER, JOHN                       PA-51-R-255
SCHLOSSER, GEORGE ESQ.                  PA-51-Y-652
SCHMIDT, GEORGE                         PA-51-R-191
SCHMIDT, GEORGE                         PA-51-9-2
SCHMIDT, JOHN JACOB                     PA-51-9-52
SCHMIDT, JOHNF REDERICK                 PA-51-4-168
SCHMITOR, JOHN GEORG                    PA-51-F-157
SCHNEIDER, ANNA GOTTLIEBEN              PA-51-2-32
SCHNEIDER, CASPER                       PA-51-5-199
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-Q-450
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-Y-674
SCHNEIDER, FREDERICK                    PA-51-W-499
SCHNEIDER, GEORGE                       PA-51-3-224
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                        PA-51-X-4
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                         PA-51-Q-532
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                         PA-51-X-5
SCHNEIDER, JOHN CHRISTIN                PA-51-Y-665
SCHNEIDER, LUDWICK                      PA-51-3-490
SCHNEIDER, MARGARET                     PA-51-2-26
SCHNEIDER, PETER                        PA-51-8-33
SCHNEIER, HANNES                        PA-51-4-14
SCHNELL, PHILIP                         PA-51-8-100
SCHOCH, MICHAEL                         PA-51-7-114
SCHOLFIELD, ABRAHAM                     PA-51-6-127
SCHOLFIELD, JONATHAN                    PA-51-4-229
SCHOLL, PETER                           PA-51-P-376
SCHONEVELT, JOHN DRICKSON               PA-51-T-144
SCHONHOLTZ, JACOB                       PA-51-O-374
SCHOOCH, MICHAEL                        PA-51-7-65
SCHOWER, PETER                          PA-51-2-151
SCHRACK, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-R-496
SCHRACK, EVA ROSINA                     PA-51-K-475
SCHRACK, HENRY                          PA-51-8-9
SCHRACK, JOHN                           PA-51-P-251
SCHREDLIE, DANIEL                       PA-51-K-323
SCHREIBER, GEORGE                       PA-51-S-354
SCHREINER, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-8-98
SCHREINER, JACOB                        PA-51-W-476
SCHREINER, JACOB                        PA-51-4-33
SCHREINER, JOSEPH H.                    PA-51-10-224
SCHREYER, JOHN                          PA-51-W-478
SCHUBERT, DAVID                         PA-51-Q-68
SCHULER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Q-523
SCHULTZ, GEORGE                         PA-51-R-23
SCHULTZ, GREGORIOUS                     PA-51-P-346
SCHUMENKESSEL, FREDERICK                PA-51-8-566
SCHUMO, BARNEY                          PA-51-6-371
SCHUTZ, RACHEL                          PA-51-U-97
SCHUWENER, DAVID                        PA-51-O-153
SCHWANNER, JOHN                         PA-51-O-468
SCHWARTZ, MARY                          PA-51-O-203
SCHWARTZ, PHILIP                        PA-51-3-227
SCHWEFFEL, JACOB                        PA-51-X-224
SCHWEITZER, CONRAD                      PA-51-P-288
SCHWEITZER, MARY                        PA-51-X-416
SCHWEPPENHEISER, JOHN W.                PA-51-10-675
SCHWERWER, WILLIAM                      PA-51-O-196
SCOBEL, HENRY                           PA-51-E-2
SCOBELL, RICHARD                        PA-51-E-174
SCOLTON, ANN                            PA-51-8-280
SCOTHORN, ROBERT                        PA-51-C-92
SCOTT, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-C-194
SCOTT, ANDREW                           PA-51-X-100
SCOTT, BRIDGET                          PA-51-9-66
SCOTT, CATHARINE                        PA-51-10-169
SCOTT, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-504
SCOTT, GILBERT                          PA-51-N-264
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-51-B-92
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-51-9-542
SCOTT, JONATHAN                         PA-51-6-566
SCOTT, JOSEPH                           PA-51-S-265
SCOTT, ROBERT                           PA-51-R-173
SCOTT, ROBERT                           PA-51-E-249
SCOTT, ROBERT                           PA-51-H-421
SCOTT, THOMAS                           PA-51-B-332
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-481
SCOTT, WILLIAM T.                       PA-51-9-220
SCOTTEN, SAMUEL                         PA-51-3-323
SCOTTEN, SAMUEL                         PA-51-9-481
SCOVELL, RICHARD                        PA-51-E-174
SCRASE, RICHARD                         PA-51-D-37
SCRYVEN, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-9-65
SCULL, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-B-456
SCULL, PETER                            PA-51-R-441
SCUTEN, JACOB                           PA-51-E-330
SCUTT, JOHN                             PA-51-D-365
SEABORN, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-9-582
SEABORN, ROBERT                         PA-51-#1-305
SEAL, WILLIAM                           PA-51-9-36
SEAMAN, CATHERINE                       PA-51-G-122
SEARLE, JAMES                           PA-51-X-612
SEARS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-N-400
SEATON, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-N-15
SEATON, REBECCA                         PA-51-N-523
SEAVER, JACOB                           PA-51-T-80
SEBOLD, GEORGE ADAM                     PA-51-N-526
SECKEL, FREDERICK                       PA-51-W-255
SECKEL, GEORGE DAVID                    PA-51-Y-63
SECKENBARGER, PETER                     PA-51-I-560
SECORD, PENELOPE                        PA-51-W-676
SEDDON, THOMAS                          PA-51-10-181
SEEGER, DAVID                           PA-51-9-440
SEEMAN, JOHN ANDREW                     PA-51-6-316
SEFFERENCE, PETER                       PA-51-U-129
SEGITS, PAUL                            PA-51-W-616
SEIBERT, SEBASTIAN                      PA-51-R-46
SEIBT, CASPER                           PA-51-P-506
SEIGEL, SUSANNAH                        PA-51-I-551
SEIP, BERNARD                           PA-51-2-90
SELATTER, JAMES                         PA-51-Y-626
SELEER, MARGARET                        PA-51-10-154
SELICK, JOHN (OR SILECK)                PA-51-4-293
SELIGER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-F-92
SELL, ANTHONY                           PA-51-8-23
SELL, HENRY                             PA-51-6-588
SELL, JOHN                              PA-51-O-88
SELLER, CATHERINE                       PA-51-P-414
SELLER, PHILIP AMRY                     PA-51-O-399
SELLES, JOHN                            PA-51-7-196
SELTZER, HENRY SR.                      PA-51-6-47
SENDOS, DOMINIQUE CHEGARAY              PA-51-5-89
SENECHAL, MARIE LABRY                   PA-51-X-414
SENFFT, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-272
SENN, HENRY                             PA-51-9-40
SENNEFF, GEORGE                         PA-51-U-155
SENNER, FRANCIS                         PA-51-R-267
SENNESS, ANN                            PA-51-8-383
SERACK, JACOB                           PA-51-F-291
SERMON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-U-423
SERMON, MARY                            PA-51-7-75
SERVICE, WILLIAM                        PA-51-8-609
SETLER, PHILLIP                         PA-51-P-97
SETNER, EZEKIEL SOLOMON                 PA-51-9-528
SETTLETON, MARGARET                     PA-51-R-249
SEVEKE, GODFREY                         PA-51-10-160
SEVERN, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-6-613
SEWART, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-195
SEWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-133
SEYBERT, BARBARA                        PA-51-Y-197
SEYFANG, GOTTLEIB                       PA-51-9-552
SEYFERHELD, DAVID                       PA-51-P-401
SEYLES, THOMAS                          PA-51-O-148
SEYMOUR, ANTHONY                        PA-51-T-416
SEYMOUR, JOHN                           PA-51-H-327
SHAAF, GEORGE                           PA-51-T-232
SHAFE, GEORGE                           PA-51-U-35
SHAFFER, CATHARINE                      PA-51-Y-374
SHAFFER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-51-X-191
SHAFFER, SOPHIA                         PA-51-10-647
SHAFFNIT, CONRAD                        PA-51-N-101
SHAKESPEAR, DAVID                       PA-51-Y-410
SHALLCROSS, BETTY                       PA-51-5-273
SHALLCROSS, JOHN                        PA-51-4-467
SHALLCROSS, JOSEPH                      PA-51-U-72
SHALLCROSS, JOSEPH                      PA-51-8-312
SHALLCROSS, LEONARD                     PA-51-4-279
SHALLCROSS, LEONARD                     PA-51-9-8
SHANDLY, JACOB                          PA-51-Q-528
SHANEBERGER, PHILIP                     PA-51-Q-404
SHANK, SOPHIA                           PA-51-#1-14
SHANKLIN, CATHERINE                     PA-51-9-12
SHANNAN, ROBERT                         PA-51-S-13
SHANNON, JAMES                          PA-51-N-463
SHANNON, JOHN                           PA-51-P-85
SHANNON, ROBERT                         PA-51-H-354
SHANNON, THOMAS                         PA-51-9-62
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        PA-51-8-472
SHAPR, JOHN                             PA-51-5-375
SHARDLOW, WILLIAM                       PA-51-O-70
SHARP, DANIEL                           PA-51-T-393
SHARP, JAMES                            PA-51-#1-467
SHARP, JOSEPH                           PA-51-6-636
SHARP, JUDETH                           PA-51-I-137
SHARP, PHILIP                           PA-51-R-201
SHARP, RICHARD                          PA-51-6-247
SHARP, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-177
SHARP, THOMAS                           PA-51-D-465
SHARPLESS, JOSEPH                       PA-51-X-516
SHARPLESS, MARY                         PA-51-6-609
SHARPNACK, DANIEL                       PA-51-9-7
SHARPNACK, HENRY                        PA-51-7-168
SHARSWOOD, GEORGE                       PA-51-S-430
SHAURER, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-K-67
SHAW, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-9-149
SHAW, ARCHIBALD                         PA-51-Q-466
SHAW, GEORGE                            PA-51-2-522
SHAW, GEORGE                            PA-51-9-166
SHAW, HANAH                             PA-51-T-444
SHAW, HUGH G.                           PA-51-#1-309
SHAW, JOHN                              PA-51-R-250
SHAW, JOHN AULDHAM                      PA-51-7-85
SHAW, JOSEPH                            PA-51-A-172
SHAW, MARTHA                            PA-51-7-400
SHAW, MARY                              PA-51-3-378
SHAW, ROBERT                            PA-51-E-74
SHAW, SAMUEL                            PA-51-Y-416
SHAW, SARAH L.                          PA-51-8-590
SHAW, THOMAS                            PA-51-R-556
SHAW, WILLIAM                           PA-51-Q-537
SHAW, WILLIAM                           PA-51-6-331
SHEA, LUKE                              PA-51-5-327
SHEAFF, BARBARA                         PA-51-6-501
SHEAFF, HENRY                           PA-51-7-101
SHEAFF, WILLIAM                         PA-51-#1-127
SHEAFLY, MARY                           PA-51-2-315
SHEA,JOHN                               PA-51-2-308
SHEARER, LAWRENCE                       PA-51-S-357
SHEARWOOD, JAMES                        PA-51-7-371
SHEAVER, JACOB                          PA-51-G-252
SHEBE, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-401
SHEBLE, JACOB                           PA-51-8-534
SHECK, JOHN                             PA-51-S-138
SHEED, GEORGE                           PA-51-N-140
SHEED, GEORGE                           PA-51-9-548
SHEED, ISABELLA                         PA-51-4-301
SHEED, WILLIAM W.                       PA-51-10-32
SHEER, GEORGE                           PA-51-9-511
SHEETZ, CHRISTIAN                       PA-51-5-19
SHEETZ, DANIEL                          PA-51-4-130
SHEETZ, GEORGE                          PA-51-7-303
SHEETZ, MATTHIAS                        PA-51-X-624
SHEFFLER, MARGAERET                     PA-51-2-12
SHEIBELL, THEOBOLD                      PA-51-T-461
SHEIVE, ADAM                            PA-51-R-183
SHELDRAKE, WILLIAM                      PA-51-10-333
SHELL, HENRY                            PA-51-#1-312
SHELL, JACON                            PA-51-3-551
SHELL, MICHAEL                          PA-51-O-465
SHELLER, CONRAD                         PA-51-Y-30
SHELLMIRE, GEORGE SR.                   PA-51-R-184
SHENCKEL, MARTIN                        PA-51-F-100
SHENCKLE, FREDERICK                     PA-51-8-632
SHEPARD, JOHN                           PA-51-3-17
SHEPARD, SUSANNA                        PA-51-2-219
SHEPERD, SAMUEL                         PA-51-D-73
SHEPHARD, SAMUEL                        PA-51-D-182
SHEPPARD, NATHAN                        PA-51-Y-428
SHEPPERD, WILLIAM                       PA-51-8-509
SHERBURNE, JOHN                         PA-51-E-283
SHERER, CONRAD                          PA-51-Y-47
SHERER, JAMES                           PA-51-U-371
SHERIDAN, DOMINIC                       PA-51-6-320
SHERIDAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-7-189
SHERLOCK, JAMES                         PA-51-R-86
SHERMER, ABRAHAM                        PA-51-10-308
SHERRINGTON, ROBERT                     PA-51-2-477
SHERVE, ARTHUR D.                       PA-51-7-631
SHETTSLINE, JOHN                        PA-51-4-30
SHEWBERT, MARY                          PA-51-I-449
SHEWELL, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-3-216
SHEWELL, ROBERT                         PA-51-I-340
SHEWELL, SARAH                          PA-51-7-565
SHEWELL, WALTER                         PA-51-X-251
SHEY, WILLIAM                           PA-51-Q-229
SHIELDS, JOHN                           PA-51-10-100
SHIELDS, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-86
SHIERS, GEORGE                          PA-51-I-103
SHIFLER, JOHN                           PA-51-10-447
SHILACK, ALBERTUS                       PA-51-Y-473
SHILBERT, ANNE                          PA-51-I-537
SHILBERT, PETER                         PA-51-G-196
SHILLIGH, VALLENTINE                    PA-51-R-523
SHILLSON, JOHN                          PA-51-A-97
SHINALER, YOST                          PA-51-I-254
SHINCKLE, FREDERICK                     PA-51-3-152
SHINKLE, PHILIP                         PA-51-7-582
SHINN, SAMUEL                           PA-51-9-471
SHIPLEY, FREDERICK                      PA-51-Q-194
SHIPLEY, JOHN                           PA-51-6-431
SHIPLEY, JOSEPH B.                      PA-51-9-39
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-W-426
SHIPPEN, EDWARD                         PA-51-#1-479
SHIPPEN, EDWARD                         PA-51-D-19
SHIPPEN, EDWARD SR.                     PA-51-C-303
SHIPPEN, ESTHER                         PA-51-D-407
SHIPPEN, JOSEPH                         PA-51-F-219
SHIPPEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-341
SHIPPEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Y-614
SHIPPEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Q-390
SHIPPEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-144
SHIPPERD, ROBERT                        PA-51-E-29
SHIRLEY, THOMAS                         PA-51-3-402
SHIRLOCK, SIMON                         PA-51-Q-350
SHIRLOCK, SIMON                         PA-51-Q-291, 350
SHISLER, CASPER                         PA-51-T-111
SHISLER, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-S-107
SHITZ, JACOB                            PA-51-3-158
SHIVELY, ANN                            PA-51-7-329
SHLESSMAN, JOHN                         PA-51-R-113
SHLIEFFER, JOHANNES                     PA-51-O-139
SHLONNECKER, MICHAEL                    PA-51-O-466
SHMID, JOHN ANDREW                      PA-51-Y-16
SHNEIDER, HENRY                         PA-51-N-421
SHOCK, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-6-605
SHOCKEOR, CHARLES                       PA-51-P-220
SHOEMAKER, ABRAHAM                      PA-51-K-109
SHOEMAKER, ABRAHAM                      PA-51-6-585
SHOEMAKER, ABRAHAM                      PA-51-10-450
SHOEMAKER, ARNOLD                       PA-51-Q-186
SHOEMAKER, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-2-369
SHOEMAKER, BENJAMIN                     PA-51-O-134
SHOEMAKER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-51-2-411
SHOEMAKER, CHRISTIANIA                  PA-51-K-202
SHOEMAKER, DOROTHY                      PA-51-N-174
SHOEMAKER, ELI                          PA-51-X-756
SHOEMAKER, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-R-210
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                       PA-51-N-176
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                       PA-51-P-440
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                       PA-51-Q-271
SHOEMAKER, HANNAH                       PA-51-2-322
SHOEMAKER, HANNAH                       PA-51-#1-292
SHOEMAKER, ISAAC                        PA-51-E-222
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                        PA-51-S-381
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                        PA-51-U-408
SHOEMAKER, JACOB SR.                    PA-51-P-352
SHOEMAKER, JACOB SR.                    PA-51-D-351
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         PA-51-R-380
SHOEMAKER, JONATHAN                     PA-51-W-639
SHOEMAKER, JONATHAN                     PA-51-S-377
SHOEMAKER, JOSEPH                       PA-51-7-56
SHOEMAKER, JOSEPH                       PA-51-W-642
SHOEMAKER, MARGARET                     PA-51-U-146
SHOEMAKER, MARY                         PA-51-F-230
SHOEMAKER, PETER                        PA-51-F-201
SHOEMAKER, PHEBE                        PA-51-U-143
SHOEMAKER, REBECCA                      PA-51-#1-404
SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL                       PA-51-Y-420
SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL                       PA-51-8-517
SHOEMAKER, SUSANNA                      PA-51-8-628
SHOEMAKER, THOMAS                       PA-51-E-371
SHOEMAKER, THOMAS                       PA-51-Y-253
SHORT, JAMES                            PA-51-S-186
SHORTER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-88
SHORTY, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-W-466
SHOTWELL, JOSEPH                        PA-51-9-442
SHOVELER, SARAH                         PA-51-W-76
SHOWAKER, GODFREY                       PA-51-9-715
SHOWALTER, JACOB                        PA-51-P-400
SHOWERS, PETER                          PA-51-9-275
SHRAGER, GERHART                        PA-51-K-44
SHRANK, GODFREY                         PA-51-9-112
SHREBORNE, WILLIAM V.                   PA-51-10-679
SHREEVE, JOHN                           PA-51-8-576
SHREVE, MARGARET                        PA-51-8-310
SHRIVER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-9-382
SHRIVER, SARAH                          PA-51-7-586
SHRONK, BARNABAS                        PA-51-6-274
SHRONK, CATHARINE                       PA-51-10-647
SHRONK, GEORGE                          PA-51-#1-214
SHRUPP, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-#1-180
SHRYLER, MARGARET                       PA-51-Y-495
SHUBERT, JOHN AUGUST                    PA-51-P-292
SHUEMAKER, GEORGE                       PA-51-K-419
SHUERT, HENRY                           PA-51-R-304
SHUFFER, JOHN                           PA-51-8-623
SHUGART, SIMON                          PA-51-10-583
SHULER, GABRIEL                         PA-51-R-297
SHULL, JOHANNES                         PA-51-G-52
SHULLER, JACOB                          PA-51-2-225
SHULLER, SAMUEL                         PA-51-Q-101
SHULTZ, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-51-U-123
SHUPART, PHILIP                         PA-51-7-366
SHUR, GEORGE                            PA-51-Q-105
SHUSTER, DAVID                          PA-51-6-481
SHUSTER, GEORGE                         PA-51-8-474
SHUSTER, JACOB                          PA-51-9-86
SHUTE, MARY                             PA-51-8-458
SHUTE, SARAH                            PA-51-X-449
SHUTE, SUSANNA                          PA-51-Y-674
SHUTE, THOMAS                           PA-51-I-5
SHUTZ, MICHAEL                          PA-51-I-214
SHUTZ, RUDOLPH                          PA-51-O-405
SIBADAY, JOHN                           PA-51-4-181
SIBTHORP, ANN                           PA-51-C-291
SIBTHORP, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-51-C-67
SICARD, SEPHEN                          PA-51-7-515
SIDALL, RICHARD                         PA-51-F-318
SIDDIN, ELEANOR                         PA-51-2-235
SIDDON, EEKIAL                          PA-51-E-89
SIDDON, SAMUEL                          PA-51-B-149
SIDDONS, JOSIAH                         PA-51-7-575
SIDDONS, SARAH                          PA-51-7-255
SIDE, MARGARET (KNOUS)                  PA-51-6-124
SIDEBOTHOM, THOMAS                      PA-51-D-11
SIDELL, JOHN                            PA-51-B-458
SIDLEMAN, PHILIP                        PA-51-W-406
SIDLEWORTH, EVAN                        PA-51-C-222
SIDWELL, RICHARD                        PA-51-F-181
SIEGEL, JACOB                           PA-51-I-508
SIEMEN, PAUL                            PA-51-9-498
SIGFRIED, JOHANNES                      PA-51-H-463
SILCENCE, JOHN                          PA-51-E-135
SIMCOCK, JOHN                           PA-51-B-300
SIMES, SAMUEL                           PA-51-4-328
SIMES, WILLIAM                          PA-51-O-82
SIMLER, GEORGE                          PA-51-8-490
SIMMONS, ANTHONY                        PA-51-9-655
SIMMONS, ELIZA                          PA-51-7-580
SIMMONS, HENRY                          PA-51-#1-12
SIMMONS, STEPHEN                        PA-51-D-413
SIMMONS, STEPHEN                        PA-51-G-135
SIMON, CASPER                           PA-51-G-81
SIMON, JANE                             PA-51-R-27
SIMON, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-103
SIMON, JOHN BERNARD                     PA-51-4-192
SIMON, LEWIS H.                         PA-51-9-40
SIMON, MICHAEL                          PA-51-T-138
SIMONDS, JOHN                           PA-51-B-35
SIMONDS, JONAS                          PA-51-6-310
SIMONS, WALTER                          PA-51-E-284
SIMONS, WILLIAM                         PA-51-10-335
SIMONSON, SIMON                         PA-51-E-174
SIMPSON, HANNAH                         PA-51-8-432
SIMPSON, ISAAC                          PA-51-O-508
SIMPSON, ISABELLA                       PA-51-W-170
SIMPSON, JAMES                          PA-51-3-400
SIMPSON, JAMES                          PA-51-10-465
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         PA-51-U-557
SIMS, ANN                               PA-51-#1-9
SIMS, BUCKRIDGE                         PA-51-Y-218
SIMS, JOHN                              PA-51-W-521
SIMS, JOSEPH                            PA-51-R-306
SIMS, WALTER                            PA-51-7-139
SIMSDEN, ROBERT                         PA-51-W-551
SIMSON, JOHN                            PA-51-7-49
SINCON, MORDECAI                        PA-51-E-370
SINDREY, MARY                           PA-51-W-623
SINEXSON, BRUER                         PA-51-C-146
SINGER, CATHERINE                       PA-51-S-410
SINGER, JACOB                           PA-51-K-290
SINGER, JOHN                            PA-51-9-327
SINGER, NICOLAS                         PA-51-R-89
SINGLETON, JOSEPH Y.                    PA-51-5-252
SINGLETON, SAMUEL                       PA-51-5-240
SINK, CATHARINE                         PA-51-8-544
SINK, GODLIP                            PA-51-Y-715
SINK, JACOB                             PA-51-#1-71
SINK, LAWRENCE                          PA-51-9-134
SINKET, JOHN                            PA-51-10-425
SIPLE, JOHN LUDWIG                      PA-51-H-433
SIRAN, JOSEPH LAMANT                    PA-51-X-559
SIRON, SIMON                            PA-51-O-496
SISK, WILLIAM                           PA-51-#1-376
SISOM, ANNA                             PA-51-8-179
SISSEHOLTZ, MELCHOIR                    PA-51-O-121
SISSON, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-R-15
SITGREAVES, JOHN                        PA-51-Y-33
SITGREAVES, WILLIAM                     PA-51-Y-451
SITHGO, JOHN                            PA-51-S-43
SITTLETON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-R-8
SIVERT, BARBARA                         PA-51-5-242
SIVERT, SAMUEL                          PA-51-U-309
SIWELL, MICHAEL                         PA-51-N-524
SKELLY, PATRICK                         PA-51-7-443
SKERRETT, JOSEPH                        PA-51-#1-211
SKINNER, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-6-341
SKYREN, ANN                             PA-51-9-564
SLACK, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-7-504
SLACK, ESTER                            PA-51-9-77
SLACK, MARY                             PA-51-7-520
SLAKTER, JACOB                          PA-51-9-692
SLATON, MARY                            PA-51-10-74
SLATZER, JACOB                          PA-51-O-457
SLEIGH, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-234
SLESMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-8-57
SLIGER, JOHN                            PA-51-I-430
SLIGHTER, GALTUS                        PA-51-N-98
SLINGLUFF, HENRY                        PA-51-R-327
SLOAN, JOSEPH                           PA-51-3-20
SLOANE, JAMES                           PA-51-T-114
SLOANE, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-294
SLOANE, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-303
SLOBY, SOLOMON                          PA-51-8-492
SLONE, MARY                             PA-51-N-247
SMALL, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-9-357
SMALL, JONAH                            PA-51-9-49
SMALL, TILLMAN                          PA-51-O-96
SMALLMAN, JAMES                         PA-51-7-332
SMALLWOOD, ISAAC                        PA-51-3-343
SMALLWOOD, PRISCILLA                    PA-51-9-34
SMALLWOOD, THOMAS                       PA-51-3-387
SMICK, LEWIS                            PA-51-7-414
SMICK, RACHEL                           PA-51-9-336
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          PA-51-6-147
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-T-357
SMITH, ADAM                             PA-51-#1-355
SMITH, ANN                              PA-51-2-294
SMITH, ARMSTRONG                        PA-51-F-55
SMITH, BALTHAZAR                        PA-51-O-388
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         PA-51-Y-400
SMITH, BRIDGET                          PA-51-T-223
SMITH, CATHARINE                        PA-51-6-255
SMITH, CHARLES                          PA-51-P-19
SMITH, CHARLES                          PA-51-O-339
SMITH, CHARLOTTE GEORGIANA              PA-51-10-396
SMITH, CONRAD                           PA-51-W-441
SMITH, DANIEL                           PA-51-H-29
SMITH, EDWARD                           PA-51-6-552
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-5-163
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-Y-313
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-W-160
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-101
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-245
SMITH, FRANCIS                          PA-51-C-238
SMITH, FRANCIS SOPHIA                   PA-51-9-355
SMITH, FREDERICK                        PA-51-7-249
SMITH, FREDERICK                        PA-51-10-252
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-51-T-521
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-51-K-54
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-51-R-411
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-51-N-499
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-51-6-624
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-51-7-386
SMITH, GULULMA MARIA                    PA-51-8-637
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-51-Q-17
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-51-2-486
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-51-6-407
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-51-I-235
SMITH, HUGH                             PA-51-4-147
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-51-7-537
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-51-10-243
SMITH, JACOB B.                         PA-51-8-10
SMITH, JACOB W.                         PA-51-9-574
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-51-5-207
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-51-Y-126
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-51-7-170
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-51-Q-494
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-51-8-596
SMITH, JAMES ROSS                       PA-51-9-640
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-I-550
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-A-479
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-Q-392
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-Y-178
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-U-93
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-362
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-5-309
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-4-204
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-D-352
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-G-34
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-C-127
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-302
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-235
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-226
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-7-271
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-6-260
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-9-228
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-10-534
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-51-9-567
SMITH, JOHN GEORE                       PA-51-7-167
SMITH, JOHN L.                          PA-51-9-187
SMITH, JONATHAN                         PA-51-S-154
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-51-C-251
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-51-S-237
SMITH, JOSEPH B.                        PA-51-4-291
SMITH, LETITIA VANDERIN                 PA-51-10-448
SMITH, MARGARET                         PA-51-I-426
SMITH, MARTIN                           PA-51-S-18
SMITH, MARY                             PA-51-N-525
SMITH, MARY                             PA-51-X-147
SMITH, MARY                             PA-51-8-106
SMITH, MARY                             PA-51-8-63
SMITH, MARY ANN                         PA-51-3-33
SMITH, MATHIAS                          PA-51-Q-299
SMITH, MATTHEW                          PA-51-B-433
SMITH, MATTHIAS                         PA-51-S-87
SMITH, MICHAEL                          PA-51-Y-435
SMITH, MORRIS                           PA-51-10-300
SMITH, PAUL                             PA-51-10-620
SMITH, PETER                            PA-51-2-131
SMITH, PETER                            PA-51-5-37
SMITH, PHEBE                            PA-51-9-40
SMITH, PHILIP                           PA-51-5-365
SMITH, RESOLVE                          PA-51-X-686
SMITH, ROBERT                           PA-51-#1-343
SMITH, ROBERT T.                        PA-51-7-298
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-51-R-567
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-51-6-510
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-51-S-268
SMITH, SARAH                            PA-51-D-52
SMITH, SARAH                            PA-51-8-87
SMITH, SARAH SCREVEN                    PA-51-G-136
SMITH, SEBASTIAN                        PA-51-I-435
SMITH, SEPTIMUS                         PA-51-10-182
SMITH, SIMON                            PA-51-I-506
SMITH, STAFFORD                         PA-51-Y-432
SMITH, STEPHEN                          PA-51-6-405
SMITH, STEPHEN MESSER                   PA-51-E-186
SMITH, SUSAN                            PA-51-9-38
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         PA-51-X-50
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-36
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-3-445
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-464
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-191
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-487
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-C-21
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-A-482
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-7-214
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-506
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-51-8-214
SMITH, THOMAS W.                        PA-51-#1-436
SMITH, TIMOTHY                          PA-51-T-100
SMITH, ULRICH                           PA-51-K-31
SMITH, VALENTINE                        PA-51-3-60
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-H-147
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-P-30
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-274
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-51-8-117
SMITH, WILLIAM (D.D.)                   PA-51-#1-109
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       PA-51-7-471
SMITH, WILLIAM MOORE                    PA-51-7-278
SMITH, WILLIAM PETERS                   PA-51-10-535
SMITH, WILLIAM T.                       PA-51-4-86
SMITH, WILLIAM W.                       PA-51-9-563
SMITH,M ARY                             PA-51-N-498
SMITHSON, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-A-530
SMYTH, EDWARD                           PA-51-10-401
SMYTH, MARGARET                         PA-51-#1-495
SNEAD, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-125
SNEAVELY, HENRY                         PA-51-F-12
SNELL, MATTHIAS                         PA-51-4-239
SNELLBERG, HENRY                        PA-51-K-281
SNEYDER, BENEDICT                       PA-51-7-474
SNEYDER, CHARLS                         PA-51-R-514
SNEYDER, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-O-46
SNIDER, HENRY                           PA-51-E-8
SNIDER, JOHANNES                        PA-51-E-316
SNIDER, JOHN                            PA-51-G-65
SNOOKE, MARY                            PA-51-6-352
SNOW, JEREMIAH                          PA-51-D-85
SNOW, MARGARET                          PA-51-P-229
SNOWDEN, BENJAMIN                       PA-51-G-303
SNOWDEN, BENJAMIN PARKER                PA-51-Q-461
SNOWDEN, HANNABY C.                     PA-51-10-669
SNOWDEN, ISAAC                          PA-51-3-78
SNOWDEN, JEDIDIAH                       PA-51-X-566
SNOWDEN, JOHN                           PA-51-I-377
SNOWDEN, LEONARD                        PA-51-10-353
SNOWDEN, SAMUEL                         PA-51-R-108
SNOWDEN, THOMAS                         PA-51-P-90
SNOWDON, JOHN                           PA-51-E-369
SNOWHILL, ANDREW                        PA-51-U-458
SNYDER, ADAM                            PA-51-Y-532
SNYDER, ANTHONY                         PA-51-P-492
SNYDER, CATHARINE                       PA-51-6-63
SNYDER, GEORGE                          PA-51-2-439
SNYDER, HENRY                           PA-51-W-213
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-51-10-64
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-51-10-523
SNYDER, MARGARET                        PA-51-10-459
SNYDER, MARGARET                        PA-51-8-429
SNYDER, REBEKAH                         PA-51-10-231
SOBER, CHARLES                          PA-51-F-72
SOBER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-#1-171
SOBER, THOMAS                           PA-51-F-158
SOBERS, JOHN                            PA-51-S-23
SOIR, (NO GIVEN NAME)                   PA-51-W-691
SOLOMON, HENRY                          PA-51-T-304
SOLOMON, MICHAEL                        PA-51-T-491
SOMERS, RICHARD                         PA-51-#1-409
SOMMER, JACOB                           PA-51-9-35
SONES, AGNES CATHARINE                  PA-51-7-215
SONGHURST, JOHN                         PA-51-E-349
SONGHURST, JOHN                         PA-51-A-155
SONMANUS, PETER                         PA-51-Q-280
SONNENLEIDENR, SEBASTIAN                PA-51-Q-182
SONNTAG, WILLIAM L.                     PA-51-6-649
SORATT, JACQUES                         PA-51-7-359
SORBER, HENRY                           PA-51-5-369
SORBER, JOSEPH                          PA-51-9-106?
SORBER, RUDOLPH                         PA-51-T-85
SORK, GEORGE                            PA-51-7-613
SORK, VALENTINE                         PA-51-X-738
SOUDER, CASPAR                          PA-51-7-354
SOUDER, CASPER                          PA-51-T-230
SOUDER, ELEANOR                         PA-51-Y-671
SOUDER, JOHN                            PA-51-X-525
SOUDER, JOHN                            PA-51-2-364
SOUMANS, BETHIA                         PA-51-X-407
SOUPLIS, ANDREW                         PA-51-E-26
SOUTHARD, JAMES                         PA-51-R-574
SPADE, JOHN                             PA-51-N-1
SPADE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-X-397
SPAFFORD, ANN                           PA-51-P-446
SPAFFORD, GEORGE                        PA-51-K-191
SPAKEMAN, RANDAL                        PA-51-D-427
SPANGLER, CATHERINE                     PA-51-R-501
SPARGELLA, J. B.                        PA-51-9-168
SPARKE, RICHARD                         PA-51-C-265
SPARKES, RICHARD                        PA-51-D-48
SPARKS, HENRY                           PA-51-2-374
SPARKS, RICHARD F.                      PA-51-#1-500
SPARKS, SIMON                           PA-51-4-43
SPECHT, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-244
SPECHT, GEORGE                          PA-51-6-49
SPEEL, JOHN                             PA-51-4-233
SPEELMYER, ADAM                         PA-51-W-268
SPEIGLE, MICHAEL                        PA-51-O-74
SPELLMAN, JOHN                          PA-51-H-293
SPENCE, ANDREW                          PA-51-#1-384
SPENCE, PETER                           PA-51-O-528
SPENCE, SARAH                           PA-51-X-462
SPENCER, ABIGAIL                        PA-51-2-170
SPENCER, ANNE                           PA-51-#1-303
SPENCER, JAMES                          PA-51-C-343
SPENCER, JOHN                           PA-51-3-281
SPENCER, JOHN                           PA-51-K-62
SPENCER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-9-225
SPENCER, NATHANIEL                      PA-51-8-327
SPENCER, SAMUEL                         PA-51-S-210
SPENCER, SAMUEL                         PA-51-C-17
SPENCER, SAMUEL                         PA-51-S-369
SPENGLER, GEORGE                        PA-51-G-148
SPIEGEL, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-10-137
SPIEGEL, JOHANN REMIGIUS                PA-51-W-206
SPIEGEL, JOHN REMIGIUS                  PA-51-6-20
SPIKE, JACOB                            PA-51-N-80
SPINOR, ULRICH                          PA-51-O-421
SPOFFORD, JOHN                          PA-51-N-265
SPOFFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-51-N-123
SPOHN, PARIS                            PA-51-9-176
SPOHN, WILLIAM                          PA-51-9-472
SPONHEIMER, FREDERICK                   PA-51-P-108
SPOONER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-9-332
SPRAGG, ISAAC                           PA-51-P-532
SPRING, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-Q-351
SPRINGER, JOSEPH                        PA-51-9-55
SPROGEL, JOHN LODOWICK                  PA-51-S-31
SPROGELL, JOHN LODWICK                  PA-51-X-130
SPROGLE, EDARD                          PA-51-6-411
SPROUL, GEORGE                          PA-51-4-181
SPROUL, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-318
SPRUNCE, PRINCE                         PA-51-6-2
SPURRIER, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-74
STACKHOUSE, AMOS                        PA-51-8-404
STACKHOUSE, AMY                         PA-51-7-576
STACKHOUSE, MARTHA                      PA-51-#1-530
STACKHOUSE, THOMAS                      PA-51-C-40
STACY, JOHN                             PA-51-E-65
STACY, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-190
STACY, ROBERT                           PA-51-B-147
STACY, SARAH                            PA-51-5-296
STADLEMAN, WILLIAM                      PA-51-R-54
STADLER, HENRY                          PA-51-N-38
STADMAN, ELIZA                          PA-51-8-309
STAES, JACOB                            PA-51-X-606
STAFFORD, DAVID                         PA-51-10-510
STAFFORD, STEPHEN                       PA-51-E-18
STAGER, JOHANNES                        PA-51-F-95
STAGER, JOHN                            PA-51-H-262
STAGG, JOHN                             PA-51-D-196
STAGG, JOHN                             PA-51-P-204
STALEY, JACOB                           PA-51-P-516
STALFELT, HENRY                         PA-51-E-197
STALL, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-28
STALL, FREDRICK                         PA-51-7-40
STALL, JOHN                             PA-51-Q-518
STALLARD, JAMES                         PA-51-9-711
STAM, CONRAD                            PA-51-R-222
STAMMES, THOMAS                         PA-51-W-87
STAMPER, JOHN ESQ.                      PA-51-S-151
STAMPER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-T-157
STAMPER, SARAH                          PA-51-9-37
STANBURY, RICHARD                       PA-51-U-550
STANBURY, SARAH                         PA-51-6-467
STANDARD, JOHN                          PA-51-S-33
STANDISH, DANIEL                        PA-51-F-135
STANDLEY, JOHN                          PA-51-X-321
STANDLEY, RICHARD                       PA-51-H-450
STANDLEY, SUSANNA                       PA-51-#1-481
STANDLEY, VALENTINE                     PA-51-S-50
STANDLY, MARY                           PA-51-N-203
STANFIELD, JAMES                        PA-51-A-505
STANFIELD, RICHARD                      PA-51-#1-13
STANLEY, THOMAS                         pA-51-Y-497
STANLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-A-132
STANLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-51-2-141
STANNINGER, JACOB                       PA-51-G-157
STANTON, ABIGAIL                        PA-51-D-3
STANTON, DANIEL                         PA-51-P-35
STAPLEFORD, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-I-316
STAPLEFORD, THOMAS                      PA-51-F-141
STAPLER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-E-140
STAPLES, STEPHEN L.                     PA-51-10-311
STARCK, THEOBALD                        PA-51-U-544
STARE, JOHN JUNR.                       PA-51-P-518
STARKEY, JOHN                           PA-51-G-52
STARKEY, SARAH                          PA-51-H-43
STARLING, HENRY WILKINS                 PA-51-X-671
STARR, JAMES                            PA-51-I-234
STARR, JAMES                            PA-51-6-306
STARR, LYDIA                            PA-51-6-581
STAUFFER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-51-E-335
STAUL, HERMAN                           PA-51-R-202
STAUSE, BALTAS                          PA-51-S-169
STEACY, ROBERT                          PA-51-X-719
STEAMAN, CHARLES                        PA-51-T-67
STEAR, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-275
STEAR, MARY                             PA-51-7-105
STEDHAM, LULOFF                         PA-51-B-362
STEEL, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-6-589
STEEL, EVE                              PA-51-7-160
STEEL, HENRY                            PA-51-O-488
STEEL, JAMES                            PA-51-F-287
STEEL, JOHN                             PA-51-10-189
STEEL, MARY GANGES                      PA-51-10-626
STEELE, JOHN (GENL.)                    PA-51-9-43
STEELE, MATHIAS SLOUGH                  PA-51-8-228
STEELE, REBECCA                         PA-51-Q-475
STEELL, HANNAH                          PA-51-W-143
STEEN, ALEXANDER                        PA-51-W-530
STEIN, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-9-282
STEIN, JOHN PHILIP                      PA-51-Q-41
STEIN, PHILIP                           PA-51-3-1
STEINE, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-Y-42
STEINMETZ, HENRY                        PA-51-S-349
STEINMETZ, JOHN                         PA-51-#1-132
STEINMETZ, MARY                         PA-51-U-353
STEINOUR, MICHAEL                       PA-51-8-504
STELRING, THOMAS                        PA-51-Y-168
STEMS, BATTES                           PA-51-S-16
STENDER, EIMOR                          PA-51-2-341
STENNARD, JOSEPH                        PA-51-N-125
STENTON, JOHN                           PA-51-N-231
STEPHENS, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-7-573
STEPHENS, DAVID JR.                     PA-51-I-535
STEPHENS, EVAN SR.                      PA-51-O-540
STEPHENS, HENRY                         PA-51-#1-552
STEPHENS, HENRY                         PA-51-D-307
STEPHENS, JAMES                         PA-51-U-486
STEPHENS, JOHN                          PA-51-D-311
STEPHENS, SAMUEL                        PA-51-#1-153
STEPHENS, WALTER                        PA-51-5-311
STEPHENSON, EMANUEL                     PA-51-9-437
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       PA-51-9-118
STEPLETON, JOHN                         PA-51-K-279
STETTLER, HENRY                         PA-51-R-511
STEVENS, ANTHONY                        PA-51-D-94
STEVENS, EVAN                           PA-51-N-407
STEVENS, EVAN                           PA-51-C-53
STEVENS, HENRY                          PA-51-3-6
STEVENS, THOMAS                         PA-51-B-350
STEVENSON, ADAM                         PA-51-S-193
STEVENSON, AGNUS                        PA-51-T-42
STEVENSON, GEORGE                       PA-51-P-225
STEVENSON, MARY                         PA-51-2-101
STEVENSON, ROBERT                       PA-51-S-246
STEVENSON, RUTH                         PA-51-U-164
STEVENSON, TIMOTHY                      PA-51-E-256
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-10-479
STEVENSON, WILLIAM SR.                  PA-51-6-447
STEWARD, JOHN                           PA-51-G-118
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-51-Y-286
STEWART, ANDREW                         PA-51-7-114
STEWART, CHARLES                        PA-51-6-618
STEWART, DAVID                          PA-51-N-28
STEWART, DUNCAN                         PA-51-3-37
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-8-505
STEWART, GEORGE                         PA-51-C-30
STEWART, GEORGE SR.                     PA-51-E-250
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-51-O-125
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-51-8-495
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-51-U-337
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-51-Q-341
STEWART, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-76
STEWART, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-468
STEWART, THOMAS                         PA-51-8-237
STEWART, THOMAS                         PA-51-6-193
STEWART, WALTER                         PA-51-X-456
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-51-7-583
STEWERT, MARY                           PA-51-6-552
STEYGER, JACOB                          PA-51-R-41
STHELAIRE, MARGARET DE                  PA-51-7-608
STICHTER, VALENTINE                     PA-51-R-71
STIDMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-51-A-403
STIER, MARIA                            PA-51-3-105
STIERWALD, PETER                        PA-51-R-50
STILBY, JOHN                            PA-51-D-327
STILES, EDWARD                          PA-51-#1-182
STILES, JOHN                            PA-51-6-51
STILES, JOHN                            PA-51-9-299
STILES, JOSEPH                          PA-51-X-583
STILES, LOVE                            PA-51-X-611
STILES, MARY (MEREDITH)                 PA-51-2-507
STILES, ROBERT                          PA-51-5-201
STILFEALT, MAGDALENE                    PA-51-I-246
STILLAS, JOHN                           PA-51-W-652
STILLE, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-691
STILLE, MARGRET                         PA-51-U-30
STILLE, PETER                           PA-51-O-144
STILLER, JACOB                          PA-51-8-41
STILLEY, GERTRUDE                       PA-51-G-85
STILLWAGEN, VALENTINE                   PA-51-R-535
STILLWAGON, JOHN                        PA-51-T-190
STILLY, JOHN                            PA-51-H-454
STINE, CATHARINE                        PA-51-3-147
STINE, JOHN                             PA-51-X-450
STINE, PETER                            PA-51-6-645
STINEMETZ, ANDREW B.                    PA-51-7-22
STIRK, MARY                             PA-51-G-323
STJOHN, CATHARINE                       PA-51-4-327
STJOHN, JOHN                            PA-51-10-306
STOCK, CATHERINE                        PA-51-T-196
STOCK, JOHN                             PA-51-8-21
STOCK, PHILIP                           PA-51-6-19
STOCKARD, CONNELLY                      PA-51-2-82
STOCKER, ANTHONY                        PA-51-R-157
STOCKER, MARGARET                       PA-51-7-376
STOCKOTN, ABRAHAM                       PA-51-8-339
STOCKTON, RICHARD                       PA-51-X-384
STOCKWELL, HENRY                        PA-51-X-572
STOCKWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-51-K-557
STOECKER, CONRAD                        PA-51-2-436
STOERT, JOSEPH                          PA-51-P-483
STOKES, JAMES                           PA-51-9-731
STOKES, MARY                            PA-51-9-263
STOLL, ADAM                             PA-51-7-432
STOLL, EBENEZER                         PA-51-9-119
STOLL, WILLIAM                          PA-51-8-457
STONE, DINAH                            PA-51-#1-105
STONE, JACOB                            PA-51-I-162
STONE, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-471
STONE, SAMUEL                           PA-51-#1-396
STONE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-U-94
STONEMETZ, JACOB                        PA-51-6-76
STOOPS, JAMES                           PA-51-P-556
STORY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-I-544
STORY, ENOCH                            PA-51-D-385
STORY, ENOCH                            PA-51-G-343
STORY, THOMAS                           PA-51-F-338
STORY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-I-222
STOTHART, WILLIAM                       PA-51-8-53
STOTHART, WILLIAM G.                    PA-51-9-679
STOUFFER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-51-S-57
STOUFFER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-51-N-187
STOUSE, GEORGE                          PA-51-Y-71
STOUT, GEORGE                           PA-51-3-48
STOUT, GEORGE P.                        PA-51-6-582
STOUT, JACOB C.                         PA-51-10-185
STOUT, WILLIAM                          PA-51-7-119
STOVER, JOHNCASPER                      PA-51-F-96
STOW, BARBARA                           PA-51-3-27
STOW, JOHN                              PA-51-10-453
STOW, LAZARUS                           PA-51-6-67
STRAHAN, GREGORY                        PA-51-3-542
STRAKER, SUSANNAH                       PA-51-7-129
STRALEY, GEORGE                         PA-51-Y-433
STRATTON, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-6-630
STRATTON, FITHIAN                       PA-51-6-526
STRAWBRIDGE, JAMES                      PA-51-#1-411
STRAWBRIDGE, JOHN                       PA-51-W-470
STRAYLINE, GEORGE                       PA-51-6-398
STREEPER, JUDITCH                       PA-51-6-146
STREET, JAMES                           PA-51-E-367
STREIPERS, WILLIAM                      PA-51-D-86
STREMBECK, JOHN                         PA-51-8-468
STREMBECK, JOHN                         PA-51-8-1
STREPER, JOHN                           PA-51-U-433
STREPER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-P-495
STREPER, WILLIAM                        PA-51-N-162
STREPERS, LEWART                        PA-51-E-56
STRETCH, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Q-346
STRETCH, PETER                          PA-51-H-186
STRETCH, SAMUEL                         PA-51-E-198
STRETCH, SARAH                          PA-51-O-489
STRETCH, THOMAS                         PA-51-7-68
STRETCH, THOMAS                         PA-51-N-439
STRETTELL, AMOS                         PA-51-R-365
STRETTELL, ANN                          PA-51-P-102
STRETTELL, JOHN                         PA-51-U-5
STRETTELL, PHILOTESIA                   PA-51-S-123
STRICKER, ADAM                          PA-51-#1-387
STRICKER, ADAM                          PA-51-6-271
STRICKER, ADAM                          PA-51-Q-213
STRICKER, JOHN                          PA-51-N-216
STRICKERS, HENRY                        PA-51-S-139
STRICKLAND, MILES                       PA-51-I-418
STRIDER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-Y-649
STRIEBY, ADAM                           PA-51-6-564
STRIEPY, GEORGE                         PA-51-Y-646
STRIEPY, MARIA                          PA-51-6-535
STRINGER, ANN                           PA-51-6-570
STRINGFELLOW, MARY                      PA-51-7-484
STROCKBINE, HENRY                       PA-51-9-264?
STRONG, MATTHEW                         PA-51-3-376
STROUP, JUOHN                           PA-51-8-466
STROUPE, JACOB                          PA-51-10-177
STRUM, HENRICK                          PA-51-6-616
STRUNCK, PHILIP                         PA-51-5-340
STUARD, HENRY                           PA-51-Y-307
STUART, DAVID                           PA-51-W-422
STUART, JAMES                           PA-51-2-339
STUART, JAMES                           PA-51-7-571
STUART, JAMES (DR.)                     PA-51-2-556
STUART, SARAH                           PA-51-3-241
STUART, THOMAS                          PA-51-K-51
STUBBS, ANNE                            PA-51-T-403
STUBER, BALTHASER                       PA-51-I-286
STUBER, GEORGE FREDERICK                PA-51-O-42
STUCKERT, JOHN                          PA-51-8-192
STUCKERT, SUSANNA                       PA-51-10-391
STUCKHART, PETER                        PA-51-W-604
STUCKY, JOHANN JACOB                    PA-51-U-314
STUCKY, JOHN                            PA-51-Y-186
STUMP, GEORGE                           PA-51-Q-3
STUMP, JACOB                            PA-51-G-253
STUMP, JOHANN JULIAN                    PA-51-F-236
STUMP, LUDWIC                           PA-51-P-508
STUNTZ, FREDERICK                       PA-51-3-374
STURGES, ANTHONY                        PA-51-B-221
STURGESS, JOSHUA                        PA-51-6-460
STURGIS, CORNELIS                       PA-51-B-348
STURGIS, JOHN                           PA-51-O-460
STURM, SARAH JOHAN                      PA-51-9-408
STURMFELS, GEORGE                       PA-51-U-388
STURMFELTZ, MARGARET                    PA-51-X-484
STYLES, ANN                             PA-51-W-514
STYLES, HENRY                           PA-51-W-688
SUBRE, THOMAS                           PA-51-2-45
SUDWICK, JOHN                           PA-51-X-89
SULGER, JACOB                           PA-51-X-264
SULGER, MARGARET                        PA-51-7-551
SULLENDER, JACOB                        PA-51-3-299
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                        PA-51-R-305
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                        PA-51-O-477
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH                      PA-51-7-45
SULLIVAN, JOSHUA                        PA-51-6-579
SUMMER, CHARLES                         PA-51-9-217
SUMMER, MARTIN                          PA-51-#1-190
SUMMERL, SARAH                          PA-51-8-150
SUMMERL, WILLIAM                        PA-51-7-40
SUMMERS, CATHARINE                      PA-51-W-519
SUMMERS, DANIEL                         PA-51-Y-564
SUMMERS, HENRY                          PA-51-Y-12
SUMMERS, PETER                          PA-51-S-433
SUMMERS, PHILIP                         PA-51-5-251
SUMMES, MARTIN                          PA-51-3-566
SUMMY, ISAAC                            PA-51-R-570
SUNDERLAND, ELIZABETH                   PA-51-8-239
SUNNOCK, JOHN                           PA-51-W-537
SUNS, DAVID                             PA-51-9-650
SUPLEE, GERTRUDE                        PA-51-F-75
SUPLEE, ISRAEL                          PA-51-8-572
SUPLEE, JOHN (THE ELDER)                PA-51-#1-370
SUPLEE, JONAH                           PA-51-9-591
SUPLEE, JONATHAN                        PA-51-7-107
SUPPLEE, ANDREW                         PA-51-H-403
SUPPLEE, HANCE                          PA-51-P-37
SUPPLEE, JACOB                          PA-51-I-184
SUPPLEE, PETER                          PA-51-R-182
SURBER, JACOB                           PA-51-O-164
SURMAN, RICHARD                         PA-51-E-92
SUTER, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-10-498
SUTER, NICHOLAS                         PA-51-X-482
SUTHERLAND, DANIEL                      PA-51-7-186
SUTOR, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-6-10
SUTOR, WILLIAM                          PA-51-P-530
SUTTER, DANIEL                          PA-51-9-238
SUTTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-6-10
SUTTER, JACOB                           PA-51-#1-218
SUTTER, JOHN                            PA-51-O-20
SUTTER, JOHN GARDNER                    PA-51-7-137
SUTTER, PETER                           PA-51-P-186
SUTTON, ANN                             PA-51-8-149
SUTTON, JOHN                            PA-51-D-341
SUTTON, MARY                            PA-51-4-82
SUTTON, WOOLMAN                         PA-51-Y-293
SWAIN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-562
SWAIN, JUDAH                            PA-51-G-89
SWAINE, EDWARD                          PA-51-W-115
SWAINE, JOHN                            PA-51-X-153
SWAN, ANDREW                            PA-51-9-135
SWAN, ANDRW                             PA-51-9-300?
SWAN, ROBERT                            PA-51-10-160
SWANSON, ANDREW                         PA-51-A-259
SWANSON, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-51-E-350
SWANSON, GUNNER                         PA-51-X-9
SWANSON, SWAN                           PA-51-C-325
SWANSON, SWAN                           PA-51-A-346
SWANSON, WOLLEY                         PA-51-A-549
SWANWICK, RICHARD                       PA-51-Y-159
SWARTZ, ANDREW                          PA-51-P-195
SWARTZ, MICHAEL                         PA-51-S-189
SWARTZMAN, GEORGE                       PA-51-K-122
SWEARINGEN, JOSEPH                      PA-51-2-551
SWEENY, HUGH                            PA-51-9-289
SWEETMAN, RICHARD                       PA-51-#1-548
SWEETZER, ESTHER                        PA-51-7-596
SWEITZER, LAWRENCE                      PA-51-Q-285
SWENK, MARTIN                           PA-51-S-444
SWENSON, GUNNER                         PA-51-B-231
SWERTS, CORNELIUS                       PA-51-F-69
SWETT, SUSANNAH                         PA-51-2-80
SWIFT, ANN                              PA-51-7-358
SWIFT, EDWARD                           PA-51-5-166
SWIFT, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-X-509
SWIFT, JOHN                             PA-51-E-323
SWIFT, JOHN                             PA-51-5-167
SWIFT, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-53
SWIFT, JOSEPH                           PA-51-2-41
SWIFT, MARGARET                         PA-51-7-478
SWIFT, MARGARET                         PA-51-#1-278
SWIFT, PHOEBE                           PA-51-5-169
SWIFT, SAMUEL                           PA-51-S-414
SWINEY, TIMOTHY                         PA-51-S-195
SWINTON, ISAAC                          PA-51-I-113
SWITZER, CONRAD                         PA-51-W-675
SWITZER, JACOB                          PA-51-Q-54
SWOPE, JACOB                            PA-51-S-359
SWORD, WALTER EWER                      PA-51-R-273
SYBERT, ADAM                            PA-51-W-529
SYDDON, LOWRY                           PA-51-N-154
SYDDON, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-94
SYDELL, JOHN                            PA-51-N-255
SYLVA, ANTONIA                          PA-51-W-162
SYLVA, SILAS                            PA-51-7-296
SYMINGTON, ALEXANDER                    PA-51-Y-358
SYMONDS, MARY                           PA-51-P-421
SYMONDS, WILLIAM                        PA-51-O-198
SYNG, CHRISTIANA                        PA-51-W-207
SYNG, DANIEL                            PA-51-H-104
SYNG, HANNAH                            PA-51-Y-604

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