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DAGNIA, WILLIAM                         PA-51-7-454
DAGWORTHY, MARTHA                       PA-51-W-188
DAHETZE, MARTIN                         PA-51-3-183
DAHLGREN, BERNARD                       PA-51-8-253
DAILE, PETER                            PA-51-B-235
DAILY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-9-115
DALE, DOROTHY                           PA-51-10-442
DALE, RICHARD (COMMODORE)               PA-51-8-547
DALLAS, ALEXANDER JAMES                 PA-51-6-388
DALLEY, MARY                            PA-51-3-439
DANBY, JOHN                             PA-51-G-83
DANCE, JOSIAH                           PA-51-6-569
DANECKER, JACOB                         PA-51-T-147
DANFORTH, CYRUS                         PA-51-8-41
DANHOWER, CHARLES                       PA-51-8-499
DANNEBERGER, JOHN                       PA-51-R-242
DANNECKER, GEORGE                       PA-51-X-370
DARBY, WILLIAM                          PA-51-C-36
DARNELL, HENRY                          PA-51-9-392
DARRACH, JAMES                          PA-51-6-231
DARRAGH, LYDIA                          PA-51-U-413
DARROCH, JOHN                           PA-51-U-501
DAUB, JOHN WILLIAM                      PA-51-K-404
DAUBENDISTLE, MAGDALINA                 PA-51-Q-373
DAUNENHOWER, CHARLES                    PA-51-Y-579
DAVAN, KINGSMILL                        PA-51-6-415
DAVENPORT, MICHAEL                      PA-51-X-357
DAVEY, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-S-405
DAVEY, LEWIS                            PA-51-G-103
DAVID, ELINOR                           PA-51-I-558
DAVID, ELLIN                            PA-51-E-279
DAVID, ELLIS                            PA-51-D-186
DAVID, EVAN                             PA-51-P-44
DAVID, GEORGE                           PA-51-G-278
DAVID, JINKIN                           PA-51-E-79
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-51-C-296
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-51-E-368
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-51-I-354
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-51-K-107
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-51-W-665
DAVID, LEWIS                            PA-51-C-128
DAVID, MARGARET                         PA-51-X-373
DAVID, MARTHA                           PA-51-Q-80
DAVID, MEREDITH                         PA-51-E-45
DAVID, MIRIAM                           PA-51-R-231
DAVID, ORGAN                            PA-51-A-354
DAVID, REES                             PA-51-N-31
DAVID, ROBERT                           PA-51-E-194
DAVID, SAMPSON                          PA-51-E-223
DAVID, SAMUEL                           PA-51-Q-9
DAVID, THOMAS                           PA-51-I-414
DAVID, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-472
DAVID, THOMAS                           PA-51-E-324
DAVID, THOMAS                           PA-51-K-282
DAVIDS, EVAN                            PA-51-H-160
DAVIDS, JAMES                           PA-51-G-121
DAVIDS, MEREDITH                        PA-51-D-96
DAVIDS, THOMAS                          PA-51-P-84
DAVIDSON, FRANCIS                       PA-51-S-468
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         PA-51-2-519
DAVIDSON, JANE                          PA-51-Y-118
DAVIDSON, JOHN                          PA-51-7-368
DAVIDSON, MUNGO                         PA-51-P-359
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                       PA-51-7-615
DAVIES, ALTON                           PA-51-F-211
DAVIES, BADAM                           PA-51-I-57
DAVIES, DAVID                           PA-51-I-160
DAVIES, EDMUND                          PA-51-E-77
DAVIES, JOHN                            PA-51-C-100
DAVIES, JOHN                            PA-51-R-503
DAVIES, THOMAS                          PA-51-R-25
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-F-137
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-E-358
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-D-34
DAVIS, ALBERT                           PA-51-U-114
DAVIS, ALICE                            PA-51-3-34
DAVIS, ANDREW                           PA-51-#1-476
DAVIS, ANN                              PA-51-#1-379
DAVIS, CALEB                            PA-51-4-308
DAVIS, CATHERINE                        PA-51-6-318
DAVIS, CHRISTIANA                       PA-51-Q-112
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-51-7-586
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-51-N-443
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-51-O-244
DAVIS, EDMUND                           PA-51-D-189
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-E-291
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-8-528
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-4-163
DAVIS, ELLIS                            PA-51-H-11
DAVIS, EVAN                             PA-51-H-256
DAVIS, GEORGE                           PA-51-K-142
DAVIS, ISRAEL                           PA-51-4-141
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-51-I-83
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-51-Q-73
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-S-495
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-D-310
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-W-423
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-R-204
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-S-34
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-51-2-532
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         PA-51-X-330
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-#1-474
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-51-T-204
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-51-Q-95
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-51-S-465
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-51-Q-102
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-51-E-322
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-51-S-98
DAVIS, MICASAH                          PA-51-9-83
DAVIS, MORRIS                           PA-51-N-196
DAVIS, NOAH                             PA-51-4-245
DAVIS, PETER                            PA-51-D-122
DAVIS, REES                             PA-51-F-114
DAVIS, RICHARD                          PA-51-I-443
DAVIS, ROBERT                           PA-51-X-164
DAVIS, RUTH                             PA-51-W-214
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-51-Y-360
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-51-R-192
DAVIS, SARAH                            PA-51-9-554
DAVIS, SARAH                            PA-51-2-123
DAVIS, THOMAS                           PA-51-R-257
DAVIS, THOMAS                           PA-51-R-84
DAVIS, THOMAS B.                        PA-51-#1-473
DAVIS, THOMAS JR.                       PA-51-H-339
DAVIS, TIMOTHY                          PA-51-H-515
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-P-115
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-D-27
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-O-232
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-H-259
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-S-463
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-51-10-159
DAVISSON, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-51-C-289
DAVISSON, JOHN                          PA-51-3-321
DAVITT, JAMES                           PA-51-Q-525
DAVYS, ANN                              PA-51-P-118
DAWES, ANN                              PA-51-8-518
DAWES, EDWARD                           PA-51-D-20
DAWES, FRANCIS                          PA-51-F-153
DAWS, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-Q-258
DAWS, ABRAHAM                           PA-51-E-157
DAWSON, ANN J.                          PA-51-8-384
DAWSON, DANIEL                          PA-51-H-101
DAWSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-255
DAWSON, EMMANUEL                        PA-51-C-115
DAWSON, GEORGE B.                       PA-51-10-437
DAWSON, JANE                            PA-51-2-13
DAWSON, MATHEW                          PA-51-K-343
DAWSON, ROBERT                          PA-51-7-10
DAWSON, WILLIAM                         PA-51-6-277
DAWSON, WILLIAM JR.                     PA-51-Y-383
DAY, ANDREW                             PA-51-#1-385
DAY, JACOB                              PA-51-Y-448
DAY, JAMES                              PA-51-10-343
DAY, JOHN                               PA-51-A-334
DAY, PETER                              PA-51-S-132
DEACON, GILBERT                         PA-51-P-28
DEACON, JOHN                            PA-51-A-405
DEACON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-10-52
DEAL, CATHARINE                         PA-51-X-461
DEAL, DANIEL                            PA-51-7-11
DEAL, FRANCIS                           PA-51-9-295
DEAL, JACOB                             PA-51-6-140
DEAL, JOHN                              PA-51-N-209
DEAL, PETER                             PA-51-Y-120
DEAL, PETER C.                          PA-51-7-578
DEAL, SUSANNA                           PA-51-5-263
DEAMER, JOHN                            PA-51-7-577
DEAN, BENJAMIN                          PA-51-8-373
DEAN, BENJAMIN                          PA-51-S-40
DEAN, HANNAH                            PA-51-8-44
DEAN, KATHERINE                         PA-51-A-291
DEAN, MARY                              PA-51-P-365
DEAN, MARY                              PA-51-C-148
DEAN, SARAH                             PA-51-8-544
DEAN, SARAH                             PA-51-9-193
DEAN, WILLIAM                           PA-51-X-593
DEARMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-51-9-683
DEARS, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-X-137
DEARS, ISAAC                            PA-51-I-306
DEARS, JOSEPH                           PA-51-H-274
DEAS, MARTHA                            PA-51-2-140
DEAVES, MATTHAS                         PA-51-I-324
DEAVES, THOMAS                          PA-51-W-196
DEAVS, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-10-556
DEAVS, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-2-533
DEAVS, AGNES                            PA-51-8-164
DEAVS, JEMIMA                           PA-51-9-520
DEBENNEVILLE, GEORGE                    PA-51-W-362
DEBERGER, JACOB                         PA-51-#1-170
DEBERRER, JACOB                         PA-51-W-533
DEBESNE, CHAPPOTIN                      PA-51-X-346
DEBRAY,D ANIEL                          PA-51-W-149
DECATUR, ANN                            PA-51-4-111
DECATUR, STEPHEN                        PA-51-2-402
DECHAPPELLES, A. BRETTON                PA-51-9-329
DECHARDONNAY, CHARLES                   PA-51-10-215
DECON, HENRY                            PA-51-T-156
DECOURT, JEAN BAPTISTE                  PA-51-Y-611
DECOW, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-B-124
DECOW, JACOB                            PA-51-B-162
DEDECKER, CHARLES                       PA-51-3-536
DEDIARE, JOHN                           PA-51-U-245
DEDIER, PETER                           PA-51-7-385
DEEES, JOHN                             PA-51-10-39
DEEL, WYAND                             PA-51-S-39
DEEMER, LEWIS                           PA-51-9-159
DEETZ, FREDERICK                        PA-51-5-210
DEFNEY, JACOB                           PA-51-6-565
DEFORREST, HENRY                        PA-51-4-108
DEGILLASSPY, GEORGE                     PA-51-10-420
DEGROFEY, CHARLES                       PA-51-6-584
DEHAAS, JOHN PHILIP                     PA-51-T-338
DEHAVEN, CHRISTIANA S.                  PA-51-9-650
DEHAVEN, HERMAN SR.                     PA-51-I-538
DEHAVEN, HUGH                           PA-51-8-459
DEHAVEN, PETER                          PA-51-6-217
DEHAVEN, PETER                          PA-51-O-239
DEHAVEN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-Q-359
DEIBRE, JACOB                           PA-51-O-269
DEIMLING, ERNST FREDERICK               PA-51-7-417
DEIS, ADAM                              PA-51-2-382
DEITRY, JACOB                           PA-51-P-310
DEITZ, JOHN                             PA-51-7-541
DELAGE, HESTER                          PA-51-Q-124
DELAGE, PETER                           PA-51-N-541
DELAMATER, JOHN                         PA-51-9-394
DELANOE, CHARLES                        PA-51-A-41
DELANY, MARGARET                        PA-51-4-354
DELANY, THOMAS R.                       PA-51-#1-514
DELAPLAIN, ANNA                         PA-51-W-79
DELAPLAINE, JOSHUA                      PA-51-U-48
DELAROCHE, JOHN GOYAUX                  PA-51-4-208
DELAROCHE, MARY G.                      PA-51-6-645
DELAUNAY, PETER                         PA-51-4-348
DELAVALL, JOHN                          PA-51-A-235
DELAVAN, JOSEPH                         PA-51-7-120
DELAVAN, WILLIAM                        PA-51-10-332
DELAVAU, JOHN                           PA-51-6-122
DELBOS, P.                              PA-51-9-502
DEMIRALLES, JUAN                        PA-51-R-382
DEMOOD, GODHARD                         PA-51-G-151
DEMORAULT, ANNA                         PA-51-Y-476
DEMSAY, JOSEPH                          PA-51-P-523
DEMSEY, SARAH                           PA-51-R-240
DEMURRATT, CASPAR                       PA-51-T-188
DENCKLA, CHRISTIAN H.                   PA-51-3-409
DENHAM, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-85
DENIES, HANS                            PA-51-E-375
DENIG, JACOB                            PA-51-Q-344
DENNIS, HANNAH                          PA-51-4-123
DENNIS, REBECCA                         PA-51-Y-464
DENNIS, RICHARD                         PA-51-X-541
DENNISON, ARCHIBALD                     PA-51-6-466
DENNY, JOHN                             PA-51-#1-102
DENOTN, THOMAS                          PA-51-E-170
DENSMAN, JAMES                          PA-51-2-202
DENTON, JOHN                            PA-51-K-277
DENTON, MARCY                           PA-51-7-312
DENTON, MARY                            PA-51-G-102
DENYCE, JANE                            PA-51-#1-425
DENYCE, JOHN                            PA-51-Q-150
DENYCE, WILLIAM                         PA-51-K-370
DEPERVAIN, HENRY                        PA-51-6-26
DEPREFONTAINE, THOMAS J.                PA-51-10-476
DEPUY, DANIEL                           PA-51-8-617
DERFLINGER, FREDERICK                   PA-51-O-362
DERICK, GODFREY                         PA-51-Y-222
DERINGER, HENRY                         PA-51-R-340
DERKHEIM, SARAH                         PA-51-9-237
DERR, GEORGE                            PA-51-#1-456
DERR, LEWIS                             PA-51-X-750
DERRE, FRANCOIS                         PA-51-Y-470
DERRICKSON, JAMES                       PA-51-8-638
DESCAMPS, JOHN                          PA-51-3-437
DESHLER, DAVID                          PA-51-W-233
DESHONG, FREDERICK                      PA-51-9-231
DESHONG, PETER                          PA-51-T-65
DESHONG, SUSANNAH                       PA-51-W-578
DESILVER, JOSEPH                        PA-51-8-232
DESILVER, SARAH                         PA-51-9-203
DESMOND, CONRAD                         PA-51-Y-15
DESMONT, ANN                            PA-51-Y-98
DESPEMAY, FRANCIS                       PA-51-Y-78
DESSALET, JOHN                          PA-51-7-130
DETTER, CONRAD                          PA-51-S-166
DETURCK, ISAAC                          PA-51-E-28
DEVAQUEZ, JEAN BAPTISTE                 PA-51-5-313
DEVEREUX, JOHN                          PA-51-Q-366
DEVEY, JOHN                             PA-51-R-64
DEVIAR, JOSE IGNACIO (DON)              PA-51-6-642
DEVINE, KEZIAH                          PA-51-6-315
DEVINE, MAGDELEN                        PA-51-S-252
DEWEES, WILLIAM                         PA-51-H-2
DEWHURST, PETER                         PA-51-O-233
DEWIT, MARINUS                          PA-51-B-400
DEWITHER, MARY                          PA-51-#1-1
DEXTER, HENRY                           PA-51-I-219
DEXTER, ISABELLA                        PA-51-Y-136
DEXTER, MARY                            PA-51-E-318
DIALE, PETER                            PA-51-B-235
DIAMOND, BARBERRY                       PA-51-Y-17
DICK, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-3-466
DICK, SUSANNA                           PA-51-5-280
DICK, WILLIAM                           PA-51-10-215
DICKENS, ANN                            PA-51-7-265
DICKENSON, JONATHAN                     PA-51-9-112
DICKIE, ALEXANDER                       PA-51-S-506
DICKINOSN, ELIZABETH                    PA-51-Q-274
DICKINOSN, HANNAH                       PA-51-Q-204
DICKINS, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-36
DICKINSON, JOHN                         PA-51-2-266
DICKINSON, JOHN                         PA-51-P-50
DICKINSON, JONATHAN                     PA-51-D-317
DICKINSON, JONATHAN                     PA-51-Q-153
DICKINSON, JOSEPH                       PA-51-N-487
DICKINSON, JOSEPH                       PA-51-3-230
DICKINSON, JOSHUA                       PA-51-I-539
DICKINSON, MARY                         PA-51-Q-352
DICKINSON, REBECCA                      PA-51-7-305
DICKINSON, SOPHIA JULIANA               PA-51-R-93
DICKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-R-384
DICKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-Q-237
DICKINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-C-217
DICKSON, JOHN                           PA-51-X-666
DIEFFENBACH, MARY                       PA-51-#1-527
DIEHL, DEWALT                           PA-51-#1-353
DIEHL, NICHOLA                          PA-51-8-256
DIEHL, WILLIAM J.                       PA-51-10-567
DIENDONNE, NICHOLAS                     PA-51-X-554
DIENS, RANDAL                           PA-51-H-478
DIETERICH, CATHARINE                    PA-51-10-599
DIETERICK, JOSEPH                       PA-51-3-350
DIETRICH, JACOB                         PA-51-W-1
DIETZ, PETER                            PA-51-#1-369
DILBECK, ISAAC                          PA-51-F-285
DILCARD, PETER                          PA-51-7-285
DILCART, JOHN                           PA-51-7-49
DILL, ROBERT                            PA-51-S-76
DILLMAN, SOLOMON                        PA-51-8-635
DILLWORTH, JAMES SR.                    PA-51-N-427
DILLWORTH, RICHARD                      PA-51-I-180
DILLWORTH, SARAH                        PA-51-E-199
DILLWORTH, WILLIAM                      PA-51-D-426
DILLWYN, SARAH                          PA-51-9-18
DILWORTH, JAMES                         PA-51-8-434
DILWORTH, JAMES                         PA-51-B-85
DILWORTH, JAMES                         PA-51-W-339
DILWORTH, NATHAN                        PA-51-X-322
DILWORTH, NICHOLAS                      PA-51-Y-634
DILWYN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-C-264
DININGER, GEORGE                        PA-51-Y-662
DIRR, GEORGE                            PA-51-P-11
DISHONG, FREDERICK                      PA-51-2-74
DITTMAN, FREDERICK                      PA-51-W-537
DITTMER, JOHN                           PA-51-N-504
DIVETTER, JOHN                          PA-51-S-507
DIX, PETER                              PA-51-B-374
DIXEY, JOHN                             PA-51-8-532
DIXON, ANDREW                           PA-51-#1-178
DIXON, ARVIN                            PA-51-G-243
DIXON, JOHN                             PA-51-K-374
DIXON, MICHAEL                          PA-51-8-147
DIXON, REBECCA                          PA-51-10-581
DOAK, HUGH                              PA-51-E-292
DOBBIN, ARTHUR                          PA-51-8-613
DOBSON, JOSEPH                          PA-51-T-507
DOBSON, SARAH                           PA-51-7-306
DOBSON, THOMAS                          PA-51-8-5
DOD, THOMAS                             PA-51-I-182
DODERER, GEORGE PHILIP                  PA-51-F-258
DOERING, FRANCIS                        PA-51-U-121
DOHERTY, JOHN                           PA-51-#1-227
DOIG, JOHN                              PA-51-7-281
DOMINICK, CASPER                        PA-51-O-223
DONAGAN, CORNELIUS                      PA-51-X-722
DONALDSON, HUGH                         PA-51-Y-181
DONALDSON, JAMES                        PA-51-O-115
DONALDSON, JANE                         PA-51-P-27
DONALDSON, JOHN                         PA-51-B-166
DONALDSON, JOSEPH                       PA-51-#1-503
DONALDSON, MARY                         PA-51-9-480
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-8-490
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                      PA-51-K-126
DONATH, JOSEPH                          PA-51-9-388
DONEHOVER, GEORGE                       PA-51-9-700
DONEVAN, CORNELIUS                      PA-51-G-120
DONHAM, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-N-257
DONNALDSON, MARY                        PA-51-6-483
DONNEKER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-51-W-264
DONNELL, BENJAMIN L.                    PA-51-6-573
DONNELL, ELIZABETH                      PA-51-#1-65
DONNELL, NATHANIEL                      PA-51-Y-49
DONNELL, WILLIAM R.                     PA-51-8-614
DONNELLY, CHARLES                       PA-51-2-499
DONOVAN, DANIEL                         PA-51-H-29
DONOVAN, JEREMIAH                       PA-51-9-133
DONOVAN, JEREMIAH                       PA-51-6-25
DOOGAN, MICHAEL                         PA-51-2-116
DORIS, NEILL                            PA-51-9-579
DORLAND, JOHN                           PA-51-O-251
DORLAND, NATHANIEL                      PA-51-N-115
DORLEE, JAMES                           PA-51-8-510
DORMENHOUER, GEORGE                     PA-51-X-185
DORROCH, HENRY                          PA-51-W-487
DORSEY, BENEDICT                        PA-51-2-119
DORSEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-9-213
DOSMONT, JAMES                          PA-51-X-718
DOUGHERTY, AMY                          PA-51-F-305
DOUGHERTY, GEORGE                       PA-51-S-116
DOUGHERTY, GEORGE                       PA-51-7-71
DOUGHERTY, MARGARET                     PA-51-2-485
DOUGHERTY, PATRICK                      PA-51-8-351
DOUGHERTY, ROGER                        PA-51-6-492
DOUGHTY, DANIEL                         PA-51-2-148
DOUGHTY, JAMES                          PA-51-#1-383
DOUGLAS, JAMES                          PA-51-5-285
DOUGLASS, ELIZABETH                     PA-51-2-290
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          PA-51-D-53
DOULESON, JOHN                          PA-51-R-537
DOVE, DAVID JAMES                       PA-51-O-358
DOVER, FREDERICK                        PA-51-U-145
DOVER, REBECCA                          PA-51-9-413
DOW, GEORGE                             PA-51-9-419
DOWDNEY, NICHOLAS                       PA-51-D-459
DOWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-E-108
DOWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-51-O-240
DOWERS, JOHN                            PA-51-6-132
DOWNEY, JOHN                            PA-51-S-103
DOWNEY, JOHN                            PA-51-R-431
DOWNHEIM, JOHN                          PA-51-4-140
DOWNS, MILES G.                         PA-51-7-438
DOYL, EDWARD                            PA-51-O-481
DOYLES, EDWARD                          PA-51-B-289
DOZ, ANDREW                             PA-51-U-206
DRACVATE, RALPH                         PA-51-C-292
DRAIS, PETER                            PA-51-P-351
DRAPER, MARY                            PA-51-4-81
DRASON, MATHEW                          PA-51-O-79
DREAN, ELIZABETH                        PA-51-7-552
DREWRY, SPAFFORD                        PA-51-Y-638
DREWRY, WILLIAM                         PA-51-Q-432
DRINKER, HENRY (THE ELDER)              PA-51-2-516
DRINKER, JOHN                           PA-51-U-494
DRINKER, JOHN                           PA-51-T-482
DRINKER, JOHN                           PA-51-Y-403
DRINKER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-X-700
DRINKER, JOSEPH                         PA-51-F-314
DRINKER, RACHEL                         PA-51-7-501
DRINKES, JOHN                           PA-51-8-254
DRISCOLL, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-I-452
DROZ, EMILE                             PA-51-9-542
DRUMBOR, ELIAS                          PA-51-9-696
DRUMMOND, JOHN                          PA-51-Y-193
DRUMMOND, SETH                          PA-51-F-232
DRURY, EDMUND W.                        PA-51-X-311
DUANY, ANDREW                           PA-51-C-174
DUBADIE, JOHN                           PA-51-10-261
DUBIGNIE, ALEXANDER                     PA-51-Y-507
DUBOIS, ABRAHAM                         PA-51-2-189
DUBOIS, MARY                            PA-51-9-6
DUBOURG, MICHAEL                        PA-51-5-295
DUBOY, ABRAHAM                          PA-51-I-89
DUBREE, HANAH                           PA-51-S-393
DUBREE, PHEBE                           PA-51-Q-491
DUBREY, JOSEPH                          PA-51-I-3
DUBUC, PETER                            PA-51-A-243
DUCASTELL, EDMOND                       PA-51-C-373
DUCASTLE, CHRISTIAN                     PA-51-D-13
DUCHE, ANDREW                           PA-51-R-168
DUCHE, ANTHONY                          PA-51-T-550
DUCHE, ANTHONY JR.                      PA-51-P-279
DUCHE, JACOB                            PA-51-U-325
DUCHE, JACOB                            PA-51-U-306, 325
DUCHE, JACOB                            PA-51-O-446
DUCHE, JACOB                            PA-51-X-682
DUCHE, JANE                             PA-51-9-302
DUCHE, JOHN                             PA-51-3-70
DUCHE, SWANSON                          PA-51-R-475
DUCHE, WILLIAM                          PA-51-R-270
DUCHESNE, PIERRE                        PA-51-Y-430
DUCK, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-51-P-176
DUCKETT, RUTH                           PA-51-C-227
DUCKETT, THOMAS                         PA-51-A-494
DUCOS, PETER JULIAN                     PA-51-Y-565
DUER, MARY                              PA-51-9-412
DUEY, ADAM                              PA-51-7-94
DUFF, MICHAEL                           PA-51-R-509
DUFFIELD, BENJAMIN                      PA-51-F-215
DUFFIELD, EDWARD                        PA-51-#1-121
DUFFIELD, JACOB                         PA-51-Q-61
DUFFIELD, JOHN                          PA-51-#1-104
DUFFIELD, JOHN                          PA-51-K-460
DUFFIELD, JOSEPH                        PA-51-H-214
DUFFIELD, PETER                         PA-51-K-3
DUFFIELD, SAMUEL                        PA-51-5-381
DUFFIELD, WILLIAM H.                    PA-51-8-291
DUFFUS, ANDREW                          PA-51-7-56
DUFFY, FRANCIS                          PA-51-7-612
DUFFY, PATRICK                          PA-51-3-132
DUGAN, THOMAS                           PA-51-10-600
DULING, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-511
DULLES, JOSEPH                          PA-51-6-571
DUMAS, JOHN F.                          PA-51-10-417
DUMOUTET, JOHN BAPTISTE                 PA-51-5-23
DUN, TERRENCE                           PA-51-Q-112
DUNANT, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-565
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                         PA-51-N-468
DUNCAN, DAVID                           PA-51-W-294
DUNCAN, DAVID                           PA-51-Y-304
DUNCAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-51-7-90
DUNCAN, JAMES                           PA-51-7-136
DUNCAN, JOHN                            PA-51-T-310
DUNCAN, JOSEPH                          PA-51-N-258
DUNCAN, MARGARET                        PA-51-#1-26
DUNCAN, MATHEW                          PA-51-2-87
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         PA-51-U-41
DUNGAN, BENJAMIN                        PA-51-6-299
DUNGAN, CLEMENT                         PA-51-R-467
DUNGAN, JAMES                           PA-51-S-80
DUNGAN, JESSE                           PA-51-8-47
DUNGAN, THOMAS                          PA-51-#1-534
DUNGWORTH, EMANUEL                      PA-51-E-229
DUNKIN, ANN                             PA-51-10-329
DUNKIN, PETER                           PA-51-#1-149
DUNLAP, HUGH                            PA-51-O-253
DUNLAP, JAMES                           PA-51-9-74
DUNLAP, JAMES                           PA-51-6-644
DUNLAP, JOHN                            PA-51-4-227
DUNLAP, MATHEW                          PA-51-O-229
DUNLAP, SAMUEL                          PA-51-H-474
DUNLING, FRANCIS G.                     PA-51-7-43
DUNLOPE, ELICZANDER                     PA-51-Q-55
DUNN, JACOB                             PA-51-5-53
DUNN, JAMES                             PA-51-N-92
DUNN, WILLIAM                           PA-51-D-422
DUNNING, MARTHA                         PA-51-F-86
DUNNING, THOMAS                         PA-51-F-60
DUPLAINE, ANTHONY                       PA-51-Y-484
DUPLOUVYS, JOHN                         PA-51-A-508
DUPUCH, STEPHEN                         PA-51-#1-532
DUPUY, DANIEL                           PA-51-2-153
DUPUY, MARY                             PA-51-10-381
DURANG, JOHN                            PA-51-7-468
DURBOROW, HUGH                          PA-51-F-163
DURBOROW, JOSEPH                        PA-51-I-296
DURBRE, JACOB                           PA-51-F-187
DURDIN, ANN PENN                        PA-51-W-432
DURELL, BOURCHIER                       PA-51-O-309
DURHAM, NATHANIEL                       PA-51-R-410
DURKAM, WILLIAM                         PA-51-S-458
DURMER, MARGARET                        PA-51-9-438
DURMER, THOMAS                          PA-51-8-545
DURNEY, MICHAEL                         PA-51-8-624
DURRANT, JAMES JERVIS                   PA-51-X-95
DUSTIN, MICHAEL                         PA-51-#1-309
DUTILH, CORA MONGUS                     PA-51-9-363
DUTILH, JOHN                            PA-51-#1-274
DUTILH, STEPHEN                         PA-51-9-574
DUTILH, STEPHEN                         PA-51-3-83
DUTILTH, JOHN A.                        PA-51-8-65
DUTREUILL, JOSEPH F.                    PA-51-7-301
DUTTON, EDMUND                          PA-51-B-56
DUTTON, ISAAC                           PA-51-9-293
DUTTON, JAMES                           PA-51-O-401
DUTTON, MARY                            PA-51-W-130
DUTWEILER, JOHN                         PA-51-7-505
DUY, CHRISTIAN                          PA-51-Y-55
DUY, JOHN K.                            PA-51-9-234
DWARYHOUS, MARY                         PA-51-N-259
DWINELL, THOMAS                         PA-51-#1-511
DYER, ALEXANDER                         PA-51-S-25
DYER, ELIZABETH                         PA-51-B-263
DYER, JOHN                              PA-51-9-454
DYER, SARAH                             PA-51-X-62
DYER, WILLIAM                           PA-51-9-705
DYKES, DANIEL D.                        PA-51-10-127
DYMOCK, TOBIAS                          PA-51-C-31

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